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RE: Ready Brute towing

I have a Ready Brute Elite and I'm very happy with it. I am a little puzzled (sort of) that Motor Home magazine does not even mention ReadyBrute or it's type of brake system in their annual towd issues. Same with most RV dealers. Glad I heard about RB in this forum! Norm if my unified tow brake ever quits working l'll likely go with the ReadyBrake. looks like a great product.
rk911 10/20/16 08:57pm Dinghy Towing
RE: How do you define too expensive?

When do I define too expensive? When the price is greater than the need or want. a great way to put it. totally agree.
rk911 10/18/16 05:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: How do you define too expensive?

We're currently in NW Florida and originally thought we'd spend a little time on the gulf in a beachfront park. Looked at Camp Gulf in Destin but quickly decided against it...I've seen inner city housing that's less dense. and at $100+ p/n for a beach front site that was way, way too much for what you got. went a bit inland and found two gems, one near Freeport (Live Oaks Landing) and another in DeFuniak Springs (Twin Lakes RV Camp) that are both closer to $40 p/n and, in our opinion, well worth it.
rk911 10/18/16 10:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Hot Shower

Hi, The only thing limiting a touring RV lifestyle, sop the Mrs says, is that halfway through a shower, the water runs cold. We have a 30ft Forest City, Salem Classic and currently looking for a Travel Trailer to tour next year as we are retiring. Is the hot to cold shower a normal issue with RV's? I can understand as the water heaters are small but are there any tech opportunities to immprove upon the heat versus time factor? Many Thanks you may have a 6-gal hot water tank. on your next TT be sure there is a 10-gal option. we have a 10-gal tank and are able to take long-ish showers allowing for a 15-min recovery time between showers. we can shorten that recovery time buy running the electric and LP water heaters simultaneously.
rk911 10/16/16 10:21am Tech Issues

As foster parents we camp alot. I have noticed it is harder to find camp spots. Even after Labor day. I just figured camping is getting more popular. And why not? Then I had a discussion with a man at the dump station. He was pulling out after two full weeks. He explained he is living full time in his trailer. Expensive I thought. Then I did the math and it is considerably cheaper than an apartment here in Portland. What a great idea. Only down side is it may be part of why it is tougher to find a spot. So I guess I need to reserve in advance eh? if you prefer camping in state, county, municipal or national parks then reservations may be your only option. but we travel in the spring and fall when the kids are back in school and primarily use privately owned camggrounds and parks. unless we have to be somewhere on a specific date or it's a holiday weekend we generally don't need reservations.
rk911 10/15/16 03:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Spare tire

Passport America is not a road service club...they provide discount campsites. GoodSam and Coach Net are the two 500-lb gorillas providing RV road service. there are literally hundreds of threads discussing which is "better". to me that's no different than ford vs. chevy, less filling vs. tastes great or mary ann vs. ginger. we've used GoodSam for the last 30-years which ought to tell you something. but others are just as adamant about Coach Net. only our first MH, a 1985 Winnebago Chieftain, had a spare. our last two MHs, a 2000 yr model and our current 2016 MH have no spare. you'd be wise to subscribe to a road service. and by the way....ford, we don't drink alcohol but I'd choose less filling and of course, mary ann. :)
rk911 10/15/16 02:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dish Service Provider

rk911 - I don't see anything about setting up service on the Solid Signal website but they'll take care of me if I just call them, right? Once they set you up are you then managing your account on the Dish website? yes. give them a call, they'll walk you thru setting up the service. once that's done you'll have a customer number and they, or you, can then set up an online account.
rk911 10/13/16 09:19am Technology Corner
RE: Dish Service Provider

Thanks rk911, that's the kind of info I was looking for! I'm retired, but I just go out for a few days to 2 weeks, maybe 4 times a year. you're most welcome. just keep in mind that the minimum amount of time you'll be billed for is 30-days. good luck.
rk911 10/12/16 09:24am Technology Corner
RE: Dish Service Provider

OK, I've got the receiver and antenna on order. Who do you recommend I get the RV Dish subscription service from? we set up our account with Solid Signals (877-312-4547) rather than with DISH. VERY knowledgeable persons, no language barriers or other issues. be sure they set up your account as an RV account which will allow you to change your SERVICE location anytime you like in order to get whatever local channels there are in whatever area you find yourself in spot-beamed to you. An RV account should automatically be set up as a pay-as-you-go account but double check that it is. Once your account is active i would recommend setting up on-line access which is where you can pay your bill, change your subscription and so forth. unless you're fulltime and want the service on 24/7/365 I would recommend that you NOT place your credit or debit card on file with DISH. DISH is like a lot of other buy once/pay forever services in that they will automatically charge your credit/debit card when the bill is due. assuming you are NOT full-timing when you're back from a trip and want to shut down the service just don't pay the bill and the service will stop at the end of the current month. don't bother with putting the service "on suspension" as that is for residential customers who may be away from home for X-weeks on vacation, etc. plus if you subscribe to HBO or similar channels for a special price putting your account on suspension will delete that special price whereas just not paying the bill will preserve the special price. you don't have to talk to anyone shut down your service...just don't pay the bill. one caveat to this...if your account is unpaid for 90-days your online account will be deactivated but not deleted. when you're ready to turn the service back on and the service has been off for 90-days you'll need to call DISH and pay your bill. that will resume your service and re-activate your online account. If it's been off for less than 90-days just go online and pay the bill to re-activate your service.
rk911 10/11/16 03:15pm Technology Corner
RE: My thoughts on the Rand McNally GPS

I've been using this unit for several months. After just returning from a 2500 mile trip through NV, UT, CO, AZ, I am ready to retire it. The first problem is the glare in my motorhome makes it very difficult to see the screen, with or without the optional glare screen. The colors, and contrast are too dull to be read. Wearing sunglasses makes it impossible to read anything. It does not recalculate well and gives off weird directions along the way. Lucky for me, Streets and Trips keeps me on the correct route. Downloading the Good Sam trip planner did not send me on the route I entered on the computer some of the time it(GPS) wanted me to deviate from the designated route. Bottom line I am going back to my old out of date Garmin, at least I can read its screen. Really sorry I purchased the Good Sam unit. try a pair of non-polarized sunglasses. and if you have a high-contrast setting on the GPS turn that option on. both should improve visibility of the screen.
rk911 10/11/16 10:19am Technology Corner
RE: Advance Reservations

How far out do you make your reservations? We are a couple of years retired, but have family commitments so timing can be critical. How far in advance do you: a.) start planning, b.) make reservations? It appears that us baby boomers have taken over the campgrounds and camping is more popular than ever. we generally travel spring and fall. parks and CGs are not as crowded and we only make reservations when we absolutely, positively have to be somewhere at a specific time or if we're going to be somewhere very popular on a holiday weekend. otherwise we have no trouble finding a spot.
rk911 10/10/16 04:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: High Winds - how much is too much?

Heading tomorrow - weathe forecast is for winds are out of the WNW at 15 - 20 MPH. (May be over thinking, but with all of the issues over the past four weeks, my anxiety needs a rest) The first part of the route will be into a headwind - 50 miles? State route, two lanes, hills and passing lanes Then another 50 miles of side wind. Then after that pure tail wind the rest of the way home. Any advice, guidance, or ideas. (I would take another day off, but am running out of 2016 Paid Time Off.. doesn't matter what I or anyone else on this forum thinks...you're the only one who can determine whether you're in a mental and physical condition to safely drive. if you think you need an extra day or two of rest then take it. if you're on deadline well, then that's a different set of conditions.
rk911 10/09/16 04:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Windows 10 transfer large folders pc to pc help

Hi My gf has a new HP laptop and has given me the task of transferring her large music and photo folders from her old Acer laptop. Ordinarily I would transfer files and folders via a USB stick. However her music and photo folders out weigh the space provided on the biggest USB stick. I tried copying 8 gb of files out of the 260 gb folder then pasting onto a 8 gb USB stick. That works but then I have to delete the contents of the USB stick then go back to the big folder to see where I left off. There is alot of confusion... along with her constantly wanting her new laptop. I cannot do this any longer. Any suggestions on how to take the whole folder and send it over? Uploading to the cloud is slow. Both laptops running Windows 10 up to date. Thanks try AllWay Sync. I use it to keep our desktop and laptop synced over our home wifi network.
rk911 10/08/16 03:23pm Technology Corner
RE: What do you do for WIFI on the road

McDonald's, Starbucks. There it is again.. first responder quoting the entire OP. yeah Im more looking for some kind of connecting equipment i can use via a cellular network instead of a location that has wifi I know there use to be a usb device that you could connect to the internet via cellular but cant remember what its called and cant find it via google are you thinking of a mifi device? there are several companies that offer a USB dongle that will piggyback onto one or more of the wireless companies but it's still cellular data. if you have a smart phone or tablet you should have wifi hot spot feature you can use to connect your laptop to the net.
rk911 10/08/16 12:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What do you do for WIFI on the road

Aside from from WIFI at CG and cellular on your phone what do you use for internet access for say a lap top while on the road. if the cg/park isn't crowded we'll try the patk's wifi otherwise we use the hotspot feature on our verizon ipad.
rk911 10/08/16 11:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Propane...winterize full or empty

I generally fill the propane tank before putting her to bed for the winter so its ready to go in the early spring. as far as winterizing goes, propane won't freeze so it's a moot point.
rk911 10/07/16 12:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fueling up on trips

...So my original question is answered. Everyone driving a gasser has to deal with the same problems I am. that's just not true. have you tried using the RV lanes at Flying J?
rk911 10/07/16 08:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: dinghy or trailer

We are still in the process of deciding on a RV (trailer, motorhome or neither). That being said, I am working out the details in my mind. We are really leaning toward a Class C motorhome though. I'm thinking about how to bring a vehicle along on our long trips. I have a Ram 1500 and she drives a Mercedes GLK250. My Ram can be flat towed but it does not look like the Mercedes can be. I would rather bring her smaller vehicle with but I am open. I looked at a tow bar setup and was a bit shocked by the price. I could likely buy a trailer for close to the same price and have more versatility. How easy is it to park a trailer when camping? is there usually room somewhere to park it? The dinghy would be easiest in that I would not have to worry about a trailer. Thoughts on dinghy vs a trailer? one word...weight. your trailer will add a lot of weight for the RV to tow. this is important because the amount of weight you can safely tow will be the lesser of the following: - the gross combination weight rating of the MH minus the actual weight of the MH as it is loaded and configured for travel - the weight rating of your hitch - the weight rating of your tow bar don't buy anything until you know how much weight you can safely tow behind whichever MH you want.
rk911 10/06/16 09:20pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Fueling up on trips

After many years of driving around to find a station to get fuel and driving by all the empty easy in and out Pacific Pride stations , I finally signed up and glad I did. No more waiting in line at the dirty truck stops with fuel all over the ground. Best stress reliever ever. we did the same thing a few years back. my only gripe is their prices aren't posted.
rk911 10/06/16 06:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fueling up on trips

We tow a 30 foot TT and always face the issue of finding a filling station where we can get in, fill up and get out. So many places have pumps close to their buildings with access to all but maybe one outside pump impossible to use. Flying Js are the worst offenders in my area. So ... we were thinking of going to a diesel pusher so we could use the truck lanes. But that got me to thinking. What do gasoline powered Class As and larger Class Cs do about this problem of pump access? between our gas motorhome and toad we're roughly 60' long. we use the RV lanes at Flying J. over the last 30-years we've only found two J's that didn't have them. beyond that we always look for pumps oriented to be parallel to the roadway. worst case we look for a side entrance and aim for the pump nearest that. don't the J's in your area have a pair of RV lanes off to one side?
rk911 10/06/16 03:38pm Class A Motorhomes
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