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RE: New smartphone direct-to-Starlink satellite service

I can not speak for Samsung, Apple or Star link only how I would do it if I were designing the phone or it's program. IF you lose cellular... (Out of range) I'd have the phone listen for a satellite and if it sees one it would display a message. It might even "handshake" with it and let you know if it gets and ACK or not. Either they have tested the system and it works...or it doesn't. Providing you feedback in a non-emergency is not required and may degrade the operation. The problem is if you have a million phones trying to do a handshake once a minute on a very limited capability system, there may be no bandwidth when there is a real message to send.
valhalla360 09/23/22 01:52pm Technology Corner
RE: Toy Hauler Truck?

I thought the complaint these days was you could not get a basic vehicle without all the bells and whistles anymore. Now we're complaining because a tow vehicle isn't fancy enough? Really a non-issue. Most will be utilitarian versions but no reason you can't bling it out if desired.
valhalla360 09/23/22 09:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Toy Hauler Truck?

Can only haul 2 people comfortably, like you said. Non starter for long trips or families. Doesn't tow well, compared to other options. That combo is a guaranteed pooch in all but flat towing down the road at low altitude with the wind at your back. Overall comfort. A stripped down F350 reg chassis cab is not exactly what most people expect for passenger and creature comforts. Cost/benefit. Most people use their daily driver pickups to tow their RVs. Dual use benefit. A personal box van, if not a rental scenario, is even more useless unless you're going to home depot. And the appearance thing and lack of practicality of using a 16' box van as a daily driver. Appearance. If I'm moving stuff, I'm moving. If I'm on vacation, I don't want to look like a homeless person driving a Uhaul. And, no, I've never seen any rental 6pack box vans. Gonna say those don't exist. If buying a crew cab chassis with box, refer to the 2 reasons above. I applaud the ingenuity and yes it works, but there's a reason it's not a thing, at all, for recreational RVers. Although dirt bike race teams do it all the time. Different application, really. The 2/3 passenger limit is really the only downside I see. 4 Door van chassis with boxes are actually pretty common in Europe. I just haven't seen them in the states. Or something like this: https://jingletruck.com/2016-dodge-ram-5500-69596 I see no reason to expect it to pull a 25ft TT any worse than your average 1/2 ton pickup that is the typical vehicle for towing that size trailer. Might even be better aerodynamically since the van frontage should match the trailer pretty closely, so the wind only gets one shot at the frontal area. If you are just buying a used Uhaul van, sure it's stripped down but if buying new or retrofitting, no reason you can't fit nice comfy captains chairs and some of the bling from more up scale vans. Might look a little goofy but I wouldn't expect it to be much worse than commuting in a full size pickup. I've driven them in the past and nothing particularly difficult, certainly no worse than the folks who drive dually pickups as daily drivers. Plus go back 30-40yrs ago and most people would think it's goofy to drive a dually as a daily driver. Mostly perception. I'm guessing most people just never thought of it...I didn't until I saw it. Might also be the marketing departments. Do you want to sell a $20k bog standard TT or a $30k toy hauler TT. Likewise, more and more, pickups are the proverbial Cowboy Cadillac's. I'm sure the Big 3 don't want to encourage you to buy something simple and practical for under $70k.
valhalla360 09/22/22 02:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: CARB smog testing motorhomes Every 4months by 2024

4 times a year for an RV. Really? It matters not that it's a five minute or 50 minute inspection, Im sure you guys will be charged an arm and a leg, and every three months for an RV is noting more than pure harassment as PButler says. I'm sure at some point, they will have the OBD tied into your cell phone and it will send a continuous stream of data. Of course, that will give them access to all kinds of data to use against you. I'm sure at least some folks in northern Calicrazy store their rigs for the winter...so will they have to pull them out of storage burn 5-10 gallons of fuel to get them to a test station, so they can be tested to stay current?
valhalla360 09/22/22 10:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diesel Ram Owner Forced to Scrap Truck !

Even if there is some "VIN database" there would be nothing stopping the new owner if it is sold in a state where they don't do emissions inspections. I believe most states require the title and registration to be cleared and removed from the prior state (not sure of the legal terminology). I ran into an issue with a typo on a title from another state and my state wouldn't touch it until it was sorted with the original state. So if NJ flags the vin/title, getting it titled/registered in a new state may be problematic if NJ says there a problem with the truck. Also, there is the issue of getting caught. It's one thing to play dumb that you didn't realize it was illegal to delete the truck. But now that you've been cited and told to fix it, you can expect the charges to be escalated if you purposely try to circumvent the ruling by selling it in another state still deleted. Honestly, he's probably being used to "make an example" but he did it on purpose, so he doesn't get much sympathy.
valhalla360 09/21/22 03:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Smaller Propane Tanks

What do you do if you are in an area where you must swap tanks rather than refill them, but the swapper is not the empty one? Unless you are running a generator or some other really heavy propane use, a 20# tank will last at least a couple weeks. We are usually 4-6 weeks often more on a single tank. Unless you are staying in remote areas for extended periods of time, it's really not an issue. Just switch to the 2nd tank and when you get back to civilization, fill the empty tank.
valhalla360 09/21/22 10:22am General RVing Issues
RE: This is our RV electric future. It's the future man!

Meh, this whole only being able to tow 100 miles and then having to charge thing is bogus. That’s for a specific size, profile and weight of trailer. There are thousands of EV RVers on the Facebook towing groups who are getting double that towing smaller, low profile and lighter trailers. There are lots of different sized RV’s. If you have a bigger trailer with a larger profile then stick with gas or diesel. Nobody is making you choose otherwise. But for those towing smaller RV’s you simply have a third option. Towing with an EV is a very good experience. Torque, power, centre of gravity and braking are just a few of the advantages of towing with electric. Personally I think the towing ranges will double in the next 5 years. Maybe sooner. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52204803650_28727cdd0e_c.jpg Thank you for putting things into perspective. I think perspective needs to look at the RV market segments. - While very small teardrop trailers are out there, they make up a very small percentage of the market. - Also, from past posts Reisender covers relatively few miles per day and is on a fairly relaxed schedule. If it meets his needs, that's great but this is very far from typical for RVs.
valhalla360 09/21/22 08:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: This is our RV electric future. It's the future man!

No reason to expect in normal use that an EV semi will go up hill noticeably faster. does it really make sense to spend a ton of money to be able to go 10mph faster up a hill?It's not what I expect, it's what the specs say. From the website specs: "Speed Up a 5% Grade=Highway speed limit" No, but it may make sense if it goes up a hill 30-40mph faster. Trucking companies are always looking for ways to get there faster. As the pickup EV tow testing showed, climb the ike at full speed and you use up electrons really fast. Getting to the top 5 min faster only to stop for 2hr to replace those electrons isn't very cost effective. Diesels likewise can put the hammer down and go faster up grades but it's cheaper to go a bit slower all things considered.
valhalla360 09/21/22 08:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: New smartphone direct-to-Starlink satellite service

I can understand receiving a signal from a more powerful satellite, but how is 1/10 of a watt going to "reply"? Increasing the receiving gain of the antenna on the satellite reduces the amount of transmit power required from the smartphone. Having big "ears" makes it easier to "hear" weak signals. The other thing to keep in mind is the fresnel zone. While we often think of radio signals as line of sight, there is actually an oblong oval shaped area between the two radios where the signal passes (layperson explanation). If you have two kids at the end of a football field with walkie-talkies, the ground is blocking a big part of the signal. It's such a short distance that enough signal gets thru but much is lost. Add in trees, hills, buildings, etc... and only a small part of the fresnel zone may be clear to carry the radio signal. This is why radio towers are tall. As much as possible, they are trying to get above any obstructions that block the fresnel zone. If you are in an open field, communicating with a radio directly above you, you have a near perfect fresnel zone reducing the amount of signal that is lost.
valhalla360 09/21/22 07:52am Technology Corner
RE: November travel

What you might have some trouble with is finding campgrounds to stay at, many places in the North close at the end of October. Your best bet is state campgrounds where you probably won't have water but you'll have electric and access to a dump station. If the rig is winterized, you might consider staying in a hotel with a big parking lot the first night or two.
valhalla360 09/21/22 07:31am Roads and Routes
Toy Hauler Truck?

Saw an interesting combo yesterday. A mid 20'some foot travel trailer pulled by a uhaul chassis van with the smaller box. https://www.uhaul.com/Truck-Rentals/15ft-Moving-Truck/ Talked to them and they said they only take 3-4 short trips per year and just rent a van (uhaul claims a 10k tow rating and 6400lb payload, so seems reasonably capable) as it's cheaper. While I don't know about the rental aspect but the combo seems like it would be a much more functional toy hauling option vs most of the bumper pull toy haulers. - Toys aren't in the RV living space leaking gas or tearing up the floor. - If the riding trails are a few miles from the campground, you can just take the van with the toys and leave the trailer setup. - No need to empty the garage if just stopping for the night and not using the toys. - Not really any more difficult for driving around than a full size van. The only real downside I can see is you are limited on passenger seating (theoretically 3 but that would get old on a longer trip). Maybe you could get a 4 door pickup chassis with a similar box to solve that.
valhalla360 09/20/22 06:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: November travel

About a week out, I would be checking for forecast along the route. Then pick the best window and be prepared to hold up for a day or two if the weather isn't conducive. As noted, south of New York, it's unlikely to be a problem and if it is, they will have it cleared within a day in most cases. Unless the medical condition limits you to short driving days, just try to make a good number of miles the first couple days to get 800-1000miles south.
valhalla360 09/20/22 06:32pm Roads and Routes
RE: This is our RV electric future. It's the future man!

For now, yes. Musk's semi is looking promising with several hundred mile range. Don't know the charging requirements however, and I imagine it will be quite expensive. But as I said earlier, I would think OTR drivers (if this truck even needs one!) would be overjoyed at not having to slow down to a crawl on a hill. I think the automobile and truck technology is going to blow our minds in the next decade. I just hope I'm around to see it. I'm left to wonder if the semi isn't living up to claims. It's been ready to come out any day for what 5-6yrs? No reason to expect in normal use that an EV semi will go up hill noticeably faster. It may be a different limitation but look at Tesla cars that have been taken on race tracks. In theory the motors should allow the car to blow away even dedicated track cars but they often go into limp mode because they are drawing too much amperage for too long. On a long steep climb, I would expect to see similar issues arise and does it really make sense to spend a ton of money to be able to go 10mph faster up a hill?
valhalla360 09/20/22 05:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Running portable generator off vehicle fuel tank.

Modern vehicle fuel systems are sealed for emissions reasons and get fussy if that seal is lost. How exactly would you be tapping into the tank? The outboard tank with honda transfer cap really makes far more sense.
valhalla360 09/20/22 04:18pm Tech Issues
RE: This is our RV electric future. It's the future man!

Just got my new Leaf and I love passing gas stations and Jiffy lubes. I recharge about every 4 days at home. I realize a brand new one will do a bit better but... Back before the big jump is gas prices, I was looking into getting a used leaf as they were only $6-8k. We only had the F250 and 15mpg hurts. I was thinking if I could get it cheap, I could reserve the truck for towing duty and save on fuel costs. Problem was when I started digging in, the range had degraded by 40-60% in 5-7yr old cars. A 50-60mile range when a typical round trip into town is 40-50miles is problematic and if I needed to do more than a 2-3 stops, prohibitive. Then when I looked at the potential savings in fuel vs registering and insuring a second vehicle...all the savings were out the window. Just got an oil change on the F250...$29 out the door including taxes. I average about 2 per year...not a big deal.
valhalla360 09/20/22 04:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: This is our RV electric future. It's the future man!

Battery Technology is certainly progressing. To think there will not be significant advancement in batterry technology is very short sited. While at the Hershey RV show last weekend. There where 4 lithium battery suppliers peddling their products. I don't remember there being any the year prior. Li batteries are currently changing the way we camp and opening up lots of opportunities to camp off the grid in ways that were not possible just 10 years ago. The technology really hasn't changed. Lithium are basically the same battery as in a 20yr old laptop. The advances have been in economy of scale bringing prices down but those are largely tapped out and are running up against the counter force of lithium raw material prices rising due to greater demand. Running house loads is a couple orders of magnitude less demand than actually propelling the RV down the road.
valhalla360 09/20/22 04:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: This is our RV electric future. It's the future man!

Semis (OTR) electric haulers will require no shifting, no jake brakes and no slowing down on hills. Cool. I would imagine all but the most hardcore crabby old drivers could go for that. Most of us have automatic transmissions already. In fact it's been a few years since you could even buy a manual transmission in a full size pickup. Exhaust brakes are also automated. I don't object to the positive capabilities of an electric motor. The problem is completely about how to provide power to that motor. With a cost effective battery of similar volume and weight to a full gasoline/diesel tank that could provide even half the energy density...ICE would be done within 5 years. There are segments where EVs make sense (commuter cars in multi car families, local delivery trucks...but once you need to cover long distances at high speed pulling a lot of weight, the limited range is a deal killer.
valhalla360 09/20/22 04:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Occasional Winter Camping??

A hard question to answer. People live in RVs in the northern Rockies, but it takes some experience to be comfortable. You have to learn how to keep your plumbing working and stay warm. We've done a fair bit of winter camping (as a kid we used to spend weekends in northern Michigan snowmobiling and the camper stayed there all winter). In truly cold conditions (say lows below 10F), it can be "tolerable" but I wouldn't call it "comfortable". In more recent times, cold weather camping is usually when we get caught somewhere in a cold snap or need to be somewhere for a short period of time. If we needed to be somewhere for a month or more, we would be looking at an apartment (which we have done on a few occasions).
valhalla360 09/20/22 10:03am Truck Campers
RE: Where to get three nights of peaceful RV time?

For this trip, we’re hoping for some east, close amenities to just relax. Maybe we’re getting lazy. Tired is more like it really. I don’t feel like cooking/grilling, cleaning, etc. I just want to sit, walk, talk, play cards, eat and drink, stare at the stars, views and reflect on life and wife, the dog. NO chores, no house, no work, no nothing! LOL! Thanks! So you want some place with all the qualities of a tourist resort but without the tourists but in a wild remote area and you want it cheap and you want it local? Honestly, I think you have too many conflicting needs and will be disappointed if you try to meet all of them.
valhalla360 09/20/22 07:45am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: This is our RV electric future. It's the future man!

I'm not an over the top EV guy. But I am open minded enough to understand one day I maybe towing with an EV vs. claiming that EV towing is an impossible pipe dream. I've already seen enough game changing technology inm my lifetime to understand change can happen quickly. Wasn't too long ago the "Dick Tracy" talking watch was far fetched, now it is reality. When it comes to EV, I don't own a Tesla or have any plans to buy one anytime soon. However I drove a friends Tesla and that experience changed my thoughts on EV. The Tesla is game changin g technology. The idea of a car withincredible performance with no pistons,crankshaft,lifters or combustion of any sort is mind boggling and transformative. Experience a Tesla for yourself and your opinion on EV and EV technology will change forever. If you have not experienced a Tesla,you are thinking old school technology and you really can't grasp what all the EV fuss is about. However once you exerience Tesla technology you will begin to understand what the fuss is all about. I'm not suggesting you will run out and buy a Tesla or suddenly become a die hard Musky. But you will have a much better understanding of what EV technology is about and where it is headed. Short of a huge breakthrough in battery technology, RVs with similar capabilities are not happening in our lifetime. "Dick Tracy" was like 80-90 yrs ago. Unless you are 400yrs old, yeah, it was a long time ago. I had cars without pistons, crankshafts, lifters. Nothing particularly earth shattering about the idea. They were slot cars and solved the energy storage issue by electrifying the track. Electrifying our roadway system is an expensive proposition but technologically it does work. Performance is a red herring. Modern 4 banger cars almost never use the full performance capability anyway.
valhalla360 09/20/22 07:35am Tow Vehicles
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