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RE: Break-away required???

One thing for sure there are a whole lot of Companies selling Auxiliary Braking Systems that Make Claims that There is some legal requirement that requires there being used, but when You question the Various States and Provinces ,No one is willing to back them up! Do They make sense...Yes ! If they actually work and are installed and set up correctly they just might stop You a bit quicker in a panic situation!We read about performance but are there any real comparison Test Results? Are they Legally required...Well actually Only if they are Certified as Approved for Use by the DOT! Just like those ... Driving Lights or... those HID Headlight Conversions that are available on E-Bay! The Scary Part is that the Tow Bars and Hitches that are out there are also, Not DOT approved! And don't get Me started on some of the Idiots that install these devices! I'm not Ralph Nader but there are a whole bunch of Poorly designed and improperly Installed Hitches,Base Plates and Tow Bars out there!
robatthelake 04/13/14 11:48pm Dinghy Towing
RE: RV Wine Glass Rack

We have some very nice and moderately expensive Wine Glasses that Seldom get used! They are wrapped in Bubble wrap in the back of a Cupboard! What We use may not be classy but are certainly functional and practical! The Red Cup in All the various configurations and sizes!
robatthelake 04/13/14 11:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: MPG getting worse on Motorhome

I have a theory! I am of the opinion that all the Fuel Gas and Diesel contains fewer BTU 's than it did Five Years ago! I got 10.5 MPG 5 Years ago now I'm getting 7.5 ! Same Long Trips Fewer MPG and there is No change in My driving Habits or Payload!
robatthelake 04/13/14 11:03pm Tech Issues
RE: now looking for insurance

I looked into this several Years ago! I was never able to find any Insurance Company that would cover Us either! There is an Old saying ...Something about Take Nothing to Mexico that You cant afford to Lose! The same goes for Buying Property there! Sorry I can't offer any encouragement.
robatthelake 04/13/14 10:57pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: aiming my shaw direct in florida

Lew You should be able to nail it by setting the tilt angle about 44.9 Degrees Skew 90 and the direction 229 true 233.9 mag Try that and let Me know! Or Walk the Park until You spot a Shaw Dish and chech the settings! The Skew may be out so keep it fairly loose to turn for the best numbers!
robatthelake 04/11/14 06:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Eye Glasses Algodones and Other Mex Border Towns

Thanks to all who have responded!
robatthelake 04/08/14 09:43pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Who were they?

We even saw an Older Fire Truck from Grande Prarie rushing to a Fire once in Mazatlan! It still had the Original GP Logos!
robatthelake 04/08/14 09:42pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Eye Glasses Algodones and Other Mex Border Towns

We have always shopped for New Specs at Algodones Optical! Great Quality and Fantastic Prices ! Does anyone know how the other Border Town Optical Shops are? Thinking South of Deming New Mexico???
robatthelake 04/04/14 10:46am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: expired memberships ????

The Only place that I have found that actually tracks your Membership Card is Costco ! We don't have SAMs Club in Canada so I can't comment on them! All these other Discount Membership cards are a Joke! Many if not All Auto Parts Stores , RV Parts Stores and even Mechanic Shops offer Anybody that walks in and asks a Discount! Anyone who doesn't ask is losing out! The same applies to Every Consumer Item of Merchandise and or Service including Meals in Restaurants! If You have Grey Hair ..Seniors Discount! If You have A pleasant Smile ..Welcome to Our Store .. Discount! If You arrive Early Discount! Arrive Late Discount! Just Ask! Discount! The problem is Somebody has convinced Most Every Retailer to Advertise in The Book! Here's how it works! I have been there first Hand! Salesman : Advertise with Us and offer Your Flood of New And Regular Customers a Discount! C G O But How will I make enough margin to be profitable? S. just Jack Your Rates UP by a Third.....Then offer A 10 Percent Discount! Now that strategy will actually work for quite awhile . Until everyone buys into the same program. At that point Either everyone is out of business ! Or The Market Share of those with the Most Clout gains control of the Entire Market ! Sounds like the same old story to Me!
robatthelake 04/04/14 08:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Push-to-Trip Manual Reset

Looks like a great Idea to Me. There may be a problem using it as a Switch .
robatthelake 04/04/14 07:56am Tech Issues
RE: Hey Atwood! How about a useful Fantastic Vent website?

Too bad that they had to sell out to a Company with a less Stirling Reputation for Customer Service! Such is Life and despite the shortcomings of Atwood I still feel that the Fantastic Vent is the Best in the Industry!
robatthelake 04/03/14 05:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Summer in Mexico

We are told that Lake Chapala is quite pleasant Year round! We are from BC Canada so You can guess where We spend Our Summers!
robatthelake 03/26/14 06:50pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: RVing in Central America

The Only comment that I can make about RV travel in Foreign Countries is to approach each Day as an Adventure! There is much to see and do and above all to learn about this Wonderful World and the People who inhabit it! Living in isolation with a closed mind is just plain wrong. Incidentally We have been in Mexico for almost Five Months this Winter and have met Only Happy Positive People so far! We don't speak the same language but for whatever reason We All get along fine!
robatthelake 03/26/14 09:39am RVing in Mexico and South America
Licence Plates

On another thread there is a discussion about carrying a current and original copy of the vehicle registration. I would also like to advise our members that it is a requirement that the Licence Plates normally attached Front and Rear in Provinces and States that issue two plates must not be altered while being driven in Mexico. I frequently observe , mostly Canadian Vehicles whose owners think that it is alright to remove the Proper plate and substitute a Copy . This practice stems from a fear that their Legal Plates will be removed and held by the Police in the event of a Parking violation. Yes this used to happen ...I had The misfortune to park in a No Estacionarse once myself. I got the Plate back when I paid the Fine of 67 Pesos! The problem with doing this switcheroo of The legal Plate leaves You with A couple of legal issues! First it is illegal to operate your vehicle without a valid plate even in Mexico. Second if Your vehicle is involved in an accident You may find Yourself with a serious problem proving ownership. This would be a problem if the vehicle is stolen as well although I doubt even the dumbest thief would drive around with the proper plate. Third You may invalidate your Insurance , so check with them to see what they have to say about swapping plates!
robatthelake 03/21/14 03:05am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Medoc Travel Insurance

Ouch and Ouch again! What does Good Sam travel Insurance have to say? You might ask Marcus about Your situation and get His opinion. In all likely hood You are going to have to head to Bc by Plane . You might be. Using up some of those Air Miles Eh!
robatthelake 03/18/14 09:23am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Brake Repair Job..Melaque

Thank you moisheh ! The Mechanic and the Machine Shop were fully aware of the thickness issue and would not reinstall them unless the Discs were within tolerance! This was a part of Our discussion during the initial inspection. Neither disc was badly scored although the right front one certainly wasn't smooth . In Canada the Rotors would have been tossed into the scrap bin,along with the Pads and anything else that the mechanic could find fault with. The days of repairing things is over NOB ! Now it is replace everything with a new or re manufactured part ,charge an extra 15% for Shop supplies that may include some Brake Clean Spray and a clean Shop Rag and turn the Fancy Work Order or Printout over to the Billing Department. Oh and keep that Customer out of the Shop! Here I was able to watch the entire process ! I didn't though because the Breakfast at Roosters was too good to pass up!
robatthelake 03/16/14 09:13am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Jeep theft Document problem, ATTN Canadians.

Any Autoplan Agency office in B.C. Can reproduce an Original registration Form for You that should be sufficient for proof of ownership! They can also send a Fax directly to whoever is handling the claim You can also contact ICBC directly ....They will be more than willing to back You in this matter!
robatthelake 03/16/14 08:46am RVing in Mexico and South America
Brake Repair Job..Melaque

Well I Needed to get the Brakes Serviced on Our Dear Old Tracker. I was told to try the El Cowboy across from the Pemex at the junction of 80 and 200! I am Happy to report that I got Wonderful Service and a great Repair Job ! I needed New Front Pads, a Replacement Caliper and Both Front Discs Turned! Yes they still do that in Mexico! They also pulled and inspected the Rear Brakes and of course adjusted them properly,Along with a cleaning and All New Fluid. My Total Cost was $1065 Pesos or about $85 Canadian! The Car was delivered back to Me Clean and Shiny! Thank You to Roberto Huarachara and His Family at El Cowboy, in Meaque.
robatthelake 03/13/14 09:32pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Low oil pressure / inconsitant oil pressure

On Our C-8.3 I too get the "low pressure" at Idle alarm from time to time after a steady drive at Highway Speed. i took it in to Cummins West in Bakersfield to have it checked . They attached a manual pressure guage to a port on the left side of the block ,just a few inches along and easily reached from the rear Engine Hatch. The prognosis was that the Engine Idle Speed was too low . The Mechanic increased the idle speed which cancelled the alarm. They stated that it was a common issue ,but wasn't a problem because the lmanual guage indicated that there was sufficient oil pressure. The minimum pressure is 750 PSI
robatthelake 03/13/14 09:03am Tech Issues
Motor Home Brake Failures

We don't have a problem on Our Rig ...Touch Wood! Several of Our acquaintances driving Gas Engined Units however have been having Overheated Brakes and difficulty stopping their Rigs, I am thinking that The main reason could be Too much weight and Not having a properly working Auxiliary braking system. Any other ideas? These have been relatively New Rigs!
robatthelake 03/12/14 08:52am Tech Issues
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