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RE: Towing with a 2022 Ford 150 3.5 EcoBoost

I can give you some real life experience with a 2020. Ours is rated for 12,500# with the 3.55 and the 20s, payload of about 1,750lbs. We towed our 5,500# Jayco X213 previously with a Chevrolet Avalanche with the 5.3L V8 rated for 8000lbs. While it moved it out nicely, the biggest issue I had was always a lack of power in the mountains and good pulls. The F-150 laughs at that. First trip was to northern Pennsylvania where it rolled up and down, left and right and one couldn't get a rolling start on anything in the backwoods. 45mph roads that were super curvy, and I'm glad we had the 10-speed tranny to handle it. Second big trip was to Montana in July/August. The biggest pass we went over was west of Helena and it capped out about 6,700ft. By the time I got to the top she was just getting warmed up - tranny read 217º while cruising solidly just under 50mph. It had plenty of power had I wanted to push it. Obviously not Colorado passes, I anxiously await those tests, but I was pleased it handled it as it did in the heat. For reference the prior year in Colorado our Avalanche pushed 245º on the tranny and struggled to maintain 45mph. Average mileage is 9.5-10mpg I would say. I've seen somebody say you either have Eco or you have Boost. My biggest gripe is the engine braking on the downhill. I'm an early manual downshifter, and it does not hold back well at all. But I've learned how to drive it accordingly. Overall I LOVE this truck. I'm not in the camp that says you need a 3/4 ton truck, especially not for this size load. Our next trailer will be in the 8,000lb range and I feel comfortable that it will handle it just fine.
rmnpcolorado 09/13/21 09:33pm Tow Vehicles
Jack it bike rack

Yes, I know bike racks etc are discussed regularly. But I’m looking at the Jack It bike rack that goes on the trailer tongue. We upgraded our TV last fall and finally got the trailer out of storage this weekend, so this was the first time the two were paired up. My concern was how level it would be out of the box, and it’s perfect! Which tells me that adding a little additional weight to the tongue won’t kill us. What are people’s experience with this rack? Specifically how solid are the bikes when installed? It seems solid when bikes are mounted, but what about going down the road at 60+mph? Are they wiggly? I’ve seen comments about the rear bike in particular being a little difficult to get loaded, is that a concern? I really like the idea of being able to see the bikes as we go down the road. I’ve read too many stories of people getting to their destination only to learn they lost their bike(s) off the back miles down the road and they didn’t know it. I do see the Jack It is on back order two months out, hopefully that doesn’t mean it’s discontinued
rmnpcolorado 04/19/21 09:46am Travel Trailers
Murphy bed pros/cons?

We looked at a Keystone Passport SL 221BH today just for S&G and it had the murphy bed design up front. Just curious as to people's thoughts that have or had them - how do/did you like it, how does/did it work for you, do/did you leave it down and not use the couch, etc. In this model it seems like it could be down and get the slide in, but we couldn't tell for sure, but that could be a factor as well. We're not the kind of family that stays in the trailer 24/7 and needs the couch to stare at a tv. In this particular model it seems like with the bed down it would restrict access to the rest of the trailer or at least make it tight, so in essence one would HAVE to put it up and down each day - not my idea of a good time. How does the mattress hold up? Can it be replaced by a foam mattress type or because it bends, that's not possible? Does it mess up one's bedding where that needs to be removed daily? Just trying to get an idea. Typically I've found that the murphy bed design keeps the trailer a touch shorter which I really like, but at what expense?
rmnpcolorado 03/27/21 09:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: New Ford 150s Save the Day in Texas

How big are the generators in those? Different sizes? There are a few different outputs available but roughly equivalent to the portable generators you see used by RVers. The up charge alone is more than a quality stand alone inverter generator. Not true - the 2Kw ProPower Onboard is a $995 option. That's right in line with similar size generators. And then you're not hauling around a separate generator and gas can, nor are you filling the tank every 8 hours. To me this will be a no-brainer option to add. I just wish we hadn't just bought a 2020. The 7.2kw I 'believe' you can order separately (I think it's a $2000Ish option?), but it's more geared to be part of the hybrid model.
rmnpcolorado 02/23/21 04:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Awful Awful Mattress

If you're looking to full out replace the 'pad', we went with wildernessrvmattress.com and have been very happy. Not to mention they will size it to whatever you need as they realize that sizes vary.
rmnpcolorado 02/21/21 09:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: F-150 best add on mirrors for this shape of mirror

Don’t let people tell you that aftermarket additions are mediocre because they’re not. The CIPA slide ons that we had on our Avalanche were great and vibration free-they didn’t move. I would highly recommend them over some of those other contraptions.
rmnpcolorado 02/04/21 07:13pm Towing
RE: https://www.recreation.gov/ -- Glacier NP Problems???

From Recreation.gov Alert: This location is closed. Affected reservations have been cancelled and refunds have been issued. Local managers are committed to the health and safety of recreational visitors and our staff. We are following the guidelines from our agency and the CDC regarding COVID-19, closely monitoring the situation and responding to current conditions. Please continue to monitor this page for status updates. I’m pretty sure this is still old information. St. Mary’s is not available most likely because the park service is still trying to determine whether that side of the park will be open in 2021. In 2020 it was not accessible due to the Indian reservation not allowing access. Fish Creek and Many Glacier sold out in minutes on the 28th when reservations opened (we were not one of the lucky ones). I would think Many Glacier would be under the same restrictions as St Mary’s though, so we were reluctant to try to get reservations up there for fear that they would be cancelled.
rmnpcolorado 02/03/21 10:46pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Big Horn Mountains (Sheridan/Buffalo WY)

Curious - is the Burgess RV Dump Station near Sibley Lake still in operation?
rmnpcolorado 01/10/21 08:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Pulling Travel Trailer in Colorado with Tahoe

I agree with Thom above. All these people saying it won’t be a problem, yeah, here’s some real world experience. We did this similar trek this past summer with our 2011 Avalanche (7,900lb tow rating) and 25’ Jayco - gross 5,500lbs. The Av was working pretty good. Pulling over Monarch Pass we were doing 35-40 max and transmission temps hit 245 near the top. Engine temps were up as well which is unusual for the Av. Vail Pass was similar coming from the west. The problem is timing to pass semis that are crawling. If you don’t time it right you risk having to slow until you can pull out and then you have no momentum. Thus ensues the chugging at 25. You’ll make it, but it will be slow. Right lane, hazards on.
rmnpcolorado 11/15/20 10:41am Tow Vehicles
New tow vehicle-releveling WDH

We just sold our TV and will be replacing it before next spring. But it got me to thinking-the next time we hook up our trailer and pull it out of the shed, we’ll have a different truck up front. I’ve never towed our trailer with a different truck and our wdh was set up at the dealer initially. Any tips to getting it level? I highly doubt it will sit the same out of the box.
rmnpcolorado 11/11/20 09:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: F-150 20” wheels

It would be easy to determine by going to a lot and looking, that the load rating of the 20" tires is higher than that of the 16"/17"/18" options. One would think that, but there’s a dealer I peruse that posts a picture of the labels and it’s not the case. There doesn’t seem to be much of a rhyme or reason as I tend to peruse the same type of trucks, all similarly equipped, all with the 7000#payload package as the window stickers say and they’re all different. 18s or 20s, who knows. I was talking to a dealer and had him snap a picture of the label. It came back as 1,651lbs with the 18s. It seems like 1,800 is common, but so is anything below.
rmnpcolorado 10/29/20 04:53pm Tow Vehicles
F-150 20” wheels

When I look at Ford’s towing guide for the 2018 F-150 SuperCrew 145” wheelbase 4WD with the 3.5L eco boost twin turbo and 3.55 gear ratio, there are three options: GCWR of 16,100# = 10,700 GCWR of 16,700# = 11,000 (Limited package only& max tow package) GCWR of 18,100# = 12,700 (requires 20” wheels & max tow package) A) is the GCWR figure available somewhere that I am not finding or is it a calculation that I need to do? B) is it really just by jumping to the 20” wheels adds a hypothetical 2,000# in tow capability? There has to be more to it than that. If not, how is that possible? No, I’m not anywhere close to that. 10,700# would handle our trailer just fine. But to me, additional cushion is always better.
rmnpcolorado 10/28/20 01:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM's Max Trailering Package

If you are towing in the mountains a lot and want to stick with a half ton, Ford's 3.5 ecoboost will be hard to beat. However, GMs's 6.2 liter v8 is a great motor as well but I would rather have the turbo. For what you are asking, the right half ton will do the job but you must be sure it has enough payload. Let me throw you a softball: WHY would you rather have the turbo over the 6.2 “pure grunt” as I’d call it? Just an honest question, I don’t think there’s a wrong answer and in no way am I knocking the 3.5L eco. Truth be told, our 5.3 in the Av had plenty of power this summer with our current load, it was more the tranny that I was watching the temps on. I owned a 5.3 Avy that I replaced with a 3.5 Ecoboost. Have you driven an Ecoboost? I replaced the Avy because I bought a bigger and heavier 26ft TT, after selling my 24ft Hybrid TT. The Avy just wasn't up for the job, through our Western mtn ranges. Plus the payload capacity was only 1357lbs. The towing difference is AMAZING! My F150 Ecoboost has 1828lbs of payload and WAY more power, especially in the mountains where it really shines. I have driven one, just a few weeks ago actually. It had plenty of get up and go, but granted that’s completely empty without any weight behind it. But I was impressed. Sounds like exactly the situation we’re in, except we’re ahead of the game knowing we’ll need more power before the bigger trailer. The Avalanche is a beautiful truck, but we just need more. Hence the reason I’m only looking at trucks with the max towing packages. Our Av has a higher payload than 1300lbs, it’s more towards 1800 I believe, but just not enough power for what we like to do. I think someone made the comment above on the diesel - if we were going to be an extended period it would make sense. But we’re vacationers, so two weeks probably max a year at elevation. I’ve gotten used to slow! We were stuck behind two VW buses going up Monarch Pass in a Colorado this summer doing maybe 25. I finally got around them and tootled along at 35-45!
rmnpcolorado 10/28/20 07:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM's Max Trailering Package

An advantage to a forced induction motor like the Ford eco boost, a majority of dusel motors, is the fo not lose HP at higher elevations like a natural aspirated motor like the GM V8,s, Ford's 305 etal. They lose 2-3% ofHP per 1000' above sea level you go. So at 10,000' like you are at highest points in Yellowstone as an example, that 6.2 is down some 30% hp, the turbo version is still cooking along at potential max HP. I took the same trailer, etc thru Yellowstone with a 454, 9 years latersame trailer, older teens about 1500 total lbs heavier with a GM 6.5 turbo with 50 less HP, it smoked the 454 going up the same 15% grades at 9-10,000' that the 454 could not do but in 1st gear ofits 3 so auto. The diesel with 5 gears, di it in third, or equal of 2nd with the auto. 10-15 mph faster. Having a turbo at elevation helps. Marty That’s perfect, thanks! I think I’ve heard that before, but that helped clarify it well.
rmnpcolorado 10/26/20 07:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM's Max Trailering Package

If you are towing in the mountains a lot and want to stick with a half ton, Ford's 3.5 ecoboost will be hard to beat. However, GMs's 6.2 liter v8 is a great motor as well but I would rather have the turbo. For what you are asking, the right half ton will do the job but you must be sure it has enough payload. Let me throw you a softball: WHY would you rather have the turbo over the 6.2 “pure grunt” as I’d call it? Just an honest question, I don’t think there’s a wrong answer and in no way am I knocking the 3.5L eco. Truth be told, our 5.3 in the Av had plenty of power this summer with our current load, it was more the tranny that I was watching the temps on. And just for those saying I should look at at 3/4 ton, I’m not asking about those and I don’t want one at this time. A 1/2 ton decked out the way id like (not Lariat, not LTZ/Denali) already pushes the upper eschelon of our budget. Your “not a lot more” IS a lot more. Do I hear you when you say it’s a better towing experience? Yes I do, and someday I’ll listen When I feel I have that need. Today is not that day, thanks.
rmnpcolorado 10/26/20 12:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM's Max Trailering Package

I would look to see what you want to tow first. Then match a truck to it. As was stated, if towing heavy, you want a bigger truck. If 9000 lbs is underwelming to you , any half ton truck will be also. Our current trailer clocks in at 5,500lbs gross. Our Avalanche has a 7,900lb rating. In Wisconsin it’s fine. In Colorado it’s a different story. The trailer we have our eye on is 28’, 7,600lbs GVWR. Hence the reason I call 9,000# underwhelming as that’s not enough cushion for me to feel comfortable. Give me the capability of 10,800 towing 7,600 and I’m doing better. Jump to the 6.2L and we’re talking 11,800# I believe. Having said that, I’m not in the “jump to a 3/4 ton truck” group for a few reasons: 1) Cost. I didn’t win the lottery. I don’t need Denali, but even the SLEs are expensive and out of our price range. 2) We’re weekend/vacation campers, not retired full-timers. We put ~10k miles on our truck annually, with about 40-45% of that towing. 3) I firmly believe if they put the max trailering/tow package on a 150/1500 and give it a 10k+ lb tow rating, it should be able to tow that. Not that I want to tow that much or even close, but I’d like to have some cushion. A standard 1500 does not provide me that.
rmnpcolorado 10/25/20 09:03pm Tow Vehicles
GM's Max Trailering Package

So I had a bead on a beautiful '17 Ford F-150 with the 3.5L V6 and the max tow package, but that truck has since been sold before we are ready to buy (need to sell our Avalanche first). I keep looking at GMC Sierras/Chevy Silverados but would prefer one that has the Max Trailering Package, and unlike Ford, those seem to be hard to find. But if I'm understanding the GM trucks, without the max trailering package they're rated to tow in the underwhelming 9,000# range? And with the MTP we're talking upper 10s/11s depending on the engine choice. Which, with our rig and potential upgrade down the road, I would like the additional capacity (payload of 1,800#+). It seems to me that GM's max trailering package is more substantial than Ford's, and from a power standpoint doesn't have to have twin turbos to provide the oomph. Problem is they're not nearly as prevalent as Fords. What's my question? Not sure, but am hoping someone can chime in on GM's max trailering package. I'm looking primarily at '17s/'18s, but maybe somebody could shed more light on the '19s/'20s as well?
rmnpcolorado 10/25/20 04:52pm Tow Vehicles
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