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RE: Nervous Newbie

Hi everyone! I don't really have a question....yet! lol We've just purchased a 2016 Jayco 27.5' 5th wheel. WE HAVE NEVER OWNED A TRAILER BEFORE...we just got tired of having to find someone reliable to take care of our dogs while we go away. Now we can take them :) The 5th wheel is presently in our driveway and I take the dogs in it every day to get them used to it. I'm trying to gather up a list of what I'll need supply wise to make us comfy in our home away from home. At first, we'll be taking weekend trips to pull thru sites only until we get used to it. We live in Upstate New York so there are plenty of places within a 2 hour drive that we'll want to visit. I can't wait to take our first trip but I won't lie, I'm nervous. Any advice/tips of what you think is a definite must have, please let me know. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Gina. congrats! what's the maximum weight of the 5'er and what are you planning to pull it with? do you know how much weight the truck can pull?
rk911 05/04/16 07:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hard Wired or Portable EMS (surge protector)???

Hello. I am purchasing a class C motorhome and have a question for all. I am torn between purchasing a hard wired EMS vs a Portable version. Can anyone provide any suggestions. I was looking at the Progressive Industries as well as the Surge Guard brands. I know you have to look at Joules and all that stuff. Just don't know whether to get hard wired or portable. If portable, then you have to get a lock guard or something so it does not "grow legs" and if I get a hardwired version, and something happens to it, I am stuck until I get it fixed in order to get power. I am torn!!! Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated! Not looking for a brand suggestion, just hard wired vs portable. Thanks again in advance! James I went thru the same decision making process you're going thru now. I decided on the hard wired unit for a several reasons. 1 - I'm all about convenience and keeping things EZ. I didn't want to add to the short amount of time I now spend hooking up by including a portable SP to the process. one more thing to store when not being used. 2 - the hard wired unit came with a remote monitor that is mounted inside the coach. 3 - even though we've only had one theft in the last 30-years I didn't want to worry about the portable unit 'growing legs' and walking away. good luck.
rk911 05/01/16 11:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Problem filling fresh water tank

Sounds to me like perhaps there's some water that's stuck in a dip in the vent tube if indeed the tank is empty as you believe. Further filling should cause it to blow out, I would imagine. or ice. if you're in a climate that sees ice try filling with some warmer water and see if that clears the blockage.
rk911 04/29/16 10:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Philadelphia advice

We are full time from the north west and currently working our way up the east coast. We try to keep our itinerary flexible and not plan so far out as to limit our time in an area we enjoy. We will be heading into the Philadelphia area end of may and our not finding any spots close buy. For those who live near or have been there any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance Jw we stayed a bit west of philly in Lancaster county. it's an ez drive from there into philly. we stayed at the Brandywine Creek Campground in our 35' Class A.
rk911 04/27/16 08:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best OTA antenna?

depends on where your permanent site is located relative to the available OTA TV transmit sites. in an urban environment just about any antenna should produce good results. farther out in the boonies you're gonna want something up as high as you can get it. TV is line of sight and since the switch to digital it's even more critical. and if there is anything between your antenna and the transmit point....a forest, mountains, tall buildings...you're gonna need the height. since your permanent why not get a residential style antenna, mount it on a piece of PVC and clamp it to whatever is handy? but before I did any of that I'd replace the coax between your current antenna and the roof connector...probably a 3'-5' length. coax wears out over the years due to UV rays. it's a quick and cheap experiment. if that doesn't do the job I'd check to be sure the amp is doing it's job before I spent $ on a new antenna. and btw, there is no such thing as a 'digital' or 'HD' antenna. ANY antenna engineered for TV reception will receive digital AND analog signals. the receiver in the TV set processes those signals and displays them accordingly. what is different these days is many-to-most of the OTA stations are now broadcasting in the UHF portion of the TV band. adding the Winegard Wingman to your existing antenna will help boost UHF signals to your TV. do some research on that. good luck.
rk911 04/26/16 11:52am Technology Corner
RE: Theft: the bad, the bad, and the really bad

So we are starting fulltime in June. Although I'm not overly paranoid I am cognizant of my surroundings. That being said going fulltime or anytime for that matter leaves "doors open" in and around the RV. What has been your experience whether with you or someone you know of things gone missing as in stolen? I'm running through possible items such as expensive surge protectors, bicycles, etc. along with coming up with my own list I'm starting to create plans to protect some stuff. Cheers! basically if you don't want it to walk away then lock it up. that being said we've only experienced one theft in the past 30-years and that was when we used the MH as our touring vehicle. we left a few things in the campsite at an Indiana state park to show that the site was still occupied and then took off on a drive. when we returned some of those items had walked off. a good hardened steel cable and padlock will help protect the SP or...as we did...get the hard wired surge protector.
rk911 04/25/16 07:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Not being part of the PDI?

I purchased a new motorhome. It was my understanding that the PDI would be done today, and I was to be part of it. I drove 45 mins to be there at 1PM, and the service department wasn't aware that I would be there. They said that the PDI is done by them (they will go through every system, engine, etc.. and test it out and that it would take 7-8 hours which is why they don't have me be part of that), and that they would inspect it and get the items fixed. My walkthrough is Wednesday when I take possession of the unit. They said if anything is wrong with it when I do the walkthrough, it would definitely be covered under warranty and I could get it fixed there, or at 2700 service locations across the country. It seems odd to me that I would not be part of the PDI. Is that normal? Or is it their intention that my part of the PDI is during the walkthrough. The couple of small things that I have noticed they haven't hesitated to say that they would be fix. The unit is brand new, and I did a visual inspection of all systems, interior, exterior, tried things out, and test drove it and am very happy with it, but this just seems akin to getting an inspection done on a house and not being there? the service tech was being straight with you. don't be rushed during your walk-thru. our walk-thru ran about 2-hrs.
rk911 04/25/16 06:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Brakes on towed vehicle or not?

Just wondering how many of you have supplemental braking on your toad vehicle or not. Our toad weighs about 2700 lbs. towed behind a 30 ft. Class C 450 Ford chassis so I believe brakes are not legally required. I know many of you will believe that one should still have them. I don't partly because I just don't want one more expense and piece of equipment to fool with and because I know that I'm just not going to stop real fast with an RV regardless. Also, it feel like it stops as well or better than our previous set-up; a half-ton towing a 25 ft. 5th wheel. we do on both vehicles we use as toads...a 2003 Jeep Wrangler (~3200-lbs) and a 2010 Jeep Liberty (~3800-lbs). personally, I think anyone who tows anything heavier than a 10-spd bike is asking for trouble without an aux braking system. suit yourself.
rk911 04/25/16 05:59pm Dinghy Towing
RE: TV will not auto scan Analog or digital channels...

Camping with a friend who has a 32"lcd Consensus TV. When setting up at the RV park and doing the auto scan for his TV it will scan and detect over the air channels but when we scan when on cable, It receives no signal for any cable channels. When scanning for cable the TV is connected to the TV power outlet in the ceiling and the power button is turned off . We select cable on the TV and click auto scan and no channels are detected. We bypassed the outside park cable outlet and go directly to the back of the TV and it will detect the Cable channels. Any thoughts on the problem of not detecting cable channels? also...do you have a video source selector switch or box between the cable connection outside and the TV?
rk911 04/23/16 02:52pm Technology Corner
RE: Will Ford dealers work on Coach with 6.8-liter V10

Scheduled maintenance does not need to be performed by a Ford dealer in order to maintain the warranty. all that is needed is proof...receipt from the service provider...that the service was performed.
rk911 04/17/16 10:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Shore Power Question

When hooked up to Shore Power at a campsite or anywhere else. Am I charging both house and engine batteries hen connected. the house batteries for certain. the engine battery only if so equipped. if your engine battery is not being charged consider adding a Trik-L-Start.
rk911 04/16/16 11:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Will Ford dealers work on Coach with 6.8-liter V10

Will a Ford dealer perform scheduled maintenance on a motorhome like oil change etc with the 6.8-liter V10 engine? If the answer is yes, will they also perform engine, brake and transmission work on the motorhome, or does it have to a Ford truck center? Or do you take it to an RV dealer? some may but in my experience you'll likely have to find an independent garage or a Ford truck service center. ford has a list/search feature on their website.
rk911 04/16/16 11:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: chicken or the egg? question

Do you know what's really sad when these posts arise.......people who compare their animals to human beings such as small children (grandkids). Intimating that their pets have more value than a human being. That borderlines on mental illness! in 30-years of RVing we've witnessed many dogs who are leashed but don't really need to be and many children who weren't but should've been. sorry...couldn't resist adding my 2-cents to this thread. it's been a hoot!!
rk911 04/15/16 03:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: popular rv/trailer accessories

...I would put up with a dirt lot and no amenities if I could go back to $100 per month. that's what we've had in suburban Chicago...a dirt/gravel lot, no amenities of any sort other than key card 24/7 access for $100 p/m. it's been $100 p/m for as long as I can recall (15+ years). to be fair there are other costs besides utilities to consider...other overhead costs, property taxes, etc.
rk911 04/15/16 03:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: chicken or the egg? question

I TOLD you this was gonna be good! :B
rk911 04/15/16 11:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Would you drive in the snow?

only if i had skis for the MH tires. wait till Sat.
rk911 04/14/16 09:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: surge protectors

Hello all. Recently bought a DP and am curious to know about surge protectors. I have RV'D for the past 40 years with everything from a cab over, a class C to several 5th wheels. In all those years, I never had a surge protector. I'm reading posts from several people that have had issues with these devices. My question(s) are thus: Are surge issues commonplace? Is it REALLY necessary to have one? Are RV park spikes that frequent or is this just a sales pitch to spend $300+? If it is an issue, is a portable or hardwired unit better that the other? Thank you for any response. All the best! the park we're currently in strongly recommends the use of a surge protector. and on the same posted notice offers to sell one to those who might want one. in 30-years we've had only one electrical issue that I can recall and that was solved by moving to another site. yet when it came time to trade-in our 2000 model yr MH for a 2016 model one of the upgrades I wanted was a progressive surge protector. I doubt we'll ever need it but then I doubt our home will ever burn down and I would not be without my homeowner's insurance. we went with the hardwired unit and mounted the remote monitor panel inside the coach. I wanted the hardwired unit so I didn't have to mess around padlocking it to the electrical post. as my grandpa would say...if you don't want it to walk away put a lock on it.
rk911 04/13/16 07:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How do I check cable TV signal strength?

Bought a new RV and when we camp with friends, their cable TV reception is always better than ours. They will get 20 or 40 channels clear while we get 4 or 5 and most of the others with snow. Does anyone know how to test the signal strength of the cable TV signal? We want to test it at the campground post and the back of the TV along with the various switches that allow us to switch from Cable to Satellite to Antenna. Want to find out were the signal strength drops. Naturally our dealer does not have a cable drop and no want to test what is going wrong! there's a couple of ez things to check especially since your cable reception is always poor as compared with your friends. first, be sure the antenna booster on your over-the-air rooftop antenna is OFF. the booster is used only for over-the-air TV. next, be sure your coax cable is the right type. look on the cable and be sure it is marked RG-59 or, better yet, RG-6. it might also be marked Belden 9104, 1189 or 8213. those are all 75-ohm cables which is what you want. the next time you're out with your friends swap coaxial cable with them and see if the problem stays with your hookup or with the coaxial cable. if you have the correct cable and it's old...more than 5-6 years, replace it. RG-6 would be best. finally, be sure the INPUT setting on your TV's source menu is set to CABLE STD. and if you have a video selector switch in your RV be sure you have selected cable. good luck.
rk911 04/13/16 03:26pm Tech Issues
RE: What is considered Satellite ready

pardon what may sound like silly questions but....does your friend have a DISH network account? is there a DISH TV satellite dish connected to the sat receiver? have all of the various and assorted cables been installed??? rk911... yes yes cables installed? We are going on info provided by Thor that the unit is ready. However there is only one connection on the wall for incoming cable. Thinking maybe Thor had a unit slip thru that isn't sat ready as they advertise. Connecting directly to both TV's the satellite is going in about two minutes. SAT ready may mean different things to different companies. ideally all your friend needed to do was add a sat dish. but if the 'cable in' port is not connected to the DISH TV receiver then you're going nowhere. and as far as I know you can't connect the dish directly to a TV...you need a receiver box between the TV and the coax cable. does your friend have a DISH receiver?
rk911 04/12/16 02:17pm Technology Corner
RE: What is considered Satellite ready

pardon what may sound like silly questions but....does your friend have a DISH network account? is there a DISH TV satellite dish connected to the sat receiver? have all of the various and assorted cables been installed???
rk911 04/12/16 12:59pm Technology Corner
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