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RE: Tires. How old is to old

Many years ago I had a motorhome with excellent looking rubber on the tires, about 8 years old, always covered when not in use. I blew a rear tire in nowhere Colorado. Limped into a town miles away on one dually. It did minor body damage. On the way home later the other dually blew. Probably because of the stress from the 30 mile drive unsupported. This time it took out some wire, the wheel well, and some outside fiberglass. I now change all my tires every 6 to 7 years no matter what. Call it insurance. Expensive insurance, the last set ran $550 each, but still just the cost of safe travel. JMHO expensive is right. but we now set aside $50 per month into a 'tire replacement fund'. when the time comes to buy new tires we'll have the cash.
rk911 03/01/15 06:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tires. How old is to old

we replace our MH tires every 7-years.
rk911 03/01/15 03:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What will get this stain out

isn't that what Bill asked Hillary? ;)
rk911 03/01/15 02:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Question on Ford Flex toad

we tow either a Jeep Wrangler or Jeep Liberty. in each case we've added a second bulb and second wiring harness. when connected to the MH the second wiring harness and bulbs are used. we initially tried using diodes but had major problems with it.
rk911 02/28/15 04:41pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Generator starting problem

Generac Service & SupportCan anyone help me with where to get info on the repair or replacement of a generator starter. I believe the starter somehow was engaged while it was running due to the racket it was making before it was discovered and shut down. Now the starter will not turn over the generator and just makes clacking noises. My Dolphin 535 has a Generac GN-480 with 576 hrs on it. My owners manual gives me general maintenance, and I have a parts listing that gives me a part number for the starter but no instruction as to how to go about the repairs.
rk911 02/28/15 03:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anything stolen from locked compartments.

Some people mentioned that they changed the locks out because they got tired of hunting for the key. My solution was to just leave the key in the lock. my solution was to put the key on the MH key ring. we carry two identical key rings...one stays on my belt at all times. we also have a set of keys in a key safe located in an inconspicuous but accessible spot on the MH.
rk911 02/27/15 08:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Anything stolen from locked compartments.

By accident I ran into a locksmith that has blanks for my TT and he also had several different sizes of compartment cam locks. Myself and a lot of other people use the CH 751 to open compartments. Thought I would get something else that not everyone has or maybe better put... to keep honest people honest. I know they are not very strong compartments doors but at least I would have different lock than most. I have only lost a loaf of bread by a raccoon and no other problems in about 20 years of RVing. So I'm asking have you ever had anything stolen from your locked compartments when camping or stopped when traveling? Storage lots or parked in your driveway or stuff stolen that you left out doesn't count. Thanks never. had a theft of some items we left out at a campsite but nothing from the MH or its storage bays. that being said if it brings you piece of mind to have the locks changed then by all means have the locks changed.
rk911 02/27/15 08:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Turbo tax admits their mistake!!

"two former high-ranking employees" http://newsfeed.gawker.com/do-not-use-turbotax-this-tax-season-1688222595/+jparham the key words being "former employees". been using TT for years and will continue to do so.
rk911 02/26/15 04:57pm Technology Corner
RE: Electric step

open the door so the step is out. turn the switch OFF. close the door. what happens? sounds like a bad controller.
rk911 02/26/15 08:09am Tech Issues
RE: Electric step

open the door so the step is out. turn the switch OFF. close the door. what happens?
rk911 02/25/15 05:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Laptop set-up like Desktop?

In my stick&brick our old desktop was tired and we bought a Lenovo laptop to replace it. Would like to add the bigger monitor, mouse, keyboard, and ability to hitch up printer. All my older items have different connectors that attached to the desktop tower. I'm guessing I'll need new add-ons with usb connections? (Maybe use a usb hub to connect to laptop easy?) Anyone have a set-up like this? Any suggestions on accomplishing this would be appreciated. yup, we do. when we're home our laptop is connected to a full size monitor (via vga port) and a wireless keyboard/mouse (usb dongle), external DVD drive (usb), external hard drive (usb) and external speaker (usb or mini jack). what ports do you have on your Lenovo?
rk911 02/25/15 12:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Rotate tires on Class A YES OR NO ( why?)

During 15 years we've owned a class A, have never rotated tires. We usually replace them around 7 years regardless of tread wear. You may get many and varied opinions on this issue. Best of luck and safe travels....:) x2. my RV-mechanic sees no need to rotate them given the relatively low miles we put on them. we also replace after 7-years.
rk911 02/25/15 12:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newby to dinghy towing

Wife is unsure about towing a toad. It would be nice if she could give it a try without going to all the expense of all that goes into setting up a toad. Thought about renting a dolly and giving it a try in our local area. This might be the best thing to do to see how she does. Thanks-- Mick I suspect that your wife would not be able to tell if she was towing or not. there's really no change in how the MH 'feels' going down the road. the only issue are turns and situational awareness so you don't end up having to disconnect to get out of a spot. and if you do end up getting a toad it's important that you understand weights and weight ratings. in general, the maximum amount of weight you can safely tow will be the lesser of the following: • the GCWR (gross combination weight rating) of the MH minus the actual weight of the MH as it is loaded for travel (includes fuel, fresh water, food, clothing, people, pets, supplies, etc.) • the weight rating of your tow bar • the weight rating of your hitch this is why it's vital to know what your MH weighs as it is loaded and configure for travel before choosing a toad. Your MH will not collapse if it is overloaded but you will experience handling issues as well as longer braking distances and accelerated wear on suspension, brakes, steering, etc. it's best to at least get weights for each axle and compare the actual weight to the axle's weight rating.
rk911 02/24/15 01:37pm Dinghy Towing
RE: bat wing upgrade?

The wingman definite improves digital signal. It doesn't say anything about HD. The complete Sensar says HD, but not clear on the Wingman add-on part. Wingman if we're talking about an over-the-air TV antenna then there is no such thing as an HD antenna or HD add-on. high def decoding takes place in the TV receiver. the antenna receives ALL tv signals. the Wingman add-on is basically a UHF antenna. after the switch from analog to digital many TV stations which had frequency allocations in the VHF band changed their transmit frequencies to the UHF portion of the band. the wings of the Winegard antenna receive VHF frequencies while the center head contains the UHF antenna. the Wingman add-on adds another UHF antenna. all TV signals are line-of-sight. if the transmitter antenna can't 'see' the receiving antenna you won't have a picture. in primary service areas almost any type of antenna will work. but the farther out from the transmitter you go the higher the receiving antenna needs to be. a lot also depends on the terrain in which the receiving antenna is located and what sort of obstacles are between the transmitter and receiving antennas (mountains, tall buildings, airport takeoff/landing patterns, etc.)
rk911 02/24/15 07:20am Technology Corner
RE: Opinions Regarding 2015 Winnebago 38Q

I'll just add that I'm not so sure anyone at RV.org has ever driven an RV they've "rated", so I wouldn't put too much weight on their "handling" rating. :) ~Rick rick, I'm always a bit leery of organizations like RV.ORG, Consumers Report, etc. but it doesn't hurt to get different opinions and thoughts. what carries more weight to me are the opinions of actual users and not folks who may never have driven the vehicle in real-world conditions.
rk911 02/23/15 05:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Opinions Regarding 2015 Winnebago 38Q

Oh ya, lastly, If you buy one, get the lighter color exterior. The darker color patterns are nice, but the black is a pain. Rain gutter streaks running down the front side windows suck. Hope this helps:) thanks, dutch. the darker colors are more dramatic but we've found that the streaks really show up.
rk911 02/23/15 05:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Opinions Regarding 2015 Winnebago 38Q

Hope I can answer all your questions with my facts/opinions. I own the Winnebago Adventurer 38Q which is the same rig as what you are looking at. We love the floor plan. I really like how all the electronics is wired through the matrix which makes controlling all the equipment easy. I installed the Direct TV Satellite Dish and it works great. We have the solar panel option which is a great option. It will trickle charge your coach batteries while your rig is just sitting, such as storage. The Solar Panel system is wired direct to the coach batteries so this means you can turn off your coach power and continue to charge. It also keeps you from having to remove the batteries while storing. Mine has been stored in the cold since December and the batteries are holding 12.6v continuous. I am 5ft 10 and weigh 220. The shower works fine for me. I like the longer shower which allows me to pick up the soap. Ha. Not a problem we see so far. We also have the same radio with the Nav. The nav. is supposed to update automatically through satellite, or so I was told. I also remember reading in the owners manual. The only issue I have is that we believe in the passenger being the navigator. This means The Rand McNally is mounted more towards the passenger who can give the directions to the driver. My wife drives the rig also, so basically, the driver drives and the passenger navigates. The problem with the installed optional system is the way it is positioned in the dashboard. It is angled towards the driver so the passenger cannot see or control the unit without getting out of the passenger seat. The residential fridge is great. Turn on the inverter and the fridge will power off the coach batteries which are continuously charging while going down the road. And while parked, say at a rest stop, they charge through the solar panel, if you install that option. We love how the sofa makes into a bed and how the seats recline while relaxing. We do not do the oven anymore. They cook terribly and waste space. We went to the convection/microwave on our last two RVs and love it much better, also allowing for more pot/pan storage. The driver's door is a nice feature but I keep forgetting it is there. I did not have it in my last motorhome. I think the door causes more road noise and it rattles until the tires warm up and round out making the ride smoother. I hardly notice the noise anymore. I think I would rather not have the door. It creates some blind spots due to the door and window frames being bigger. Hope this helps. it does and thanks. yes, we're opting for the solar charger. our current suncruiser has the same option. re: the sofa and chair...we've found the 'euro' style couch and chair to be very uncomfortable. our dealer has been made aware of that and assures us that there are other options from the factory for the couch. we've located a std. residential recliner that we think will fit in the same space. I'm pretty sure that the driver's door is std on the 2015 model. we have a DD on our current suncruiser and while I don't use it as my primary entry/exit while on the road it has come in handy while parked. other than the nav system being out of the view of the passenger how is it as a GPS? accurate? how about the AM radio...can it receive as well as a standard automotive radio? for example, in my Jeep I can pull in WGN in Chicago almost as far south as Effingham, about 2/3 of the way to St. Louis. in the suncruiser I can barely pull that station in for 50-miles. thanks again.
rk911 02/23/15 05:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cold weather camping

Last winter we were in Florida in December-February, Cedar Key and Ocala area and were very uncomfortable at night. Our 36 foot Damon Challenger is just not set up for 25-32 degree nights. Does anyone have tips on how to tighten the old girl up to keep the cold out????? we use a portable 1500-watt electric space heater in the bedroom when were out in South Dakota in the fall. at elevation the nights are frequently that cold and the space heater keeps us nice and toasty. an electric blanket would also be a good idea.
rk911 02/23/15 05:43pm Class A Motorhomes
Opinions Regarding 2015 Winnebago 38Q

we've had two winnebago motor homes over the last 29-years, a 1985 Chieftain which we traded in 2000 for our current Itasca Suncruiser 35U. the Suncruiser is starting to nickel and dime us so we've been casually looking for the last year or so. we're sticking with Winnebago as they've been very good to us with out-of-warranty issues. we're looking seriously at a 2015 Itasca Suncruiser 38Q. we like what we see but I wanted to toss out a couple of questions as we consider various options and std. equipment. HANDLING • RV.ORG rates Suncruiser handling at 68 and says "could be fatiguing for most people because the vehicle could wander and be difficult to steer much of the time." i'd like to hear from anyone who has this chassis and whether you agree with this assessment. most of our driving days are 4-5 hours tops. RESIDENTIAL FRIDGE • after years of fussing, stressing and worrying we are ready to cut the cord to the RV fridge and opt for the residential fridge. we rarely boondock and our driving days are normally 4-5 hours long. I am concerned about maintaining the cold in the fridge/freezer while driving. is the alternator sufficient to supply power to the fridge via the batteries/inverter while not hooked up. what are some of your real-world experiences with the residential fridge while off-grid in the 38Q? BATTERIES • I usually remove my coach batteries at the end of the season. on our 2000 Suncruiser this is a snap as the batteries are located under the entry steps. this process looks to be a lot more difficult on the 2015 model as the batteries...the really, really large and heavy-looking batteries...are located in an outside compartment. I don't know how I'd ever be able to lift them in and out. I've seen this configuration on other Winnebago products and would like to hear thoughts from anyone who has this type of battery setup. • the OEM batteries are AGM types...do AGM batteries *need* to be removed in winter, *should* they be removed in winter? where we store the RV in winter does not have electrical hookups. • there are 4-house batteries...is there space for more? I usually get 4-5 years from my two 12-volt lead acid batteries. for those of you who have 12-v AGM's what has been you experience with regards to life cycle? IN DASH RADIO/NAVIGATION • an option we are considering is the combined radio/xm radio/gps infotainment center. we'd like to hear from anyone who has this option. how well does the am/fm radio receive? the radio in our current Suncruiser receives poorly even after fixing the radio cable system. does this radio have a decent receive range? • the nav system is powered by Rand McNally...accurate or not? how are the maps and POI's updated? we've been using Street Atlas on our laptop but have been thinking of switching to in-dash navigation for simplicity and because the in-dash nav in our jeep liberty works very well. MICROWAVE/CONVECTION OVEN vs GAS OVEN • we actually use our gas oven, not a lot, mostly for baking cookies and biscuits. we're considering dropping the oven and going to the micro/convection oven. we'd like to hear from those who have made a similar switch. happy with the switch and why? wish you had kept the gas oven and why? DISHWASHER DRAWER • if we opt for the microwave/convection oven we'd consider adding a dishwasher drawer. this would install in the same place as the gas oven. waste of money or an absolute great idea?? WASHER/DRYER • we're considering the stacked twins option. I know all of the pro/con options and we can do a lot of loads at the laundry for the price of this option. my question is not should we/shouldn't we but rather how well do they work? I suspect that the capacity is larger vs. the splendide combo unit but do you find yourselves washing all day to gets a weeks worth of clothes done? are they quiet? use a ton of water? SHOWER DOOR • neither of us are small and the inward opening shower door concerns us. for those reading this who are of the larger persuasion (I'm 6'2, 200-lbs) do you find this to be a problem when exiting the shower? thanks for taking the time to read and we're looking forward to the replies.
rk911 02/23/15 03:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pre purchase inspection

How important is a pre-purchase inspection. We're looking to buy our first MH and wanted to know how important it is to do a pre-purchase inspection. What do they checkout I assume you mean a pre-delivery inspection...a walk-thru before you take delivery of a purchased MH. for us this is a 2-step process. first, the delivering dealer should walk you thru the entire MH, interior and exterior, especially since you are a newbee. some dealers charge for this service...hopefully yours won't. all of the principal owners should go through the PDI...you, your spouse, etc. take notes...take lots of notes. better yet, film it. you want to see how everything works..all the knobs, switches, valves and so forth. inside and out. part 2 is a short shake-down cruise of at least one overnight. this could be in your driveway or a nearby campground. during this trip use everything and I mean that literally. make a list of things that don't work or which you don't understand how to use. that list will become the basis for your first warranty visit to the dealer. hopefully that list is short. if you truly mean a pre-purchase inspection that is crucial if you are buying a used MH. you should hire a qualified MH technician to do a thorough inspection and a qualified automotive technician to check out the engine, tranny, tires, etc. this will cost you some bucks but it is well worth it. good luck to you.
rk911 02/23/15 12:41pm General RVing Issues
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