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RE: Would You Camp at a Place Like This??

I would not use it. If it's the same price as the KOA with all the amenities, I'll take the KOA. Now if the price were half that of the KOA I would use it. I mostly stay at COE campgrounds anyway and don't need or want to pay for the pool and arcade or onsite store. Plus with my America the Beautiful pass I pay about half the going rate of COE campgrounds.
tdiller 02/06/20 06:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Traveling in a group— How do you handle it?

This same sort of thing happens with groups of motorcycles. There is usually three of us on the bikes. Me, my wife, and my son. We each like to ride a bit differently and will sometimes get separated. I'll usually stick with my wife but we just tell my son we'll meet up with him at our destination. My wife and I have a helmet communications system that can use bluetooth or our cell phones for a longer distance of communications. I can be ahead and let her know of any road hazards or traffic. Or I can call my son who is probably waiting at the appointed meet up spot. When we camp with friends it's pretty much "We'll see you at the campground"
tdiller 02/05/20 07:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Help with towing math and trailer /vehicle specs

You will be fine with that.
tdiller 12/30/19 09:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Is dash cam evidence allowed in an investigation

Funny I read this post yesterday and just last night as I was babysitting my granddaughter while my son went to the doctor, my son called me on his way home to tell me that he was delayed because he was a witness to an accident. He captured it on his dashcam and mentioned it to the officer. The officer took his memory card form the dashcam as evidence. So now he has to buy a new memory card. My dashcam on the other hand allows a wifi connection to my smartphone so I can transfer the video file to my smartphone and then do what ever with it. Like email it to the officer. The officer aint going to go for that. Its a chain of evidence thing. He'll get his card back (may have to be a pest in some places), but it'll be a while. Hardly worth the effort when a micro sd card is so inexpensive nowadays. Same thing happened to another camera we had in my wife's store when someone broke in. The officer took the sd card and we never saw it again. At least this time the video was also uploaded to my phone.
tdiller 12/30/19 06:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Is dash cam evidence allowed in an investigation

Funny I read this post yesterday and just last night as I was babysitting my granddaughter while my son went to the doctor, my son called me on his way home to tell me that he was delayed because he was a witness to an accident. He captured it on his dashcam and mentioned it to the officer. The officer took his memory card form the dashcam as evidence. So now he has to buy a new memory card. My dashcam on the other hand allows a wifi connection to my smartphone so I can transfer the video file to my smartphone and then do what ever with it. Like email it to the officer.
tdiller 12/27/19 07:04am General RVing Issues
RE: potty without the rv

Several years back we were returning home from a trip late at night. My wife had to "go" very bad. I saw a sign for a gas station at the next exit so pulled off and drove the three miles into town just to find said gas station closed for the evening. As we were returning to the expressway she really had to go so I pulled over so she could go in the field next to the road. Well that "field" turned out to be a cemetery so I accused her of pissing on someone's grave. And after getting back on the expressway the next sign we see was a rest area sign not more than 5 miles ahead.
tdiller 12/27/19 06:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Very detailed article on furnaces and their cleaning

Please do not follow the instructions to use a pencil eraser to "clean" contacts. Todays circuit boards have the thinnest amount of material used for contacts and will erase away in no time. Instead find some spray tv tuner cleaner or use a q-tip with some isopropyl alcohol.
tdiller 12/17/19 06:49am General RVing Issues
RE: senior pass

I'm a veteran. I never took anything from our government. Didn't use the GI Bill or a VA loan. I couldn't get into the VA. So now I get a discount on camping and free entrance into National Parks. How about our government stop spending billions on illegals. How about congress cut their own pay and benefits? How about cutting back on welfare? Those of us who worked our butts off,stayed out of troubleand served our country deserve a break. Thank You for your service. I too am a Veteran. IMO, the only Vets who "deserve a break" are the draftees, the rest of us "volunteered".You are sure touching the third rail here, and I agree. Joining the military today is a voluntary choice, no matter what the motivation. Yes, many join because of a sense of duty, honor etc., but others join for a job. Remember the old recruitment campaigns of "see the world" and "learn a Skill"? Not much appeal to honor and duty in that. I can make a case for "duty and honor" in almost all professions. Heck, the guy who drives the trash truck fulfills a duty of keeping our cities and towns free of garbage. When I am unclogging a sewer line in the park I am honoring a solemn commitment to provide my guests with the best vacation accommodations I can. I respect the job everyone does, not just the job of those in the military. The other third rail for veterans now is the combat versus non-combat veteran. I've seen a few facebook sh*tstorms in veterans forums about the combat versus non veteran.
tdiller 12/10/19 09:20am General RVing Issues
RE: exchanging propane cylinder that came with TT

thanks for the quick replies, consensus seems to be just swap and move on. It's only a single tank on the tongue, so no worries of matching collar heights or anything like that. Seems weird that my tank, which came new with a brand new TT 3.5yrs ago has a bad valve already. But I'll just swap it. thanks again everyone! If I owned such a refill operation I would inspect the tanks before filling. I wouldn't want an old out of date or defective tank to become a liability.
tdiller 12/06/19 11:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Back up camera

My Flagstaff 22' TT is prewired for a wireless Furion Back up camera. Can I use a different brand and what is a quality Brand? Yes you can. Many sell an adapter to the furion mount. I bought a camera with a wider field of view, adapter, and a larger monitor at tadibrothers.com for ab out the same price as the furion.
tdiller 10/30/19 05:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cuts to the Senior discount coming?

If I was a private or the equivalent with a family I would certainly try to get a military discount considering their pay rate, which is very low.Did I miss where the draft was re-instituted? While it is certainly the right of a business to offer any discount that doesn't violate the law, those in the military chose to be there. The pay might be lower than private industry is some instances, but the benefits are generally bigger. Lifetime health care thru the VA, retirement after 20 years regardless of age, housing allowances and the like are not a normal perk in the private sector. In my opinion, those benefits tend to balance out any inequity in pay. You misunderstand the rules of enlistment. 1. there is no lifetime healthcare at the VA unless you have a service connected injury. There is also a tiered approach to health care at the VA depending on different criteria. 2. Housing allowances rarely cover the cost of housing which is why often several single military folks will rent a multi bedroom house and split the cost. For families this benefit is mostly because spouses can not easily find work to support housing costs with all the moving around military families do. 3. There are many civilian jobs that offer the opportunity to retire after 20 years of service. Most though are union or public sector jobs.
tdiller 10/22/19 01:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cuts to the Senior discount coming?

The article did not mention the access pass for disabled folks so I'm wondering if that too may be subject to these same changes.
tdiller 10/22/19 01:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Modern Food?

Eating out while traveling is one of those things that can be dangerous. I know of several road warriors who have gotten food poisoning. So I make it a rule to stick with the chains unless some local person has made a recommendation. I also have learned over the years that you don't eat pizza on the east or west coast and you don't eat seafood in the midwest.
tdiller 10/16/19 09:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Winter Camping - Golf Cart

Hello! I am new to seasonal camping and have one season behind me. This summer we purchased a club car golf cart, electric, and now that it is coming into the winter months I’m not sure how to proceed. Our campground is a 12 season campground and I enjoy going up to the mountains and camping in the dead of winter… I love the solitude! However, I’m on sure about the care of a golf cart over the winter months. Do I need to take the batteries out and store them? Or is it like A car that as long as I started up every couple of weeks I should be OK? I do go up to the campground approximately two Dash three times a month. I’m not sure whether people do anything with the golf courts over the winter months… Any advice? ~Heidi On my motorcycles I always plug the battery in to a battery tender when not using them. I don't remove the battery from the motorcycle. It seems to be working since I have had the one battery for almost 9 years now and still going strong. I know I'll probably have to replace it next season.
tdiller 10/16/19 09:08am General RVing Issues
RE: how to level a trailer

i cant remember the best place to put a level when leveling a trailer is it the floor right by the door or on the a frame of the hitch or where Only thing I care about is that my head is not lower than my feet when I crawl into bed. I setup and leveled to the fridge and put those stick on things on the front and side of the trailer. the numbers on them seem to correlate well with how many blocks I'll need under the wheels. If I'm off half a bubble I don't really worry about it. If you travel down the road with your fridge on it's never very level anyway so being off a bit when parked is not going to be much trouble.
tdiller 10/16/19 09:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Sewage Follies

That is a strange smelly set up. I couldn't watch. I would be gagging! As far as the honeywagon, we camp at Darlington, SC for the NASCAR race each labor day and have been doing it for 15+ years. The honeywagon comes around sucking out campers. We have also always been concerned about tanks collapsing from it. We were talking to a worker this year that owns the company that has been doing the area we camp in since we have been going. He said he has never seen or personally heard of a tank collapsing, and like he said, if it happened, word would have probably spread fast and they would have been run out of Darlington County for good. If you are worried about the tank collapsing just find a way to hold open the toilet flush ball. Air going in would keep the tank from collapsing. I also suspect that air would be sucked past the valve before the tank would collapse.
tdiller 10/15/19 07:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Deceptive traffic citations

If this is a first for you it may be worth going back to court and getting supervision. You'll be on a probationary period which when completed without any further infractions is removed from your record.
tdiller 10/09/19 11:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Rocks?

I put rocks in campfire to heat them so I can place them at the foot of my bed to warm my toes I recall a scoutmaster who melted his sleeping bag doing that. He even wrapped the rock in a towel or two first and still melted his bag.
tdiller 10/08/19 10:00am General RVing Issues
RE: What do you want in a campground?

Main reason I got into camping over 40 years ago was to live in nature for awhile. No manicured campgrounds with a mowed lawn or pool. Wanted to camp in woods, desert or mountains. I've changed a bit over the years and can appreciate various settings hopefully with a level site, electric and water. Just spent a few days at Brown Co. SP in Indiana.Nice. I'd give the campground a B (no water hook-up). Then on to Shelbyville Lake in Illinois, USAC campground. Good. A mixture of woods and mowed grass. But no view of the water and still no water at the site. B-. Then to Meramec SP in MO. Big, wild park but the huge campground was featureless. Within 50 yards of the beautiful Meramec River but not even a glimpse because of the brushy shoreline. Real shame. C-. Honestly might have been effected by the heavy rain resulting in a humid mess because of the low position of the campground. What do you look for? I don't know which campground you stayed in at shelbyville lake but the Frank Bo Woods COE has water sewer and electric hookups.
tdiller 10/02/19 12:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: News for Service Connected Vets

I'm looking forward to "checking out" some of the campgrounds. I'm not planning on using them like some full timers do. Rather as stops on my way to or from a destination. Now if there is one close to the destination I may sign up for a week or so but I notice some have a 30 day stay limit. I'd never be there that long. As for the exchanges, like many businesses they are moving to all online stuff. It can keep inventories low. Food items are a different story. Even 40 years ago when I was active the commissary was often more expensive than outside even considering you weren't paying sales tax. About the only things less expensive were smokes and booze. I don't smoke and as I age I'm less interested in booze.
tdiller 09/27/19 07:11am General RVing Issues
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