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RE: Spare tire for Alaska trip ?

I question the safety of having a Spare Tire laying on the Roof?
robatthelake 05/22/15 12:32pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: ZEP with or without decals? Before or After?

I wish that I had taken a few photos,before during and after using the ZEP . Unfortunately I did not,but since I still have some of the Product I suppose that I could replicate the results for those who still think that it is the Cats Meow! I will not be doing so on My Rig or Boat However. So give Me some time to find something unimportant to ruin! To those who will tell You that preparation is the key to success ,They are quite Correct,but if You are going to go through the Hours of Prep time necessary to achieve a proper job ,why would You finish using a Product that was never intended to be used this way! Yes it does Put a shine back on the Faded Dull Surface,but it is only a temporary fix for a permanent problem! If You want a shiny paint job that will stand up to the elements ,have the unit painted with a good Clear Coat over the Base Colour!
robatthelake 05/21/15 04:16pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: ZEP with or without decals? Before or After?

Do Not use ZEP ! It was never intended to be applied to an RV! I used it and have absolutely Ruined Both My Motorhome and Ski Boat! It is absolutely the wrong stuff to use period!
robatthelake 05/21/15 11:40am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Backing up with toad

I used to back up the Old Tracker /Roadmaster 5000 ,sometimes twenty or so feet! In a straight line it's not that hard ,but if The Combination is at any kind of an angle forget it Haven't tried with the CRV / Demco Excalibur. Can't imagine it's any different though!
robatthelake 05/21/15 11:34am Dinghy Towing
RE: Between Los Mochis and Ixtapa - Which place you prefer

Lots of choices here! It will ultimately be up to You and will also depend upon Your Taste in locations ! All have their Pluses and negatives ! You will have no problem a with a 34 Foot Rig. ours is 38 and there are plenty down here that are much longer than that! The Larger Rigs do have a more difficult time getting into some of the Places mentioned,but since that doesn't apply to You don't worry over it!
robatthelake 05/20/15 10:20pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Do you maintain a place in Mexico?: Housekeeping online

We are RVers so the answer is No We don't! That said there are a couple of RV Parks that actually offer House keepers who will come in and clean on a weekly basis! We might consider this when We reach the stage that It is too hard to keep things up Ourselves! As in all things ,where there are strangers on board We would be concerned about Valuables being absconded !
robatthelake 05/20/15 08:05pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Between Los Mochis and Ixtapa - Which place you prefer

Come in from that direction You can take Your pick! Probably Laredo would work the best distance wise. We like Bocabeach Beach ,which is far enough away fro the Hustle and Bustle of the Larger Cities ,but within a comfortable Day Drive of Pv and Manzanillo with lots of smaller Towns even closer! The closest Small Town is La Manzanilla about 5 Km. another 14 gets You to Melaque and Bara de Navidad! There is a pretty good mix of Anglo and French in Our Campground. We all get along well but viva la difference if You get the meaning. At one time there were cliques,but most of the Older Grumps have either gotten Too Old to RV or Died leaving a generally hospitable group of People who are Happy to Welcome Newbys from wherever they may hail! Our place is called Boca Beach RV and Camping ! It is located at Boca de Iguanas on the Bay of Tenacatita!
robatthelake 05/19/15 01:59pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: battery operated leaf blower

The problem that a lot of folks have with the Rechargeable/ Cordless Tools is that they just don't use them enough to keep the Battery Pack in good condition. Those Ryobi Tool designers figured that out and came up with a workable solution to the problem! They have a whole range of Cordless Tools that share the same Battey Pack so the average Homeowner gets better utilization and actually conditions the Batteries better through use rather than letting them sit on a shelf . There are other makers who are offering similar Tool sets! None of them will totally replace their corded Cousins ,but it is quite amazing seeing them doing jobs that I would have thought impossible a few Years back!
robatthelake 05/19/15 09:54am Tech Issues
RE: Permit for Toad and RV - Owner

The really stupid thing in MHO about the Permits is the price! It cost the exact same amount for Both a Ten Year RV Permit and the 180 Day Car permit! The other oddity is the Security Deposit that applies to the Car ,but not to the RV! If I were in charge I would impose a higher Fee for the Ten Year Permit as well as a Deposit,which would act as an incentive to repatriate the Vehicle at the end of the term! The way it stands right now there is little residual value in an in Non motorized RV after 10 Years in Mexico so no real incentive to retrieve it! Those of Us driving Motorized RV,s should be required to remove the vehicle each Year or so! Since the TIP cost for All Motorized Vehicles is the same shouldn't the Expiry Date be the same for All and should there not be a Deposit system in place to guarantee that the vehicle leaves along with the owner?
robatthelake 05/18/15 03:59pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: US State Department issues warning

There's little difference between Scottish and German when it comes to humour. Neither that I have met gets the joke! They either have their Britches hiked up too high or aren't wearing any! Either way they seem to be a rather constipated race! LOL. This is Humour after all and may be better posted in another location on this forum!
robatthelake 05/18/15 01:49pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Down to Panama and back, TIP questions.

I am sorry but there is absolutely No link between the Temorary Import Permit For the Vehicle And/Or the Visitors Visa! We get Our TIP on line and delivered to Us here in Canada! We get Our Visas when We take a Day Trip across the Border at Andrade/ Los Algodones! Or San Luis depending on Our Day! When We cross into Mexico at Any Crossing We choose be it Nogales or Lukeville or Further East in Texas ,We already have Our Valid Documents to present if asked! We have not been asked in the last three Years. Furthermore When We turned in the Visitors Visa at the Aduana Office near Peidro Negras the Fellow on duty told Me that It wasn't necessary ,it has an expiry date so would end up in their trash. A few Days later We crossed into Mexico again this time at Boquillas and were issued another visitors permit ,this time at No Cost. We turned that one back in as well!
robatthelake 05/15/15 01:00pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Keyed in Sonoyta

You do need to be selective in who You choose to give handouts to.there are a couple of apparently Destitute appearing Women that I have observed that will snatch Your Purse and run faster than You can imagine! Sure there are Beggars who are down and out because they have lost their Jobs or family that truly do appreciate the few Pesos that I have given them ,but there are professionals working the streets particularly in the High Tourist locations!
robatthelake 05/15/15 12:25pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Down to Panama and back, TIP questions.

So just for Fun I tried using the Passport Number that I had prior to My current one. the Same Number that is clearly printed on the Temporary Import Permit for the Motorhome that is sitting in My Driveway here in Canada and has a valid Hologram! The answer ! no Records of any Vehicles in Mexico! So Your theory that it goes back 5 Years or less is certainly correct! I
robatthelake 05/13/15 07:57pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Insurance warning

As I stated! Choose whichever Broker that You want to work with.Then choose the coverage that provides the protection You feel will protect Your investment. Then decide which Repair Rate suits Your particular situation. Finally decide the Deductible that You are comfortable with! Pay Your Money and Hope that You never need to make a claim! I have heard Good and Bad things about Every Mexican Insurance Broker and Insurance Company. Most complaints were from people who did Not go in with the proper questions when purchasing their coverage! The Good reports were from People who either had No Accidents or those who Paid for and received fair treatment ,based on the Claim and the Overall payout,which was based on their policy. Like all things You get what You pay for!
robatthelake 05/13/15 07:41pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Installation costs of braking systems

My comment relates not so much to the choice of Tow Bar and Braking system ,but more to the weight ratio of The Tow Car to the Motorhome! I'm not seeing any reference to Your Rig and Honda is now on the fourth Series of CRV .the newer ones are pretty heavy! And may not be able to be put on a Tow Dolly! A lot more research is needed!
robatthelake 05/13/15 01:13am Dinghy Towing
RE: How's this for better tankless water heater use

We spent some time Down Under in Australia in 2000 ! We rented a Sprinter Based Camper Van that had an On Demand Propane fuelled Water Heater that worked very well,for Washing up and Showering! There was no shortage of Clean Hot Water ! I never could find out the manufacturer of that heater!
robatthelake 05/13/15 01:00am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Down to Panama and back, TIP questions.

So I followed Your Link to check for Myself what Vehicles Show up as having Temporary Import Permits! The Aduana reports that I do not have any vehicles in Mexico which is true ,however they also have No information about My Motorhome which has a Ten Year Permit which according to The Date shown on the Document doesn't expire until April 2020! We Sold Our Old Motorhome in 2010 here in BC ,I had attempted to turn in the Hologram which expires in 2016 ,unsuccessfully because I had misplaced the Original Document ,My Colour Photocopy was not acceptable and Yes I had the Vehicle At the Mexican Border ! The Young Woman at the Border told Me to toss the Hologram and Photo Copy in the nearest Basura! She ran My Passport through Her Computer Terminal and claimed that I had nothing registered! I attributed that situation on the fact that I had a new Passport with a different Number. It would appear that this is the situation once again. The PP Number clearly recorded on the TIP doesn't match My Current PP! So if You are a Canadian with a soon to expire 5 Year Passport it will be out of sync with the Mexican 10 Year TIP and chances are this will remain the case well into the future!
robatthelake 05/13/15 12:26am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Insurance warning

As far as I can determine ,all these Brokers have multi level rates which offer the option of paying a higher premium to qualify for Higher Labour Rates! It's all a bit of a shell game as the Actual Insurance Companies are the people determining the final rate charged ,not the Brokerage firm! If You request ,a bump up to cover the higher Shop Rate ,all the Brokers will be happy to sell You the more expensive coverage! That said Those same Agents always Claim to Have the Best rates and or the Best Coverage! They seldom even mention the options available to You! Nobody in Business would be dumb enough to advertise that They have the Most Expensive Rates! Unfortunately most of Us buy Insurance based on the Lowest price first, followed by the reputation of the Broker, when what We should be doing is asking whichever Broker to quote on whatever coverage We expect to receive , deductible We are willing to pay out Ourselves ,plus Maximum payout on the Vehicle should a claim be necessary! You get what You pay for when buying Insurance regardless of who You choose to Buy from ! Drive carefully and be prepared to shell out on the Deductible, and do proper research before signing on the bottom line!
robatthelake 05/12/15 11:46pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: New canadian snowbird planning to spend winters in Mexico

Yes I'm pretty sure that Your Auto Coplete function ,needs to be combined with Your personal SpellCheck abilities.Before posting! It happens to all of Us sometimes! Anyway We have been travelling to Mexico by road/ RV since 1999 so do have most of the information that You are asking for! Send Me a Private Message as any information that I post here gets picked apart by the naysayers on Mexican Travel!
robatthelake 05/12/15 11:23pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Backup proximity sensor system

I sure hope those soon to be released Autonomous Vehicles have better Sensors than the ones described in this thread!
robatthelake 05/06/15 11:15pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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