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RE: Coleman-Mach 48008-966 AC large voltage drop

What you are hearing is the compressor start... For some reason (Too far from the park's distribution panel?) the current draw is enough to suck down the voltage. A "Soft start" or "Hard Start" kit (Really the same product depends on who is talking) might help.
wa8yxm 05/25/22 05:11am Tech Issues
RE: Motorized Carefree awning - one arm sagging

That may have been done on purpose... So that if it rains water runs off easier. Or not.. Not a Carefree expert by any means.
wa8yxm 05/24/22 04:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2013 Winnebago vista 35b flat towing jeep rubicon

I have indeed flat towed with a gasser but you may be reaching too far. Most gassers the tow receiver is rated 5000/500 (5000 pounds and 500 pounds hitch weight) that is without any drop or riseer on the hitch. straight out. (It goes down fast if you use a drop/rise adapter to adjust hitch height) Second even 5000 pounds may be more than the difference between the maximum COMBINED vehicle weight (RV and Towed) and the loaded for travel weight of the Motor home itself (in my case it was 4000 pounds) Most jeeps are 5,000 pounds or more so you may be reacing a bit too far. That seen I've seen Gasser class A's towing way beyond their rating.
wa8yxm 05/23/22 04:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dometic awning end plug removal pin

That is the spring wound end. DO NOT REMOVE IT unless you know what you are doing. It will get kind of violent. That's also why the pin.
wa8yxm 05/22/22 03:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Tires? Balance or Alignment

Ok causes of vibration Wheel balance can do it Wear of steering components and alignment Tires out of round U-Joints. And the famous "Other" but off hand I can't think of any.
wa8yxm 05/21/22 03:30pm Tech Issues
RE: SiO2 Batteries and High Amp Draws

Just so you know... I always assumed PSW inverters were not as efficient as MSW at turning 12 into 120. Finally I researched... Peak efficacy is 89-90% on one 90% on the other. Identical.
wa8yxm 05/20/22 03:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Nearly impossible to get Class C Chassis serviced?

The only thing I could give you in CO is the name of my Son-in-law but not sure he'd work on it either (It is not his primary job) Here in Michigan there is an RV dealer / service that can do it. but alas that's a thousand or so miles away. And I know a shop in Georgia. but I'd find a mobile RV service tech. he or she won't likely work on "Chassis" systems other than jacks. but they will likely know who will..
wa8yxm 05/20/22 04:22am Beginning RVing
RE: Water Pressure Regulator

I too have not used that specific model. as to re-buildibility ask if the seller has a rebuild kit... (If not then likely not) That looks a lot like the Valterra adjustable.. I've not used that one either but it gets good reviews from others. I have used both Watts and Zurin.. And well none better. The ones I had were 3/4 inch and from static (no flow) to full shower flow. the pressure gauge did not even wiggle. The el-cheapo cylinderical ones.. from 50 to 5
wa8yxm 05/16/22 04:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Let's talk dirt

Your plan seems reasonable to me. However, “pretty” roofs aren’t the goal. Extremely water resistant is the goal. My Roof was Bright Tec (one of the rubber roofs) I treated it just like the kitchen floor with some minor changes. 2x a year I'd go up with a mop (or Long handled "Van wash" brush more often than not. this is a telescoping handle car wash brush. Flow through though that feature is not needed) A bucket. Spic and Span (just like the kitchen) A garden hose with sprayer.. charged (pressurized) and optionally a broom (The brush can double as a broom) Brush all the loose stuff off. do an initial inspection. Fill bucket about 2/3 with water and Spic & Span (I liked to go a bit heavy on the cleaner) Then starting as far from the ladder as possible mop a 2-3 foot swath. hose it down, next swatch, hose it down and so on till I was standing on the ladder doing the last little bit. You should then (next day) do a second roof inspection. With rubber I did not treat. but with fiberglass... Might be needed. I'm not an expert on fiberglass roofs.
wa8yxm 05/16/22 02:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: how long can one store a gas engined motorhome?

Some years ago I parked in a campground (2014) with the aid of a tow truck Blown engine. took me 3 years or so before I towed it out and dropped..(well lifted) a new 8.1 into it (The old engine did not die it was murdered.. Long story insurance paid). Across from me was another motor home. also an 8.1L Vortec that had been sitting there for years before I blew my ending. The owner was in hospice and not long for this world and his family finally authorized moving it to storage.. The batteries.. Toast. The park owner got me a new engine battery and I put it in for him (He's not good at that kind of thing. I'm an old farm boy and you learn basics early on a farm) and with the help of his crew and shore power we got the slides pulled in (Two of us helped push) and jacks up (Had to assist one of 'em) and finally turned the key.. now this thing had very old gas. at least 5 years.. Fired up like it was brand new on the showroom floor.. Drove fine. I put it in the storage area and a few weeks later the family came and drove it away ha ha to wherever it went (i did not know) I do believe this is not typical I got enough generator time while there (In part thanks to a nearby himicane, er Hurricane Matthew) to keep my fuel fresh plus I SeaFoamed it. Oh yes and then we had the Bang NO POWER night (The Bang was a car that went straight down the road... unfortunately the road did not go straight so it went THROUGH the power pole) (No serious injury save to some electroncs) And a few other failures. Including two that took out half the park.. My half.. of course.
wa8yxm 05/15/22 02:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Holding tank cleaning stick

The Swivel Stick with the spinner nozzles on the end.. One of the more effective wands... The Valterra Master Blaster properly used is the most effective wand HOWEVER... The design concerns me (I full expect the nozzle to snap off) I built my own variation on the Valterra design that worked fairly well. NOTHING is 100%
wa8yxm 05/15/22 02:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Residential refrigerator door shelf failures

That is the problem with using a Residential refrigerator in a RV. They are not made to be shaken while they are loaded. I am surprised more people don't have the same problem. Truth. Even home fridges in an apartment or house can have shelf failures. I finally added I think alien tape to mine here.. I've used screws in the past.
wa8yxm 05/15/22 07:53am Tech Issues
RE: Upgrading converter

Two lead placement locations 1:The battery. Fist unpluggee then plugged in note any voltage difference Then hours later (Like 4) and again not the voltage then post and we may be able to advise better as to "is it working) WFCO has a known (And as I'm told though I've never done it easily fixed) issue where it does not go into BULK so it takes a long time to charge. This replaces the electronics on the back of the breaker/fuse panel so it's a bit cheaper than the 9200 series but otherwise works the same. Question 2: Progressive Dynamics 4600 series I think the smallest is 4645 (With a 30 amp converter you will want the smallest 4600)
wa8yxm 05/14/22 03:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Terminal Block with Circuit Breakers

Can not help you with the location but may be able to help you find it. Follow the POSITIVE battery lead.. if you have issues due to bundled cables get a harbor freight cable tracker (about 20 to 30 bucks) and track it with Tweedle Dee And Tweedle Dum (You'll understand when you use it) And when done... The POSITIVE cable.> RED paint or tape or split loom or if it's a cable where you can free a small end heat shrink tubing. Black on the negative cable.
wa8yxm 05/13/22 05:23pm Tech Issues
RE: New to lithium battery

First what OEM converter did you buy. Second what is the charge/float voltage for your LI battery As I recall (And I stress that As I recall part for I may recall incorrectly) LI's float and charge a couple points higher than Lead Acid. Google says A fully charged 12V LiFePO4 battery will have a charging voltage of around 14.6 volts and a resting voltage of around 13.6 volts. For Lead acid Google says: The typical charging voltage is between 2.15 volts per cell (12.9 volts for a 12V 6 cell battery) and 2.35 volts per cell (14.1 volts for a 12V 6 cell battery) Which is not what I recall from earlier research. (I recall closer to LiFePO4 specs) In either case I do not think the LI will be damaged by the OEM converter.
wa8yxm 05/13/22 05:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Email Issues - Just looking for ideas..

Well I have 3 E-dresses, 2 are the same box (Actually I have about 20 but the other 17 are the trash can) I use G-mail as the spam trap. If I'm doing something that has a high probity of causing me to get spammed I'm user@gmail If It is a site I seriously wish to do business with and low spam level. user@my e-mail reflector address (Which is reflected to my real E-dress which I do not give out) Why the reflector? Well if I change E-mail providers. One fast transaction and all mail is not directed to the NEW destination.
wa8yxm 05/13/22 05:16pm Technology Corner
RE: Keyboard Problems?

The keyboard in my Dell laptop takes less than 10 minutes to replace. Replacements are readily available at Amazon and other online vendors. Well if you know how to do it (And I do) Pluggin in a wireless KB and Mouse. about 1 minute and not only Amazon but Home Depot, Lowes, Many Pharmacies< Truck stops. Big Logs/Ollies. any computer or office store and so many other places I can not list 'em all. Just keep some spare batteries on hand or a few full up rechargeable.
wa8yxm 05/13/22 05:12pm Technology Corner
RE: Interspecies Animal Friends

Grew up on a farm... All the things some folks claim do not happen among lower animals. Well I've seen many of 'em.
wa8yxm 05/13/22 05:09pm Around the Campfire
RE: Keyboard Problems?

You can get a wireless keyboard and mouse.. Plug the dongle in and you are good to go. way easier than replacing the laptop's kb. Easier to type on too once you adjust to a full size KB.
wa8yxm 05/13/22 04:21am Technology Corner
RE: No headlights problem please help

There may be a fuse or breaker.. There may also be a relay in the main chassis fuse box (or elsewhere) True story... My 8.1L Vortec (Chevy) engine would not crank (starter not engaging) I heard a sharp CLICK. not a CLUNK but a CLICK. Pulled the starter pilot relay out of the fuse box.. Cleaned contracts. (I have the tools for that) replaced. Varoom.
wa8yxm 05/12/22 03:17pm Tech Issues
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