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RE: Watt Hrs vs Amp Hrs

amp-hours are voltage dependent watt-hours are not voltage dependent. That whole article could have been written around these 2 lines instead of overcomplicating it to confusion.
road-runner 03/23/21 10:55am Tech Issues
RE: Water Cooled 190-Ampere Alternator

Alternator running at double the voltage, same power in watts, has half the current flowing through it. Half the current leads to one-fourth heat produced by loss due to resistance in the internal coils. It's probably not that simplistic because the coil resistance would change, but even if it doubled, the heat generated would still be cut in half.
road-runner 03/16/21 10:15am Tech Issues
RE: Water Cooled 190-Ampere Alternator

Must be bad air flow if the alternator requires water cooling !It's for an Audi and they like to make things complicated just for the sake of it. I have one with a liquid cooled alternator and it doesn't look airflow restricted at all. Perhaps it's to get the cooling fan off the alternator to get a 0.01 mpg increase. Other examples of complication are my battery is under the driver seat, and the battery management module has to be reset with a proprietary scan tool when replacing the battery.
road-runner 03/15/21 09:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2000i Runs but no Power

Not sure if I'm reading the previous post correctly or not. The eu2000i uses a permanent magnet rotor. No brushes, no slip rings, no coil in the rotor.
road-runner 03/14/21 03:26pm Tech Issues
RE: DSI Fault

It may take 5 or 6 times igniting water heater before sufficient gas gets there. That's exactly how my Atwood water heater behaves. I almost always have to recycle the switch after the 3rd automatic try, and it's usually lit before having to recycle the switch a 2nd time. It does actually light on the 1st or 2nd try, but the flame isn't sensed and it shuts down. If I haven't used any propane at all for more than a couple of days, I always run the cooktop burners for a little bit first.
road-runner 03/10/21 09:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Crummy headlights - Can't see, need upgrade

If the truck uses 9004/9005 bulbs, IMHO the best update is to replace the 9004/9005 with 9011/9012 HIR bulbs.Maybe I'm the only one who had a disaster doing this in my lo-beam projector lights. The larger glass envelope of the HIR light placed the heat source a little closer to the plastic reflector, and melted a hole in the plastic reflector. I ended up shoehorning some generic HID reflector assemblies into the the headlight case and the end result came out ok, but was a lot of extra work I wasn't looking for.
road-runner 01/23/21 08:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Crummy headlights - Can't see, need upgrade

Generally for headlights the manufacturer uses a resistor in series with low beam filament, dropping the voltage and brightness for that function. Wow, sounds like poor design to me. I'm surprised they don't use a PWM circuit instead of having to get rid of all the heat from that resistor. There's no guaranteed airstream to cool the resistor as with old-school heater fan resistors.
road-runner 01/22/21 06:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Adding Heat Strips

Some A/C units have plastic parts in the area where the heat strip mounts that may melt.Dometic makes a kit for the OP's model. I would hope it doesn't melt things. Dometic heat strip for B57915 ducted system There's a different kit for non-ducted systems. Two points from my experience: 1) Don't expect a huge amount of heat. Doug posted the wattage earlier. A space heater can give just as much or more heat. 2) These things stink like heck on the first use of the season. Before you really need it, run it a few minutes with the windows open.
road-runner 01/19/21 10:31am Tech Issues
RE: Adding Heat Strips

If you add heat strips you must add wire and breaker to carry the extra load of the strips.I don't understand why. There should already be a 20 amp circuit going to the air conditioner.
road-runner 01/19/21 09:22am Tech Issues
RE: GFCI at shore power tripping

It is not that there is no problem, it is that the problem is no longer being detected. Finding the problem and correcting it will let the RV play well with the GFCI. It takes some serious diagnosing to find GFCI problems sometimes. 1. Turn off all breakers in the RV. If the problem goes away, it is one of the hot wires leaking to ground. Turn the breakers on one at a time to identify the wire, then trace it. If the problem persists with all breakers off, it is not a hot wire leaking to ground. 2. Disconnect all neutral wires in RV breaker box. If the problem goes away, one of the neutral wires is touching ground. Reconnect each neutral one at a time to identify the wire, then trace it. If the problem persists with all neutral wires disconnected, it is not a neutral touching ground. 3. If the problem persists after #1 and #2, the problem is either the outlet, or between the outlet and the breaker box. That means one of the adapters, the plug on the RV, the point where the RV power cord is connected to the RV, or the ATS (if you have one). It should go without saying, but I will say it anyway, UNPLUG THE RV BEFORE WORKING IN THE BREAKER BOX! With one or two lines added to provide context, I nominate this info as a sticky. The subject comes up often, and there's so much misinformation about it.
road-runner 12/23/20 11:11am Tech Issues
RE: GFCI outlet is popping when I plug in coach

The folks saying the fault has to be between the GFCI outlet and the breaker box are ignoring that the fault can be in the neutral/ground anywhere in the RV. ..... X2 on this entire post. If GFCIs didn't work in series, newer hair dryers and newer pressure washers would never work in newer houses. When a GFCI trips, there's either a true fault downstream of it, or the GFCI itself is bad, which does happen occasionally.
road-runner 11/01/20 06:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Trouble with my Honda 2000 genset

All you can do on your own is see if the problem could be caused by the wiring external to the inverter module, which will require a bit of disassembly. My first step would be to disconnect the AC output wires to eliminate the outlet, circuit breaker, damaged wires, and parallel connectors as causes. (See the wiring diagram in the owners manual). If that didn't work I'd open up and re-mate all of the connectors a couple of times on the chance that could clear up a flaky connection. If the failure is inside the inverter module there's nothing to be done other than replacing it or walking away from the generator.
road-runner 10/27/20 09:30am Tech Issues
RE: Honda eco throttle switch

I believe you have stated that throttle control works correctly except for the eco switch not raising the engine idle speed, suggesting that there's nothing wrong with the throttle motor or carb. With the inverter module being potted, any repair would be close to impossible. Certainly infeasible. I'd expect that the eco switch merely connects to pins on the computer chip inside the inverter module, as opposed to leading to some discrete component that could be replaced if it weren't for the potting. The good news is that it's high probability that the problem is in the switch, wiring, or a connector.
road-runner 09/20/20 03:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda EU generators, BLUETOOTH, FINALLY!

I didn’t see where he switched it in the app, only that it displays the state of the old-school rocker switch. Notice the cut in the video and that he just mentions it showing that it’s on. You and bobbo are correct, I was easily tricked by the cut in the video. In researching this I ran across something else as an aside which isn't cold, hard fact but kinda-sorta sounds to be true: - CO detector must be replaced in 10 years or generator won't run - If CO detector fails, generator won't run
road-runner 09/20/20 09:31am Tech Issues
RE: Honda EU generators, BLUETOOTH, FINALLY!

I wonder why they didn’t make the ECO switchable from the app.At 10:58 in the OP's video, eco is switched on from the app. (edit: this is incorrect, he switched eco manually and the app just reported the change). With being able to shut down the generator and change eco from the app, it does seem to me there are more things to break. For instance, a fault in the remote control system could make the generator inoperable.
road-runner 09/19/20 01:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Bad air quality--finally taped a house filter on the A/C

In the bad smoke areas the local advice is to get a furnace filter and tape it to a box fan. I've had several reports that they turn brown in a day, so they must be catching something. For the most part, stores are all sold out of the filters. If you're not in one of the high smoke areas you might not understand how bad it is. Outdoors has been a no-breathing-zone for about a week now. It feels to me like spending a day outside without a mask would kill me. An AQI reading over 200 is classified as "hazardous". Much of Oregon has been over 500 for several days, sometimes in the 700s.
road-runner 09/17/20 01:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Will honda 2000 start a 15k BTU air conditioner?

Running a RV AC with a small generator has the most misinformation of any RV topic on the net.I'll agree that it's on the short list, but not necessarily at the top. The "RV hot skin" issue gives it pretty tough competition for the #1 spot. And GFCI issues are pretty strong contenders, too.
road-runner 09/03/20 09:28am Tech Issues
RE: Will honda 2000 start a 15k BTU air conditioner?

The correct answer is maybe. Tempature, humidity and elevation play a roll. An AC that starts at sea level on a 75° day may not start on a mountain on an 80° day! I second this as the correct answer. When I did get the eu2000i to start my 15k air conditioner, all was good for a few minutes. Then as the head pressure of the air conditioner built up, the electrical load went above the eu2000i's 1600VA max continuous rating, which was not the case when I ran a 13.5k air conditioner with it. Based on this observation I don't even try any more.
road-runner 08/28/20 09:41am Tech Issues
RE: Honda generator question

I wonder what a 40A load would do ?I suspect it would kick both generators offline since the maximum output of both together is 33-1/3 amps.
road-runner 07/01/20 09:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Question: Truck Battery Bank for Shore Power

The cheater plug gets the 2,000w inverter working. I think you have a real safety hazard here. I don't know all the details and it's slightly complicated, so I could be making some wrong assumptions, one of which is that the inverter is in the truck. The result of the cheater plug working says that something goes wrong when the inverter's case is connected to the RV's grounding system. That leads me to three conclusions: (1) The RV's neutral and ground are bonded, not a good thing. (2) There's likely a shock hazard if the RV chassis and truck are touched at the same time. (3) The RV's skin might be "hot". I'm surprised that such a large inverter would use the hot neutral design described by Tom M. It does reduce manufacturing cost. If the statement in the owner's manual about the internal voltage being 145 is correct, it's likely not the hot neutral design, but there's no assurance that statement is correct. Another possibility is that the inverter is actively detecting a downstream ground-neutral fault as is done with GFCI devices. Bottom line: The cheater plug result shows that something is wrong with the RV's wiring. Running with the cheater plug might create a serious shock hazard.
road-runner 07/01/20 10:56am Tech Issues
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