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RE: Dodge RAM flywheel

the vibration could be antwhere in the clutch system, pressure plate, clutch disk(most likely). least likely is the flywheel!
stevemorris 09/17/19 06:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Refrigerator Outside Vents

we had a similar situation with a previous trailer, not the vents but the space above the fridge. the fridge "cabinet" was sized for a larger 2 door fridge but a smaller single door fridge was used. there was a 10 or 12 inch high space above the fridge unused and open to the "chimney" area. i opened it up on the inside of the trailer and installed a box to close it in from the outside and added a cabinet door. bonus storage space!! a side effect of this was a better running fridge! our fridges are meant to be installed in a closed space with almost zero clearance except for the back which is technically "outside". the "chimney area is supposed to sealed from the rv living area
stevemorris 09/17/19 05:40am Tech Issues
RE: Help, need old a/c shroud replaced

local furnace/ac guys will have sheets of galvinized sheet metal a small local shop rather than a big glitzy place
stevemorris 09/14/19 05:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing a SAAB 9-3 behind Class A motorhome?

awd systems prefer that all 4 wheels are rotating at the same speed if one axle was on a dolly and the other on the ground, the center differential would be worn in no time at high speeds
stevemorris 09/11/19 05:57am Beginning RVing
RE: 30 Days Straight

hope your dad is ok 8 days is pretty impressive water and sewage is always the limiting factor
stevemorris 09/11/19 05:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Radiator performance? Life expectancy?

everything in the cooling system loses efficiency with age radiator, water pump, thermostat, hoses, coolant start with a coolant flush, might as well do the hoses and thermostat during that, there usually easy radiators do plug up and the fins get damaged, water pump impellers corrode away reducing the pump's flow
stevemorris 09/10/19 05:10am Tech Issues
RE: Pulling with 1/2 ton

our trailer has a gross weight of 7000, we tow with a 4door ram 1500 hemi 8 spd 4wd. we dont travel light but there's just two of us no issues towing, but i wouldnt go any bigger. like most of us, wind is the enemy as well as weight
stevemorris 09/10/19 04:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Jacking & moving without installing trailer battery

play it safe and use the manual override i dont know how many amps a powerjack uses, but the wire in the tow vehicle to the 7 pin may not be big enough
stevemorris 09/09/19 05:49am Travel Trailers
RE: AC/ Stabilizers/ F.Cap wax - need your thoughts

powered stab jacks? id replace them with heavier manual ones and use a cordless drill with a socket(dont forget to take the charger!!) i can set my 4 stab jacks in a couple of minutes, longest part of that job is walking around the trailer
stevemorris 09/09/19 05:25am Travel Trailers
RE: DIY project for Generator rack

no way!! the bumper isnt strong enough and 200 lbs plus on the rear is going to affect all kinds of stuff mostly related to tongue weight put the generator inside the trailer or tow vehicle
stevemorris 09/09/19 05:19am Travel Trailers
RE: When to Shut the Fridge Off

The specs are for haw far the fridge can be off level. The fridge is about 2 feet deep. My trailer is 8 feet wide. So to have the fridge off level by 3 inches the trailer would have to be off level side to side by 12 inches. That is a Lot! Front to back it is even more extreme. If the fridge is 2 feet across the front our 30 foot trailer would have to be off level by 80 inches. If you are comfortable in the RV the fridge should be fine. We have ours on for the 4 months we travel with the exception of going onto a ferry. The manufacturers spec is 3 degrees, not 3 inches. 3 degrees is about 5/8" per ft. Not as drastic but still fairly uncomfortable to have a rig 3 degrees out of level in any direction. I watched a guy take 35 minutes leveling his rig. Put a 2' level on A frame, pull up add block, back up place level, pull up remove block, add thinner one, back up place level. In camper with level, come out and pull up again. Made me dizzy. After about 12 manuevers he tells his furious wife, who has been sitting at picnic table watching while letting loose with colorful conversation in a loud manner "There you go Honey, we need not worry about the fridge". I should of asked him if he accounted for frame camber. I assume he was reading fridge leveling threads on some RV board. Whatever floats it for you I guess. I caught that 3 degrees vs 3 inches too, it was edited! I use a 2 ft level on the back bumper for blocking under the wheels, then unhook and level with the tongue jack(level inside the front door). then I turn the fridge back on its surprising how much a trailer frame twists and bows(camber)
stevemorris 09/09/19 05:02am Tech Issues
RE: Using Dryer's NEMA 14-30 outlet for RV shore power

As I said in post #2 do it right and add the circuit. The double 240 or if you have some single 120 CBs you can get those in double to make space for another standard 240 breaker. :) I had a thought , the 3rd wire on the dryer is not normally a current carrying wire but actually safety gnd so I wouldn't piggy-back these outlets. Maybe I was taught wrong years ago when gnd added to wireing code , was taught to never use the gnd for current carrying, it's there for protection. this is incorrect. Both driers and stoves(household types) require the 120 as well as 240. Remove the neutral and they wont work. the control boards, clock, motors etc etc require 120, hence the neutral
stevemorris 09/08/19 04:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Using Dryer's NEMA 14-30 outlet for RV shore power

yes the drier outlet/circuit can be used for a 50 amp rv, so can the kitchen stove circuit BUT, in ontario, canada and probably other provinces, it is against the electrical code. both the drier and stove outlets must be dedicated circuits and the electrical code specifically states that other outlets on those circuits are not permitted. a switch in that drier circuit, even rated for that heavy current, is likely not permitted either i have seen a similar situation, a guy i know wired a 30 amp, 240 v circuit into his garage using the central air circuit, thinking he would never heat his garage while using his central ac unit. good assumption BUT later somebody else could use that 30 amp plug for something else(big power tools for example) while the ac was on my electrical knowledge is also extensive as is my knowledge of the electrical codes and in ontario this is NOT allowed
stevemorris 09/08/19 05:23am Tech Issues
When to Shut the Fridge Off

we all know(or should anyway) that rv fridges don't like being out of level except when moving So when do you shut it off? I shut ours off whenever we're parked and its not level. shopping, fuel stops, campground checkins etc etc at campground checkins, the fridge is off until we're parked and the trailer is levelled maybe im paranoid, but my 10 yr old fridge and the two before it in other trailers are working great still
stevemorris 09/08/19 03:40am Tech Issues
RE: Anode rod necessary ?

why wouldnt you install the anode rod? put one in and dont empty your heater until winterization
stevemorris 09/07/19 06:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: smaller pull behind - single axle VS tandem axle ??

all of our trailers have been tandems, the 19, 24 and the present 26 had single axle popups years ago so i cant really state which is better. tandems are more maintenance, twice as many tires BUT as a casual observation, tandems seem more stable, less sway and bounce on the highway, this just from seeing them on the road. a flat tire on a tandem is almost a non event and changing a wheel is much easier usually(just need to pull or push the trailer onto a block under the good tire backing up is the same imho but tandems do exhibit tire "scrub" in tight turns which can be disconcerting overall i prefer the tandem mostly for the redundency
stevemorris 09/07/19 06:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Vinyl plank flooring - snap lock with history of success?

ive installed laminate flooring in three trailers, click locking stuff, wood based core(sawedust and glue!) great performance from all three even in the bathrooms extreme temps or humidity didnt seem to affect them at all the only not so good job was a really lightly built trailer(our second trailer), the floor was so bouncy that the laminate kept coming apart(unclicking) in a couple of spots. the third trailer(that we have now), a 10 yr old kz spree 260, the floor is great. i just ripped out the carpeting in bed area and removed the torn vinyl everywhere
stevemorris 09/07/19 09:20am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: For those that have had a blowout when towing

we've had two blowouts in 12 years and 60000 miles of towing absolutely no indication anthing was wrong except frantic waving from other drivers. they were one day apart, same side, different axle. im pretty sure the failure of one led to overloading the other leading to its failure the next day.
stevemorris 09/07/19 07:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Seeking Towing Guidance - Looking to pull TT with Expedition

that 1508 number is THE deciding number, not the 9000! you can pull a lot more than you can carry at least 10% of the trailer weight will be on the car, then add another 100 lbs for the hitch. dont forget a trailer battery and propane. most of that weight will be on the car. trailer weights are ridiculously low, look at the trailer gross weight for a more realistic number
stevemorris 09/07/19 06:54am Beginning RVing
RE: Welcome to Selecting a Hitch for Newbies!

as stated above, you will run out of payload long before you run out of towing capacity simply put payload is what is being carried in or on the tow vehicle. passengers, luggage, the receiver, the actual trailer hitch and the tongue wt of the trailer the "towing capacity" is what the vehicle will pull its pretty well a bogus number invented by marketting types, the same people who tell you their trailers are 3000 lbs and towable by anything! wind drag is also a killer to under sized tow vehicles. there is a huge difference between towing a travel trailer and a popup of the same weight. carry a sheet of plywood on a windy day and you'll get it!
stevemorris 09/07/19 06:26am Travel Trailers
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