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RE: memory foam mattress in cold RV

Memory foam toppers and mattresses will get rock hard in cold weather and it doesn't have to be that cold to get very firm and take a long time to heat up. We found the best option was to heat up 2 to 4 rice bags in the microwave then put them in the bed, 2 near the middle, 2 at the feet. Do this about 15 min before going to sleep and the bed will be cozy. I made the rice bags out of knit fabric from T-shirts I used for memory quilt. I used 1 quart rice for each bag...1 minute for each bag in the microwave will get them hot enough for the bed. I you don't sew you can use the center portion of a t-shirt, cut off arms and neck square and knot one end, add rice and knot the other. For smaller rice bags use socks, again knotted to keep in the rice. Use long cooking rice not minute rice.
sowego 02/07/15 05:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rookie Looking For Advice on Creating Travel Plans

As others have mentioned campground directories are a good start as are road trip planning computer programs and online sites. I do like the hear of someone's opinion on a particular RV park. But there are a few things to consider and tips...for your 1st long trip out plan ahead to select the types of roads you wish to drive on & research the 1st couple of days campgrounds along that route. After that...try "winging" it day by day. However we found it has always been difficult to guarantee we will make those certain stops on time. We found it's more "fun" to stop more often and on a moment's notice to see something between stops...that throws RV park reservations "under the bus"! Online Campground directories and printed books are good but both may be out of date. Always call ahead. I found another way to "have a look"...using Google Earth look up the campground and really "look" around, especially helpful to see how easy it is to find the park. However,images may be at least 1 year old. Call ahead, at certain times of year some areas are booked, in winter they may be shut down, etc. Always arrive during daylight hours no matter how well you have researched the site. We've had issues that caused damage because of the dark. Happy Trails...
sowego 02/04/15 05:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Colorado in January

I don't know if its open in the winter but try the train museum in Golden/Denver metro area. If you are up for a longer jaunt...the Georgetown Loop but then again...in winter they may be shut down. I'll do some research and let you know... The coloradorailroadmusueum.org is open year round. georgetownlooprr.com may not be..their website talks about the 2015 schedule to be posted in February.
sowego 01/09/15 04:50pm Around the Campfire
RE: How Cold is It?

It was -5 last night but warmed up to +14 today! Tomorrow and for several days thereafter we may actually stay in the 20s & 30s but nighttime lows will still be teens or lower... We've already had temps colder than this in November and a week ago when a city in our region dropped to -27. And we know we'll see a lot more. Hey, it's winter!
sowego 01/09/15 04:43pm Around the Campfire
RE: Side bath vs split bath

Ours has the split bath with separate toilet room.We prefer it over all others. The only one room bathroom I've liked in an RV was the rear bath models. Most of the other single room bathrooms are too tight.
sowego 01/08/15 06:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Record Low Temps in the Keys

The last time we were in the Keys in late February we arrived to high in the 50's so glad we still had the flannel sheets on but it did indeed warm up after that.
sowego 01/07/15 11:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Bark, bark, bark continuously!

I'd talk to the owner...I agree--they may not know their dog is barking while they are gone. To say the dog owners doesn't know isn't quite fair..they may indeed but give them a break...they may not. We did not know until a camping neighbor told us. So, we tested the theory...we pretended to leave, drove the car off a short ways and walked back and sure enough...he was barking. So, we began work on a solution...we made sure the windows were closed, curtains shut, the AC/heat set to run, left a fan running, and we always left a radio or the TV on so he couldn't hear any outside noise. There are toys available you can put treats in to keep them busy if they like toys, but our dog did not. It may also work to take the dog for a long walk and have a long play session to wear them out a bit. The owner may know the dog well enough to be able to find a good solution. Some dogs just can't handle being left alone in a strange place even though the RV is their home. You can jump to the end and call the office but why not think like a fellow pet owner and chat with the owner 1st!? If they are rude and refuse to do anything...then it's time for you to call the office.
sowego 01/07/15 11:17am General RVing Issues
RE: RV Sheets

We have some sheet clips that slide over the sheet and rope/ribbing on the mattress edge. They are easy to put on when you 1st make up the bed and keep the sheet tight as a drum. I've not seen them for years...I think we bought one set at bed bath and beyond but I'd check online places too like Amazon or Ebay. If you sew at all you can redo one end to make the sheet shorter. But I use the clips no matter if the sheets fit or not...I also hate wrinkled sheets. I just checked Amazon.com...type in sheet grippers...they have 2 different ones. I put them on the lower/close to the platform edge of the mattress over the sheet. It take a bit of practice to get them over the cording but once you get the technique down it's fairly easy. You can buy enough sets to put on all 4 sides (2 per side) if you want to. good luck!
sowego 01/07/15 10:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Full-Timing...what's your opinion...

We also agree. We've owned our rig since 2002, have made several long term trips that lasted most of a year, then did lots of short hops, and finally full timed while our home was being built. Living in the coach full time would be possible but not while rolling often...we just don't like being away from home long term. We live on the family farm which has been in my family since 1876 so we have no plans of going full time so I can spend time with my 85 year old parents & other family in the area,help run the place and just enjoy life in one place not have a different view out the window so often. We aren't just addicted to our stuff and we have a very adventurous spirit. The DH traveled the world aboard P3 planes for years, we've just found that after a while we just got tired of being on the move so much of the time. It's great to have your own grass growing under you feet! We travel back to Ohio to visit family and intend to keep doing short trips but after years of moving all over the country and traveling to many destinations...we just don't have the urge to see every square inch! And we've found that our country's highways and cities have become so populated being out in all that mess is not fun anymore. Our to-do travel list is short so it won't be too many years before we sell the rig. The view out our window at home is so awesome there is no way we wish to drag ourselves down the road to see something else. And I think it's ok for some folks to like to stay home more and travel less! I fully agree OP...your post was not a "cry for help"...just an honest start for a interesting conversation with other like minded folks!
sowego 09/13/14 07:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Any users of Express Script???

We've used Express Scripts for about 10 years. The only issues we've had is they changed the list of drugs they dispense and once in a while they have been out of stock of certain common drugs. We accept it takes days to receive our mail because we have 3 times per week delivery at home. We make sure to order long before our meds are to run out. We've never had to wait more than a week but standard delivery can take up to 10 days. We have no issues with the website and how we manage our orders. We've used our local pharmacy for short term drugs and some long term items and so far they have paid but not as well as if we did mail order. We too are on tricare and tricare for life with medicare and don't intend to change.
sowego 07/12/14 06:53am Around the Campfire
RE: To drive or not to drive - That is the question?

I am the female portion of our team. I do drive about 50% of the time and also help with hooking up and disconnecting the toad, the sewer, water and power. I know as much about the onboard systems that I can so if I hear or see something out of place I can take action. We switch off every couple of hours. I believe there should be two adults onboard need to at least be able to drive, especially in the case of an emergency. One can never know if the partner may have a health emergency or injury disabling them so having someone else onboard can handle the rig immediately! It also gives the driver a break so they can sit back and enjoy the ride or take a nap. In the case of solo travelers...they handle it alone but may stop more often to rest...that's what I'd do if I traveled solo. If the female partner should have lessons to handle the rig if she feels insecure about it.
sowego 06/11/14 07:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Minimalist married to clutter bug.

I also agree it isn't always the female partner who loads more of their stuff...guys can have a field day over loading too!
sowego 06/10/14 09:16pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Grain Brain

I'm all for a good balance of good oil but not a "lot". But I do not agree with cutting all carbs. The human body does need a balanced diet so if you overdo getting one item and eliminate another item it can mean big trouble. For example a diet of almost pure protein is bad for the kidneys.
sowego 06/10/14 09:11pm Around the Campfire
RE: I need multi-receiver satellite advice

We have had the mobile DirecTV service with the east and west coast feeds, one receiver in the MH, and 3 in the house, all on the same account. The east/west coast network setups work great when traveling and even at home we are used to watching some shows on east coast time and some on pacific time, recording as needed...even for us in mountain time...it works great.
sowego 06/10/14 09:01pm Technology Corner
RE: Minimalist married to clutter bug.

Do you load it up for her? Have her do all the packing and lifting and repacking when you return home and carry it in herself and perhaps she'll cut down. :) I am the dear wife and I fully support the above statement. I do the majority of the deciding of what to take and more than my share of the work loading and unloading. As newbies we broke all the rules and our backs toting around more stuff than necessary...we learned. We now pack lite and love it more! I have no clue why many other gals do just the opposite. The point all "those" gals need to understand...how much more fuel it costs to carry it all over the country, how frustrating it is to dig like a gopher to find and put things away, how dangerous it is to have so many loose items out on the counter going down the road/keeping all the cabinets and lower bays too full, and how much misery she may be putting herself & her family through. Why are they afraid simplify? I reckon it has something to do with the female nurturing/nesting/need to be prepared/take care of people deal...sad because it can all be done so much easier with more refreshing results...less is truly more! But you guys sure are kind to let your dear ladies do what they want. Thankfully my dear one and I see a fully loaded coach as an overloaded disaster in the making. Happy safe travels no matter how you manage to do it!
sowego 06/08/14 09:03am RV Lifestyle
RE: Whats U'r hometown famous for?

My hometown/near where we currently live is 3 miles from Fort Robinson where many soldiers were stationed for from the old west days through WWII, unfortunately where Crazy Horse was killed, & Walter Reed was once stationed. Fort Robinson is mostly intact, been restored and operated as an educational and recreational facility/state park. In town...any old west characters went through...Doc Middleton, Calamity Jane..as well as many prospectors heading north via the Sidney-Deadwood trail to pan for gold in the Black Hills. In hubby's home town of St. Mary's, OH--not far from the OP's hometown...the site of the Grand Lake Saint Mary's & it's canal system. There were oil wells in the water, in fact where the technique for drilling in water was developed.
sowego 06/08/14 08:42am Around the Campfire
RE: Splitting Firewood.

We've done the sledge and wedge deal...yes a whole lotta fun!? But if you split a lot of wood annually...buy a gas powered log splitter. It sure saves the trauma to the body.
sowego 06/08/14 08:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Severe Weather Approaching ?

ok, sorry, computer said it didn't post the message when it actually did...so I reclicked...sorry
sowego 06/08/14 08:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Severe Weather Approaching ?

When checking in at a campground ask if there is a storm shelter on site or the location of the nearest one. When a watch goes out...start putting yourself into alert mode watching the sky and listening to a local radio station, and prepping in case the watch suddenly goes to a warning (disconnect from power, cable TV and water, pull in slides, stow all outside items and decide what you will do if the watch turns into a warning). You can never know how long to wait. I'd not take the RV out unless you have many hours of time to respond. But with some of the huge storms we've had...you cannot really tell how far to go or in which direction. Just be prepared to leave your RV, take a "to go" bag and bug out to safety. Out on the road have a plan...have a weather radio on 24/7, keep an atlas at the ready so if a watch or warning goes out you can tell where the county is they are talking in relation to where you are and in an alert...know where you are & the area you are traveling in to. Be prepared to pull off at any shelter you can find before conditions deteriorate. Waiting out a bad storm in a Truck Stop is much better than being out on the road in the open. We also turn the computer on and using an air card connect to the Internet to see weather maps on NOAA, Weather Nation TV or The Weather Channel. (You can also do this using a smart phone or Ipad). Never try to park you rig under an overpass. In the past some folks recommended sheltering in overpasses but experts have now concluded it is more dangerous because winds can actually accelerate through an overpass not give shelter. We've traveled with a weather radio turned on 24/7 and been in tornado alley during a tornado outbreak. The weather radio went off with a warning in the Topeka area where we were. We saw the storm shelter right across from us but after watching what other campers did, which was nothing...we stayed in the MH. That was when we realized we had no idea exactly where we were in relation to where the storm was because the warnings go out by county and local landmarks, something out of towners don't know about. We all love our rigs but when it comes right down to it...save yourself and your family 1st!
sowego 06/08/14 08:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Thank you Tiffin RV

We've had our 2002 Phaeton since it was new. We've been to the factory 3 times, not because we needed to but because we wanted to and we happened to be close by. All of our issues were minor not major problems. We also had very good results. I also agree a dealership can fix most problems so Red Bay is not always necessary. We've been to Tiffin's factory during all those trips and saw how they do try to maintain quality control and do inspections and tests after they come off the assembly line but...with a rig with such complicated systems...obviously it is impossible to catch everything. Any issue that comes up later is taken care of by the dealership or a trip back to the factory. Tiffin handled our isses things without any trouble and many times at their own cost. Many brands of rigs have "issues" not caught at the factory or develop them later. More complete testing before a unit is sold should be the case for all manufacturers. We all know this whole deal is frustrating. I do agree with other posters...for the money we all spend on new units or our hard earned cash on used ones perfection is expected but can seldom be met. Always there will be someone who is dissatisfied with their unit or a unit that has minor issues. All any of us can do is talk to the dealerships and manufacturers and encourage stepping up their quality procedures or just don't buy an RV. But that would mean a lot of RVers would not be out rolling around the country. If we want to own one we have to accept that this rolling home is complicated--therefore owning and operating one will never be simple or cheap.
sowego 06/08/14 07:27am Class A Motorhomes
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