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RE: oil leak

You should, when changing both oil and filter (When you change one do the other) run the engine for at least one minute or long enough to get it warm and then re-check the level right away.. you may need to adjust oil depending on the filter you installed... many engines have more than one filter that fits.
wa8yxm 04/19/21 03:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 12 volt only refrigerator

Combining the last two posts I recently purchased a 25 AH LiFePO4 battery and charger.. I can easily pick this thing up with one hand in the manner of a pound of butter (Fingers either side) What's more I can use over 20 of those 25 Amp Hours before the voltage starts to drop significantly That makes it about the usable capacity of a Group 27 MARINE/deep cycle The BLF 1225 Weight: 5.8 lbs. (2.6 kg) A common Group 27 Weight 59. pounds You can lug a whole lot more AHs with LiFePO4 That said the battery maker does not recommend parallel operation of their batteries.. But some companies make higher capacity models.
wa8yxm 04/19/21 03:44pm Tech Issues
RE: LFP on Shore Power with Inverter/charger?

I read some inverters have 2 stage charging. Bulk, absorption and off. At the set point, 12 to 13 volts, the charger repeats the 2 stage. Behind me here in the apartment is a fairly inexpensive 2000 watt Inverter Charger (Xantrex freedom) 3-stage plus charging with some programmability (not sure how much without reading the manual) Back when I had the motor home I had a Prosine 2.0 (more expensive more adjustable) Both have 3 stage + charging Bulk, absorption, Float and at the request of the human operator Equalization... Now.. I recommend either a fully programmable converter/charger for other than Lead Acid or one that is made SPECIFIC for that battery. I recently purchased an LI-something (LiFePO4) 25AH for portable HF radio use. and the proper (4 amp in this case) charger.
wa8yxm 04/19/21 03:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Europe plans charging network & hydrogen for heavy trucking

There is a reason cars get about the same fuel economy as they did 50 50 years ago. 2071 Very few card did 20 MPG in fact 60 years ago double digits on the MPG was good.. .Of course back then we looked at the Mobile Economy Run where specially trained drivers eeked out the maximum MPG not the standard we use today. (yes folks I'm that old) Most cars held 20-25 Gallons of gas Today.. I drive a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Lattitude that I just bought a couple months ago.... it holds about 15 it gets over 30 MPG freeway and over 20 City per the built in MPG calculator. My old car, a 2001 Neon, roughly half the car the Jeep is got 19-25 MPG So no, cars today go a lot farther on a gallon of motion lotion. OH and one other thing. the modern diluted with alcohol gasoline has not as much punch as the older Pure Gas of the 60/70's did When. e Of course gas line freezup is way less common Almost unheard of now days (Back then you could buy gas line antifreeze.. Yup it's alcohol, Wood alcohol I once "fixed" a fellow ham's car long distance by diagnosing his car problem based on reported symptoms as he coasted to a parking spot in front of a hardware. he went in, he came out Put a pint in the tank and FIXED.)
wa8yxm 04/19/21 03:31pm Around the Campfire
RE: Deck over dolly

"Stacker" trailers have been around for a long time. They work fairly well.. I've never seen a dolly version however. Make sure your Motor home has the towing rating for it.
wa8yxm 04/19/21 05:11am Dinghy Towing
RE: Tire valve Stems

Six tires. Does this mean Duly's How hard is it to check the pressures on the dulys? Dully valves make it easy. they are more expensive but man oh man are they worth it.
wa8yxm 04/19/21 05:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water valve directional?

The valve has two positions. One is "Straight through" if by Reversing the flow you mean the valve handle was to the left side of the valve body and is now on the right. that will still work the same However the "alternative position will connect the antifreeze suction line to the tank line not to the pump inlet so that will cause an issue if by reverse you mean you swapped the tank side line with the antifreeze line. No it wont' cause an issue just make sure the valve points to the line you want to suck from.
wa8yxm 04/19/21 04:59am Tech Issues
RE: DOMETIC A/C Roof Start-Up

That is one possible answer.. And I believe the least expensive of the answers. But first: When was the last time you went, as the song says. "Up On The Roof". removed the outer and inner condenser covers and cleaned the condenser? also. though in THEORY the bearings are perma-lubed sealed.. That is a Theory untill you visually confirm.
wa8yxm 04/19/21 04:51am Tech Issues
RE: Winegard mast orientation while driving

THE JACK does not perform as well as the winegard. the biggest issue is that there is a "Slot" in the mounting bracket, with the antennain the proper position one (or both) of the arms falls into this slot. That takes the stress OFF the rotation collar and shaft.. If you park the antenna sideways... The rotation system can be damaged.. It's easy to replace. but still... $$ to do it.. don't bother asking how I know. I'd shorten the UHF directors by an element if you have the need.
wa8yxm 04/19/21 04:49am Technology Corner
RE: Engine idle surges up and down when stopping at lights

97 Fuel injected or carburetor.. That "Hunting" is a sign of running rich as i recall on a carbureted engine. Might be dirty injectors. but sure sounds like a fuel issue.... Alas. Not a ford man...
wa8yxm 04/17/21 03:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: DirecTV ABC E/W DNS Channels

Ok as I understand it the FCC regs require that "Local" Stations be carried on Sat/Cable all levels of service... Now I stress that is my understanding. However the Cable/Sat service has to pay the station for permission to carry the program. or the network or both... They stream the programming live, commercials and all, they do not add their own commercials. .Seems to me the TV station should be paying the Sat/Cable for expanding their audience. Oh well. Sadly where I landed when my motor home got totaled I have to pay for cable. If I were on the other side of the building and perhaps one floor up OTA would do me fine.
wa8yxm 04/17/21 03:23pm Technology Corner
RE: Obesity in America

I am 6'2" and overweight, but strangely not as overweight as I was a year ago when this other medical mess started (Have been seeing news articles about, shall we say, The Covid bulge (Weight gain)_ I'm down about 20-25 pounds. Would like to double that.
wa8yxm 04/17/21 03:19pm Around the Campfire
RE: Help! Hitch stuck in ball mount.

Glad to see you figured it out.... I know some hitches can be a bear.
wa8yxm 04/16/21 04:42pm Beginning RVing
RE: Help! Hitch stuck in ball mount.

The entire hitch has been "removed from the truck". The hitch and ball are stuck in the tongue so they can't go on a bench just yet. Sorry mis-read thought you'd removed the hitch from the trailer not the adapter from the tow vehicle. If the hitch is bolted to the frame. same advice.. just the other end of the hitch.. Remove to bench. return when done.
wa8yxm 04/16/21 04:59am Beginning RVing
RE: What do you use for an outdoor ground cover?

we use the ground...ground covers kill grass and some parks prohibit them. Support.. ON sand or concrete I like "Astro-Turf" type mats But on grass. NOTHING. absolutly NOTHING In my humble opinion if you put a mat down over grass management should invite you to stay elsewhere and no refund.
wa8yxm 04/16/21 04:56am General RVing Issues
RE: On the road, battery and charging problems

In my 70+ years on this earth I've bought a lot of Lead Acid Batteries...Some came with a new car attached. Others were replacemnt.. Two of them came with "lifetime" warranties.. one of those lasted about a week. Moral Might just be bad batteries.
wa8yxm 04/16/21 04:55am Tech Issues
RE: Help! Hitch stuck in ball mount.

I would say remove the ball from the Truck thenput the hitch and the ball on the bench, upside down. so you can get a good look at the blanged thing. Odds are a couple tapps with about a 12-16 oz hammer and perhaps a rod to direct the force and it will pop open and release the ball. then you can either put the ball. or more than likely a new ball of the proper size on the truck. (Inspect the bolt threads often they get damaged so you need to use a new ball.)
wa8yxm 04/15/21 03:08pm Beginning RVing
RE: Dangerous Pranks

When my Tri-Mark striker bolt broke (I have several comments I could make on the design of those striker bolts but I do not wish to melt your monitor). I got real good at the emergency exit window.. Real Real good. It happened twice. to me. Kids will be kids.. I am reading ads for a new "Peal and stick" video doorbell (like the RING but no wires) pairs with your phone and I suspect it can record but not sure... Would be nice to hand the police a video of the kids. or park management.
wa8yxm 04/15/21 05:01am General RVing Issues
RE: false alarm "jacks down"

As Larry said power gear alarms based on the fluid level in the tank but you said the fluid level was correct. It goes off for 10 seeconds when you start but then silences and stays off. Or does it stay off. If it stays off.. I'd re-read the manual on the system. I know when I start my car, or my motor home or whatever every indicator light flashes (no audio alarms) every gauge moves through it's range of motion. Then they go to the current status. it may be a POST (Power On Self Test) and nothing to worry about.
wa8yxm 04/15/21 04:57am Tech Issues
RE: Baseball strike zone...

Remember the "BOX" was designed by a computer programmer. He does not play real baseball. .Just a computer game .
wa8yxm 04/15/21 04:53am Around the Campfire
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