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RE: Should/will Glacier, Teton and Yellowstone open?

This leads more people to panic due to the media driven hysteria.Did you get hysterical and stock up? No but I was in Nepal when it started and just got back. Plus I realize, I can always hop in the shower and do a poor mans bidet if I run out. Of course the hysteria doesn't require 100% adoption. If I'm among the 5-10% of reasonable people, the hysteria continues on unabated.
valhalla360 04/06/20 07:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Rebuilding my eu2000i... (never did this before)

advice from an old guy....buy another generator. Unless you just enjoy projects...this is my answer if the pros can't get it going.
valhalla360 04/06/20 04:01am Tech Issues
RE: Should/will Glacier, Teton and Yellowstone open?

No hysteia? Tell me why you can't buy a roll of toilet paper then.I don't recall any media outlet telling me to go out and buy a lot of toilet paper. I do recall them reporting that that's what people are doing. Therefore that's the media's fault? They didn't specifically talk about TP but they did report, without supporting facts, that there would likely be shortages. Then they followed up with sensationalist videos of lines at stores. Initially, those were rare events but when you show those rare events and don't highlight the rarity, people presume they are the new normal. This leads more people to panic due to the media driven hysteria. To keep this tied to RV'ing...the media has recently been hyping that people shouldn't go to rural areas...as long as you are healthy, it's actually a very safe approach. I could see putting some entry limits on the parks to avoid crowds but complete shut down isn't needed.
valhalla360 04/06/20 03:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Another Reason To Not Have Airbags

What's the tongue weight on that trailer? I wouldn't expect a 7k trailer to cause significant squat on a dually. As someone else mentioned, a WDH might make sense if it's inducing that much squat.
valhalla360 04/05/20 09:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Advice on new Gas Tow vehicle

This depends on where you are towing, Full Time you will probably hit roads like Utah 12 outside Escalante with a 12% grade. A gasser will do it but it will be running at high rpm. And check out the expected mileage on those gassers, you will think you are driving a big Class A. You will join that bunch of irritating posters who continuously put up posts saying "how to I get to point B from point A without any steep roads?" Cranking up the RPM on a properly running engine does no harm. Unless you are doing 30-50k miles per year, you aren't going to make up the initial price on fuel savings with a diesel. Modern gas engines have incredible power compared to 25-30yrs ago. 350-400hp is normal and plenty of power. Where a diesel offers advantage: - Turbo means you don't lose power with altitude...but unless you get extreme, it shouldn't be a real problem. - Newer diesel trucks have engine braking...which is a really nice feature coming down mountains. Unless you plan to spend a lot of time in the mountains, diesel falls into nice but not needed.
valhalla360 04/05/20 06:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: Should/will Glacier, Teton and Yellowstone open?

Decisions have largely been made based on political WILL and the media has been doing everything possible to whip up hysteria and that drives the political will.Why is it always the media's fault? If Fox news has the viewership they do, then there shouldn't be any hysteria as they're still talking about FISA warrants and bashing Biden. Media and news are different things. Presenting information in sensationalist manner is whipping up hysteria. There are reports of 10% of people will die (the exact percentage is a moving target but the principal holds). Yet when you look at the numbers, it suggests nothing of the kind. The media is presenting numbers that most people don't understand: - Deaths are pretty reliably counted. Infections measured only take into account those who get a bad case (starting to change as testing is ramping up). - Deaths are counted as soon as they happen. Recoveries only show up after 2-3 weeks, so early on it makes the death rate look higher. But the media lead with headlines of 10% will die. If you are lucky, they may mention it way down towards the end article but more often than not, they don't. Most of the general public don't grasp statistics and research methodologies, so they walk away thinking 10% will die. Way back in highschool, took a journalism class: - Headline should get the story across. - First paragraph should highlight the who/what/where/when...in other words, should provide the conclusion...which is not that 10% will die. - Then the body of the story digs into the details. So yes, the media is whipping up hysteria in public opinion and politicians are animals that react to public opinion.
valhalla360 04/05/20 06:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Arizona forced residency - coronavirus non travel?

1) Find the actual source law for the 9 month rule. I'm betting a weekend out in December doesn't reset anything if you were in the state the prior 7-8 months. 2) I doubt this is going to be a high priority for the state to chase down right now and you could likely claim force majour. If nothing else, it's bad political optics to use the virus lockdown in this manner. Arizona gets a lot of money from old folks spending a few months in the state...attacks on those old folks aren't good marketing.
valhalla360 04/04/20 07:47am Snowbirds
RE: Should/will Glacier, Teton and Yellowstone open?

Everything should open. We’re trading a few weeks of intense pain for years of economic depression worse than anything in our nation’s history. Not sure about that logic. I think saving millions of peoples lives (by keeping things shut down for now) is more important than the economy at the moment. Millions...is melodrama based on what we currently know. This is part of the problem. Decisions have largely been made based on political WILL and the media has been doing everything possible to whip up hysteria and that drives the political will. I expect within the next 2-4 weeks, the massive economic impact will cause people to reassess the media hysteria and the political equation will change to taking a more measured approach where we keep effective actions in place but otherwise reopen the economy.
valhalla360 04/04/20 07:39am General RVing Issues
RE: GM trucks outsell Ford first quarter !

The stimulus package will be a double edge sword, giving away money to even those that don't need it or deserve it won't teach responsibility. Those who "need" it and those who "deserve" it...are rarely a single person. Those who are responsible generally have an emergency fund, so they may not "need" it. Those who lived beyond their means aren't responsible already but they do "need" it. Of course, this is not a normal economic downturn. I don't "need" it but I'm sure I will be paying it back in taxes multiple times over, so I don't feel bad about taking it.
valhalla360 04/03/20 09:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Gag!

Slightly different... Wife likes her white rum cold but the fridge has limited space. Came in on a hot day very thirsty and grabbed a bottle of water took a deep slug....spit rum all over the kitchen. Someone had refilled a water bottle to save space...
valhalla360 04/01/20 07:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Built in quiet inverter generator for truck camper?

Truck campers are a tiny market segment to begin with...for someone to design a custom generator for them isn't profitable.
valhalla360 04/01/20 07:16am Truck Campers
RE: ? L E D taillights

the OPs question can easily be answered with a yes or no, and references/links to replacements. the BS comes in when the claim is made that the 10 microseconds quicker lighting up will save the world. a more effective accident avoidance would be to increase distance between you and the vehicle ahead. who here adheres to the one car length per 10 mph or whatever, from my observances nobody does. reaction times, tire/brake condition, etc. etc. have more effect IMHO. but please block me since my posts offend you. bumpy Modifying my brake lights has no impact one way or the other on my following distance to the car ahead of me. I can't control the following distance of people behind me. I can change out to LED and give the guy following too close a little more time to avoid hitting me. Will it "save the world"? no Will it significantly reduce the chance of being hit or reduce the damage if hit? definitely.
valhalla360 03/29/20 07:55pm Tech Issues
RE: The perfect RV campground

This has just turned into a weird thread.
valhalla360 03/29/20 07:51pm Family Camping
RE: Roof coatings.

What type of damage? Most of the liquid coatings won't fix a big tear.
valhalla360 03/28/20 09:30pm Tech Issues
RE: The perfect RV campground

Focus...you won't be able to be all things to all people. Figure out who you want to serve and if you can make a go of it serving those people. That's what I'm doing. Thanks! It doesn't seem that way. (not trying to be snarky...just what I'm seeing)
valhalla360 03/28/20 09:28pm Family Camping
RE: The perfect RV campground

Focus...you won't be able to be all things to all people. Figure out who you want to serve and if you can make a go of it serving those people.
valhalla360 03/28/20 07:18am Family Camping
RE: Adding a Toy Hauler Extension

Most of the them have high tongue weights so balance will will be acceptable. That high tongue weight only applies if you leave the garage empty. It's intentionally high so when you load up the toys, it drops back to a more typical percentage. Net effect when used for it's purpose, you may wind up with too low of a hitch weight if not taken into account.
valhalla360 03/28/20 07:17am Toy Haulers
RE: Sandpaper 5th wheel

So based on my pic above did I pass or fail? Wasn't a pass/fail issue. It's PREFERABLE not to add more connections and cabling. Not, YOU WILL DIE A FIERY DEATH IF YOU DO THIS.
valhalla360 03/28/20 07:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: ? L E D taillights

the last time I was rear ended, it was due to total negligence of the other driver. that excuse of a brake light coming on quicker, sounds to me more like a reason to convince the wife that, "yes dear, it makes sense to spend $14.99 for a perfectly good bulb whereas the current 99 cent one is perfectly adequate. the requirement for an eye level brake light is more meaningful than a millisecond faster reaction. bumpy Have to disagree with you on that one. Brakes at 3ft height are not appreciably different distance from your eye compared to a light at 4ft height. Plus it's not one or the other. Complete negligence won't be solved by either.
valhalla360 03/28/20 07:08am Tech Issues
RE: ? L E D taillights

For brake lights in particular, there is one huge advantage going to LED. Incandescent bulbs light up approximately 0.5 sec after power is applied. LED light up approximately 0.05 sec after power is applied. That means the driver behind you gets an extra 0.45 sec to react. May not sound like a lot but even if they still hit you, it will be at a slower speed and therefore should be less serious. True it's a bit off topic, but you can break it down even further. At 60mph your car is traveling 88 feet per second. 5260/60=88 At 88 feet per second you are traveling 8.8 feet every tenth of a second. 88/10=8.8ft Now take the numbers from valhalla360. Even rounding the .45 down to .40 you will travel 35.2 feet in 4 tents of a second. 8.8*.4=35.2 That's more than the length of a standard traffic intersection. So the LED coming on .40 seconds faster than the incandescent will give you an additional 35.2 feet of stopping distance. It's a little more complicated as both vehicles are moving (your explanation presumes the braking vehicle light comes on after it's at a full stop). But if in the original situation, you brake a little too late and would hit at 10mph, moderate braking (10mph/s) for (let's round it to 0.5sec for easy math), would result in a 5mph hit. Run the formula for momentum and that's a lot less impact. In a panic brake (20mph/s), you will come screeching to a halt and maybe barely tap the bumper of the lead vehicle. No it won't help if the following driver never brakes but how many times in a traffic jam, do you slam on the brakes and barely miss hitting the guy in front of you (or you fail)...an extra few tenths of a second will eliminate a lot of those failures.
valhalla360 03/28/20 07:05am Tech Issues
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