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RE: General thoughts on Hybrids

Why stop at hybrid instead of going full electric? Range and battery life keep getting better. Assuming Plug-In-Hybrid: - upwards of 95% of miles on battery. - Priced about the same as ICE vs 30% upcharge for BEV. - If you do have to take a long road trip, just stop 5min to fill up. - If battery pack does die, it's much smaller and cheaper than a BEV. Basically the vast majority of the advantages without the downsides.
valhalla360 10/19/19 12:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Allowing non-housebroken dog to move in

Any dog at any age can learn a new behavior. However, some dogs are more likely to respond to learning than others. In this case, I suspect you will have quite a challenge, as you have three issues working against you. One is the breed- Chihuahuas can be stubborn and not very bright. Two is the accepted behavior that is now unacceptable has been ingrained into the dog its whole life, and you are asking for a change not just to learn something new. And thirdly, you need absolute consistency- everyone must be on board into managing the dog to go outside, and I doubt your mother will cooperate. Confining the dog to a very small area or crate and taking it out hourly, after eating, after waking from a nap, and any activity helps. Restricting water intake later in the evening helps over the night. 1) Who told you they aren't very bright? I suspect, you are confusing owners treating small dogs different from large dogs and then wondering why they don't act the same as large dogs. Ours certainly didn't qualify as "not very bright". 2) Ours was from the pound and took almost no time to train but we had the advantage of having him with us all day, so we could stay on it. Also, since we were living on the boat at the time when we went through a stretch at anchor, we picked up a litter box (actually a 6" high storage box for under the bed) put a green rug in it and within a week had him using that reliably. 3) I will agree if mom or the kids don't follow thru, it will be a challenge as that's giving conflicting messages to the dog.
valhalla360 10/19/19 12:02am RV Pet Stop
RE: Different kind of Jack-knife

With it appearing that all the truck makers are building them taller from the factories with 18-20 inch wheels and taller off road suspensions, this will continue. One side of the 5er dropped into a ditch...a couple inches more clearance likely wouldn't have solved the issue.
valhalla360 10/17/19 10:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Different kind of Jack-knife

It sucks but not really a "jack knife" Also not a new issue. Plenty of discussion about minimum clearance between truck bed and 5er overhang...though not many will have enough to handle falling into the ditch.
valhalla360 10/17/19 05:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Recommendations for quiet portable generator

The big cut off is if you want to run the Air/Con. Then you need to be up around a 3000w generator (or pair of 2000w generators). Below that, a smaller 1000-2000w will work. For microwave, you can use an inverter off the batteries since you only need to run it for a few minutes and then the generator powering the charger can catch up. If you want to run the Air/Con, an inverter doesn't cut it because a small generator won't keep up over time...so you need a bigger generator. Some get away with a 2000w generator but it gets fiddly and anything less than perfect conditions and the generator overload protection kicks in.
valhalla360 10/17/19 05:10am Truck Campers
RE: Thanks for fixing the forum problems.

Fixed Still an ongoing issue.
valhalla360 10/16/19 03:14am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Allowing non-housebroken dog to move in

Maybe take the initiative and potty train it? You and the kids will likely have to take the lead. Yes, old dogs can learn. Google potty training dogs and lots of free resources. It may sound horrible but if she is mostly living alone, that is probably her closest friend and companion right now. Sorry no easy answers.
valhalla360 10/15/19 06:16am RV Pet Stop
RE: Quiet generators

Most of the newer inverter generators are really quiet. The days when honda was night and day better have passed. Still top of the line quality but the difference has shrunk dramatically. Most will give you a decibel rating. You can check that but understand, that rating is typically at idle or 1/4 output. When running flat out, all of them (including Honda) make a lot more noise.
valhalla360 10/14/19 12:19am Tech Issues
RE: How do they get in?

double post
valhalla360 10/14/19 12:18am Tech Issues
RE: How do they get in?

double post
valhalla360 10/14/19 12:17am Tech Issues
RE: How do they get in?

Almost impossible to stop the critters. Dont leave food in your vehicle. Toyotas are worse. They did chew through the air box on my moms car. Bingo. Critters can get through holes you wouldn't believe and they will chew through other stuff you wouldn't believe. Doesn't help while in use but in storage, getting the food out is your best bet.
valhalla360 10/14/19 12:16am Tech Issues
RE: Generator pros and cons

10-15yr ago Honda was the gold standard with a bunch of base metal competitors. Honda is still the 24carrot gold standard. Yamaha is like 22carrot gold (only because they are less common) But there are now a bunch of 16-18carrot gold generators out there that have closed the gap for a lot less money. Solar: If you have minimal electrical consumption, it's a nice option but if you want to run the air/con, you really want a generator and preferably at least a 3000w unit, if you don't want to fiddle around to make it work.
valhalla360 10/09/19 04:50am Tech Issues
RE: Immobile truck camper

Assuming you have a 1/2 ton and it's legal to live there. Yes, you could slide the truck under it to take up a big percentage of the weight with the legs holding the rest, so that it looks like the truck is holding it. Most can even be used with just the legs and no truck (that's you you typically see them shown at RV shows).
valhalla360 10/09/19 04:43am Truck Campers
RE: Ideal V8 rpms when towing?

Transmission selector in D, tow haul button engaged. Let the truck decide what's best. :D Yep, with modern trucks, the engineers have sorted out which gear the transmission wants. Now if you have an older truck or manual transmission, it's valid question.
valhalla360 10/09/19 12:00am Truck Campers
RE: Deceptive traffic citations

Since you presumably have no points (ie: it was your first ticket ever)...just pay and move on. Even if you fight it, they often still charge you court costs, which ironically are about the same as the price of the ticket. This is in addition to you taking time to travel back to be at the court. Problem is the Cop not only has the radar output. He also gets the benefit of the doubt in a "he said, she said" situation as the court presumes he doesn't benefit...of course that ignores the fact that he has a quota (even if it's not official) and benefit by not getting in trouble for missing his quota (yes, they will word it to not be a quota but it amounts to the same thing).
valhalla360 10/08/19 11:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Do you tow a Jeep behind your 5th wheel?

Check the tow ratings also...both for the truck and with the 5er manufacturer. Good chance with a 2008 3/4 ton, you are over the limits. Also, how much is the jeep braking system going to cost? That's well above most states limits for a trailer without brakes. Plus there is the hassle if you can't get a pull through site. You won't be able to back up with the jeep attached, so that means disconnecting before setting up camp and then reconnecting after pulling out. If you are traveling 2 weeks straight, that's a bit of a hassle.
valhalla360 10/07/19 11:28pm Towing
RE: Thanks for fixing the forum problems.

Nope still having the issue. Ironically on yesterday's thread asking about the issue...which shows up in the listing as closed.
valhalla360 10/07/19 11:21pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Diagnosing the error: depends on the forum?

Getting similar issues: We're sorry. An error has occurred. We are unable to process your request due to an error with our site. If you receive this message again, we may be experiencing some system difficulties. An email has been sent to our development staff to diagnose the problem. Once again, we apologize for this inconvenience.
valhalla360 10/07/19 06:06am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Question for full timers...

$2500/month is a reasonable number but way too much variability to give you an idea if that will work for you without telling us how you want to travel. - A DP is one of the more expensive options. - How many miles do you want to cover per week/month? - Do you do maintenance yourself or hire it all out? - Do you stay for a week/month at a park or only a night or two or boondock for free? - How much will you spend on tourist attractions? - How often will you eat out? - Hobbies that cost money? - Will you be keeping the house and associated items? What we did was took our household budget and modified it to reflect our estimate of what we thought our costs will be. That came out pretty close. A few thoughts: - It's full time not a vacation, you don't have to put in 2000miles per week. We shoot for 100-150miles per day 2-3 times per week with occasional week/month stationary. - We've done the boat thing also. You don't need to cross oceans to take incredible trips. Google the Great Loop. It comes with it's own challenges but no need to cross oceans on a 40' boat.
valhalla360 10/07/19 12:22am Full-time RVing
RE: li battery pack of my dreams

Sticking points are r... cold weather operation. Actually shouldn't be a big issue unless you are trying to heat with electric (unless you get to really extreme cold). The big amp-hr use is typically the air/con, which you don't typically use when it's cold.
valhalla360 10/04/19 06:39am Tech Issues
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