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RE: Generator handling?

If it’s mostly for charging, I would get a much smaller generator. Maybe 2000 much lighter. One of the power hungriest converters is the Progressive Dynamics intella power 9180+wizard I have (no better charger but more efficient do exist). It will run on a Generac 1000, this is a 1000 watt (Continous) traditional generator.. Should run on an inverter gen that can do 1000-1100 watts continous. BUT NOTHING ELSE if the batteries are hungry.
wa8yxm 12/05/19 04:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: My generac diesel generator only runs with prime button

My440.... Had that happen with a Honda 2000.. Would only run for a short time (it was the park's not mine) park workers were at the "Tearing their hair out" point when I spoke up and fixed it for 'em "Did you open the fuel cap vent valve?" That's all it took.
wa8yxm 12/05/19 04:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Bigger stabilizer bar improvement in handling?

Many have gone to bigger anti-sway bars. also the bushings on the bars may need replacement.. HOWEVER.. I drive a workhorse.. NO bushings to wear out... (And an "Oversizw" Sway bar from the factory) So the answer is "It might" .
wa8yxm 12/05/19 05:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Xantrex Fredom 458 series inverter/charger 20 amp

Story I read on facebook may apply here. the author installed a 2-way radio in his car and it did not work upon inspection he had wired the thing backwards hookign the red wire to the negative terminal on the battery and the black to positive. the protection devices in the radio worked. a fuse blew. He replaced fuse and re-wired and all is good.. NOTE I have another of that same radio. It may be the bad hookup of batteries toasted the inverter Or it may have toasted a fuse.. Pray it was the fuse. way cheaper . Now I do not have that model inverter but on my Freedom XC 2000 the fuse is next to the 12 volt connections INSIDE the unit.
wa8yxm 12/05/19 05:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Blue Ox Tow Bar

Mistakes happen but I've found blue ox very good. The packer may have grabbed bolts for a different base plate by accident. Another error is the "this bolt too long this one too short" error (You need to used the wrong bolts) though I doubt that was your problem My first towed the RV dealer installed the base plate. Did not use Locktite on the bolts (Specified by Blue Ox) with predictable results (We used loctite when we replaced them) The other one was installed by U-Haul and far as I know (last inspected this week) all bolts still tight. Now other things on the car used for towing.. I'm gonna have a nice long talk with the folks who did the Remco Lube Pump and ran the wires were they would not last.
wa8yxm 12/05/19 05:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Handle came off sliding window in my destination trlr

I like goop too. this is a sliding window,.. so if you had to you could use a suction cup device to slide it. the issue is really that the handle is often also the locking device. So long as the slider is on the INSIDSE a small length of dowel rod or hakf or quarter round (i'd use quarter) layed in the track works well or drill STRAIGHT down and drop in a bolt or pin Drop in means lift out,.
wa8yxm 12/04/19 03:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Have no electrical power and no propane on one side of coach

Ok you had the gage wire off on propane Did you get propane all working? The gage wire should not bother it (Save for the empty indicator)
wa8yxm 12/03/19 03:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gas station guide

MOST (Frankly I think my brother can count the exceptions on the fingers of "bad" hand) Pilots, Flying-J's T/As, Loves and so on are Gasser Friendly. If you are traveling long haul these are my first choice I like to overnight at J's due to the DENNY's sit down and be served restaurant that tends to be there (The My Pilot app will identify those) Pilot station in Carnesville (if I spelled it right) GA is world's greatest pilot in my not very humble opinion. Good size parking lot (Truck lot) though not much pull through I was able to pull around and take up one truck slot. Wendy's, Dairy Queen and Dunkin Donuts Express under one roof (WHY I think it's the best). When I'm in UPSTATE SC Love's in Fair Play (exit 4 i-85) is easy in/out for gas but do use care I saw one RVer take the rear cap off a brand new trailer one day. Most of the big Truck Plaza's have big automotive islands you can gas up at. Now.. Once I'm in an area for a while I look for RV friendly gas stations.. The SHELL on Wells west of SR-59 in Seneca is ok.. As is Wal-mart and a host of others on my beaten path (Most Wal Marts. unless they height restrict, work well) Kroger's stores are mixwd the one in Davison MI is NOT Motor home friendly though it's doable Burton, Lapeeer and (There is another farther east) all good. Shell at Grand River and 7 mile in Detroit is fantastic if you are N/2 on Grand River you half turn in take the last pump and exit east on 7 mile to Telegraph back to Grand River and back n/w These are stations I have visited. But the rule I use is long haul stick with the Big Truck places likw Flying-J et-al.. When I'm in an area for a season I look for compatable stations.. WHEN I AM DRIVING MY TOWED, and only then do I visit with the MH I get cents off a gallon at ye old Shell.. also J's Pilots and Wal*marts. and a few other stops too.
wa8yxm 12/03/19 03:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: My generac diesel generator only runs with prime button

The PRIME button also operates a fuel pump. Now one of two ways one: A separate pump (often in-tank) that lifts fuel to the main pump on the generator. 2 The main pump but bypassing a relay on the Generator's control board. Now with in-tank electric (or even in line electric) pumps becoming more and more popular over cam-operated pumps of old. The control board, sensors and that relay are all suspects.
wa8yxm 12/03/19 02:49pm Tech Issues
RE: digital photo storage

I tend to store digital photos on my DVR's and on-site hard drives (both.. Department of Redundancy Department trained) Now the advantage of DVR storage is the screen saver function of the DVR.. Slide Show is selected.
wa8yxm 12/03/19 02:46pm Around the Campfire
RE: 15 Amp Service

What I do on 15 amps may not be possible I have a "Plug in" converter (Progressive Dynamics 9180+Wizard comes eiother with or without a plug in cord. mine was with) I have a 20-15 adapter (it has a 20 amp plug) so I unplug it from the rig and plug JUST it into the house. I have an inverter that handles TV and Microwave (or the Generator when needed) Everythign else is Gas or 12 volt.
wa8yxm 12/03/19 05:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: suggest a heated mattress cover

^ Did you marry her, or someone else? Depends, whether what I just read is cheesy or creepy... Uh She was and still is my Sister... Though her husband's name is JOHN.. hew's not from Detroit and not a ham radio operator.. He is, however 1/2 of a law firm (She's the other half).
wa8yxm 12/03/19 05:39am Beginning RVing
RE: More Genny wars

For the record Honda's have 1.5 special features the others lack, NOW this is only important IF they are important to you. First the 0.5 The 2000 companion. it has a 30 amp outlet (usually 2000's only have 15/20 amp outlets) and thus when paired with a regular 2000 (or another companion) it uses a lower cost parallel kit.. I call this a half feature because the Regular 2000's With the more expensive kit.. the 30 amp outlet is part of the kit. The real feature is a genuine honest to engineering fuel pump. .What this means it it can not only use the gas that is in the on-board tank but it can "Suck" gas out of an "extended run" tank. I have no clue as to how big that tank is (Please use the genuine tank not a home brew) But if you need to run for say 20 or more hours like to keep the wife warm when the power company fails (Been there. Done that, used the motorhome's ONAN) well that can be a REAL feature.
wa8yxm 12/02/19 04:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: WiFi Hot Spot App

I had very poor luck with Fox-Fi.. But my T-mobile pones Samsung s-3 5 and 7 all had hot spot apps.
wa8yxm 12/02/19 04:01pm Technology Corner
RE: Ashby's Law 1956 and solving problems....

All depends on the problem you are trying to tackle. 7th Graders and the guy that mows my lawn are not going to be helpful in curing brain cancer. Well barring accident or illness or murder that 7th grader may well become and 8th grader. then 9-10-11-12 and on to college to study Pre-med and Medicine and Oncology and may who knows what cures he may discover. Most every major medical discovery in the last many years .. the researcher was at some point a 7th grader.
wa8yxm 12/02/19 03:59pm Around the Campfire
RE: What jack to have onboard for roadside tire changes?

I have a collection of jacks.. Most will not work with the Motor home but the one that does is a 12 ton air/hydraulic bottle jack from harbor freight.. I also carry a lot of lumber. and some jack stands Jack it up and put lumber under it reposition the jack and put more lumber or extend jack stands Reposition and do it again and again and again. True story. Tire store using my jack. DID NOT put a load spreadew (Plank) under the jack so it punched through the parking lot (Asphault) and dropped the rear axle onto the ground. Thankfully it did NOT damage the rotor. Spent 2 hours with that jack and lumber getting it back in the air so they could put the new tires on. Other side I positioned the jack.. On top of step 2 of my stair steps (3 2x8's one 3' one 2' one 1' it was on the middle step) no problem There is a reason the jack sits atop a plank in my storage bin,.
wa8yxm 12/02/19 06:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Converter kaput need to buy better one.

Best converters for common Lead Acid (GC-2 six volt pairs) batteries in my not very humble opinion is the Progressive Dynamics "Charge Wizard" controlled units Stand along model lines 9200 with or without dongle (dongle is useful if you know how to use it) or 9100 WITH the charge wizard (What I have) "Integrated" (Part of Power distribution panel) 4600 (electronically same as 9200 but different case) Note even these will fail Eventually Mine lasted 12.5 years. How big? for one pair of GC-2 60-70 amps (mine is 80) for 2 (or more) the biggest they make (80).> HOWEVER you may need to put in bigger wire for a bigger converter. Option: I also have a Inverter/charger (2000 watt xantrex) and they do 80-100 amps (mine is 80 max my old one was 100) they too fail after years of service. I have days when (Due to where they put the 9180) I use both. I prefer the Wizard's program to the Xantrex
wa8yxm 12/02/19 05:54am Tech Issues
RE: Ashby's Law 1956 and solving problems....

The Law of Requisite Variety.... Simplifed by a man I used to "work" for,. You live, only so long as TOTAL CHOICES exceed FATAL choices. Alas Dave ran out of choices.
wa8yxm 12/02/19 05:46am Around the Campfire
RE: suggest a heated mattress cover

Though I can not suggest a product for you I thought I'd toss in a poem. I wrote this and wrapped it up with an electric Blanket when you younger sister got hitched.. So far. She's still hitched. (Been many years) You say our love will keep us warm No matter how fierce the winter storm But if you're tired some Hard Day's Night An electric blanket will warm things right. Yes. I remember the Burma Shave signs. That was not among them.
wa8yxm 12/01/19 04:35pm Beginning RVing
RE: Ashby's Law 1956 and solving problems....

How does that problem solving chart do Is it broken (No = No problem yes continue) DId you break it (No = no problem yes = Continue) Can you blame someone else (Yes = Do so) No = You in trouble son) I forget the rest.
wa8yxm 12/01/19 04:33pm Around the Campfire
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