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RE: Devil's Backbone Brewing Company

We have been to their Outpost Tap Room and Kitchen location just off US-11 in Lexington. We stayed at Lee Hi Campground a few miles North on US-11. The campground is on a hill above the TA Truck stop. Truck and highway noise is not bad. There are about 10 pull through full hookup sites and some rather undefined water and electric sites. There are about 6 backin full hookup sites near the bathrooms that appeared to be longer term, The is also a long term area on top of the hill away from the short term sites.
trailertraveler 06/07/19 07:16am Roads and Routes
RE: Rear-Living TTs: Likes, dislikes, features, models...

We switched from a rear kitchen model to a rear living room Aspen Trail 2910 (no longer produced) in 2013 primarily to get recliners and a little more space. We just moved into a Hemisphere GLX 273RL. It has two slides and lots of windows. Will have to see how that affects heating and cooling. It has theater seats instead of recliners. The Jury is still out on that. There are only two of us so replacing the sofa bed (which is not even bolted down because it can not move when the slides are in) with a recliner or two is an option for us. In researching current trailer models, it seemed that to get recliners one had to go longer. I could not find a short rear living room trailer with the option to replace the sofa bed or jack knife sofa with chairs. Of course you could do it yourself. The Aspen Trail had the TV at the end of the dinette so that the recliners were directly facing it. You could look directly at the TV from one of the dinette benches or the recliners. The TV in the Hemisphere is directly opposite the theater seats. It came with a 50" TV which seems huge when you are only 6-8' away. The TV is on a swivel mount so it can be turned for better viewing from the sofa bed or dinette. Another thing I noticed during my research was that the shorter trailers all had walk through bathrooms to get to the bedroom. We do not like that. The Aspen Trail had a door to the bathroom from the bedroom and another from the hallway. The Hemisphere only has a door from the hallway. There is a full length closet (which DW really likes) where the door from the bedroom would have to be. It also has a medicine cabinet which the Aspen Trail did not have. It seems that about half the rear living models have two doors and half have one door. I think most of the two slide models had one door. The Aspen Trail had two, the Hemisphere has one. The storage space in the two is about the same, but configured differently. The Hemisphere has an island sink so there are no cabinets over the sink. I added shelves in both units because the spaces were so tall that they wasted a lot of space. Adding a shelf at 10" in a 20" tall space makes the space more usable for us. The refrigerator in the Hemisphere is in the slide. It is a 12volt model so ventilation of the cooling unit is not an issue. We do not dry camp a lot but the 2 golf cart batteries. 160 Watt solar panel and Yamaha 2400 should be sufficient to keep it running. An issue with the two slides that I am still working on is that the dealer said there was not enough room between the awning and the slid to put a slide topper. We do a lot of camping in areas where the wind is an issue for awnings and rarely put the awning out on the previous two rigs. If given the choice I would have opted for a slide topper instead of an awning. The dealer suggested putting the awning out just enough to cover the slide. Time will tell how this works out. A couple of other things I have discovered that have nothing to do with whether the unit is a rear living model. The Atwood water heater in the Aspen Trail could be switched from electric to gas from the control panel in the RV. The Suburban water heater in the Hemisphere has the switch to turn on the electric element in the outside access compartment. We used the electric most of the time in the Aspen Trail if not running the AC. You had to turn it off to run the microwave or a hair dryer for any length of time to avoid tripping a circuit breaker or the power pedestal. I liked the Atwood setup better. The Advent air conditioner in the Aspen Trail did not have a fan only mode and the unit shutdown when the set temperature was reached. The air conditioner in the Hemisphere has a fan only mode and two cooling modes. You can choose constant fan or have the unit shutoff when the set temperature is reached. I like the Hemisphere system better. Good Luck in the search for the right trailer for you.
trailertraveler 06/06/19 06:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: One Piece Fiberglass/Plastic Front Cap Protection

Anyone tried the new vinyl wraps on a front cap?I looked at the reviews for the 3M wraps on Amazon and there seemed to be quite a few negative ones about ripping and difficulty in applying to other than flat surfaces (which the front cap is not). Not that expensive. One of my bigger concerns with trying it is getting the glue off if it doesn't work. Thanks to all for the comments and suggestions. Wondering whether the Rock Tamers or similar behind the bumper designs do a better job than standard mud flaps like the Weathertech. Still researching, so keep the comments/suggestions coming.
trailertraveler 06/05/19 06:26am Travel Trailers
RE: One Piece Fiberglass/Plastic Front Cap Protection

You can buy a sheet of diamond plate at Tractor Supply for $80 that would cover the front .Have you actually done this? How did you attach the diamond plate?
trailertraveler 06/04/19 02:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hello! questions?

I tow with a 2011 Dodge Dakota V8, so I've been looking at TT under 5000lbs and 27ft or less.The Grand Design trailers are relatively heavy for their size. I believe their lightest model is in their Transcend Xplor line and has an unloaded vehicle weight of 4700#. Some of the Winnebago trailers have a good amount of cargo carrying capacity which can be important for full time living. KZ seems to have a fairly wide selection of lightweight trailers in their Escape and Sportsmen lines.
trailertraveler 06/04/19 07:05am Travel Trailers
One Piece Fiberglass/Plastic Front Cap Protection

I just acquired my first trailer with a molded one piece front cap, Salem Hemisphere GLX. All my previous trailers had diamond plate on the lower portion of the front of the trailer to give some protection from gravel, stone and other road debris. It seems that most if not all brands with a molded front cap that appears similar to that of my trailer do not have any protection on the lower portion. My question is how well does it hold up? We travel on a fair amount of gravel and dirt Forest Service and BLM roads. The diamond plate on previous trailers did acquire some small dimples over the years. Have you done anything to try to protect it? I am planning on putting mud flaps on the rear of the truck. Thanks for comments and suggestions.
trailertraveler 06/04/19 05:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Poor to Terrible WIFI

I have found Park WIFI to be hit or miss. As mentioned; early morning, late night and middle of the week when the park is not full may be best. Using a MIFI or phone as a hotspot is better, but we have encountered many occasions where even on a 4G LTE connection, the speed is not enough to stream even short news clips without stuttering/stalling. Every wireless hop reduces the speed, so tethering can be a better option than connecting to a hotspot. If you stream at all, it is not hard to use 1 GB per day. If your wireless plan has a hotspot/tethering limit it can go fast. I watch a couple of hours of news and an occasional show a day on my tablet and it is not uncommon for me to use 60+ GB in a month (my plan does not have a severe throttling penalty for use on the tablet, just tethering and hotspot). Some phones will provide an internet connection to multiple devices but do not create a true network that will allow direct communication between devices such as casting. The MIFIs do act as a wireless router. Xfinity, Verizon and even some smaller local companies have networks of wireless hotspots. We have had good success using Xfinity hotspots. They are co-broadcast from Xfinity commercial and residential customers' locations. RV Parks that have long term residents or Park Models may have multiple Xfinity hotspots. If you are not an eligible Xfinity or Verizon customer, I believe both have short term (day, week, month) plans.
trailertraveler 05/26/19 08:05am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Surge Guard 34830 plug replacement

Interesting. Wonder if they also monitor the male plug since the pedestal plug is more likely to have issues up due to multiple users, year round usage and limited maintenance. Or perhaps related to more hot summer sun exposure on the female plug. Yes it does. I know there is a blue wire in the male pigtail and in my discussion with the TRC tech, he stated that the monitoring of the input plug temperature was independent of the output and would function if I replaced the female plug with a standard 30 amp RVG plug.
trailertraveler 05/14/19 02:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Surge Guard 34830 plug replacement

I finally got in touch with TRC Technical Services. The blue wire is for a thermocouple to detect high heat in the plug. It is molded into their custom made plugs. The tech representative said that the unit will function properly without it other than shutting down for high heat at that connection. Since the plug got hot enough to be damaged without shutting down, I am not that concerned about loosing that feature. Thanks to all those that responded!!
trailertraveler 05/14/19 08:42am Tech Issues
RE: Surge Guard 34830 plug replacement

I attempted to fix my Surge Guard 34830 with the same problem a few years back with a 30 amp female pigtail. Of course, I had to open up the case to do that. I honestly don’t remember the fourth wire you’re referencing, and I can’t find any of the pictures I took of what the insides look like. I remember that opening the case isn’t difficult, just a bunch of screws around the perimeter. I’d suggest opening yours to determine what’s what. After replacing the female pigtail on mine, it worked fine until we made a trip to the desert southwest where it was exposed to a lot of extreme heat and direct sunlight. When we got home, I noticed that the label on the front panel was turning brown, like the insides were getting too hot. I opened it up to confirm what was happening, and gave up on it at that point and bought a new EMS. :):)I also replaced the pigtail on a previous unit. It was one of the older models that only detected faults and did not block the passage of power when faults were detected. It did not have four wires in the pigtail. Like your experience it did not last long after being opened. Same symptoms you describe indicating overheating.
trailertraveler 05/14/19 06:37am Tech Issues
RE: Surge Guard 34830 plug replacement

...I wouldn't assume the blue wire is directly connected to one of the blades. Could be no connection or even electronics in the plug...No electronics in the plug. I was able to remove a lot of the rubber/plastic from around the metal parts. Nothing but wire that I could see. My best guess is that it was attached to the ground. I was hoping that some one had successfully accomplished this plug replacement, but I guess not.
trailertraveler 05/13/19 09:26pm Tech Issues
Surge Guard 34830 plug replacement

I need to replace the female 30 amp plug on my surge guard 34830. There are four wires in the cord exiting the 34830; the standard Black, White, Green and a small blue wire (about 16 gauge). The factory plug is a molded plug and I have not been able to access it to view the connections. My question is which terminal does the blue wire get attached to?
trailertraveler 05/13/19 04:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Senior and/or NonResident Passes - Western Trip 2019

We have the America the Beautiful. Trip planned for August & September, 2019. Believe we need a South Dakota Annual and Utah Parks pass. Any others we should know about. Are they good for full 12 months or calendar year, etc. Thanks!Here is a link to State Park Entrance Pass Information which also contains some information about state camping passes. Here is a link to more information about State Park Camping Passes.
trailertraveler 02/04/19 09:36am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Calling Southern Utah experts

...I’m pretty sure my 42ft 5er (13.4 tall) would not fit through there!!...According to the Park's website there is both a height and length restriction. Prohibited Vehicles Vehicles over 13 feet 1 inch tall, Semi-trucks, vehicles carrying hazardous materials, vehicles weighing more than 50,000 pounds, single vehicles over 40 feet long, combined vehicles over 50 feet long...I doubt your truck and 42' 5er are less than 50' long and unlike a motorhome and toad you do not have the option of unhooking to drive each separately.
trailertraveler 01/30/19 06:54am Roads and Routes
RE: Philidelphia, PA area

... Google says that it is closed permanently...Their website is still active. I'd give them a call if I was interested. Clarksboro is about the closest to downtown. There are campgrounds West of the city, but they are farther away. Also some North, but also a good distance.
trailertraveler 01/24/19 07:00am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: COE Campgrounds

The COE (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) is part of the Department of Defense. The Defense appropriation was passed and thus is not affected by the shutdown. The Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service and Bureau of Reclamation are part of the Department of Interior which is one of the Departments without a current appropriation. The Forest Service is part of the Department of Agriculture which also is without an appropriation. Agencies without appropriations have shutdown to varying extents. The TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) receives no federal funding so its campgrounds are not affected by the shutdown.
trailertraveler 01/21/19 03:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: America the Beautiful Senior Pass

Concessionaires in the National Parks are not required to give the 50% discount. They may give a discount to Senior pass holders if they choose. A few years ago when we were at the Coulter Bay RV Village, they gave a discount to Senior Pass holders in the off season, but it was not 50%. I believe that the Forest Service concession run campgrounds still give the Senior Pass discount.
trailertraveler 01/14/19 04:23pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Trip from Delaware to Utah National Parks and Grand Tetons

Lots of choices. Do you want to take interstates or the "Blue Highways"? You will most likely want to start by picking up I-70 from I-95. We prefer taking I-68 to I-79 to I-64 rather than staying on I-70. In the Saint Louis area, you have some choices. I-70 will take you West through Colorado to Utah. You could also pickup either US-50 or US-36 to travel through the heartland of the country. Another choice is to take I-44 to I-40. Amarillo would likely be the warmest spot along this route. I-40 follows Historic Route 66 through New Mexico and Arizona. There is a lot to see along I-40. In Amarillo, there is Palo Duro Canyon State Park and the Big Texan on Old Route 66. In New Mexico, Tucumcari still has dinners along Historic Route 66 and numerous murals painted on buildings plus other attractions. Santa Rosa is another Route 66 town and has the The Blue Hole and Santa Rosa Lake State Park which has a nice campground. In Albuquerque, the Pueblo Cultural Center, the Turquoise Trail, the Sandia Crest Highway and Petroglyph National Monument are worth visiting in my opinion. In Grants, there is the Mining Museum. Just South of I-40 going West from Grants are El Malpais National Monument, El Moro National Monument and the Ice Cave and Bandera Volcano. Acoma Sky City is said to be the longest occuppied location in the U.S. They give tours of the pueblo and there is an RV park next to the casino. Meteor Crater and Petrified Forest National Park are not far from the Arizona/New Mexico border. Homolovi Ruins State Park is near Winslow where you can stand on the corner. In the Flagstaff area are Sunset Crater National Monument, Wupatki National Monument, and Walnut Canyon National Monument. Sedona/Camp Verde/Cottonwood are about an hour South of Flagstaff with Montezuma Castle and Montezuma Well National Monuments, Tuzigoot National Monument, Palatki and Honaki Ruins, V-Bar-V Heritage Site, Verde Canyon Railroad, Fort Verde State Park, Cathedral Rock, Gold King Mine, Jerome State Historic Park in the area. Grand Canyon National Park is not far North Of I-40. From there, it is not far to many of the Utah National Parks and other great places. US-89 can take you all the way to Grand Teton National Park with many great places along the way.
trailertraveler 01/12/19 07:54am Roads and Routes
RE: KOA Membership

......... KOA= Keep on Adding. I still don’t know where this comes from. As many times as we have stayed at a KOA I have never paid more than the price quoted when making reservations on line, or pulling in and getting a site in person.This slur started decades ago. Before the internet, KOA had a printed directory. The directory usually stated something like rates starting at. The starting rate was usually for a tent site with no utilities. Of course human nature being what it is, many expected to get that starting rate for any site in the campground. KOAs often have more choices in sites with varying amenities than many campgrounds where every site is the same. So, when folks found out that a water and electric site cost more than a no utilities site and a water/electric/sewer site was even more; the Keep On Adding moniker was born and has been repeated ever since.
trailertraveler 01/09/19 05:30pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: KOA Membership

In my experience (over 40 years with RVs) their prices continue to go up but most of their parks are going down. Of course, there are exceptions. They like to charge extra for everything. I avoid them if I can. KOA= Keep on Adding.This is a very old and common slur on KOAs. Many campgrounds/RV parks charge different rates for different services and amenities. A dry site (if available) will almost always be the cheapest. Water/electric sites are usually less than full hookups. Sites with 50 amp service are often more than sites with 30 amp service. Many parks charge extra for sites that have cable or charge for access to Wifi. A pull through may be more than a backin. KOA is no different in this regard and their website is very good at showing the types of sites available, the amenities available and the cost. There is of course no guarantee that the cheapest site is available or that your RV will fit in it. Like most RV Parks/campgrounds, KOAs generally charge for what is available at the site not what you say you want to or will not use.
trailertraveler 01/09/19 01:49pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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