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RE: Ins and outs of mice :)

Remove all food and food residue. Do a search for "mouse bait stations". Read the results looking for something specifically designed for outdoors. Place one or two of these under the trailer and keep them stocked/baited for the winter. The idea is to attract them to the bait before they locate and decide to take up residence in the dry structure above. Do not put bait inside the trailer. Bait by definition draws animals to it. You do not want to draw them inside.
schlep1967 10/18/19 08:51am Tech Issues
RE: Is this forum going to get fixed???

I've been on here for years and the only problem I've seen lately is if I try to Notify a moderator. I generally use chrome on both my computer and mobile device and enter through RV.net
schlep1967 10/18/19 04:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Urine odor eliminator

Actually I am not a jerk. I'm honest, sometimes that comes off wrong. Had I known about your health problems I probably would have been a little more tactful. I do appreciate that you are looking for a solution. I no longer have a dog. When I put our last one down we decided that traveling and camping would be less stressful for us without animals. I know that is not for everybody. Friends of ours that camp with us pretty much every time we go out have a dog. Because of this we are often on campsites labeled as dog sites. Warm muggy days bring out a lot of the urine odors from previous occupants. Good luck to you and the wife. And I hope you find something that will truly neutralize the odor. Sorry I ruffled your feathers.
schlep1967 10/16/19 12:07pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Urine odor eliminator

After thinking about it, I am sorry I used the word lazy. I should have used inconsiderate.
schlep1967 10/16/19 11:39am RV Pet Stop
RE: Urine odor eliminator

Somebody's got to be "that guy" so I'll take the hit. That is not your patio area. It is every family that camps at that site's patio area. And none of them want to follow a lazy pet owner that will not take the time to walk their pets away from the eating area of a camp site. Put on your robe and slippers and WALK the dogs away from the campsite to do their business. Then you will not need to neutralize the smell and the next occupiers of the site won't hate the smell you leave behind.
schlep1967 10/16/19 11:00am RV Pet Stop
RE: Disinfecting water lines

I don't know what difference it makes. No matter which hose you use, they are both connected to same spigot for the water supply. What am I missing here? B.O. The difference is normally 10 to 20 feet of hose. The female end of the hose never comes in contact with the connection to the sewer flush. If you use the same hose the male end of the hose moves from the sewer flush connection to the fresh water connection. Much more likely to transfer contaminates. One thing I did to my black water flush system was add another check valve right at the hose connection. My original setup had a check valve installed near the tank. When I would disconnect the hose, I would get a small amount of back flow. I know this was water that never made it into the tank or even past the original check valve about 10 feet away. But I still didn't want it flowing into my wet bay.
schlep1967 10/16/19 06:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rodent???

Used the blue pellets in my garage once. They emptied the tray in one night. The next week we grabbed our bowling ball bags and headed to the alley for our weekly league night. It was quite comical when I pulled the bowling ball out and had blue pellets all over the floor. I now use snap traps. A very important part of storing a camper is getting every bit of food out of the camper. With no food or water they may visit but most likely will not set up camp. And it never hurts to set a trap right inside the door where it is easily checked.
schlep1967 10/16/19 05:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Allowing non-housebroken dog to move in

With a little dog that has very little time outside, one thing that may help is cut the grass very short in the area you want him in outside. He still may not like the feeling of it but it won't be as bad as high grass rubbing his belly. Among other body parts...
schlep1967 10/15/19 09:12am RV Pet Stop
RE: Campground Maximum Length

Dutchman that was a very good explanation! One little thing to add. When you put in length odd numbers can confuse some of the websites. Use multiples of 5 when entering trailer length. If you look for sites for a 37 foot trailer it may say there are none. If you immediately change it to 40 feet there may be some available. It all depends on how the site is set up.
schlep1967 10/11/19 06:24am Beginning RVing
RE: What good are low point drains?

The answer was touched on above. If your low point drains are like mine they have a screw on cap on hard white plastic. No valve. You unscrew the cap and the water comes out. The answer would be, IF you can get to the area above the floor where the drains come down, do a little plumbing work and put valves above the floor and run pex down for the drains.
schlep1967 10/11/19 05:11am Tech Issues
RE: rolled MH onto the side - and the towed

Personally, if you caused the damage (i.e. you were at fault for the accident) you also caused the diminished value. Your insurance company covers the repair of damages to pre-crash conditions (a lot of times better than pre-crash conditions). You have no reasonable expectations for them to include any diminished value. IF SOMEBODY ELSE was at fault their insurance company needs to make you whole. Then you may have some claim to diminished value. As their client caused you to lose value in your property. What I say really doesn't matter though. The Lawyers will tell us what we deserve. Right after they get their 1/3.
schlep1967 10/10/19 11:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Urgent Need of Advice re Winterizing!

Your on a ranch. Got any Hay or straw bales? Stack them up around the bottom of the RV all the way around to block out as much air as possible. Before you put the last one in Hang a trouble light from the frame near the tanks. Should keep it warm enough under there to keep the tanks from freezing. Empty and bypass the water heater, blow out the lines and/or add antifreeze to the system.
schlep1967 10/10/19 10:25am Tech Issues
RE: Help selecting East Coast location with lots of variables...

Knoebels Grove Campground They actually have two campgrounds. Lake Glory is off site but they provide a shuttle to get you to the Amusement Park. Or the onsite campground is a nice walk or they even provide a shuttle that runs through the campground down to the park. Free entrance to the park for those not interested in riding rides. There is a deer farm in the area to visit and a coal mine tour. A short drive down the road you can catch a glimpse of Centralia, or whats left of it. If you are interested call immediately to get reservations. If you can't get in there, there are some other private campgrounds in the area.
schlep1967 10/10/19 10:14am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Freshwater Hookup Port Question

Switch out your hatch for one of These.
schlep1967 10/08/19 11:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Deceptive traffic citations

Sorry that happened, must have soured your trip. Probably also soured any desire to go through there again and spend money. Things like this are one of the reasons I've installed a dash cam on my truck. Unless that dash cam also has your speedometer in view, it would likely do you no good.. Unless it picked up where the LEO was sitting in relation to the signage. Then, maybe.
schlep1967 10/08/19 10:07am General RVing Issues
RE: Freshwater Hookup Port Question

I put a 90 degree elbow on before the hose. The hose fills the hole quite nicely. +1 Brass 90 degree elbow. Also make sure you replace the rubber washer every now and then.
schlep1967 10/07/19 12:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Champion 2k in storage for three years. Advice starting it?

I drained the tank and refilled it with fresh fuel + sea foam. The only way it would run was when I was spraying carb cleaner in the intake. What do you guys recommend I do next? First thing I would check is the fuel pick-up orifices. I've seen these get clogged up from sitting. Carborators differ in design but somewhere in the parts that go down into the bowl there are small holes that fuel is drawn up into the carb through. I've seen them in the bolt that goes up from the bottom to hold the bowl on. Two small holes in the side of that bolt go to a hole drilled down the middle. A paper clip will do the job or any other metal object that will fit in the hole.
schlep1967 10/07/19 07:07am Tech Issues
RE: Lowering TV tire pressures

My older (2007.5) Ram 2500 has two pressures listed on the tire pressure placard in the door jamb. 60 Front and 80 rear for loaded, and 60 front 45 rear for unloaded. It also has a light load button that tells the TPMS to expect the 45lbs in the rear. If the newer Ram's don't have it, it is a shame.
schlep1967 10/04/19 08:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Central Michigan campground this weekend FHU

Almost any campground will have a location that you can dump your tanks at. Find a site with electric or water and electric and dump before you set up and again before you leave. Not ideal but it works if no full hook ups are available.
schlep1967 10/04/19 07:47am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Installing a drain valve

List your trailer information (make and Model). Somebody on here will be able to point you to your low point drains. But like Craig said, opening those drains alone may help but it will most likely not prevent things from breaking. Some use compressed air to blow out the lines successfully. Some of us will just pump RV anti-freeze through the system. Don't forget to drain your water heater and then bypass it if possible (search "water heater bypass" on the site). This will save you a lot of anti-freeze. Also make sure you run it through every valve/faucet in the trailer. The toilet and outside shower systems are often forgotten. If you have any neighbors with RV's it would be a good idea to ask them for help if you have never done this before.
schlep1967 10/04/19 05:41am Tech Issues
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