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RE: What's Opened?

Lots of discussion but not much information. The title of this thread is "What's Opened" I know Lake Hartwell RV park, a small private park about 250/week. is open here in SC but Lake Hartwell State park 4 miles down the road is closed This is the kind of info I want to see in a thread with this title Some comments Someone said "Waving the flag and citing the constitution won't help" TRUTH! Someone else said, slightly paraphrased: You lost your freedom when it became a matter of life and death... Also true to some extent. My comment: My Motor home is my "Isolation Unit" Save for a trip to the dumpster IN the CG I walk but in the other one I stay at here I'm likely to drive and in both cases I'll not get within 20 feet of another human or Feline) and grocery shopping where I can't control how close others pass to me.. I'm indoors.
wa8yxm 04/06/20 05:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Intermittant A/C

THat does sound like a low voltage coupled with a hard start so the motor tries (But fails) to start. overheats. shuts down and gets lucky on the 2nd try. Two things to check/watch and a suggestion THe voltage if it's a 50 amp rig you need to identify an outlet on the same leg as the A/C 30 amp rigs all same leg. When MY Rig was new sometimes one A/C would work, Sometimes the other. sometimes both or neither.. Well my first stop at the tribble hunt was the power distribution center (Breaker box).. where I noticed one of the supposedly tightly clamped in the breaker wires moved about rather easily.. (WOW) So I first formed a theory "Many RVers have a few screws loose" (Actually that came later) and then broke out the #2 Square bit and counted turns to find out HOW loose one took 3 1/2 turns before I was happy with it. (The theory came after chatting with other RVers who told me this is common) (I know other folks who think we have a few screws loose too but I don't think a #2 bit will help them :) Check all the wires in the box. Black, White or bare/green Pull the shore pulg first and use a flashlight.
wa8yxm 04/06/20 05:38am Tech Issues
RE: Winegard SensarPro wall plate problem

I will say again I doubt there is 0.9 volt loss in the coax.. HOWEVER... And this is a big HOWEVER. 2x a year I mop the roof on this rig.. Well one time after mopping all TV was lost.> So I dug into it (Literally) near the antenna was a half clamshell where the coax enters the roof and then on into the RV I opened it up and inside was a dobule female connector joining the ends of Two lengths of coax. one from the antenna to the roof. one from the roof to the Sensar Pro. Rusted and the wires pulled out This kind of thing can cause enough resistance that even teh meter load will show a lower voltage. I trimed the wries back a bit, put new ends on. new connector GREAT TV. Re-sealed with a better sealant.
wa8yxm 04/06/20 05:32am Technology Corner
RE: Brakes Stopped Working after CW Visit.

Maybe they broke a wire when they dropped the axle. If I had to guess I'd say the probability of this is in the 99+% range.
wa8yxm 04/05/20 04:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Winegard SensarPro wall plate problem

11.6 is plenty. in addition to the coax loss you have between 0.1 and likely 1/2 volt loss in the switch. possibly more but I'm guessing 1/2 THIS IS A GUESS. Now if the coax is not waterlogged there should be ZERO voltage loss in the coax when testing with a meter if there is any noticable difference between the jack on the Sensar Pro and the antenna end of the coax you have bad coax. Why is this? VOltage loss is caused by resistance.. Since there is no load, (other than the very high impedance/resistance meter) there is effectively NO LOAD. and thus no current so if you were to take say a 10K ohm Resistor and hook one end to your 12.9 Volt source. You would measure 12.9 on the other end too. but if you added a small load you'd get next to nothing.
wa8yxm 04/05/20 04:29pm Technology Corner
RE: Hot Spot

Ok this is from "other sources" There is a reason I don't have an I(incompatable) phone... This is not it (the reason is older than the phone) Open the phone hotspot. Turn it OFF. Open the Computer's wi-fi connection tool. Turn on the Hotspot and then tell the computer to search. You have a short time I think 5 minutes) to connect.. then the phone goes "Dark".
wa8yxm 04/05/20 04:25pm Technology Corner
RE: Chromebook questions

I've pretty much given up on trying to obtain a Samsung Chromebook 3 at my local Walmart. As soon as they arrive, they get grabbed immediately. I'll no doubt just stick with my good ol' Toshiba for a while. In the meantime, I've learned a lot about Chromebooks, which may be helpful for the future.:) Check Wallmart dot com.. Very fast shipping. Though I would rather you buy elsewhere.
wa8yxm 04/05/20 04:23pm Technology Corner
RE: Picture what you drink

Water but not bottled Just from the Tap... No beer, No soda. Just water and You need only turn your head sideways Rotated it is too wide after all https://i.imgur.com/7D0aXhJl.jpg
wa8yxm 04/05/20 04:21pm Around the Campfire
RE: RV Insurance (Full Time)

12,000 a year.. Multi Million dollar Prevost motor home and you have a driving history which includes multiple DUI convictions or someting. I agree that's outrageous.. And from what others post I need to have a "Chat" with my agent too. So I will soon as this other mess goes away .(Or and I do not pay anywhere near 12K/year)
wa8yxm 04/05/20 05:17am Beginning RVing
RE: Laundromats are closed!!

Laundry is an "Essential" service far as I know.
wa8yxm 04/05/20 05:13am General RVing Issues
RE: New Federal Fuel Economy Standard (SAFE)

A 2% increase in oil consumption... strangly 2% is what we buy from the Suadi's.
wa8yxm 04/05/20 05:11am Around the Campfire
RE: Fed Cuts Rates: Will RV Rates Follow?

Will the banks cut rates for RV loans.. GOOD question. I am concerned that modern Economics being what they are (Murphy's law applies) When the Fed Raises the rates.. The Banks do likewise and blame the feds When the Fed Lowers the Rates.. The bankers pocket the profit. But there is one story I like (Levi Strauss, Blue Jeans King) He went to the bank for a small loan. Was denied A couple years later he went back and found the loan officer who denied him and ask "Do you remember me" . (NO) Well you denied me a loan back in (year) (I don't work in loans any more) "I know in fact you don't work for the bank any more.. Your're fired" (You can't fire me only the new owner can fire me) "I know.. I just bought the bank." Now that.. IS Revenge best served.
wa8yxm 04/04/20 05:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Understanding length of time for absorption & finish charge

Does a smart charger for flooded batteries have a time setting that automatically switches to a finish current? I would like like to use my charger to mimic what the smart chargers do. I dont have to wait for the 4 hour maximum absorption time to drop the voltage First did you mean to type 8V or did you mean 6V? Due to the way you worded the rest of your post.. the answers are the same no matter which you meant.. But I've not seen an 8/16 volt RV. only 12 volt (Two six in series make one 12). I also make many typos. Now.. to answer the question above yes and no depending on the charger. Some (IE Parallex 7300T switch modes based on an internal clock Some (most smart chargers I suspect) Measure current and voltage. Some.. are not as complex as their instructions. For example my Progressive Dynamics wizard Controlled speaks of 3-stage charging but as I recall the output voltage in "Bulk" mode is the same as in "Absorption" (The current drops is all) And from what I can tell that is the best.. From my voltmeter readings (I have a volt meter on a wall where I frequently look at it.. (Across from what is sometimes called "The Throne" you know the room where you use that roll stock everybody is panic buying now days. I'm a frequent flyer there for ONE reason, occasionally for TWO) anyway I see it dropping to "battery only" voltage from time to time so I think the wizard is basically pausing the converter in order to check battery voltage and changing modes based on that. But the bottom line is there are many ways to do it and different multi stage converters may use different systems. Oh the parallex 7300T that' T for Two and Two for Tea (As the old song goes) is a TWO stage.. bulk for a period of time THEN float. no absorption.
wa8yxm 04/04/20 05:08am Tech Issues
RE: Fire tools

General RV used to sell a very good Made in Michigan Poker, alas my wife died before they started carrying it and I'm not into making a campfire just to have a campfire (She was, I'd build the fire, she's maintain it). It ws heavy duty rod with a heavy hook just shy of the point. I also carry Axe. Sledge. assorted wedges. Electric Chain Saw. Other saws. And a propane powered fire starter..
wa8yxm 04/03/20 04:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stimulus Check , what are you going to do with yours ?

I had to use a credit card for some major repair work last summer. It gets paid down... (Best way to maximize)
wa8yxm 04/03/20 04:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: 50 Amp Receptacle to Inverter

Use a 50 amp outlet. First do not forget to disable the converter when using the inverter in this manner. now.. the 50 amp socket has 4 wires Ground (The roundish one) Neutral (Opposite the ground) and L-1 and L-2 To feed the 120 volt 3000 watt inverter to the 50 amp receptical BRIDGE l-1 and l-2 (That is run a jumper wire between them) That easy. I have two 50 to 30 adapters One is molded (Dogbone) the other is a 30 amp shore cord. I had to replace the 50 amp Marinc outlet. Yup. Jumper from L-1 to L-2
wa8yxm 04/03/20 04:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Good day today!

The other day when it was pouring down rain out a radio "Net control operator" commented it was a great day.. And so it was. every day is a great day provided you wake up on the GREEN side of the Grass. even if the grass is not green today. That day was a Great Day to stay indoors and talk on the radio. Other days are great days to be out doing stuff. But every day is a great day. Ham Radio.. I still socialize with all my friends just like before. Does not matter if they are a mile away or a thousand miles away or more.. Radio still works.
wa8yxm 04/03/20 05:55am Around the Campfire
RE: 12v outlet question

Oh. I said this before but I will make it simple Battery==Fuse==inverter------------------------------------------tv == is big heavy wire -------------- is light duty (or medium duty) extension 14 ga wire if using romex 16 if using an extension cord is OK.
wa8yxm 04/02/20 05:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: AZ Governor Statement on RV Travel during Stay At Home order

Good that AZ understands the needs of us full timers and that we are "Distancing" in our self contained house on wheels.
wa8yxm 04/02/20 05:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Charge Controller/Converter issue?

I checked my 110v plugs in the RV I found something odd, when I went from ground to hot I got 65V, when I go from ground to neutral I got 65V, when I go neutral to hot I get 120V. 100% normal when using a portable generator.. WHY you ask? In electronics there is a device called a capacitor. and another device consisting of two capacitors called a "Capacities voltage divider" This is like a resistive divider in a DC circuit. Now imagine the following DC hook iup 12 volt----100 ohm resistor--X--100 Ohm Resistor--Ground (Returns to battery) The two identical resistors will divide the voltage so the voltage at point x (assumign no load) is six volts 1/2 the battery. Well in an AC cucuit it works the same way with Capacitors 120 V Hot----||----X-----||----- Neutral The || is the symbol for a capacitorl it is also how they are built Two metal plates with an insulator between them You have how many feet or ROMEX in your house on wheels Romex is three wires side by side. the hot is on one side neutral on the other and ground in the middle Makes a capacitive divider HOW TO FIX Bond the Generator outlet if it allows or make a special generator adapter with neutral and ground bonded.. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW. Get help from someone who does.
wa8yxm 04/02/20 04:54pm Tech Issues
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