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RE: Rear tires balance

The reason you balance has nothing to do with turning side to side (Steering) it has to do with bouncing up and down If you spin something it wants to spin around the center of gravity. Now let's take a perfect ring.. balanced. and spin it like a top It will relove around the geographic center. Which is also the center of gravity for it. Now put a 2 ounce weight on the ring and spin it. It now spins "OFF Center" And if that's a tire it bounces (And I might add exactly the opposite of how you think it does but that's not important) Loss of control Rough ride. Reduced tire life HOW TO BALANCE? Ideally I'd machine balance on a machine designed for it (not a bubble level but the high speed spinner machine) but for big (22.5) that's not practical at most shops Truck shops perhaps but not auto size. Belle Tire (Burton MI) put balance beads in mine. Rides smooth.
wa8yxm 01/21/19 03:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: can I seperate the 12 volt from the 110 system?

I will make an adjustment on my earlier post 12 volt system includes Factory installed lights Slides if you have 'em Power jacks if you have 'em (See note below) Water pump Furnace Control power for A/C Water heater and Fridge IF YOU HAVE AN INVERTER the batteries may supply power to SOME outlets Microwave, television and releated places. Some. or all or none depending on the inverter. 120 volt outlets. A/C, 120 volt DEVICES like Microwave.. MAY not work at all without shore power. (or generator power). Large (1000 watt and up) Inverters are often also chargers.
wa8yxm 01/21/19 03:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Using an Iphone as a hand held GPS for hiking remote ares

I am not sure the GPS works in airplane mode as it is an RF Receiver and most RF Receivers make a RF signal as well.. Google "Fox Hole Radio" for an explanation. (The fox hole radio does NOT generate RF that can be detected). Also does the I-Phone store the area map.. Android's do not ... by default.. but you can store an area map if you wish. Carry a back up emergency re-charger would be my suggestion.
wa8yxm 01/21/19 03:05pm Technology Corner
RE: 2 -6 volts or 4?

I would go with two pair.. or 3 pair.. I know it is more weight buit it's more amp hours and frankly I need the amp hours.
wa8yxm 01/21/19 08:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Emergency Flashers Hyper-flashing

Replacing all the bulbs with LED's will CAUSE this problem. So will a burned out bulb. THe flasher is designed to flash X lamps. There is no relay it is a flasher. They do make HEAVY DUTY Flashers. 2 lamps or 20. they don't care.
wa8yxm 01/21/19 08:01am Tech Issues
RE: can I seperate the 12 volt from the 110 system?

120V AC and 12V DC systems ARE already separate.water pump, Lights, Fridge/Water heater Propane controls, fans, etc As Biscuit said they are different systems The ONLY common point is the converter or Inverter/Charger Converter: Converts 120 volt AC to Battery power. (13.6 to 14.6 VDC) charges batteries.. Inverter/Charger: Does above if shore/generator present. else it does the INVERSE (converts battery power to 120vac) Not all RV's have one. I have both YOu may skip this next part: 12 volts may be used by some 120 volt stuff for CONTROL. Examples include Fridge, Water heater and Air Conditioners Back to read on: If the Converter or charger is ... toast.. you may hook up a SMART charger as a temp measure (just hook it to the batteries) Mine is a Deltran Battery Tender PLUS. the unit I have can do 1-2 amp Tend. 20 Charge and 70 Jump start. about 100 bucks at AutoZone Works well (My converter failed in 2017, my inverter as well so I had no 12 volt once the battery died.. on a Sunday.. AUTO ZONE Was open so I had power back quickly. Replaced converter 2 days later). Finally converters for this post come i 2 flavors. ONE is integrated into the power distribution panel.. LIke a Parallex 7300 or some WFCO models.. IF you have this type and have confirmed the converter is toast go with a Progressive Dynamics 4600 series. it replaces JUST the converter part. The other is a Stand alone (Independent box). And to replace that a Progressive Dynamics 9200 is the box of choice Mine is a 9180 with charge wizard (Equal to 9280 with dongle).
wa8yxm 01/21/19 07:50am Tech Issues
RE: So tired of snow hype

Where I am it is rain rain rain rain rain rain (This has gone on nearly 3 months now with perhaps 15 days of sun stuck in 45 days of rain). So far we have not hit 40 days and nights of continuous rain but we have come close a timer or 3. Now as to why so much rain and snow? As the the globe warms up (Which some folks claim is a myth) water evaporates more easily from lakes. streams. ponds. oceans and wherever it is found. The water vapor goes up into the clouds What goes up. Must come down Spinning wheel has got to go round.... (Opps slipped into a song there.. but the first line applies)
wa8yxm 01/21/19 07:37am Around the Campfire
RE: No power to water heater (Gas OR Electric)

How does it affect the electric on a Surburan? Different wires. different system But from the OP's description he has an Atwood.
wa8yxm 01/20/19 06:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Shopping tires now wow$$$$

My Class A came with Mitchlin XRV's (22.5 Inch) with the FMCA discount these would have been ABOUT (this is not the exact price) 3500 plus installation and disposal fees to replace (and balanc beads) I went with a nearly identical TOYO for 2300. THat is "out the lot" pricing (never drove through the door :))
wa8yxm 01/20/19 06:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: A Different Approach to Snowbirding

Do people have Pickup trucks as toweds.. YES DO people have 4 door sedans as toweds YES Do people have SUV's as toweds YES Do people have ____ Fill in vehicle of choice___ and odds are very good the answer is YES At least one RVer even has a helicopter as a towed. The only limits on what you can tow: Weight. For example I can tow, in theory 4,000 pounds or less. Some RV"s up to 10 thousand. Transmission and other feature of the potential towed. Not all cars are towable even with modification (My current towed (A Sedan) is modified) Some can be towed 4 down. Some dolly Some full trailer (4 up) some you simply should not tow. PERIOD even on a flat bed tow truck for any long ditances. (Short is ok on a flatbed tow).
wa8yxm 01/20/19 06:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Jacks down or not??

Jacks down should be a bit more stable; I will second that. If jacks down your ability to "Rock and roll" is greatly reduced.. Springs are designed to allow you to Rock. and if you rock it's easier to roll.
wa8yxm 01/20/19 06:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Don't understand

Heck I know of a rail road overpass where many's the trucker that does not understand "Height 11 feet" means a 13.6 truck won't fit... I've seen what happen when they try too.
wa8yxm 01/20/19 06:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Gasser Handling - Specific Question

I have thought of that but.. Well not yet... I could convert my "Thumb button" to a foot button by simply making a bracket. I do not use it often.
wa8yxm 01/19/19 03:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: No power to water heater (Gas OR Electric)

First: One thing both the slides and the water heater have in common is the 12 volt side of life.. Do lights and such work inside the RV? The water heater uses 12 volts (Atwood) for all control and from the sounds of it you have an atwood. Subrurans.. It varies.. The slide runs and is also controleld by 12 volt. Look to the fuse panel and then look to the control board.. Possibility of a replaceable fuse is low on the control board but not ZERO. ALso look for 12 volts at the control board connector. YOU WILL NEED a volt meter and the owner's manual to figure out which pin There is an electrical connector. Usually on top of the tank inside.. I have to pull the tank to get at it. IT HAS NEVER come apart by accident.. on my atwood. But I'm not sayign it can not happen.
wa8yxm 01/19/19 03:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gasser Handling - Specific Question

Re Stablizer. Mine is a Blue-Ox True Center Updated version with time out timer. and yes it is properly installed I have verified installation. THE BLUE OX.. and optionally the Safe-T-Steer (it's aon option on the STS) have a feature I very much wanted.. A BUTTON. in my case it's next to me on the 2-way radio bar (Explain down post) and I push it it "Unlocks" the device so I can re-center.. If I'm dealing with say a 30 MPH cross wind or a HIgh Dome roadway I can adjust for it.. Then re-center back to normal later. The radio bar.. A 2x4 or 2x6.. Forget which. Tapered a bit on one edge. Stained and polished and bolted to studs in teh side wall. I then mount 3 different 2 way radios on it. 2 CB's (one on 13 on on 19) and a 2mtr/70CM ham rig (Currently an ICOM ID-5100 but it is not yet mounted Don't have the right bolts). That way i do not need to be careful about hitting studs with the mounting brackets. Kind of a horizontal stud.
wa8yxm 01/19/19 06:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Propane problem

The Aux Adaptor may include an excess flow valve.. Otherwise it's a solid T with check valves and not much can go wrong with those. (if you still have it and are not too far from me I'd love to take one (Failed one) apart.
wa8yxm 01/19/19 06:46am Tech Issues
RE: Battery

Ok batteries come in assorted types. For this Starting: These are batterie which generally are not all that "Big" Capacity wise (IE: 70-80 Amp Hour) but capable of very high (hundred of amp) current. These betteries need to be kept fairly full 80-90% SOC. run 'em down to 50% and its time for a new battery.. As you found out. MARINE/deep cycle... Very much a starting battery but you can go a bit lower on charge say 70-80% again run 'em down.. well you found out. DEEP CYCLE.. The most popular DEEP CYCLE is the GC-2 this is a six volt GOLF CAR (GC) battery you use two of them in series to make a 12 volt battery They don't mind 50 percent. They also hold over 200 amp hours... But they do not like "HIgh" current (Defined as a percentage of the 200 amp hours) so for a Group 27 (about 100 amp hours) 200 amps is HIGH current. for a pair of GC-2 it is not. BUT THe GC2 stands a much better chance of recovery from an OH S!!! level discharge (below 50%) THey also make a GC-12 12 volts. about 150 AH as I recall.
wa8yxm 01/18/19 07:15am Tech Issues
RE: Ok to leave the black water tank 1/2 full while in storage?

I too would not recommend but if you must add a waste digester type product to the tank... Might as well chew up any solids while it's parked.
wa8yxm 01/18/19 07:09am Tech Issues
RE: Another weird day...

I did roofing for 7 years.. NEVER DID THAT THOUGH.. :) Thanks for the laugh.
wa8yxm 01/18/19 07:06am Around the Campfire
RE: Absolutely no power

This does nto apply to starting batteries as much as house. To recharge house batteries from 50% with the proper (30% C/20) converter/charger takes something like six hours Even with starting batteries you get to 90% very fast but that last 10 takes a while. Also monitor system voltage. THat just got easier for me as I have a new toy and all I need do is tickle the touch screen a bit and wher eit now sayd 15:25 (That's the current timer in Greenwhich England or Cordornated Universal Time as it is now called) it will change to xx.y volts.
wa8yxm 01/17/19 08:26am Class A Motorhomes
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