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RE: Truck camper mileage

taking speed out of the question. 2018 Cummins Diesel If I get X mph empty, I would get about 75% of X with truck camper loaded. towing my 7x14 don't make that much lower because the size if trailer is smaller then the truck camper when you look at wind load. and I would get around 50% of X towing my 10,000 lb 30' 5th wheel.
towpro 06/19/19 10:30am Truck Campers
RE: Dually tire pressure?

I have the same truck. I run 40 psi empty in the rear. 400 lbs still means empty in my truck :) in fact running PA to FL towing a 7x14 V nose with stuff in bed and trailer (moving) I was running around 50 psi in rear. Not a lot of weight, just a lot of junk moving. with my 990 fully loaded installed on the truck I run 70psi because it felt better. But mine is 2wd wich takes off about 400 lbs mid ship.
towpro 06/18/19 05:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Batteries

6v batteries are designed for Golf Carts and are real deep cycle batteries. most of the 12V batteries are combination of starting batteries to Deep Cycle. I think it had to do with the size of plates, thick plates last longer for deep cycle, but don't produce the instant current needed for starting. thin plates make higher current but don't last as long in deep cycle operations. the only argument against 6v has been "if you have one battery die while your out, you will end up with no batteries because 1 6v don't help, but if you have 2 12V batteries you can pull one and still have 12v.
towpro 06/18/19 11:14am Truck Campers
RE: USAA Insurance

and it says central Fl below your name, but your signature says JAX Fla. I know Orlando Fla is expensive but I live north of there in the country.
towpro 06/18/19 11:09am Truck Campers
RE: Front tire pressure?

here is the formula. (A/B)x80=PSI A is true weight on Each tire B is max load on tire (marked on sidewall) C is max PSI (marked on sidewall) Hear is your rear calculation. (2900/3472) x 80 = 66.82 so I would run 70 / means divide by But what your saying your front weighs appears to be a little low to me, or maybe its just me from years of driving Cummins.
towpro 06/18/19 06:40am Truck Campers
RE: Batteries

But even AGM runs double what lead acid cost. I am a fan of walmart batteries, if they go bad they replace them and walmart is everywhere. I have never had a problem with Walmart batteries. I currently have AGM because I had a bunch of Cabela Bucks on my credit card, enough to cover one battery, so P paid the price for 1 AGM and ended up with 2. But if my batteries went dead this weekend, I would probably go lead acid. I perfer 12V but 6V might give you more bang for the buck if you can fit them. I don't want to remove the tray because lead acid needs to have water added.
towpro 06/17/19 04:35pm Truck Campers
RE: Rubber roof confusion

dicore I have the EPDM on my Arctic Fox and the TPO on my Open range. The TPO reminds me of materiel that they make a beach ball out of. TPO is easier to clean, and less slippery when wet. But I think I like the EPDM better because the caulk used to fix it is more ready available.
towpro 06/15/19 03:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Interesting Pismo Beach Trip / Report

I learned as a Boy Scout hiking around otter point in Acadia National Park Maine. up there tide difference is around 12'
towpro 06/12/19 06:05am Truck Campers
RE: Cargo Trailer Shopping

I have a 7x14 dual axle V nose "Georgia" trailer (but it came from a VA dealer), the type they warn you about. in first year I found some of the screws that mount the side metal loose, and the metal skin started to crack along an edge at these loose screw holes because of vibration. I ended up putting large plastic washers under these 5 or 6 screws where the side cracked. Then I stated putting real miles on the trailer running it between PA and FL and this seam split open. I quick stop for some white gorilla tape, remove those screws, tape up the joint, and put screws back in so far has lasted 1500 miles. The trailer shop wants $500 to replace this side piece but I am done with the trailer now so I will sell it and let the next guy fix it. But I still like the trailer, just check know to check the screws and don't wait to see the side loose to check. I also have a newer Wells Cargo 5x8 single axle v-nose, and between you and me I don't see an difference between the 2 trailers, maybe the wells cargo has more screws that did not hit studs. I notice the better trailer now have glued skin and not screws to hold it on. Somethign else to think about is vision in mirrors. The 7x14 has fenders on outside so its wide, but with my dually I can see the trailer in my mirror. my Wellscargo I can't see it behind my truck without video camera
towpro 06/12/19 05:28am Truck Campers
RE: What am I missing on GVWR??

thanks for the link joerg68
towpro 06/11/19 07:56am Truck Campers
RE: XM Radio / NAV Antenna Question

depending on your location, SiriusXM has ground transmitters that your receiver will auto switch to. click here
towpro 06/10/19 06:12am Truck Campers
RE: How is this for a power system? Solar vs battery balance?

I would also add more solar. and I am happy with AGM, my built in charger is very close to the voltage my AGM wants to see, Lithium should really have a Different Charger. I run 180Ah AGM batteries, and 300w of solar. I can watch Satellite TV for 2-3 hours, run fantastic fan, run water pump, refreg on Gas, LED lights and still have plenty of power when we wake up in AM (70%). during the day the North Carolina sun brings that back up to 100% by early afternoon. in middle of summer 200w was enough but with panels on front slop of RV I had to try to face south when parking RV. Once the days got shorter in Sep/Oct we were getting close to not fully recovering, especially of we had much rain that day so I went with 300w. I have room and wiring for one more but never got around to it. Now I live in Central Florida so the requirements have changed, need to run AC more so less off grid camping but the sun is brighter down here so my solar requirements have gone down. in fact when I store my rig I don't even hook it to electric. in summer its always 100% ready to go, in winter with cover on RV (and battery switch turned off, but solar is wired direct to battery) it keeps RV at 100%
towpro 06/09/19 07:27pm Truck Campers
RE: XM Radio / NAV Antenna Question

I have a 2018 ram. the Radio is not NAV but the truck has a service like onstar (uconnect) so it has GPS in truck. truck also has ATT phone connection so there is 2 wires going up to shark fin on roof. I took apart one of the connectors and found the standard magnetic mount Sirius antenna connect right into the cable for the radio SAT. putting the mag mount antenna out on the hood took care of the problem and the GPS in the truck still works. I know sirius and GPS use different frequencies, but it works.
towpro 06/09/19 07:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Do you unload when you camp? Really?

depends if there is a need to unload. most of those pictures you show they have a boat, so you must be near water. I would think it easier to launch a boat without the camper. But personally our trips are to OBX NC, and we flat tow a jeep I bought just for beach use. no need unload camper.
towpro 06/09/19 07:00pm Truck Campers
RE: What am I missing on GVWR??

Less trailer tongue weight is better. Using a WD hitch is better........etc. stay within the tire ratings keep good tires on your truck stay within the axle ratings I run a dually and when camper is on back and I am hauling my 7x14 dual axle v nose trailer (that only has a motorcycle in it), I run Weight Distribution Hitch. I can feel the difference.
towpro 06/08/19 08:49am Truck Campers
RE: What am I missing on GVWR??

speaking of northstar, I would be willing to try a cassette toilet in my next rig. I was all for tanks but than we started camping off grid and it sucks emptying into that blue tank and lugging it to the RV dump. I would rather carry a cassette tank to dump in bathhouse once a day over dealing with the blue tank every couple days. Gray water is a little easier to deal with. Now my life had changed since wemoved to new (used) home and no place to dump. Still trying to figure out where I can flush my tanks clean.
towpro 06/06/19 08:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Attention weight police

Hell my Ram only has a 6cyl in it also.
towpro 06/06/19 08:00pm Truck Campers
RE: 2019 Ram 3500 dually and loading a bigfoot 10.4 ...

I won't run the TL rear tiedowns (or the front) for that matter. Where we go, anything hanging down and out the the sides of the bed is an invitation to snag a log or rock. HJ's don't hang down or out. mine is a 2wd pavement queen. off road to me is my stone driveway. no problem here.
towpro 06/06/19 05:58am Truck Campers
RE: 2019 Ram 3500 dually and loading a bigfoot 10.4 ...

See that taper in on the lower 1/2 of your tailgate opening? that started in end of model year 2015 duallys. I think its to stop the bed cracking at bottom corner of that opening with the weight of the dualey fenders added to bed. My AF 990 is also tight here. but on the AF they put aluminum angle on the front corners, and if your not careful it can hook on that button at top that is for tailgate lock. And yes my camper moves every time I put it in bed of truck, even with rubber mat and torque lift fastguns that are set correct. one trick to get it off the edge is to jack up the camper so the weight is off the bed, than and lower the close side first until it starts to put weight on bed, than lower other side to level. (it also helps if you can have someone push on corner of camper to move the needed direction as you lower it :). I been meaning to measure the space so I can put a board in between wheel well and camper to force camper over some. but once I load the camper, it seems to stay loaded until fall. I have to mess with this every time I load/unload since I don't have a level space I own.
towpro 06/05/19 04:59pm Truck Campers
RE: What am I missing on GVWR??

Click Here for ram bodybuilders website for 2012. click on your truck (2500/3500) than under technical information you will see camper guide. click on it and it should open This Page Now you get to read the famous "not recommend on trucks with snow plow package" line :) The snow plow package includes a bigger alternate and a skid plate for the transfer case, I assume they don't want you snow plowing with camper on. further down on this link, look up your truck in the tables. Now I am guessing you have a 4wd? I think I read short bed? and I think I read 10100 GVWR? Probably diesel? According to Ram, you are rated to carry a 1793 lb camper. also in this web page you can find your weight numbers it matches what I think you said about 6200lbs GAWR on rear. it also shows max payload of 2750 lbs (that includs you wife and dog) with a Baseweight of 7335 lbs, base wt rear of 2808. if your tires are rated at 3200 lbs each x 2 tires = 6400 lbs max rear weight supported by tires. subtract 2800 lbs empty load and you come up with 3600 lbs max load in bed. (that 2800 lbs ounds low and I bet that does not include full tank of fuel, you really need to weigh truck with you/wife/dog/stuff and full tank of fuel to know what this "empty" number is. now if you keep the rear axle load under the max tire load number you will probably be OK. Remember that 3600 lbs includes loaded camper AND tong weight AND about 1/2 the weight of people/stuff/dog in cab, you will be below your tire ratings. To me when looking at all these numbers, its the tire ratings number I will not exceed. I had 2006 3500 SRW 2wd with diesel and my Wolf Creek 840 was under the tire numbers pretty much loaded, but as soon as I hooked up a trailer I started to exceed those tire ratings.
towpro 06/05/19 08:18am Truck Campers
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