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RE: Auto slider or manual

Instead of a slider why not one of those " orbitol " pin boxes that rotate at the rear instead of the kingpin. My buddy uses one on a short bed Ford .
sayoung 01/18/20 07:51pm Towing
RE: New truck batteries

I have batteries from Autuzone that were 3 yrs old back in Dec. which replaced the OEM delcos in my 2012 Chevy. My bat's on the 2 diesels I have owned never give any signs of going south. Good one start then DEAD. Only reason Autozone was it was Sunday and only parts place in our small town with (2) correct size .
sayoung 01/16/20 04:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: RV Insurance

I have found for us, bundling with all of our auto, homeowners, farm policy, & umbrella liability State Farm here in Texas not any higher than any other insurers. Service when needed has been good also. Why I stay with SF. Remember each state has different rates & rules.
sayoung 01/15/20 06:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Double Towing Length Laws

LOL, well that might work. It might. It also might work for turning a summary traffic citation into a Felony if you run into Buford T Justice LOL. https://i.imgur.com/pY548f0l.jpg " You sounded taller on the radio "
sayoung 01/14/20 02:25pm Towing
RE: Mexico Medical

If you have Medicare they will pay a large portion of the cost. If you want to go there from Colorado I would consider the cost of traveling, staying there, incidentals for the several days of post-op and then go back a week later for followup. That's my plan. I'm waiting 2 more years for Medicare. Plus if they screw up here maybe you can sue the doctor, if you don't do the surgery in Texas. In Texas the doctor pretty much has to intentionally maim or kill you to be able to sue for malpractice. Just a FYI, the really smart lawyers here in Tx file suit against the Dr in Fed court I have been told. I had cataracts removed 1 1/2 years ago & Medicare paid 80 % of most of the bill . MC will not pay any of the extra cost of a Toric lens to correct astigmatism which I needed in the worst way for the left eye. I will say was worth the extra $ . Your eyes are SOoooo important why not use the most reputable eye surgeon in your area instead of taking the risk of discount doc. It's like when I was in business, three things in a deal. Price, quality, & service. If you want it cheap then which of the other two are you willing to give up ?
sayoung 01/11/20 09:54am General RVing Issues
RE: RV Skylight Shade Above Shower

When we had the new roof sprayed on had the old skylight replaced with one that is dark on the outside lens. Made a big difference last summer in the heat.
sayoung 01/09/20 04:38pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: RV repossession question

OP hasn't chimed back since the opening post . He must have put the title in her name already & thought she was gonna trade it out. :S
sayoung 01/06/20 06:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ideas wanted to secure non fixed kitchen island

If the rv has more storage just get rid of it . If you need the cabinets/drawers then like already said, screw it down.
sayoung 01/05/20 03:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV repossession question

Simple he isn't renting it. You own it. Hook up tow it off and return in your TV with his possessions. Relationship terminated. Any lip call police. Ownership and possession is 100% of the law. If OP let them change title it's no longer HIS.
sayoung 01/05/20 10:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV repossession question

I rented out to own my 5th wheel for someone to live in. They have defaulted on the rent. How do I repossess while they are still living in it? You did have a contract in writing and filed a lien on title at the beginning . If just let them have the title changed with a verbal promise to pay you, you got problems. She must have been either really good lookin or a relative. :S I just went thru getting a Mobil home removed from a piece of property that's part of an inheritance. My late MiL let a family rent lot with only a verbal agreement for their Mobil home. After she passed away they quit paying. Process starts with a letter to vacate, then 30 days latter here you file in Justice of the Peace Court, another 30 days until hearing, then another 30 days for them to vacate and if not another court day to rule for you to be able to evict plus having to pay Constable to be there to " keep the peace ". . Say a prayer that your deadbeat isn't " sick or disabled " as you may never get it back.
sayoung 01/05/20 06:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rivets.. suitable for the awning

CherryMax blind rivet maybe ?
sayoung 01/01/20 06:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Oklahoma City to Palm Springs Ca. In February best route???

From reading others advice on I40 in winter, Staying on 35 down to I20 then to I10 . I have only driven 40 west of Amarillo in late spring/summer
sayoung 12/30/19 08:50pm Roads and Routes
RE: Full Timing on our own lot - HELP! - Insurance ?

Hopefully someone out there can assist us. I will give as much info. as possible. 1. We live in NC on our own purchased land. 2. We have insurance for out land, truck, shed, fence, RV and contents of all, including storm coverage. 3. When we got insurance which we were under a policy that covered all, but we were told that because our RV was stationary and not on the road the insurance would be different. 4. We were told that if we were to travel with the RV we would be able to call the insurance company and they would add the RV for road travel during the period we are to be gone, then take it off when we return to the way it was before we left. 5. Now we are being told (we are going for 3 month) that if we leave with the RV we will need a new policy and the land will not be covered. 6. On the lot I have a shed and fence and the contents of the shed with washer dryer and tools. Any ideas or does anyone have the same living conditions and who are they using for insurance.... I would hate to cancel our volunteer assignment due to not having the proper coverage. You need a new agent then get new policy's. Insurance is specific to your state but here in Tx , State Farm insures my rv 24/7 on or off the road on one policy & my acreage is another that covers all of my structures & contents ( 2 barns, rv shed ). IF we lived there the land could be converted to a " farm policy " that is similar to a homeowners policy. I also carry a very large umbrella liability policy but that is for other possible problems . SF had no problem paying for roof damage caused while I was turning to start backing into my shed and got too close to a large pecan tree.
sayoung 12/30/19 03:05pm Full-time RVing
RE: Charging trailer battery while towing and smart charging

You are pulling with a Suburban so what I do is not an option for you how ever I will describe what I do for the benefit of all. I use a “20amp Smart Charger around the farm year round and we have a 2000 Yamaha gen/inverter. I fished an extension cord from the 4 - 6 volt batteries to the fifth wheel hitch. I set the gen on eco in The back of the truck, plugin the charger and clamp to the batteries. If we use the furnace all night while boon docking on the road the house batteries get charged properly as we cruse down the highway. A heavy gaged wire from your truck battery to trailer batteries may take out your alternator. I added a 2nd 50amp plug at the front of our 5er along with a transfer switch/surge protection . I just use this to run the AC when we have our pooches with us & need to stop for a while. We don't boondock so was never concerned about high current charging wile traveling
sayoung 12/21/19 06:12am Towing
RE: I hope I'm done!!!

That's doin' it the hard way, IMHO. We just suck 'em up with the shop vac and let 'em die in the filter bag. But whatever works for you. X2 If you turn up the heat more will come out, trust me.
sayoung 12/20/19 07:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: IRA and new SECURE Act

No, you need to spend every dime on you & spouse before you pass on. Hmmm ... how in the world do you carefully control the spending-rate timing to do this, versus the how-long-you-live timing to do this, versus the how-much-medical-trouble timing to do this? My point is don't worry about what you leave your children. DW & I got ours out of college debt free with a good education to create their own wealth. Sure some of our retirement funds will be passed on but how much that is will be just what's left. As to your question about control, it's just a WAG on how much & when to take out funds. We did some thinking about a fixed amount taken out each year but so far haven't touched the funds in our 4 years of retirement. How long we can sustain this is unknown, too many " what if ". I will say we have zero IRA's as my funding strategies were/are different than typical plans.
sayoung 12/18/19 07:38pm Around the Campfire
RE: California Non-commercial class A license ***New question***

I used a 5 ton flat bed with six speed manual and air brakes coupled with a 12k flat bed trailer for my commercial class A. I paid $400 to an instructor who provided the equipment and 4 hours of training for the road test and walk around. I trained on big rigs independently and passed everything the first time. It was challenging but lots cheaper than a full blown truck driving school which is about $5K. It is my understanding that DMV will require 40 hours of accredited training from a certified instructor this next year or so for a commercial license. Is the Ca. Non-CDL "A" specifically for RV's ? In my state it is not just for RV's but any 26000+ non-commercial vehicle. If you have a truck you could rent a heavy trailer .
sayoung 12/18/19 05:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: IRA and new SECURE Act

No, you need to spend every dime on you & spouse before you pass on.
sayoung 12/17/19 04:05pm Around the Campfire
RE: California Non-commercial class A license ***New question***

I would like to hear from someone that actually have been cited for not having proper license to haul heavy in CA. Still waiting........... There was a dude a few months back either here or on Jayco-Irv2 gripeing cause he had been ticketed here in Tx and put OS driving a big MH & towing a jeep . He never really explained why he was stopped so I never thought it was just a lincense check It can happen as I Have a good friend with F450 & a long gooseneck trailer who had to drop his trailer on the side of the road . Trooper, thinking he was illegal commercial operation ( which he is cause he builds metal buildings also ) stopped him to make sure he had a CDL & DOT # , which he does not cause he thinks because he is a farmer gives him exemption from any special license.
sayoung 12/15/19 08:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Looking for a good campground in Arkansas' mountain region.

Denton Ferry RV Park in Cotter. Right on the White River, featuring trout fishing, either guided or on your own. Well run park. We were there last June. I 2nd the recommendation. Catch some Trout with one of the guides at Cotter Trout Dock.
sayoung 12/09/19 08:38pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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