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RE: tire covers, yea or nay

I am in the sun basically 365 and never use a cover and never have had any cracking. I was too. Face is a bit cracked, but always had a shirt on so my spare tire is fine. I’m on the nay side.
ssthrd 07/28/21 11:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Looking for Recommendations on Floor Jacks

I assume you mean for the 5er. I've had one flat in 18 years. Used a 12 ton bottle jack. ^ What I have + wooden blocks.
ssthrd 07/28/21 11:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Transitioning Class A to Super duty truck and Fifth Wheel

C’mon guys. A perfectly legitimate question about two specific trailers. GVW, backing, or the reason for looking have nothing to do with it. Wish I could help.
ssthrd 07/27/21 05:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th Weel vs. TT - Length Off Tow Rig

My last travel trailer was 31 feet tongue to bumper, and my current 5th wheel is 35 feet overall. The effective length for both on my truck is almost exactly the same at just under 52 feet. The distance from the bumper to the centre of the trailer axles is also close-within a foot if I remember right.
ssthrd 07/25/21 01:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: America the beautiful

ssthrd 07/23/21 06:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: America the beautiful

Can’t see them either
ssthrd 07/23/21 03:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Speed limits

If one kid has an IQ of 100 and another gets in with an IQ of 100 the combined IQ would total out to about 60. bumpy None of us are as dumb as all of us... Well said, bumpy. Funny things happen when a couple of youngins get together in a car.
ssthrd 07/21/21 06:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Propane tank level monitor

Thanks for your replies! Looks like Mopeka is what I'm looking for. I'll check it out. I don't have room to attach a gauge because I don't have clearance on the door. I do have two tanks and leave one closed, but lazy old me would rather fill both tanks at once. Thanks for the ideas!
ssthrd 07/18/21 09:41pm General RVing Issues
Propane tank level monitor

Anyone use a tank monitor? What do you recommend?
ssthrd 07/18/21 08:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Speed limits

Totally agree. I believe that people drive at their comfort level regardless of conditions. Of course there are those that are either in a hurry for whatever reason as well as those who are nervous driving anywhere near the posted limits. And there are those who are oblivious to adverse conditions due to weather or heavy traffic. IMO, speeds on freeways should be enforced at + or - 10 whatever the limit is. Keep the +10 on secondary highways and go with - 20 to accommodate those not comfortable at higher freeway speeds. No stats, but I believe that the consequences of driving 20 under can be more serious than driving 20 over. For me, I tend to drive 10 over with truck only and 10 under when pulling my trailer.
ssthrd 07/18/21 08:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: WD/Sway Control

You might want to consider an Equalizer with 4 point sway control. Loved the one I had.
ssthrd 07/09/21 01:39pm Towing
RE: New Shank for 2021 GMC Sierra 2500HD

Just a thought...... if your jack is electric, have you had a look at turning it around? I had the same problem and gained a couple of inches. Enough to be able to lower my tailgate. I probably don’t have to point this out, but.... make sure you block the reach before taking the jack bolts off.
ssthrd 06/10/21 03:31pm Towing
RE: Diesel fuel at Card Locks across Canada

Thanks Soup. I ask because I don't have a registered company-it's for private use only. Do you think your son-in-law would hire me? Lol
ssthrd 05/30/21 03:14pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Diesel fuel at Card Locks across Canada

When you all use these stations, is there any hastle because you are a "personal" user and not a company user? I respect the fact that truckers are on a schedule, and I don't want to get in the way. Thanks for the heads up on the nozzle size.
ssthrd 05/29/21 10:57am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Diesel fuel at Card Locks across Canada

Thanks guys. I'll check them out.
ssthrd 05/28/21 09:22pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
Diesel fuel at Card Locks across Canada

It finally looks like road travel could open up as the Covid things is becoming more under control, at least in Western Canada. Our plan to travel from West coast to East coast to see family could happen this year. I have been having a look at fueling up at card locks and truck stops along the way so I don't have to deal with squeezing our 35' 5er into the usual gas islands. I did that with our 30' travel trailer and it was not much fun at times. I think I'm good in the West (BC to Manitoba) with Co-Op as they cater to non commercial applications as a group, but I don't know about Ontario to NS. Anyone have experience with this?
ssthrd 05/28/21 09:41am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Gain setting

Good to have an empty parking lot where you can get up to 20mph with gain set at six. Jam on the brakes if they lockup nock it down a number amd try it again. If they didn't lockup take it up a number. Whay you want is maximun braking without lockup Like this. ^ Keep testing till you get it right. Good idea to pull test every time you hook up. Keep in mind that a different trailer will probably have a different gain setting.
ssthrd 05/26/21 04:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Interstate highway conditions

So the question is, how much are you willing to pay to fix them? Gas tax revenue keeps getting less and less, You willing to pay a tax per mile you drive. Or maybe we should just keep on putting it on the credit card and hand the bill to our kids and grandkids like the infrastructure plan under consideration now proposes. This might be part of the issue, but the larger issue is the revenue that should be for infrastructure maint and improvement being re-directed to "other" things. Having been in supervision and management of Heavy civil, heavy highway general contracting since I got out of college, and having performed work in about 10 different states, from my standpoint, alot of the country is in a lose lose scenario. Many states are so far behind now, that even in the best of times, they cant even keep up, much less get ahead. The appropriation of funds is astounding, how much of the "transportation" budget gets used for other things. We have a large project going on in Seattle currently. $450M project reconstructing the last part of the SR520 approach onto the Lake Washington floating bridge. Of that total contract value (design and construct), almost $200M of it is being spent to effectively improve the Montlake neighborhood and provide a sprawling park/nature experience for the peds and pedal pushers, by way of building yet another lid over the freeway that is about 1000% larger than it needs to be to simply convey vehicles and all other multimodal traffic over the freeway. Talk about corruption....essentially the City of Seattle gets a free, massive, capital improvement project for it's residents and the transportation department and FHWA is footing the bill!With all due respect, this must not be a real problem because the same people making these decisions keep getting re-elected; for 20, 30 even 40 years. ^A perfect demonstration of politicians selecting priorities for their own gain. He/she might say "Can't see how the underground stuff is crumbling, and I want to get re-elected. Lets build a great big beautiful park/swimming pool/whatever that everyone can see and give me brownie points to use to get re-elected."
ssthrd 05/21/21 02:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Interstate highway conditions

We build beautiful roads and bridges in other countries, just not our own. In our 50 States road contracts go out to the lowest bidder who has to use the cheapest asphalt, the quickest methods and the lowest paid workers to get the contract. Roads fall apart as soon as they are built. In Europe they use high-grade asphalt with rubber bits to keep the pavement from cracking and falling apart, they do not hire the cheapest bidder. Their roads look like Main Street Disneyland. Ours are terrible. Our pavement ends at the white line, pavement needs to extend wider than the road as water damage occurs because there lacks margins. Many many problems Road surfaces have a design life of somewhere around 20 years depending on materials and design criteria. Concrete lasts longer than asphalt. In my opinion, asset management rather than a builders abilities is the bigger issue. In a perfect world, there are minimum standards (eg, asphalt mix design) that are included in contract specs, and qualified (hopefully) inspectors onsite to make sure that the materials and methods used actually meet those standards. If infrastructure managers have no idea about the life of the different parts of their systems, then they may get caught with their pants down when the road fails, the bridge falls down, the water main breaks or runs out of capacity, and on and on.... If money is not set aside, and planning is not done to ensure a continuous replacement program, big trouble is sure to follow. I have been over the bridge at Lake Charles, and later heard that it's condition was not far above condemn status. Scared the **** out of me........ Good asset management needs good funding, but unfortunately, the bean counters and politicians have different priorities because they don't understand the needs required to keep the real world running smoothly. My opinion of course.
ssthrd 05/21/21 11:33am General RVing Issues
RE: House trailer endorsement in BC

As a follow up, I took the drivers test this morning, and it was really just a piece of cake. The ICBC guide turned out to be the bible for the pre-trip, and the road test was a drive through city streets with lots of turns both left and right, and at the end I had to back into an abandoned parking lot with about a 30 foot wide entrance. Easy peasy. I screwed up the last part a bit by not getting out to check the ground where he wanted me to go (which I always do, but had a brain fart this time) and I backed up maybe 10' before sounding the horn. Backing up a 5er (for me at least) is a lot different than backing a TT. I am getting used to it now, but the first couple of times the trailer turned in before I expected it to, and I couldn't catch up to it fast enough to git er done. Anyway.... This one is in the books. Thanks for your help, Guys. Onward we go! EDIT: I whittled a stick with a crotch on the end to put between the steering wheel and the brake pedal so I could check the brake lights myself. The examiner thought that was brilliant! Lol.
ssthrd 05/18/21 01:59pm Towing
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