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RE: Fridge on propane while driving

When I took the AEON insurance Safe Driving course the insurance company naturally said "TURN OFF PROPANE AT THE TANK".. I do understand why. That said.. IN MY OPINION (Feel free to disagree) the risk is very slight. NOW: One risk is the famous fridge fire... I would much rather have it happen on the road where other drivers can avoid than I would packed into an FMCA rally like sardines in a can and burn down 2 or 3 neighbors RV's before Fire can get there to extinguish. Plus modern fridges.. Well it's harder to get 'em to burn (Still possible though).. Engine fires are more common on RV's. Last "RV" Fire I saw was a TT. The Truck burned (Smoke damage to external of trailer only). But.. You have to make your own choice... My opinion and now days around 2.50 will get you a cup of coffee (remember when it was 0.25? or even 0.10 (Kresgee back in the 70s was a dime a cup).
wa8yxm 06/16/19 06:43am Beginning RVing
RE: progressive industries ems-pt30x E3 error code

Before you make any phone calls meter the cconnection. ON a 50 amp outlet the side to top (or bottom) should be 120 volts Side to side 240 IF one of the sides shows like 140 and the other 100.. Open neutral. Note you will have to meter UNDER LOAD.
wa8yxm 06/16/19 06:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Lithium Pure Sine Wave Power Device AMAZON

Can anybody explain to me how the mAh rating is of any use? With some digging you can find the useful storage capacity value of 210 Wh. Does the mAh value serve any purpose other than advertising a larger number, even if it doesn't mean anything at all for how much energy the device can deliver? The mA rating is typical of small batteries.. Larger batteries (you know the ones which weign in at many pounds like 20 or more) tend to be rated in amp hours. The "m" means 1/1000 so if you want to know what the Amp Hour rating is just divide by 1000 2500 mAH = 2.5 AH. that simple Now for me at least it is. but I know many who claim they can never understand "Metrics" 10 pennies in a dime 10 dimes in a dollar 10 dollars in a 10 spot 10 ten spots in a C note (C stands for 100 by the way and c for 1/100) 10 C notes in a Kilobuck (Grand 10000) If you are going down the road at 60 and pass a sign that says Speed Limit 40 and glance in you rear view and there he is .. Officer smiley. Big smile. OVerhead lights on . Pointing you to the curb. What is about to happen..... And will it be KPH or MHP? (Hint 40 is a valid limit in both standards and.. I DID NOT SPECIFY!). And that folks.. is all you need to know about metrics. You are not experts. How to convert from "F" to "C" well I do that easily too but you really don't need to know that.. All you need to know is -40 is TOO DANG COLD.
wa8yxm 06/16/19 06:37am Tech Issues
RE: Bright flat-panel LED bulbs: pricy but worthwhile, I hope

Site can not be reached says my Chromebook. No problem Last flat panel I bought was 50 Cents. it's the dome light in my car and it's super good. (OK so it was on the closeout shelf at General RV). My Eco-Lights are like 18-20 bucks but they are super good too. I keep shopping for better deals.
wa8yxm 06/16/19 06:28am Tech Issues
RE: Suburban water heater limited hot water on electric

Most tanks on RV's are 6 gallons.. Most showers 2 GPM (and you need like 1.5 hot) that gives you 4 minutes of water flow. Propane heats fast so you can extend that a couple minutes.. Eletric not so fast. and mine even slower (I "Dialed down" my electric to 375 Watts. Saves me going out and resetting 30 amp breakers from time to time). Solution is a valve 1/2 inch There are two types I've used and I will report 1/2 inch IPT ball valve (Quarter turn full shut off) with adapters so it fit the shower hose.. Fully shutting off the water can often result in a blast of hot or cold when you restore flow 1/2 inch Valve I got at Mennards custom designed for shower use. It does not fully shut off. "Dribbles".. alternative is the "Smart pulse" Valve used with Oxygenics shower heads. Identical in function.. NO hot/cold blast upon restoring flow. This means I wet down... SHut off. Soap up.. Restore flow and rinse off. And that.. is how you do it (Actually I hike to the park shower most of the time but when I was stuck in GA and it was 2 weeks of "Record number of days over 90 degrees" (Global warming is a myth they say.. A million to one are the odds of anything coming from Mars tehy say (From a musical of the war of the worlds). that's 14 new record length of days over 90 degrees.. Oh well) I used the RV shower beccause by the time I walked back to the RV from teh park's facility..... I needed another shower.
wa8yxm 06/16/19 06:25am Tech Issues
RE: Question for Class A owners.

It all depends on the MH and the MEchanic. For example I know of one who basically dissassembled the front end of the RV and lifted the engine out. Mine lifted the RV. Dropped the front axle and LOWERED the engine out. (Had to replace engine. the most major repair).
wa8yxm 06/15/19 04:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: progressive industries ems-pt30x E3 error code

e-3 Line 1 voltage too high (Per PI's web site) Google: Progressive EMS Error Code E3
wa8yxm 06/15/19 04:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Getting More Serious About Shipping Truck Camper to Europe

I too will suggest getting a 230 volt (Give or take 10) converter Progressive Dynamics 9200 series includes one.. At least 2 pair GC-2 feeding a 2000 watt inverter will keep most of your on board stuff happy (Forget any 120 volt A/C's) Televisions Won't. Most everything else should If you want to use electric heat (Water or space) you will need to make changes. OR buy a BIG Heavy Transformer (Expensive) or .. Well for heaters there is another way to do it but I'd rather not go there
wa8yxm 06/14/19 04:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best battery charger options

Some of this depends on your generator and other needs THe PDxx55 is a good choce for small generators (1000 watt and below) and for GC-2 Flooded wet. A pair of GC-2 can take up to around 65 amps tops.. A Honda EU-1000i MAY be able to feed a PD-9260 but not anything much bigger (And yes folks I know the numbers do not match up.. the PD is not 100% efficient). A EU-2000i would have no problems with the 9260 A TRUE 1000 watt (Generac 1000) has delivered to my PD-9180+wiz with dead batteries... Took all it was worth but it hung in there. Not sure if every copy of it would do it or not. Mine did.
wa8yxm 06/14/19 04:24pm Tech Issues
RE: computer won't go to a bookmarked site ?

I have that problem when the bookmarked site moves.. Or just plain goes dark. Now for one page (Pi-star.local) I just ask the router where it went and type in the new number and it works. but that's a .local site
wa8yxm 06/14/19 04:20pm Technology Corner
RE: Hose question........

Though many use the fresh water hose to flush. I do not recommend it WHite or clear = Fresh Green - Flush Black = Well you know what black water is Gray. Likewise.
wa8yxm 06/14/19 06:25am Beginning RVing
RE: Battery & Electricity Question

Suspects: Tripped breaker (The one that feeds the outlet he plugged into) Tripped breaker (The one marked CONV in the RV) Converter (Blown fuse or blown converter, what make and model converter???) Tripped battery circuit breaker / blown fuse Other issue.
wa8yxm 06/13/19 04:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Battery Questions

I'm curious why the Optima's are not a good choice for RV's? Optima. for any given footprint (Size) have about 60% of the capacity of other types. I mean look at them. See all that SPACE Empty Space. with non-optima batteries that empty space is filled with BATTERY so you get more power storage. NOW.. For say Wave runners or 4-Runners that go slamming over rocks. ruts. waves logs and so on.. Optima is the boss. But if you drive your RV that way.. Batteries are NOT going to be your main worry.
wa8yxm 06/11/19 05:45am Tech Issues
RE: Surge Protectors, 2 or 1 or none

30 amp RV 30 amp Surge Protector (Progressive Industries HW-30C) 50 amp. 50 amp. That simple
wa8yxm 06/11/19 05:43am Tech Issues
RE: Parallel batteries and a question regarding reserve capacity

Forget "Reserve capacity" that only applies to starting Two Group 31's about 130 amp hours each means you have 260 amp hours of which you can use about 25%. unless they are full DEEP CYCLE (in which case Reserve Capacity likely won't be specified) in which case you can use 50%. so you have about 75 amp hours of safely usable power before you damage the batteries. Now with a pair of GC-2 Flooded wet cells you'd have 220 total amp hours and 110 usable (50%) since they are true DEEP CYCLE
wa8yxm 06/11/19 05:40am Tech Issues
RE: Marine/RV Battery

I am curious as what makes two 6 volt golf cart batteries better than one 12 volt battery? I may need to replace my 5th wheel 12 volt battery and want to know what the benefit is of the two 6 volt batteries? Thanks! Dave Well first in the sizes we use in RV's it is hard to find 12 volt DEEP CYCLE.. A deep cycle battery can be run down to 50% before serious damage starts happening. but the more common MARINE/deep cycle should be kept 75% or 80% full and STARTING batteries 80-90 percent minimum charge. GC-2 are DEEP CYCLE (6 volt) Second. they are a very popular battery.. Sold by the pallet load to golf courses all over the USA.. So they are cheaper (Economy of scale) Making them the most "Bang" for your "Buck". Put 2 of them in series and you basically have a 12 volt 4D (220 amp hours at 12 volts) but it is like 4 times easier to install cause each "Half" of the 12 volt battery weighs only half as much as the 4D.
wa8yxm 06/10/19 04:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Series, then Parallel or Parallel then Series?

I too do not think it makes much difference so long as all 4 batteries are good but.. IF one battery dies.. Well. the Put 'em in series tHEN parallel works better I think. I'm fond of saying there are no six volt batteries in RV's.. This is because when you take two IDENTICAL 6 volt GC-2's and put 'em in series they "Magically" (No magic about it) become one big 12 volt battery. You then parallel as many 12 volt batteries as you can carry. So why not just put in a 4D (12 volt 220 amp hour).. WEIGHT. Those suckers are HEAVY!!!!!!!
wa8yxm 06/10/19 04:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Questions

The number you need is AMP HOURS.. for OPTIMA a Group 27 is about 60 amp hours give or take a couple.. A non-optima AGM (Cheaper) is `100 amp hours. and a flooded wet battery (Cheapest) is also 100 amp hours. I should add weight is heavier in the non optima types as well about the same 6/10 ratio since weight and amp hours are directly related. Finally MARINE/deep cycle like the Marine Master.. NOT THE BEST choice DEEP CYCLE.. Like a GC-12.. (If it will fit) much better for house use. Deka stores may have a DEEP CYCLE in the 27/31 format as well.. I DO NOT KNOW. My Deka's are G-20s (A GC-2 class) 6 volt in series.
wa8yxm 06/10/19 04:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Lightning and what it can do

Hey Some folks..... Well.. One does not know what guides the lightening bolt. But I've read a lot of muths Stay in your car the rubber tires will insulate you>>> Gotta laugh at that or shake head in disbelief.. Lightning just jumped an air gap of what. thousands of feet. you think 4" of rubber is even going to be noticed? (However you should stay in the car as the metal frame MAY offer limited protection) Lightning never strikes the same place twice... Seen it happen. Lightening tends to hit whatever is tallest.. Not always but usually. but even a near miss can mess you up plenty Been within 100-200 yards a couple of times.
wa8yxm 06/10/19 04:36pm Around the Campfire
RE: Battery Destroyers Rejoice

I tried to read the document and gave up.. And that's saying something. But it looks to me like they are recommending switching power supplies over transformer... and frankly. that's a good thing in most cases as has been PROVEN by several tests some of which I've witnessed. They run cooler. Draw less power and have been around a long, long. long time. Just they work better now days.
wa8yxm 06/10/19 06:01am Tech Issues
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