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RE: DOA Hard Drive

First time I've ever had a hard drive DOA. Was upgrading drives in my home server, as the drives were a bit old and wanted to increase space. Five years ago, said I'll never run out of space, LOL. Four 8TB raid 5 should be good for awhile! I wouldn't run RAID-5 with such a large array, at least not unless you have good backups or don't care if you lose the data. Large RAID-5 arrays take a long time (a day, or multiple days) to resilver after a disk loss, and if you lose another disk during the rebuild, you'll lose the entire array. Rebuilding itself stresses the disks making a multi-disk failure not uncommon. I run a 5 disk RAID-6 array at home, which means I can lose up to 2 disks without data loss, but when I upgrade it, large disks are so cheap that I'll probably just go with mirroring (which means much faster rebuilds)
rlw999 05/10/21 10:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Dealing with campground reservations

The bright side is that the current boom is giving campgrounds enough capital to pay for improvements and/or expansion which we'll all be able to take advantage in the coming years as the boom fades.
rlw999 05/06/21 09:57pm Roads and Routes
RE: Garmin RV GPS

I was all set to buy one to replace my older Garmin, right up until I read that traffic data comes from your phone. I really really don't want to link my phone to the Garmin. While my old garmin doesn't have lifetime maps, it does have traffic. I actually used it today when WAZE was advising me to get off the freeway, I pulled the Garmin out, and put it up. Garmin agreed, so alt route it was. My new 5th wheel is tall, legal max height tall! Do I need or want the RV GPS? I have a Garmin 780 and I do link it to my phone for traffic, but I've found that its traffic reports are not nearly as good as what I see in Google Maps. But I do like the routing and UI of the 780, especially for searching to see what services are at upcoming exits. So I use both my phone and the Garmin while driving, I primarily use the Garmin for navigation, but refer to my phone when it reports traffic or when I'm nearing a city and looking for the best way to avoid traffic. If I had to decide again whether or not to buy the Garmin even though I have navigation on my phone, I probably would - the other advantage of the Garmin is that it works anywhere, even when I have no cell service.
rlw999 05/05/21 01:25am Technology Corner
RE: Forest River 2021 Coachmen Encore - Cruise Control

Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your trouble but I doubt you can leverage any lemon law for cruise control. I think you could use lemon laws if your state doesn't exclude RV's: Because California's Lemon Law also covers defects that substantially impair the use of your car, in addition to those that impact the vehicle's safety or value, the cruise-control function of your car can make your car a lemon, too. If one of the big reasons why you chose the car you did was to use its cruise-control features, and then those features are defective, then your use of your car could be substantially impaired. This would especially be the case if you bought the car specifically to use the cruise-control on long trips that you take on a regular basis. I use cruise control extensively on long trips (I usually find a truck going my speed about 1/4 mile ahead, and set the cruise control to match his speed) and would definitely say that my use of the vehicle is "substantially impaired" if it's not working.
rlw999 05/04/21 08:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can I run my Onan while plugged into shore power?

Thanks. If I am starting it weekly to keep gas running through it, is it best to unplug it? Can I start it while plugged in then unplug it? Unless you have a particular concern about burning the gas in it, doing it every week is probably overkill. Exercising less frequently may make it less onerous to unplug or turn off the shore power each time. Onan themselves recommend a 4 week schedule: To prevent such problems, it is recommended to run gasoline generators at a minimum of 50 percent capacity (2000-watts, or one air conditioner for a 4000-watt set) for two hours once every four weeks. This is necessary to help keep moving parts lubricated, expel moisture and control fuel varnishing in the carburetor. A long two-hour exercise period is preferable to several short periods
rlw999 05/03/21 10:31pm Tech Issues
RE: checking exterior lights

The exterior lights on the trailer operate off of the truck, not the trailer batteries. You need to plug in the truck to verify correct operation. Do you have issues with burned out bulbs? What are you trying to check before a trip? Most RVs use LEDs and have for a great many years. A burned out LED bulb is rare. I have never had one fail even after years and years of use. I've had 1 LED side marker light fail completely (on a 5 year old RV) due to water incursion, and one cabover clearance light has dimmed to the point where it's almost not visible. It's the middle light in a light bar of 3, so I'm not sure what happened to it but I'm not planning on replacing it. Checking the lights is still important, even with LED's.
rlw999 05/01/21 01:56pm Tech Issues
RE: This should help with future GM EV tow vehicles.

if the blackout was a couple days or more, and you used your EV to power your house, what do you do when the EV is out of power? I usually keep a 5 gallon gas can around, but that type of thing might not work with an EV. I doubt I'd use my EV to power my house any more than I'd use my current car to do so. If the power and natural gas went out and I had to rely on a generator to power my house, 5 gallons of gas would give me around 5 hours of heat from my heat pump, I'd need much more fuel to get me through an extended blackout. Though I'm not sure why that's even a tradeoff... Even if you have an EV, you can still keep a 5 gallon can of gas to power a generator. Though if I were really worried about it, I'd probably get a 120 gallon Propane tank installed and use it to run a generator and maybe an auxiliary heat source like a gas fireplace in the house. That'd give around 80 hours of generator runtime (or longer if I don't need to run the heat pump) and propane doesn't degrade over time like gasoline. Or maybe just skip the generator and go with solar on the roof and a Tesla Powerwall to power the house. But in reality, since I park the RV near the house, if we had a blackout in severe weather, I'd just turn off the water and abandon the house and shelter in the RV assuming I couldn't just drive somewhere to get out of the power outage.
rlw999 04/29/21 11:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: This should help with future GM EV tow vehicles.

Can someone steal electricity from EV's like like people would steal gas from cars years ago? The new Hyundai Ionic 5 EV has an adapter you can plug into the charge port to let you draw power from the battery to power anything, including charging another EV. But I assume that you need to have the key on, or at least somehow enable the power output, so it probably can't be used to steal power.
rlw999 04/29/21 03:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: This should help with future GM EV tow vehicles.

Yeah, but how do you power your EV during a blackout? :) The same way you power your gasoline powered car in a blackout, you use what's left in the "tank" to either ride out the blackout or drive to where you can refuel. Few gas stations (at least around where I live) have backup generators. The difference being that I'll almost always have a near full charge in my EV since I'd charge every night, while my gas tank might only be 1/4 full since I only go to the gas station when it's closer to empty.
rlw999 04/29/21 03:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Mobile Router that will auto connect to Wi FI- RESOLVED

I am looking to install a mobile router that will auto connect to my wifi at home and that will auto connect to my hotspot or known wifi source when on the road. I want to set it up once and forget about it. I don't want to reset/reconnect the router at each destination. Do all models auto connect? Is there a model I should look for? I'm looking for a mobile router. Should I be looking for a different device? Realistically, you're almost always going to be better off with your hotspot than using the free campground Wifi since that free Wifi is almost always so oversubscribed that it's slower and less reliable than using a hotspot. (I've had much better luck with paid campground Wifi, but you need to sign on through a login screen, so it's harder to make it automatically connect). But even ignoring that, pretty much every campground has a Wifi password and/or guest login screen that you have to click through to gain access to the wifi, so you can't easily automate that. (unless you always go to the same campgrounds and your wifi repeater remembers all of the SSID's and passwords), assuming they rarely change the passwords). What I do, (which is probably more "high touch" than what you want) is use a small Wifi router in the RV that my devices connect to, since that has a static SSID/password, I never have to reconfigure anything else. Then I manually plug that either into my hotspot router or to a 5Ghz or 2Ghz Wifi repeater with a directional antenna that I can aim at the campground's Wifi source), and I manually set it to the SSID/Password of the campground. Only takes a minute or so to set it up. I believe this is pretty much what the Wineguard Connect does (which comes in a convenient roof mounted enclosure).
rlw999 04/29/21 03:09pm Technology Corner
RE: BT Cruiser with bed over cab

Greetings, The Gulfstream BT Cruiser 5210 is the perfect design for me, except I'm needing a bed over the cab as well. Do you know of any class C which would fit this description? Thanks in advance, You'll probably get better replies if you explain what it is about the BT Cruiser that makes it perfect for you. The short (22.5') length? No slides? The fact that there's no permanent bed? The layout of the rear bath? If you're ok with a slightly longer RV, the 6256 looks similar and is full class C with cab over bunk.
rlw999 04/27/21 06:56pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Okay How many RV'ers here use CB-Radio's?

2000-mile trip quiet? Late morning departure and driving over the weekend are almost a guarantee of hearing little the farther one gets from the US Northeast. I was on the West Coast (I-5 mostly) and did most of the driving from 8am-noon to avoid having to run the house A/C to stay cool in the 95+ heat. Did all the long drives on weekdays too. Saw plenty of trucks, but heard little chatter on the radio.
rlw999 04/27/21 02:15pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Forced out of your reservation

I think the park owner did the best he could to satisfy everyone. We don't know if the RV group was already on site, making canceling whoever got the site difficult. Well, they tried to satisfy everyone except for the guy that made (and paid for!) a confirmed reservation a few weeks ago. I'd be more understanding if they moved him to a new spot, and maybe gave him a discount for the inconvenience, but they outright canceled his already paid reservation without so much as a courtesy call. I wish he'd have given the RV park's name in his video, and I hope he gave then an honest review online so people know that a confirmed reservation at this park means nothing. I understand that sometimes the unexpected happens, but this was intentional. Once I arrived at a campground to be told that my site wasn't available because the person staying in my spot wasn't there, he just disappeared and left his Motorhome there. They said they could have it towed, but asked if I'd mind staying in the parking lot for a night, which I did. Glad I did, turned out that the guy had a family emergency and drove his toad home, he sent his son to pick up the RV the next day. They comp'ed my 3 day stay for the inconvenience (over my objection, the parking lot was actually a nice place to set up)
rlw999 04/27/21 01:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: sell home or not to sell

A 1031 exchange is applicable to investment property. A residence is not eligible. Moving out of the house gives him some flexibility to declare his current house an investment property, and if his next house is his retirement house, then deferring the capital gains tax can make sense even if the cap gains rate increases later. The rules are complicated and can be time consuming (especially for converting a rental property into a residence), but if you have a large chunk of equity in a house (in some areas of the country, having $2M of equity is not unheard of), and are already planning on being away for an extended period anyway, it may be worth it. In any case, if he has a lot of equity in the house, taking to a tax or financial advisor makes sense.
rlw999 04/25/21 12:43pm Full-time RVing
RE: sell home or not to sell

WE are in a situation where we are thinking about selling our home and buying a class A rv to travel for a few months before we purchase another home. We do not have a mortgage and are both retired with a steady income. We are not new to RVing, recently sold a class C. (we are not selling our home so we can travel, we want a smaller home)Need some advice from anyone that has done this. What to expect? What to plan for and if you regretted it. Thanks! If your current home has a high value and since you want to buy a new home, ask your tax advisor about doing a 1031 exchange and whether that will save you money (basically it lets you roll over capital gains from your current home into a new home without paying taxes on it). Since you get an automatic $500K (for a married couple) exemption on capital gains from selling a primary home (subject to some restrictions), the 1031 exchange may not matter if you're going to earn less than that on your current home. In any case, there are stringent time rules on a 1031 exchange - you need to find the replacement property within 45 days of selling and close within 180 days. Otherwise, I'd sell the house and travel and find your new home when you return. Even if it takes longer than expected to find the new home, at least you have the RV to stay in. It'll be easier to stage your vacant house to sell it and your agent will be there to keep an eye on it. And who knows - maybe you'll want to extend your travels and stay home free for another year... Or maybe you'll find a new place where you want to live.
rlw999 04/25/21 10:22am Full-time RVing
RE: TPMS Question

Check your tire specs for the maximum pressure. TST indicates it should be about a 25% increase. The maximum pressure on the sidewall is the maximum *cold* pressure, so it doesn't really help determine the max pressure for warm tires.
rlw999 04/23/21 10:05pm Technology Corner
RE: Recommendation on 2nd AC

The OP didn't ask whether or not to have a second AC. He asked for a recommendation for "something quiet with its own controls and thermostat". Yes, but sometimes the best answer to a question is "don't do it" or at least "are you sure you really want to do it?". It's valuable to hear alternate opinions about questions. Even if the OP is 100% certain that he needs it, someone else reading this may be on the fence about it.
rlw999 04/23/21 04:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: Recommendation on 2nd AC

The only time we use our second AC is to initially cool down the 5w after set up. The other use is to run the bedroom AC instead of the lower one in the evening so we can heat the tv. So, convenient, but not necessary Curious about your "heat the TV statement". What do you mean by that. First I have heard of that. Thanks! Typical LCD displays have problems operating in cold temperatures (below 30 - 40F is where you can start to see problems, though you probably wouldn't use an air conditioner to heat it -- even if it's a heat-pump/AC, those usually aren't very effective below 30-40F either. Though judging by the context, pennysmom09 most likely meant "heaR", not "heaT". Our only AC is near the TV, and with the AC on, the TV is pretty much unusable.
rlw999 04/23/21 03:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Opinion on knock-off batteries for laptop...?

The cheap third party batteries *can* be a good deal, but also they can be dangerous. If you don't go super cheap, they likely use the same name-brand cells (panasonic, sony, etc) that the laptop manufacturers use. However, the bad thing about cheap third party batteries is that you can't easily tell what thermal protection they have. Thermal runaway is what leads to battery fires, and even the major manufacturers sometimes have problems. https://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2015/10/28/counterfeit-battery-fakes-with-risks Thermal runaway problems are what's behind all the burning-computer videos we've all seen on YouTube. In the US, the CPSC (Consumer Protection Safety Commission) has logged more than 40 product recalls for lithium batteries in the last 12 years, from companies as prestigious as Acer, Apple, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, Nikon, Sony, and Toshiba, all based on reports of spontaneous meltdowns. You can be pretty sure that these companies have been building battery packs to the highest standards, with good designs, QC procedures and protective circuitry built in, yet they all suffered instances of batteries catching fire. If mainstream companies like Apple and Sony have had problems with Li-ion batteries, how much more likely is it that an internet counterfeiter selling dirt-cheap knockoffs would have them? And of course, forget about a recall notice; even if they cared, counterfeiters aren't about to call attention to their illegal activities by announcing problems with their products. So, buyer beware. Don't get the absolute cheapest battery you can find as there really is a quality difference between dirt-cheap third party batteries and the OEM batteries. I usually buy OEM batteries (directly from the manufacturer if possible, because there's also a problem with counterfeit batteries sold on resellers like Amazon).
rlw999 04/23/21 09:42am Technology Corner
RE: Starlink mobile satellite internet is coming this year

And how will that work in campgrounds/boondocking with heavy tree cover? I'd guess that it'll be just like satellite TV -- the campers that want reliable satellite internet will make compromises on site selection and where they camp to ensure they have a clear view of the sky and good internet. (though it's a little easier with satellite TV since the satellites are stationary, so you only need a clear view to the south(ish)). I'd bet that most RV'ers are not in that camp (no pun intended) where they are willing to choose a less ideal location to optimize internet, it's mostly the people that are trying to work full-time while on the road that also require fast, low latency internet. Cell based internet (which will become faster and hopefully cheaper as 5G rolls out) will suffice for most people that just want to check email and do some light web browsing. For me personally, there are only certain weeks when I'm on call and need to have reliable internet access, so that's the only time I need to make sure I have good internet.
rlw999 04/19/21 06:31pm Technology Corner
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