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RE: App

Does anyone use a specific app for finding cheap gas prices as you drive through each state? Like to know ahead of time which States have cheaper gas.. gas buddy. ios or android.
rk911 05/29/16 08:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: leveling during overnight stops

I have been following Class A forum for a while, as I plan to move from my TT I love to a Class A in 2-3 years to travel fulltime for a while. I suddenly had a question that I have never seen addressed, and don't have a clue about. When you make an overnight stop and you have a four-wheel down toad, do you disconnect toad before you use auto-levelers? I have driven my parents Class C with 4wheel down toad and didn't disconnect, but they didn't have auto-levelers. Their class C was small and just leveled by parking as level as possible (and using blocks if needed). I am looking at a 34-38 ft Class A, so I imagine finding a level spot without having to use auto-levelers would be more difficult. since I will primarily by myself, I don't see doing much parking lot overnights, and wonder if I need to disconnect toad. Part of the appeal of the Class A is being able to stop and stay overnight without having to get out of vehicle and connect/disconnect if weather is bad or I am just too darn tired. I don't disconnect unless we're going shopping, to dinner, etc. the MH levels just fine with the toad connected.
rk911 05/29/16 12:45pm Class A Motorhomes

I've left a campground twice (before I planned to). Both incidents were in a State Park. Both involved guns. Both involved drunks. One was reported to the Ranger because of the stated amount of ammunition to be used and calibers. we were at Mississippi Palisades State Park (Illinois) one weekend (not a holiday). one night around 10pm a group of drunks at a nearby campsite were getting especially disruptive...noise, loud music, shouting, breaking glass bottles against rocks, etc. I reported them to the ranger who warned them to quiet down. they didn't and were ejected from the park right then and there. the rangers waited and watched as the group packed up and left the park. an experience at the Traverse City State Park in Michigan had a different ending. same general problem but the ranger staff did nothing about it. that and the double daily entry fee turned us off permanently to Michigan state parks in general and the TC state park in particular.
rk911 05/29/16 12:13pm General RVing Issues

Our family tradition is to go out camping every Memorial day weekend so we made reservations way in advance. Set up camp last night. Roasting marshmellows with the family when neighbors move in. Stereo cranks. Beers are opened. Kids we don't know are in our site. Tried to polietly , and I really was, ask the neighbors to turn it down as it is suppose to be "quiet time". They told me I picked the wrong campground. Thought about camp hosts but what could they do? Get into a conflict and put drunks out on the road? Not likely. So we packed up and came home. Why can't folks who want to party stay home? Folks just do not care anymore. Very discouraging sorry to hear that. this is why we stay home on the holidays. three options in your case...put up with it, report it to the authorities or move/leave.
rk911 05/29/16 10:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Ok I found something new.

loks like GPS to me.
rk911 05/28/16 08:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: water fillter

just got a "new to me" motorhome it has a 10" water filter what do you do when you winterize with antifre?ez remove it. hopefully the previous owner left the winterizing plug for you. if not tell us the filter make/model number.
rk911 05/28/16 02:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Second Vehicle Fees?

Never had to pay extra vehicle fees when towing my Jeep. JimR we have. haven't been to one in a few years but Michigan state parks used to charge a daily entrance fee for our MH and Jeep. on one 1-night stay we managed to convince them to waive the fee for the Jeep but we had to promise not to unhook it from the towbar. when I pointed out that we had to unhook in order to back in they made us promise not to leave the CG with the Jeep. that's been the only instance where we ran across a 'toad fee'.
rk911 05/28/16 10:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Tornado Weather

I am heading east starting Saturday. I will be traveling through NM,OK,HS,IL,IN,OH etc. My wife is worried about tornado's and is starting to rub off on me. I will be stopping in Hugoton, KS, and then Melvern, KS. We will be traveling on the 50/56 mostly and there was just a big tornado going just past Dodge City, KS. I am used to monsoons here in AZ. They usually start up in the early evening and don't last more than an hour. I'm not sure what questions to ask. Just looking for any advice on traveling through tornado country. best advice? get and use a weather alert radio. we keep ours on 24/7. we do not set it to warn us about severe weather in just the county we're currently in. we prefer to get warnings for nearby counties so we can track the severe weather and be prepared. in addition, when driving and the sky looks bad or there is a realistic threat of severe wx keep your radio tuned to local AM radio for area warnings and updates.
rk911 05/27/16 08:02am General RVing Issues
RE: storage box on outside rear wall

I'm considering building a storage box on the outside rear wall of my trailer to hold lawn chairs (just 2) and protect them from road dirt. I'll make it lightweight but sturdy. The question is: how to securely attach it? This is for a wood-framed, fiberglass-sheathed travel trailer. I'm thinking there must be wood studs behind the wall and I could securely attach the box using lag screws. If only I could find the exact location of the studs, because I don't want to drill a lot of test holes, and don't want to risk weakening the mount by screwing into the edge of the stud rather than the middle. Sound reasonable? (After all, the ladder is mounted to the rear, and it has no problem with my weight.) Any advice on finding the studs? I'm not considering using the bumper for support, for several reasons. But another option may be to "hang" the box from the roof corner. That's got to be strong, right? With this option, the top corner would take all the weight, while the rear wall mounting would only be for stabilization, not support. And I know there's stuctural material there; all those screws at the roof/rearwall corner have to go into something, right? How about this option? Or other options I haven't considered? All suggestions welcome. (Even "Dont' try this." But tell me why not.) Thanks! we use a chair hanger on the rear ladder. a friend's wife made a storage bag for them to protect them from road dirt and moisture. a lot simpler.
rk911 05/26/16 01:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Memorial Day - Where are you camping?!

We have the golf cart loaded, we are packed and all hooked up! Just waiting on my bride to wrap up her half day at the office then we are off to Stone Mountain Park, GA! We can't wait! Where will you be parking it this weekend?! in our driveway. no way we're venturing out on the major holidays.
rk911 05/26/16 12:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rand McNally In-Dash GPS

Reason I'm commenting is that I'm about ready to put a new Kenwood touchscreen unit in my truck and I would always want GPS voice on. Radio, no, that goes off (down) when navigating heavy traffic. I do the same thing if we're navigating to a new place or in heavy traffic. I don't want to hear anything but the GPS and warnings that we're about to die from the wife in the co-pilot seat. ;)
rk911 05/24/16 04:25pm Technology Corner
RE: Rand McNally In-Dash GPS

stupid question: does the volume knob also turn off the GPS? If so, does that mean you have to listen to the radio AND the gps? IF so, that's really weird. that's what it means. the radio volume overrides the NAV audio but otherwise you have to listen to both. the work around I posted a few replies back works but there should be a better way. in our Jeep I can turn the radio volume all the way down and still keep the GPS audio.
rk911 05/24/16 03:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Rand McNally In-Dash GPS

I have the same system and called the Infotainment folks as I had the same issue. I'm not much of a radio listener. Their response goes something like this--- hit the Nav button twice to mute the radio. ???? Seemed to work for me but I sure don't feel comfortable with it. Guess I'll have to get used to it We've had some real problems with ours- no wifi connection for the GPS and now errors showing on the radio screen. Not sure how this is going to work out. since I posted I came up with a work-around. - press MENU and select ANYTHING BUT Radio, SXM, DVD, Settings or NAV. doing this will silence what i'm calling the "entertainment audio". I tested this work-around by selecting either AUX or USB. - once the entertainment audio is silenced the audio from the GPS will still be heard. it works but there ought to be a better way. I tried your tip on my unit but it did not work.
rk911 05/23/16 03:16pm Technology Corner
Rand McNally In-Dash GPS

We have the Rand McNally In-Dash GPS as a part of the Winnebago infotainment center. Been trying to figure out how to mute the audio from the radio/cd player/sat radio and still be able to hear the audio from the GPS. I thought I had accomplished this once but haven't been able to do it again. There are times that I want to hear just the GPS audio as I'm otherwise concentrating on getting to where I'm going and don't want the distraction of the radio. Anyone???
rk911 05/23/16 12:28pm Technology Corner
RE: WOOHOO!!! I did it!

I successfully installed the 50 amp RV outlet in my garage. Thanks to those who had input for me. The best part is; I didn't burn down my house in the process!! My wife was a bit leery though, especially when I told her to have the fire extinguisher ready! congrats. glad it didn't turn out to be a 'hold my beer, guys, and watch this!'
rk911 05/23/16 11:54am Tech Issues
RE: Light/Short/4 down tow vehicle?

I have a class a mh and can pull up to 5000 lbs. right now i am towing a honda odyssey but it is 4300+ lbs and I would like something lighter. sorry...you're assuming that you can pull 5000-lbs but unless you know what your MH weighs as it is loaded for travel you can't be sure. in general, the maximum amount of weight you can safely tow will be the lesser of the following: - the GCWR (gross combination weight rating) of the MH minus the actual weight of the MH as it is loaded for travel (includes fuel, fresh water, food, clothing, people, pets, supplies, etc.) - the weight rating of your tow bar - the weight rating of your hitch this is why it's vital to know what your MH weighs as it is loaded and configure for travel before choosing a toad. Your MH will not collapse if it is overloaded but you will experience handling issues as well as longer braking distances and accelerated wear on suspension, brakes, steering, etc. in any case I doubt you're going to find a 6-passenger vehicle that's lighter than 5K much less lighter than 4300-lbs.
rk911 05/23/16 11:43am Dinghy Towing
RE: Light/Short/4 down tow vehicle?

What will you be using to pull the Toad? precisely. you just can't safely tow any vehicle behind your motorhome. the OP needs to know his motorhome's actual weight...preferably by axle...as well as the various weight ratings...GCWR, GVWR and the GAWR for each axle.
rk911 05/23/16 10:11am Dinghy Towing
RE: I drove off with the antenna up...

I have a channel master flat indoor tv antenna so this last outing I experimented and used the factory antenna on the fiver with the booster on, wrote down all the channels that I got. Then I switched to the channel master antenna, re scanned for channels and I got the same exact ones I did with the antenna, nothing more. nothing less. So I think the flat one would work fine for you as well. where were you during this test? in an urban park or 50-miles out in the country? TV signals are line of sight and the simple fact is the farther away you are the weaker the signal will be at the receiver. in the old analog world a weaker signal meant "snow" or static in the picture. the farther away the receiver was from the transmitter the more "snow" cluttered the picture until the picture just faded out. in the digital era the picture is either there or it's not...no "snow", no static. couple that with reduced transmitter power and that many broadcasters have moved to frequencies in the UHF portion of the TV band and line of sight becomes more important than ever before. the answer in an RV is to elevate the receiving antenna as high as possible.
rk911 05/23/16 07:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Black tank chemical

...By the way formaldehyde based tank treatments are banned now. Bill by who? some campgrounds/rv parks don't want them but there is no blanket ban that I'm aware of.
rk911 05/22/16 09:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Need help to night

sounds like a portable generator ? what brand what model ? sounds like the voltage regulation is acting up/not set correctly 130v is a little high but not outside of limits... but 130+ may be outside the limits. ...tripping the breaker is possibly something, surging (load spiking) on the higher voltage try turning off the converter charging the batteries and make sure the fridge is on propane (manually set to lp) some times the electric heating element becomes leaky, and will cause a GFI breaker to trip or turn off ALL circuit breakers in the 129v electric panel start generator plug in turn on only ONE circuit breaker at a time excellent troubleshooting plan.
rk911 05/22/16 03:39pm Class A Motorhomes
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