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RE: Okay How many RV'ers here use CB-Radio's?

As soon as I figure out where to mount an antenna without drilling a hole in the side of my Class C, I'll install a CB for an upcoming road trip. I just ordered a hood mount that I think will work well. I won't use the CB all the time, but am looking forward to having it for long freeway drives. Sooooo... got my antenna and CB hooked up for my long 2000 mile trip. Turned out to not be worth it, few truck drivers were talking at all, I asked for a radio check a few times just to be sure it was working since I so rarely heard anyone else. The one time I heard someone report an accident ahead, I already knew about it from Google Maps. Oh well, it was worth the experiment, but now I think I'll just keep the CB in a storage compartment along with a mag-mount antenna in case I ever get stranded where there's no cell service.
rlw999 10/19/20 11:54pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Chip a v10

I'm surprised at the people that want to take a reliable and near bulletproof engine (especially a 20 year old one!) and mod it to get a few percent more horsepower or gas mileage out of it without regard to how it will affect that reliability or engine lifetime.
rlw999 10/19/20 08:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Any experience with a gas fire pit?

MMM...ok so what is the rate of consumption?..but really is it that much? Regardless, bringing tanks of LPG is way better than wood... don't you think? just my opinion but it seems a better way. Depends on the size of the firepit (well, the size of the burner in the fire pit). This Outland Living model 823 fire pit is rated at 53,000BTU/hr, and a 5 gallon/20lb propane tank contains 430,000 BTU, so you could expect the tank to last for around 8 hours.
rlw999 10/18/20 12:17am Truck Campers
RE: Winter camping in Alberta

The average November low in Calgary is 18F (-7C), but temps below 0F/-17C are not unheard of. Highs will likely be above freezing which will help. That's some serious winter camping (at least to me in the USA Pacific Northwest, where I rarely camp in freezing temps), I'd start by searching for "cold weather" camping tips. Without knowing what RV you're renting and how it's prepped for winter, it's hard to give specific tips, but be prepared to burn a lot of propane to keep yourself warm (and keep your water from freezing) I'd find out exactly what "winter package" means and what you need to do to keep things from freezing. A winter package could mean extra insulation on the walls/windows, tanks and piping in heated spaces, heated waste/water tanks, snap on underskirts, etc. You'll need to know how to make sure that everything that should be heated is, which could mean turning on tank heaters, opening cabinet doors, etc. Don't assume that the winter package means the RV will just handle the weather without any action from you.
rlw999 10/17/20 08:30pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Tire Inflation - What RU Using

I use a "Slime 40026 2X Heavy Duty Direct Drive Tire Inflator" pump that I found on sale for $60. The power cord is short, but the hose is long (it takes a really heavy power cord to carry enough current for a 12V pump, that's why it comes with a long hose). I tried using a cheap cigarette lighter pump and ran into the same problem as you -- it could barely make it over 70psi, but I needed to get to 80psi. If you get a 12V pump, get one with battery clamps, not a cigarette lighter adapter, the cigarette lighter can't put out much current, so those pumps don't have a lot of power. If money is no object, ViAir has some great 12V pumps, but they are not cheap.
rlw999 10/16/20 11:12am Tech Issues
RE: no Can/US border opening for a long time

I understand Canada's policy, but I don't understand the USA's -- why does the USA allow Canadians to fly to the USA, but not drive across the border?
rlw999 10/16/20 12:27am Snowbirds
RE: Coachmen Santara, '94. 50 amps or 30 amps ?

I don't understand why you're asking - the end of his power cable should either have a 3 pin 30A plug (one round pin, two angled flat blades), or a 4 pin 50A plug (one round pin plus 3 parallel blades). That alone should tell you what service he needs. If he has a 30A plug but tells you he needs the receptacle to have a 50A breaker, don't do it since you're on the hook for any damage it causes. Let him put a 50A plug on his own power cable if he's sure he needs 50A.
rlw999 10/15/20 11:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Little button sized sensor on wall

It looks like it's a Coleman Mach 8330-5191 Room Sensor
rlw999 10/15/20 10:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Magnetek TU-775-2

Hi, i have a 1989 foretravel grand villa motorhome and my Magnetek TU-775-2 charger converter is failing and needs replaced, i found that this particular one was a bad model and would like to know what you would recommend as a replacement If it lasted 31 years and hasn't caused any problems until now, it doesn't sound so bad other than it being a single-stage charger.
rlw999 10/15/20 02:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Toy Hauler Toy Selection

If you don't already know what toy you want, then I'd second wopachops recommendation -- go with a pair of mountain bikes (electric or not). They are street legal for a quick jaunt to town (add rear baskets or even a bike trailer if you want to haul groceries back), or you can take them on trails.
rlw999 10/13/20 11:49am Toy Haulers
RE: motorized awnings

The first thing I planned to do when I bought my first (used) RV was replace the manual awning with an electric. My previous roll-up awning experience was with the old style where you had to get a person on each side to roll it up and down simultaneously, and sliding the slides up or down took some real muscle. But then I started to use this one (with the rollup strap that lets a single person set it up), and now I don't want the complexity of an electric one - it only takes a few minutes to set up or take down the awning. Though I haven't had the strap slip out of my hand while rolling it up yet - if that happens I may change my opinion ... :)
rlw999 10/13/20 11:46am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Quality of Forest River

Making image links that work here is not always easy, here's a clickable link to his picture (he posted two photos, but they are identical). picture
rlw999 10/10/20 08:58pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: How to tow travel trailer with 2 adults, 3 kids, and 2 dogs

This summer I camped next to a large family -- 5 kids (3 teenagers, 2 younger kids) plus mom and dad. They were driving some sprinter based class B, but they also towed a small travel trailer behind it. They said the motorhome was the "master bedroom" plus the sleeping area for the 2 younger kids, the older 3 slept back in the travel trailer. The trailer had a big rear hatch with outdoor kitchen, so they did all of their cooking back there. First time I've seen a motorhome towing a travel trailer, but it looked like a good setup for such a large family and they said that having 2 bathrooms/showers was a huge bonus.
rlw999 10/10/20 05:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Later and Later Check-in times

What was amazing, i'll say it again, is that about 2/3 of the park left at 4pm....was a traffic jam for about 30 mins in the park to get out. Never seen that before...but then, 2020 has not been "normal". That makes sense if they are local renters going out for the weekend -- when we go to a nearby park, we'll stay until the checkout time so we can get in one last hike, then come back, have lunch, then relax until it's time to unhook and go home. We usually dump the tanks first thing in the morning and unhook the water, then we just unhook power and go when we're ready to leave. Though the latest I've seen checkout around here is 3pm. Though sometimes we'll book Friday night through Sunday and then arrive early Saturday so we can get in and get set up before the normal checkin -- I'd rather drive early in the morning then leave after work on Friday and arrive after dark (which is coming too soon these days!).
rlw999 10/09/20 03:33pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: TOGO Power Generator 1000w

That generator is rated at 800W sustained output, so you'll probably find it most useful for charging your battery through the power converter/charger in your RV. It's not going to run a microwave or air conditioner, but could run a TV or other small electronics like a computer, though with that small engine and at that price point ($180), I'd be a little concerned about the power quality, so would probably just stick to using it to charge up the batteries. If you had an 80 amp charger for your house batteries it might not be able to keep up with that, but with only 1 battery, you probably don't. One thing to be aware of is that it's a 2 stroke, so burns oil+gas and will produce unpleasant exhaust that you'll probably not want very close to your RV (or your neighbors). Make sure you carry around some pre-mixed fuel for it, or at least carry a can of oil so you can mix it when you need it.
rlw999 10/08/20 05:54pm Tech Issues
RE: frustrated with booking

Maybe it's just me, but if I have problems making a reservation (like no callbacks, or a callback from someone that clearly doesn't know the park and can't answer basic questions), I take that as a poor reflection on their customer service and look for a different place to stay.
rlw999 10/08/20 12:39pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Atlanta to Grand Canyon with 10 days

I've done San Francisco to Seattle many times by car, it's around 800 miles which is less than half the distance you're looking at. By car we can do the trip in one long 14 hour day, but when we take the RV we always spread it out over 3 days since we drive slower in the RV, and it takes more effort. You're going to be really hard pressed to do this trip in less than 10 days and still be able to call it a relaxing "vacation", you're going to feel like a long distance driver for most of the trip. Plus in late Nov you have shorter days so it's going to be dark when you stop for the night, and you'll likely hit rain and maybe even some snow/ice if you're unlucky with bad weather. Unless you really enjoy driving long distances (like, really enjoy it, not just tolerate it), I would find a closer spot to visit, add more time to the trip, or fly out to the Grand Canyon.
rlw999 10/06/20 11:46am Roads and Routes
RE: WiFi

Campground WiFi is throttled so you can’t used it like you own it, it a convenience for travelers for basic connectivity, if you want real internet get your own service If only that were true, campground wifi might be better -- most parks allow you to use as much bandwidth as their connection allows, which means someone watching a 4K youtube video is going to suck up their whole internet connect - and you get a half dozen people all doing the same thing so everyone's competing with everyone else (often without even knowing it, like their computer will try to download a 2GB system update in the background) and the guy trying to read his email barely gets any bandwidth at all. I'd rather that they throttled everyone to 5mbit, maybe even 1mbit to try to preserve bandwidth for everyone. Plus many parks set all of their Wifi nodes to the same channel, even the backhauls for repeaters, so the radio noise further degrades the connections and then you start to get retransmissions as packets are dropped which consumes even more bandwidth. I wish more parks offered paid internet, I don't mind paying for bandwidth, I have a hotspot, but a well managed Wifi network is usually better (faster, lower latency) than a cellular connection.
rlw999 10/04/20 10:54am Technology Corner
RE: blackwater waste valve seal question

Thanks everyone for your help. As I'd hoped, it was obvious which way to orient the seals when I took the old one out - as everyone here said, it's the way shown in my first photo -- with that inner lip facing inwards toward the valve. This one was super easy and no mess at all, my blackwater tank has 2 valves, one near the tank, and this one by the drain outlet. I installed a blackwater tank flush system too, so after I flush out the tank well I'll swap out that other one which has become very hard to open. And I'll take @Horsedoc's advice and use my leveling blocks to angle the RV to keep residual liquid from dripping out. The one piece of advice I didn't follow here was replacing the bolts with stainless steel - the current bolts weren't very rusty and were easy to get off. After tightening the new screws, I did coat the nut end of the threads with some grease, though I'm not sure that's really going to make a difference after a few years and I need to do this again unless I remember to do it regularly.
rlw999 10/04/20 10:19am Beginning RVing
RE: Wanderlust

So, the idea is to remove the hubcaps. In looking at various online postings and videos it seems that many of these have two nuts that must be removed in order to pry off the hubcaps. These nuts are marked to make them identifiable. But, in looking at my hubcaps I see no nuts that are so marked. So,...do my hubcaps simply pry off, as they would on a car? Do they look like these? https://i.imgur.com/FC7PmwHl.jpg (photo taken from this post) I have hubcaps like this on my E-450 and they just pry off. The best tool I've bought for the RV is this hubcap removal tool - I used to struggle to pry off the hubcaps with a screwdriver then try to pound them back on with the palm of my hand and/or my foot. The tool has a rubber mallet built-in and it works with the prybar so you can pry against the tire without fear of damaging it or marking it up.
rlw999 10/02/20 06:05pm Class C Motorhomes
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