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RE: Roof reseal options

It wouldn't surprise me to hear that a Mobile RV repair guy charges MORE than a shop. Let us know what you find out. We've found them to almost always be cheaper...plus you don't have to drag the trailer to the shop and back. But yeah, if you can find a responsible teen or handyman, it's not rocket science. I wouldn't take a pressure washer to the roof though. A soft bristle brush with lots of soap and water...the material isn't that tough and a careless pressure washing can do a lot of damage. It doesn't have to be pretty. You just want to remove loose material that could mess with the bond.
valhalla360 08/04/21 06:19am Tech Issues
RE: level on level ground and towing

Most roads are "crowned", especially non-interstates, .... Plus 1 inch is Not a whole lot off. Over the years, I've probably had not more perfectly level sites than I can count on one hand, I do try to get close. All public roads are crowned. If that is all the OP is seeing, then it's a non-issue. Typically modern roads use straight line 1.5% cross slope (about 1.4 inches over an 8ft wide trailer). Shoulders are typically 2.0-2.5%. Older roads may use hyperbolic crown but those aren't very common anymore. You may see them on older back roads. In curves, the road will be superelevated with a cross slope all to one direction that will vary based on speed and radius (think race track banking on a much more modest level). A truly level road is almost never found. So the question is when the OP says it's out of level, does he mean relative to gravity or relative to the road surface? Take a tape measure and on smooth (relatively) level concrete and measure from ground to frame on both sides at the axles. It should be pretty close. 1/2 inch, I'm probably chalking it up to inconsistencies in the concrete. If it's really off by 1", I would want to look into it. See if you can shift some weight to level it out. Probably not the end of the world but in an emergency maneuver a balanced load will handle better. It won't bother the fridge but I will be told to put a board under it if we are off by that much when parked.
valhalla360 08/04/21 06:06am General RVing Issues
RE: 6 or 12 That is the question

Deep cycle batteries have a smaller number of thick plates. Starting batteries have a larger number of thin plates. Maximum amperage is a function of plate surface area. So more thin plates allow for more surface area and thus more amps...very useful turning over a big truck diesel. Thicker plates allow you to take the charge down lower with less long term damage...very useful for deep cycling low to moderate house loads. A 2000w inverter will be pulling less than 170amps A 6-7liter diesel may be pulling 700-1000amps when starting but only for a few seconds 6v golf cart batteries are true deep cycle batteries. The 12v trolling motor/combo batteries are relabeled starting batteries. So for the same amp-hr rating, you won't see much difference initially but if you really use the capability, the available amp-hr in the starting batteries will drop more quickly as they wear out. If you only rarely boondock, you may never notice. You can use deep cycle batteries for starting and it will cause them no damage. The issue is you will need more of them to develop enough amps. Quite common on cruising sail boats where you are turning over a small 20-40hp motor. It doesn't take a lot of amps, so the battery bank set up for house loads has plenty of cranking amps to turn over the small motor.
valhalla360 08/04/21 05:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Can I rent your RV?

If they just want to go RV'ing someplace for a trip to try the RV lifestyle or something like that, another option would be for you to drive it there for them. I'd have no qualms about letting friends or family stay in the RV after I drive it there and set it up, I just wouldn't want to hand them the keys and send them on their way. This I might consider. Handing them the keys to the truck, pointing them to the trailer and then walking away...no.
valhalla360 08/04/21 05:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Comments people make

Yes, a Daimler product, built in France. Too bad they killed them in the US. Much like the A-liner, they serve a purpose in the marketplace. They didn't kill them...they just never sold very well. They are still available and being updated for Europe. As you say, they serve a purpose but that purpose largely doesn't exist in the USA. Their primary purpose is to be able to park in a tiny spot. Following the 2019 model run, they totally exited the US market. Yes...because they didn't sell.
valhalla360 08/04/21 05:24am Folding Trailers
RE: Air conditioning article

Very lousy job comparing. RecPro 9.5 is listed as taking 12.6 amp, when actuall measurements are about 1/2 of that Somebody got paid for promoting certain brands? If you are going to mix 120vAC and 12vDC, at least convert to watts, so the reader can compare easily. But also, you need to adjust for BTU output - A duty cycle estimate would also be important. Who cares if the 12vDC uses 25% less watts but runs twice as many hours per day. - A low BTU unit may not even get the interior down to a reasonable temp, so it really needs a defined test. A small unit may do OK in a smallish truck camper but fail miserably in a larger campervan that has a much larger interior. (unless you are in a desert, the swamp cooler is all but useless) A simple table with the key data points would go a long way towards making this a useful article. At the very least follow a consistent pattern in writing the paragraph for each unit using bullet points so it's easy to find the data.
valhalla360 08/03/21 08:55am Truck Campers
RE: Comments people make

Yes, a Daimler product, built in France. Too bad they killed them in the US. Much like the A-liner, they serve a purpose in the marketplace. They didn't kill them...they just never sold very well. They are still available and being updated for Europe. As you say, they serve a purpose but that purpose largely doesn't exist in the USA. Their primary purpose is to be able to park in a tiny spot.
valhalla360 08/03/21 08:15am Folding Trailers
RE: Comments people make

Unless there is more to the story that you haven't shared, I think you are simply being oversensitive. Compared to even a modest house, a big 40ft RV is a small living space, so one less than a quarter that size is legitimately tiny. As far as leaks...you have an origami roof. It's a logical question regarding how how it keeps the water out.
valhalla360 08/03/21 07:28am Folding Trailers
RE: Need help, hot water tank fail.

While igniting, there is an override that allows propane to flow even without a flame. Once ignited, there is a thermocouple that must heat up or the water heater assumes the flame went out and shuts off the propane. (eventually, it tries to ignite again repeating the process) 1) Is the thermocouple in the flame? If it got bent to the side, it may not be heating up. 2) Is the thermocouple gone bad? 3) Is the circuit board failed, so even though the thermocouple says there is flame, it still shuts off the propane once the ignition cycle is complete.
valhalla360 08/03/21 05:27am Travel Trailers
RE: On street parking problems Portland

The problem is the majority of homeless are either mentally ill and/or drug addicts. Define homeless? Full timers are technically and legally homeless. I don't consider myself as mentally ill or a drug addict, and I don't have a permanent B&M homestead I call home. I actually had to get that status cleared with a judge this spring to get out of jury duty. Our mail goes to my sister's house but we weren't anywhere close. But not relevant to the current discussion. There is a huge difference between someone who chooses to live a nomadic lifestyle and someone who simply doesn't have the resources and mental capabilities to get and keep a home. Among the homeless, mental illness and addiction are rampant.
valhalla360 08/03/21 05:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Getting Confused on what can I tow

Depending how it's outfitted, a Tahoe can be an OK tow vehicle but it's not the ultimate by any means. Assuming you looked up the correct truck when getting the rating, it's not "inflated" but it's not the only consideration: - GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) is the number you want to look for on the trailer. This is the maximum weight when loaded and most people are close to this. - UVW (Unloaded Vehicle Weight) is theoretically the weight when it rolls off the factor floor. No water, no propane, no battery, nothing in it...unless you plan to camp that way, it's not very relevant for determining what you can tow. - In addition to the tow rating, you need to check the trucks Payload. This is how much the truck can carry directly on it's wheels. It includes anything in the truck or bolted on after market (such as running boards). There is a yellow sticker on the door jam that gives you the payload. The trick is the hitch weight counts against payload. A trailer should have approximately 12-15% on the hitch. Too light and there is a tendency to develop sway. That means for an 8000lb (loaded weight) trailer you are looking at north of 1000lb on the hitch. Add in a family of 4 weighing in at say 500lb plus another 300lb of stuff in the back of the truck...do you have 1800lb of payload? Often the payload runs out before you reach the tow rating. Then you have the practical aspect. It may be rated to tow it but it may be a miserable pig doing it. Gas engines typically make HP by cranking up the RPM. Within reason, a properly maintained engine will be fine doing 4000 RPM climbing a hill. You'll make it to the top but it can get annoying if you are frequently in the mountains. A bigger engine can allow you to keep the RPM more sedate and/or allow you to maintain a higher speed on steep grades.
valhalla360 08/02/21 02:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The View

Yeah, I thought the liberal crones were doing a segment on RVing. I hesitated before opening the thread. But yeah, nice photos and I never really bought into the MH idea that you could see so much more.
valhalla360 08/02/21 02:26pm Truck Campers
RE: On street parking problems Portland

The problem is the majority of homeless are either mentally ill and/or drug addicts. Unfortunately, the days of putting the in an asylum for the rest of their lives are gone (with some good reasons of course) but that means they are out on their own. Even when offered a free place to stay, many will reject it. I also feel sympathy for the local property owners. Some of these people are dangerous, so can't just let the kids go out on their own in the area and it does drag property values down. I don't have a good solution but it's not a simple problem of throwing some money at it.
valhalla360 08/02/21 02:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Has anyone noticed

The point is...your comment implied it was inappropriate for us to care about what others were doing because it's none of our business. Well the "liar loans" were an example of how that can play out. On an individual level, it's not my problem if the neighbors are in over their heads but on the larger scale it can still impact me, so it is my business. No, I don't expect the RV loan industry to blow up the economy all by itself but same thing is happening with boats and houses (again) where things are going into a bubble...so it's very legitimate to look for the canary in the coal mine. PS: While the banks certainly played along, a large number of borrowers were plenty guilty of taking out loans they had no reasonable expectation of paying off.
valhalla360 08/02/21 01:48pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Has anyone noticed

Why is everyone so concerned about everyone else's finances and judging people they don't even know? If we are talking about a stray individual, you are probably correct. If we are talking about repeating it on large scale...it impacts can have unexpected consequences that do impact others. Example: We didn't take out one of the "liar loans" on a house we couldn't afford back in the early 2000's...our 401k still took a big hit for a few years when the market blew up.
valhalla360 08/02/21 11:42am RV Lifestyle
RE: Need help for locating a new Generator box

Google "travel trailer generator mount" Maybe one of these will work for you. https://tweetys.com/images/products/thumb/trailertray.jpg https://images.etrailer.com/static/images/pics/m/n/mnt54fr_4_250.jpg I like the A-frame mounted one. It adds to your tongue weight (as long as the truck has sufficient payload), which is generally a good thing for towing. On the rear bumper of a 20ft trailer, be sure to check the tongue weight. If it's OK but borderline, that may reduce the tongue weight enough to make towing unstable. Assuming 150lb with the mount and cover...it could easily be taking 100lb off the tongue weight. If the trailer weighs in at say 4000lb loaded with a 450lb hitch weight (11.25%) and you drop it to 350lb suddenly you are at 8.75%. 10% is the typical break point where things get squirrely. Though higher is better. It tends to be less of a concern on larger trailers. A 9000lb trailer with 11.25% tongue with will be 1012lb...lose 100lb and it's still at 10.1%. (5th wheels with 20-25% pin weight and wheels placed further back, tend to be even less affected). As someone else mentioned, the rear bumper is not a structural member, so I wouldn't trust it to support much of anything.
valhalla360 08/02/21 07:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Has anyone noticed

Why is it assumed that everyone in a big rig is living above their means? In my personal experiences, both owning big rigs and owning an RV park I have found the opposite to be the case. Not everyone is teetering on bankruptcy. Certainly not all but a great many put on a good show while living paycheck to paycheck. This isn't specific to RVs but many upper middle class folks. They may be making the payments...now... but very few have the liquid cash to be buying $500-750k toys. If they lose their jobs or hit another financial issue, many will be having the MH repossessed in a short time. Taking on that burden at a time of economic instability, is very risky for these folks.
valhalla360 08/02/21 07:44am RV Lifestyle
RE: Has anyone noticed

So basically you’ve just noticed the surge in RV purchases? But in the form of pushers and big trailers? Fwiw there’s more new “other” RVs out there too. This is not new news. 2020 just called and they want their story back. Bad part is a lot of these new RVers are “working from home” folks, whom are putting a strain on the productivity of many jobs. Another issue that is costing companies money by folks taking advantage of a situation or allowance. I know this is a tangent, but on our (1) trip this year, I saw more than a couple working age folks sitting at their picnic tables on their laptops for extended periods during weekdays. Longer than just “checking email” and less than working all day. Based on the performance of the remaining “work at home” slugs in our company, and firms that I work with daily, these folks are milking the company dime. This trend is disturbing and quite frankly makes my job harder, when numerous people who’s performance I rely on as a manager can basically work reduced hours and it’s not enforceable. In the company I work for, we have idk, about 3500 staff of salaried positions. About half of which aren’t field supervision positions (construction). Officially we are now at “50% return to work” capacity. A self imposed limit by our self imposed “pandemic response group”. 50%?? I’ve seen a few of these same people who must “work from home” due to the pandemic, out hopping around on weekends with the masses. One of the “work from Homers” as we call them, I saw at the Sounders soccer game yesterday with his son…. In the office, he limits his time there, you know, because of the 50% rule, but on a Saturday he’s cool with going to an event with 20,000 random people and no mask! But it’s good for the RV industry eh! Not sure if you are disgruntled or this is just nonsensical drivel. I've been working remote for 6 years now and I work more hours and longer than when I did at the office. Not sure how this puts a "strain on the productivity of other jobs". Frankly it's efficient and keeps costs like office space, electricity infrastructure etc, down. Yeah, we've been doing remote work since 2007. We are more available than when we were working out of an office. This last year, a lot of companies saw big earnings gains as a lot of office related costs melted away. In the long term, companies are looking to cut way back on office space and the expenses that come with it. If people aren't doing their jobs, it will come out fairly quickly. Sounds like someone has a job where they are required on site and if disgruntled over those who are not required on site. As far as high end diesel pushers...did a 7 month loop from Michigan to California to Florida and back over the winter. Didn't see anything unusual in terms of the type of RV.
valhalla360 08/02/21 07:39am RV Lifestyle
RE: What do you think about this set up?

You haven't provided enough info to know if the truck is overloaded but... In terms of pulling power, probably not a big issue on flat ground but expect to be turning a lot of revs on hills in a lower gear. As long as you have a low enough gear, it should make it to the top of the hill.
valhalla360 08/02/21 07:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: Must I have a toad with a 27' Class C?

Can it be done? Generally, yes. Will it be a pain having to break camp constantly? For us, the answer would be yes.
valhalla360 08/02/21 05:03am Beginning RVing
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