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RE: winterizing

I once saw someone hook up the air hose to the Black tank flush... Just saying
suprz 11/12/19 03:25am Tech Issues
RE: Northshore Mass to Gettysburg PA

95 south, to route 9 in CT, then 84 south.
suprz 11/07/19 04:10am Roads and Routes
RE: RV Antifreeze

A gallon down each drain? Exactly how large are the P traps in your RV? A cup or so is sufficient in nearly all cases. Yes, cause there's always something left in the holding tanks too, no matter how long you drain them for. At least on my motorhome, there is precious little left in the holding tanks after letting them drain for awhile provided the RV is level or tilted towards the drain (driver's) side. The outlet is molded in even with the bottom of the tanks, and so they would drain as fully as a bathtub. The teeny bit of water left in the holding tanks has plenty of room to expand. The piping between the tanks and the drain valves are the main place there to be wary of, and they do get empty--or close enough to call it empty for any practical purpose--with a good drain. A cup or so down each drains is sufficient. A gallon down each drain is overkill. It won't harm anything, but it's unnecessary extravagance. But not an unnecessary "extravagance" for me. YMMV
suprz 10/29/19 05:53am Tech Issues
RE: RV Antifreeze

Use compressed air and blow the lines out, (make sure all faucets are open, and air is regulated to 30lbs psi, no need to get crazy) have hot water heater open, via anode rod or drain plug, THEN, pump RV antifreeze in like usual. Don't forget tank flushes and outside shower too. open faucets to relieve pressure once finished. And at least a gallon down each drain, and the toilet. A gallon down each drain? Exactly how large are the P traps in your RV? A cup or so is sufficient in nearly all cases. Yes, cause there's always something left in the holding tanks too, no matter how long you drain them for.
suprz 10/28/19 03:38am Tech Issues
RE: Running generator on a hill

Maybe google your vehicles tank?
suprz 10/27/19 02:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV Antifreeze

Use compressed air and blow the lines out, (make sure all faucets are open, and air is regulated to 30lbs psi, no need to get crazy) have hot water heater open, via anode rod or drain plug, THEN, pump RV antifreeze in like usual. Don't forget tank flushes and outside shower too. open faucets to relieve pressure once finished. And at least a gallon down each drain, and the toilet.
suprz 10/27/19 02:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Need your thoughts

It's hard to believe that so many ask for help with a problem yet give so little information about the equipment. There's no way to give a correct answer about an Onan Generator without knowing the complete model, serial number and "spec". I have an Onan Micro Quiet 4000 generator on my MH. The capacity of the oil sump is 1.6 quarts (or 1 quart 19 ounces). Because air can get trapped in the crankcase, it can effect the apparent level of oil when checking it through the oil fill hole. That trapped air can be negative or positive making the oil level appear to be high or low at the oil fill. The best way to check the oil level is to do it first thing in the morning before starting it when pressures have equalized. The best way to make sure you've got the correct amount of oil in the crankcase is to drain it and refill it with 1 quart, 19 ounces of fresh oil. It is a spec "K"
suprz 10/25/19 07:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Need your thoughts

I was just watching a youtube video that describes the problem with the generator. It seems that the oil dipstick is incorrect on these gens. I did an oil change recently and put the oil to the full mark. According to what I have read, and watched, the oil can be too full and cause the issue I have described. In any case, I have suctioned out enough oil so the oil level now reads in between the full and low mark on the dipstick. I will try the generator again tomorrow and see if that has any effect.
suprz 10/25/19 03:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Need your thoughts

Fuel filter or fuel pump. The filter is cheaper and easier. Is there more than a quarter tank of fuel? Yes, a bit over 1/2 a tank, that has been treated with Seafoam
suprz 10/25/19 12:19pm Tech Issues
Need your thoughts

My Onan micro quiet 4000 has always taken a few moments to start up when cold, but recently I have noticed that once running and warmed up after about 30 mins it starts to surge and gets progressively worse. I shut it off and it wouldn't start back up. I have the bay door open for ventilation, but I keep the access door on the generator because i know it needs it on for the cooling to work efficiently. I changed the oil and air filter recently. This last time it acted up it wouldn't start, I went outside and tried to start it from the switch on the generator itself. It still wouldn't start. I primed it and tried again and was successful after a few cranks.. But I just shut it off and let it be for now. This scenario happens if there is a load on the generator or not. I'm thinking fuel filter? Or maybe the pump stops once it gets too hot? Or vapor lock? It's only around 62 degrees today, so I don't think it's overheating.
suprz 10/25/19 11:50am Tech Issues
RE: Trouble with California

Just for kicks, and I don't know if this is still done or not but a number of years ago while traveling the New cross-over at Hoover Dam, there was a check-point. Not border patrol or Ag inspection but one that required all RV's to stop and open up your compartments( can't recall if they also entered the RV)…. it was a no brainer but I suppose that if you refused, you would not be allowed to cross. We were just there last month, cute little blonde girl with a glock, asked if they (another girl, and a guy) could search the RV. I said OK, then she asked if we had any weapons onboard and I replied YES.. She looked concerned and told me I could not proceed and had to go around and not over the dam
suprz 10/25/19 03:44am General RVing Issues
RE: How do they get in?

Mice have what amounts to cartilage for bones and can squeeze thru a 1/2 inch gap.. The only thing I know that they won't chew thru is steel wool. In my class C any openings get steel wool pushed into them, then I use spray foam to seal it up further. And the best deterrent is a outdoor cat. I regularly let my cats into my RV and let them roam around for a few minutes. I don't think the mice want to hang around if they smell cats. Only other thing I can think of is using something to put around the tires ( I think they don't like the smell of peppermint oil?) maybe a spray bottle and a few sprits every once in a while ? I would spray anything they can use as a way to get up into the vehicle. ( power cord, hoses, tires, etc...)
suprz 10/14/19 05:12am Tech Issues
RE: I Think I'm Outta Here

Don’t let the door hit ya in the a$$ could be one of the reasons right there It absolutely is. It is one thing to disagree from time to time, and have spirited debates. And I have. But never to the point of losing respect. Several times I found during the debates, that I was wrong, and learned something. Disagreeing is not the problem. Just being plain mean is a problem. The reason I come here is to learn, and to sometimes educate. I thought that was what it was for. X2! It's an unfortunate trend that has been escalating for a while now
suprz 10/07/19 03:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Well... I see a new trend

Half or most of them are E beggars. You can hardly get through a video without them prompting you to support them on Patrion, or buy their merchandise. Most of them have links to products they are pushing in their headliner that they get a kick back from. Seems like there are getting to be too many of them trying to get viewers to pay for them to rv. Many are young people. You got to wonder what their retirement will look like in 30 years, when they have not saved a nickel, and have never had a real job. Maybe I should have retired at 25, and went rving. Please, could everyone send me 20 bucks so I can rv at no expense to myself. Thank you in advance. have you ever made a decent video? do you know how long that takes? people that are supporting themselves through youtube are spending 50+ hours making video's if they have no other income. constantly creating content take a lot of work, if you don't want to support them then fine, but don't ***** if your watching for free. NOTHING in this world is free. and the successful ones are making decent money I don't care how long it takes to make a video.. According to a lot of them, it's their "JOB" so why shouldn't it take them 50 plus hours? I work that every week and I'm not on a permanent vacation! So I do not feel sorry for them at all
suprz 10/05/19 02:44pm Technology Corner
Well... I see a new trend

On YouTube, so far 2 of the RV channels have gotten a new Dish satellite system... How many more will post videos? Let's see.. Last month it was a cell phone booster... **** YouTube is turning into a infomercial channel! Like we don't know these slackers are getting this stuff for free
suprz 10/05/19 06:44am Technology Corner
RE: Gas water heater not turning on

Good grief........ Your spark electrode is double duty. Provides pathway for High Voltage Spark to ignite the gas THen it proivides pathway for the 'rectified' current produced by the flame burning that is used as the flame priving signal ----just milliamps but enough for circuit board to sense that dc current W/O circuit board receiving that signal it drops DC to gas valve so raw fuel desn't accunulate You have gas flow (cause you CAN lite it with BBQ lighter) You have Spark cause you can hear it CLick, CLick, Click Circuit board is sending the DC to gas valve/spark electrode and is locking out the operation after 3x failed attempts (Fault Light comes on) *Spark electrode gap ---too narrow/too wide ---no ignition (1/8" - 3/16") *Spark Electrode wire connection...MUST be clean and tight. High Voltage can flow but the milliamp current can easily be stopped *Spark Electrode MUST be engulfed in main flame when it ignites otherwise milliamp signal will not be sensed *Spark Electrode must be clean...no soot.carbon----clean it using emery cloth *Flame Spreader Plate (round disc) at end of burner tube must be squared/parallel with end of burner tube to properly spared flame out when it ignites *Grounds.......MUST have good clean/tight grounds *Connection at/on circuit board must be clean/tight This is the correct answer
suprz 10/05/19 06:28am Beginning RVing
RE: Suspension upgrade disappointment.

after 1000 miles I'm somewhat disappointed and still find it hard on my old shoulders to steer all of the time. I think it is better and probably needed done but I don't think it can be even better until the play is taken out of the wheel and no one has addressed that. Have already spent around 5K and really don't want to spend another $1000 or more. Comments? If the steering wheel has too much "play", the steering gears/box might be worth a look. My old Roadtrek (on the 2002 Chevy 3500 Express van) steering wheel had a lot of play in it, but I just got used to it. The other reason I didn't bother fixing it was the parts were obsolete. I could have gotten an after market steering box replacement, but I didn't think it was worth the effort for a bit of extra steering wheel play. I had the wheel bearings replaced, and put new tires on it, and eventually Bilstein shocks, all of which helped the tracking, but I never bothered to get the steering parts replaced. Maybe you could/should get yours checked? My thoughts also. Once all the bushings etc are gone through, if problem persists, there's only one thing left. Steering box itself
suprz 10/05/19 06:24am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Progressive EMS is growling at me/Loud hummmm

SEND IT BACK. Should not make ANY kind of noise. Mine is less than a year old and it hums. Not too loud but it's noticeable if you listen for it. Google it and it's a common problem. Some do some don't. But they still work even if they hum and show no codes. Now, at 10 years old... Cheaper ins to check into it, and maybe replace
suprz 10/01/19 03:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Quit RVing

What about getting a seasonal sight at a local campground? It's "sort of" camping. :W
suprz 09/30/19 06:03pm RV Lifestyle
Anyone here upgraded their headlights?

My 2006 E450 headlights are "ok" I guess for regular night driving, but my eyes aren't what they once were. Are there LED conversions for these headlights? I have never changed one, so I don't even know if it's a sealed beam or a bulb kind of set up. Just looking for ideas for upgraded lighting for driving at night when it's necessary
suprz 09/28/19 01:51am Class C Motorhomes
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