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RE: Dewinterizing 2018 Leprechaun

Oh, when filling the hot water tank, open a hot water faucet either continually until the air stops coming and a solid stream of water flows or stand by it and open it every few seconds until you get a steady stream of water
routeforty 05/31/21 04:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Dewinterizing 2018 Leprechaun

Just guessing that maybe your bypass valves are not in the proper position. Don't know what the 4th valve is for, but the valves to the water inlet and outlet need to be open and the bypass valve needs to be shut. Imagine the capital letter "H" the valves on each side (the vertical sides)need to be open and the line joining the 2 sides(the bypass valve) needs to be shut. Just the opposite for winterizing. Happened to me a couple times with the exact symptoms you described, when valves were in the proper position-problem solved. Gary
routeforty 05/31/21 04:06pm Tech Issues
RE: post disappeared??

A few suggestion, click your member name in any post, and select 'View posts'. Or click 'My Forums' and select 'My Posts' link.I did, just didn't see it. So I guess before I pointed a finger at someone I realized that the other three were pointed back at me. DW says she doesn't think I'm as sharp as I used to be and I always argued with her, but now??? No, not going down that road. Glad it was just me that missed it.
routeforty 05/06/21 10:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Water Heater not lighting

Success!! (thought my post had disappeared) Had to replace the circuit board. Really wish it would have been one of the cheap fixes. Watched a youtube video that said start with the cheap things and work your way up. Would have been awesome if it would have been a corroded grounding screw. But anyway it's fixed. Thanks for the advice. Gary
routeforty 05/05/21 07:30pm Tech Issues
RE: post disappeared??

:o :o Wow! that's double embarrassing. I thought I posted it in general rving. When I didn't see it there I did a search for my posts, which I didn't see it there either. Good thing I didn't slam the moderaters for that. I would have really had some apologizing to do. Thanks for catching that!!
routeforty 05/05/21 07:26pm General RVing Issues
post disappeared??

Don't know what happened to my post concerning my hot water heater that wouldn't light. The last post was by larrycad suggesting that I check the grounding screw, which I did. Perhaps someone after him posted something offensive-don't know, haven't checked until now. But anyway, thanks for the suggestions, I checked all of them to no avail. Picked up a new circuit board-that was the problem(wished it would have been a cheaper fix, but it wasn't). Everything working ok now. Thanks again, Gary
routeforty 05/05/21 06:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water Heater not lighting

Batteries are full(but rv is on shore power)- all the connections are tight and clean-I've checked and rechecked them. :h :h
routeforty 05/04/21 03:53pm Tech Issues
Water Heater not lighting

I have an Atwood DSI water heater(gas only, no pilot) model G6A-8E. Not lighting. When I turn it on, the default light below the switch comes on, then there is one click and it goes out for a few seconds then comes back on-this happens for each click. The igniter used to click several times rapidly to light the gas but this does not happen now. It worked perfectly a couple weeks ago, but then it stopped. I checked the fuses, cleaned all terminals, put it back together and it worked. But only tried it one time. Last week at a CG turned it on and nothing. Replaced the igniter, but same results. Checked the fuses-they're ok. Smell gas. Can these be lit manually? Thought about replacing the board, but hate to spend a couple hundred bucks and that not be the problem. Any ideas???
routeforty 05/04/21 12:54pm Tech Issues
RE: CG in Central FL With Golf Cart Access to Stores

Blueberry Hill RV resort in Bushnell Fl. right beside Walmart. Close to I75 though. Never been there but have been in the Walmart and Wendy's at the exit and noticed it. Looks like there're packed in pretty tight and not much shade, but that's been about 4-5 years ago.
routeforty 02/22/21 08:53am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Have to wonder how this will effect the EV aficionados

Ohio has already started on extra charges. $100 extra for license plates for hybrid cars and $200 for electric vehicles. The plates for my Camry hybrid cost more than my dually, class c and other car-combined. :M :M I'm confused. Why are you angry at being asked to provide a small percentage of your share to keep the roads up?If you go back and read my post more carefully you will see that my beef is this-My Camry hybrid(NOT EV) gets the same mileage as my friends Camry(NON HYBRID) yet I pay $100 more for my registration than they do. We had a Prius for a while(until a deer totaled the car), with the great mileage that we got I had no problem with the extra fee. If I owned an EV I would have no problem with the fee as I would be using no gasoline, therefore no fuel tax-for road maintenance. I know it's only a hundred bucks, which is nothing to me, it's the principle of it.
routeforty 02/08/21 09:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Have to wonder how this will effect the EV aficionados

Ohio has already started on extra charges. $100 extra for license plates for hybrid cars and $200 for electric vehicles. The plates for my Camry hybrid cost more than my dually, class c and other car-combined. :M :M Be it good or bad, both IMHO At least here in Wa St, EV and log rigs do not pay fuel tax on fuels used to go down the road. So those folks do not pay into funds for repairs. ASSUMING that is how your jurisdiction like mine gets road repair maintenance funds. The extra being paid to register your EV, should and would be expected by me any how, so I'm contributing my share to said projects. I realize some may not agree with this, reality is, we all need to pay for this in some way shape or form. The big question becomes how! MartyMarty, yes that is how Ohio works also, fuel tax pays for road upkeep. Ohio, under the guise that hybrid vehicles use less fuel therefore pay less for the road use than nonhybrid models, this difference must be made up. Theoretically, this is correct, in most cases, but does not take into consideration the mileages on all vehicles-sort of a blanket 'fix'. My Camry hybrid(not an EV) gets 34 mpg; according to my research online and comparing several friends Camrys, their non hybrids are getting the same mpg as my hybrid. Yet I pay $100 more yearly for my registration. This would be easier to swallow if there were several mpg difference. But, as long as I have the vehicle I just pay it while shaking my head, and look at the bright side. I believe Ohio's plates cost much less than most states-about $35 a yr plus $100 hybrid fee, my motorhome is only about $40. We also have no personal property tax on vehicles. So the logical part of me says just shutup and be thankful you're not paying what most other states are paying. But it still irks me a little. Gary
routeforty 02/07/21 03:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Have to wonder how this will effect the EV aficionados

Ohio has already started on extra charges. $100 extra for license plates for hybrid cars and $200 for electric vehicles. The plates for my Camry hybrid cost more than my dually, class c and other car-combined. :M :M
routeforty 02/07/21 11:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Anybody still tow with an old GM?

05 duramax, just turned over 100k miles. Bought new to pull a 5th wheel-which I never bought. Looks like a new one. I think it was in light snow one time several years ago. People ask me all the time if I want to sell it. Thought about it, but it's long ago paid for, and to replace it is big bucks(plus no def) So it sits in the driveway. I start it and drive it a few miles every couple weeks.
routeforty 01/26/21 01:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wall mount electric heater

When we had our trailer I bought a ceramic heater and fastened it to the wall by the bed. It looked like a piece of floor tile, about 16"x16", about 3/8" thick. Took the chill out of the BR area. Had always considered buying a couple more to put throughout the trailer, but gave the trailer to daughter. The heater got hot-you could put your hand on it and not get burned-but it was a little uncomfortable. I bet 2 or three of these throughout the camper would make the area comfortable on chilly nights, but you probably couldn't heat it if it were in the 20-30s area. No fan or moving parts, just looks like a piece of floor tile.
routeforty 01/14/21 09:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Chevy Spark

Bought it yesterday-2021, manual trans. Had to drive about 400mi to get it. In Ohio the only ones I could find were black or dark gray(manual transmission). Found one in the DC area(toasted marshmallow color, 5 sp manual, can flat tow). Drove nice on way home. Decent car, not much room inside, but for what we want it for it will work. Get base plate on sometime before spring. Haven't decided it I want to tackle it or just have someone put it on for me. After retirement I've decided to pay others to do what I used to tackle fearlessly,
routeforty 01/03/21 01:00pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Chevy Spark

The Spark is a fun little car at low speeds, but ultimately it's cramped and under-powered, especially in the torque department (94 ft-lbs at 4400 RPM). You might find it dangerously underpowered at high-elevations. Is new a requirement? Have you ever seen a Ford C-Max? It's one of my favorite toads. Crossover-ish seating position, 40+ MPG, good handling, reasonable power, and with the Energi model; 15 miles of all-electric range. Towing it 4-down is simple. No special programming or wiring needed (other than rear lights). It even has double tail-light lenses, so one can be converted to dedicated tow-vehicle-powered lights without diodes. Getting one coming off a 2-year lease will cost less than a new Spark.yes, rather have new. Don't really care about lots of power. Probably the only time we will use it is to go from a CG to run errands or local touring. Since we're in the east we probably won't see too much high elevation(did that last year and the high altitude was not kind to us} so I think this will probably work. Had a chevy sprint(3cyl) years ago, when you turned on the AC it was like the car downshifted, so lots of power isn't too important to me.
routeforty 01/01/21 05:44pm Dinghy Towing
Chevy Spark

Anyone on here flat towing a Chevy Spark? Looking at a 2021 manual transmission. Looked at Jeeps yesterday-really overkill for what we will use it for, most of the time it will be sitting in the garage waiting to take a trip. Decided $35-40k was more than I wanted to spend to not use it. Can buy 3 sparks for that. Just want something to run around in while on the road. Gary
routeforty 01/01/21 10:51am Dinghy Towing
RE: Newfoundland

YES!! Had planned it for late spring this year, and kept anxiously watching each month for a border open announcement, but :( :( . So I guess it's on the agenda for next year. Hopefully this **** will be behind us then.
routeforty 12/17/20 10:29am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Remembrances of vacuum tube days

We had a TV but, I was happy sitting in my room listening to WLS Chicago, AM radio. I did watch the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and boxing matches. They were the good old days.Ah, yes. WLS-Dick Biondi, Larry Lujack, John "records Landecker, and then WCFL with "super lips" Barney Pip, WABC with Cousin Brucie, The DJs were almost as entertaining as the music
routeforty 12/11/20 10:28am Technology Corner
RE: A pretty nutty motorhome

If someone asks you what rving is all about show them this picture and say that's it in a nut shell.
routeforty 12/11/20 10:16am Class A Motorhomes
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