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RE: Moving threads?

I, along with others, probably have no idea what you're talking about. X2... X3
rk911 12/04/16 12:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Your First Class A

RK911, when we got our first 30' class A, I had never driven one either, nor did we have any rv experience. We did have a great dealer that walked us through EVERYTHING about the unit, and took us out on a narrow two-lane road to convince himself and us that we could drive it. And we love it!! I have realized that most of the local school buses are bigger than I am, and they take them in places I would never consider myself. Just stay out of their way, and the same applies to local truck drivers. If they can get there, so can I. But I don't like (and avoid) high city flyovers with low side rails. Its amazing (and scary) what you can see from the high drivers seat. my point was not so much the driving...after all those of us driving a Class A had never driven a Class A...until we did. no, my point was jumping into fulltiming without ever having any RV experience whatsoever. brave soul to do that.
rk911 12/02/16 03:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Your First Class A

rk911: No. I have never driven a motor home... if you have no experience in any RV including a motorhome it will be a huge jump into full timing. like others if I was going to do that I'd want a new or new-er coach unless you're a competent mechanic.
rk911 12/02/16 03:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Your First Class A

Alright: Put yourself in my newbie shoes for a moment, if you will. You and your wife plan on going full time sometime in 2017. You want a dependable first RV, at least 34' long. You don't want to spend over $50k. What are you buying, and where are you buying it? And what features are must-haves? sonny, do you have any experience with any RV, especially a Class A?
rk911 12/02/16 12:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: tanks

If you have a full hook up do you leave tanks open or close. Hubby said I am wrong I say both should be closed till full for persuit to empty need to win this one. I really think I am right, help me out you CAN do anything you like but to help keep odor from wafting from our tanks exhaust and to ensure that there is enough gray water to flush the sewer hose we keep both valves closed until it is time to dump.
rk911 11/28/16 07:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Residential refrigarator

I have a new holiday rambler vacationer that has a residential refrigarator. Need help keeping the item inside from sliding and door latch tight. Have used bars inside but they are not tight enough. Anyone have any suggestions. Motorhome specialist where I bought it has been no help. we use several 'Fridge Binz' to carry anything that might slide around and all shelves have some of the 'no-slip' fabric that are seen in many cabinets. http://bananaboatbytes.com/images/rv/fridgebinz.jpg height=400 width=600 as for securing the door, ours came equipped with the same type of positive latch that are on many cabinets and drawers. so far no problems with the doors opening on curves, over curbs, etc. http://bananaboatbytes.com/images/rv/fridgelatchpackage.jpg height=400 width=600 http://bananaboatbytes.com/images/rv/fridgelatchfemale.jpg height=400 width=600 http://bananaboatbytes.com/images/rv/fridgelatchmale.jpg height=400 width=600
rk911 11/28/16 07:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: tv antennana

I was also having intermittent poor tv reception. For troubleshooting purposes I got up on the roof, unscrewed the coax wire at the antenna itself and connected a 25 foot wire I had in my garage. I ran it down thru a window directly to the TV, and now getting 63 channels where I previously got 4. Now I can safely say it's an issue in the 18 year old coax wire. So you Are getting 64 channels with no booster power? coax does wear out from UV rays. replace the short run from the antenna to the roof connector with a quality run of RG-6 and you should be good to go.
rk911 11/26/16 06:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Can't Create Guest Account in Windows 10

good lord. it was very simple to create a guest account prior to Win10. wonder what the logic was to make the change from simple to complicated???
rk911 11/26/16 04:10pm Technology Corner
RE: Financing 2007 DP

Thanks Rich. I should have said it is a private sale. Tried the places you suggested. Will work more on Mon. CG owner said some RV dealers will work financing (for a fee) for a private sale and they have better luck. Never heard of that but will try it. I've not heard of that either. our previous MH was financed thru US Bank..maybe give them a call. did a google search and gots lots of hits. maybe one of them will pan out. good luck.
rk911 11/26/16 02:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Financing 2007 DP

Found a great 2007 Fleetwood Discovery 40X. Having trouble finding anyone who will finance a 2007, even Good Sam. The on-line applications kick it out. Any suggestions on RV knowledgeable lenders who has humans to look at an application? try your local bank, credit union and/or your RV/auto insurance company. if buying from a dealer he may be able to get financing for you. if a private sale will the seller carry the paper?? I wouldn't if I was selling but it all depends on how desperate the seller is to sell. good luck.
rk911 11/26/16 02:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: tv antennana

Have the bate wing, never had a problem until last night. Tv (3) working find then tells us no signal so do they go bad thank you as others before have indicated the antenna itself rarely is the cause of problems. much more likely is the amplifier is not working or the cable connecting the antenna to the box-of-many-buttons (BOMB) or to the back of the TV itself. since you have 3 TV sets you likely have a BOMB so that would be the first thing I'd check. there will be one cable coming IN from the antenna and at least three cables going OUT, one to each of the TV sets. check to make sure all of them are tightly connected to the back of the BOMB and to the TV's. you also might make sure that the antenna connector on the roof is tightly connected. if all three TVs are behaving the same way then you have an intermittent problem which leads me to believe you have flaky power to your amp (does the amp's light go on and off with the picture on the TV?) or an intermittent connection at the roof or at the cable IN connector on your BOMB.
rk911 11/26/16 02:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Am I the only one here?

one possibility...a lot of businesses seem to be using a "Just in time" parts supply strategy. that reduces parts inventory and allegedly increases efficiency but seems to increase wait times. a few years back we waited over a month for a part from HWH. google 'just in time' parts for more.
rk911 11/25/16 04:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: dvr or standard receiver?

...If you are a Dish customer you CAN get HD but you will not be able to use many of the Dish compatible antennas and you will not be able to record programming on 2 different channels if they are being broadcast on 2 different satellites... we're on DISH. DVR is a722k, ant is a rooftop mounted Winegard Trav'ler. we can record two different programs on different sats while watching a recording or record one pgm while watching a second live program. DVR is in dual mode.
rk911 11/24/16 07:22pm Technology Corner
RE: need help with toad battery disconnect

Why do you want to disconnect the battery? Not required for Jeep Wrangler. I pull the main fuse yet there are dash lights still on because I have to turn my key to allow the wheels to turn. your steering wheel locks when the key is removed??? Yes ,2008 JK. wow...that's different. if we tow our '03 Wrangler TJ we have to leave the key in to unlock the steering wheel but in the UNLOCK/OFF position so nothing is energized. on our 2010 Liberty KJ the steering wheel does not lock so the key need not be left in the ignition.
rk911 11/24/16 12:43pm Dinghy Towing
RE: dvr or standard receiver?

What are people's experience using a DVR hooked to a portable satellite dish while on a road trip? I've got both a simple receiver and a dvr I could use, however, DVR needs to be hooked up to the satellite signal while recording, and if you are moving around constantly, it's hard to be connected. however, it might be worth it just for the fast forward/rewind capabilities. we prefer a DVR both at home and on the road. we record almost everything we want to watch just so we can fast forward thru the commercials.
rk911 11/24/16 12:36pm Technology Corner
RE: need help with toad battery disconnect

Why do you want to disconnect the battery? Not required for Jeep Wrangler. I pull the main fuse yet there are dash lights still on because I have to turn my key to allow the wheels to turn. your steering wheel locks when the key is removed???
rk911 11/23/16 06:00pm Dinghy Towing
RE: refrigerator does not cool while driving

I believe nowadays most RV fridges are 2-way. That means they only run off propane or electrical. If you are shutting off the propane when you drive, then the fridge has nothing to run on. Any fridge that I ever owned is or was a 2 way! we had a 3-way in our '85 Winny Chieftain but everything since has been 2-way.
rk911 11/21/16 03:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: W 10 Backup Question

I use a Toshiba laptop running W10 Anniversary edition (home). I want to back up all my files, including the OS. My question is: Do I need to purchase a program like Acronis, or can I use the backup utility already on my PC? I plan to use a 1TB external HDD. Thanks for your assistance. I use Acronis on my Win7 machines to create image backups of the hard drive partitions. IMO an image backup is better than a file-by-file backup. There are products other than Acronis that will do the same thing.
rk911 11/21/16 03:19pm Technology Corner
RE: vhs to dvd

speak of good timing...here's a Groupon deal for the very thing you're looking for. as for quality...an analog recording to digital media will generally end up being somewhat less than analog quality due to the resultant video being a copy. a pro can offset some of this, maybe even a lot of that. if the VHS originals are keepsakes such as weddings, birthdays and the like then consider having them converted professionally but be sure to enquire about the resulting quality. if they're just movies you'd like to be able to play on a DVD player AND digital quality is muy importante to you then I'd just buy new DVD versions and chuck the VHS.
rk911 11/20/16 05:09pm Technology Corner
RE: vhs to dvd

How?? google is your friend but...there are professional firms that will do this for a price (we know from personal experience), not terribly pricy. option B, find someone like us who has a VHS/DVD recorder/player in which a dubbed copy can be made either way.
rk911 11/20/16 04:29pm Technology Corner
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