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RE: dual pane windows on an RV

Does anyone have experience with dual pane windows on an RV? Yes we have dual pane on our 2002 Phaeton Are they effective to insulate against hot/cold external temperatures? We think they help, especially because they have the dark tint. Are they worth the extra money, when factory fitted? We think so. Is it possible to retro-fit a vehicle with dual pane? I would think custom windows could be put in. The frame is similar but if your sizes are not standard a custom shop may need to make them. I doubt you'll see any monetary gain from going to dual pane but your comfort level may be improved over single pane. It may make the resale better when that day comes because many folks have and love dual pane. Yes, you will find conversations on here about dual panes that have a broken seal and become foggy. I think it all depends on what brand of window you buy and their warranty. Our Heir windows/what Tiffin puts in have never gotten foggy in 12 years. Tony
sowego 04/22/14 06:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Wardrobe Space

As mentioned...either buy a rig with more closet space &/or trim down the wardrobe. Our closet is plenty big enough and we try extra hard to not take more than we will realistically use. Any off season items are kept in the back of a huge corner cabinet. We actually have too many cabinets...we can pack in too much stuff and have done so then hung our head in shame when we realized it was way too much! We are cleared out now and much happier! If you will be traveling all over the country all times of the year it does pay to have warm and cold season clothing items handy. We wear sweat shirts almost year-round here. Many times we've needed a coat going to the Rodeo the 4th of July. Just be real about what you actually will wear and what you just think you want. We are all creatures of habit...we go for that favorite shirt or jeans so do that...go with a few favorites, a few items for an occasional dress up event and get real about how the fulltime lifestyle is made for easy wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
sowego 04/22/14 08:24am Full-time RVing
RE: tv options

I'd give Dish and Directv to see what packages they offer. They have many options now. We received a flier from Dish a while back that they offered Internet through Hughesnet but I can't say if that is true now or for mobile. Directv used to offer Wild Blue for Internet as an add-on but don't anymore. If you are fulltime you can go with the "mobile" type service that gives you east and west coast feeds on Directv. We had to sign a form (over 10 years ago) that says you travel. However we now have that service in our house and MH and they didn't care how much we traveled. Most people these days use their smart phone for the Internet connection and satellite for TV. There are many area out "west"/plains and rocky mountain region where over the air TV is not available. Our nearest OTA station is 120 miles away!
sowego 04/22/14 08:12am RV Lifestyle
RE: Handicap Parking

All any of us can do is use the space if we need to and don't if we don't. We should indeed report anyone that knowingly parks in a handicap space who does not have the placard. In our area most people don't violate the law with handicap spaces.
sowego 04/22/14 07:46am Around the Campfire
RE: Carpet cleaners

We have the Little Green Machine from Bissel. It works great for cars and furniture too but since it is a portable you have to get down on the floor to use on carpeting. There are several upright carpet cleaners but they are a bit bulky for small spaces. For us the Little Green Machine works well to get back into all the small places in an RV. It is indeed electric not a battery operated unit.
sowego 04/22/14 07:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Leaky kitchen faucet

It looks like your faucet is similar to our home kitchen one. That center "gizmo" is a cartridge type valve. Remove the sleeve over the large nut that holds the cartridge in place, then the nut. On ours the outer ring isn't threaded on so it lifts off easily and the large nut holds the cartridge tight in the unit. You can then see if there's anything wrong below the cartridge. Ours is a Moen with lifetime warranty. We called Moen and they sent us a new cartridge for free. The bad news is our faucet is still dripping so...we are guessing the cartridge is bad so will be calling Moen back! But you can always just replace the whole faucet. Good luck.
sowego 04/22/14 07:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Electrical Shock!!

We did have that happen once. We took it to a repair shop. But they found out the micro/conv. was bad and shorting out. The dog discovered it when we went up the metal steps! But when we touched the awning rails we also felt it. The coach was under warranty and Tiffin sent the repair shop a new micro/conv. We've not had issues since then.
sowego 04/22/14 07:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Gray water dump

You can indeed dump gray water on the ground if you are somewhere it is allowed. Most campgrounds prohibit it because if everyone did that the ground could indeed become polluted with chemicals, cooking grease, food particles from dirty dishes,etc. and the smell would be horrible. If gray water sits in the tank it smells almost as bad as the black tank. We have never dumped on the ground anywhere except at home where we have a few hundred acres to do so away from the well and creeks.
sowego 04/19/14 08:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Day/night shades

For everyone but the OP who obviously wants a change, and I don't blame them FYI on day/night shades: *be sure heavy duty cord is used not the lighter weight stuff *the proper tension will make the string last. The shade should go up and down easy enough to not pull hard but tight enough they don't fall down. *I was told by one RV tech...always use 2 hands to operate them to avoid stressing one side more than the other OP: our best option: Mini blinds and other blinds available from retailers are ok but we have an old fashioned idea...curtains! A light weight semi-sheer layer using a tension rod within the valance will give you privacy during the day then a heavier layer will add insulation and privacy at night. If the valance is deep enough 2 tension rods with curtains will fit up there once the shade is removed. The best thing is curtains are much easier to clean than shades of any kind. Even with regular dusting and a yearly washing shades are hard to keep clean. Day night shades grab and hold dust like crazy. Curtains can be taken down to wash them as often as desired. The only downside to these types of window coverings...you will have to make them yourself of find someone else to do it because the sizes you will need aren't available ready-made.
sowego 04/19/14 07:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is it Just Me?? (Campground Websites... Or Lack Thereof)

Just because a campground doesn't have a good website doesn't mean they are worthless. Some bad campgrounds have websites! No matter how we find a campground one can never know 100% for sure that the experience will be 100% positive. Reviews are nice but not everyone responds with their positive or negative opinions.
sowego 04/17/14 08:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Dolly,trailer or tow?

Go to Remco Indutries or Blue Ox websites to see if your rig can be towed 4 down/find an RV dealership that sells those products. Some model years of certain makes are not towable 4 down. Also, check your owner's manual...it should tell you if it is towable and the recommended method/what you have to do to make that possible. Do that 1st and you'll know which method is possible rather that decide which you want to do.
sowego 04/17/14 07:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: where is spring?

It will be spring the day before summer! For us this off and on snow/rain is normal for spring. It's water so we aren't complaining. After so many years of desperate drought situations...this is great. Cheer up...go out camping anyway! All to soon it will be hot and dry...then we'll all be complaining about the heat and bugs!
sowego 04/16/14 08:21am Around the Campfire
RE: walmart

Its always best to call each store and talk to the store manager...only then will you know the truth.
sowego 04/16/14 08:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Clean water

We use the proper white water hose but we don't drink "where ever we happen to be/local" water or tank water. Even with 2 filters...we've gotten sick or just sick of the taste of water in certain areas. We always buy drinking water and use the faucet & tank water for showers and toilet.
sowego 04/16/14 07:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Life in the slow lane...

I hope I figured out how to do a clickable link... Visit...www.wagonteamster.com This site shows the travels of a guy who is on his 5th trip around the country with his wagon and teams of horses. Start with trip 1 to see all that they have been through
sowego 04/16/14 07:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Keeping stuff from sliding on countertop?

Many people do use velcro or museum/earth quake sticky stuff, even rug grippers. I know lots of folks will say they've traveled or years and nothing moved but...during a hard stop/emergency/accidents/pot hole anything that is not bolted down can go airborne and be a deadly missile. If you don't mind the idea of that coffee pot or canister heading for your head or the windshield...go for it. We even put a seat belt on our dog so he was safe in case of a mishap. We put all loose items in a cabinet, the closet or the shower before rolling.
sowego 04/16/14 07:34am General RVing Issues
RE: How cold should I expect?

2 way units do take a while to cool. We always put it on electric and let it take its time. So plan ahead and turn it on the day before you need it. You can speed up that cool down time by loading the whole unit with ice. If you are expecting the temp to be down to normal operating temps within a short time your expectations are unrealistic. It takes as long as it takes. We always give ours 6-8 hours minimum before we started to load
sowego 04/13/14 09:09am General RVing Issues
RE: What do you carry for protection?

We sometimes stay at military base campgrounds so we don't keep more onbooard than the attack kitty and nippy Auzzie! However if we decide we won't be on base during a trip..."whatever we decide to take along"!
sowego 04/10/14 07:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Today's Ben & Jerry's free cone day

That would have been great...problem is our nearest Ben & Jerry's is a 4 hour drive away then 4 hours back!
sowego 04/09/14 01:10pm Around the Campfire
RE: I've Got DUST

Check all roof vents, around entry door, and yes the slide. Dust will enter any and all openings. The bad part is dust can also come in through the window weep holes. The only way to slow that down is to put plugs in the outside in the weep holes when in storage and remove when you are ready to travel. But dust and water can also come in around the seam between the window that does not slide where it meets the sliding side and all around the slider too, especially in the track. We have dust big time too out in the country and when we get 60+ mph winds it can be like a dust storm. All we do is just keep cleaning. We found trying to seal off the windows better didn't help 100% and was a pain so we just vacuum out the window tracks and everything else often. Before we take a trip we spend a several days cleaning, loading and going over all the systems to be sure everything is working ok.
sowego 04/09/14 12:51pm General RVing Issues
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