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RE: Water Heater Dometic 2022 Burning Rough Not Work Hi Altitude

This heater does not have the adjustable burner tube. Just ordered a new door and a stainless steel louver vent that is 5 inch square to cut into the door near the burner tube in hopes of giving it more air. Probably should have R&R orfice and cleaned it first. Anyone ever add a vent? Other issue is the exhaust is turning the paint to slight brownish on the door and even looks like it may be affecting the fiberglass body and trim piece an inch above the exhaust. Going to contact Bigfoot on that one. Anyone seeing this on their newer rig with a heater like this?
tiptoptune 11/12/22 09:27pm Tech Issues
RE: RV Fuel Issues & Prices - Post 'Em Here!

here is data from a 3300 mile 300 gallon diesel trip in a 2003 chev dually duramax all stock with a 2023 bigfoot 10.4 TC that just did. Nov 2022 Colorado to Ohio. 11 mpg average on trip computer, paper calc was 10.98 mpg. This is doing 5 over on interstates so quite a bit of 80 mph. windy one day for 6 hours. fuel was cheapest in colorado CO high $4 to $5.40 Nebraska similar Iowa and Wi $5.25 to $5.60 ILL, IN, Ohio $5.40 to $5.88 all were an avg of $1.75 more than lo grade unleaded. The big truck stops Flying J and Loves were the highest cost by a lot and i found Phillip stations and BPs that were not large truck stops right next to the big boys that were $0.30 or more cheaper. THis high cost is hurting my retiring plan.
tiptoptune 11/10/22 09:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Covered Storage of RV In Driveway

thanks everyone for the interest and help early on and then help for posting pics. Please share any thoughts. And if you want, check out my post in tech titled "water heater dometic 2023 not burning at hi altitude". Disappointing that mfgs make a product that will not work above 7,500 feet and we keep buying.
tiptoptune 11/10/22 08:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water Heater Dometic 2022 Burning Rough Not Work Hi Altitude

should have added that the furnace and refrigerator work at the higher altitudes on gas so i do not think it is a system wide pressure regulator issue. I did call Dometic and they told me they are not designed to operate at the altitude i am at and had no recommendations other than take to a service center. We not wanting to do that.
tiptoptune 11/10/22 08:43pm Tech Issues
Water Heater Dometic 2022 Burning Rough Not Work Hi Altitude

this is in a 2023 bigfoot truck camper, the Dometic water heater is a model WH-6GEA and 2022 year. It is gas and 110v. bought unit at 7,000 feet lit right away, burned what i thought was rougher than our 2000 model we traded in, and it went out after 30 seconds and relit automatically and stayed lit. Tried a couple times and it stayed lit, but to me was little rough burning, but flame was all blue at 7,500 feet and above it lits, sputters for a few and then goes out, it shoots a small blue flame out the exhaust when it auto re lites. repeat and does not stay lit. i open the door and it stays lit, but is a bit rough but flame is blue. At 500 feet elevation it lites, and stays lit, but a bit rough to me, flame is blue, and a few times it sputtered and shot the small blue flame out. I do not want to rejet for hi altitude even though the majority of use is 7,000 to 10,000 feet. I do travle to sea level so need it to work there too is reason i do not want to mess with jetting. I think the big issue is the way the vent is designed. it is one vent top exhaust and bottom intake. it is too small of inlet and it is cut into the door at the top of water heater and burner tube where it needs air is at bottom of the door. Compared to our 2000 year model the intake vent area is about half. We have used it about 20 times and it is already turning the white metal cover a little brown just above the exhaust vent. I am thinking making a new temp cover and experimenting with adding a vent at bottom of heater near the burner tube. anyone have any ideas? pic of cover https://i.imgur.com/6BLp1jEl.png
tiptoptune 11/10/22 08:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Covered Storage of RV In Driveway

this one is frame completed. ended up being 13-6 tall using the mid level pitch fittings form ysbw that i think are 110 degrees. I used 2 inch diameter heavy wall 40 galvanized fence posts for the piping. wall thickness is about 1/8 inch. they come in 21 foot so cut in half for 10-6 tall on each side. added collar ties using 1 1/2 galv light weight pipe, and knee braces to give roof more support for snow load using 1 x 1 x 1/8 angle iron, both collar and knee braces attached to 3/16 thick tabs of steel I pre welded to pipes and have 3/8 hole in them for bolting in. Driving in and out is easy, however it is going to be a tight fit height wise when canoes on top, however i plan to excavate a 4-6 inches out in center of gravel to gain clearance. Was just out for 2.5 weeks so now need to complete the awning material. hoping by December we have awning on it but you know how that goes. we already got snow and cold temps here and the short days make for slow progress. https://i.imgur.com/hF9IVqtl.jpg
tiptoptune 11/10/22 08:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Covered Storage of RV In Driveway

grade in the base rail pic has a swale in it for drainage. Pic posting - i took the plunge and used the hosting url and still could not get past the blocked page with mozilla and norton, used chrome and could. We pre assembled the roof frame trusses on the ground with the peak fittings and the roof to wall fittings attached and then when I realized how heavy they were i was scratching head how to erect this thing. Few ideas, but in end building a crane that reached about 15 feet worked. Pinned crane to jeep to tow bar brackets with 1/2 inch bolt, chained it back to roll cage to set boom angle, ran winch cable up through pulley at top of crane boome. Tried lifting 3 trusses at once, but could not get height due to truss hitting crane boom so had to do one at a time. we would set truss where it needed to go, position crane over it, raise up, stick tubes in the socket of wall fitting and slipped pipe over the 3 inch stub on base rail. then secured with temp ropes to trees and other to support as built on more. WIfey gave me s#$t that i had to build a crane, but doing off ladder or scaffold would have been a pita. It worked well and i have other project for crane down the road. https://i.imgur.com/1jLRNpwl.jpg
tiptoptune 11/10/22 08:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Covered Storage of RV In Driveway

base rail of 2x3x3/16 rectangle tube in place. A "U" viewed from above, welded sides to ends and torch cut holes to go over 1 inch threaded rod. Welded 17 posts of 1 1/2 diameter by 3 inch tall to base rail at locations where the vertical pipes would be. Pipes go over the the posts and are cross drilled with 5/16 bolts and have a drain hole in. base outside dimension is 12-6 wide and sides are 27 feet long. I initially was going to do 12 wide and am glad i increased to 12-6 wide so can open doors on truck. If had room one of the 14 wide commercially available would be nice. This is in a tight spot so i can still back in and access it. https://i.imgur.com/T7QzwmVl.jpg
tiptoptune 11/10/22 07:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Covered Storage of RV In Driveway

setting 9 anchors 24 -30 inches deep. Anchors are semi truck brake drum with large rotor welded to face with 4 inch steel tube riser welded to rotor then a 1 inch threaded rod welded to riser and set to protrude 6 inch above final grade. https://i.imgur.com/g8fVvnjl.jpg
tiptoptune 11/10/22 07:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Covered Storage of RV In Driveway

how can i post pics? I do not have a URL or dropbox or other. Just saved on my computer. Open this link. Drag and drop the photo. Copy and paste the link that it returns. (This link is thanks to the user named 1492.) http://photoposting.is-great.net/?i=1 Dang it! the link gets blocked by my virus software with message that it is "known dangerous site not highly recommended to proceed". Any other ideas to post a few pics?
tiptoptune 11/09/22 08:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Covered Storage of RV In Driveway

Thanks you Guys! I will try to upload pics using the link when I back to laptop and not on my phone. I on the road for a bit and limit my use. Old school and cheap so I can retire. Gonna be middle of next week before I can try. I think u will find my method interesting and creative.
tiptoptune 11/04/22 09:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: On Demand Propane Hot Water Heater

From a RVer that lives and camps alot for 20 years in Colorado at 10,000 feet - just replaced a 2000 camper that the 6 gallon propane water heater worked fine for years. Think it was a Suburban brand. Recently got a 2023 camper with a Dometic 6 gallon water heater and it will not stay lit above 7,500 feet. It will if i open the exterior cover over it to give it more air. Called Dometic and they pretty much told me now fix for that high of altitude. I thinking of adding another louver on my door to add more air. Sucks that we let mfgs. get away with building stuff that does not work. I was told they typically see more issues with the furnace, however mine works at 10,000. My 2 cents and sorry no help on your exact question.
tiptoptune 11/01/22 08:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Covered Storage of RV In Driveway

how can i post pics? I do not have a URL or dropbox or other. Just saved on my computer.
tiptoptune 11/01/22 07:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Covered Storage of RV In Driveway

WOW! Calling me out! I have always liked this forum for the down to earth help. A bit disappointing. But i understand pics help and i like pics too. Just a busy boy here and not ever posted pics. Trying to post pics tonight. I actually did what i said i did. You want to see in real life, pm me and bring good beer. i be happy to show ya. We have learned a lot from this group since 2003 when we went fulltime for 2 years at age 35, some 20 plus years ago. At that time it was called open roads forum but think evolved to RV.net. We learned so much from the helpful group here and so i try to help by sharing my stuff, asking for input and end results. The reply to check shelter logic alone was helpful to me for this one. I did not know of the company's that made these. I never made one before, but done a lot of building and fab work. SO here are pics if i can figure out how to. Thanks everyone for the interest and feel free to critique.
tiptoptune 11/01/22 07:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Covered Storage of RV In Driveway

framework is completed and the cover is glued to the overall size. Need to glue in straps to secure to frame and grommets set for rope securing to frame at ends and along sides. Cost - i was a bit off, a lot off. $4k and a lot of work. if a pre made one of size and strength i needed (tight spot i had to put it in) was available i would have given it a close look. I ended up using canopy fittings from ysbw.com, heavy gauge galvanized fence pipe. Made a 2x3 x 3/16 rectangle tube base 27 feet long and 12.5 feet wide. Buried class 8 truck brake drums with large brake rotor welded to bottom 24 inches in the dirt with 4 inch square tubing welded to base of rotor and 1 inch threaded rod welded to that to stick out of gravel drive about 6 inches. each of the 9 assemblies weigh approximately 200#s for about 1,800 #s of metal scrap buried in my gravel drive. Then bolted the base rail 2x3 tube to that, welded 3 inch tall x 1.2 inch diameter stubs to base in 8 spots each side and one on closed end, built roof sections on the ground and raised up roof sections one at a time with homemade 16 foot tall crane boom on a 1946 Willys jeep, inserted wall pipes into roof section and over the 3 inch stubs. then drilled 400 plus holes to pin it all together with 5/16 bolts. I had a buddy plasma cut 72 - 3/16 steel tabs with holes in them that i pre welded to the galvanized pipe to bolt in collar tie at the peak, knee braces at roof rafter pipe to wall pipe, and at wall pipes for angle bracing for racking support and a few along the outside of wall pipes near the roof rafter for braces anchored to ground to give it side to side support looking at it from the entry end. Frame is solid and if it blows out of the ground, look out! there will be some metal flying. Tarp is 18 oz vinyl coated polyester that comes 60 inch wide. Bout 140 feet of it or so. glued it together with 2 inch overlap for an approximately 19 foot by 30 foot tarp. WHew - if i had to do it again, i would buy a tarp pre made. The whole project was great marital bonding exercise. The whole reason i doing a canvas type tent is there are a dozen others in my neighborhood so how can i be told to take mine down. Yeah mine is the tallest at 13-6 tall, but who's counting. Hope this helps someone other. I dealt with ysbw because they actually answer the phone verse some other internet suppliers of fittings. Base metal was $850, canopy fitting $850, pipes $1,500, canopy mtl, glue, bolts, paint, beer $1,000. Hope to have canopy on in a few weeks.
tiptoptune 10/30/22 04:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Covered Storage of RV In Driveway

thanks Spoon059 for the link and info. I think a metal roof structure will have potential to be flagged by the county. A lot of neighbors have fabric shelter logic carports very near the road and in the set back so i following suit. And where i park it is about 8 feet lower elevation than the road and trees so it will be partial hidden. Probably going to build it myself. Been doing some rough draft drawings and materials list. Probably going to be fully welded design where I weld 6 or 7 "A" frame side and roof assemblies with a jig, stand up individually to a base plate then weld ridge round tube for smooth fabric transition and to tie all together, 2x2x1/8 or 14 gauge square tube, gable type roof, 16 feet at peak, 13 high clearance, 12 wide and 28 long, free standing and staked into gravel driveway. Burgundy colored 18 oz vinyl coated polyester will cover the roof and wrap down the side a foot for this winter. Then will add black mesh sunscreen fabric down the side to 3-4 feet off the ground for dust protection. We are on gravel roads and the dust is bad. Using a mesh type thinking some wind will pass through and lessen wind load. Then may do a small rustic wood fence 4 feet high on the road side. Trying to match the architecture of the house and not look hokie. I checked steel prices near me today, have line on fabric and $2k including beer should cover it. Still interested in hearing from anyone that has done one themselves. And from those that bought a fabric type one on what design features you like (fabric attachment system, did it blow away, handle snow, other) and what does not work. I should have done this 15 years ago for our old TC. This new Bigfoot TC was not inexpensive and we want to keep the shine.
tiptoptune 08/10/22 09:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Covered Storage of RV In Driveway

i have checked codes and that is why not doing a fixed structure - it would be in the set back which is not permitted. Shelbyfv - get to Minnesota already.... EH!
tiptoptune 07/28/22 07:40pm General RVing Issues
Covered Storage of RV In Driveway

got a new truck camper and planning to build/buy a sun and snow cover for it. 13 foot tall clearance (haul canoes on top) 13-14 feet width clearance, 26 feet long. live in Mtns of Colorado with lots of sun and snow and wind. Have Fab skills and tools on hand. Few ideas i tossing around; 1) cable suspended pitch roof with cables going from our garage to 14 foot tall posts, 2) 6 direct bury wood post having 3 on each side topping with galvanized square tube frame and fabric cover, 3) freestanding galvanized frame with pitched roof covered in fabric - this is currently my pick. Fabric will be vinyl coated polyester (think semi cargo cover tarp) that is slippery and will shed snow good. I am leaning towards freestanding frame and staking down with large (2 foot) stakes along a perimeter frame resting on the driveway that is gravel. Problem is where i park it is within my setback so a permanent structure is not possible. Anyone done similar? Know a good outlet for structure fittings/supplies? Tarp material i plan to source form Rochford Upholstery and it can be glued together. This is how the large semi cargo tarps are constructed. I have industrial sewing machine too that i can reinforce or make tie downs, sleeves, etc. as needed. Also have tube bender i could bend up frame, however i want a more square look to match the house. Want this to look nice. Any other experiences or do's don't s appreciated. Not wanting our new camper to fade and have sun damage like the old one we had for 13 years in the elements.
tiptoptune 07/27/22 08:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Jack leg help - Happi jac

ended up installing a double pole double throw toggle switch in the wires near the leg motor to get it to reverse. Switch the toggle, press same button on wired controller and off the truck so could load the new camper. Sharing to help others if need. Thanks everyone for the input.
tiptoptune 07/27/22 07:29pm Truck Campers
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