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RE: Rotten egg smell, again???

Turn off water heater, turn off water, remove plug or anode from water heater and drain the tank (unless you have a valve to do so). Replace plug/anode/close valve, and refill the tank with water. Trying to flush it out by simply running good water into 10-12 gallons of smelly water will take forever.
schlep1967 09/28/22 05:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Leaking Schwintek slide rail

Never dealt with it but.... my suggestion if it is possible. Remove screws from the rail. How far can you pull the rail out from the slide? Is it enough to get Butyl tape behind it? Place 1 inch pieces of butyl tape behind the rail were the screws will go back in through them. If that is where your leak is it should fix the problem.
schlep1967 09/22/22 12:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Why did my water pump stop pumping?

Check your settings in the wet bay. You may be feeding water from the tank to the tank.
schlep1967 09/22/22 12:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Why did my water pump stop pumping?

Pump is self priming. How did you verify the tank is full?
schlep1967 09/22/22 10:34am Tech Issues
RE: PA Turnpike-worse in US?

I hate it as well, but its MUCH better than I80.... mainly due to the fact that the tolls are expensive so MOST truckers avoid it.. I have taken I80 many times from Eastern PA to Erie and the road divots from the heavy truck traffic, the trucks traffic, and the Deer at night make it a worse option in my book.... Not to mention, I am in SE Bucks, so I would have to travel 2 hrs North to catch 80 According to Google.... If you took the turnpike to Harrisburg an then headed west on US 322 to I-80, it would only add 18 minutes and save a whole lot on tolls. That still doesn't change the condition of I-80 though.
schlep1967 09/21/22 12:54pm Roads and Routes
RE: Black tank leak. Need advice.

Gorilla tape is your friend. You can cut a 3 sided flap, leaving the side towards the front of the trailer attached, and pull it down to get a good look up inside. Then once you are finished make sure the coroplast is clean (as in use soap and water to clean it) and dry. Then apply the gorilla tape. It is usually easier to clean it before you cut it then do minor cleanup before taping. Also, Get the tank emptied and rinsed as much as possible before you try to work on it or take it to a shop to work on it. Best scenario is you had it really full and that pressure squeezed something out through a not so sealed opening. I would limit the bathroom use to family or watch the tank gauge (if it works) and cut off the bathroom privileges at 3/4 full.
schlep1967 09/19/22 05:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How To Clean This

I find it funny that they put sealant around what is basically a hole in the wall with open slats on it. Water is going in there anyway.
schlep1967 09/16/22 06:56am Tech Issues
RE: Raising Trailer

My guess is you will run into problems with the steepness of your 10 inch ramps. Pushing a trailer up that steep ramp may cause the ramp to slide. Especially if you are on a hard surface. Add another 2 x 6. Use different lengths. It can be only a few inches so the tire steps up one before getting to the other. That extra 1 1/2 inches might get you what you need.
schlep1967 09/15/22 08:33am Towing
RE: How to re-caulk RV trailer roof?

What you are looking at is lap sealant. Here is a link to Amazon where you can buy it Linky or any RV place will have it.Do not use the caulk you have now. I have removed old lap sealant. On a sunny day you can use a plastic putty knife and patience to get it off. Or even a hair dryer to warm it up. Make sure the area is clean before applying the new lap sealant. Instructions can be found on the tube.
schlep1967 09/15/22 05:29am Travel Trailers
RE: Lippert six point levelling jacks

Watch it again. The bottom of the jacks didn't move. The top of the jack was bending. Knowing he war far enough out of level that he was going to raise his tires off the ground, he should have used boards to raise that side of the trailer, placed his chocks on the boards and then leveled his rig with the jacks. That way even if he still lifts some weight off of the suspension his tires will still be chocked. Your jacks look much more substantial than his do. I prefer to learn from others mistakes. It is cheaper than learning from my own. We are shopping for a new fifth-wheel now. And it will most likely have the 6 point leveling system. I know what I learned from that video will help me make a good decision if I am on a very unlevel site.
schlep1967 09/15/22 05:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Diesel Ram Owner Forced to Scrap Truck !

I had a 2008 Ram. People were telling me for years to delete it and put a tuner on it. I had to replace a turbo and the company I bought it from said I would need a minor tuner for it to run right. If I ran it on the lowest tune when not towing a heavy trailer it would clog up the emissions. With no tune it ran fine. I sold it a few months ago with all of the exhaust intact. The guys deleting these newer trucks are crazy. There is plenty of power from the factory to pull anything they are rated for. Adding more will only break things and cost you more money.
schlep1967 09/14/22 05:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Lippert six point levelling jacks

One thing to worry about when lifting the camper off of the wheels is you lose your chocks. See the youtube video Losing your chocks bends your jacks You can start around the 9:30 mark in the video. Not saying it will happen every time, just saying it can happen. The Grand Design reps told them to use boards if that far off of level.
schlep1967 09/13/22 10:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Driveway Incline Issue

After looking at your set-up my first suggestion is out. And disconnecting your weight distribution will only make it worse. I think you are stuck with boards under your rear tires or .... Get some airbags installed on the vehicle, preferably with an onboard pump, so you can inflate them before backing into the driveway. You may even need to wait to inflate until you already have the back end of the trailer up the driveway.
schlep1967 09/01/22 09:12am Towing
RE: Driveway Incline Issue

You don't have pictures so tell us what you have. If I'm reading right you can get the trailer in the driveway but when you get to the hitch it drags. When you first start the trailer into the driveway how much room do you have before it drags? The answer to that, say 3 inches, is how much you can lift the front. If you have 3 inches buy another plain hitch with a 2 inch rise. Park on the street, chock the tires, unhitch, put the raised hitch in and hook back up. Now you may be able to get in the driveway. Not convenient but it may work until you can find a permanent solution to the driveway.
schlep1967 09/01/22 05:06am Towing
RE: Landing gear all the way down.

We camped at a State park last weekend. We booked the site on the internet last spring without going and looking at it. It sloped downward from the road. When I got backed in the cheap level I have stuck to the side of the trailer was pegged all the way forward. Past the 7" mark on the level vial. I ran the legs down as far as I thought I could. Then dropped the feet a few inches to the ground. Got the weight on the feet and unhooked. I then had to run the legs up what I'm estimating as around 22 inches, probably more, to get the nose down to a level position. When it came time to leave it ran right back up to where I needed it to to hook up again. Fit the site perfectly. Rear of the trailer was 3 inches from a tree. All 4 slides had no obstructions close. The front of the awning missed a 4 foot wide oak tree by 3 inches.
schlep1967 08/31/22 06:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What causes your Battery to boil?

If 12.7 is boiling the battery there is a shorted cell. The shorted cell makes it a 10 volt battery. 12.7 volts is too high for a 10 volt battery. Doubt the test was accurate. Did the battery actually pull the rated CCA for 30 seconds and remain above 8.4 volts? Or was this some digital magic box? I have no idea what type of test Autozone does. I mostly posted this to let others know about the issue. My first search about RV's and boiling battery on Google resulted in answers definitely pointing to the converter as the most likely culprit. As can be seen here that is not always the case. After Autozone (being told the battery was good) we went to the local RV place (Camping World) and got the price and model number. Then went online and found the same item for $125 less. Since they were not buying from CW we grabbed a cheap multimeter from Wally world on the way back to the campground to check the voltages. So Autozone told us we had a good battery, we didn't. And camping world would have been happy to sell us a greatly overpriced converter. No sale. And a $16 multimeter actually told us where the problem was. That cheap multimeter is staying in the camper.
schlep1967 08/30/22 05:56am Tech Issues
RE: What causes your Battery to boil?

After getting the battery tested and being told it was good we got distilled water and topped it off. At this point we were thinking bad WFCO converter. We bought a multi-meter and checked the voltage when we hooked it back up. It was never higher than 12.7 volts but the battery got hot and started boiling again after an hour. The voltage was not high so I was thinking a shorted battery. We replaced the battery. It was hooked up all night with no increase in temps or boiling. He doesn't keep his trailer plugged in all the time. Hopefully everything will be good when we are ready to go again.
schlep1967 08/29/22 01:04pm Tech Issues
What causes your Battery to boil?

We were camping with some friends this weekend. He thought he had a sewer issue until he figured out it was his battery outgassing. The thing was boiling. What would cause this? We took the battery to Autozone and it tested as fine.
schlep1967 08/29/22 12:01pm Tech Issues
RE: California to Ban the Sale of New Gasoline Cars by 2035

There is a difference between subsidizing EV's and forcing the production and sales of ICE vehicles to stop. I am all for electric vehicles where they are practical. And actually like the hybrids better simply because it increases the practicality. But taking away the ICE when there is no practical, affordable and reliable system to replace ALL of its uses is dangerous for our Country. And where is the green gain when the overtaxed reservoirs can't produce electricity and we have to burn more fossil fuels to power all of the electric vehicles?
schlep1967 08/26/22 05:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: California to Ban the Sale of New Gasoline Cars by 2035

Just saw in the news today that They are shutting down EV chargers in certain cities in China so they can have electric for the households. Just what do you think is going to happen when the Hoover dam stops making electric because there are too many people living off of that pool of water in the desert? 1st mistake is beliving anything our media says about China 2 see Living in China chanel and or Reporterfy media travel. 3 enjoy https://youtu.be/GWZzwLFlDIQ Bloomberg news is who published the story. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-08-24/tesla-nio-suspend-ev-charging-services-as-china-power-cuts-bite?srnd=hyperdrive I don't appreciate being given a link that tells me I am a China Hater just because I mentioned a story about China struggling to meet electricity needs due to a drought and high temps. Especially since we are having the same issues in the US.
schlep1967 08/26/22 05:25am Tow Vehicles
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