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RE: Oil Pressure Help Needed! - 1993/p30/454

You either have a flakey oil sender or your relay is acting up. The relay under the doghouse hung on the inside up against where your accelerator pedal is at. I'd replace the relay first.
udidwht 11/12/22 09:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sway bar issues

Not aware of any pre determined measurement for the stop to control arm on P30 chassis looking thru manual. A good rule of thumb is if the bag/s are shot and you're able to slip a finger in between the bump stop and upper control arm air bag replacement is doable. I just replaced the front bags in mine and can get 4 fingers in after bag replacement. Air-lift bags call for 5min - 50 max. Running at 50psi.
udidwht 10/02/22 01:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How to go about fixing skylight leak

Had same issue (Jan 2021) caught it as it was happening. Once the rain stopped crawled on top of RV on hands and knees. Literally. Thoroughly checked the caulking around skylight & rear cap by pressing on and near any lap sealant areas and looking carefully for cracks in the Decor sealant. Sure enough found some. Clean the whole skylight all the way around and laid down new lap sealant. No more leak. Be sure and cover your RV when not in use. It will save you a lot of $$$$. The front and rear cap areas flex a lot and are areas that are more prone to leak/s. My skylight is near the rear drivers die corner.
udidwht 09/19/22 03:16am Tech Issues
RE: Front grill filter

udidwht, Which MH did you put the screen on your Chevy or the Westfalia? How many miles have you driven with it on? Have you taken it over the continental divide coming east yet? 1. Chevy P-30 chassis. The Westy is 1972 air-cooled Type 4 2056cc 2. It was just shy of turning 45K (US)when I bought it. Now at 75,090. Have owned it since Sept 2014. 3. No. But am planning to go to Florida Keys perhaps later this year or early-mid spring 2023. From Seattle area. I just finished replacing the AC condenser w/integral oil cooler, new front air bags and AC service. You can have a read of it here... https://www.gmt400.com/threads/condenser-oil-cooler.59140/
udidwht 09/15/22 11:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Front grill filter

I wasn't looking to stop small rocks, grasshoppers, butterflies etc..the grill does that fine. I wanted the finer debris silt, dogwood, dirt without excessively restricting air. I found that.
udidwht 09/12/22 11:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV AC condenser w/integral oil cooler

Well, it definitely looked like it needed to be cleaned. Nice job! :) By any chance, do you know if that was the original radiator? If so, I'd probably be tempted to change it out as well. I always beat myself up making these type of decisions when repairing things. It would just be my luck to get everything back together and a month later the radiator would start leaking! I've found that by doing the work myself (free labor), that it's sometimes better to change certain items while it's easy to do so. Maybe this radiator isn't that hard to get to, but some are. And I guess it depends upon the price of a replacement. But cleaning it you should've gotten a good look at it, so hopefully it's still sound and has some good years left on it. Anyway, good job cleaning things up. Hopefully the cleaning along with your new bug screen system will help keep the rig cool for years to come! :) ~Rick The radiator is original. It pressure tested great. And no abnormal IR gun readings across it from top to bottom. The radiator sits in a metal frame and looks as if it could be removed once the condenser/oil cooler is out. Noticed that the dash temp gauge behaves much more nicely. Not nearly as inaccurate (though their not perfect).
udidwht 09/11/22 05:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lubricating U-joints/drive shaft

While in Grants Pass, Or at Jerry's Clutch and Transmission I got to chat with the father (original owner in his late 80s early 90s). He recommends every 9000 - 10000 miles (US). They rebuild axles and drive shafts as well. Great shop been in business for 50+ years.
udidwht 09/10/22 08:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Front grill filter

Holding up very well. The material is 100 percent polyester woven (weatherproof) high efficiency. It's purpose is not to increase airflow into the radiator but to decrease the following... https://www.rvforum.net/threads/ac-condenser-w-oil-cooler.139788/post-1315171
udidwht 09/10/22 12:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Front grill filter

I think that’s a bad idea as it will greatly restrict the airflow into the engine area. Not at all. Air flows thru it relatively easy. It's used for filtration of incoming air into HAVC units. Flow is easier than an air filter on a carb or TBI. Will greatly reduce the debris coming in that ultimately gets trapped in the condenser and radiator. Can be washed out easily with a flow of water from back side.
udidwht 09/10/22 01:03am Class A Motorhomes
RV AC condenser w/integral oil cooler

Finished replacement of the condenser w/integral oil cooler. Now just have the AC system to charge. See here: https://www.rvforum.net/threads/ac-condenser-w-oil-cooler.139788/#post-1315171
udidwht 09/09/22 06:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Backup Camera System Options

Using the following with great success. https://typesauto.com/products/type-s-wireless-6-8-inches-hd-solar-powered-backup-camera-bt57132
udidwht 09/09/22 06:05pm Class A Motorhomes
Front grill filter

Improvised a filter made from HVAC 'cut to size' filter media that is weather proof and washable with a hose. This will greatly reduce the dirt, silt, dogwood, debris etc...from coming in and plugging up the condenser and radiator. See here: https://www.rvforum.net/threads/front-grill-filter.140388/
udidwht 09/09/22 06:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1991 P30 454 intermittent surging, power loss

I would not source GM distributor. There are many after-market rebuilt that are better. If you are going that much work, I would suggest after-market coil and new Lifetime plug wires. udidwht: 58,000 is not even broken in! Have over 200,000 with no major engine work. Aftermarket these days equates to China = **** or ****-shoot. If you have 200K in one of these Class A's with a 454 that is good but also an exception rather than the norm. Definitely pull the codes and at min check fuel pressure and look for vacuum leaks.
udidwht 08/23/22 04:50pm Class A Motorhomes
P series/Workhorse parts

The following is a good source for hard to come by parts... http://acmeairparts.com/home.html
udidwht 08/21/22 01:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1991 P30 454 intermittent surging, power loss

If you replace the distributor be sure and source a GM one. All others are a **** shoot in terms of quality. The cracked reluctor can certainly be a cause for your issue. But be sure and verify your fuel pressure or you'll be chasing your tail. 1991 fuel pressure is 9-13psi. These 454s love plug wires. Heat wears them out. What I have done is buy 'Heat shield' cloth cut to 8-10in lengths (8 of them). And slide one on each wire before placing onto the plug. I used 2000F rated. Has worked very well. Also purchase some HD ceramic ended wires. Pull the code/s using a paperclip inserted into ports a-b of the OBD connector. Search Youtube for a video of how to and reading of flashes. Once you get the code/s post them here.
udidwht 08/21/22 01:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: More generator vs. AUX-START

Follow the generator cable from the gen set to the coach batteries.
udidwht 07/23/22 11:14pm Tech Issues
RE: RV Production - Fuel prices - Bubble ready to burst?

At least in this area, I think RV sales will be bolstered by those priced out of the housing market and are buying, or considering buying, RVs to live in. While there are certainly some, people buying an RV to live in are not a significant part of the new RV sales market. That's media hype where they over represent them as a scare story. Realistically, the people you are talking about are moving into apartments or mobilehome parks. Of course, I'm betting the realestate market takes a dump in the next 6-12 months (maybe sooner)Why would real estate take a dump? Very few people actually need to sell. Unless unemployment suddenly surges people can make their current mortgage payments since almost all of those mortgages are fixed rate and not effected by interest rate increases. Rental rates are also rising, so selling a home to move to a rental isn’t attractive. Plus there is a multi million unit shortfall of single family homes. Sales may very well slow significantly and the days of each consecutive sale being 20% higher than the last may have ended but expecting a huge price drops is an expectation likely to be left unfulfilled. Prices in the housing market may drop in some segments but not in others. I have a house I've lived in for 20 years and it's market value is beyond many. It's not "first house" valued but rather for those in the market who have money in hand and are able to make cash offers. Some of them are Corporations that are buying higher priced houses and then renting them. Many houses in the same community have been purchased by these Corporations after only a few days on the market. That said, it will be something my kids will have to deal with when they inherit it. If people want some insight into what will happen with automobiles and RV's if fuel prices keep up the recent trend, and follow projections, look back to the mid 70's when the price of gas suddenly rose from around $0.35 per gallon to over $1. Unless car dealers had an import, economy car line (usually foreign made), many shuttered the doors and turned out the lights. The lucky ones were bought up by the big, multi-state dealer groups. The housing market will fall because many of the hot market cities are grossly over inflated. Some as much as 50+ percent (Seattle area is a great example).
udidwht 07/18/22 03:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Western WA storage?

Guy RV boat & storage (Renton, Wa.)
udidwht 07/18/22 02:54am General RVing Issues
RE: best way to recover a roof

Wonder if anyone out there has ever sprayed their roof with something like Line-X?
udidwht 07/18/22 02:49am Tech Issues
RE: Using my phone hotspot for the tv.

T Mobile 5G wifi home internet No contract and $50 per month. The device can be taken with you in your RV and used while on the road. I did just such (Renton - HB, Ca and back for 3.5 weeks) I purchased a 300w inverter that plugs into cigarette light. Worked great!
udidwht 07/18/22 02:45am Tech Issues
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