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RE: Need some help with equipment to boost internet

That equipment is called a cell phone with a hot spot and unlimited data plan.
valhalla360 07/05/20 01:07pm Technology Corner
RE: Best tow vehicle for our rig

Is that 7500lb empty or full? Assuming it's the empty weight, you are probably in 3/4 ton territory by the time you fill it. This doesn't have to be diesel. You might find a suitable 1/2 ton but you really need to look into the specs. Keep in mind enough HP to pull it is only one consideration.
valhalla360 07/05/20 01:06pm Towing
RE: Large camper with single AC

The A/Cs are much more efficient now. 2 Will run just fine on 30 amps if you switch the fridge and water heater to gas for the hot part of the day and shut one off if you need to run the microwave. Quite doable if you want to stay comfortable. Put #2 on. You won't regret it! This is vey good and correct information. Marginal info...when it's really hot is when voltage drops raising the amps. I've seen plenty of burnt up 30amp cords from people trying to max out the 30amps. If it's cool and voltage is high, it will probably be fine but you likely won't need the 2nd unit.
valhalla360 07/05/20 01:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Large camper with single AC

Actually kind of shocking they even produced a unit that big with 1 air con. Around 28-30ft, you are reaching the limit for a single unit. I assume the rig is a 50 amp rig (just the current site is 30amp) and it's wired up for a second air/con. Bite the bullet and get the second unit. I'll bet you every time it gets up in the low to mid 80's, it will struggle to keep the inside cool with only 1 unit. One temporary thing, you can try is if the aircon vents close off, shut down the bedroom and bathroom and close them off so all the cool air is going to the main living area during the day. Usually at night, you don't need as much cooling, so you can open them back up.
valhalla360 07/05/20 04:06am Tech Issues
RE: Concrete driveway thickness??

All I've seen, have cracked wherever it felt like it, despite having form/saw joints. Often that means if they sawed the joint, they waited too long. Just the expansion/contraction from day to night can crack a slab. Forming the joint is OK for DIY work but hard to get consistent depth with wet concrete wanting to reform into a single piece. Spacing for joints, depends on thickness and reinforcement...a thin non-reinforced slab will require a lot of joints. It will also be more critical that you have the base well compacted.
valhalla360 07/04/20 05:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Concrete driveway thickness??

The compression strength won't have a lot of impact. The stress cracks form due to tension not compression and concrete is lousy in tension. Thickness and a good compacted base is where it's at.
valhalla360 07/04/20 02:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Concrete driveway thickness??

Concrete highways are normally 4 inches thick to stand up to truck traffic. Call some contractors and ask them. You might be right on the margin of safety. I'm in the industry and the thinnest concrete I've ever seen used on a highway is 7 inches. 8 to 12 inches is more common. For a driveway with a big MH, I would go with 6 inch....it is critical that the base below is compacted well. Concrete cracks...you can either form/saw joints that look nice or they will form for you and they will be ugly.
valhalla360 07/04/20 11:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Follow up on Big Problem With New TT Tires install

I'm confused...if the home office is sending a check, why are you taking them to court? I said I would take it to Court if they would not pay for the damage. She first said she could not do anything without the Managers report. She said she talked to him and he said it was not there fault and was refusing to send in a report. That is when I said that I would take it to Court Not surprising or inappropriate that they want to check with the manager first to find out what both sides of the story are.
valhalla360 07/04/20 11:30am Tech Issues
RE: Melting wires

loose wires and low voltage at the campsite. Time to ask about warranty since rv is new. Have the dealership "discover" the issue. Ask but expect them to tell you it's operator error unless you can prove it was a faulty installation. Did you check the voltage? Particularly on hot holiday weekends, it's common to get low voltage as the park is full and everyone is drawing a lot of power to run air/con units. Yesterday the pedestal we are on went down to 96v. That will burn out electrical systems if you don't take action. We have an autoformer that boosts the voltage the trailer sees by 10% but even that wasn't enough, so we pulled the generator out and got it back up to 118v until early evening when the voltage was back up.
valhalla360 07/04/20 06:20am Travel Trailers
RE: Buying RV that's been stored

X2 I,d hire a mobil rv tech to inspect the rv, look one up on the net in your area. if stored right. and inspection comes back ok. I,d buy one. now if its been outside in the weather just parked and forgotten about NO. Probably also want a mobile mechanic to check out the drivetrain and do a compression check. A dead motor, likely makes the MH worthless.
valhalla360 07/04/20 06:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Has anyone added an extra water tank to RV roof

It would affect the center of gravity some, raising it probably a couple or a few inches. Whether or not the roof structure would be safely able to carry the extra weight is a bigger concern; if it's a well-constructed RV, it ought to be able to, as it isn't enormously more than, say, a couple of air conditioners (the weight of which is less evenly distributed), but we all know that many RVs are not especially well-constructed. If you do install it, be sure the tank is oriented lenghtwise rather than across the RV. If it's crosswise and half full, the water will slosh back and forth from side to side and could definitely cause handling issues or at least annoyances. Weight shift front to back is rather less of a problem--though still may be noticeable. Weight shift can, of course, be avoided by travelling with the tank either full or empty (as opposed to something in between). All in all, I think a trailer mounted tank is a better idea (a "water buffalo" or something similar/smaller). Actually it would more the equivalent of 6-8 air-conditioning units and unlike air conditioners (they weigh about 70lbs), the sloshing would multiply the impact during emergency maneuvers.
valhalla360 07/04/20 06:12am Class C Motorhomes
RE: marginal park power on hot days

Actually, the NEC code allows for derating factor and that is common. And the panels main CB would trip to provide protection from overloading and fire. The answer is in the middle...yes, they do allow derating on the assumption that not every pedestal would be at peak power demand. It's not a 50% derating. Also, 30amps is a nominal rating for the outlet Your average air/con only pulls 10-12amps. Add in 3-5amps for fridge and other light loads, and the average rig is drawing less than 17amps, so if voltage is dropping significantly, that implies an inadequate electrical system.
valhalla360 07/04/20 06:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Class C vs Trailer for Cross country with family? Help

Don’t forget to carry a solar generator for your Rv I found some options ***Link Removed***https://generatorswift.com/quiet-generator-reviews-super-silent-generators-for-camping-2020/ The planned trip will have him driving several hours per day...shouldn't need extra generation beyond the alternator.
valhalla360 07/04/20 06:02am Beginning RVing
RE: Follow up on Big Problem With New TT Tires install

I'm confused...if the home office is sending a check, why are you taking them to court?
valhalla360 07/03/20 04:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Has anyone added an extra water tank to RV roof

RV structures are not known for being overbuilt and motorhome suspensions are also iffy. I would look underneath to see if you could fit something between the frame in an unused area. Also check the weight ratings on the rig. Good chance, you don't have enough cargo capacity to add 500lb. Do you tow a car? If not a small enclosed trailer might be a good idea.
valhalla360 07/03/20 04:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: marginal park power on hot days

We have a Hughes autoformer. If the voltage drops it kicks on and boosts my voltage back up to @120. I might only get 28 amps instead of 30 but my appliances are safe and my whole TT works. That's our first line of defense...Even with the Hughes, we were dropping below 106v this afternoon, which implies the pedestal is running about 96v. About an hour ago, we switched over to the Yamaha 2400w. Air/Con is doing fine and we are running a steady 118v. There are probably 8-10 generators running around camp right now.
valhalla360 07/03/20 03:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Full Timing in Canadian Winter if the Border is still CLOSED

Our backup plan if we aren't allowed out of Michigan is to get an apartment for the winter. We've been down to -5F in the RV and you can survive but it's not fun.
valhalla360 07/03/20 03:50pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Class C vs Trailer for Cross country with family? Help

Id go big 5th wheel over C. You already have the truck, why buy another powertrain to handle. You need to add more time. also do everyone a favor and stop at KOA type campgrounds on the way to and from, rest stops suck, especially with a family. if you are looking at renting, why not fly out and rent local? This hit the two points I would make... Best option would be to fly out and rent. I'm betting by the time you add in 6 long days driving with fuel, the air tickets won't look so bad. Plus you get an extra 4 days at the destination. If you insist on doing the drive, if you already have the truck, get a 5th wheel or travel trailer. What are you long term RV plans? If this is a one off trip, definitely do the rental.
valhalla360 07/03/20 03:46pm Beginning RVing
RE: Any Trailers for Tall Adults and Tall Kids?

Look at toy haulers. A lot have beds that run the full width of the garage that come down from the ceiling (often two of them bunk bed style). If the master has some room at the foot, you can easily build an extension and put in a household mattress to get length.
valhalla360 07/03/20 03:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Black Water Accident

I hope that you are not connecting the water at the campsite to your black tank rinser...likewise I hope you are not tying up the line at the dump station with a 20 min tank rinse either. You do realize, they have a back flow preventer for a reason...right?
valhalla360 07/03/20 03:20pm Travel Trailers
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