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RE: Why did my water pump stop pumping?

Yup if you have plenty of water and there is a crack in the inlet side of the pump or the hose feeding it.. It can suck air once the water level drops below the level of the pump.. Many forget to empty the inlet strainer in the fall. There may be a shut off valve. The outlet strainer on the tank can clog (inlet strainers almost never clog because they are secondary to the outlet but .. it's not impossible) Pump can fail in assorted ways. And last... Did you VISUALLY verify water in the tank or trust the @Q#$#@ sensor panel?
wa8yxm 09/22/22 03:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Power voltage to brakes??

Measure the current (I's use a clamp on ammeter first to make sure as most in-lines are limited to around 10 amps. Then look at the wire size.. And length. Then google Wire Size Calculator
wa8yxm 09/21/22 02:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: New smartphone direct-to-Starlink satellite service

I can not speak for Samsung, Apple or Star link only how I would do it if I were designing the phone or it's program. IF you lose cellular... (Out of range) I'd have the phone listen for a satellite and if it sees one it would display a message. It might even "handshake" with it and let you know if it gets and ACK or not.
wa8yxm 09/21/22 02:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Running portable generator off vehicle fuel tank.

I have used the external tank for years. My concern is the vehicle fuel system is pressurized, would it push fuel through the Honda? Just does not sound right. The vehicle fuel system is not pressurized... There is a pump (External to the ONAN generators but very close to it)( specific to that line. the line pre-that pump is not pressurized might be slight vacuum in fact. A Separate line to the main engine IS pressurized. But that is for the Motor home's motor.
wa8yxm 09/20/22 03:35pm Tech Issues

Sitting too long is a posibility. Years ago (2003) I purchased a small portable (Generac 1000) A really nice little traditional enclosed genny. Out of the box the waveform was rather nasty. in fact an APC UPS objected to it. After a tank of gas (Powering nothing more than a light) the APC was happy and a scope showed a nice clean waveform (Many portables are very nasty on the scope). sadly the genny grew a pair of legs and walked off.
wa8yxm 09/20/22 05:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Smaller Propane Tanks

Only issues are Re doing the hold downs (should not be an issue at all) More frequent refilling of the tank. Advantage.. Half the weight to lift and carry and pull.
wa8yxm 09/20/22 05:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Running portable generator off vehicle fuel tank.

You'll need a low-pressure electric fuel pump (to replace the one on the Onan you yanked out of the RV), along with an adjustable fuel pressure regulator to reduce the fuel pump's 4-5 PSI output to just a small fraction of a PSI (which is what the pressure coming out of a gravity-fed fuel tank would normally be). With most makes of generator you are correct. With a HONDA. they put on on the generator at the factory. As someone posted up thread the HONDA is designed to suck fuel from an external "Extended run" tank. they even showed a photo of the set up. Honda sells the tank and the "Modified" gas cap needed to use it. The procedure is fill the "on board" tank. and the external. replace the original gas cap with the "extended run" cap and it sucks the extended tank dry. You then swap caps back (Running off the on board) While you run to ye old fuel pump to refill the extended tank.. Can run a long. long, long time that way. TO THE ORIGINAL POSTER Be sure to put a shut off valve line (two in fact) in the line from the RV's primary tank. One manual and one "Quick Disconnect" type to insure the line does not express fuel when the tank is filled.
wa8yxm 09/20/22 05:01am Tech Issues
RE: what size inverter.

As they said 300 watts for Entainerment/computer only 1500 is the absolute minimum for a Microwave I'd go with 2,000
wa8yxm 09/20/22 04:56am Tech Issues
RE: Automatic Transfer Switch problem

30 or 50 amp RV On a 30 the generator often has TWO circuit breakers one 20 amp one 30 amp The 20 is for the AC and nothing else.
wa8yxm 09/20/22 04:55am Tech Issues
RE: Bowled two 300s, a 299, with 2nd lifetime 800 series !

WOW... I forget the best I ever bowled number wise but I recall the occasion. College bowling league.. My team was a contender to get a Trophy (not 1st place but still a trophy). IF we did well (the last day) we got the Trophy if we lost, we lost. My team mates were having an off night (Stress).. I do well under stress and thus bowled my best ever. We got the trophy because I made up for their lack. Alas.. Have not gone bowling since.
wa8yxm 09/20/22 04:52am Around the Campfire
RE: Mass Graves ?

Was just thinking that for many students "Math is the Death of their Grades".
wa8yxm 09/19/22 03:57pm Around the Campfire
RE: Toulet foot valve help needed

The metal part engages a paul at the bottom of the spring assembly. I'd guess it's not properly aligned. also the spring assemble needs to mate with the shaft. Fairly easy to do but you may need to be able to see it. Final issue. .The plastic shaft they put in oem likes to break. The brass one they replace it with much better. (The shaft that goes into the ball)
wa8yxm 09/18/22 02:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Cheap Win 10 laptop

64GB ROM Data Storage Not much memory these days
wa8yxm 09/18/22 07:52am Technology Corner
RE: How many folks just want to gripe about EVs?

As I said in my previous post, we SHOULD BE pushing PLUG-IN HYBRID vehicles now. It's a sensible compromise that has the best of both worlds. EV use for short, local trips. Gas engine hybrid use for long trips which will make use of a refueling infrastructure which is already in place. I'd like to see an EV with a designed "Optional generator" compartment. A compartment where you could drop oh say a Yahama EF-3600i or the equivlent Honda or _____(fill in make and model)____. That way if you want the ride for just "About town" you don't need to carry fuel and a heavy engine/genny.. (Saves energy) but you have the Genny in a "Storage" box should you need it during a power fail and you can easily transfer it to the car's Generator compartment for a long trip. As for the "Existing refuel infrastructure" one of the complaints early on in the EV field was "Not enough charging stations" I see the day when it becomes "Not enough gas pumps".
wa8yxm 09/18/22 07:49am Around the Campfire
RE: Changing oil.

It can be a bit of fun finding places willing to change oil on a class A. Many shops the door is not high enough. I've been to Camping world (Do not suggest going there, won't ever again) They screwed it up 2 ways. I've been to a Chevy dealer who had a bay big enough (Best deal I got on an Oil Change) They charged the same as a Silverado Pickup (Well same engine. Same oil. Why not) Only difference is they did not put it on a hoist. just slid under on a crawler.. There is more to the story but that goes in the HUMOR section (They did the oil change correctly) And an independent RV dealer which was also the School District Bus Garage.. My #1 Suggestion is find out where the local school system gets the oil changed on the busses.
wa8yxm 09/17/22 02:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: OBD Port F53

They may have a plastic cover over them or even a faux leather "Jacket" around the column.. Might also be on the other side or under the dash NEAR the column. You really need to know what to look for (look at the business end of the scanner or if you have it an extension cable) Then it's easier to find. The body builder (RV builder) might have moved it.. but not far.
wa8yxm 09/17/22 02:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New smartphone direct-to-Starlink satellite service

If you’re hoping for a Starlink-style high-speed data connection, think again. Coverage Above and Beyond will allow for between two and four megabits per cell zone, which is about 15 square miles for current Starlink service. That bandwidth would be divided between all users in that area, so the service will launch with support for SMS, MMS, and select messaging apps. The companies are not ruling out offering general data access in the future, but even having text-based communication in an area where there was zero coverage before could be a boon. I think that's from the article. Boon.....Imagine you are out in the midlle of "No I can not hear you now landia" with a hot sun. no water, a dead vehicle. and on a road which gets about one car a week.. It's miles of miles to the nearest help. Oh yes. You dead.... Oh wait.. SMS "I'm on Road about an hour west of Town and HELP!!! car broke down. An hour later.. Help arrives. Water bottle in hand.
wa8yxm 09/17/22 02:35pm Technology Corner
RE: How many folks just want to gripe about EVs?

Well my only gripe about EV's.. Can't afford one.
wa8yxm 09/16/22 02:38pm Around the Campfire
RE: Closer to a head on then you ever want to be...

I see people are confused by the story Road was two lanes at that point. One north, one south bound Speaker (Author) Was N/B going up hill about 63MPH Class A was S/B going down hill at about 70MPH IDIOT was tailgating Class A and pulled out to pass going into the N/B lane IDIOT is guilty of unsafe lane change Speaker hit the shoulder and thus a crash was avoided. To the original poster.. Do I have it right? (Seemed clear to me). I say again. Some folks (Idiot in the story) are in a hurry to get where they are going..... Their funeral..... May they arrive alone.
wa8yxm 09/16/22 04:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Closer to a head on then you ever want to be...

Well you see the RV in front of Mr. Idiot was not moving fast enough. Staying a SAFE DISTANCE (The distance you travel in 3-5 seconds) was not fast enough for him.. He wanted to break the speed limit and get there perhaps 30 seconds faster. Or perhaps he was in a real big hurry to get to here he is going (you denied him that trip) Where is he going.. Same place we all are.. His Funeral. May he not take anyone else with him.
wa8yxm 09/15/22 03:31pm General RVing Issues
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