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RE: Is this doable or am I overlooking something??

If you pay for a 20, 30, or 50 amp unmetered space, (electricity is included in the daily/weekly rate) IMO, you can use all the plugs available at the pedestal in YOUR campsite. You can add additional extension cords, if needed. If the campground owner/manager complains, have them move you to (or charge you for) a larger service/space. (which will, most likely, be more expensive) Do not attempt to argue with with people who do not understand how electricity works. Simply move to another campground. You have it backwards. If you are paying a metered rate, as long as all the plugs go thru the meter and it doesn't start popping breakers, use what you want...you will pay for what you use. For short term non-metered sites, they typically ask what your RV is (30 or 50 amp). Also, if you read the fine print on the rental agreement, it often mentions using additional outlets. So the owner would be very much within their rights to limit usage to a single outlet. You might get away with it but that doesn't make it right.
valhalla360 01/19/21 07:28am Tech Issues
RE: Do you need Commercial Plates in NY to tow a trailer?

I don't know NY (see DMV comments) but usually it's related to the purpose. - If you are doing commercial work, you need a commercial plate (and possibly CDL drivers license) - If you are doing it for personal use, you generally don't. This is why it's common to see a grandpa without commercial plates (and likely without CDL) driving a big diesel pusher which is really just a commercial tour bus outfitted for living...but tour buses carrying 40-50 old folks for a color tour in the fall will be commercially plated and the driver will have a CDL. As mentioned, it can vary by state though states are obliged to accept out of state drivers/vehicles if they are legal in their home state.
valhalla360 01/18/21 12:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is this doable or am I overlooking something??

We use our trailer a lot during the winter and in COLD weather.. Normally we use the propane furnace but it gobbles propane. The trailer is connected to the 30 amp outlet on the park post BUT when we try to use an electric space heater to help, the post breaker often trips when the microwave or other appliance is used.. Any thoughts about connecting a separate power cord from the park 15 amp pedestal outlet/breaker then routing it into the trailer to power the electric space heater??? had to ask We just turn off the space heater when running the microwave or electric skillet. It's usually only a few minutes so no big deal. A 30amp should provide 3600w for short bursts but only about 3000w continuously. A space heater will typically be around 1500w. If the water heater is running (another 1500w) and a 250w fridge (on electric)...you are pushing the outlet to the limit, lights, fans, TV and other small loads can easily push you over the 3600w and pop the breaker. As mentioned, run the fridge and water heater on propane will keep the power draw down and then shut off the space heater while using other high draw items. Running a line to a separate pedestal will work but as mentioned, many campground operators won't be happy. Particularly if electricity is included in the site cost.
valhalla360 01/18/21 07:26am Tech Issues
RE: solar

Not enough information to hazard a guess, IMHO. Yep, people stating as fact you need X watts solar and Y amps battery have no clue what you really have, so they could be completely off. Some items to look up: - How many days do you want to operate without alternative sources of power (shore power, generator, connected to the truck, etc)? - What is the running wattage of the fridge? Running is different from starting. 12v DC vs 120v AC doesn't matter as much as the wattage. If it's 12v DC, there is a small advantage that you can skip the inverter. - What is the duty cycle expected? The compressor doesn't run 24/7 but it cycles on and off. When it's off, it's not drawing power. So if it's a 50% duty cycle, there is roughly have the watt-hours used per day compared to 100% duty cycle. So if it's 50w while running and 50% duty cycle, 50w * 24hr * 50% = 600 w-hr used per day (this matches the rating on our 12v fridge but a true residential is likely significantly higher). - Solar panels don't generate their rated wattage 24/7. A good estimate is to take the wattage rating and multiply by 4 to get watt-hours generated per day. So a 100w panel would generate around 400 w-hr per day. - Batteries (assuming lead-acid) are rated in amp-hr but if they are 12v multiply the amp-hr by 12 to get watt-hour. There is a catch, you can only use about 50% without causing damage. So a 200amp-hr battery holds about 2400w-hr but you only have about 1200w-hr that is usable (lithium are a whole different ballgame). Now if you want to run for multiple days, 1200w-hr of usable battery bank will keep 600w going for a couple days. If you want to stay out longer, you either need a bigger battery bank or break out a generator (or other source) to recharge the batteries. A few additional thoughts: - 20-30% oversizing is a good idea. You may have missed something in the calculations. Also battery banks tend to lose capacity over time. - Are there any other 12v draws? If you can't turn them off or you want to run them, you need to increase the size to account for them. - Inverters aren't 100% efficient, so you need to add a little more storage to account for that plus most will use a little power just in standby not powering anything...again that adds a little power demand.
valhalla360 01/18/21 07:19am Tech Issues
RE: East Coast Road Trip????? Pandemic?

The NE/New England states seem to be the most restrictive...but you should be able to clear out of there in the first days drive. Bigger issue this time of year would be finding open campgrounds until you get far enough south that they are open year round. If there are open campgrounds, I wouldn't worry about them being full. If you are set up so you can run the furnace overnight without shore power, I wouldn't worry about finding a parking lot to overnight. What are they going to do...tell you to keep driving even though you are tired? As others have said, most places have switched to checking in over the phone, so easy to stay isolated. Call ahead to confirm but no worries.
valhalla360 01/18/21 06:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Drill Holster (tip)

A built in place for the charger would be more useful as I don't have an outlet in the underbelly. When I get around to it, I'm going to fish an extension cord down there so I can leave the battery connected and charging. Our water heater is in one side of the pass through storage. It had a single receptacle for the heater, but I replaced it with a duplex and use the other for a drill battery charger. Good thought...I'll have to check the power supply for the electric water heater.
valhalla360 01/18/21 06:46am Travel Trailers
RE: What is the best way to deal with snail mail?

Best is to eliminate it...We get maybe 1 piece every coupe months that isn't junk mail.
valhalla360 01/17/21 07:28pm Full-time RVing
RE: Removable 5th wheel hitch?

We have a 3500 RAM drw shortbed which we currently use with our artic fox 811 camper. We are thinking about getting a 5th wheel and also keeping the camper for some trips. Is there a sliding 5th wheel hitch that can easily be taken off the truck in order to slide in the camper? A sliding hitch , no not a chance unless you have some sort of hoist , or taking it apart . Turnover ball , and the Andersen hitch . Clean bed when removed . Also easily removed by one person . Just leave it locked onto the pin on the trailer and release the hitch from the bed...then the trailer will lift it off. Do make sure to lock the hitch so someone doesn't accidentally release and drop it but otherwise, the hitch & pin box can easily handle the loads.
valhalla360 01/17/21 02:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Drill Holster (tip)

Kinda depends on the layout inside. Some trailers with multiple slides are not usable when the slides are in. Stabs should go down before the slide goes out. The trailer should be level but generally, you can put the slide out without the stabilizers down and it won't cause any harm. A built in place for the charger would be more useful as I don't have an outlet in the underbelly. When I get around to it, I'm going to fish an extension cord down there so I can leave the battery connected and charging.
valhalla360 01/17/21 02:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: 13'5" clearance

I have never once sceen the RR guys go after the truck owners for damage to the bridge. And only once have sceen them inspect it. They dont bother with that stuff up here. It may be diffrent in other places. I've seen it several times working for a state DOT. The worst one included closure of the bridge and emergency work to replace it. The insurance company was hit up for several million and they didn't even bother to fight it. The funniest was when a pickup pulling a boat decided to go around the bridge closed signs and he was found the next morning, with the truck hanging by the trailer from the bridge beams. They had only placed the flase decking so it fell between the beams and the trailer hung up. That one was only about $75k for inspection and repair of the damage.
valhalla360 01/17/21 02:34pm Toy Haulers

Is the border still closed? I've heard conflicting information...ie: officially it's closed but you can still cross. The border at Nuevo Progresso is open 24/7. Yep, checked it out yesterday. As typical, crossing SB they don't even check who you are. Everything is open but slow. On the way back there was a little bit of a line but they never questioned our crossing at all. General follow up: - We spent a month in Port Aransas (north by Corpus), the park was full but lots of trailers that appeared to be just parked year round with no one there. Oddly after New Year, the park thinned out with may 25% of sites empty. I think it was locals taking the week to vacation on the beach. - Last week we came down to Pharr. They had a $300/month deal and the park is easily 75% empty. Whole roads with no rigs at all. They also have a lot of the activities reduced. While it's a nice park and no worries about distancing, I kind of wish we had picked a park further to the east so we could pop over to the gulf.
valhalla360 01/17/21 02:23pm Snowbirds
RE: 13'5" clearance

At least it's only a $1500 mistake. Yes, $1500 for the a/c unit, not including the damage to the trailer as the a/c is ripped out of the roof and pushed backwards into the ceiling.... Yeah, as if it's going to neatly pop off with no other damage. I'd be shocked if you come in under $10k in damage if the air/con hits. Yes, it is standard industry practice to update the signs based on field measurements and yes, there is a fudge factor. Even if they omit the update, you won't find one that is significantly off for long. The first truck to get wedged under, someone will be out quickly to verify. While unlikely to cause serious damage with an RV, you can expect a bill for any damage and for an inspection to verify the bridge is unharmed. Typically, your insurance will cover it but if they decide you were grossly negligent by purposely going under a bridge posted lower than your height, they may at a minimum give you a hassle before paying. Of course that fudge factor accounts for the fact that vehicles are built on suspensions that include springs. So a static measurement in your driveway can easily be off by 3-4 inches if you hit a bump and the trailer jumps up at the wrong time. That static measurement is really only good if you creep under the bridge at less than idle speed.
valhalla360 01/15/21 12:30pm Toy Haulers
RE: TCs and Covid Vaccinations

In the healthcare community they are of a mindset where somewhere between 30% to 40% of healthcare workers are refusing to take the vaccine, now what? Refusing, WHY? Did they already have the disease, and are giving their dose to someone else for whom the need is more urgent? Do they have underlying health conditions that precludes them from getting the shot? Good thing that herd immunity is achieved through BOTH vaccination and getting the disease. What is your source for this information? I suspect a lot of this is just bad reporting. Front line workers have largely been exposed and have developed immunity already. They know that (again) the news articles implying you still need the vaccine if you've recovered aren't really true. So they have little risk due to exposure based immunity, it frees up doses for those likely to derive more benefit and ultimately, they can always take it later if it proves safe or immunity starts to wane (after supplies reach a point where anyone can get it). Are there some not taking it due to trust issues...probably but a poorly designed (or reported) survey can distort the results.
valhalla360 01/15/21 12:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Apocalypse almost

What bugs me why they scrapped all public phones? Are you paying for the installation and upkeep of tens of thousands of phones across the country that will sit unused?
valhalla360 01/15/21 06:02am Technology Corner
RE: Apocalypse almost

Was lucky this didnt hapen while travelin someplace far off road,would be long walk home not much fun in winter tho 30-40yrs ago what did you do when you went into the back country? FYI - if the Cellular SIM gets shut down, swing by some place with wifi and you can get communications.
valhalla360 01/15/21 06:01am Technology Corner
RE: TCs and Covid Vaccinations

Oh and there is stories of people flying in just to get shots, even from other countries. One news show said 7% of shots are going to people who don't even live in FL. A little bit of information can be dangerous (or purposely misleading). Snowbirds make up a significant percentage of the winter population (especially the 65plus crowd), they will typically show up as people "who don't even live in FL" but in reality they do live in FL in the winter. They may be able to come up with the stray example of someone flying in but no evidence it's anything significant.
valhalla360 01/14/21 02:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Towing Advice

It is most likely you have exceeded the capacity of the tow vehicle. Could be a combination: - How many people and what cargo is in the truck? - How is the hitch set up. Since you have the rig already, next time out (fully loaded ready for camping), swing by a CAT scale and get the real weights. Take the time to get 3 weights: - Hitched with the WDH connected. - Hitched with the WDH disconnected. - Unhitched just the truck. The compare that to the weight ratings to see where you really stand.
valhalla360 01/14/21 01:15pm Towing
RE: Trailer too long for truck?

Your pushing that truck. If you keep the truck lightly loaded, you might be within ratings. I would expect a loaded hitch weight of around 1000lb. Assuming a family of 4, that could easily be an extra 500lb, so not much capacity for gear in the truck. In calm conditions, the length won't have much impact but in a good cross wind, yes, it can start a tail wagging the dog situation and with a spongy suspension, the smaller 1/2 ton Dodge with coil rear springs, will be more susceptible. It's doable but probably not ideal.
valhalla360 01/14/21 01:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: TCs and Covid Vaccinations

Strange that some jurisdictions give the vaccine on first come basis, when in other jurisdiction high-risk people are put on long wait. The recommendations are changing to match the real world. The original intent was good. - Get the medical staff first as they have a high exposure rate and have to get in close proximity to others increasing the possibility of transmission to new people. - Deaths are almost exclusively in the 65+ range, so hitting old folks homes first would impact those most likely to die. In practice, it was a complicated to document who these people were and how to get it out to them. The latest recommendation is anyone over 65 or under 65 with a serious co-morbidity. Realistically, it will take a week or two to get the states onto the new plan and then it will take time to actually vaccinate everyone over 65. But we are already up around 1mil per day vaccinated, so end of March, I would expect the majority of high risk/old folks who want the vaccine will have the vaccine. At that point, we should see the death/hospitalizations tail off rapidly.
valhalla360 01/14/21 01:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Connect small wires to auto battery post?

Any auto parts store will have an adapter that adds a wingnut connection. Should be like $5.
valhalla360 01/14/21 05:44am Tech Issues
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