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RE: Newbie Question About Tie Downs

I used brophy mounts all summer. I gathered torklift on the used market and I bet either craigslist or facebook marketplace will yield some torklift mounts on the used market.
silverbullet555 12/15/20 10:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Jack issues

Pre-emptively rebuild the jack seals or drain unknown fluid and refill and see what happens?
silverbullet555 12/14/20 11:37am Truck Campers
RE: Water/snow weight concerns

Thanks all. I was mostly worried about the load that could form from melting snow and the water pooling into the remaining snow. We didn't get much and we don't normally get much at a time. The camper isn't on it's jacks so the only concern would be the weight on the structure of the camper and it sounds like that is not a concern. Thanks again. Now if I can knock out a few chores and the oldest kid can get caught up in school, we can use it at the local ski hill and stay the night.
silverbullet555 12/13/20 10:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Trailer hitch extension arms for rear tie-downs

I spent all summer looking for a torklift hitch for my truck. Saw a **** ton of them come up for sale for Fords, and a fair number of dodges. Very few for Chevys. I did find a super truss for it. Finally bought the superhitch on sale for blackfriday at torkliftcentral.com. Arrived 3 days later, well packaged. I have not installed it yet, but that will allow us to tow our boat in the summer and a small trailer of goats during hunting season. Expensive, but the only way I could feel right about it.
silverbullet555 12/12/20 11:25pm Truck Campers
Water/snow weight concerns

I don't think it is an issue, but wanted to check. I have a tarp over the camper just to help with the weather. We have a first winter storm and we are expecting 3-5" of snow. The camper has the roof rack railing along the back side for whatever you put up there. Do I need to be concerned about water weight due to water accumulating there? The camper is not on the jacks so I am purely asking about the weight on the roof itself. I doubt it would be an issue, but like to check. Thanks
silverbullet555 12/12/20 10:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Jack issues

I topped them off with the jack oil and got the camper off the truck. I'll order parts to rebuild them over the winter.
silverbullet555 12/08/20 07:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Jack issues

cold will do that with the wrong type of oil.. people put what ever in these but transmition oil is the best to use, wont get sluggish when its cold, isnt as hard on the seals doesnt rust out the insides like motor oil and hyd oil will do. I just had mine all rebuilt and got to see the effects of using the wrong oils in them. Steve But, they were rebuildable. There is a bottle of jack oil in the camper so I assume that is what has been put in.
silverbullet555 12/08/20 12:14pm Truck Campers
RE: Jack issues

I had a set of the same jacks on my coachman ranger bu they were called hijackers. Two things did what your describing, low oil and the shaft needed a some new rubber gaskets. Probably not low oil if there is no evidence of a leak but if you never checked them or it's been a while maybe. I'd replace the oil if not leaking and get some new rubber seals. Also the cold affects hydraulics some what. Good luck! Joe similar to the set I had but much much older. https://www.riecotitan.com/hydraulic-camper-jacks/%20Four-Corner%20Mount%20Hydraulic%20Camper%20Jacks%20White These are the gaskets I'm talking about. I replaced them and they were like new. https://youtu.be/5DwpvUwohYA https://hijackercamperjacks.com/ Sorry if they're not the same... Thanks for the insight. I'll check the oil to see if that is a portion of the problem. I intend to rebuild them over the winter. I am sure the fact that the highs are in the 30's right now is a portion of the problem. It is likely impacting seals or oil in some way. Better to happen here than somewhere else. Maybe it will have to stay on until I get those jacks rebuilt. Not the end of the world and a better solution than dropping it trying to get it off.
silverbullet555 12/08/20 07:13am Truck Campers
RE: Jack issues

Check the battery in the remote. I've had mind go silent and went knutts for a few days, till dealer thought it might be the battery... If you have a back remote, try that or undo the remote to get the battery and get another 2-3 as backups.. No remote. Hand pump jacks
silverbullet555 12/07/20 10:14pm Truck Campers
Jack issues

Well it was bound to happen. Put the camper on the truck back in September for hunting season. Went to take it off the other day and the rear Reico Titan jacks don't want to do anything when I operate them. It's late and cold so I will need to look more closely tomorrow. So, my questions. Is this likely a low fluid issue? I don't see any signs of leaks which makes me doubt that it could be so simple. If this is likely more involved, is there a better approach than to just buy parts to fix them? Lastly, how do I get the camper off the truck in the meantime? I'm done for the year, but would like to get the camper off and on to the platform where it sits.
silverbullet555 12/07/20 09:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Blue water in black tank - does it freeze?

Thanks for the tips. It is water with deodorizer I am sure based on the scent in the bathroom. For now, I put some RV anti freeze in it until I get home from an elk trip for a few days. After that, I'll drive it somewhere and drain it properly and winterize with RV antifreeze.
silverbullet555 10/26/20 10:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Blue water in black tank - does it freeze?

if you can empty the tank. then I pour a gal of rv antifreeze in mine . if you can,t empty? pour two gal in just to be safe. rv antifreeze is under two bucks a gal here. drive around the block to mix. I have some here because I just winterized the boat.
silverbullet555 10/26/20 10:56am Truck Campers
Blue water in black tank - does it freeze?

We bought our camper in the spring and have not put water in it at all. The black water tank has some blue water in it from the previous owner. It's cold now. Does that blue water have any anti-freeze properties in it or should I put some potable RV antifreeze in the tank? I'm not using the toilet. Would it be better to just drain it and leave it dry?
silverbullet555 10/26/20 10:29am Truck Campers
RE: Replacing gas regulator and hoses

Just to close this thread out. I tried to turn the bottle and it wouldn't fit. So, I bought a new hose to go from the regulator to the tank with an acme valve on it. Made it long enough to make it easy. Swapped it out, sprayed with some soapy water. All good. After hunting season I'd like to move the regulator a bit because it is on a long hose too meaning there is just too much going on. But, that'll need to wait until the freezer has some meat in it which isn't going so well this year.
silverbullet555 10/24/20 08:04am Truck Campers
RE: Aluminum Frame vs Wood Frame for washboard roads.

One big advantage to wood with aluminum skin, the average handyman can take the skin off, repair the wood to as good as new and then replace the skin. Even if you can get to the aluminum, it takes special skills and tools to do a repair. I would like to get one of the clamshell versions and will hopefully stumble across one at some point in the price range I want to pay. I do go slow on the washboard and bumps. Painfully slow. But, its all about balance.
silverbullet555 10/20/20 02:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Aluminum Frame vs Wood Frame for washboard roads.

When aluminum frame is definitely much better not only strength-wise but also for water resistance, I found that my Fleetwood was build by "minimum wage welder". Not only the welds were very poor quality, but not much of them and they kept on breaking, so I had to add steel reinforcement on joints. Bottom line, it all comes to person who does final assemble and quality control. To answer technical dilemma - aircrafts are generally exposed to high vibrations and guess what most of them are build with. Few accidents in last decades show that it is steel in turbines who gets fatigued faster, than aluminum airplane body. Good points. The most important might be on how good was the person building it which one will never know until it falls apart.
silverbullet555 10/20/20 08:23am Truck Campers
Aluminum Frame vs Wood Frame for washboard roads.

We are wrapping up our first year with our old truck camper. It's been nice having it. It is a 1995 Northland. Of course, looking for a great deal on a camper that might work a little better. Primarily looking for a more insulated camper that might make fall and winter camping more comfortable as ski season approaches. Also, many of the camper miles have been on washboard roads, not overly bumpy side to side, but lots of vibration. Thinking that I might want to explore aluminum framed construction like a fleetwood elkhorn or if wood is going to be better. Speaking in terms of 2005 or older. 1.) What are the benefits/drawbacks of looking for aluminum frame construction vs wood? Does aluminum handle the vibration better than wood?
silverbullet555 10/20/20 07:45am Truck Campers
RE: Replacing gas regulator and hoses

how about turn the bottle 1/8 turn and see if regulator allows door to close than. the point from center to the corner of box is longer than from center to side of box. It's worth a shot.
silverbullet555 10/07/20 11:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Replacing gas regulator and hoses

This looks a bit shorter and should attach direct. Yes 11" WC https://www.amazon.com/Cavagna-Group-890-0030-Pressure-Regulator Thanks.
silverbullet555 10/07/20 11:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Replacing gas regulator and hoses

I've read that regulators go bad over time and should be relaced. Is that true? At some point, I am guessing the regulator was hard plumbed in to the outlet and then whoever changed it went to this set up which isn't ideal. Solving for the regulator first solves the rest. Plumb it into the main line and then run a rubber line with a BBQ type screw on connector? Is there a definite pressure that RVs are supposed to use?
silverbullet555 10/07/20 12:04pm Truck Campers
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