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RE: Just cannot fix stupid....repeat...over and over....

Actually Stupid gets fixed all the time http://www.darwinawards.com But.. There is an old saying Intelligence has it's limits but Stupidity knows no bounds. And I'm sad to say that I see evidence of that on a daily basis. Just when I say : It can't possibly get stupider than that.. IT does.
wa8yxm 08/14/20 04:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: 50 AMP Tents

Some campgrounds won't allow tents on 50 amp sites.
wa8yxm 08/14/20 05:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Winegard trav'ler question

DO you have a photograph of the connector. Odds are you can either 1: make a matching connector or 2: find one on the market. Then make up your own cable.
wa8yxm 08/14/20 05:12am Technology Corner
RE: Chicken Killers

Fence OVER the chicken pen. Put up a wildlife camera Put up a motion detector alarm and a 12 ga device.
wa8yxm 08/14/20 05:10am Around the Campfire
RE: Onan exhaust hangers don’t last

First the hangers are standard automotive products you can get replacements at Auto-Zone Discount auto. and I suspect Wal*Mart (never looked) but they are standard. The metal around the pipe. then a fiber/rubberized-fiber/ metal to the body is standard not just vibration but HEAT isolation is provided. 've done all metal on occasions but it's not recommended because of the HEAT isolation.
wa8yxm 08/13/20 04:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Strongback Chairs

Your screw story reminds me of the story my mother told The customer was making repair and lost a washer. Standard washer you can get at any hardware... The Customer service rep told them that "But it's not blue" Well the OEM was not blue either till we painted it.
wa8yxm 08/13/20 04:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: refrigerator door prop

Bungee cord. Hook it to the shelf or other anchored item in the fridge/freezer and bring it out the door and hook it to the handle. If you want it open farther a short piece of Pool Noodle over the cord will do that. Those pool noodles are very useful
wa8yxm 08/13/20 04:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Parallel generator connection

As the other person said Light load the one with fuel continues to power and the "Dead" one effectivelly "Vanishes" from the link (it draws a tiny amount of power think like 1 watt. More on this later) If the load is great enough the fueled one will shut down and flash ERROR codes. It may or may not stop running. Now why does the "Dead" one draw flea power? So when you refuel and restart it will re-sync with the other of course.
wa8yxm 08/13/20 04:08pm Tech Issues
RE: You can't make me

There is a new thread being .. well Retreaded on facebook that fits here You can't make me turn my 13' tall truck around just because it's a 12 foot bridge. (Well I can't. but the bridge will).
wa8yxm 08/13/20 04:04pm Around the Campfire
RE: How do I get on air tv

Oh some diagnostic aid (You will need a volt meter Go toside (Up on the roof or beside it) and with the Ant-Switch OFF (led off) disconnect the cable from teh antenna. CAREFULLY Attach volt meter leads (You can hold the negative against the sheell of the connector with left hand and Touch the tip of the center wire with the positive lead. DO NOT SHORT wire to nut/shell) have partner turn on and then off. Observe 12 volts on meter (or not) if NOT you have a cable fault. Such as that connector in the roof I and one other I've worked on had to replace.
wa8yxm 08/13/20 05:22am Beginning RVing
RE: Lazy Pilot light creating carbon

Ok Pilot light size should not affect the air/fuel mix But the first reply suggested cleaning the pilot orifice Yup that may well be the issue Now Since I can not SEE the pilot I do not know if there is an air/fuel adjustment (the No pilot adjustment refers to the fuel metering jet not the air/fuel mix) a carbon flame needs more air. But most pilots I've seen that too is NOT adjustable as I recall.
wa8yxm 08/13/20 05:19am Tech Issues
RE: RV Batteries - Lithium as Option

My rig came with 4-6V batteries, each 115 min at 75 Amps, 220 AH@ 20Hr. If I connect Lithium in parallel, do I double available amps? Are Lithium's all 12V, and if so, would I need only two to replace what I currently have? What changes, if any, must I make to existing systems in order to accommodate Lithium batteries? Ok so you currently have 440 amp hours 220 usable. Close to what I have. Note that that 50% usable is for DEEP CYCLE and other types might not be so forgiving of a "DEEP discharge" (Some batteries only 15-20% of the power is usable (Starting) about 25 for MARINE/deep cycle) Lithium. Some types are good for close to 100% of contained power Next. WIll I need 2: I can not answer that it all depends on that amp hour. YOu need more usable amp hours. Just to "example" you currentlyu have 4 GC-2. Well you could use two 4D and geet about the same powere.. and a hernia (joking on that) as they are 2x as heavy as the GC-2. (My Deka G-20's I can not install by myself.. the Interstate's they replaced I could 10 amp hours more in the Deka was just enough to cross the line) How to figure amp hours for a multi-battery system If you wire them in series like this -{6v}+==-{6v}+== 12 volt to house. You do not add the VOLTS together (See how I got to 12 volts) not the amp hours and I might add this is where the Belief that all batteries need to be identical comes from. IN the pair. they do need to be identical But when you wire them this way -{12V}+ -{12V}+ (That is parallel) Then you add amp hours, not voltage. DO you need two.. Again that depends on the battereries. Lithium types are lighter so you can put one BIGGER battery in or two smaller ones or even 4 or 6 depending on the size of the battery and the battery box.. The more amp hours the better. I will give you the caution over just counting batteries later. Do I need to do anything different charging. Depends on who you buy from Top end Lithium battery firms build assemblies. not just batteries but batteries with built in charge controllers and for the most part you can treat these normally. You may need to change your converter to one designed for LIthium however. (I would recommend it) Why just saying I have 1-2-3-4-5-6 12 volt batteries is NOT enough info. Where as with GC-2 6 Volt Golf car we can say 220 Amp hours give or take 10 and that's close enough for most use.... We can not do that with 12's here is why Group 24 is about 70-75 AH Groups 27 and 29 100 more or less Group 31 120-130 4D and 8D about 220 All different sizes. I have some as low as 5 amp hours here Still 12 volt (jump starters are often in the 7-25 amp hour range) So the only IMPORTANT numbers when designing are Maximum level of discharge (50% for GC-2 Flooded wet) 20 hr Amp Hour rating (220 for the above) Size and shape of the space to stick 'em in. You want to maximize the amp hours and not exceed the space
wa8yxm 08/13/20 05:17am Tech Issues
RE: How do I get on air tv

Well first. Depending on where you are parked the answer may well be "You don't" Assuming a winegard Sensar III crank it up. Now there is either a box with many buttons or a "Switch plate" The switch plate has a switch. An LED a 12 volt outlet and an antenna connection.. The light must be ON On the Box of many buttons (BOMB) or Matrix Switch make sure the power light is on and select ANT for all devices. Next the TV.. It may have a menu option for ANT-Cable. Again ANT. And then scan. rotate antenna about 1/4 turn and re-scan (Take nowes on each scan) DO this again and again. Pick direction with best results then rotate to peak liek the #2 or #3 station strength wise Upgrades: I added teh WINGMAN to my Sensar III and later (after an oopsie) upgraded to a Sensar IV (turned out to be a genuine upgrade) I also replaced that wall plalt (well in my case added it) with a Sensar PRO which makes the entire Scan and peak bit way way easier. But there are still place where it just don't work Possible issues Been in one RV where there was indeed a wall plate.. but no antenna cables connected to it. Not a one. Prior owner had ripped 'em out Had mine fail once. At the roof line (in my case IN the roof) is a connection. IT was rusted shot. two new cable ends and a new double female (Barrel) connector and re-seal it up good as new And the Oopsie I mentioned that ripped it off the RV (ouch) One new cable end and a new head later it was better than new. OH and of course you need a Modern TV that accepts ATSC not an older analog job I have a pair of older DVR's they work on Cable and ANALOG ota but not with the modern Digital stuff. So they think they are recording satellite.. In fact the one I'm listening to as I type thinks it is recording Dish Network (DTV Pal by Dish Network uses genuine DISH remote codes) the one in the bedroom has a Zenith/ LG / Insigina adapter and uses different codes. THe two DVR's are chatty as well (Record on one play back on either or download and carry with you)
wa8yxm 08/12/20 04:45pm Beginning RVing
RE: Full Timer's A/C Question

They have no problem with running full time. One thing though. And this applies to ALL air conditioners RV Window and whole house,. The condensers get "Grunged up" with crud that eventually clogs the condenser. then they don't work. Now on a Coleman like my front one you remove 4 phillips head bolts from the top. Lift the cover off. Peal the crud off (Cotton wood cotton is a real bummer) put the cover back 4 screws job done. Others it's about 10 or 12 screws around the bottom. lift the top off. Then more screws or other items to remove the condenser cover (do not even ask on Advent Air the cover is not designed to be removed) I've had to take the fan off the motor. then I cleaned it.. Reassemble and the A/C is many times better.
wa8yxm 08/12/20 04:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Surgery has changed my life...for the worse

Thanks. I need a good chuckle from time to time. Now .. Just hope she does not shove that foot.... Well.. I'll just stop there.
wa8yxm 08/12/20 04:32pm Around the Campfire
RE: Toad Brakes; Permanent or Portable

Well I will talk about a few systems Brake buddy and other box in the driver's seat systems Good if you have a "Fleet" of towed's but. You need to install them EVERY Time you tow. and every time you install it's a chance to mess it up. Also for a short trip there is a strong temptation to say "To heck with it" and regret that decision later (Murphy's law says that is the trip you will wish you had put it in) M&G This is an Air over Hydraulic system that is 100% under the hood. Noting in the cockpit on the car. 100% transparent to a driver. IF it fits and your MH has air brakes.. Seriously consider it. Next are electric over hydraulic. My first choice in this is the US-Gear Unified brake decelerator but there are many nearly as good. These mount in the cockpit but can be hard to see less you know what to look for There are some versions of this that use compressed air but with electronic controls. (like the brake buddy) but are either installed or half installed Finally there is the Ready Brake. (my next braking system) this is a surge brake system. 100% mechanical as the car pushes against the MH the brakes are applied. Blue Ox also sells a competing product. Advantage all of the above With a couple of exceptions all you do is plug it in 2 seconds and it's live. Those exceptions are the ready brake and comptitor where you clip the clip to the cable (ALso a 2 second job) and one where all you do is pulg in the Tow Light Plug. it draws power off the tail light line and control off the turn/brake leads.
wa8yxm 08/12/20 05:22am Tech Issues
RE: Drop in voltage with increase in heat

There is the possiblity of a poor connection some where .. Recommendation is to use your voltmeter at as many test points as you can starting with the generator's output connection box or outlet. But as the heat rises. pressure in the A/C increases In fact there are charts that tell you how much.. As the pressure rises the compressor works harder and harder to pump the refrigerant through the lines. Now there are two (really several) types of electric motors for this post Series and Shunt wound Series (As I recall. note I may be mistaken) as the load increases the motor slows down a bit. as it slows down it draws more and more and more current. The starting current oh these can be downright impressive The other type attempts to run the same speed no matter what But again the harder it works the more current it draws. So it does not matter which type the Compressor is... As the pressure increases. SO DOES THE CURRENT DRAW.
wa8yxm 08/12/20 05:08am Tech Issues
RE: You can't make me

Well. as a police dispatcher I got to hear about a lot of folks who You can't make me wear a seat belt. And another lot who "you can't make me not drive drunk" sometimes they got together. So the Drunk Driver is ramping From W/B I-94 to N/B I-75 The door of his fugitive from a junk yard opens (Faulty latch) and since he was NOT wearing his belt he falls out getting some road rash (no major damage) Absent a driver the truck goes straight instead of around the curve. Blumpty Blump over the curb. the brem and falls down to the freeway below.. RIGHT ON TOP OF A CAR. Killing two sober folks. I took the 9-1-1 call on that one.
wa8yxm 08/12/20 05:02am Around the Campfire
RE: Diesel vs Gas

Ok Gas or Diesel. Gasoline powered are generally less expensive both up front and to repair (engine/drive train repairs) however Most gassers are front engine and most diesels are pushers,. this has a serious effect on how noisy the ride (The rear engine is not as loud). Diesels have a reputation for LONG LIFE And more torque at lower RPM (Can be useful when the light turns green or going up a mountain road) There are some other differences as well. I'm trained on gasoline engine repair so most minor work I can do myself. THus I picked a gasser,
wa8yxm 08/11/20 03:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wheelbase ratio

I would say yes as well. Though there is a "Counter measure" First some definitions.. They are different for Motor homes and trailers SWAY. on a Trailer that's when the trailer swings side to side. but on a Motor home that's called WAG or at least what I call it Sway on a motor home is side to side rocking.. Like fans at a rock concert holding up their BIC singing We Are The World. WAG is when the tail wags like a dog (or the nose either one) side to side. This is because leaf spring suspension allows the body to move sideways over the axle. TRAC BARS.. Stop this 100% (one front one rear) (So does independent front suspension on the front end but most Motor Homes have solid front axle) Sway bars on a Mother home try to control the side to side rocking. Many (other than Workhorse) have rubber bushings that cause all sorts of hassle when they wear out.. and you can get stronger bars too. Finally there is a steering stabilizer like a True-Center (Blue ox) or Safe-T-Steer. I like the ones mentioned because of the "Remote recenter" feature.
wa8yxm 08/11/20 03:40pm Class A Motorhomes
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