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RE: Where not to picnic GSMP

It bothers me that the guy is in sandals standing in the poop station and bare handing the end of a sewer hose. Who's the one not knowledgeable? I don't wear gloves or a moon suit when dumping and I'm still here. I do wash up afterwards before going inside.
rk911 06/02/15 03:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rules for owning a motor coach.

I feel it is necessary to post a few more of my truisms. These truisms fall under my Rules for Owning a Motor Coach: number 4. Owning a Motor Coach is a Never-ending Learning Experience. I have learned that a clear sewer connection is a good thing to have … that way, you will see the juice box the grand kids dumped in the toilet as it makes its final journey. My wife still will not let me stop at South of the Border and buy anything. My wife will not let me stop at JRs, either. I have learned that I hate repairing plumbing problems … in the house or in the coach -- it makes no difference to me. I always end up wet and angry. The folks at Cracker Barrel are just as friendly as they claim to be. A motor coach parked in the driveway makes a great place for family to stay when visiting, especially when the occasion is a wedding. A motor coach roof makes a great place to collect snow. A snow-covered motor coach roof heat pump produces a gosh-awful smell while operating. Did you know that snow can burn when it melts due to high heat? A snow-covered motorhome can produce a manmade mini blizzard while traveling down the road. Driving a motor coach on snow and ice can be a nerve-damaging experience. During a panic stop, an agile cocker spaniel can surf the bathroom rug from the back end of the coach all the way to the dash and look good doing it. Slideouts produce a gosh-awful sound while being retracted if the toppers have ice on them. Slideouts do not retract all the way if they have ice on them. So a trip to the roof may become necessary. It is a lot easier to climb onto a snow-covered motorhome roof than it is to climb off of one. So I suggest you just forget it! Things in a motor coach tend to break when you need them the most. Like a bay heater failing during a blizzard. My favorite place to be in January is camping at Fort Wilderness. Carry a couple of ceramic heaters in your coach. You might just save a water pump and/or water filter from freezing to death. A trip to Camping World can cost me at least a hundred bucks, even when I have no plans to buy anything. If I have plans to purchase something, I will end up spending ... well, you don't want to know. Why do I need to have three different dominoes games stored in my coach? A trip to Wal-Mart can cost me at least fifty bucks even when I am planning only to purchase a six-pack of beer. At some point a motor coacher can own too many DVDs. It is a lot harder to get something wrong with your coach repaired than it is to break it. My wife says I sound like the dad from A Christmas Story working on his furnace when I am in the wet bay trying to replace a frozen water pump. Looking out a motorhome window at snow-covered trees and frozen rivers flying by is quite a wonderful sight. Just take a deep breath and enjoy the view. I have learned that a motor coach will improve your life, even in the wintertime, if you let it. You can read many more useless things like this on my travel photo blog. I am not posting a link you will have to find it yourself! Derrick LMAO...I loved the one about the cocker spaniel. mind if I make a slight adjustment (we have a beagle) and add that to my signature rotation?
rk911 06/02/15 01:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Set up Order

Is there a preferred order when setting up? I read that the unit should be level before extending slides. So I've been doing the auto-leveling first, until the monitor says "success" and is level. Then extending the slides. I've found that after extenting, the unit tilts slightly to the left(where I have two slides). Would I be better off extending slides first, then running the auto-level? I realize that the most important thing to have level is the Refrig. I'm guessing that if the site is basically level, extending the slides first, then leveling should work. THANKS..... check your owner's manual but we level, extend and then adjust level as needed.
rk911 06/02/15 07:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Where not to picnic GSMP

I went to college too..for many years and never was I offered a class called, "Dump Station." How were they suppose to know? ummm, by reading the signs?
rk911 06/02/15 07:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Paper maps vs GPS

...BUT I don't use the "features". Gravel Gerty (as we call the voice) is known for routing us into the sticks on roads that haven't existed for 50 years. The routing features are only as good as the programmer. and the maps are only as good as the last update.
rk911 06/01/15 05:57pm Technology Corner
RE: Paper maps vs GPS

GPS--- What is everyone's 1st. choice of GPS's??? for planning a route Street Atlas, hands down. otherwise to just get from point a to point b I use the goggle maps app...free and with turn-by-turn voice directions.
rk911 06/01/15 09:20am Technology Corner
RE: Paper maps vs GPS

completely and blindly trusting either will get you into trouble. common sense and a general idea of where you are headed is a pre-requisite for their use. it also doesn't hurt to preview the planned route in the GPS.
rk911 05/31/15 07:09pm Technology Corner
RE: Is US Gear's Unified Tow Brake A Current Product?

Use the email link at the bottom of that link page; customer.service@approducts.net I've gotten good response from them and called their number (on their response email) and talk to an installer. I shuda thunk of that...thanks for the suggestion.
rk911 05/31/15 06:48pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Is US Gear's Unified Tow Brake A Current Product?

Appears to be current. See the link below. Link yup...that's the web page but nobody answers the phone and the service provider list is not accurate.
rk911 05/31/15 01:45pm Dinghy Towing
Is US Gear's Unified Tow Brake A Current Product?

we have been using the Unified Tow Brake from US Gear for many years now and are very happy with it. but. we're trading for a new MH sometime this summer and the labor $ to uninstall/reinstall the product coupled with the fact that I can't get anyone at US Gear to answer the phone to answer questions about part availability is causing me to look elsewhere for a tow brake solution. I've read threads in this and other forums that seem to suggest US Gear is out of business at least in terms of the UTB product. no answer and no message taking at their published phone number seem to support that. also their listing of authorized dealers appears to be way out of date as many of the listed dealers I've called tell me they haven't been UTB dealers for quite some time. can anyone shed light on this??
rk911 05/31/15 10:52am Dinghy Towing
RE: Insurance

Since 2001 I have had insurance with Good Sam and have not been unhappy. I had two minor claims, a rock damaged the service door in 2003 and then in 2011 I had a crackled windshield. It did not affect my premiums. My last statement which I paid yesterday the premium went up $150.00 for 6 months. Is anyone else insured with National General and has your premiums been affected? Does anyone have State Farm and are you pleased. we have state farm (I've been with them since I was 16, 49-yrs ago) and are very happy. you can see the list of vehicles insured in my signature. total premiums are roughly $1800. that will go up later this year as we are trading in the MH on a 2016 Suncruiser sometime this summer.
rk911 05/30/15 12:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone not want to retire?

Thanks everyone for your story's (sorry about the hard luck ones :( ). It gives me great advice going forward. I am almost 52. I hope to retire at 62 and before that will be a bonus. I am debt free except for the house which will be paid off in 7 years if I pay on schedule. and that, as far as I'm concerned, is the key to retirement early or otherwise. walk into it as debt free as you can.
rk911 05/28/15 07:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best leveling pads under jacks of 18k lb. class A?

What's your best suggestion for leveling pads under the jacks of my 18,000 lb class A? I'm basically looking for something to place under the leveling jacks when parked on uneven camp sites that can safely handle the weight of the MH. Thanks! I use 3/4" plywood in 15"x15" squares under the jacks of our class A which weighs in at just over 19,000-lbs.
rk911 05/28/15 12:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help me Understand my Dometic Dual Frig

5 year old Dometic 2862 (A/C n /LP). If the unit works fine (freezer/frig) on LP then the cooling unit or thermister cannot be bad because these are used by the 12V LP system too - correct? There must be an issue elsewhere? I have checked 120V power to the heater from the board and it is there and element ohmed fine and is hot. Fuses are good. Cooling fan is running. Trailer is level. Power is stable. Freezer is cold, frig/fins are not cooling at all. Black tubes on back of frig are very warm..but not hand burning hot. all I can think of then would be the control board. you may need a certified tech to diagnose that.
rk911 05/27/15 04:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Anyone not want to retire?

Since I don't know what retirement will be like, I don't think I can answer. Definitely don't want to keep doing what I do (office manager) but to not have a reason to get up in the morning scares me. I have a reason to get up in the morning as I assume most retired folks do. if you're idea of the typical retiree is sitting around watching TV all day then you're sadly mistaken. I meant it when I said that I'm busier now than when I was working for a living. Being in the people business, I see both ends of the spectrum. I would hazard a guess, it's more like 50-50. 50% seem to be super busy like you and enjoying every minute of retirement. And the other 50% their life seems to revolve around the TV, and slot machines at the casino. well, to each their own. we (in a normal year) travel 6-mos in the MH, 3-mos in the spring and 3-mos in the fall. we leave the summer for those who have no other choice. I still have a part-time job (can't call being a substitute school crossing guard actual work) and I usually end up "working" between 5 and 15-day each month. I was volunteering at our local history museum as a docent until they went to a full time staff, I'm active with my ham radio club, I earned my Sport Pilot certificate 2-yrs ago and am working on my Private Pilot cert...and that's just a slice of what I've been doing with my time. I DID declare a "personal holiday" over the weekend and vegged out. hey, I gotta relax some time! :)
rk911 05/26/15 04:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone not want to retire?

Since I don't know what retirement will be like, I don't think I can answer. Definitely don't want to keep doing what I do (office manager) but to not have a reason to get up in the morning scares me. I have a reason to get up in the morning as I assume most retired folks do. if you're idea of the typical retiree is sitting around watching TV all day then you're sadly mistaken. I meant it when I said that I'm busier now than when I was working for a living.
rk911 05/26/15 03:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone not want to retire?

Most folks goal, seems to be, to retire as soon as possible. It has been my experience, that, for many folks retiring was the greatest thing they ever did. But for others it is the worst thing they ever did. I think I would be in the latter group. But sure seems I am in a minority when it comes to wanting to keep working. Any thoughts or experiences? after 35-years working public safety communications (police/fire/EMS/9-1-1) I was ready to go at 55. I'm busier now than I ever was and wonder how I ever got anything done when I was working. been thinking of going back to work full time just so I can relax. :)
rk911 05/26/15 03:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Nothing works!

Could be the transfer switch. You need some mode of testing and diagnosing to fix any issues. A handheld meter would verify where and how much power is available. Considering your rig is fairly new, the problem is usually an easy fix but we have no idea what it is at our keyboard. If you aren't conversant with electrical issues, I'd suggest you call a mobile RV tech to diagnose and fix your problem. X2. unplug and fire up the genny. if the outlets are now working kill the genny and plug back in. you should hear a 'thump' when you plug in. that's the sound of the transfer switch switching over. default on txfr switch is genny and if no power when plugged in the switch is sticking.
rk911 05/26/15 09:57am Tech Issues
RE: Excess Genny use

I don't understand why park campers complain about genny's and other noise? What do you expect when you leave the city your home is in for another city where your trailer is probably closer to your neighbors then at home, the trailer walls are thinner than your home walls and while camping most like to be outside. I don't like the noise so I avoid campgrounds, if I happen to find myself in a campground I know what to expect and deal. It amazes me that people spend up words of $30 a night to go camp next to strangers and deal with campground problems. Guess it keeps people out of the woods and away from my spots. been to the woods and camped in some very pretty spots next to some pretty inconsiderate folks...just like in the parks and commercial campgrounds. we were out enjoying the fire one night when a group maybe 50-yds down the road decided to see how many glass bottles in a row they could break against a rock. another time the drinking got so bad and so loud that nearly all of the campground could hear it. dogs running loose, excessive drinking, the clods who chopped down a small tree and then dragged it bit by bit through a fire creating not much more than smoke, domestic arguments...just like in some commercial campgrounds. boobs are everywhere.
rk911 05/25/15 06:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Excess Genny use

I just go up to the office and simply ask to be moved to another site. I do not go in there and complain about anything. If they ask why I want to move I calmly tell them and let THEM decide if they want to go out and handle the camper. Has worked for me every time. No hassles and the office/mgr doesn't get all defensive like they usually will if you go in there and get up in their face about a problem with another camper. KISS theory at it's best. I like that approach.
rk911 05/25/15 10:22am General RVing Issues
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