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RE: Dish Or Direct

all dish receivers are now (now meaning as of when we acquired DISH last fall) eligible for the pay-as-you-go plans. we have the VIP722k dvr/receiver and the Winegard Trav'ler automatic dish antenna on the roof.
rk911 06/29/16 07:34am Technology Corner
RE: New Laptop - How Much RAM do I need

Shopping for a new laptop and wondering how much RAM I really do need. The two current laptops we have(one Dell and one HP) both have 6G RAM. This seems a bit of an over kill as we do not do a lot of multi-tasking/lots of windows open nor any gaming. So is 4, 6 or 8 what we need? RAM is cheap so I recommend always maxing out the RAM in a new PC as I'd rather have more than I need than need more than I have.
rk911 06/29/16 07:09am Technology Corner
RE: MH wont start on chassis battery. Has 13V

I have a 2008 Country Coach Affinity. It will not start (not even try to crank) on the chassis battery. Everything lights up on the dash OK, it even shows 13V on the voltmeter. Turn the key and nothing. If I hit the battery boost (which combines chassis with house battery) then I can start it fine. I confirmed the batteries have 13V by disconnecting from shore power and putting voltmeter to the chassis battery. 13.05V. I checked the coach batteries (at this point they were running on the inverter) and they came in at 12.5V. I think I can rule out the batteries... but I dont understand what is so special about battery boost-- why would the engine start on that if it is not the battery? this is an automotive problem. how long had the chaddis battery been isolated before you took the reading? you need to wait 5-10 mins before taking the reading. also, check to see you have 12-volts at the solonoid switch and starter. sounds like a bad/loose connection and the boost is getting enough voltage to spin the starter. i'm betting on the starter connection.
rk911 06/28/16 09:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Keeping cool in 95 degree heat...

Hey good folks, I'm gonna be on the road with my wife, daughter and grandkids in 95 degree heat. The dash A/C just got fixed but if that's not enough do you folks turn on the generator and run the house A/C's while you're on the road? ~Thanks, John we don't wait till it gets that hot but, yes, we run the dash and genny for the roof air. if the air temp is above 80 when we break camp then we start 'er up as soon as we exit the park. otherwise I set the AC to 'on' but don't start the genny. that way when we do start the genny the AC will kick in without us having to stop to do that.
rk911 06/28/16 06:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: antenna TV question total newbie

...A full 90* swing does NOT bring in signals ....signals are very directional and moving antenna just a few degrees will get/loose signals... 30-years of traveling tell me different. we pretty much rely on satellite now so don't do much with the OTA antenna. but when we did I followed the advice I gave and generally had very good results. there were occasions, prior to the digital disaster, where I would have to tweak the antenna a few degrees to change it from a snowy picture to a less snowy picture but that didn't happen too often. digital is much more finicky (no snow, it's either there or it's not) but on the rare occasions we can't get satellite I follow the same advice I gave. diff'rent strokes.
rk911 06/27/16 08:06pm Technology Corner
RE: antenna TV question total newbie

I believe typical broadcast range is about 60 miles, from the transmitter. and that assumes flat terrain with no obstacles between the receiving and transmitting antennas. TV is line-of-sight so the higher the receiving antenna the greater the reception range. coax does have a useful life. constant exposure to UV will deteriorate the jacket. the single best thing one can do to improve reception on an older RV/TV antenna is to change the length of coax (RG-6 recommended) between the antenna and the rooftop connector.
rk911 06/27/16 03:13pm Technology Corner
RE: antenna TV question total newbie

You have to know which direction are the TV Transponder Towers, how far away they are and IF you can get the channels......... This will help you find that info......LINK Or this one........LINK Enter the CG information (address/zip code etc) Move pointer to your exact location for better info Then 'AIM' the front (HEAD) of antenna in direction indicated Then SCAN for channels if you're going to go to all that trouble remember that the broad side of the batwing antenna is where the signals are captured...not the ends. for example, if the transmitters are north of your location you would point the batwing so the arms point east and west. but, it's a lot faster and easier to either point your batwing antenna the same way as your neighbors in the CG OR orient the antenna wings north/south and scan for channels. then re-orient them east/west and re-scan to see which produces the better result.
rk911 06/27/16 12:51pm Technology Corner
RE: antenna TV question total newbie

After you rotate your antenna are you rescanning channels? good question. and is your neighbor getting his TV from a batwing or from satellite? if he's getting TV from a batwing that tells me that you can get more than one OTA (over the air) station. is your batwing power turned on? if yes try turning the batwing to the same position as your neighbor's and then rescan. you can get DISH Network satellite TV on a pay-as-you-go basis but you may find the receiver/antenna costs not worth the bother.
rk911 06/27/16 12:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Shore power and no DC lights - HELP

Some coaches have a switch near the door sometimes called a salesman's switch that turns off all 12 volt DC power. There is a relay that this switch controls and that relay may be bad, or the switch just needs to be thrown. On my Monaco it is a momentary switch and I have to hold it for a few seconds. this!
rk911 06/27/16 12:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: cruse control stop working

got a tiffen on a ford chasie ...cruse control stoped..working anybody got any ideas..why when that same thing happened on our 2000 Ford F53 chassis I found the connecting vacuum hose had come loose. reconnected it with a new clamp and all was well.
rk911 06/27/16 10:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Samsung Door Locks

New Bounder with the Samsung refer. Sure lots of cold beer storage.:D I am guessing that Fleetwood designed the Micky Mouse door lock for it. If they are not in the exact position by .001 inch they are going to scratch the finish or the grandkids will destroy them. Plus they don't stay in position, the slightest touch and they are unlocked. Ideas? Seen some kid locks that look promising. sure. our 3-door residential fridge came with heavy duty drawer/door push latches that securely keep the fridge doors closed. the first pic is the male side of the latch on the door. the next shows the female side of the latch installed on the frame of the fridge. the last pic is the packaging. http://bananaboatbytes.com/images/motorhome/latch1.jpg http://bananaboatbytes.com/images/motorhome/latch3.jpg http://bananaboatbytes.com/images/motorhome/latch4.jpg the freezer is secured with a swivel bar attached to the fridge frame between the fridge doors and freezer door. when traveling I rotate the bar so that it is perpendicular over the freezer door. when parked I rotate the bar so that it is parallel to the top of the freezer door. sorry, no photo of that.
rk911 06/26/16 11:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Gas challenged?

with two exceptions every Flying J we've been to in the past 30-years has had two separate and distinct RV lanes. They are off to the side of the "regular lanes". the other truckstops...Pilot, TA, Petro, Loves and tge rest...don't have separate RV lanes. that being said your total combined length can't be more than 35'. our combined length is close to 60' and we can still use the 'regular lanes'; we prefer the FJ RV lanes but we can use the auto lanes if need be. it takes some practice but you can easily do it. you'll block both pumps but that's just the way it is.
rk911 06/25/16 08:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Microsoft "Edge"

A couple of days ago I was reading an article on my laptop. A little window came up and said my default browser was being switched to Microsoft Edge. I don't know why this happened. Now, nothing works with my Norton program, such as "safe search." Apparently, this "Edge" is not compatible with Norton. I have tried going into "Programs" and changing my home page back to Yahoo but it will not allow me to do that. Any suggestions? Please write slowly as this tech stuff is a challenge to me.:) see if this article helps.
rk911 06/24/16 07:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Disable automatic updates for Windows 10 Home

I am also curious. Working in IT security for nearly 15 years I find it difficult to understand what the motivation is. I see not doing updates similar to not changing the oil on your rig for fear you may strip the oil pan threads. In 15 years managing many hundreds of servers and many tens of thousands of workstations I have only had to pull back 2 windows updates. One well over 10 years ago, we did a system restore point and was fixed in an hour, and another about 3 years ago and uninstalled the update and was up in about an hour as well. From my perspective I see it like regular maintenance on the rig, just like the oil change, caulking, regreasing the bearings etc. With the bonus that many updates don't just keep you safe from hackers, they fix things and even improve performance, it just makes sense to me. The only reason I can wrap my head around is bandwidth usage on a limited internet connection (non unlimited cell plan). For this scenario, the fix is simple, set the network to a Metered Connection and it will not do updates when connected to that connection, but will resume next time you are on a high speed unlimited or free connection. I guess to each his own. I'm not the OP but on all of our Windows platforms I have updates set to "notify me". this allows me to do an image backup of the OS partition and to review the updates before downloading and installing. been doin' it this way since forever. I'm disappointed that WinX Home forces updates and currently the only way to have any control is to turn off the update service. I did a web search and found this article that claims a 3rd party software will allow WinX users to regain control of updates and other privacy concerns. read the information as well as the comment section below it. I might also do another google search on the software itself to see if there are other comments. good luck.
rk911 06/24/16 12:26pm Technology Corner
RE: What are those called?

What are those amplifiers called in our RVs for the TVs. I'm looking for one with 3 inputs ( park cable, satellite, over the air antenna. Is an amplifier required or can it be just an " A B switch " ? I want a switch with 3 coax inputs: one for satellite with no amplifier .... another for park cable no amp. then a third input with amplification for OTA anyone know a source for something like this? do you mean a video switch?
rk911 06/22/16 08:43pm Technology Corner
RE: Question about Battery Drain

It's just a wire. It won't drain your battery. \ BUT, I would strongly recommend you add an inline fuse. Otherwise a short, possibly across the exposed end terminals, could start a fire. the OP should be able to get a 12-v inline fuse holder at home depot, lowes, etc.
rk911 06/22/16 07:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Question about Battery Drain

Thanks, I plan on adding an inline fuse. I Ordered one on Amazon and I'm told it will arrive between July 14th and August 1st. Coming by a very slow boat from China. In the meantime, I'll just attach it to the posts when I need to use it and unhook it when not in use. you should be able to get an inline fuse holder at home depot, lowes, etc.
rk911 06/22/16 07:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Sweltering

Magna shade X2 on magna shade.
rk911 06/22/16 11:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dum de dum dum Wanted Alive

Maybe there's a market for a wifi wall clock that could automatically update from your phone... Maybe just use a tablet (Ipad) with a simulated analog display... this thread got me to wondering if there's a wrist watch with auto time zone capability. turns out there is...but at a price. clicky
rk911 06/22/16 09:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Dum de dum dum Wanted Alive

The atomic clock feature will keep the time set accurate but will not change when entering a new time zone. That would require a GPS clock with a database installed to recognize the exact location of the time zone boundaries. I don't think such a clock exists. Very low demand for one. they exist but, as you point out, they are usually accompanied by a GPS device. the clock in our MH's "infotainment" center automatically adjusts to the time zone as does the clock in our 2010 Jeep Liberty. but both of those vehicles also have a built-in GPS system.
rk911 06/21/16 08:27am General RVing Issues
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