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RE: How many hours a day do you drive?

Ive seen many people ask "how many miles do you think I can drive per day" and the answers are all over the place for a verity of reasons. So lets ask it a little differently: When you travel with your Class A, about how many hours a day do you like to drive? generally, 4. out of the CG by 10, lunch at noon for an hour and in the next overnight CG by 3.
rk911 04/24/15 09:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Any of you guys have the Endless Breeze 12VDC Fan?

I'm not the OP but we bought the Endless Breeze cuz we can use it on 120VAC with the adapter when we're hooked up and on 12VDC when not. why carry two fans when one will do both? :h Simple ... the Endless Breeze costs many times more than a simple $10 120 vac fan from WallyWorld AND we usually do run more than one fan in order to have sufficient air movement in multiple areas of the trailer. The question for you is - why would you bother with the 120 vac > 12 vdc adapter when your trailer already can supply the necessary 12 vdc to run the Endless Breeze directly? :h And FWIW, an inexpensive 120 vac fan will cover both situations if you have a suitable 12 vdc > 120 vac power supply to run it those times you're dry camping and don't have shore power available. we don't need more than one fan to adequately move air in our '35 class A. I 'spose we could run the fan off 12vdc direct but that would limit where we could place the fan. why carry another inverter? we plug in the breeze's inverter into the outlet we most often use and simply plug in the fan whenever we need it. no need to rummage around looking for the inverter. and...Fantastic Fan products are made right here in the USA...likely not so for the $10 Wally World fans. we try to buy USA mfg products whenever possible. to each their own.
rk911 04/21/15 06:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: HOW accessible is FREE WIFI while travelling?

We have a 2 week trip from East Texas to Vegas, then to Utah and back home. Used Millenicom before and am not sold on making the investment in StraightTalk for this trip. So, my question is: How accessible is FREE WIFI on our mostly interstate route we'll be taking. THANKS! fairly accessible but not while you're moving. you can find free wifi in many places...some state highway rest areas, wal mart's, home depot, lowes to name a few. that's in addition to many campgrounds and rv parks. but the real question is how good is the free wifi? usually good enough to check e-mail and some light browsing but that's it. if you're looking to stream, data, music or video you'll need a cellular hotspot.
rk911 04/21/15 05:15pm Technology Corner
RE: Any of you guys have the Endless Breeze 12VDC Fan?

There's a converter/inverter you can buy from Fantastic Fan, that will allow the fan to run on 120VAC, but it costs! I must be missing something here ... the whole point in owning a 12 vdc fan is to run it from 12 vdc but if you've got 120 vac why would you even bother using the Endless Breeze when a $10 120vac fan from WallyWorld will do just as well? :h I'm not the OP but we bought the Endless Breeze cuz we can use it on 120VAC with the adapter when we're hooked up and on 12VDC when not. why carry two fans when one will do both? :h
rk911 04/21/15 05:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Any of you guys have the Endless Breeze 12VDC Fan?

I'm thinking about picking up an Endless Breeze 12VDC portable fan; it's made by Fantastic Fan, so it should be good. It's a little more costly than a small 120VAC fan, but the blade looks like it can really push some air, and it can be used when boon docking. Does it push as much air as a 120VDC fan? Insight appreciated. Thank you we have one and it pushes a ton of air every bit as good as a straight 12oVAC fan. fyi...we have a 120VAC/12VDC adapter. don't recall if that came with the fan or if we bought it separately. but we've run the fan with that adapter as well as straight from 12VDC...same results. you'll enjoy it.
rk911 04/21/15 05:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire pressure

My 2000 adventurer door plate says tire pressure should be at 70lbs PSI. The tires say 110 max PSI. Any opinions on what is good pressure? We spend alot of time on highways getting from site to site. you should inflate your tires to the maximum pressure for the load being carried. load up your coach the way you normally would for travel...including pets and people...and get it weighed...4 corner weights is best but at a minimum it should be individual axle weights. once you have the axle weights consult the tire inflation guide for your make/model of tires and inflate accordingly. you can inflate beyond the recommended inflation all the way up to the maximum inflation shown on the tire but that will make for a rough ride and may cause handling and braking issues. we have the same exact chassis as you do (2000 suncruiser 35U) and it has the same 70-psi notation. after weighing our rig we inflate all 6-tires to 85-psi.
rk911 04/20/15 11:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do you use other RV forum sites?

Just wondering if anyone here posts to other RV websites. I was recently told about iRV2, which seems to be pretty active. I wonder how many cross-over members there are who use both sites. If I post something at iRV2, is it likely to be seen by many of the members of RV.net? I don't want to duplicate or be redundant in posting questions online. So if someone can give me some sense of this, I'd appreciate it. Or if there are any other online RV forums you find helpful, I'd like to know about them as well. Thanks! I've posted the same question over at iRV2. iRV2 and several Yahoo Lists. among them... All About RVing Winnebago Owners
rk911 04/19/15 04:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ham antenna mount

I'm looking for options on mounting a copper J Pole to the trailer or free standing. I'm thinking some kind of telescoping pole I could secure to the trailer tongue to get the J Pole above the trailer roof? I have a toy hauler so no rear bumper. What are you guys using? I've seen hams use this product for mounting smaller and light wind load antennas. a j-pole shouldn't be a problem.
rk911 04/19/15 11:59am Tech Issues
RE: Will Single A/C cut it?

We have been in a 37 foot toy hauler fiver (Keystone Fuzion) for 3 years. Most of the trips we take are extremely hot weather - over 100 degrees. Our toy hauler has two 15k A/C units and can't get more than 20 degrees under ambient. When it is 110 outside it is miserable inside. We are looking at class A RVs now and would rather have one in the 29-31 foot range but those only offer single 13k A/C and 30 amp service. It seems to be around 33 feet where the manufacturers offer dual A/C with 50 amp service. I don't have room to park a 35 footer and a cargo trailer I will need for the toys with a class A. My question is this - - do the 30 foot class A RVs cool well enough with only one small A/C unit?? I hate to spend 90 grand and still be hot. BTW - we are looking at Fleetwood, Winnebago and one Jayco. Any comments are welcome good or bad. Thanks in really hot weather you need additional insulation on the windows to help the AC...regardless of the length. avoid parking facing west or south also helps. the windshield will be the biggest heat radiator. consider using the foil shield on the inside of the window or an external heat shield. we did that and were able to get the indoor ambient temp about 30-35 degrees cooler than outside.
rk911 04/17/15 03:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV clubs and memberships

Go and enjoy a year of RVng Then after you have figured out YOUR style of RVng you will have a better idea of what would be a good choice. I found that a lot of CGs would give me a 10% discount just for asking. true. some parks will honor AAA, AARP and others will simply give it to you. but in order to know you received a discount you need to know the nightly rate before asking for the discount. and i failed to mention in my original post that most parks will give substantial discounts for extended stays of a week or month. the GS discount is good only for individual nights; the PPA discount is valid only for X number of days on certain days of the week and sometimes on specific weeks of the year. for example...a park we used several years ago had a non-discounted nightly rate of $40 p/n for full hookup including cable but they discount 10% for GS, AARP, AAA and 50% for PPA. that would bring the daily rate down to $36 (10%) or $20 (PPA). but their weekly rate was $115 or $16.42 per day and their monthly rate was $280 + $0.17 per kwh of electricity. that's a base rate of $9.33 plus electric. GS and the rest don't apply to weekly or monthly rates. and sometimes it makes financial sense to pay for a week or month even if you don't stay the entire week or month. in our case we chose the weekly rate of $115 but intended to stay only 6-days. with the GS card that would've been $216; even if the PPA rate was available for 6-days (unlikely) that would've been $120 but we paid $115. that's a absolute savings of $101 over the GS daily discount of 10% and a possible savings of $5 over PPA. as others have said you need to determine what type of camping or traveling you will be doing. stopping at a different park every night, every couple of nights, every few weeks, etc.
rk911 04/17/15 07:56am General RVing Issues
RE: RV clubs and memberships

we belong to GoodSam. the 10% discount on camping fees easily covers the cost of the annual membership. others will recommend PassPort America for it's 50% discount. GoodSam has thousands of member parks, PPA has hundreds. Actually, Passport America has 1900 member parks. Good Sam advertises 2100 member parks, so the difference is not as great as you represent. Many of the parks are both Good Sam and Passport America. So the question boils down to what do you prefer a 10% discount or a 50% discount? I sit corrected on the number of affiliated parks but I still maintain PPA could offer a 90% discount but if there aren't any parks nearby when we need one it doesn't do us any good. the year we were PPA members on most nights there were never any of their parks anywhere near us when we were ready to stop for the night. and on the rare occasion there was a nearby park the restrictions kept getting in the way. I'm happy for you if PPA works for you but it sure didn't for us.
rk911 04/17/15 07:40am General RVing Issues
RE: RV clubs and memberships

we belong to GoodSam. the 10% discount on camping fees easily covers the cost of the annual membership. others will recommend PassPort America for it's 50% discount. GoodSam has thousands of member parks, PPA has hundreds. and many of those parks have restrictions on when the discount can apply. KOA is not a club...it's a chain of parks, most of them nice...and pricy parks. their card will get you 10% off camping fees. we have one since we use one of their parks each year for a week and the discount at that park is more than the cost of the card. how are you going to travel? if you stay in full service parks then one of the above cards will come in handy. the GS card will be good at many-to-most of the cards you'll encounter. we've actually run into parks that will give us the GS discount without showing the card although I suspect some of those are not applying a genuine discount. if you don't care that you may have to drive out of your way to get to a PPA park and you can live with the restrictions then PPA may be for you. if you'll stay at KOAs exclusively then you'll save a ton with their card. if you plan to mostly use public campgrounds (local, county, state or federal) then none of those cards will help.
rk911 04/16/15 06:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: How do you use hydaulic levelers?

My procedure for power gear jacks is to first set up your MH with a set of Hoppy Calibrated levels, first leveling the MH with a long carpenters level front to back and side to side. Then fasten the hoppy's to the MH so they are indicating perfectly level, one level indicating front to rear, mine is inside on the drivers side wall where I can see it from the drivers seat, and the second level somewhere indicating side to side, either on the dash or other side to side suitable surface. Fasten them so they read level. Now to use them park in your site, look at the front to rear level and determine whether which end is the lowest, say for example the front end is low. Then operate the front jacks (Low end) and raise the front just until the level bubble is one half bubble past level, stop, now operate the rear jacks until the level bubble just comes back to level, stop, you are now level front to back. now determine which side is low and operate the rear low side jack (Power gear has that feature) until the side to side level bubble comes back to the middle level position. You are now level side to side. stop and turn the switch OFF. done. Of course this is a procedure to use on pretty level sites. if the site is way off level, you might have to use boards under the low end tires to get it a little closer to level before using the jacks. The calibrated level bubbles show how far out of level you are in inches. for example the front could be 2 inches out of level and the bubble will indicate that. This gives you an idea if you can level the MH in that position with out running out of jack extension before you actually start the job. By doing the low end first you usually end up with the jacks actually doing some lifting and not just being extended and running out of lift. I use pads under the jacks for soft spots to increase the pad surface size. Calibrated levels no offense intended but IMO you're making leveling way too complicated. I simply pull into the spot and manually adjust the MH to a comfortable level. I use a simple dot level on the arm rest next to me. if the humans inside are comfy with no sensation of walking uphill, downhill or leaning left or right then it's close enough. to each their own.
rk911 04/16/15 04:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: powere winders for water hose and electric cord

There isn't any more resistance(heat) in the cord whether it's wound up or laying out. I asked because I saw this on another forum: Electrical engineer here- The amount of inductance from an extension cord coiled loosly pretty negligable. Heat does not increase resistance an appreciable amount in copper wire, either. If that were the case we wouldn't need circuit breakers as all circuits would be self-limiting. The only reason to watch out for a coiled extension cord is the heat. The rule of thumb that I would use is to derate the amperage rating of the cord by 25-50% when coiled, or just bump to the next size larger cord. For a #12, coiled cord I would keep the continuous amperage draw below 10 amps. You can just touch it with your hand once in a while to see if it gets warm. The danger is from the insulation on the wires melting and causing a fire as the wires arc together.
rk911 04/16/15 09:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How do you use hydaulic levelers?

It stays sturdy until we retract and leave. as do ours. unless the ground is soft from rain we don't use any pads under the jacks.
rk911 04/16/15 09:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wineguard Trav'ler Satellite

Dish does sell a pay as you go service. With that there is no need to suspend, just pay for the months you want it. when we looked at the Dish P-A-Y-G service a year or two ago it was available only with a single receiver which, we were told, was compatible only with a portable antenna. just took a look at the Dish and Winegard websites and it seems that this has changed. according to Dish the Trav'ler SK-1000 is compatible with all Dish receivers. but elsewhere on the Dish websites they omit the SK-1000 as a compatible antenna. so I called Dish and was told that yes, the SK-1000 IS compatible with the PAYG receiver. I also asked about local channels and the 'Distant Network Option'. this may not be news to others but apparently the DNO is no longer available thanks to the feds (who are always looking out for us). local channels are only available within 150-miles of your home. so, I asked if the "home" location can be changed and was told that was also forbidden by the feds. {sigh}
rk911 04/16/15 08:20am Technology Corner
RE: New radar automatic local antenna

.. correct. that's what prompted me to call them. I was told that product is sold only to installers. maybe the person I spoke with was making that up, maybe not. pls let me know what you find out as I'm looking to have one installed on our new class A. You could be correct, I just checked and Winegard updated the manuals in Jan of this year. When I last looked for it (~2 years ago) I can't recall if I found the manuals, but the fact the updated them implies you are right. I found two web-sites that claimed to have the MA-1000W in stock, one wanted ~$260, the other $450 we're in the process of shopping for a new RV and will want the Jack antenna that comes from the factory replaced with the powered Winegard at the dealer. Once we get that far i'll post the results.
rk911 04/16/15 08:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Yahoo mail . . . . unbelieveable!!!

I had been happily using Yahoo! mail for many years, but I am about ready to ditch it. Numerous outages for many hours at a time over the last days, weeks and months. :S:M not here. we're heavy users of Yahoo Mail and have had no interruptions as you describe. maybe a local DNS issue?? there's always G-Mail or Outlook.com as a free alternative.
rk911 04/16/15 08:05am Technology Corner
RE: powere winders for water hose and electric cord

Anyone add power winders to their rigs after market. If so any advice and to those who do have them...does the 50-amp cord need to be totally unwound to avoid heat build-up in the cord?
rk911 04/16/15 08:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Windows updates ???

I don't understand the issue either and I have been running various Windows programs since Win311 came out back in the 80's and never have had an issue with things going astray. This is especially true now days with the multicore processors and low cost memory. Larry ahhh...windows for workgroups. :)
rk911 04/15/15 01:15pm Technology Corner
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