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corner separating

2019 Jayco 264BH After this trip, noticed that--while passenger-side front intact--driver side front corner seems to be separating...see pics/click picks... Contrast the three driver-side pics with the photo of the passenger-side front Would appreciate input re.: --is this a common issue? --what causes it? --is there an actual danger of the whole rig coming apart? or is this just something that goes along with rolling the thing down the highway? (we use the trailer 20-plus nights a year, on at least 5 trips, many of which are 300 miles or more (some are halfway across the country)...it gets used hard and often)...put another way, can it just be left as is and monitored? or does this issue make the rig unsafe to use? --best solution? any possibility of self-help, or would it need to go to a shop? (out of warranty at this point) --if must be shop-repaired, any idea re. extent of work? --Any other ideas? https://i.imgur.com/FsCJqTnl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/pt9DxuCl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/UstTzBrl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/GYbsQOdl.jpg
trailernovice 09/12/21 04:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Still very tempting to buy my totaled TT back

One thing I don't see anyone having mentioned...i understand the plan for the exterior is to patch and tape? Using that approach, you may be limited in what parks you would be permitted to use...state parks and most other public parks would be fine, but most private places have a 'no truck campers, no tents, no units over 10 years old, and for anything that might otherwise comply we reserve the right to refuse to rent if we determine the thing is just fugly' rule...that 'catch-all' might be used to keep you out of some parks if in fact it's basically held together 'with spit and baling wire'
trailernovice 07/08/21 10:32am Travel Trailers
RE: is replacing hub seals a big job?

it's the rubber outer seal...the plug...got some on order...thx for input
trailernovice 07/07/21 08:06am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
do LED interior lights have bulbs that can be replaced?

Several of the interior LED ceiling lights are beginning to flicker...don't think it's a power problem because other lights on the same circuit operate fine. Can just the bulbs be replaced? If so, how are the bulbs accessed? (I don't see a notch to 'grab' to pop the cover off...and know myself well enough to expect I could end up cracking the fixture cover in trying to get it off) thx
trailernovice 07/06/21 09:21am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
is replacing hub seals a big job?

Trailer has Dexter EX-Lube axles....the center of the rubber seal protecting the hub has ripped...how big of a job is it to replace just that rubber outer seal? Does it require specialized tools? More efficient to have a shop do it? Thx
trailernovice 07/06/21 09:17am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Dangerous Pranks

Another thought...if closing the grab handle against the door really DID trap people inside (which, as others have noted, can't happen these days because the units have emergency exits), I'm pretty sure either some government agency would have banned them (think 'lawn darts') or product-liability suits would have bankrupted the manufacturers by now
trailernovice 04/16/21 06:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Dangerous Pranks

I am a skeptic, and grew up in Missouri.. Show Me.. seems likely an urban legend.. think 'stay away from walmart because gangs are kidnapping random people as initiation' or 'don't flash your headlights--unknown maniacs will kill you if you do'
trailernovice 04/14/21 08:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Travel lite rayzr fb

please also clarify 'it was advertised'...was it on the spec sheet? Reason I ask is, I've seen some recent videos about shortages of the type of fiberglass used in the RV industry for end caps (not the type used on the walls)...'Josh the rv nerd' pointed to a unit on his lot, saying, 'because of the shortage, if you order this model it will in all likelihood come with flat ends rather than the curvy cap shown on this unit we got on our lot weeks ago' also, 'it was advertised' implies some sort of deception...was it expressly stated? or just implied, by some comment along the lines of 'the type of roof this has is the best in the industry'??
trailernovice 04/13/21 12:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Travel lite rayzr fb

bought sight unseen, off an dealer website or something?
trailernovice 04/13/21 12:45pm Truck Campers
effects of / protection from undervoltage

In the 'do I really need a surge protector for a basic trailer' thread, saw a lot about 'undervoltage'...many responses that 'undervoltage is more common that a surge, and causes as much or more damage'...I'm not familiar with the term I'd appreciate more explanation re. cause and effect...and what protective steps can be taken....and, if this involves sticking probes into a live outlet socket or something to check voltage, count me out--don't want to be the next Ted Bundy
trailernovice 04/13/21 07:52am Tech Issues
RE: Nightmare

THIS advice: A "stop payment" on the check, and demand the remainder be refunded since you never took possession." might be exactly the wrong move... as others have noted, while the basics of contract law are similar across the states, each state is different in specifics...also, each state can create liability 'carveouts'...for example, in Texas there is a specific statute protecting roller-skating rinks from liability for injury...might be something similar wherever OP bought...there could well be a statute shielding a retail seller from liability for hidden damages provided the dealer disclosed the fact that the vehicle had been subject to a hailstorm or something Word of caution...as several noted...before taking a firm 'I'll just not pay' stance or convincing yourself that you can avoid the issue merely by not taking delivery, get legal counsel (this coming from a lawyer)...don't need to find the local version of Alan Dershowitz, but would need someone with a working knowledge of contracts and vehicle purchases IN THE STATE OF THE TRANSACTION generic advice is fine as far as it goes...but wouldn't want to to get caught up in a particular action only to find out too late it either didn't achieve your goal and/or created more problems for you
trailernovice 04/13/21 07:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Can't Find VIN # plate for 2003 Tahoe by Thor

or insurance card, maybe? I believe the VIN is on the insurance card for everything we have insured which requires registration (tt, motorcycles, vehicles)... I just confirmed that the VIN is on the insurance ID card...if the unit is insured, maybe you can just log into your insurance company account and select the 'id card' option
trailernovice 04/12/21 12:26pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Are damage deposits at parks customary?

Thanks for the input...from what I gather: As mentioned in the original post, all sites in this one are 'owner-owned'...The management/HOA or whatever it is (they have a check-in office, like at a hotel...guess it also serves the owners...place has a manned security gate--have to establish status as a renter or an owner to get in) gets a cut from every rental of lots owners choose to include in the 'rental pool'...so management is involved...and someone went raising cain to management about 'YOU rented MY site to an idiot who knocked over MY utility pedestal...so now YOU have to pay to repair/replace it'...the 'damage deposit' is to avoid such situations in the future I mention all this because I'm pretty sure this is an unusual arrangement (renting owner-owned sites to the general public through resort management) Anyway, we haven't been back since that was put into place
trailernovice 04/12/21 12:01pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
is a surge protector necessary for a basic travel trailer?

A couple of questions re. surge protectors: I read in another 'surge protector' thread that they are most necessary in units with finely tuned electronics... Our trailer (in signature) is quite basic...no slides, no electronic control panels, no internal computers--we have 'electrics', but the only things I'd categorize as 'electronics' would be the thermostat, the microwave and maybe the 'how full are the tanks' monitor panel... is surge protector actually necessary (understanding having one in place wouldn't hurt)? Also, we normally are on shore power but occasionally run off a portable inverter generator to keep it 'exercised'....if necessary, is that only when on shore power, only when on generator, or both?
trailernovice 04/12/21 08:40am Tech Issues
RE: Locking surge protector

That was kind of my thought...is there a big 'pawn shop' market for these things? It would seem odd for a thief to just take a surge protector and leave everything else/not break in to the RV itself to see what goodies it may hold
trailernovice 04/12/21 08:26am Tech Issues
RE: Are damage deposits at parks customary?

(tried unsuccessfully to send this as pm to IDman...posting public) Not sure what you mean by 'often post about problems'....and, if I DO tend that way, it's kind of the nature of the beast...people more likely to post about 'the service here was awful--steer clear' than 'the service here was great--i highly recommend it' We don't know each other, and certainly I'm not owed anything...but we like this place and would consider going back but for this new policy...any chance, if I provided the phone number, you could call and check if it's still in place and across the board?
trailernovice 04/12/21 08:15am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Are damage deposits at parks customary?

There's a close-by commercial RV resort we've stopped using because they implemented a damage-deposit policy for people renting RV sites...$500...fully refunded when, after checkout, the rented site is inspected and found to have no damage About the policy: Apparently a renter backed over a utility pedestal About the resort: It's an owner-occupied operation...mostly mobile homes, but owners of 'empty' sites can put them into a rental pool administered by the resort management on a standard rental-rate schedule The question: Is this customary? We mostly state park camp, so not usually an issue...but we'll use local commercial places for 'weekend getaways'...and will use commercial places when most convenient as overnight stops when en route to elsewhere...Don't want to be on the road and get a 'we're going to hold $500 of your money' surprise at checkin
trailernovice 04/12/21 07:44am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Any RV parks left in RGV?

Retama Village is right next to a day-use state park we go to every so often...you can see amenities on website... top-tier place... lots of Prevost/tag-axle Class A's.. my running stupid joke when there: turn to wife..."ever wonder what a million five on wheels looks like? (Point to pretty much any of the coaches visible from the back road)..it looks like that"
trailernovice 04/11/21 06:57pm Snowbirds
RE: Any RV parks left in RGV?

Another commercial RGV place we've used Long Island Village in Port Isabel Park is mostly mobile homes, with interspersed 'empty' sites. All owner-owned, but most owners of 'empty' sites place them into a central 'rental pool' administered by the park at standard rates, for rent when not being used by the owner Goods: Security gate, manned 9-hole golf course Indoor and outdoor pools other standard amenities All sites double-width location, location, location--right on the Laguna Madre, with canals running through LIV...many owners have boat lifts directly onto/into a canal leading to the bay which leads to the Gulf I'm assuming there's lots of organized activities especially during 'Winter Texan' season (not sure how Covid has affected this, in terms of numbers who migrated and whether those who did are permitted to gather) Not-so-goods A couple of years ago, they implemented a refundable $500 damage deposit requirement (apparently a renter backed over a pedestal)...we stopped going there because of this change Can be hard to get backed into sites because of obstructions on the other side of the quite-narrow streets Whole place is a getting quite dated...looks like it was developed at least 40 years ago, with few updates since....not poorly maintained, just getting older...kind of like looking at the Brady Bunch house..."That's just SO 70's!"
trailernovice 04/11/21 05:56pm Snowbirds
RE: Any RV parks left in RGV?

I think you meant Mission and McAllen Not sure what you mean by 'activities': organized events (think 'Missouri potluck dinner' or 'bingo night'), or amenities to use on your own...also not sure what's meant by 'caters to full-timers' If willing to push into Brownsville, there's a new place called Tropical Trails RV resort (https://www.tropicaltrailsrvresort.com/)...no age restriction...I'm sure the long-range goal is to become a 'Winter Texan' park, but for now they take what they can get (brand new, so very little word of mouth....and, as a bonus, COVID struck in their first months of operation)...we're me, dw, and our 14-year-old Space distancing is adequate for privacy, and (in our most recent weekender there (October 2020)) the resort still pretty much empty...acres and acres of unused RV spaces....spots seem big enough to handle pretty much any rig The place has a nice clubhouse....showerhouses and laundry (two, I think)...exercise/rec room...pool... We're not 'joiners' anyway (prefer to do our own thing) so it works great for us when we need a 'rest and relaxation' weekend without the hassle of long travel or lead-time planning (because it's so empty, no chance of getting turned away/no need to do an advance online booking)...but, for folks who look to a park for social activities, Tropical Trails probably has little or none of that because so few people...best you could hope for would be chatting with 'new friends' at the pool or something. We usually state-park camp, but have hit Tropical Trails when we wake up on a Saturday morning, look at each other, and say, 'let's roll'
trailernovice 04/11/21 05:17pm Snowbirds
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