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RE: How do companies that offer FREE cloud storage make money???

yup. no one can or will ensure the safety and security of my data as well as me. I seriously doubt that statement, but if it gives you peace of mind go for it. When you consider all that can happen to your data (hardware failure, forgetfulness, fire, flood, storms, theft, etc., etc.) and with cloud storage companies whose reputation depends on their secure data, I would bet on cloud storage every day. For a company like Google (now the most valuable company in the world), you can bet they are focused on their cloud's reliability. Other major companies like MS and Apple also have a lot to lose. And similar motivations give incentive to companies not to mess with your data. I use cloud storage for my documents and photos and sleep very well at night. And it is NOT expensive. Two WD Passport drives for < $100 each will give you the peace of mind and similar security without using the cloud. Keep two backup copies with one offsite. However this method is only as good as the physical security and safety of the locations you choose to store the drives. doubt away but our data is backed up six ways from sunday with our disaster backup' secure in our safe deposit box. I don't trust cloud storage providers to ensure that data is properly secured from hacking and cracking or to even stay in business. but if it gives you peace of mind go for it.
rk911 02/08/16 11:15am Technology Corner
RE: Satellite provider recommendation 4 FT

About to switch to Usung Satellite system. We have joined the FT Community and planning full mobility (East to West and South to North). We are interested about who are the providers of satellite HDTV service. We have two HD tv's. Appreciate any feedback and/or experience. Regards, :@ we chose dish for their pay-as-you-go service.
rk911 02/08/16 11:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How do companies that offer FREE cloud storage make money???

Maybe I am just getting old, but I don't trust cloud storage. I prefer a couple external HDD's. :) yup. no one can or will ensure the safety and security of my data as well as me.
rk911 02/06/16 06:22pm Technology Corner
RE: Let's talk trash

For us, taking the garbage to the dumpster at the campground entrance is an excellent reason for walking the dog at the end of the day... X2!
rk911 02/06/16 07:32am General RVing Issues
RE: How do companies that offer FREE cloud storage make money???

most of the freebie cloud storage is very small. the hope is that you will purchase additional storage space.
rk911 02/06/16 07:30am Technology Corner
RE: Monitor panel question

The lights for LPG, Holding tanks etc. are not illuminating/working. Replaced toggle switch but same problem. Can someone guide me to the next step? fuse? circuit breaker?
rk911 01/26/16 04:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can I make my television play back through stereo receiver?

have you tried going to the SOUND setup menu on the TV? there might be an option to use your stereo.
rk911 01/24/16 03:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Best route from Montgomery Al to Panama City FL

Hi, Driving a Class A w/towd, is US-231 better than US-331/98? Or, are the routes south out of Troy,AL,(hwy 87 to 81 or 167 to 79) preferable? Not familiar with the area so would appreciate any advice. Thanks, Jim I used to drive US231 from Montgomery to I-10 twice a year. last time was 2-years ago and it was a good road at that time. the only challenge will be if you hit Dothan at rush hour but 231 thru town is 3-lanes + turn lanes thru towns. otherwise you should have no trouble. haven't been on 87/81 or 167/79. hint: take I-85 north towards Atlanta to exit 9 (US 271). then head south on 271 for about 5-miles until it dead ends into US231. doing that allows you to by-pass all sorts of traffic and stop lights.
rk911 01/18/16 02:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Windows 8.1 Corrupted

I have an Asus Model S56C laptop that is about 2-1/2 years old with windows 8.1 that is corrupted. Staples is charging 199.00 to back up data and reinstall 8.1 and put my Microsoft Office back on and my data....then upgrade to Windows 10. My concern is if I pay 200 bucks and still have problems...is it better to just put the money towards a new laptop? Thank you for your input. yup. Windows 7 is a viable, stable op sys assuming you don't want to upgrade to Windows 10. either way you'll be better off than with Win 8/8.1x. any idea why your laptop became corrupted and with what?
rk911 01/11/16 07:54am Technology Corner
RE: Powerball, now 1.3 BILLION!

You know what they say about the lottery: "A tax on the mathematically challenged". :) I played it once and didn't win so I haven't played it since.That's the sad part, so many people who can least afford it put in a large portion of there income. They just know they are going to win. Some one else called it a tax on being stupid. the local news was yakking with people in line to buy tix and this one fellow had happily spent $100 to buy 50-tickets. now maybe he could afford the $100 but his odds of winning the big prize did not appreciably increase. we plunked down $2 and bought 1-ticket and son of a gun...we won! well, it was $4 but we doubled our money!! betcha can guess what we did with the $4. :B
rk911 01/10/16 11:09am Around the Campfire
RE: Powerball, now 1.3 BILLION!

Lottery question: If you won and decided to take the annuity payments instead of the lump sum. If the lottery is shut down five years from now, do you still keep receiving your payments or are you out of luck? I'm guessing you would be out of luck. I believe the lottery funds itself. I don't think all the states involved will decide to pay you if the lottery folds. That's probably why most take the money and run. I would. I'm pretty sure that the lottery purchases an annuity from a 3rd party which guarantees payments for the term. I recall reading about this a few years back. the lump sum payment is roughly equal to the cost of the annuity. personally, we'd take the lump sum. after setting up the trust my wife and I would each designate at least 10% per year to our favorite charities. after that we'd set up my nephew for life with a trust. $ gifts to friends is next...paying off their debt, setting up their kids and so forth. we don't have kids or any debt so I guess we'd have a ball giving a lot of it away. with that much money we'd still have multiple boat loads to use for whatever we want.
rk911 01/10/16 10:37am Around the Campfire
RE: Great RV Couch....

Too bad it ships from Greece......$$$$ http://www.rvtravel.com/?q=blog/products-recreational-vehicles-new-sofa-converts-bunk-beds-few-seconds clicky
rk911 01/09/16 09:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Pilot/Flying J loyalty card...Again

same here. my guess is the website hasn't been updated since the merger. I still have our loyalty card and while it works for gas it doesn't work for anything purchased in the store. the RVPLus Card has a deeper per gallon discount anyway.
rk911 12/31/15 01:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: File Back Up System for long term storage

I'm wondering how you all back up your data on your computers. I currently use icloud and Google Drive as redundant cloud storage for pictures and videos...and... I recently lost some videos on the cloud, thankfully I managed to save them via iPhoto on my Mac. I'm now rethinking my back up strategy and adding optical disks back into the equation, basically, I will start burning a copy of my pictures and videos onto a DVD-R to have as a third back up...at least that's what I am considering now. Having a burn once disk with the pictures and videos means no accidental deletions (thought I was deleting from my device and not my iCloud...) That would give me three copies of my content... cloud...hard drive...and optical disk. Thanks! Jeremiah - I backup sensitive documents to CD once a month and rotate the discs into the safe deposit box - I have configured my PC into several different partitions including one for all data. that partition is backed up to a second internal hard drive on the PC and also to an external network hard drive nightly (incremental backup for 6-nights and then a full backup on night 7). this occurs automatically using Acronis Disk Image. - I also sync the data partition to our laptop daily so that all of the necessary data files are up-to-date on the laptop for our travels. this is done automatically using Allway Sync. - 4-times a year I backup the desktop and laptop PCs to a different external hard drive and keep that in the safe deposit box. that's my 'disaster' backup. - when we're on the road I backup the laptop to an external hard drive. I don't trust "the cloud".
rk911 12/28/15 07:26am Technology Corner
RE: Saw this today (fire)

3rd choice...opt for a different RV fridge (think Dometic) or insist on a residential style even if not offered as an option. any decent RV dealer can make that happen. we don't need more govt.
rk911 12/27/15 06:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Saw this today (fire)

so, what is your solution?
rk911 12/27/15 04:18pm Tech Issues
RE: USA Urban Stays Versus Canada

jeff, we've been doing the RV thing since 1986 and while we've experienced a few rowdy neighbors (alcohol + holiday weekends = moronic behavior in some) and a theft of a few minor items left out at our unattended campsite (also on a holiday weekend) we've never ever been in a position where we feared for our personal security. well, there was that bear warning in Yellowstone... ;o) seriously, the vast majority of the gun violence occurs in certain neighborhoods in our large-to-medium cities and the vast majority is committed by street/drug gangs against other street/drug gangs. innocents are sometimes caught in the middle but tragic as it may be it's not a common situation. when that does happen it makes the headlines for several days as the media will milk it for all it is worth. trust your inner voice to tell you if a situation or ONP spot is sketchy and just move on. and while there is no such thing as absolute safety if you stay out of the affected neighborhoods and don't involve yourselves in illegal activity such as buying or selling narcotics, trafficking in weapons, smuggling and so on you should have no issues whatsoever. as you wrote, the overwhelming majority of folks you'll meet will be good, decent, honest folks. we haven't had an occasion to cross the northern border in a long time but I imagine when asked what your intentions are simply tell them you're a tourist. enjoy your travels and be happy.
rk911 12/26/15 06:20pm RV Lifestyle
RE: GPS Navigation

Being led astray may not always be the maps. I have had my GPS units (various brands over the years) pick routes at times that just don't make sense. The correct roads are all there, but something in the programing leads it to pick a bad route. I had one GPS that would never program a route over the Pacheco Pass, Highway 152 in California. I live east of that pass and a lot of things I want to go to, like Monterey and Santa Cruz, are on the other side and the GPS always wanted me to go all the way North to Highway 580 and then come back down. Which ever side of the mountain pass I was on it would do that. And it would keep recalculating and trying to get me to go that way until I got onto the Pacheco Pass and then it would recalculate and tell me to go straight ahead and cut 100 miles off the route. Some friends and I ride quads up the mountains just below Yosemite. There is a forest service road we usually park out trailers at and start from there. At the start of this dirt road is a sign that reads, "You can't get to Yosemite this way, don't believe your GPS." Actually you could get to Yosemite that way, but only on a Quad or a good 4wd like a Jeep. One day we asked a guy that lived up there about that sign. He said one of the big car rental companies out of SFO had GPS's that would pick that route to get to Yosemite. So tourists from all over the world would get in their rental car and program in Yosemite and end up on this dirt road. And he said many of them would trust the GPS and keep going until they got stuck. He said he had used to his back hoe to pull out at least 10 and another neighbor had pulled out at least that many too. Not only do you have to make sure your maps are updated, you have to make sure the thing is picking you a good route too. this is a good point. we've been using a GPS device in one form or another for many years now and while rare there have been one or two occasions where the GPS lost it's mind and routed us thru the inner city or down a dead end road. the first time it happened taught me to always review the route before embarking on it.
rk911 12/19/15 07:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV.net

I don't use CL for all the crank calls. then don't include your phone number. require initial contact be made by e-mail that includes the buyer's phone number. that's how I do it on CL and I've never had a problem.
rk911 12/17/15 02:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: GPS Navigation

Led astray numerous times by our current GPS navigator. Replace every couple of years. Time for another. Cabela's has the Garmin nuvi 2557LMT for $129.99. The Garmin nuvi 65LM for 119.99. The Garmin 55LM for $89.99. Looked at the Garmin website and see numerous models (our current model is from a different manufacturer BTW). Which would you recommend and why? I'm curious as to how the GPS led you astray. if the maps aren't kept up to date then the possibility of errors increase. no different than using a 10-yr old paper road atlas. if that's your issue you may find that updating the map on your current GPS may be less expensive than buying a new platform. if you do buy new be sure to keep the maps up to date.
rk911 12/17/15 07:45am Class A Motorhomes
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