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RE: New shocks?

I had a bit of porpoising with my 2022 Ram 3500 (4500 miles) crewcab longbed dually and a 4800# camper. Switched to Bilstein 4600's, it made a significant difference.
srschang 06/25/22 12:16pm Truck Campers
RE: First big trip - Newbie questions

We always fill the freshwater tank full before we leave. depends how much you're under you're weight cap. We usually put the deodorant in when we first use the toilet on the trip.
srschang 06/20/22 02:57pm Truck Campers
RE: What did you do to your truck today?

We have a 2 year old Northstar 12 STC with a Midi Heki skylight. We got back from a camping trip last week, and I unloaded the camper and started washing. As I was washing the front, I notice what looked like a crack on the frame of the skylight near the hinge. Climbed up on top, and sure enough, the skylight frame was broken the entire length from hinge to hinge. Not sure what happened, as we have never opened the skylight since it was new, and it didn't show any signs or scratches like I hit something. https://i.imgur.com/Ujrp9z7l.jpg https://i.imgur.com/X95ucM0l.jpg So after a little research and finding out a replacement window & frame is over $1000, I decided to see if I could fix it. I used 3M Panel Bonding Adhesive, I guess this is what car door skins & other body parts are installed with instead of welding these days. My buddy that owns a body shop swears by it. https://i.imgur.com/aEblQKrl.jpg I was able to return the cracked plastic to stronger than original. Luckily this part of the hatch isn't visible when the hatch is installed. https://i.imgur.com/rbDth4Pl.jpg Still not sure what caused the cracking, but I do remember when we got home from the trip, I was surprised to see the window latch bar Under the latch button instead of above the latch button as usual. Maybe the hatch was flapping in the wind on our trip home? Anyway, glad I caught it as we're leaving on a 12,000 mile trip from Buffalo, NY throughout the Pacific Northwest, up to Alaska and back starting in a week.
srschang 06/19/22 09:16am Truck Campers
RE: TC and MPG

We have a Northstar 12STC on a 2022 Ram 3500 diesel dually. Just got back from 450 miles around the "mountains" of central Pennsylvania. The truck/camper combo weighs 13,700#, and is 11' 6" high. Averaged 12.7 mpg.
srschang 06/12/22 06:10am Truck Campers
RE: Anyone Cancelling Truck Camper Trips Due to Fuel Prices?

Still traveling from Buffalo, NY to Fairbanks Alaska and lots of points in between. Traveling July, August, September, and back home sometime in October. We're estimating $10,000 in diesel fuel. Glad we took the money out of our investments before the market started to drop!
srschang 06/01/22 11:53am Truck Campers
RE: Lance TC - lithium - DC-DC charger question

Ah, but I missed this part. The chart above is alternator RPM, not truck RPM. Apparently my alternator is spinning 3.24 times faster than the engine RPM. https://i.imgur.com/1v3Mn2ll.jpg
srschang 05/20/22 07:11am Truck Campers
RE: Lance TC - lithium - DC-DC charger question

I found this interesting. This is for a 2019 or newer Ram 2500 & 3500 220A alternator which is my truck. The alternator really doesn't produce anything at idle. And it derates the alternator if the air temperature flowing through the alternator gets to 200 deg F. https://i.imgur.com/Mg23FgXl.jpg
srschang 05/20/22 05:43am Truck Campers
RE: Camper looks like its not level

The distance from the bedrail at the front of the bed to the camper is more than the bedrail at the back of the bed to the camper. https://i.imgur.com/MNMcXzCl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/mSu94Q5l.jpg
srschang 05/02/22 08:14am Truck Campers
RE: Camper looks like its not level

The weights are as follows (weighed at a CAT scale) Empty: Rear axle - 3600 Front axle - 5400 Fully loaded truck & camper, full water, propane, clothes, food, ready to camp: Rear axle - 8340 Front axle - 5360 Sticker on door frame: GAWR Rear - 9750 GAWR Front - 6000 I agree with you the likelihood of getting weighed is slim. But we are about to start a trip from our home in Jamestown, NY to Montana, up to the Yukon, throughout Alaska, down the Cassiar highway through BC, around the Pacific Northwest, and back home. And for $35 now I don't have to worry about the weight. You may be confused by the truck in my sig. I can't figure out how to change it. I've tried several times, and I must be changing it in the wrong place or something. My new truck is a 2022 Ram 3500 Laramie crewcab longbed dually.
srschang 05/02/22 06:39am Truck Campers
RE: Camper looks like its not level

I bought a 2022 Ram longbed diesel dually in January. When I load up my Northstar 12STC (4800# ready to camp), it looks like its leaning back as well. I was thinking about installing airbags, but the top and bottom overloads are just engaged as it is now. The airbags would lift it off the overloads if I try to make it look level. Don't want that. Instead, I reregistered my truck at 13,900# so it's legal. When the dealer registered it in January, they registered it for 9200#, which is 300# more than the truck weighs empty. I was going to leave the registration at 9200# and keep my fingers crossed I wouldn't get weighed, but the way it leans back makes me feel more likely to get weighed. Not a big deal, the difference between 9200# and 13,900# is only $35 / year. The worst part was waiting in line at the DMV - 3 windows open, 21 people in line.
srschang 05/01/22 01:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Maxxfan delux latent power draw

Every situation is different. I have a Pioneer stereo in my Northstar, and if I turn off power to it, when I turn the power back on, it goes into "Demo Mode", and has lost all it's settings. Since I reprogram it so rarely, it takes me 20-30 minutes to find the manual, figure out which of the numerous settings I need to change, and get it all reprogrammed. I really like the Pioneer when it's programmed correctly. I would consider buying a different stereo, but it's pretty much impossible to find out which models don't lose their memory if they lose power. So I leave the batteries connected during winter storage, and the stereo plus another mysterious phantom draw combined draw about .2 amps. I keep an eye on the cumulative draw with my Victron BMV 712, and once a month or so when they get low I plug the camper in to charge them back up.
srschang 04/28/22 08:36am Truck Campers
RE: Gas prices.

I was hoping the high fuel prices would free up some camping spots, but I guess not. The last couple days we've been trying to book single nights at campgrounds between Mobile, Alabama and Apalachicola, Florida. This is for 3 weeks from now. We got all the nights booked between campgrounds and Harvest Hosts, but man, I was surprised how many said sorry, we're fully booked. I know it's a pretty popular time in the Florida panhandle, but we've been going there for almost 20 years, and never encountered this many fully booked campgrounds!
srschang 03/13/22 11:45am RV Lifestyle
RE: Gas prices.

My wife and I bought a new truck & new TC a couple years ago to do our bucket list trip to Alaska. We had to cancel the last couple years because, of border closures, covid, etc. We're not getting any younger, and will do the trip this year. I did the math the other night, and at $7/gallon, will cost $11,200 in diesel up and back. I hate to spend it, but worse, I'd hate to cancel again and have something happen so we never make the trip.
srschang 03/10/22 01:27pm RV Lifestyle
RE: New polar cub Mach 8 AC and the Honda eu2000i question

My EU2000i always starts with 1 or 2 pulls if it's been run in the last few days. But if it sits for a month or longer, it's a good 20-30 pulls to get it started. But after all those pulls and finally starting, if I shut it off, it restarts in 1 or 2 pulls. Anybody else have this problem and been able to fix it?
srschang 12/16/21 10:22am Truck Campers
RE: Camper Battery doesnt charge while going down the road

You're not going to get much charging through the factory 7 pin plug. The wire from the alternator to the 7 pin plug is too small.
srschang 12/06/21 02:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Big Foot Truck Camper NO taillights. Any ideas?

I had the same problem on my Northstar. No / dim brake lights, everything else worked. It ended up being the camper plug where it connects to the truck plug. The contacts had gotten bent, and were intermittently / lightly making contact. Ordered a replacement plug with more robust contacts. Problem solved.
srschang 11/17/21 09:48am Truck Campers
RE: lithium question

Before I bought my 2 Battleborns a few years ago, I did a ton of research trying to convince myself they are worth the money. I seem to remember that the 100ah Battleborns are actually like 110 or 120ah. They set the bms to limit charge and discharge so the battery can only use 100ah. That way the battery never charges fully and never discharges fully, but you still get 100 useable ah. The battery does the 10-90 for you automatically.
srschang 11/10/21 11:28am Tech Issues
RE: I like it!

I wonder, on this and other side entry campers, if it is ever an inconvenience needing to have a fair amount of free space on the curb side to deploy the stairs. Both in a campsite and in the grocery store parking lot. I've considered a side entry but this worry has always made me wonder. What are peoples experience? We've never parked that close to picnic tables or cars in the parking lot to have an issue with the side entry on our Northstar 12STC. Of course I'm a door ding freak, and always park way away from other vehicles wherever I go. Walking the extra 50 feet into and out of the store isn't a concern - door dings are. As far as campsites - We've never run across a campsite so small that we had to worry about pulling out our 3 entrance stairs. I don't think we'd stay someplace that tight anyway. The side entry makes it much nicer when we're towing our SxS trailer - we can leave the trailer attached and still pull out our stairs as usual.
srschang 10/27/21 06:21am Truck Campers
RE: Vin vs door sticker

My guess is Ram adds heavier springs and shocks on the front end to compensate for the added weight of the diesel. So the heavier GVWR would be correct.
srschang 10/26/21 09:19pm Truck Campers
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