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RE: RV decision

OP, I'm sure you're right that RVs from the last 2 or 3 years are lacking in quality. I think that probably applies to trailers, 5th wheels and motorhomes alike. They were slapping them together as quick as possible and selling them as soon as they were made. For your first RV, I always recommend buying an older used one. Generally you need to figure out for yourself what type of rig you want. Maybe you want bunk beds for grandkids... maybe you don't. Maybe you want an outdoor kitchen... maybe you don't. Maybe you want a bigger unit, maybe you don't. You might think you want one thing, but when you actually start camping and see how you use the space you may change your mind. As others said, will you be in a resort setting or state forest setting? Are you camping for a weekend at a time or month at a time? Are you making reservations a year in advance and possibly camping in the rain, or last minute trips where you can avoid bad weather? Are you making meals inside, or are you cooking outdoors, or are you going to restaurants? Do you need space inside for TV, naps, crafts, etc? Then you throw in the Covid influence on slapping them together as quick and cheap as possible and I would strongly recommend not buying new. My family LOVES camping. Rright now we are in the season of life with softball and baseball games/practices in spring and fall, so camping has been been relegated to just the summer and our yearly Florida camping trip in the winter. We usually cook most meals at the camper, some inside, some outside. We need sufficient room inside the camper for stormy weather with three kids 10 and under. Until about a year ago, we needed a quiet spot for the youngest to nap while the rest of us were out and about. We camp at resorts, we camp at state parks. We do weekend trips, we do 3 week trips. It's very fun, very educational for our kids. But there are pros and cons to camping and the style of camping and the style of camper. The moral of the story is that its going to be quite difficult to determine where your style of camping fits until you've done it for a little while. Best to buy a used rig so if you decide you want to change it out in a year, you can probably get most of your money back when you sell it. Good luck with your decision. Like I said, our family LOVES camping. We are planning a cross country trip when I retire in 3 years. The wife and I are hoping to continue to camp as we age, as long as we are healthy and able to do so.
spoon059 06/04/23 11:20am Travel Trailers
RE: B&W Companion hitch removal

If only there was a better option. Say, a hitch rated to tow as much or more, and be so light a child could pick it up. Sure would be nice for those folks who aren’t full timers and want to use their truck bed….. Reese Goosebox. Then you have NONE of that in your bed.
spoon059 06/02/23 09:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: F250 upgrades

BUT the ONE THING you can't change is the Payload sticker or the VIN GVWR sticker. If involved in a crash, a hungry lawyer can take the and the owners manual that states many times that it is "UNSAFE" to exceed any of the max ratings. I never worried about getting pulled over for my load as the truck sat still a tick tail high with the 5er hooked up. Only suspension add was a set of Bilstein shocks. The payload sticker is for marketing purposes only and carries no legal weight. The GVWR is meant to give a guide for registration and carries no legal weight. If you are within the weight of your lowest rated component, you are fine. Your brakes are rated for more than the F250 rating. Your axle, engine, transmission, frame, wheel studs, wheels/tires (assuming 18", not 17"), cooling system, etc are all rated for more than the F250 rating. The class 2B rating is an arbitrary weight for registration purposes in some states. In Maryland, the 10,000 lbs rating is the line between what can drive in the left lane of some highways and what can't. Its the line between what you can drive through some neighborhoods and what you can't. It is nothing more than a number. Your truck is not going to explode over that number, nor are you inherently "less safe" if you carry 11,000 lbs instead of 10k lbs. Much more important are things like the condition of your brakes, your tires, the speed you were traveling, were you distracted (eating food? talking on phone? looking at the dog?) Did you fail to pay full time and attention to the road? When was the last time you changed your brake fluid? What have you done to keep your reaction time quick as you age? How old is that prescription in your glasses? Does that heart medicine warn you about driving? Arguing that an F250 is somehow less capable than a SRW F350 because of advertising specs is a very weak argument. There is SO much other stuff that is much more relevant and is glossed over every day on this forum...
spoon059 05/28/23 12:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: '21 RAM Big Horn 3500 DRW CC/LB 4x4 with NEXEN Tire WOES!

I recommend Goodyear Wrangler® All-Terrain Adventure With Kevlar® that is available in that size for far less than $2000. This is top line GY and will serve you well. I have these on my SRW Ram truck. Just got an email from Goodyear that they are running their Memorial Day sale. Use a Goodyear credit card for an additional rebate. I really like my tires.
spoon059 05/24/23 06:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Pink Antifreeze Stain

Water and a little scrubbing has always fixed it for me.
spoon059 05/19/23 06:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: No more training wheels

Beautiful truck, always loved white trucks! I had a 2010 Tundra that had adjustable headlights in the cab. There was literally a switch on the dash that let me adjsut the headlights down if I had a heavy load in the bed. I thought it was a great feature, but a little out of place on a truck with relatively low payload. I really wish that the Big 3 offered a similar option. My 2015 Ram squats a couple inches when we are fully loaded with the trailer, bikes, firewood, toys, grill, etc in the bed. That couple of inches makes my headlights shine higher. Its a shame that trucks that are meant for heavier weights don't have such an option!
spoon059 05/19/23 03:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 6.7 no start

My DEF pump went out and put me in threat of limp mode when I next turned off my truck in March 2022. We were driving back from Florida with the camper and full family in tow. Not only did the Savannah Ram dealer have the pump in stock (when many places were out of stock and backordered), but they had TWO diesel mechanics on staff with no other work. $2818 for a stinking EPA certified pump was rather unfortunate. Getting it done in a single day and letting me get back home for work the next week was a blessing.
spoon059 05/15/23 01:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Used Nash TT 22H model, any good? What's it worth and...

The bed is only a residential full size - 54" wide, so that would be a hard no unless I was single. I made a little "wall" with either a 2x8 or 2x10 (I can't remember the width of the little gap between the wall and the mattress) and we installed a memory foam Queen bed in that space. Had to cut a notch out up front to open the cabinet and had to climb into bed from the foot side, but widened the bed enough to make it comfy for 2 adults (And 3 little dogs).
spoon059 05/15/23 11:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Ram 6.7 no start

I'm not bitching about the price. I understand that. It's about the truck sitting at the dealer for a week before they checked the batteries. $175 of the $272 is what they charged to check out what was wrong. A rip. You sure?
spoon059 05/15/23 11:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge fall camping?

I am surprised to hear Anchor Down is not a quiet campground. It is very rural where it is located. I live closest to this one and go by it frequently. Through the summer camping season it is always full. It has beautiful views of Douglas lake and Douglas Dam and the mountains. It is a high-end CG. I didn't mean to suggest that it's loud, by any means. Its just a large, popular, kid friendly, resort style campground. We love it, we've stayed there twice now. It just sounded like the OP wanted more of a park like setting, whereas AD is more of a resort style.
spoon059 05/14/23 06:23pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Used Nash TT 22H model, any good? What's it worth and...

I had a 1998 Nash 22H as my first trailer. It was an EXTREMELY well built trailer. Mine was 7500 lbs loaded. I towed with a 2010 Tundra with the 5.7 and it was a perfect match. Given the numbers and lack of tow package on your truck, I would say it might be a little too heavy. Nash makes a solid trailer, they are heavy for their size.
spoon059 05/14/23 02:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ram 6.7 no start

$175 of the $272 is what they charged to check out what was wrong. A rip. I mean... you asked a question here, we ALL answered to check the batteries. You didn't. You took it to a dealership, used the time of a service advisor, a repair tech to drive it in and hook up diagnostic equipment, electrity, machinery, paperwork to write it up, service advisor to call you back, repair tech to drive it back in, remove and reinstall batteries, check it, fill out paperwork, drive it back out, etc. It costs money to run a dealership. I bought new batteries a year or two ago for less than half of what you paid. You chose the most expensive route, it's really in poor taste to place the blame on the wrong entity here...
spoon059 05/14/23 02:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: looking for help sealing a roof

What do you mean by "sealing" the roof? All that it needs is to caulk the seams with the front/rear/sidewalls and the roof protrusions. Anything else fixes nothing except a heavy wallet.
spoon059 05/09/23 06:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge fall camping?

September you can still be hot and humid. That's life in the mid-Atlantic! Later September into October should be gorgeous. Might be chilly, so buy some firewood. We have stayed at Anchor Down twice and love it, but it is NOT a quiet campground. It is a resort style. Plenty of great views of the Smokys over the lake. I haven't stayed there, but they have two campgrounds at the Douglas Dam. One is the headwater campground above the dam. They have water/electric sites. https://camprrm.com/parks/tennessee/tva-6/douglas-headwater-campground/?it=parks/douglas-headwater-campground/ They also have the tailwater campground, just below the dam and around a corner. It is right on the river below the dam. https://camprrm.com/parks/tennessee/tva-6/douglas-tailwater-campground/?it=parks/douglas-tailwater-campground/ Very pretty area!
spoon059 05/09/23 06:00pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Broken Leaf Spring

OP, I broke a spring while enroute to Vermont fall of 2021. Replaced that one spring on the road, replaced the other 3 when I got home. Fairly easy to do at home with a jack, some jack stands and hand tools. While I was at it I replaced the shackles with a wetbolt kit. I also upgraded from a 4 leaf to a 5 leaf and gained a couple hundred pounds per spring capacity. Springs weren't very expensive, neither were the wet bolts. Unless your axle is damaged, I wouldn't waste the time or effort replacing those. Springs and shackles are wear items, axle isn't.
spoon059 05/08/23 03:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: I Bought Too Much Truck

Bonus points if the bikes not on it and you can’t see the handy bars over the tailgate! Its a Harley, its ALWAYS on the trailer:B
spoon059 05/06/23 01:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 6.7 no start

I'm with turtle. I think your batteries are done. I have a 2015 with the 6.7 and my batteries went out about this time last year. These engines require a good amount of current to push them, especially if its a little chilly out. Try jumping from another truck and seeing if it starts. That way you'll know for sure... but I'd bet $1 its a battery.
spoon059 04/30/23 06:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: time for a diesel?

Plus you get the benefit of the exhaust brake with diesel Honestly, its the exhaust brake and low rpms of the diesel that keep me inclined to buy another diesel when I upgrade this truck in a couple years. Being able to safely control speed going downhill without worrying about heating up my brakes is very comforting. Until a gas engine can get similar compression braking, it'll be hard to change my mind. The other thing I love is the general lack of shifting in the diesel. Set the cruise at 68 mph and drive. Rolling hills and the turbo spools up a little and it keeps chugging. If I see a large hill coming, I downshift to 5th and let the turbo spool. When I had a gas engine, those little hills would downshift and rev the engine and the bigger hills would downshift even more and have loud revving up the hill. I know its fine for the engine, but the noise is annoying and tires me out more quickly.
spoon059 04/13/23 06:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Stuck in yard, ruts. Install driveway? Ideas please.

That is money WELL spent! Luckily my trailer is parked just behind my asphalt paved driveway, under a Carolina Carport. I had a load of asphalt millings delivered and borrowed my dad's tractor and spread it out myself. Its been 8 years and working out great!
spoon059 04/07/23 05:19am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Insane first RV trip plan?

On a related note, we are planning a cross country trip in about 4 years when I retire. Our kids are home schooled, so we aren't tied to traditional summer break to travel. We plan to probably travel April, May and June and hope not to make too many reservations along the way. We will likely make reservations at big areas where we intend to stay (Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Glacier, Mesa Verde, etc) and hope to "wing it" in between. We plan to have a smaller Honda-esque generator and travel with some water so we can dry camp in relative comfort a night or two. We are still doing research to see if this is a feasible plan. The biggest unfortunate for us is that we will likely be in a BIG camper for this trip. My memories from a family trip from my youth was that bigger campers out west in state and national parks were going to be tough if not impossible.
spoon059 03/31/23 05:49am Beginning RVing
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