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RE: Border Crossing Headed To Alaska

Trackrig gave great advise. Research what you need. When you hit the border have your paperwork filled out: Neat, Complete and Accurate. This demonstrates that you have invested some time and effort, and you are not wasting the officer's time and you respect their rules. Extra copies of everything. Sign forms in front of the officer. Have correct change in the local currency (unless baksheesh is normal), or a CC in civilized areas that will go through on the first try. Don't be the ugly American. Never go though customs drunk, only made that mistake once. My favorite Canadian question: "Have you ever been fingerprinted?" Answer: "Yes, losta times for work, that's how they know that I am me." Don't want gun questions going into Canada? Bring one, I am a hunter, so have a good reason, and the advise on rules and paperwork above. The Canadians are professional and polite, just play by the rules. And have the proper attitude, no griping about the rules, their government, blah, blah. Talk to someone from another country about entering the US, if they are on the USA's fecal roster. Canadians on the whole are some of the nicer people on the planet.
thomas201 10/01/21 07:15am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Can anyone in Alberta Help???

As Bugs Bunny would say, ain't this "screwy in St. Louie". At the end of the day the same people with the same camper go to the same places in the USA. Then governments say "shame on you for gaming the system". That is of course the system that they created. However, I did a similar thing. I flew and rented a camper in Alaska, since I could not drive across Canada. It was cheaper than transporting my camper. Price the rental option before you pay the transporter, I mean it might be cheaper to rent something at your destination, or rent a car and stay in motels. Just saying.
thomas201 09/19/21 06:54am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Diesel exhaust fluid sensor failure

Think this one through, in a Ford 6.7, if the DEF heater fails it will also leave you walking, if not repaired in a reasonable (?) amount of time. So in a week that the daily temps were above 90, my truck had to be parked until the parts arrived. Not much chance of the DEF freezing a couple of weeks back. You would think that the truck could read the outside temperature and know that the DEF is not frozen and the emissions are working. Makes me want to slap my fellow engineers up the side of the head. Rant off.
thomas201 09/16/21 03:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th wheel lube

I also came from the big truck world. The plastic plates are great on our 5ers, no so much on the big trucks. However, grease works great, but as you know it is messy.
thomas201 09/13/21 05:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New to RVs.....A Few Newbie Questions

Think of it all as a system. The parts have to fit together for the best experience. The towing is going to be more stable with duals. However, do you play in the mud? Drive the beaches on the outer banks? Drive in snow to ski or sled? Maybe then a single rear wheel. Any homeowner association rules? Do you drive the BWI parkway? Like to use the hammer lanes? Then maybe the dreaded 3/4 ton, or the horrible 1/2 ton. Answer "yes" to any of these and you really limit your camper choices. Answer "no" then pick the camper first and then second pick a truck rated under SAE J2807 (I think all of the big 3 comply) for the pin weight and tow capacity to fit. Chevy, Ford, Ram they are all good. Diesel or gas, under the ratings both have pluses and minuses. Hard to beat the puck systems, unless you use the rails to tie stuff down. Short bed if you need it for tight spaces, long bed for traveling. Sad to say, you may have to order well in advance. Wait times stink right now on our toys. Unless you already drive fifth wheels, a big empty lot, some cones and practice will help reduce stress in backing into the campground. Also work out a system of signals with your co-driver, and be prepared for the occasional discussion. Make sure you know how to jack up the camper (I use a wedge) and change a tire. Try it once at home and see what you forgot. Get an extra set of bearing, race (cone), seal and store them in a can of grease. Even if you cannot, or do not want to change them, it is nice to have on a Sunday afternoon in Nowhere USA. Parts can be a bear for campers. Now hit the road, see you round the campfire.
thomas201 08/31/21 07:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: ATI gasoline aux tank test pressure

One other tidbit to consider. It might not be necessary to close off the rollover vent on the deck tank, and make a closed system. Taking the weight of gasoline to be 6.3 pounds per gallon, you only need about 3 feet of head to equal 1 psi. Now, for the EVAP system the test pressure is 1 psi, so the operating pressure is lower. This explains why in the installation instructions, it is suggested that you may have to close up the system, not you must plug or plumb a return from the rollover valve. You still need a return line from the gas tank to the deck tank. ATI sells a fill line insert, that has two taps, one for fill the other for return. This would make a simple and safe system that does not set a check engine light. You are close on pressures, but I will try the safest/easy way first.
thomas201 08/20/21 12:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: ATI gasoline aux tank test pressure

I have dug into it a little. For gasoline, if you want a deck tank and want to use it as an aux tank, then ATI is maybe the only one. You have to use a pump, return line, and probably close up the system to prevent a check engine light. (Does Titan make one yet? They are pricey.) I plan to wire it in with a timer, and pump gas from 1/2 to 3/4 of the truck tank in my travels. I have found that people make mistakes, so just like my work days, I run the math again. Even more so when it concerns my own health, safety and property. When you consider that the flash point of gas is about -40 degF and a pick up has plenty of ignition sources, then yea, I am going to look at the system, before installation. The cap on the aux tank still needs its own pressure/vacuum reliefs, I don't want to suck it in or pop it from a line kink. Three thoughts: Don't make anything you can't unmake. What have I forgotten? How can I make it better?
thomas201 08/20/21 06:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: ATI gasoline aux tank test pressure

Tip of the lid to ATI. Operating pressure should not exceed 2.5 psig. I will assume the test pressure is 3 psig (just like my diesel tank). The normal max test pressure on a EVAP system is about 1 psig. So, if Ford does not rewrite the book on the 7.3 EVAP system I should be good. A 2.5 to 3.0x safety margin warms the cockles of my engineer heart. Burst pressure, is probably somewhat higher, however never put it to the test.
thomas201 08/18/21 05:14pm Tow Vehicles
ATI gasoline aux tank test pressure

In the right kind of meeting I would say: "Hi, my name is Arnold and I am an engineer", but this isn't that type of meeting. Before I buy a new gas pickup, can someone tell me the test pressure on the side of an ATI gasoline auxiliary gasoline tank? By law it has to be there, so if someone could just look and let me know. I have the question out to ATI, but no answer after a few days. The reason is that to prevent a check engine light, I will probably have to close up the vent on the tank and run at the vehicle fuel system relief pressure. Now I still need to find that number!
thomas201 08/18/21 10:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: It's been fun

Another vote for a set of triple dual (or dual triple) chains. You can go anywhere, you should want to take such a rig. Practice putting them on and off in the driveway. Get chain pliers, hammer, 3 or 4 spare cross chains, with a hand full of cold shuts. All in the right sizes. Special note, they can tear up paved driveways.
thomas201 08/18/21 06:25am Truck Campers
RE: Just beginning to do homework

Another vote for Churchs' book. You may also find that as you go North the long hours of daylight make you forget about sleeping. DW and I flew to Fairbanks on Memorial Day and rented a truck camper for two weeks. We had blackout curtains, but we found ourselves only sleeping 3 to 5 hours each "night" and we felt good. Much more time to travel and/or see the sights. If we had planned everything out, we would have lost a lot of opportunities.
thomas201 08/14/21 01:34pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Go ahead...give it a try....

If the fines do not work, are they also banned from Canadian travel? Are Americans still turned back at the border for a DUI conviction? Maybe that would be more effective than just money.
thomas201 07/31/21 06:43am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: EV's I know there are folks better versed than me in here

Nobody but me uses a thunder jug? With the jug, cooler, and deck tank, why do you need to stop?
thomas201 07/31/21 06:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: EV's I know there are folks better versed than me in here

Not that I think that other car makers are any better, but you need to pay attention and cut through the hype. Marketing and sales are not always your friends. Car and Diver did a test, same car, no prewarm either time and 3% to 100% on charge. This was a Tesla Model 3 LR: "Although the total energy expended was 1.1-kWh more at the V3 Supercharger, about 40 percent of that difference was due to more energy being wasted at the higher-output station. The overall charge time at the 250-kW Supercharger was one hour and six minutes, saving us two minutes over the 150-kW charger, which filled our battery from three to 100 percent in one hour and eight minutes." Car and Driver, 4/20 EV's are getting their for my use, just not quite yet. Your Mileage May Vary
thomas201 07/27/21 11:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Battery electric has competition

Why pick a winner before the game is played? Look at the delivery cycle for electric/Hydrogen. When demand is low, use the excess capacity at power plants to split water into hydrogen, replace natural gas with hydrogen, use it to cook, heat houses and fill up cars. At one point you could even buy a home compressor for your nat. gas car. Problems, hydrogen and carbon steel don't play well together. Big advantage, it can be stored like natural gas, electric's biggest problem is storage. I'll give you one better. It can use either seawater or fresh, and you can draw in atmospheric carbon dioxide and make carbon monoxide from it. It is carbon neutral, while current electric and hydrogen not so much. The Nazi's fought a war with it and South Africa still runs an economy with it today. The Fischer–Tropsch process makes both gasoline and diesel fuel. You need air, water and electric. A very old process, and it can be added right into the fuels we use today. You don't have to build a billion new cars (the carbon dioxide payout on an EV is what 3 to 8 years depending on the electric source?), just run what you got. Replace the fuel, not the cars. The US Navy will probably be first, since fire kills ships, not holes in the hull as most assume. From Wikipedia "the US Navy recently discovered a low-cost catalyst made of Molybdenum Carbide plus Potassium to enable synthesis of Jet Fuel/Diesel on board nuclear carriers, using seawater as the feed stock. If the price for solar energy continues to decline, in the near future it may actually become more economical to produce cleaner burning carbon neutral synthetic fuels than to pump and refine petroleum." With the nuclear teakettles on carriers they won't have to carry all that jet fuel, just make it as you need it. Once again why pick a winner? Let carbon dioxide production, safety, cost with discounted cash flow rate of return be you guides. I'll take thorium reactors with Fischer–Tropsch fuel production for those reasons. I'll swap over to fusion, if the physics boys and girls can ever get their act together.
thomas201 07/26/21 12:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F250 Short Bed Adding Diesel Auxiliary Tank

I put a 41 gallon tank in my 2012 short bed F250. The filler neck is just above the rails. I have over a foot between the 5th wheel and the tank, just in case I ride the pin over the 5th wheel. My 5er is light on the pin and I am still about 300 pounds under on weight. My tank is offset all the way to the passenger side, to haul a 2 person kayak when not towing. Now I can drive all day, and only have to fuel once. Cured my range worries.
thomas201 07/21/21 05:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Possible Canada boarder opening mid August

You are just trying to get our hopes up. I do hope it will help the businesses that depend on tourist dollars.
thomas201 07/16/21 06:37am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Glad I caught this

"Easy Out" multiple big lies, it ain't easy and it might not come out. I wish I was smart enough to make something better. A left hand bit and running the drill in reverse sometimes works, sometimes drill it all out then tap a new hole. You did the most miserable job of them all. Good catch!
thomas201 07/12/21 05:05am Truck Campers
RE: No shots...not getting in.

Don't spin your wheels too much on false documentation. The number of people who want to cross to Canada, and willing to falsify documents is small. Then subtract out the number that have antibodies from a very mild bout of Covid, and it shrinks to almost nothing. Remember:"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes, a Latin phrase from the Roman treatise Satires of Juvenal, written around AD 100", you know "Who watches the watchers". A corrupt government official (how many of those around?) is all you need to enter your info into the database. My last experience with this was over 10 years ago, a nice lady was selling CDLs with full backup (test scores, driving history, testing sign off, the whole thing) near Baltimore for $300. Even though we and other employers reported something "funny" to the state, it still took a couple of years for her to be arrested. There is not much you can do with the leakers, but really how many will there be? So why not allow those of us, willing to provide documentation, entry? And if your current system is so good, how do the new variants make their way in? Just asking!!
thomas201 07/09/21 06:53am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: New F-150 Electric P/U

I am recently back from a 2 week trip to Alaska that included traveling the Dalton to the Beaufort Sea (Arctic Ocean), so no power between the Northern Moosed Campground and Deadhorse, unless it was a generator at Yukon Crossing or Coldfoot. 400 + miles one way, so EV's are not ready for prime time yet. We still need to run the Dempster and the trans Labrador. We are a camping forum, so it is reasonable that the "normal" here would be different. Now go to the name of the forum, "Tow Vehicles". So how far will it tow a 10K travel trailer, or 5er. With the A/C on, or the heater. In a six hour day? An 8 hour day? or A 10 hour day. How about a 15K 5er? These are important questions on a towing forum, not so much on a "commuter car" forum. Until we can get some answers to these questions, they are just interesting, not must haves.
thomas201 06/29/21 03:45pm Tow Vehicles
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