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RE: Catastrophic Fuse

The fuse was apparently installed at the wrong end of the battery cable. Swap that fuse and cable end to end. The risk is a short to ground at some point along that 5' connection.
time2roll 05/17/22 12:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Lance TC - lithium - DC-DC charger question

60a fuse is 20% higher than the maximum draw to avoid nuisance disconnect. Still plenty of protection if there is a short. A 30 amp DC-DC charger can easily pull 45 amps if the input voltage is sagging. 10 volts in 14 volts out = 40% more amps needed + efficiency losses. Although #8 would seem to be fine for the input side, #10 for the output. Best to mount the DC-DC charger close to the battery that is charging. No issues with 270 or 240 amp alternator.
time2roll 05/15/22 03:32pm Truck Campers
RE: how long can one store a gas engined motorhome?

Drive moderately and use up the gas on the way to the destination. No issues. Checking the tires and other equipment should be the routine for every trip.
time2roll 05/15/22 03:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Upgrading converter

The WFCO very likely is chronically undercharging the batteries from not shifting to boost mode. The PD4635 and PowerMax PM3 MBA series will both work far better. Both excellent for winter storage. Both compatible with a lithium battery if that is a possibility next time battery is needed. Winter trickle charger starting with a large partially discharged battery will never catch up.
time2roll 05/15/22 01:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Gas fridge on the move?

I have read adding some fiberglass batting from a home furnace air filter to the inside of the lower vent will reduce wind buffeting when at speed. Turn off the propane? Need to see that in the owners manual.
time2roll 05/15/22 09:24am Truck Campers
RE: Boondocking on Oxygen Can it Be Done?

Should not be an issue with all that equipment. Go have some fun.
time2roll 05/14/22 09:56pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: AGM Deep Cycle batteries

The converter is a WFCO 55 amp. I’m sure it’s original In a 2009 Cedar Creek. Seems to me this converter will not start to even charge if the temps are really low.Good time to upgrade the converter and stop undercharging the batteries. Although I assume the WFCO never hits boost voltage putting 14.4 volts on the battery. This is also the reason the charging is terrible at low temperatures. No particular reason to go 6v in AGM format. I recommend Lifeline if going AGM. AGM is a bit better at freeze resistance but can still be damaged if low on charge well below freezing.
time2roll 05/14/22 09:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Upgrading converter

Thanks for the input. I did measure the red and white leads coming from the converter with no battery hooked up and it measured 14.65 (aprox). I measured the white ground and red lead in the battery compartment and it read the same. I then hooked up the batteries and measured, 12.something, don't recall the exact number. That tells me that when not hooked up the converter is trying to charge at max level, then when hooked up it is going into float mode? maybe?... I will unplug the trailer, measure after letting it sit for a bit, then measure again in the morning - to see what draw I get overnight. I have checked every light, etc, nothing is on that can be turned off. Any other suggestions?If the voltage drops from 14 to 12 when a load is attached it would seem to indicate the converter is shot. The battery should jump up in voltage half volt to a full volt from the resting voltage when connected to the WFCO.
time2roll 05/14/22 06:28pm Tech Issues
RE: New to lithium battery

Yes I have a stand a lone lithium charger (portable unit) not install yet. This is what I am trying to find out where I can use the house charger, or only use the Lithium one.Either or both is fine.
time2roll 05/14/22 05:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Upgrading converter

I apologize for hijacking this thread. I am interested in a possible converter upgrade as well. First, I have a WFCO WF-8935 - 30AMP, not 55AMP. Trying to decide if I have a battery charging problem or battery problem. I have 2 2year old 6V Duracell batteries. When I put them on an external charger, they charge right up, but aren't holding the charge for long. Using the installed WFCO charger, they never seem to get to full charge status. This is a new problem as I just installed the batteries after winter storage a couple weeks ago. We are getting ready for memorial day weekend and turns out I booked the wrong site with no power or water, not sure how I missed that. But, we have a generator and can top off the batteries, just don't want to do that every day or even try to get away without using the gen if I can. Question 1. How do I test to see if the converter is working correctly and charging the batteries? I feel like I'm not putting my leads in the right place, only ever getting a little over 12v DC. Question 2 if I replace the converter, what is a good substitute? Will the PD 4635WV slide right in? Is there a case to go larger? 45 or 55 AMP? If so, what else do you need to change? Any other suggestions? Not a newby to RV's but have never had to mess with the electrical system other than switching to 6v and finding a disconnected ground which caused my electrical system to not work... Thanks in advance for any advice. Just an FYI, not switching to LiIon, Not adding solar... etc. What I have works when it's working. We only boondock 3-4 times a year and the gen works fine to recharge the batteries when it works. We try to camp away from other people when we can.8935 is a 35 amp converter. Probably a 30 amp RV that distributes 30 amps of 120vac. Less than 13 volts on any converter is shot. May need to check fuses and such depending on where the test leads are connected. OK to remove and bench test. Probably not going back in anyway. The most direct replacement would be the PowerMax MBA 35 amp. https://powermaxconverters.com/product/pm3-mba/
time2roll 05/14/22 05:02pm Tech Issues
RE: New to lithium battery

Let me add a little more info on the equipment in question. My house converter/charger is a WF-9845 which has 3 step charging Bulk/quick charge 14.4 Normal charge/13.6, then a trickle or float charge 13.2 volt, but nothing in the manual does it mention anything about "Lithium". The battery is a 200 AH with a 2560 WH. If this helps. Thanks for the good info,That WFCO is fine. Not sure if it will ever see 14.4 volts but is fine if it does. There is no metric or lithium electricity. It is just about voltage and the WFCO falls well within range of the battery specifications. Connect the battery and enjoy some camping. Nothing is immediately needed to change.
time2roll 05/14/22 04:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Email Issues - Just looking for ideas..

Rather than just deleting spam emails, report them as junk. It takes a while, but if you do that consistently, those emails will automatically go to your junk folder.I agree. Deleting is not enough. Report as spam.
time2roll 05/13/22 10:04pm Technology Corner
RE: Lance TC - lithium - DC-DC charger question

Protect the 270 amp alternator from what? I bet the charge line fuse is 40 amps and it will not have any trouble. I can't tell if the plan is to push more amps or to limit-reduce amps. I recommend to connect as designed and see what goes. I think the OEM system will be fine.
time2roll 05/13/22 07:16pm Truck Campers
RE: New to lithium battery

Best to dig in and find the converter make and model and post for best answers. Same with the solar. Need to know the charging voltage. Most are actually quite compatible with drop in lithium batteries. Actually some lithium converters are worse than standard converters. May as well post what battery was installed.
time2roll 05/13/22 05:11pm Tech Issues
RE: 6 Volt RV batteries

Recently my 12 year old pair of Trojan 6V batteries finally needed replacing. Looking around the Trojans were north of $250 each!!!. $1,000 gets a set of four? Building a lithium battery is getting to be an especially good value.
time2roll 05/13/22 10:46am Tech Issues
RE: Lifepo4 float setting?

Time2roll, It is true my rv is modified for cold use. That was the determining factor for the number of house batteries, so I could run a block heater for 3 hours at -40. I have boondocked at -37c (-34 f). Moving Sue and Photomike have me beat--they have both done -40. One of my modifications is a magnetic block heater for the generator. But -20 (-4 f) is quite common where I live. Again Li are super batteries when full time, or no low temperatures.And the thread is about float values of LFP. Best to start a new thread about low temperatures and the effect on batteries etc.
time2roll 05/13/22 10:41am Tech Issues
RE: Lifepo4 float setting?

Stir find me an Li battery that provide 9C for 5 seconds, 4C continuous, and be charged at -40. You may find that is unobtainable. As to size, I have room for 7 Group 31, so that is not an issue.Why would I need 9,000 amps, or even 4,000 for that matter?? If my battery actually drops to even -20 my energy and heating systems have failed to the point I am already rolling out. I mean propane does not even vaporize at -40. I would have to assume utility power is available at these temperatures(no battery required). Temps at -40 is an expedition vehicle and preparation is far beyond virtually all RVs. No reason to proclaim this as an ordinary criteria for an RV on this forum. Better suited to an expedition vehicle forum. https://www.globalxvehicles.com/uxv-max.html
time2roll 05/13/22 09:42am Tech Issues
RE: Lifepo4 float setting?

You need 14.x to get those ions moving better. Once there you can lower the voltage Lower charging voltage than 14.6 needs more time so keep Float voltage same as Bulk longer too till desired SOC is reachedI respectfully disagree.
time2roll 05/13/22 09:37am Tech Issues
RE: Lifepo4 float setting?

I'm still confused about float with LFP batteries..Is it better to be in float or bulk the majority of the time? Off-Grid Garage say's one should set float and bulk the same therefor it is in bulk mode charging when the sun is out vs floating or using battery capacity..Depends on the purpose. If there is several days battery capacity there is no reason to keep the float close to bulk voltage. Certainly don't want to go into the evening with a low battery and not make it through the night. Also if charging at 14.2+ a lower float voltage will be lower stress on the battery. I believe off grid garage is solar charging at 13.8 bulk so dropping the float is less important. Although once charged 13.4 to 13.6 will keep the LFP fully charged. Anything above resting voltage will be fine.
time2roll 05/13/22 07:50am Tech Issues
RE: Lifepo4 float setting?

Everyone knows that the charging efficiency of LFPs is 99% while it is only 94% for FLAsThe real difference is the last 20% or 30% when FLA is tapering amps and LFP is putting all available solar into the battery. And since FLA starts at 50% only half the power goes in direct at full current. (50% charged to 75% charged) YMMV depending on size of solar and battery.
time2roll 05/12/22 09:11pm Tech Issues
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