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RE: Just curious?

You paid 77K for a High Country????? WOW they are the "entry level" Montana still nice But my fully top of the line Montana Legacy edition cost 72K and that is out here on the West Coast where they are more expensive and she has been a great 5er with few problems very happy with it as well as my other 2 Montana's My Montana High Country listed at $77,000. It's a good camper (now) since I've done several self-improvements and fixes to it. But, even at $77,000, as it came from the factory, (in my opinion) falls far short of what one expect for $77,000. So those 5er's with a price tag over $100,000??? True!!... the "glitch" is really nice! They are absolutely beautiful gorgeous "campers". The electronics, the technology, the outside paint jobs, all the unique ways they've utilized space for storage, all those things that are appealing to the eye, are way over the top! Beautiful. But in the real world, traveling with them, cross country trips, bouncing down the road, parking at campgrounds, interstate driving with bridges that have those horrid expansion joints and when you hit them you swear you've just flattened all the tires on your vehicles, rail road tracks that are rough as washboards, turning, twisting, uneven roads, backing up, skidding tires, normal wear and tear, real world use??? ... how do they hold up? Are they really worth the $100,000 and upward price tag? Are they really better built? Or is that $100,000 and upward price tag to cover all the "glitz" and modern technology in them? If you have one of these over $100,000 5er's, how has it held up over the course of time? I have no plans to sell or trade my Montana. It's perfect for us (and completely paid for)! I'm keeping it for a long time! But still, when I see these videos, it makes my jaw drop and I think to myself, "Wow!" Thoughts?
topjimmy 11/10/19 11:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Experience towing w/ 2WD F250, 2500 or other 3/4 ton

When I was fulltiming I had a 1 ton GMC Dually 4WD hauling my 14K 5er and it worked Fantastic but now I am part time so I sold the Dually and Am now towing it with a 2500HD GMC shortbed 2WD Duramax with airbags and It does it better than I thought it would and I have never been in a situation where I needed 4WD and works great for shorter trips if I went back to fulltime it would be back to a Dually 1 ton 4WD And MAN do I like driving the shortbed around town better and so does my wife:)
topjimmy 09/29/19 11:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What Size RV is Right for Full-Timing

was fulltiming with my wife and 2 cats and a dog for 8 years and in my opinion get the biggest one you can afford and your truck can haul,we started out in a 34 fter and that was too cramped for us and quickly went with the big boys, I have never had a problem either of finding a rv spot to fit in some are tighter than others but we have always been fine BUT after 8 years on the road we had enough of living in 420 sq feet and we finally settled down and bought a house but it was a great run:B
topjimmy 09/27/19 10:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lippert ground clearance issue

You are kidding us right??????:h I have had 2 5er's with 6 point auto level and yes they hang a little low but I have NEVER had a problem in 6 years of fulltiming with them dragging or being torn off so something is not right with how yours are mounted ,if I had to take my feet off my jacks ever time I pack up i would not bother having 6 point auto myselfMine are the same way (6 point system). One of our first trips I pulled into a mo-dock gas station off the beaten path for fuel. The ground was beaten-up hilly asphalt. The rear jack ended up dragging...dragging...dragging. I got over that spot and on my way. Next stop I checked everything out and the jack pad was gone! I know exactly where it came off, but that was 200 miles ago. Well, we replaced the jack pad at the tune of $50. Ordered it from Lippert, had it in my hands 3 days later. Ever since then, I take the time to remove all the jack feet after I get hitched up. And put them back on right before unhitching. By removing the feet, it gives me about another inch and 1/2 clearance. Never drug one again, and I am keenly aware of the ground surface now too. However, this last week-end, I had to back into a campsite by cutting the corner through the grass backing in. The asphalt was higher on the road and the campsite area. The grass dipped down. The tires went down and when backing up, the rear jack stopped me at the asphalt. I was backing up so slow nothing got hurt or anything, the jack just stopped me from going farther. HOWEVER! the inside of the jack shaft tube was filled with about 4 inches of packed dirt! I had to use a screwdriver and dig out that dirt before I could put the pin back in to reattach the foot. BUT! I've not lost any more feet this way! And I'm NOT looking forward to shelling out another $50 to replace another one. So, I just take the time to remove the feet. It' helps all the way around.
topjimmy 09/18/19 12:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What options?

Auto level,Mor-ryde susp mine is the SRE4100,upgraded pin box,I have 2 entry doors and we love that,heated underbelly and tanks,LOTS of storage inside and out, king size bed with a good Mattress ,G rated tires ,Dual Batteries,we fulltime so our Sony DVD/Bluray surround and TV are a must:B and of course our Tailgater Dish
topjimmy 08/23/19 11:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rough Ride

I have a 40ft Montana with Sailuns for 4 years traveling all over the West Coast and I do not feel much bouncing I run mine at about 110 P.S.I. my Montana also has the Mor-Ryde SRE4100 Susp.and I think that helps also my tires are not even balanced on top of that so you must be going over some nasty roads
topjimmy 08/21/19 10:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Those with auto leveling systems

My thoughts Exactly I have had 2 5er's with auto level and been a fulltimer for 7 years and I have rarely had a problem auto leveling but just like CarnationSailor said I do sometimes put a few of those orange blocks on the middle and rear jacks from getting Hyper-extended and by the way I have had my wheels off the ground MANY times and the jacks can handle it no problem just a little more wobble inside that's all and also anybody that is manually leveling with auto level is not doing something right or they need to recalibrate the systemI just can't bring myself to manually level the 5th when I have auto-level available, so I never pre-level by putting blocks under the tires. and also anybody that is Manually leveling with the auto system is not doing something right or you need to recalibrate the system At first I was concerned about the tires being off the ground, but then postings on this forum convinved me that the jecks are designed to carry the weight of the trailer when the tires are off the ground. Also, after observing all the Class A's with their front tires off the ground on sites that are barely out-of-level front to back, I am further convinced that tires off the ground is not a problem. However, on an unlevel site, I do use blocks under any jack where they are needed to prevent the jack being "hyper extended".
topjimmy 08/17/19 11:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Limited selection

O.K. like I said I have met and been inside and talked to a few folks in my travels with a Columbus and they are a nice 5er and up to par with my Montana, Grand design or ony other brand in it's class just my 2 bits from a guy who has been in an seen them all in 8 years on the road
topjimmy 07/17/19 11:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Limited selection

:hWhat makes ya think GD's are better than any other brand out there???? I have two friends with them and they have the same problems as any other brand,I have met a few folks with a Columbus over my 8 years of full timing and I have not heard them complain Pick a 5er ya like do a good P.D.I. and go with itNeither one is better than the other. They are all pretty much the same quality. If you want a better unit I suggest that you look at the Grand Design line. Ken
topjimmy 07/17/19 10:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Late model truck for hauling a 5th wheel.

That would be my answer as well, As far as the 2001-2004 Dmax Injectors most of them have been repaired by owner or replaced on GM's 10 year Warranty by now other than that the LB7's are one heck of a motor as I have had two of them along with my Fantastic 07 LBZ DMAX/Allison (in most peoples opinion the best DMAX made:B ) Define late model. If you're going newer than 2011 they are all pretty good. Prior to 2011 avoid the Ford diesels. If you're going way back avoid the Duramax from 2001 to 2004.5 the injectors were problematic. If you're going for a late '90s to mid 2000's Dodge avoid the automatics. In my personal experience GM trucks have proven themselves extremely reliable. I don't buy them because I like the name, I buy them because they give good service in my business over and over again.
topjimmy 07/05/19 06:26pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rockwood 5th wheel roof rafter material

full aluminum exterior frame including roof trusses
topjimmy 06/20/19 04:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 50amp surge protector ?

Progressive Industries 50amp portable for 6 years now here on the RAINY Washington Coast and Never a problem
topjimmy 06/19/19 10:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is older really better than newer....

BADLY!!:(There is no such thing as a new trailer. As soon as you sign the dotted line it's a used unit and has already depreciated.
topjimmy 06/08/19 11:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is older really better than newer....

Like was said before the older Excels, Teton,Holiday Ramblers,Cameo, Hitchikers etc.. were built like brick poop houses but other than those brands I have had a 2004 Montana a 2012 Monty and my current 2015 Montana and all have been pretty much trouble free and the same construction quality but all in all I will take my 2015 out of all of them just for the better suspension ,refers,6 point auto level, better Pin boxes,less carpet more wood laminate floors etc....although my 2012 had most of those things as well
topjimmy 06/08/19 11:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Water not working at all through city, but it's on outside.

Yep This has happened to me a few times with the inlet check Valve behind the screen sticking so I just grab it with needle nose pliers and pull it back and forth to loosen it up watch out though when you unstick the valve it will spray ya in the face with a shot of waterCheck the city water connection inlet screen,,,,and the city water inlet check valve Either one or both will cause little to no flow from hose to RV
topjimmy 06/02/19 11:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Newbie question about touring with 5th wheel

Yep I have been a fulltimer for 8 years and been to alot of parks mine is a 40fter and you can forget about National parks like was said before but you will have no Problems 90% percent of the time in Private parks KOA's etc... just outside most National Parks And MAKE Reservations as early as you can or you are in a world of hurt and you will be spending many nights in Walmarts and Truck stops NOT GOOD Plan out your trip and have Fun:B
topjimmy 05/31/19 05:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Owners Manual-CarriLite M-529RKS

All manuals are pretty Generic you could pretty much take from from any brand most manuals just have basic info on how to hook up to the tow vehicle ,how to dump your tanks water and power hook ups and all the info of all the on the appliances in the RV, safety info blah blah blah
topjimmy 05/30/19 05:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Grand Design

I do believe the first year of GD was 2012 my buddy bought the 101st Solitude of the line as far as construction they are pretty much built like any other 5er the French brothers who started GD came from Keystone so that tells ya a lot the Apple did not fall far from the tree so when looking at any used 5er you are looking for water incursion all appliances working etc.. etc.. lots of videos on You Tube on what to look for I would also look at the roof as GB did(or still does use wood for their roof trusses instead of aluminum
topjimmy 05/24/19 11:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: peak traffic times in cities

DITTO for Seattle:MThere is NO good time in Los Angeles County.
topjimmy 05/20/19 04:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: CURT Q20 Slop and Noise

Not saying it is not your hitch but you have a GD Reflection and I do believe they do not have a Mor-ryde pin box or Roto-flex like your big brother Solitude these pin boxes make a huge difference in chucking etc..
topjimmy 05/16/19 04:11pm Fifth-Wheels
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