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RE: Residential vs Gas/Electric Fridge?

The thought behind trying to get a week on batteries is that I figure we'll be in a hook-up by then. We could go from hookup to another hookup with at least a week in between, I think we could go anywhere we wanted. If you are going campground to campground, residential makes a lot of sense. You can make one work but it's not the ideal solution if you do a lot of boondocking away from grid power. With propane, you can get weeks out of a single 30# tank...no muss no fuss. Recently, 12v DC fridges have started to be spec'd as standard equipment in RVs. There are pros and cons: - Biggest pro is the mechanicals are drastically smaller resulting in our new fridge being around 50% bigger. - We do need solar and an extra battery if we want to boondock. - It does cool down quicker than a propane (but only issue with keeping ice cream more than a few days in our prior propane units...had to do with eating it not keeping it cold). 12v DC fridges are not a new technology. They have been in use in the marine industry for years. Similar power limitations as RVs but when sailing, the boat is often heeled over 15-20degrees making a propane unit not so functional.
valhalla360 05/25/22 07:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: camping on TN public lands illegal and a felony???

The fact that anyone is unhoused in the United States is a structural failing and should bring elected officials on all sides of the political aisle a good deal of shame. People living in unsafe conditions anywhere in one of the wealthiest countries in the world .................. In principal, you are correct. In practice, it's a lot more complicated. Rarely is it truly a money issue. Usually, it is mental issues, drugs or other problems causing them to chose to be homeless. - In housing programs, there are usually rules and they are often unable or unwilling to live by those rules. - Housing for the homeless is often destroyed by those it is intended to help. - In the old days, the mentally ill (and often drug addicts) would be locked up in sanatoriums...that came with it's own set of problems (ugly, nasty problems). For the most part housing of the mentally ill in sanatoriums is considered unacceptable. I see you are from Canada and in the major cities of Canada, there are homeless so, another pretty rich country that hasn't solved the problem. Of course, Canada has a natural deterrent to minimize the problem. Come winter, the vast majority die or find their way south and once across the border, they have little incentive to return. It's similar in the USA with the biggest homeless problems occurring in warmer weather areas. So what is the solution, that you propose?
valhalla360 05/25/22 07:08am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Newbie Ques for hitch selection

Can you do it? Sure. Will it be a good option? Probably not. Trailer: 4000lb GVWR - 3360lb UVW = 640lb of cargo capacity. 40lb propane (1 BBQ size tank), 60lb battery, 100lb (1/4 full water tank), 200lb food and drink, 100lb clothes & misc personal items, 100lb misc trailer gear, 100lb bikes...That's pretty limited selection and you are at 700lb cargo. So what, put more in the truck... Looking online, I found the payload is 1150lb: - Family of 4...say 600lb, 50lb cooler, 100lb firewood, 600lb hitch weight (15% of trailer)...oops that's 1350lb. If you go very minimalist, you can probably make it work but you will have to police weight at every step to stay within the ratings. Probably better suited to a 2500-3000lb GVWR popup camper. That will free up some of the weight ratings to give you more flexibility. Also, check if the "frontal area" has a limitation. You are essentially pulling something with the aerodynamics of a brick. A popup falls into the slipstream behind the car but a full height trailer creates a lot of drag. This can stress and heat up the transmission. I would contact the dealer to see about a WDH. In principal, it's a good idea but I'm not sure if the unibody construction can take the stresses a WDH applies (they basically just have sheet metal folded over itself to give you a place to bolt it on). I've seen hitches literally rip out of their unibody mounts on a rough road.
valhalla360 05/24/22 02:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Residential vs Gas/Electric Fridge?

200amp-hr at 12v is around 2000w-hr of usable power (even with lithium, you can't use 100% of the rating). With no recharge, you are limited to about 12w average consumption to get a week out of those batteries (not going to happen). So shady sites are a non-starter as the solar will do nothing. Running the generator at least a couple hours a day is the only way to go a week. But with a good solar set up (and a site with a clear view of the sun!!!!!), it's certainly possible. Look at the fridges in question and find the wattage rating (alternatively, they might give amp rating and you multiply by the voltage to get watts...ie: 4 amps @ 120v is 480w). - Then you need an estimated duty cycle (ie: what percentage of the time is the compressor actually running). - Multiply the wattage times 24 hours times the duty cycle...that will give you an estimate of the watt-hr you need to replace each day. For the solar panels, figure around 4 times the rated wattage in watt-hours (ie: 200w of panels will generate around 800watt-hr each day). Sounds more complicated than it is...just follow thru step by step. PS: also check for other items that you will be running off battery power (lights, water pump, fans, etc...)
valhalla360 05/24/22 02:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Travel Trailer Towing Recommendations

Exactly. For that reason and stricter federal fuel efficiency requirements, is why you don't see 3/4 ton SUVs. Actually, 3/4 and heavier trucks are under different efficiency rules. That's why you won't see an MPG number on the window sticker. But 3/4 ton SUVs were always an oddball item. Back in the day, if you had 6 or more passengers, the choice was a van or people would load them in the back of the pickup with a cap on it (yeah, it was a different time). Back in the day, it wasn't unusual to see 60% of the trailers in a campground being pulled by a van. Fast forward 30-50yrs and families have fewer members and a legitimate 6 passenger pickup is commonplace. The result is probably 75-90% of trailers are pulled by pickups. It's also changed 5th wheels from being focused on older retired couples to a family RV option.
valhalla360 05/24/22 02:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Travel Trailer Towing Recommendations

That's what I am saying too! See, we agree! Everything is a compromise, right? Got a couple old folks with 10 grandkids (that apparently they have aspirations of taking all of them to the mountains with a big arse camper without any of their parents....best of luck to them, they must be saints or have a death wish lol...) For that ONE activity, YES, a big ole 1 ton passenger van is the BEST solution out there. Hands down, no question about it. (Makes it easy to say when it is the ONLY option, lol) Now, here's where I'm coming from. OP never alluded to this being a dedicated grandkids hauler only. In fact, I'll go out on a limb and first say that very few people would go buy a brand new full size SUV for the better part of $100k to park it and ONLY use it to haul the trailer and only with almost a full soccer team of grandkids. In fact I'd bet the 10kids with memaw and pepaw only happens once, or maybe twice, more like never than 3x though... So now lets look at the use of this SUV (or glorified cargo van) for the REST of the year, year after year.... 1. That's real likely to be over 300days without the soccer team in tow. 1 point suv 2. Normal day to day, drive thru the Starbucks, get some grocery's, church choir practice on Tuesday nights and fish fry on Fri nights at the supper club (they are in Wisconsin after all). 1 point suv 3. And this is a big one. Winter time in Cheeseland, yup we've all driven a 1 wheel wonder, put snow tires on the back with sand bags or firewood in the back to make it thru the snow, uphill both ways, back in the day...(good for me, good for you, builds character, but the 20th century was over like 22 years ago....you didn't send this message via a postcard, maybe they also enjoy some of the conveniences of the 21st century too, like luxury 4wds/awds which are literally so popular they're probably the largest selling part of the car market). 1 BIG point suv. 4. Amenities, comfort and safety features, pick whatever is important to you. But show me a big passenger van with anywhere near the comforts and newer safety features of even a modestly equipped new full size suv and I'll eat my shorts. Another big point SUV 5. Looks. Totally subjective, but if one is at all worried about this, can't say a cargo van looks cooler than a new suv. No point given, but realistically 1 point suv. 6. Fuel mileage (the other 300+ days NOT towing). New SUV will smoke a big bus hands down, city and highway. Maybe a teeny weeny concern with the Brandon prices on fuel...lol 1 point SUV 7. Cost. Van, hands down cheaper. Not even a question. 1 point van But to be fair, guy could buy a couple year old low mile suv and an older low mile van for about the same price as a new SUV and have both if hauling the soccer team is a large priority. So for anyone who wants and can afford a new suv, it's like 6 points suv to 2 points van. And the van is still a....van. On the upside, maybe could start a side hustle hauling old folks to the mall and church and dr appointments if one is inclined enough and has the time and ability to insure it and get a chauffer's license... Not really. You are focused on nice to have items and not the mission critical items. A big SUV is still not as nimble as a compact car (I've driven Dad's full size van enough that it really doesn't make a difference even going thru the drivethru) and still gets sucky gas mileage (particularly the bit 3row models that have any tow capability. Grew up one state over. Only had one 4x4 and never actually used it on the road. Driving into work, it was usually the 4x4s in the ditch. You can get by just fine with a 2WD.
valhalla360 05/24/22 08:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: New member looking for 1st TT!

JIMNLIN Sorry, total girl here. Thought I'd said, 1500. Also, our trips will mostly be long weekends. Occasional week I suppose. Sadly we have a while to go before retirement, by then I suspect we'll be looking at larger vehicle and tt. ?? Problem with 1/2 ton trucks is they vary wildly in capability. I've seen payloads as little as 950lb and upwards of 2500lb in 1/2 ton trucks. Go look on the driver side door. There will be a couple stickers with a bunch of numbers. Key ones to find: - GVWR: Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, This is the maximum weight of the truck fully loaded. That weight includes the weight on the hitch which should be on the order of 12-15% of the trailer weight (the trailer also has a GVWR and is a good starting assumption for the ready to travel weight) - The yellow sticker will have the payload. Again, the hitch weight counts against payload. A 7000lb trailer may have a hitch weight of 1000lb. Add in the 3 of you plus firewood and some other stuff in the truck bed, you may exceed the payload. - RAWR: Rear Axle Weight Rating, similar to the GVWR but specific to the rear axle. It's possible to be within GVWR and Payload but still be over the RAWR. Hitch weight mostly goes onto the rear axle. - Tow rating: Mostly this is built around the power to pull and brakes to stop...more often than not, you run out of one of the first three before you hit the tow rating.
valhalla360 05/24/22 07:50am Travel Trailers
RE: camping on TN public lands illegal and a felony???

Johnhicks, yes, it is now a federal case in the state of Colorado between a church (their private property) who brings in visiting ministers with their RVs (and have been doing this for years) versus the local municipality or county. I'll try to find the case. US Constitutional Law is involved. Sounds like it's more of a grandfathering issue with a poorly written ordinance. Zoning laws are well established. The issue would be if they changed it after the church established the pattern of using the parking lot for overnighting in RVs. Or if there was evidence that they were targeting the church specifically. Prohibiting camping in the parking lots of businesses not set up and zoned for such, is fairly straight forward.
valhalla360 05/24/22 07:37am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: camping on TN public lands illegal and a felony???

There could be an economic bad side to this. A lot of Canadians driving down in their RV and taking the back roads; they happen upon a nice little Tennessee town and decide to spend some time being a tourist and drop some cash at the neighborhood grocery store, restaurant, microbrewery, antique store, admission to a small museum, and/or trinket shop. All of this may require a couple of nights parking say on a dead end street. The Tennessee municipalities or townships know how tourism works in their town; however, the state has taken these decisions out of the townships hands. Therefore, the Canadian RVer drives right through town on the way to their final destination and not dropping any cash in that Tennessee town. When a state writes new laws, they should not take out part of the economies of small towns. The people camping in neighborhood streets typically aren't spending a lot while they are there, so I'm not seeing too many heart broken towns fretting over the money. Of course, if the city is OK with it, they can always not enforce the state law. There are thousands of laws on the books and they can't enforce every one.
valhalla360 05/24/22 07:31am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Drill motor for stabilizers

Odd how some will rationalize annoying behavior as OK because it's less annoying than other more annoying behaviors. :hA true story: My brother was on a scouting trip and needed a quick throwdown camp for the night. He drove off the highway on a dirt road across a sagebrush flat a few miles and was having dinner when a car appeared on the horizon. it got closer and closer, stopping about 50 feet away, and the fella started setting up camp. My brother walked over to him wearing his sidearm, and told him "If I wanted neighbors, I would not have camped here". The fella left in a hurry. The point is, that if you want to camp near others... You gotta understand that someone will annoy you....Just as you are sure to annoy someone as well. As we are driving away, I'd be on the phone to the cops telling them how there is some crazy guy flashing a gun at people passing by...probably won't send him to jail but I'm sure he will love spending a couple hours discussing with the cops.
valhalla360 05/24/22 07:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Declared Value Insurance.....any carriers you recommend?

Was fishing this past weekend and lightning struck a 13' graphite fishing rod on the front of my RV in the cooler rack. It vaporized the rod completely and broke front windshield but otherwise not damage to RV. I only carry liability insurance, so, this would have been devastating if my RV had burned up. Since it's 4WD and customized, want to insure it for comprehensive/total-loss insurance with a declared value of $60,000. Any insurance carries you'd recommend before I do the dreaded Google search which will automatically generate wayyyyy to many inquires from every insurance provider out there? What's the market value of the rig and can you convince the insurance company? If it's way outside the comparable prices on the market (or just an oddball), expect to provide a survey and independent appraisal. Don't expect your love of the rig to sway them. If it's a $5k RV, they won't let you insurance for $60k.
valhalla360 05/24/22 07:19am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Hello from a new member and a question

Seems that most 4 bunk bed trailers are 30' and over, but there are some under. These links show a few, along with longer ones: Yeah, if you want 4 separate bunks, it results in a longer trailer. Typically the master bedroom in one end and the bunks in the other. Bathroom, kitchen and living room need to fit between. If you can live with 2 bunks (maybe use the pull out couch or drop the dinnete table), the bunks take one corner with the bathroom using the other corner allowing them to set up a layout that is 5-6ft shorter overall.
valhalla360 05/23/22 11:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Travel Trailer Towing Recommendations

^Exactly. And the OP clearly was interested in a new luxury suv, not a van. Idk why the van people always seem to get spun up and feel the need to defend their position to the end…strange behavior yet funny at the same time! More of a pickup guy myself but if I needed to move 10 people on a regular basis, the days of putting a cap on the bed of the truck and piling the kids in the back are long gone...at least in the USA. The strange behavior is making a recommendation that doesn't accommodate the OPs needs.
valhalla360 05/23/22 11:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best Portable Black Water Tank?

The best solution is to use the volume more efficiently. On a full hookup site, you want to use lots of water but off sewer, you can get away with using significantly less, so long as you don't empty the tank until it's mostly full. That will allow the solids to float out with the water. How many of there are you that you think the black tank will fill every 2 days? With 2 of us using lots of water (on sewer sites), we get 4-5 days on the black tank. If we are careful, we can get a week without a lot of effort. Another thought is if you are up and about, use the bath house rather than going back to your camper. Reserve the onboard system for nighttime or emergency (I have to go NOW!!!) type use. I've borrowed them on occasion and the issue is a full tank is heavy and awkward. A 25gal blueboy will weigh upwards of 200lb when full. If your black tank is more than 25gal, you have the fun job of timing it so you shut the valve before it overfills and then clearing out the sewer hose.
valhalla360 05/23/22 10:21am Travel Trailers
RE: leaving the stick and brick for the summer

While ferndale has an interesting take on the care of his personal possessions, I've seen or known of a couple too many of the typical/cheap toilet/sink valves failing to not at least do something as simple as spending 2 minutes to turn off the water if leaving it unattended for a long time. But generally seen it due to freezing. To ferndale's point, what is a long time? You could have enough damage if a line broke 1 minute after you went to sleep at night, until you woke up in the morning. A simple vacation or weekend away, same scenario could as well. So again to his point, does it really matter? Damage will be similar, but how long it goes un checked is more the issue, IMO. All good points though on winterizing or summerizing a home. While you could have damage from 1min of leaking or even a few hours... but the sooner you clean it up and dry it out the less likely there will be collateral damage. If you have an overnight leak and immediately in the morning, stop the leak and dry it out, good chance you never develop a mold problem. Let a leaking pipe spray water into the wall for weeks and you may need to do mold abatement and you may have rotted wood in the floors and walls...Make it 3 months and you will almost certainly have a much bigger problem...it escalates with time. Back when we had a house, I would typically turn off the water and adjust the thermostat if we were leaving for a weekend. A week or more and I would kill most of the breakers. Just took a couple minutes, so no great burden.
valhalla360 05/23/22 10:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Sumo Springs to replace air bags

I put a set on our F250 and don't notice them when running empty as there is a small gap before they engage and then being progressive, the initial resistance is minimal but they do firm up the ride when heavily loaded. On a Class C, the adjustability of airbags isn't important as the loading will almost always be pretty much the same. With a big truck camper, adjustability is much more important as the support when you have 4000lb in the bed will result in a very stiff ride when empty but that never happens with a Class C. With Sumos, there is nothing to adjust or to fail, so I think it's a great option for a Class C.
valhalla360 05/23/22 09:01am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Beginning RVer: Is this Scenario Doable?

Wouldn't they just use the address that's on your driver's license? Technically, you are supposed to keep your license address current. Also, if there is a conflict between your address and you license, you could run into issues. Of course, if you get the loan while you are in the apartment and it matches your license, there is no conflict and you aren't lying on the application. It's OK not to highlight your situation but don't do anything that could be considered fraudulent.
valhalla360 05/23/22 07:45am Beginning RVing
RE: leaving the stick and brick for the summer

Humidity is probably not a big concern in Vegas, so high 80's/low 90's is going to be fine. If anything, you might want to run a humidifier so it does As others mentioned some oil in the toilet and P-traps so sewer gas can't come back in if they dry out. Turn off all the breakers except to the air/con & sump pump (assuming you have one). Turn off the main water valve/pump. Clean out the fridge, remove food and make sure to clean up any food related spills...otherwise you are likely to draw critters.
valhalla360 05/23/22 07:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Beginning RVer: Is this Scenario Doable?

Unless your parents co-sign or otherwise materially participate in the loan contract, there is no reason they could be liable for the loan (I assume you are an adult and not under any special guardianship to your parents). The easiest would be to get the loan while you still have the apartment. How will you be paying the loan? Will it include changing jobs? Is the income to payment ratios reasonable? It's quite reasonable for the bank to have questions if your financial situation is changing drastically and you are purchasing an item that can disappear or be destroyed in a heartbeat.
valhalla360 05/23/22 05:48am Beginning RVing
RE: Twisted Truck? UPDATE-Fixed!

With just the drivers front tire up on a ramp, it might be nothing more than the springs on that tire being compressed making it look funny. Get the camper off and take a look when it's on level ground with no ramps under it.
valhalla360 05/21/22 07:26am Truck Campers
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