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RE: 6 or 12 That is the question

Simply put, 6V golf cart batteries are designed and manufactured differently. Specifically they are design for multiple deep discharge (about 25%)/charge cycles. 99% of the 12V batteries will have a shorter life if you discharge them that much. A pair of golf cart batteries can store about 220Ah of energy. A Group 24 RV battery, only 75Ah. Even the larger Group 31 batteries can only store about 100Ah. Yes, a pair of golf cart batteries will cost more than a single 12V, but not twice as much?
theoldwizard1 08/03/21 03:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best Quality Travel Trailers

The problem is multi faceted Sizes and features that buyers are demanding, versus not only quality and cost, but also weight. If you want ease of towing, you want a light trailer, but light means less robust construction if you are to maintain a low price point. True ! But I believe that on a $20,000 TT, an extra $2,000 can buy a lot of improvements. Like a better roofing system. Better wall construction and subflooring (several manufacturers tried honeycomb and fiberglass floors; they failed because they did not add addition structural bracing underneath). Would you spend an extra $5,000 for a true bumper-to-bumper 5 year warranty including all of the appliances ?
theoldwizard1 08/03/21 03:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best Quality Travel Trailers

When the public stops buying poorly assembled RVs quality will improve. Sad but true !
theoldwizard1 08/03/21 02:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Talk about voltage drop (12v)

What brand is that panel meter ? Some inexpensive meters are known to be off by 10%.
theoldwizard1 08/03/21 02:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Which battery for small travel trailer

LiFe?? Nicad are not ideal for camping... Ampere time does not sell NiCad batteries.
theoldwizard1 08/02/21 08:20am Travel Trailers
RE: Catalytic Connverter

CA requires OEM only or certified catalyst. Take it to NV for repair.
theoldwizard1 08/02/21 02:59am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Need help for locating a new Generator box

Exposed generators attract THIEVES !
theoldwizard1 08/02/21 02:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Parasitic current draw on tow vehicle

Any recommendations for a quality VOM? I'm tired of cheap junky ones. Uni-T UT210E. $50 on Amazon This also includes a current clamp so you do not have to disconnect the battery ! Another way to test for current draw is check the VOLTAGE across each fuse. Most cars have 2 fuss boxes. One under the hood and one under the dash.
theoldwizard1 08/02/21 02:56am Tech Issues
RE: Which battery for small travel trailer

I always have problems keeping batteries charged and kill them. So this time I purchased a AmpereTime solid-state 200Ah Nickel/cadmium battery. It's an awesome battery that is good for 2000cycles and will last many years - but the issue is that it needs 14.6V for charging and neither the tow vehicle, the camper converter on shore power (13.63V) or my solar panels will deliver that kind of oomph. First, I believe that is a LiFePO4 battery. Yes it needs higher voltage to properly charge. Invest in a new converter and solar charge controller.
theoldwizard1 08/02/21 02:50am Travel Trailers
RE: New, low cost 100Ah 12V LiFePO4 battery !

Given the power density of batteries and the danger of a fire in an RV, I'd never buy a cheap off-brand. The only reason I mentioned this battery is because it got a very high rating from Will Prowse. $399 100Ah 12V "Zooms" LiFePO4 Battery Review If you have not seen any of his YouTube video you need to know that he has been evaluating and testing solar equipment for over 4 years. I trust his opinion. Here's what happens when you puncture one (no explosion, but an impressive jet of flame): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07BS6QY3wI8 The first test he did shorting the termanals, which did nothing aside from melt the termanals, would have caused a lead acid battery to expload. Concur ! This is why a fuse should be as close as possible to the positive terminal on the battery and the positive post needs additional protection.
theoldwizard1 08/01/21 07:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Elect. start generator.

With no specification on power draw, we are all just shooting in the dark ! The Samlex EVO-1212F is a simple "plug and play" https://samlexamerica.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/EVO-1212F-front-GFCI-670x496-1.jpg height=480 width=640 Just add batteries like a Zooms 12V 200Ah LiFePO4 Battery Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Deep Cycle https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/7163bOvJOnS._AC_SL1500_.jpg height=480 width=640. You also need a some battery cables and a mega-fuse.
theoldwizard1 08/01/21 07:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Dashboard Alternator light

So if that light on means the alternator is shut down, ... Your 1991 E350 is "old school" and works the way others have stated. Your Chevy likely does not work the same.
theoldwizard1 08/01/21 07:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Dashboard Alternator light

Well now that every one is through guessing, here is what's happening with your alternator light. The alt light gets a + voltage from the dash when the key is turned on. The light sees a - voltage on the other lead from the alternator when the engine is NOT running and the alternator is NOT producing. Sorry, you information is more than 20 years put of date ! IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY ANY MORE.
theoldwizard1 08/01/21 07:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Dashboard Alternator light

Suspect it is the light circuit getting grounded ( he says, "earthed") when solar comes on or getting a high resistance from the solar coming on, which will make the dash light come on it says here: https://www.howacarworks.com/ignition-system/troubleshooting-the-ignition-warning-light That diagram is OUTDATED by at least 20 years! No cars work that way any more. The PCM tell the alternator/regulator to raise or lower the voltage. If the desired voltage can not be achieved, the PCM sends a message to the cluster to turn on the light.
theoldwizard1 08/01/21 09:58am Tech Issues
RE: Elect. start generator.

IMHO, a good set of batteries and a small inverter/charger/automatic transfer would be optimal. Yes, it would be a lot more expensive, but no one is going to have to hook up anything when the power goes out.
theoldwizard1 08/01/21 09:51am Tech Issues
RE: Dashboard Alternator light

What I don't know. I'm still not convinced that Ford didn't program the idiot light to show an over voltage condition. I disagree ! As stated, the PCM controls the voltage. If it is not within the range of the desired voltage, the light come on. That range is very small.
theoldwizard1 08/01/21 03:29am Tech Issues
RE: Dashboard Alternator light

... presumably because Ford thinks 14.6v is to high. Couple of questions. Do I care? As far as I know, 14.6v is not excessive and the condition should only last a couple of hours until the charger drops to absorbtion mode and a lower voltage. Actually the PCM controls the voltage and yes, 14.6V is too high. First, confirm the voltage at the vehicle battery with the trailer and solar. Now disconnect the trailer. I'll bet it is about 13.2V. High voltage will shorten the vehicle battery life.
theoldwizard1 07/31/21 01:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Why do I keep blowing out tires on my truck?

All tires have been factory size at LT265/70R17. All have been E rated 10 ply. Current LTX M/S are rated at 3195 lb at 80 PSI. Very similar to the other tires I've had. You still need to verify the weight on the rear axle ! Seems odd, but you may have to shift to 16" rims and LT 285/75R16 tires which have a higher payload. What does the door sticker say for tire pressure ? If you are filling them to 80 psi cold, they will be running more than that hot !
theoldwizard1 07/31/21 01:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2011 F250 Steering

It tracks very good and stays straight when I let go of the steering wheel. I'll have the alignment checked and go from there. Has anybody else had a problem like this with their Super Duty? 2WD or 4WD ?
theoldwizard1 07/31/21 11:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: Time to swap the Refrigerator?

I will never own another RV that does not have a compressor refrigerator ! Whether it is AC only DC doe not matter much to me.
theoldwizard1 07/31/21 11:26am Tech Issues
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