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RE: What can I do with/expect from a generator?

If all you want to do is charge the batteries, I use a Ryobi propane generator it is only 900 watts, but for the way we camp it works great. I did buy a 12 foot hose so I could hook it up to the TC propane tanks. Sold at home depot. what kind of batteries do you have and how long do you run the generator to keep them charged? if i buy a generator we might as well also be able to run the microwave and recharge our devices. i think the main goal would be to extend boondocking, and recharge batteries if we go winter camping and run the furnace overnight. and the microwave here and there.
rvshrinker 06/23/19 12:11pm Beginning RVing
RE: What can I do with/expect from a generator?

That's an interesting link, over my head a lot of it... I have left our rig plugged into a 110 socket for months at a time. It runs the fridge and LED lights and in the winter the furnace on subfreezing nights, maybe 20 nights per year. Battery panel always says fully charged but I've never tried to look in closer detail. I've also never, gulp, checked the water level. Have had rig almost two years. I'll try to figure that out today. We are building a true 30 and 50 amp hookup this summer.
rvshrinker 06/23/19 11:24am Beginning RVing
What can I do with/expect from a generator?

We have boondocked four days easily without, but for skiing this winter and possibly up to one week of boondocking... Saw a used Honda 3000ec available for $750. What will that do for us? How long do I need to run something like that the charge our batteries up? I have two 6v batteries.
rvshrinker 06/23/19 09:18am Beginning RVing
RE: One night running the heater and blower

How do you run the microwave and outlets without shore power? What is an inverter?
rvshrinker 05/24/19 11:15pm Beginning RVing
RE: One night running the heater and blower

50 degrees is shirt sleeve weather. We boondocked 3 nights last September in the mountains and ran the furnace for 30 minutes every morning when we first woke up. Had 2/3 battery life left on 4th day. Nights in the 40s. But we come from tent camping.
rvshrinker 05/23/19 12:13am Beginning RVing
RE: Building a carport - size?

The place I am working with can do higher than 12 foot legs but it substantially increases the costs, because anything taller requires different engineering and two legs in each position. Right now a 24x30 carport in 12 gauge steel with 29 gauge roof is around $4600 installed (built and bolted to concrete pad). As long as there is room to bring the trailer in ~ 1 ft from the leg - which I need anyway so as not to cut it too close when backing in - it should fit. I remeasured my trailer. It is 26’ from end of the tire to front of the nose. The hitch is another 3’. So 30’ covers the tire and covers the hitch and still leaves me another foot of room. What do you think? Am I going to regret this? We aren’t going bigger! Our next camper will be a truck camper if anything. When the kids go off to school this will be too big for us and we’ll downsize if anything. Full timing is not in our future, not for 20+ years LOL. The problem is anything longer than 30 feet really starts to cut into my backyard, and becomes visible in a way I don’t want with the landscaping plan we have. In some vague possible future I guess I’d rather have a couple feet of RV sticking out the back end of the carport than living with the whole shebang visible from my back porch and pool area every day for the next 20 years.
rvshrinker 05/20/19 01:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dodge/Ram HD truck specs 2003-2019

One ton and done.
rvshrinker 05/09/19 08:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: What brands of Travel Trailers are NEW & Quality

super happy with outdoors rv, almost two years with no problems. we researched for four years before pulling the trigger, wanted something durable and we were willing to pay more for it.
rvshrinker 05/08/19 11:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Moving up to a Ram 2500.. but have some weight questions..

right but once you compare apples to apples there is a very small price differential going from 2500 to 3500 RAM.
rvshrinker 05/05/19 11:22pm Beginning RVing
RE: Moving up to a Ram 2500.. but have some weight questions..

Use 23% of a fifth wheel's GVWR to estimate loaded pin weight. If you have a family and are planning on a fifth wheel and carrying everyone in a crew cab, forget any 3/4-ton truck and go straight for a 1-ton SRW minimum. There are lots of folks out there who are members of the "Two-Timers' Club" - those who didn't buy enough truck the first time around and had to eat the depreciation and upgrade. Rob X2 to this! Sure the HD 2500 will pull the 5er, and likely be under rear axle rating. The thing is you are adding the front and rear axle ratings, with a 5er you typically only add a few pounds to the front axle, what you look at is the rear axle rating. In addition you are making some pretty tight numbers to get a 2500 to work for you. You describe the difference in Payload between 2500 and 3500 SRW as " The 3500 SRW increases payload but not much more." Well GVWR difference is 2,300# and you will gain most of that in Payload. I would consider that a lot more. You have a family of five, at least three of those members will gain weight over the next several years, have you accounted for that? Unless you buy a 2019 Ram 2500, you only have get a 3.42 differential, with a 3500 SRW you can get a 3.42, or 3.73. I think 4.10 is DRW only before 2019. Then if you chose to get a larger 5er! I am not a Weight Cop, I towed a 12,500# 5er with a 2001 Ram 2500, by axle rating did fine. What ate at me was I was 1,700# over the trucks GVWR. If not at fault, a hungry lawyer might drag me into civil court for being at least a percentage at fault for being over weight. Now days I have 1,300# of spare payload!!! Exactly, which is why I went with a 3500 RAM and no regrets. i wanted all the towing goodies and all the extra payload “just in case.” What if I want to switch to a truck camper in a few years? Or a bigger trailer? Going to a 3500 doesn’t cost that much more; the ride is just fine to me. I get the air level suspension, engine brake, tow/haul mode, tow mirrors, integrated trailer brake, etc. Worth it.
rvshrinker 05/05/19 09:41pm Beginning RVing
RE: Trailer dolly: trailervalet, parkit360, etc

That would be terrific. Most of the reviews seem good. If installed correctly it seems like it works well. How big is your trailer?
rvshrinker 05/01/19 01:52pm Travel Trailers
Trailer dolly: trailervalet, parkit360, etc

Need a dolly to maneuver TT into new carport I'm building. I want to pull it in frontways, but not have the truck in front of it. Completely flat concrete. Been looking at the above models and others. Trailer is just under 10,000 pounds wet but it would be far below that nearly all the time. Any experience our thoughts?
rvshrinker 05/01/19 08:05am Travel Trailers
RE: 24 to 29 Foot TT...Does Size Matter That Much?

More room is nice but so is fitting in that last 26’ spot. We found that many NP campgrounds have stated trailer length limits of 27’ so we got a 27’ trailer. We have 4 in a bunk model, 26’ actually, from end of spare to hitch is 29’ but end of spare to trailer front is 26’ and to me that is 26’). It’s great. For two of us we would have gotten a shorter model.
rvshrinker 04/30/19 04:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: Anderson WD hitches

I’ve never had anything else but my current setup and I have way more truck (2017 RAM 3500 Cummins) than travel trailer (9500 pounds wet) so I probably didn’t even need one. It’s been fine, I have the easiest driving experience. But that could have been true even without a WDH since my trailer is tiny compared to the monster pulling it.
rvshrinker 04/25/19 09:05am Towing
RE: Has anyone else panicked after they bought a trailer?

I did experience some anxiety early on. Before the first couple of trips I would feel anxious about hooking up the trailer correctly, driving safely, setting up at the campground. Compared to tent camping I had spent a lot of money on a truck and trailer and had bought two new machines which needed maintenance, space to park, and time. But after a few trips I stopped feeling this way. I'm very fast now setting up and the driving is a piece of cake, plus I really enjoy driving my new truck. I started thinking of the trailer as our mobile second home and compared to a cabin in the woods it was a fraction of the cost and much more flexible and easier to maintain. My family loves RVing and my wife will actually go camping year-round, and for up to ten days, whereas before she kind of dreaded tent camping for more than 2 nights ( our record was nine nights). We also use the trailer as a guest room and the kids have slumber parties in it, so we are really used to handling the trailer now. Spend as much time as possible with the trailer, go out on a bunch of short trips soon, and you'll soon be a pro.
rvshrinker 04/25/19 07:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Building a carport - size?

So maybe 24w, 14h (legs), and 32l? the pad will be longer than this to provide maneuvering room for the dolly and of course a driveway. it will have gutters, overhead lights and an outdoor switch, and the concrete pad will have sewer, water, 30 amp electricity. and i am considering outting in a 300 gallon propane tank to provide heat for my unit as a guest room, haven’t decided for sure yet. anything else yuo can think I’d need?
rvshrinker 04/24/19 08:09am Travel Trailers
Building a carport - size?

After much planning we are getting ready to do a landscape project which will involve a concrete pad for truck and trailer and a carport. How wide and tall will this need to be given the following parameters: - standard trailer width 8.5 ft - truck is just under 7 feet wide - I want to park the truck and trailer next to each other. When I need to use the trailer (as a guest room), we will move the truck and open the slide - we have mild weather so this will be just an overhead cover to protect from UV and pouring rain. I don’t winterize and we run a heater in the trailer when the weather gets cold. I was thinking 20 feet wide, and 12 foot legs, but to park the trailer on one side of the carport and still have clearance with the support braces, maybe I need 13-14’ legs - I’ll check with the manufacturer on that. Maybe 30-32 feet long (TT is 29’ plus the hitch, so maybe 32’). I don’t see us ever getting anything bigger. I’ll be using a trailer dolly to move the trailer in and out so I should have pretty good control of the movements, but I don’t need this to be a white knuckle experience every time. (I was going to do a heated garage but can’t justify the costs and permanence of it).
rvshrinker 04/24/19 12:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Canadian Rockies summer 2020

I have lots of day hiking ideas for you! But first, a question -- what is an ideal day hike for you? For us, we find that ten miles (round trip) with 3000 feet of elevation gain is about our practical limit -- 8 miles and 2000 feet is about perfect -- six miles and a thousand feet is a short day. Also, what kind of an RV do you have? That will influence where you can camp. And do you have a toad or a tow vehicle? A good 4WD vehicle will make it easier to get to some of the trailheads. We have a 4x4 3500 RAM and pull a 28’ TT. Would like to try to avoid setting up and taking down repeatedly. If that means seeing more of just a couple parks and doing more day trips and staying parked in one spot, so be it. We can get going early for a day hike, but if we have to breakdown camp my we’re lucky to be on the road by 10. you all have had some great ideas but it seems like a 3 month trip, not a 2-3 weeker! I need the real highlights and some kind of drivable loop on a map that lets me parse out details such as campgrounds and day hikes from there.
rvshrinker 04/22/19 01:53pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Annual clean/wax/seal

The instruction manual speaks of fiberglass, not sure if that's just the roof or sides as well. Outdoors RV 2018 MY. They confirmed to use Dicor for the roof seams as needed but looks pretty good to me. A few spots on the sides are a little thin and for that they said to use geocel/proflex if that helps.
rvshrinker 04/22/19 10:14am Beginning RVing
RE: Annual clean/wax/seal

So many options, I'm overwhelmed. Why are some of you saying not to wax the roof? What about Meguiars flagship marine wax?
rvshrinker 04/22/19 08:12am Beginning RVing
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