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RE: Tesla pick up in 4th quarter 2019

Except he delivers. I remember a story about a friend where he borrowed $50,000 to meet his payroll. The friend is skeptical he can do it and had written the money off. Guess, what, he got the first Tesla delivered to his house (which by now must be collectible). Hey, Elon hows things going. Didn't realize you were a fan of Yosemite Sam.
valhalla360 06/14/19 01:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: RV-Dump parking sloping the wrong way

I’m curious. A lot of people talk about the solids sticking in one spot in black water tanks. I see it in this thread also. I never have a problem like this. Is it just because my RV is always in motion? Is that more of a campground thing? When you sit at a campground for a long time? In fact, there are almost no solids left ever when I emptied mine. It seems to be all liquid. For years now, pretty much using this thing full-time, never a single problem with the black water tank. It all just dumps right out every time. I never rinse it. I don’t do anything to it. Just put in the enzymes each time I dump it. Mostly for campers on permanent sites. Some people will hook up and leave the valves open...so the liquid runs out leaving the solids behind to pile up and solidify. If you are moving and using often, you don't tend to get a pyramid of poo under the toilet inlet and if you do the sloshing action tends to break it up. If you are at a long term site, best to keep the valves closed and only dump when at least 3/4 full. The allows the solids to mostly float, not dry out and the rush of water will pull most of it out.
valhalla360 06/14/19 01:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why 4.1 axle?

It is a myth that more RPM = lower fuel economy. You can "overshoot" the ideal cruise rpm by several hundred rpm without any realistic difference in fuel economy. My older truck used to cruise in the 2,400 rpm range at 65 mph and now cruises over 3,000 RPM. There has been zero change in fuel mileage, city or highway. If it had overdrive, it would have probably seen a significant increase in mpg by going from the 4.10s it had to the 4.88s it has now. If the myth that rpm=lower mpg would die, more people would be driving vehicles geared more appropriately. No gas 3/4 ton or bigger should have anything less than 4.10s these days. 30+ years ago, even without overdrive, 4.10 and 4.56 would have been much more common than 3.73s. With the .6x:1 overdrives that are common now, 4.88s or deeper would make for a better towing truck even with the 32-33" tires that come on these trucks from the factory. with the overdrive ratios they have, they would probably still get better mileage than the old 4 speed autos with .7x:1 overdrive ratios and 3.73/4.10 gears. With 6, 8, or 10 gears, there's simply no reason to undergear. Somehow we've ended up in a situation where we have better control over air fuel ratio and higher ratio overdrives, and we decided to gear the trucks the same. That makes no sense to me. I imagine that it's because they're trying to squeeze every imaginable bit of empty fuel mileage out of these trucks but they're doing a disservice to those of us who work our trucks every day. Trucks have way more power than they had 30 years ago, so we can get away with it, but we'd be in a much better position to use that power with lower gears. You should go tell the manufactures about this because they've spent a ton of money putting in overdrive gears to improve MPG over the last 30-40yrs. Obviously, they haven't got a clue and I'm sure they will be happy they can cut costs by going back to simple 3 speed transmissions.
valhalla360 06/14/19 01:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Getting More Serious About Shipping Truck Camper to Europe

Does a foreign car come under these regulations? It confuses me a little because I come from the boating world. https://www.drive-france.com/checklist/ For example, I don’t think it is feasible for us to get a pollution sticker. Not that I know of anyway. I'm not sure about the special pollution areas but you are allowed to drive your US licensed vehicle...the only catch is your US insurance likely doesn't cover you in Europe and European insurance carriers will typically want a European address. Not insurmountable by any means just a bit of a hassle finding someone who knows what to do.
valhalla360 06/14/19 01:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV-Dump parking sloping the wrong way

It may be done to keep the rain water and runoff out of the septic and leach system. If the slope was towards the dump, the system would take on extra water. Just a thought. Winner winner chicken dinner! Sorry...Loser Loser..not the reason. If that is a concern, they build a basin area around the hole with a raised lip to keep storm water out. From what I've seen, probably 95% of all campgrounds aren't "designed". They just do a rough layout of the road system and pave away. Since the plumbing typically goes in before paving, they keep that side high to avoid possible damage during the paving in case the lines aren't deep enough.
valhalla360 06/14/19 06:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Why 4.1 axle?

4.10 is for this: http://content.invisioncic.com/r268775/monthly_2017_04/26percentgrade.jpg.c9a982bcbf66b6cab60971f305657df1.jpg width=400 Only reason to consider a deeper rear end ratio with new trucks is if you are towing beyond the max rating of the other rear end ratios. In some cases that will raise the tow rating. What counts is the overall gear ratio from crank shaft to pavement. This includes transmission, rear end and even the tire diameter. Back in the day when 3 speed automatics were the standard, motors had far less torque & HP and the power curves were more peaky, you ran into situations where the truck couldn't get a good gear to keep the engine at it's ideal RPM for torque/HP. This often resulted in running in 2nd gear with the engine under-loaded but screaming at high RPM (also bad for MPG). By dropping the rear end ratio, often, the truck could stay in 3rd and keep the RPM more reasonable and gain back some MPG WHEN TOWING. Driving around empty usually resulted in worse MPG because you overshot the ideal RPM. 4 speed trans helped but still ran into the issue some times. With 8/10speed transmissions, it can dial in the gear ratio to what the engine wants.
valhalla360 06/14/19 06:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Spend 400 bucks for dual alternators on new Ram build?

The thread OP is from/living in the Midwest where solar is very iffy at best and there's trees everywhere too which virtually block out the sun's rays anyway. Note that the promotors of solar are from the desert/bleak/virtually treeless areas of North America. We know the difference as that's where we live in the Midwest also and very smartly opted for dual alternators on our ordered diesel truck and been so happy we did. Remember that the alternator works equally fast in recharging in any area/location you might be in unlike with iffy solar. Alternators are not affected by cold, altitude, clouds or trees, rain or snow, and is very fast and dependable. We had solar on our boat in Michigan and it put out fine. Yeah, if you are in dense woods it won't do much but more often than not in Michigan, we have a decent amount of sun. The big advantage is if you aren't moving daily, you still get charging with no fuss.
valhalla360 06/14/19 06:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Spend 400 bucks for dual alternators on new Ram build?

Another issue...even if you spend a few hundred extra to install massive charging cables back to the camper...unless it's a massive battery bank, the batteries won't absorb 400amp. The max charge rate is around 25% of the amp-hr rating, so to absorb 400 amps, you would need around 1600amp-hr of battery...and even then once you get up around 80-90%, they will absorb less.
valhalla360 06/14/19 06:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Getting More Serious About Shipping Truck Camper to Europe

So to comply with the 90 days out of the last 180 days rule, we could go to any non-Schengen Country or set of countries and tour around that for 90 days? Then back into the Schengen area for another 90? And could we keep doing that for a year or two? You can do any mix, so it could be 20 in, 20 out repeatedly. As long as when you look back you never exceed 90 out of the last 180 days. If you are going to push the limits, make sure to keep track of any day you spend any amount of time in the Schengen (ie: if you fly in and customs records your arrival at 11:50pm, that still counts as a day even though you only spent 10min). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schengen_Area#/media/File:Map_of_the_Schengen_Area.svg
valhalla360 06/14/19 05:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Spend 400 bucks for dual alternators on new Ram build?

I would spend the $400 on solar or a DC-DC charger long before a second alternator. Another alternative is swap out lights and oter devices to lower draw versions.
valhalla360 06/13/19 05:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: Getting More Serious About Shipping Truck Camper to Europe

Wow. That’s very comprehensive information. Thank you. I guess I will have to look into that residency trigger. Make sure I don’t run into that. However, it probably makes the most sense for me to just stay on the same immigration rules as my girlfriend. It’s not like we are going to be going our separate ways when one triggers and the other doesn’t. Truthfully, we are traveling around this continent and that one to see where we might want to live eventually. Getting a good look at everything. Be careful with dual citizenship. ..you may or may not have a choice on residency. You might be able to fly under the radar but if something happens and they decide to check, they can track where you have been. Another thing, if you are operating under your US drivers license, get the international drivers permit...but demand they check the box for over 3500kg. Unlike the states, private use doesn't change the need for a heavy weight endorsement...we know a few who have been checked.
valhalla360 06/13/19 05:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Getting More Serious About Shipping Truck Camper to Europe

I know nothing about any of this but is a interesting thread to follow. I would think that all the rules change as you go from country to country. Google schengen area. Most of mainland Europe has been standardized for visa and import rules. Not 100% but fairly consistent.
valhalla360 06/13/19 05:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Getting More Serious About Shipping Truck Camper to Europe

Girlfriend gets 90 days out of the last 180 in the schengen area. Not a deal breaker but you need to spend time outside the schengen. You are more complicated. If you arrive and stay on your US passport, you have the same rules. If you come on your EU passport, you could trigger residency if you stay too long. Also, you would not be eligible for deferred import rules. As a non resident, you can bring the RV in for up to 18months without paying VAT. Leave for a day(truck), and you get another 18 months. As a resident, VAT is due upon entering. Typically north of 20% of what they assess as the value. Buy simcards, don't mess with US cell plans. They are cheap. Got a 50gb in Italy last month for 25euro. Then get a Skype number and you can call us numbers cheap. The other stuff is pretty easy...though insurance may be tricky as you won't have a local address.
valhalla360 06/12/19 05:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Slide vs no slide

Grew up camping before slides and witnessed their development. So much less cramped. As far as "one more thing to maintain", you can live without air/con, heat, running water, etc... and use the same excuse. The question is does it add enough benefit to outweigh the maintenance...in a heartbeat. Probably would choose slides over the furnace. As someone else mentioned, expect to have a hard time selling when the time comes as 99% of the market will demand slides. Also, where are you coming up with a lower price? Is that theoretical MSRP or actual negotiated offers from a dealer? A no-slide unit is likely to be a special order, so you likely won't get as big of a discount, if any compared to buying off the lot.
valhalla360 06/12/19 06:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Replaced dinette with theatre seats

We did similar changing out the tiny swivel chairs in our 5th wheel. No need for seatbelts and still have the dinette but otherwise a great improvement. We just got a residential unit that was sized appropriately. The backs come off easily, so no issues getting thru the door.
valhalla360 06/11/19 11:16am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Parallel batteries and a question regarding reserve capacity

Actually paralleling two batteries will gain you more than double. The higher ratio of amp draw relative to the amp-hr rating, the less amp-hr are actually available...by doubling the batteries, you cut that ratio. Don't expect a huge improvement but a little. 6V golf cart batteries are popular because it's hard to find true deep cycle 12v batteries and they often come at a premium price. 200-300amps out of golf cart isn't going to harm it.
valhalla360 06/11/19 10:58am Tech Issues
RE: Diesel Fill up

Many years ago when I had a 2000 F250 7.3, we stopped in New Jersey off of 287 to fill up. The station had the large nozzle which didn't fit our truck. The attendant (New Jersey still has the "full serve only" rule...) took the nozzle and just carefully put it against the smaller opening and filled my truck. It can be done, but I am pretty sure it was a "standard" fill pump and not a high-speed pump. Did that a couple times with the last truck. Just barely crack the valve open and be careful not to take a shower. Luckily we very rarely to long driving days, so we usually fill up before hooking up.
valhalla360 06/11/19 10:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth wheel brakes

At low speed, yes but not at high speed. You do feel a strong pull even at highway speed if you pull the lever.
valhalla360 06/10/19 12:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Goose Neck Adapter

Got that right. Did not mean to bring up a old subject, sorry. Juust trying to be helpful. No it's good to share hard won experience. A big part of the problem is there are many variables, so when someone gets away with it (at least on the surface), it can mislead others. - Size of trailer. - Road conditions - How aggressive the driver is accelerating and braking. - Hidden damage that the owner is simply unaware of.
valhalla360 06/10/19 12:49pm Toy Haulers
RE: Figuring this power stuff has my head spinning

For this trip I doubt we will need the AC but if I am going to purchase a generator I might as well get one big enough to run the AC in the event that we want to go off the grid in lower elevations. Going off grid just opens up sooooo many more opportunities and is really at the essence of what I want our family camping experiences to be. However my wife is more of a "glamper" so I will have to meet her in the middle. We like our coffee in the morning and the kids will want to be able to charge their phones at night. We would probably watch 1 maybe 2 tv's for an hour or two in the evening and may play a movie on 1 of them requiring a DVD player. If the phones have much of a signal at al, they will opt for playing around on them rather than the TV once the sun goes down. 1 or 2 lights max would be all we need and they are already LED's. Just run the generator for an hour or two in the morning while the coffee is brewing. Get a 12v car adapter for phone charging (most RVs have a cigarette lighter plug). Only thing that might be a minor issue is the TV. Unless it's a 12v model, you will need a small inverter (converts 12v DC to 120v AC). For the TV, you don't need anything big. One thing to note: You won't get the batteries up to 100% charge. As you get up around 80-90% full, the amount of charge they will take starts to drop off...the result is that last 10% can take hours to refill. So plan to operate between 50%-90% charge. (lower than 50% is hard on batteries) Just get it up around 80-90% full on the generator and when you get home plug in so it occasionally gets up to 100% and its not a problem. If you find yourself doing a lot of boondocking without air/con, you might want to consider a solar system but once you have a generator, the incremental cost of fuel saved will likely never cover the cost of a solar system...it would mostly be about the advantage of set it and forget it.
valhalla360 06/09/19 05:45am Tech Issues
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