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RE: Overnight On I-25

Does anyone have a suggestion for places to stop for the night along I-25 between Cheyenne, WY and Albuquerque, NM? Isleta Lakes RV Park is right off I-25 about 8-mi south of I-40 in ALB. Very nice park.
rk911 08/25/16 06:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Arizona State parks

You can boon dock in the Tonto National forest near Globe Arizona. Hundreds and hundreds of spots. Also you can boondock for free near Quartzite, AZ. Basically by pulling out into the desert and setting up camp. It is slightly more difficult than I state BUT NOT MUCH must be over a thousand acres of boondock on BLM land. Note that although you will be boondocking the odds of being alone are slim I'm pretty sure there are BLM lands east of Parker, AZ where you can boondock for free or very low cost.
rk911 08/25/16 10:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Jacks

My stbalizating jack has been slow for years.Now it won't retract at all without help from a small floor jack. Camping world said I need a new jack they would check the Mfg and call me back.. Nary a word after a month and an hour labor charge $109. Searching I see many RVers have the same jack issues. I would think a simple pump and one way cyclinder would be reliable and trouble free But it does not appear to be. I have cleaned the piston and lubed to no avail. As you can see I am frustrated with the whole situation today. I will better tomorrow. It is quite possible the return springs have weakened and need replacing. The fact that it will return indicates that it is not the valve or solenoid. Not unusual for 17 year old springs. Good luck. WITHOUT springs if HWH, you can easily push a Jack cylinder up when the system is in store. Now, the OP stated he has to use a floor jack to get it up. That means the INTERNAL seals have failed and the Jack cylinder either needs replaced or rebuilt. On a 17 year old RV, I would pull and have it rebuilt by either a local HYD shop or send it to HWH for rebuild. 17 year old RV, I would replace ALL 8 springs if HWH. Odds are the 8 springs have lost most of their tensile strength and are on the verge of rusting away. HR used HWH while Monaco used RVA and HWH. IF by chance he has one of the few HR's that used Powergear, you can get a rebuild kit from Powergear. Doug that may be correct assuming the OP tried to lift the piston with something other than the floor jack first and found he needed the floor jack. we had the same problem on one jack after 8 or 9-years...it would start to retract but quit mid-way thru. I was able to use a short length of 2x4 to get it up the rest of the way. turned out that the piston had a slight defect and was replaced.
rk911 08/24/16 06:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: california smog requirements?

I Am looking at buying a class A diesel from Texas, can anyone tell me if I need to worry about california smog requirements? a google search turned up this: Clicky
rk911 08/24/16 12:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dish customer question

Original poster again. We're not getting the RV plan. This would be the same as in a house. Do they let you change the service address for that too? yes. we're not on an RV plan per se, either but we do pay month-to-month.
rk911 08/20/16 08:12pm Technology Corner
RE: RV Theft and pursuit.

Were the flattened tires from police intervention during pursuit I wonder? maybe a spike strip
rk911 08/20/16 07:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dish customer question

We have Directv but after wasting days for a scheduled upgrade and many hours on the phone we r thinking of changing. We are full timers and wonder how often Dish will allow you to change the service address so local channels are available. every day if thst's what you want. there are no limits AFAIK. but you may find that the same locals are available over a wide distance. for example, we were in the same spot beam between Rapid City SD and Rochester MN.
rk911 08/20/16 07:23pm Technology Corner
RE: Tow Bar connecting

Just realize when you pull the motorhome forward, Slowly, both arms may not lock, and that will affect the tracking of the car. Drive very slowly, if needed a slight turn left or right will increase the pull on the unlocked arm to assure both arms are locked. Then get out of the rig and visually check that the mechanism is locked, the tow cable is properly in place, brakes are off, gear is in neutral, etc. Head on out on your merry way. Then, just before exiting the campground get out of the rig and check again. Really. Also make sure the antenna is down, doors are closed and locked, do a complete walk around. It will make the rest of the day so much more peaceful and trouble free. There have been days that my inspection was less than complete, and they do not bring back good memories. Happy Trails. and, if I may, develop and actually use a written checklist. the wife reads it as I perform each task.
rk911 08/20/16 04:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Packing to travel

Everything stays in place when changing locations. And, when we get home the only things we Remove are perishable items. Many like to have the rig ready to go at all times. Enjoy your travels. that's us. separate sets of dishes, pots, pans, bedding, towels, toiletries, clothing, etc, etc. we load up the pantry with non-perishables at the end of the season and replenish as needed adding only perishable items prior to a trip. at the end of the season all food is removed.
rk911 08/20/16 04:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Packing to travel

New to the RV world and just getting started. When you are moving from place to place, do you take everything out of the cupboards and drawers and refrigerator? we have a motorhome and don't. we do clear all flat surfaces of stuff but everything that's in cabinets or drawers stays put as well as everything in our residential fridge. our previous two motorhomes had RV fridges and we did not empty them while moving from here to there either.
rk911 08/20/16 04:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Theft and pursuit.

Wow! Hope the owner has good insurance. Flattened tires, broken windows. I can see a lot of $$$$ to get it fixed right again! Ugg. It would be interesting to know what the thief was thinking?? there was a SOLD sign in the windshield. I suspect the dealer will be on the hook for this. and the reporter...must not have a lot of help at that station...did anyone notice she was handling the camera as well? a stand-up selfie!
rk911 08/20/16 04:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tow Bar connecting

Just picked up my rig from having my tow stuff installed. I have a Blu Ox tow bar. When I'm connecting bar to my toad, can I have the arm legnth at any distance? And then push my toad back until they are fully extended? I only connected it at the dealers late in the day after it had already been connected and the car was lined up. I hope I'm explaining what I'm asking correctly. New at this. sure. or you can leave the toad where it is and when you pull the MH forward the arms will lock into place. that's what we do but either way is fine.
rk911 08/20/16 04:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electrical Fire - Insurance Claim

your agent says it's a valid claim so I wouldn't sweat the rest. if your fridge just gave up the ghost but started a fire the fridge itself might not be covered but the resulting damage sure would be. we had a water pipe break in our crawl space many years ago resulting in a minor flood. the pipe itself wasn't covered but the resulting damage was. file the claim or go out of pocket. I'd file.
rk911 08/19/16 02:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electrical Fire - Insurance Claim

not a fire but we did have some exterior damage caused by a hit and run driver in a parking lot 10 or 12 years ago. reported the damage to the local PD, notified insurance, filed a claim, had the work done and paid my deductible. no sweat. that's what insurance is for...to mitigate risk the individual doesn't want to otherwise cover themselves.
rk911 08/19/16 02:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Favorite tire pressure gauge?

Heavy duty truck tire gage. Mechanical type, not a Wal-Mart quality. yup. quality over price. i don't skimp when it comes to my tires.
rk911 08/19/16 07:59am Tech Issues
RE: New Email Client

I am looking for a new email client to replace WLM. I am using Windows 7. I hope U can get some recommendations. I don't want to use web maul and I don't want to use Outlook. I am not a power user. I loved WLM. I am presently trying OE Classic. Anyone who used Outlook Express will feel at home. But it does have some problems. You cannot set it to be the default email client. So if you are on a web site and click on "contact" it opens up WLM. OE Classic told me that they will one day make that change. You also have to change your outlook settings to POP. This causes havoc. If I open Outlook on my Android phone it is empty. Cannot change font size of your inbox list. Other quirks as well. I am considering runasxp. It too is built on the old OE but much has been updated. Some have suggested Thunderbird. But I really don't want to fool around customizing. I want something that works out of the box. All suggestions appreciated.r Moisheh i'm a Win7 user and don't know what WLM is. i use Outlook 2007 which does not mean you're a "power user". use as many or as little of the features as you desire. easy to install and use. your other option is Thunderbird. a good choice as well. i've used both and prefer Outlook.
rk911 08/18/16 06:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Dinghy Protection while towing?

we' ve used nothing other than the mud flaps that came on the MH. no problems or damage from towing.
rk911 08/17/16 11:04pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Best Practice to tie up dog?

New to camping. I have a super friendly Lab that wouldn't leave our side for all the tea in china...LOL. With that said, however I know it would be inappropriate to allow her to roam the campsite freely. What are the best practices? I was just going to go to home depot and get 20' of chain and just use an snap hook at both ends and wrap one end around the trailer frame. I looked on PetSmart/Wallmart websites and tether kits of any kind. Do I just get bare chain from Home depot and create my own, or is there a better tether out there available at local pet store or wallmart? any pet store or big box stores that sell pet supplies should have a "stake out cable". they come in various lengths and have snap connectors on each end. we use a 10' cable four our beagle...long enough to give her some freedom, short enough to keep her from bothering anyone walking by.
rk911 08/17/16 04:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why do you prefer your rig?

Please understand that the following is not a criticism of your choice of RVs. I am just trying to understand why we see so many motorhomes and trailers and so few truck campers. On our recent trip in our truck camper, we again saw few other truck campers and huge numbers of motorhomes and trailers, especially fifth wheels. We wondered why folks bought a motor home or trailer in preference to a truck camper. Had they ever considered a truck camper or even looked inside one? If you're going to be in one place for an extended period, I can understand wanting larger living quarters. But I can't imagine myself enjoying driving something so large down the highway, much less a winding country road, or getting into and out of a gas station. If you don't own a truck camper, why do you prefer the rig that you do own? Have you ever considered a truck camper or looked inside them? nope. too small. we've had 3-motorhomes over the past 30-years...26', 35' and just recently a 39'' gasser. we towed a vehicle behind the 35' and 39' making our overall length 55-60'. we've been on everything from 2-lane country roads to multi-lane urban interstates and frankly i try to avoid the multi-lane urban highways due to congestion and crazy drivers. sure, some 2-lane roads are narrower than others but we've generally had no problems on them. we traveled the entire length of The Skyline Drive/Blue Ridge Parkway and that's one curvy road. same for gas stations. while we try to always fill at truck stops we sometimes don't have that choice but when we must use a "regular" gas station it's not a problem. we look for a station where the gas lanes are parallel to the roadway and if not we take a station that has pumps off of a side entrance. neither type of station is hard to find. the short and sweet of it is, no, we've never considered a TC. we've looked at them at RV shows but even the largest is too small. we're very happy with our space, our floorplan and our choices. glad you are, too.
rk911 08/16/16 07:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: In general, when do schools start classes?

We were in Yellowstone 3rd week of Sept. several years ago. Overrun by tour buses full of mostly Asian tourists. Don't think there is ever a time when it is quiet anymore unless you do some serious backcountry hiking. fortunately the tour buses full of asian tourists usually don't occupy the area campgrounds and RV parks. my earlier response was based on camping space not the total number of people in the park itself.
rk911 08/16/16 04:20pm General RVing Issues
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