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RE: Giant Recreation World in Florida

Flyhigh sorry to hear this. My experiance was similar altho I didnt spend anywhere near what you did. I did deal with a saleswoman at Palm Bay and then a salesman at Winter Garden. Both places I wasnt allowed to negotiate with the rooster (the money man). He sat in a smoke glass booth at Palm Bay and a seperate office in WG. I called him the banker from "Deal No Deal". I was told many things in the course of a year of dealing with them that turned out to be not true. I was told what a great deal it was to get Kevlar protection on my tires which basically cost more than a new set of tires. Paint protection. All their warranty stuff would have been like pulling hens teeth to get done. I will concede one thing. Some folks have said that they're not all thieves and liars. I will admit that maybe a small percentage of dealers may be honest, maybe 5%. However, from my own experience talking and dealing with at least 20 I didn't find a single one. What they do should be criminal. When you spend thousands of dollars there should be stricter guidelines in place for the RV industry and sever penalties for those that violate them.
scarecrow56 04/25/20 08:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Giant Recreation World in Florida

Thanks A1A and Walaby. Apparently idc1 has a crystal ball that gives him clarvoyance into a great many things except why someone would buy a used trailer from a dealership. Hmmm, interesting. My post was about Giant Recreation World here in Florida and the not so great way they treated me but apparently that wasnt what he saw. Anyway, I paid 15k for a trailer that was in excellent condition, (looked like new) and was listed everywhere else for 20-22K. Plus I didnt have all the cash to buy outright so we financed some. Thats why, so you can know now. And, like they said I could give a rats patootie what he made on it. I was happy with the deal and I had looked at probably 100 campers over the course of a year.
scarecrow56 04/23/20 04:17pm Travel Trailers
Giant Recreation World in Florida

So just an update to my previous posts. We decided to buy a 2015 Apex 269RBSS from them. My decision to buy there was simple, they had what I wanted, not because I was in love with the place. The experience was less than stellar to say the least. As it was a used trailer they didn't seem to be to enthusiastic and especially since we bought in Winter Garden and our sales woman was in Palm Bay so they had to split the sale. Lemme just say that I pretty much got from them what I expected which was nothing. No follow up after the sale. A lousy walk through in the rain. Replaced a $50 faulty light with a $10 cheap junk. Lies and deceit, fortunately I was seeing right thru it. Thank God I brought the hitch from my old rig because they made a big deal during the sale about the Blue Ox hitch that went with the rig but wouldn't help me to hook it up. I was told by the salesman that I would have to pay the service department to help me with it. This is the day I bought it and in the rain! They loaded the fresh water tank with water and didn't tell me so I dragged an extra 400 lbs about 80 miles for no good reason. Prior to buying this one we had looked at several others and almost bought a brand new Catalina until on closer inspection we discovered that it had a leak in the slideout and was full of carpenter ants! At least 4-500 that I saw and probably 10 times that in the walls. We backed out of that deal but that didn't stop the saleswoman from trying to get me to buy it a few weeks later saying that the problems had all been fixed. Really? So you took the whole rig apart and changed all the ant eaten wood? Bottom line is, buyer beware. In my opinion after looking at probably 20 different dealerships Ive come to the conclusion that they're all liars and thieves. The best advice as I can give is this. Find what you want to buy, get the best deal that you can, do as thorough inspection as you can and then be prepared to be on your own after the sale. They really want nothing to do with you after they get your money. One other thing, Their VIP camping club membership isn't all that great either. We went on 2 trips The first one wasn't too bad but the second one was more like warehousing than camping. We paid $150 for 2 nights in the middle of Kissimmee. It was a dirt lot with about 15-20 feet on either side between us and the guy next to us. So small I couldn't leave the truck hooked up if I wanted to because it was almost across the street when the camper was parked. Like I said buy here if they have what you want but don't expect anything after the sale. My Humble Opinion (MHO)
scarecrow56 04/23/20 10:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Screws being pulled out on Awning

I appreciate all the replies. It is not new. It is a 2015 that I bought Friday. I had not seen this issue. There is no warrantee other than a 30 day major appliance. their warrantee's are just about worthless anyway. The salesman called me today to see how it towed and I told him about this issue and a few others and he basically told me to have a nice day. Im not sure what im going to do about it. Its a Apex with a fiberglass skin over Azdel over aluminium frame.
scarecrow56 11/11/19 01:35pm Travel Trailers
Screws being pulled out on Awning

On my Apex 269RBSS there are two vertical channels bolted to the RV. Bolted on top, screws on bottom and 2 screws about midway up. The 2 screws midway are being pulled out of the wall when the awning is fully retracted (all the way in). Also it looks like while doing that it bows the vertical channel out in the middle. As soon as the awning is let out even a little, the channel pops back onto the wall. This is happening on both sides, left and right. Anyone ever see something like this before? Is this a common thing or am I just lucky? Thanks
scarecrow56 11/10/19 04:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: It is mouse time again.

My buddy parked his dump truck over the winter on his farm. The mice got into the exhuast pipe and climbed into the engine where they made a home. In the sring the engine was seized becuase of them peeing inside the engine. Destructive little beggars!
scarecrow56 11/10/19 04:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Replace or reseal skylight

Thanks all, Im gonna just reseal the crack if its not too bad and get on with it! Clean and protect the roof while im at it
scarecrow56 11/10/19 08:09am Travel Trailers
Replace or reseal skylight

As I said in my earlier post, we bought a used camper. It had a few problems. Nothing major but one is the lap sealant on the skylight has cracked pretty much all the way around and water came in. Question is, better to just reseal the old lap sealant or replace the whole skylight. One is a $20 fix, the other around $150. The 2015 skylight is still in good shape just yellow a bit but no cracks as far as I can tell. Wadda ya think? Thanks
scarecrow56 11/10/19 06:46am Travel Trailers
extension cord length

I'm gonna put my TT in the back yard. I have used a 50' extension cord to power the slides and fridge and a few other things including the AC for a short time. Question is, This time I'm gonna have to use a 100' cord. How will this affect the voltage/drain on the power, if at all?
scarecrow56 11/09/19 06:51am Tech Issues
RE: Got our newish camper!!

Thanks for the replies. Scott, I live in Florida so its camping season pretty much year round. Lady, thanks for the tip on the cetral vac. I guess Im not missing much then. We bought from Giant Recreation World here in Florida. They have a bad reputation in social media and lived up to it when I tried to hook up the Blue Ox hitch that came with the TT. They wouldnt even send someone out to show me how it went together without paying them. Thank goodness I had brought my other hitch that I knew how to operate. But all that said, I got a good deal from them and I have NO expectations other than to be ignored after the sale.
scarecrow56 11/09/19 06:43am Travel Trailers
Got our newish camper!!

I just wanted to thank all of you guys and girls that helped me with advice on my roughly 1 year search for the perfect camper for me and my wife. Thanks so much!! We bought a 2015 Coachmen Apex 269RBSS. It appears to be almost new. Really great shape. I got the price I wanted with a great rate and payment for the camper I wanted. This TT hit 16 of the 18 points that we had written down. I don't think I could do any better than that. Plus the 2 points it didn't match were kinda off anyway. 1 was a rear kitchen so that was just a matter of layout and the other was central vacuum and the only reason I put that in was I had seen them in Heartlands but nowhere else. So if I did away with those 2 It is absolutely perfect! I didn't want to but new because of this forum, so thanks for that! I got a 30' TT for half the price of a new one! Thanks again to all that helped! You guys are great! See you out on the road!
scarecrow56 11/08/19 06:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Extended Warrantee?

Appreciate all the response. I actually picked it up today and declined all the warrantee options and the paint coating and the Kevlar tire goo! What a racket! Anyway, I have no intention of holding the note for 12 years however I did get a great rate and $146 a month for an Apex 269RBSS.
scarecrow56 11/08/19 06:21pm Travel Trailers
Extended Warrantee?

So we found the right trailer for us. On Saturday we pick it up. Keep in mind it's a 2015. I'M already getting the speech about an extended 5 years warrantee to add to a 12 year note which doesn't make any sense to me. I had my previous coach for 15 years before I started having any real problems. I'm convinced I don't want it but I'd like to hear what you guys think.Thanks
scarecrow56 11/06/19 04:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Slideout gasket replacement

Appreciate the replys fellas. I cant take a pic of it because I dont have it yet. I pick it up Friday
scarecrow56 11/06/19 04:21pm Travel Trailers
Slideout gasket replacement

So after a year of searching and looking we finally found the right replacement for our 2001 Fleetwood Terry 26H. A used 2015 Coachmen Apex 269RBSS. Really nice shape, almost like new, I feel good and think I got a good deal. There is an issue where the bottom of the rubber gasket that seals the slide is torn in half and it lets a small amount of water in. It has done minimal damage but needs to be addressed right away. Has anyone ever done the double gasket on one of these and if so is it good,bad or ugly to replace. I am experienced in construction and have a garage full of tools. Im just wondering if this is something better left to those that know. Wadda ya think? Thanks
scarecrow56 11/05/19 01:03pm Travel Trailers
Slideout Mechanism

As I look for a new TT I see a few different types of mech. Schwinntech with 2 tracks top and bottom, A cable system and, I believe, the old gear and gear bar under the slide. Any thoughts on which is the good, the bad and the ugly? Thanks
scarecrow56 10/07/19 07:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Heartland TT's

My assumpton is based on the construction. All aluminium frame, fiberglass over Azdel on the 2" side walls, fully laminated floor, sealed and heated floor, foam insulation rather than spun glass. Tinted windows. I disagree that they are all made the same, some are pure junk.
scarecrow56 10/05/19 10:18pm Travel Trailers
Heartland TT's

I've been looking at Heartland TT's (North Trail, Wilderness and Mallard) and it seems to me that they are some of the best quality campers out there. They seem to be better built than Freedom Express which is what I was looking at before. Wadda ya think? Am I right? Any Heartland owners wanna weigh in? Thanks
scarecrow56 10/05/19 06:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Sound like a good deal?

My credit score is 785 however I'm self employed and show a low income so wouldn't that keep me from getting a loan at a bank? Also, yes I would keep the trailer for 12 years or more. My last one I kept for 20 years. Im also looking at it as a second home when I retire in 2-3 years.
scarecrow56 09/22/19 05:47pm Travel Trailers
Sound like a good deal?

I have been offered to buy a new 2019 Coachmen Freedom Express Select 24SE for $20,000+$1250 tax+$799 dealers prep fee+$200 tags and registration= $22,250 out the door. I think its a good deal although I don't like the dealer prep fee. I am also nervous about a $1000 deposit that, if I don't like the interest rate, they will keep. The deposit is refundable at the sale but they take it before they run my financing. Is this a standard practice in the industry? I have only bought 1 other camper in my life and that was 20 years ago. Also they're talking about no money down, no payments for 90 days. They're saying the payment will be between $219 and $239 a month on a 144 month note which I thought was kinda high but I don't know how to figure in an interest rate. Wadda ya think? This is at Giant Recreation World in Palm Bay Florida. Thanks
scarecrow56 09/22/19 04:18pm Travel Trailers
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