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RE: Alignment...I think!

From what I can tell from that pic, something rubbed against that tire, or a defective tire. Once the pic was posted I thought the same thing. Did they install taller tires and is there anything above that tire it could be rubbing on?
schlep1967 10/20/21 11:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Alignment...I think!

Didn't look at the pic but if you don't recall hitting any curbs on the trip, the only change was the tire installation. First make sure the wheel is actually seated properly on the hub. If that looks good, check for damage from improper jacking by the mechanic that may have caused the problem.
schlep1967 10/20/21 07:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Generator runs fine, but no electricity in coach

Did you check the GFI outlet in the kitchen or bathroom?
schlep1967 10/15/21 01:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Broken black water pipe

Can you post any pictures of what the problem area is? Maybe you will get more responses.
schlep1967 10/12/21 07:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Furion Glass Refrigerator shelves slide when traveling

Hot glue gun or a dab of caulk at the front of the glass on each side.
schlep1967 10/08/21 08:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Hanging tiki lights

I can just reach mine. Unless the site sloes away from the trailer. One of the first things we do is move the picnic table under the awning. I can generally reach the awning from the table bench. As to getting them down in a hurry, I use small squeeze clamps (think clothes pin only shorter and metal) to hook them to the small part of the awning that hangs down. If I need them down quick I just need to pull them down as I walk across the length of the awning.
schlep1967 10/08/21 08:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: landing gear issue

If it's like mine there should be 2 wire nuts about 6 inches from the motor. Take those off and separate the wires. Hook your jumper cables directly to those wires and your trailer battery. Warning! Yes, it will make a spark. Better to hook the cables to the battery, then to the wires. It will still spark, but the spark not be right at the battery. Much less chance of a explosion. Thanks for the clarification. I also connect to the wires second.
schlep1967 10/05/21 08:00am General RVing Issues
RE: landing gear issue

If it's like mine there should be 2 wire nuts about 6 inches from the motor. Take those off and separate the wires. Hook your jumper cables directly to those wires and your trailer battery. Positive to one wire negative to the other. It will spark when hooking up. To go the other direction switch the positive and negative. This will tell you if the motor is the problem. If it runs strong with the jumper cables the motor is fine and either lubrication or poor wiring is your issue. Mine started blowing fuses when it ran slow. My guess is you don't have a fuse inline or it would be blowing. It sounds more like the motor is hitting it's heat maximum and shutting down. Definitely look up how to lube the landing gear and check the wiring connections.
schlep1967 10/05/21 05:20am General RVing Issues
RE: We attempted to use the service today

I would think offering a refund for this years service would be in order. Basically paying for the service is like having insurance. You pay for it whether you use it or not. But you pay for just in case you need it. He needed it and the service was not provided. Give him his money back.
schlep1967 10/01/21 01:31pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: RV Dealers think new campers are junk

Imagine paying someone $7.25 an hour to build something. Most RV's are made in Indiana. You get what you pay for. I highly doubt anybody is only earning $7.25. Their paying $18 an hour to stock shelves at Wally World now. The problem is people being paid not to work. Which means their is a shortage of workers. If somebody is doing **** work and they get fired, they walk across the street and get a new job at another manufacturer. And continue to do a **** job.
schlep1967 09/29/21 05:09am Truck Campers
RE: Awning leak

If water can get through behind the rail, it is not sealed. Since it is not sealed the water is also following the screws into the interior. The rail needs to be removed and sealed. And it should have been done when mounted. Do what you can with a tarp to keep the water out of there until the dealer or someone else can fix it. I would be in touch with the manufacturer. You now have water in places it should never be and may have already devalued your investment.
schlep1967 09/23/21 07:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Awning leak

My guess would be the rail that the awning material slides into was not sealed behind it. It should have butyl tape under the whole length of it so it seals all of the screws that go through it. What you are thinking is water getting past the door seals is likely water leaking through the screw holes and running down the inside of the wall. It then exits the wall at the opening cut for the door. Curious. Did you have the awning adjusted so it sloped away from the trailer? Or did you have the front front edge of it adjusted up high making the water run towards the trailer. Another item to check is the rain gutter. It should be sealed the same as the awning rail or you will get the same effect.
schlep1967 09/22/21 05:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Broken black water valve

Depends....First if the tank is empty. It will be as soon as you remove the valve! You will have to look at what is there. If all of the fittings are glued end to end with no room for a coupling where you need to cut the pipe, you will likely have to replace everything from the valve out. If you have roughly 5 inches of straight pipe attached to the valve, it will be a simple process. The valve itself is 4 bolts and remove. I basically had to replace everything from the valve out after a tire blowout. I took everything off as one piece and walked into my local, small town RV repair shop. We mocked up the replacement right on the counter. I then went home and installed and glued each piece just like the original.
schlep1967 09/21/21 05:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: hydro or electric leveling

You can get bad units in every variation. I would prefer electric. Less chance of a hydraulic oil mess. No big lines running back through the trailer just wires. And the big one. If something goes wrong, I have half a chance of fixing it. If your one electric motor on the hydraulics fails, you are stuck. If one of the 6 electric motors fail, there is another one on the opposite side. Run one side up, remove the motor and install it on the other side. Run that one up and you are on your way. If I had my way I would prefer the old front landing gear and back stabilizers. Much less to go wrong without all the fancy self leveling electronics.
schlep1967 09/21/21 05:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Maiden Voyage Blues

You should have been told this by now. Close all of your gas bottles and then open the valve slowly. If you open them too quickly the safety system senses a leak and shuts the gas down. Also, spend a few buck for some rain-x washer fluid. Drain all of the old fluid out of the system and use the Rain-x often for the first trip. Then when your wipers fail, you will still be able to see.
schlep1967 09/21/21 05:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water Heater Question

The good news is....You don't have any other leaks on the hot water side. Or the pressure would have dropped without opening a valve.
schlep1967 09/21/21 05:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Diesel exhaust fluid sensor failure

They are accomplishing their goals of cleaning up the air quality. If it can't run, it isn't creating smog.
schlep1967 09/16/21 01:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: cleaning 7-pin receiver connector on truck

Found this in an old old thread. I'm out of WD-40, so I tried some of this stuff on both ends. It worked like a champ. Thanks for the suggestion! Really MODERATOR? A link to KY Jelly? Maybe you should rethink being a moderator.
schlep1967 09/16/21 05:11am General RVing Issues
RE: cleaning 7-pin receiver connector on truck

I do not want to short out anything by using a metal brush. So what is the best way to clean the receiver on my truck? If you disconnect the truck battery and then use your metal brush, then ensure there are no metal brush parts stuck anywhere, you shouldn't be able to short anything out.
schlep1967 09/15/21 12:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV parts shortages

There is also the lack of common sense that we have to deal with. I had a bad valve on my new whirlpool dishwasher. The repair guy was told there are no replacements available. He was talking to Whirlpool and I told him to ask if they are still making dishwashers. They said they were. I said tell them to ask the assembly line guys to go pick one out of the 1,000 piece bin on the line and send it to me. Had it in two days. Everybody believes the easy answer the computer provides.
schlep1967 09/13/21 08:22am Tech Issues
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