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RE: Black Tank flush with valve closed

Yes, but it is also common for said people to get distracted. This results in a very messy flood in your rv.I got distracted like this once with different results: (1) The result wasn't messy because the tank had been flushed well first, and (2) It wasn't a flood because the overflow ran out the roof vent. It taught me to not let myself get distracted during this operation. (Some rigs have a sink or shower plumbed into the black tank, and they would have had a flood).
road-runner 09/17/19 01:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Predator 3500 - surge capability while in eco mode?

My Harbor Freight catalog shows the list price of the Predator 3500 as $799.99. At a minimum you should be able to use a 20% coupon to get it for $640. They have 25% off coupons for holidays, Labor Day being the most recent.Can't use the HF 20-25% coupons on their Predator generators. All stated clearly on each coupon---in very small print, of course--lol!I got out the magnifying glass, and you are absolutely correct. Now I have to find something to help get the foot out of my mouth!
road-runner 09/13/19 11:03am Tech Issues
RE: Predator 3500 - surge capability while in eco mode?

My Harbor Freight catalog shows the list price of the Predator 3500 as $799.99. At a minimum you should be able to use a 20% coupon to get it for $640. They have 25% off coupons for holidays, Labor Day being the most recent.
road-runner 09/12/19 10:37am Tech Issues
RE: Predator 3500 - surge capability while in eco mode?

It's all about the kinetic energy of the rotating mass, and the capability of the engine to add energy on short notice. Both are larger on the higher power generators.
road-runner 09/10/19 11:22pm Tech Issues
RE: NEC 2020 & Receptacles

Thank you for the info. This one particular article is easily open to being misinterpreted, IMO, unless read and interpreted very carefully. "The NEC updated the Code for outdoor outlets supplied by single-phase branch circuits rated 150 volts to ground or less, 50 amps or less. Key to this update: it extends beyond receptacle outlets to include all outlets. Now all hard-wired equipment falls under the Code’s purview." A quick read would let one think it doesn't apply to a 240 volt circuit. A non-electrical person would come to the same conclusion. Also, I believe most people think "receptacle" and "outlet" are the same thing. I did, until hitting the definitions section just now. I hope the price of the double-pole GFCI breakers comes down.
road-runner 09/10/19 10:31am Tech Issues
RE: Using Dryer's NEMA 14-30 outlet for RV shore power

Presumably the idea is to prevent excessive tripping of breakers or running the undersized circuit at the very edge of its capacity all the time or something similar (and maybe also to encourage the makers of equipment to provide appropriately sized power cords and plugs, rather than oversizing them for "convenience" or other reasons).An explanation that I heard was if you put a 50 amp outlet on a 30 amp circuit, somebody might come along later and somewhat logically swap the breaker to a 50 amp breaker, clueless that the wires are rated for only 30 amps. I've got a 15 amp breaker on a 50 amp circuit because the load (a pump) is cleanly under 15 amps and I want the breaker to trip if the pump starts drawing too much. It is, however, 50 amp wiring to the 50 amp outlet.
road-runner 09/08/19 02:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda 3000eu issue using a bonding plug

Another possibility, and I'm not saying I think this is the cause, is something I could see myself doing. That's using a stranded wire for making the bond, and having one wayward strand touching the hot terminal inside the plug housing. That strand would likely go up in smoke without shutting down the generator output.
road-runner 09/06/19 05:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Incandescent bulbs work, LED do NOT work

However ... quality LED bulbs do have circuitry driving them that doesn't care about the incomng 12 volt polarity. All of mine have this, so I incorrectly assumed it was a standard feature on all of them these days.
road-runner 09/04/19 06:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Minnie Winnie or Fuse/View?

It wasn't the fuel mileage that led me to the Navion (Sprinter chassis, made by Itasca/Winnebago) but the driving comfort - much more legroom in the Sprinter based units, no "doghouse" for the engine. The Sprinter units are also a foot narrower than the Ford ones, advantage or disadvantage depending on your preferences. The difference in fuel cost is pretty much negligible as "Jayco-noslide" pointed out.x2 on the driving comfort. On narrow roads I'm really glad to have the narrower body. Once parked, I'd of course rather have the extra interior space.
road-runner 08/27/19 11:56pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Small Class C - Mercedes Diesel vs. Chevy Gasoline?

I find it remarkable how "passenger foot well room" is so much of an issue that you would rule out the most capable, most affordable, most reliable, most serviceable, and most popular E350/E450 chassis in the RV industry.We all have our priorities, and the cab space and comfort was close to the top of the list for us. Additionally, with every Ford or Chevy based model with slide that we considered when we purchased, the slide blocked the driver seat from going back as far as I need it. In the Sprinter I'm about 6" from full rear travel. That seat travel issue has also eliminated a lot of cars when I've been car shopping.
road-runner 08/27/19 11:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: LP generators

Here's the factory spec sheet for the 3600 VA Onan: https://powersuite.cummins.com/sites/default/files/PS5/PS5Content/genset_specsheet/public/PDA-1399.pdf 60 Hz model: no load 0.4 gph, half load 0.6 gph, full load 0.7 gph.
road-runner 08/25/19 09:17am Tech Issues
RE: Champion generator

If you want to go cheap, go Champion. If you want to go reliable, quiet and dependable, and the best- pretty much forever- go Honda. Reliability does go a long way...As an eu2000i owner I have to say I have not heard or read any reports from Champion owners that give the slightest hint that they are any less reliable than the Hondas. Yes, I think the comparable Hondas have a couple of advantages, and it's just a choice if you want to pay for them or not. I also have a 700 watt no-name chinese generator that has been working great. It has maybe 50 hours on it, but even if goes belly-up tomorrow I feel like I've gotten the under $300 worth from it already.
road-runner 08/23/19 01:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Will GFCI work with items without equipment ground

Just imagine if your fridge or freezer was powered by a GFCI..... Not sure what the message is, but I also don't have to imagine. I have a fridge and freezer in the house, plus the RV fridge, all on GFCI circuits with zero trips in 10+ years. RV has been powered by 3 different generator make/models over that time.
road-runner 08/22/19 09:28am Tech Issues
RE: Electricity? Never touch the stuff

ME here... L1 and L2 are not on the same sine wave phase... 2 phases :)That statement should be good for another 5 pages on the thread! I'm worn out beating that horse, just going to watch this time.
road-runner 08/18/19 06:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Electricity? Never touch the stuff

You're totally right about the L1 and L2 labeling, and I have to admit for wiring the various 120/240 components you just have to make the right interconnections and not really know what's flowing in the wires. Where did phases come into the thread? I think it started with two comments that "it" is actually two 120 volt circuits. A risky oversimplification, IMO. Then post 19 asked an innocent question about connections and phases, which falls cleanly under the two 120 volt circuits umbrella. That's when the bottom fell out with a mix of correct and incorrect explanations related to phases. Looking from the other end of the EE spectrum, the low-level circuit end, I have a hard time viewing the 120/240 volt service as anything but phase relationships.
road-runner 08/18/19 03:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Electricity? Never touch the stuff

OMG... I wish people would stop referring to "phases" in reference to 120/240 volt circuits and services. You might have a tough time with this. For examples, I used google to search for "120/240 volt circuits and services", and 4 of the first 5 hits talked about phase. My similar thing is that I wish people would stop bringing up calories when I go for the cookies or chips.
road-runner 08/18/19 10:04am Tech Issues
RE: My favorite Generator

Man, I don't know where you been camping! If you think the Honda EU2000i is loud, apparently you haven't heard any other brands on the market run...Have you heard an ex650 running? Possibly not, because even if you're fairly close to one you might not hear it. I have an eu2000i, and compared to the ex650 it is indeed loud. It makes sense too. The two generators have about the same mass to absorb the sound and vibration, but the eu2000i has to run the engine hard enough to produce 3x the power.
road-runner 08/13/19 04:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Curb weight

Curb weight is significantly less than 11,030.The 11,030 number is the GVWR, not the curb weight. The sum of the curb weight, passengers, water, fuel, and any supplies is supposed to be under 11,030. Over 10 years of comparing notes with other Sprinter class C owners, I've not found a single one who has weighed their rig loaded for camping, and not being at least a couple hundred pounds over GVWR.
road-runner 08/08/19 10:50pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Sprinter Carrying Capacity

After comparing notes with other Sprinter class C owners, I think there might not be a single one that doesn't bust its GVWR when loaded up for a camping trip. The upside is that the sum of the GAWRs is greater than the GVWR, and it's unlikely that even a loaded up Sprinter will bust either of the GAWRs. This is opposite of what I've seen with a lot of Ford based rigs, where it's easy to stay under GVWR but difficult to stay under both GAWRs. With most Ford based specs sheets I've looked at, to carry the full GVWR "legally", all 4 corners have to be loaded to exactly the capacity of the tires.
road-runner 08/08/19 10:41pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: A/C on 116 volts?

The air conditioner's spec is 115 volts +/- 10%, or 103.5 to 126.5 volts. That's at the air conditioner when it's running. If the EMS shows 106 or more when the air conditioner is running you should be within spec. If the RV's wiring drops more than 2 volts between the EMS and air conditioner, that would be a different problem.
road-runner 08/08/19 07:07pm Tech Issues
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