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RE: Liard Trail

Google Earth shows from their 2023 view that pavement ends about 12 miles north of the BC/Territories border.
ssthrd 10/04/23 08:20am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Small speakers on the wall?

IMO, decent speakers need clean power to get the best out of them. Don't know what you have to drive them, but if it's OEM, I wouldn't expect much difference.
ssthrd 09/24/23 01:59pm Technology Corner
RE: Are you supposed to tow 4 down with the steering unlocked

Clicky Seems logical to me that the front wheel caster will make the toad front wheels follow the TV. Like pulling a furniture dolley with a rope attached to the frame. Mine follows me nicely.
ssthrd 09/02/23 09:01am Towing
RE: Tire Recommendation for Tow Vehicle

I have used Toyo AT Open Country for the last 30k or so miles in all kinds of towing/hauling/weather situations, and have had only one issue with traction in snow. Mind you I am running 295's and there was a foot of wet snow that turns to ice as soon as it was compressed a bit. No problems at all after adding ballast. Wear has been excellent. Just a touch of tire rub at full lock which happens once in a blue moon. They are a little pricey, but I'll buy them again in a size closer to stock--probably 275's. They drive nice, and are not real noisy (to me). I should add that I had Blizzaks on my half ton, and was more than happy with them.
ssthrd 08/25/23 06:18am Towing
RE: Time to Part with Loved Travel Trailer

The following is my experience with consigning locally, but I have no idea how things are done in your area............... I am currently consigning my 5'er through one of the biggest RV dealers on Vancouver Island. I don't know if this is typical, but step 1 was to agree on a guaranteed amount back to me before they bump the price up by 20% which includes their anticipated wiggle room, and they look after detailing and advertising. Step 2 was to go over the simple contract which lays out conditions in the agreement. Step 3 was to drop the trailer off at their dealership where they take over from me. I have to maintain my insurance coverage, as they take technical ownership at the time of sale. A couple of nice things are that I can change my mind at any time and pickup my rv without penalty; and also that I no longer have to pay storage fees. They have half a dozen dealerships on the Island, and have a big audience. Their advertising will provide lots of exposure. One other thing that we considered before taking this step was that as a dealer, they have access to onsite financing which might make things easier for some folks who do not have $40,000 (eg) in their pockets. If they have a sale, they then go over any safety issues that need to be addressed, and will bill me for the required work. I went over my trailer with the dealer with a fine toothed comb before handing it over to them. Everything is documented in our agreement. Hope this helps.
ssthrd 08/10/23 06:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Moving an abandoned truck camper.

I applaud the efforts that these people make to correct other's transgressions. I would never say different. As you say, good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgement............. My apologies if I have offended you. That was not my intention, but I stand by my comments.
ssthrd 07/31/23 08:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Moving an abandoned truck camper.

Obviously the condition of the camper was not a concern. You missed the whole part about it being an ABANDONED camper. It's junk, and its ultimate destination is the landfill. Condition is not a concern whatsoever. There is no saving it. I DID get that message--thanks. YOU missed my point about my comments about their methods. Based on my almost 40 years of experience in heavy construction, (with the last 15 years as a project manager) I have seen the right way and the wrong way to accomplish many and varied challenges. I only tried to point out that if they were only trying to drag the thing out of the woods to a place where someone else could deal with it, no problem. However, if they were going to transport it down the highway somewhere, there were things that they may want to do differently. Problem for both of us is that based on a YouTube video clip, neither of us has a clue about what the real situation is.
ssthrd 07/31/23 06:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Moving an abandoned truck camper.

Love the wrecker, not so much their methods. Not to be critical, but I wouldn't want to hire these guys for anything critical. Mind you, git er done might apply here if it was never going on the road to get where they took it. Obviously the condition of the camper was not a concern. Another spreader bar would have been nice. Oh, and maybe a tie-down for each corner rather than one strap over the top to break the camper's back. More stuff to pick apart, but what do I know..... Don't try this at home.
ssthrd 07/31/23 09:59am Truck Campers
RE: Rieco Titan 2500# jack is binding.......

I had a look at a video on these things as you suggested Gd Thanks. I took the head off, and found that the shaft in the tube spins freely. As you would expect I guess. I swapped both rear heads (just plugged them in), and same thing. The bad one has continuity, so I figure it could be a broken gear with maybe a chunk gumming up the works. WD40 is my friend hopefully. I doused the screws holding the top cover on. One unscrewed nicely after a few taps with a hammer on the screw driver, but the other one won't budge. Rather than strip the head, I'll let it soak overnight and try again tomorrow with a few more love taps, and maybe I can coax if off then. Last resort is drill and easy-out. Hopefully I'll find an easy fix then.
ssthrd 07/24/23 11:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Rieco Titan 2500# jack is binding.......

Thanks NPJ. The inside of mine can't be much different than that. Time will tell.........
ssthrd 07/23/23 10:45pm Truck Campers
Rieco Titan 2500# jack is binding.......

Right out of the blue, the jack stopped, and would not work either up or down. I checked the receiver and found that the lights came on for all 4 jacks both up and down, even for the stuck jack. When I try the jack while charging the batteries with my generator (the batteries are fully charged) I put a hand on the jack motor, and can feel it trying to move both up and down, but it is definitely stuck. This tells me that power is not a problem, so the issue must be mechanical. All fuses are fine, and the other 3 jacks operate as they should. Anyone had a problem like this, and if so, what was your fix? Gears binding? I'm going to block up the RR corner and have a look, but a bit of knowledge going in would not be a bad thing. Thanks! Forgot to add that I tried to turn the spindle/motor with a ratchet, and it turned maybe 5 degrees before binding. Adding a bit more pressure (maybe 50 lbs ft) it let go for maybe another 5 degrees before binding again. Is there an overload ratchet system in these jacks?
ssthrd 07/23/23 04:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Removing cabinets

If you are that concerned about it, maybe gussets in unobtrusive locations would help both structurally and mentally.
ssthrd 07/23/23 09:42am Travel Trailers
RE: table top bubblig

Probably save some $ by buying something new that doesn't say "RV" in it's description. I didn't like the table top in our truck camper, so I made another one out of clear Red Cedar and used the existing hardware to mount it. Cost about 50 bucks for the wood and finish I have on hand--Spar Urethane for a tougher wear surface. Hate to blow my own horn, but my version looks way better than the OE version.
ssthrd 07/12/23 06:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: i pad or ?

I travel with MacBook Pro, iPad, and iPhone, but can do most anything with any one of them. Overkill mostly I guess. IMO, it's important that if you use more than one device, they should be compatible so that file transfers like pics or docs can be shared easily.. My preference is Mac--yours may be different.
ssthrd 07/11/23 07:45am Technology Corner
Duh! Only in Canada, eh.

Click I'd like ta meet this guy, but not on the road.
ssthrd 06/27/23 06:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Trip to Alaska

.... after a quick sidetrip up the Dempster to the Arctic Ocean. There is absolutely nothing "quick" about the Dempster. Beautiful drive, but plan a two or three days each way. Tombstone Park is amazing though. I would say that it was a "tongue in cheek" comment. :)
ssthrd 06/24/23 09:58pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Hwys closed and wild fires in BC & Alberta

For anyone with plans to hit the west coast of Vancouver Island any time soon, check this out.
ssthrd 06/13/23 07:35pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Pressure Reducing Regulator Setting

Pex is good for 160PSI, and the crimp joints are as good as the person who installed them. I have used 60PSI on my rv's for the last 15 years with no problems. 80 PSI in my homes. The last campground we were in, the line pressure was 120PSI............ Good idea to have and use a pressure reducing valve for sure. I believe that the generic "owner's manual" for the rv's that I have owned mentions 60PSI as a max.
ssthrd 06/13/23 07:24pm Beginning RVing
RE: Lance 1062 - Access to wires/pipes under the kitchen sink

Any doors/drawers that you can remove for better access?
ssthrd 06/08/23 05:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Hwys closed and wild fires in BC & Alberta

A couple of years ago when it seemed like the whole province of BC was on fire, we travelled in late July from Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia and back, the smoke followed us almost all the way across. Was much better in the Maritimes where we spent the month of August. The return trip was much better. The scenery wasn't the best, but the trip was great.
ssthrd 05/30/23 08:07pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
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