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RE: brake pads

While you are putting brakes on I would "strongly" suggest you replace the front brake lines also. On the Ford 1999 E450 super duty you have to buy OEM only but well worth the price. A known failure for this chassis as it ages. The 'brake lines will look perfectly fine' BUT they fail on the inside. The inside collapses. Been there did that. Replaced the brakes only, on the same make and model you have and coming off an interstate ramp and the brakes went out. :E Thought for sure I was going to die. Truck stop repair knew right away it was the brake lines. Just saying since you've got it apart I would replace the brake lines also.
rockhillmanor 07/06/19 06:05pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Graphics

Go to your local RV dealership. Either go to the service department and/or if they have a parts store. They will order what ever you need. Regardless of the age of RV. It is the only place I buy RV parts/supplies from now.
rockhillmanor 07/06/19 05:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Water Heater

I leave it off. Once you have experienced the thermostat malfunction, which they often do, and you come back to your RV and the whole wall of the RV is burning hot? You won't leave it on either. :B
rockhillmanor 07/06/19 05:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Uncle Frank gave me a 2006 32 ft Thor Wanderer

Hi everybody, I just retired and got this trailer. I can't find any specs on it and the florida registration just says 32 ft thor wanderer. No ID markings on outside or inside that i can find. I ran the VIN and that gave me squat. Its pretty solid and was kept up very well. Does anyone know anything about this old thor. Maybe an old brochure or something. Front queen bed no slides. Have no idea what it weights Im thinking ill rent a uhaul and take it to the scales so ill know what i need to tow it. Thanks, Tony Look on the wall inside the closet. They usually place the complete spec sheet for the RV there.
rockhillmanor 07/06/19 05:37pm Travel Trailers

After 60 yrs of camping and storing our RVs and never had a problem of mice or rats, today one week before leaving for 3 months we found mice had got into several drawers in the RV kitchen. What do you use to get rid of the little critters? I always used decon in my shop or garage in the past but cannot buy that any more. I fell this morning and cracked several ribs when I fell against the end of a table so I cannot crawl under the RV to see where they are coming in. Let me know ASAP This is really the only way to see where they are coming in. Do the check "at night". Turn all the lights on in rv from front to back. if you have openings the light will shine thru from them onto the ground if you stand back far enough you will see the light spots when standing since you can't crawl under. Get a neighborhood kid or one of your own family members crawl under and have them mark the spots the light is shining thru with a magic market so you can find them during the day. If you see the light shining thru the openings? With your injury I'd just pay a handyman or the local neighborhood kid to go under there with a can of Great Stuff and fill the openings. btw: Great Stuff has now added one called propest. Hope you feel better soon. :B Great Stuff has added a can called pro pest. Don't personally know if it really adds any additional protection but here is the spec sheet link. http://i68.tinypic.com/2iw4pyu.png height=250 http://msdssearch.dow.com/PublishedLiteratureDOWCOM/dh_0932/0901b80380932a9c.pdf?filepath=styrofoam/pdfs/noreg/179-15197.pdf&fromPage=GetDoc
rockhillmanor 06/22/19 05:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Clear As Glass Ice Cubes?

Boiling water only kills the bacteria. it won't eliminate the particulates in water. That is what clouds ice cubes, the more cloudy the cubes are the more junk is in your tap water! :B
rockhillmanor 05/22/19 05:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Water pump

After 6 months in Arizona, arrived home end of March in Canada. Drained and winterized after getting home. Today I filled the fresh water tank and turned on the pump to fill the hot water tank. Now the pump won’t shut off. I left it off for a hour so but when I turn it back on it still runs. No leaks anywhere. Any ideas ?It means something is open somewhere. Would help to know what type of RV as water inlets differ. Check your water inlet fill cap on tight and check the screen inside. Check valves can get worn out or just pushed out of position. Push it with your finger to reseat and try again.
rockhillmanor 05/22/19 05:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Southwind Class A Motorhome Pursuit

That was totally insane to escalate the chase. Like they thought they would lose her and not be able to find a 35 ft motor home ripped open on the highway? Seeing that dog jump out was real hard to watch though. They just showed on TV news a live shot of the dog that jumped walking around doing just fine with 2 casts one on the front and one on the back leg that are not impairing his movement at all. THAT dog is one lucky dog! :) Dogs were stolen also and their micro chip info is reuniting them with their owners. All seriousness aside I was proud to see that MH take such a huge punch and keep on going! :B
rockhillmanor 05/22/19 04:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Snowbirding in 2020

Not all cg's completely shut dowm
rockhillmanor 02/07/19 08:54am Snowbirds
RE: Snowbirding in 2020

Make some calls to CG's on your intended route. Many will be open with electric and sewer. They just shut off the water. So you CAN stay at cg's on the way down. They keep the water on in the bath houses to shower. I come down from Wisconsin and use the CGs
rockhillmanor 02/07/19 08:53am Snowbirds
RE: Mobile Home sales in RV park

Feel your pain. I have seen many of my city friends buy into what is called "seasonal" campsites. The land 'never' goes with the park model and yes you are held hostage by the land owners good ones and the bad ones. Albiet I have seen people use this arrangement for years without encountering problems. Sadly Your owners seems to be the worst of the worst. Can you get all the renters together to present the problems to the Owner? It might just be you have a real jerk Property Manager and the actual owner is not aware of the undue hardships put on the renters. Also I would seek legal advice on changes made to a contract that you have signed. Something sounds a bit fishy about that part that they can just 'change' your signed contract. Good luck. Don't just lay down on this! I'd definitely contact an attorney about all what was in the contract and the time you signed it and what parts 'they' are violating now.
rockhillmanor 01/28/19 06:54am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Murder at Florida CG

Well just when you think you have seen it all you read something like this. :R https://www.dailycommercial.com/news/20190125/dismembered-body-found-in-sumter-womans-trailer Here are 2 Florida destination CG's you might just want to take a second look at before reserving. August- Woman staying at RV Village On Lake Panasoffkee, Florida murders her boyfriend and dismembered him and kept him in her TT. Neighbors complained of a foul odor so she moved the TT to another CG. September- She then moves the TT to Wickham Park CG on the Space Coast. Where neighbors there also start to complain of a foul odor. December- Which at that point the police get involved and got a search warrant based on a well being check. During the search, officers found Mitchell’s dismembered body in the “advanced stages of decomposition,” the press release said, dismembered in the trailer. They determined he died in August so she was living with the remains in the RV for three months! January - A Sumter County woman is arrested and charged with murder after authorities found her missing boyfriend’s dismembered body in the couple’s travel trailer. Both of these CG's are destination CG's for RV'ers and Snowbirds. Here are the links for both CG's. https://www.lakepanrvvillage.com/amenities/ http://www.visitspacecoast.com/listings/wickham-park/-campgrounds/547/ And a police report link to Wickham Park CG police reports and during surveillance a notice of all the homeless/drugs in the tenting section situated right next to Class A parking section. And how many calls for the police there are at this CG. You might want to review this before you reserve at this CG. https://www.floridatoday.com/story/news/local/2018/07/31/wickham-park-campgrounds-sparking-police-reports-new-security-patrol/837507002/
rockhillmanor 01/28/19 06:25am General RVing Issues
RE: A drone while camping

I guess my first question to the op is. What thrill are you looking for taking videos of fellow campers?:? And second: Families RV/camp to get away from the hustle and noise of the city and to relax. Please, sit in your lounge chair alongside your RV with your family and tell us what 'you' would think of drones buzzing over your head everyday of your vacation...and get back to us.
rockhillmanor 01/26/19 10:49am Technology Corner
RE: Wild wreck

Unlike the TT's of the past, I'll just add that some of these newer TT's sit VERY high off the ground. I wouldn't doubt that with a lot of speed and a stationary RV, a car would easily go under
rockhillmanor 01/24/19 09:49am General RVing Issues
RE: can I seperate the 12 volt from the 110 system?

Just remember that your air cond/heat and refrigerator has to have 12 volts to run the thermostats. If no 12v or even low 12v, the fridge 'will' come on with shore power but when it hits the temp set and shuts off, it will NOT be able to turn back on without 12v running to it. Same with air cond/heat. Been there done that. :( Did you shut off all the breakers to converter and turn them back on? I found many times it will trip a breaker but not all the way. Visually at a glance you can't see it. And then check the volts on the converter. You could also just have a cooked battery.
rockhillmanor 01/21/19 07:21am Tech Issues
RE: 2000 class C E350 V10 Ford

Thanks again for all the info. Today is nice weather and we are going to try a few things. Will see how we come out. Thank goodness for the forum. You learn more here then anywhere and prepare yourself for the mechanic that you might not know. Bad fuel pumps is very common on these year MH's. Sadly The fuel pump is IN the gas tank. In my case I would loose power after it got warm. 20 different places went for the fuel filter which was actually a computer part. Had it replaced and same problem :R I finally took it to a Ford Truck Dealership. First of all, all they had to do was open the hood and hooked up a gauge which tells the whole story about your fuel pump. So BEFORE you go off on it being the fuel pump. Have a very simple test done first. :W I stated earlier if it will not start "check the solenoids" it really is the only thing that prevents starting. And no it doesn't click like the old days, it simply will not start. See my earlier post. There are SEVERAL solenoids on these beasts. And it is a VERY common problem. Have someone check the volts on each solenoid as you turn the key. That will find which one is not working. ALL of them have to work to start the engine. The one they found that was bad on mine was on the passenger side fender wall. A cheap and easy fix! RV mobile guy knew right away what the problem was just by my phone call because they see it all the time. Really IMHO I'd call the closest CG near you and ask them who they use for RV Mobile Repair and call him and have him come out to where you are. He came out and took 5 minutes to check all the solenoids, 5 minutes to replace the bad one! All while it's parked in your driveway! It will be the best phone call you've ever made for your RV! :C
rockhillmanor 01/21/19 07:14am Class C Motorhomes
RE: It snowed yesterday

Just what vehicles of yours are more important than putting the dually Chevy Truck in the warm garage?!! :B Maybe he didn't want to insult the poor girl by saying she was too wide across the back end to fit in the garage. That's a fair question. All was well until our son returned home after a divorce and has been with us for the last 4 years now. He has a good job, but he has to leave the house about 6:30 am. So, we rotate vehicles in the garage, depending upon who leaves first in the morning. It's not an issue in the Summer, but in winter, no one wants to clean off windshields with a foot of snow on them at 6:30 in the morning when it's 15 degrees outside. So, when the photo was taken, our Colarado and my son's car were in the garage, ....... You are a very kind and caring father you are! Your son is lucky to have you! :C
rockhillmanor 01/18/19 07:06am General RVing Issues
RE: It snowed yesterday

.....My poor truck freezing in the cold. Two other vehicles are currently in the garage, no space: https://i.imgur.com/eFltUFO.jpg "Oh baby it's cold out there!" Just what vehicles of yours are more important than putting the dually Chevy Truck in the warm garage?!! :B
rockhillmanor 01/14/19 07:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Leveling with half of a Lynx block??

Stop adding the wood. I've been rv'ing all over and show in a sport that is always on ground of all types including sand. I just use the blocks and if you drive 'slowly' up on them and 'on spot' they don't move. Run at them and they will move! the picture I posted for an example was the honey comb type. I immediately found out when crossing into Florida with all the sand that that type of blocks just shattered into pieces when used on ground. I switched to the solid ones and no problem. Key is placing them pyramid style. Which gives you the gradual lift for the tire to climb up on. I also will scratch the ground if there is a lot of sand with a simple hand held garden tool with tines, then place the blocks in the indentation.
rockhillmanor 01/14/19 07:37am Tech Issues
RE: 2000 class C E350 V10 Ford

Common problem is the solenoid. And no it won't click when you try to start it. It just won't start. Been there done that. There are 4 or 5 solenoids on it. Hope its not the one on the starter unlike in the old days because now it is an assembly and you have to buy a whole new starter. The one that seems to be the one to go out is located on the inside right front fender. RV mobile repair guys know right where to look ir's such a common problem. Easy fix, cheap part. All you have to do is have someone check each solenoid while you sit inside turning the key. That will tell you which one is not working.
rockhillmanor 01/12/19 07:21pm Class C Motorhomes
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