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RE: Four season TT under 28 ft.

None are true 4 season. When you get down to freezing temperature, they just don't cut it. We've been down to -5F...that gets a little marginal but doable if you have a good supply of propane. But down in the teens, no issues...even with a non-4 season unit. Currently have a basic 25ft Gray Wolf and other than condensation on the windows (single pane) when it get's into the low 20's, it handled last winter fine. Usually a small 1500w space heater was enough to keep it warm.
valhalla360 10/28/21 03:23am Travel Trailers
RE: I like it!

I don't see the purpose for the deck. What's wrong with the ground?? For people who don't like nature to be out in nature? We have friends with on on the side of the 5er and only useful thing is it makes a nice place to set up a buffet line when we all get together for dinner.
valhalla360 10/26/21 11:52pm Truck Campers
RE: genny conundrum

The other thing to consider is fuel use, that 3K will be gulping down fuel. But you can just run one of the 2200 if you did not need full power. Think about getting gas into the 3K too, may want a small electric transfer pump. Oil changes are the other frequent maintenance issue. You do realize inverter generators throttle way back when the load is light. I seriously doubt you would be able to tell the difference as so many other things will mask the fuel consumption. I haven't priced up the Hondas lately but cost for 2 small generators is probably the biggest downside.
valhalla360 10/26/21 11:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Laptop battery stored in a cold car...?

I do not need nor want to take either the computer nor the battery with me on the plane, hence my asking for opinions. In that case the whole discussion is silly. Just stash the laptop in the truck and move on with life. The battery will get cold either way. Only way you have parasitic loss is if you put it in "sleep" mode rather than turning it off.
valhalla360 10/26/21 11:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Add Awning To Slide?

Another option is a telescoping latter and a swiss broom....I'm being serious. We've had trailer's with slide toppers and those without and prefer those without. After owning a trailer with slide toppers for duration " 10 years " I've come to the conclusion that sweeping off the top and treating the seals trumps fighting mildew and dry rot seals. Our latest trailer has no toppers over the slides and we leave slides out year around.....much preferred. Ymmv Weird, we have had both and prefer the slide toppers. Never had any mildew or dry rotted seals...not clear how slide toppers would even cause those issues. The seals should actually hold up better with toppers as it keeps the sun off the rubber when the slides are deployed.
valhalla360 10/26/21 07:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Add Awning To Slide?

How did this discussion move FROM adding an additional awning, to adding slide toppers ?? As it would be odd to add a traditional awning that is deployed independently over the top of a slide, I think most presumed that he meant a slide topper, which is essentially an awning that deploys automatically when the slide is opened.
valhalla360 10/26/21 07:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Laptop battery stored in a cold car...?

I'm not sure if they are doing it lately but lots of destinations require you to turn on electronics...so a battery may be an issue going thru security as there is nothing to turn on. He is leaving the laptop in the car. It won't be going through security. I presume if he's worried about the battery freezing, it presumes he's taking the battery on the plane with him so he can keep it warm (the rest of the laptop stays in the truck). Security at a lot of airports requires you to power up electronics, to show that you aren't using it to smuggle a bomb inside the device (not saying it makes sense...just what we've experienced at probably 75% of the airports we've been thru over the last 5yrs). How do you power up a battery pack without the laptop to show that it's an operational piece of electronics?
valhalla360 10/26/21 12:50am Technology Corner
RE: Laptop battery stored in a cold car...?

Hide the laptop before you get to the airport. No need to have someone observe you parking and then hiding something then leaving. Probably doesn't matter if you take the battery out. But if it removes easily then why not? I'm not sure if they are doing it lately but lots of destinations require you to turn on electronics...so a battery may be an issue going thru security as there is nothing to turn on. Going down to 20F is a non-issue and it won't self drain over 5 days if you "shut down" the computer as opposed to just closing the lid which may just put it to "sleep".
valhalla360 10/25/21 01:10am Technology Corner
RE: smaller MH with 2+ separate comfy sleeping areas?

Interesting thought re: seatbelts in a slide being limited. I always thought the seatbelts were bolted thru to the chassis. I wonder how what they bolt to in a slide ? The slide floor ?? In a serious accident , a thin walled slide-out would be the last place i would want to be. Search youtube for "motorhome race"...It's scary how easy the house just disintegrates in any kind of collision...I don't think it will matter what the seatbelt is attached to but no I have never seen them bolted to the chassis.
valhalla360 10/24/21 09:17am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 5th wheel tailgate

Is there enough room to lower the tailgate when hooking up? We did that for years...never had an issue. Got a v-gate and hit it like 3 times in the first month (just barely caught it). Luckily it was plastic and just flexed a little.
valhalla360 10/24/21 08:25am Towing
RE: smaller MH with 2+ separate comfy sleeping areas?

At 9, the cab over bed should be viable for a 3-4 yrs, then it depends on when he hits his growth spurt. As far as a full blown separate 2nd bedroom, not likely on a small MH. makes sense.. or are there the sofa/pull out beds in living area that can have a decent mattress? They can be so awkward and uncomfy for an adult! I guess when I say smaller I mean under 26', ideally under 24', with slide outs.. we love the 30'TT but it's so big and heavy and now we have a boat, can't tow that at same time lol Keep in mind a 30' TT will have an interior space roughly equal to a 34-36' MH, so 24' MH is roughly equivalent to moving to a 20' TT...except for the cab over. Almost all sofas and dinettes will convert to a bed but don't expect high end mattress. For a 9yr old, it may be OK but on longer trips, it will get old making it up and tearing it down each day.
valhalla360 10/24/21 08:23am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2002 silverado 1500

Truck payload is likely your issue. 8K trailer is likely 1000lb hitch weight plus whatever else is in the truck including passengers. Look on the door jam. There is a sticker that shows the payload as it left the factory. The other thing to consider is at 20yr old, is the engine and transmission in good shape?
valhalla360 10/23/21 01:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: smaller MH with 2+ separate comfy sleeping areas?

At 9, the cab over bed should be viable for a 3-4 yrs, then it depends on when he hits his growth spurt. As far as a full blown separate 2nd bedroom, not likely on a small MH.
valhalla360 10/23/21 01:37pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Add Awning To Slide?

Not 100% sure about your Jayco, but from what I understand it needs to be done during the build.. I was told my a manufacturer a few years back that they NEED to "pack out" behind the slide for the awning rails to mount to for support.... That may have been a sales pitch..."you can't get it unless you buy the overpriced option from us." Usually, they build the main box the same and just bolt on the extras. Obviously, check to makes sure there is a stud you can attach too but it's unlikely they built it out differently.
valhalla360 10/23/21 10:44am Travel Trailers
RE: Full Time RV living as a S Corp/1099 employee

First post here so thanks for any and all opinions/comments! Long story short, I have the opportunity to sell my home and buy an RV to go travel full time while working in a virtual job. Timeframe is within the next 4-8 months. My employer is very open to the idea as we have clients nationally that need our attention, so I can plan my travel routes around our clients/needs. I have a few connections with good accountants (past employment) and have already begun opening discussions with them about how to arrange this to maximize expenses, taxes, income, etc I have a meeting lined up on 10/25 to discuss more in depth, but thus far I have spoken to my FL accountant who suggested establishing a corporation (most likely S Corp) with a FL address and then approach my employer to discuss becoming a 1099 employee paid to my corporation. My main questions and interest with this post center around others who may have done this and have some experience in the process as far as things to consider. Please feel free to comment and share if you have been in a similar situation or know others who may have done something like this. Is your employer against you remaining an employee? That could simplify a lot of it unless you can legitimately claim a lot of expenses...be careful of the rules separating home and office. As mentioned, if there is negligible liability, skipping the corp and just doing the 1099 is a simple solution. The question for your accountant should be what does a corp provide you.
valhalla360 10/23/21 10:41am Beginning RVing
RE: Handling “hard dried stuff” in the black tank ?

Poop pyramid ! ... lol .... my situation is this ... I have the MH in my shop and am not going to use it any time soon. At least 30 days .... so the MELTING IT AWAY is my preference! MY CONCERN IS ..., that the pyramid BREAKS UP then interferes with the closing of the gate valve. That gate valve situation happened when I got the motor home from the RV dealer in Tucson.... a tampon got stuck in the valve path ! They fixed it So if you have lots of time, just add water. There are plenty of bacteria and enzymes already present. There is no need to add magic elixirs. Assuming the tank is directly below the toilet, break it up with a metal rod (I was shown once the handle for pulling the awning out works great...just don't go crazy and punch thru the bottom of the tank). Ideally, with the water still in the tank, take it for a 20-30min drive and don't be shy about making it a jerky ride....then dump. If it makes it into the 3" pipe, it should pass thru the valve.
valhalla360 10/22/21 09:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Propane Quick Connect Question

You may have to bypass the grills regulator most likely. Usually right out of the tank, it goes thru the high pressure regulator lowering the pressure...now it doesn't have enough pressure to open the one on the grill. Look online, it's usually fairly simple to get a kit...plus you will need an extension hose anyway. As far as back feeding, you could do it with the right adapters as long as you include a regulator between the portable tank and the connection. Swing by a propane place and they can probably get you what you need.
valhalla360 10/21/21 11:22am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Handling “hard dried stuff” in the black tank ?

Unless it's the dreaded pyramid of poo...just don't worry about it. Use plenty of water when camping and worry about the beer getting warm. Magic elixirs don't break it down any faster and the next deposit and it will no longer be sanitary.
valhalla360 10/13/21 02:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What now??

I am so sorry for your loss. I counsel surviving partners frequently and advise that you make no rash decisions RE camping or anything else. It's tough but unless you are desperate for the money from selling, another vote for sit tight for at least a few months.
valhalla360 10/12/21 09:07am RV Lifestyle
RE: My water heater drain plug is metal, is that a problem?

High probability, it is also the anode...you don't want to replace the anode with a plastic plug. Something will corrode and if there is no anode, it's the tank.
valhalla360 10/12/21 09:00am Fifth-Wheels
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