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RE: Closing thread fixes error message.

They fixed it yesterday it seems. one such thread (The no campfires) I posted in finally being able to read the original post.. YESTERDAY. then today I see it has "Crossed the maintenance threshold" in the words of the moderator (That's a quote. not a comment).. as for a comment.. Suspect he speaks the truth. But at least I have nothing more for that thread. There is another thread I was also able to read.. at last.. Yesterday.. No comment don't even recall the subject line It is in a forum I will read in a few minutes so I do not know if open or closed. But there are no other closed threads on my new messages list.
wa8yxm 10/19/19 04:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Coachmen entry latch

Trimark uses cheap pot metal for the striker bolt. I had one carved out of steel by someone who knows how. it's about 50 bucks to do it. I did the same for my basement. I had that one make he half a dozen so I have spares.. I've used a few of those spares so far.
wa8yxm 10/19/19 04:46am Tech Issues
RE: Smoky the Cat

When I was growing up "Smokey" was the farm's Dog, a wire haired Terrier. The Queen cat was Tiger (Well we had a few queens but Tiger was THE queen) a gray tabby. Smokey used to chase Tiger.. Till one day she got tired of the chase. Stopped on a dime giving 9 cents change as only a cat can do, Ducked under Smokey's nose and jaws and ran between his legs.. Grabbing a little something in passing... or a couple of little somethings... After that Smokey did not chase the cat any more.
wa8yxm 10/19/19 04:44am Around the Campfire
RE: Replacement Fridge or New Cooling Unit

I just had my cooling unit replaced. Brand New Amish BUilt from RVCOOLINGUINTS.com. 655 I think for the unit. plus S&H made it 750 and working with the tec she charged m 5 hours at 80/hr (400) for roughly what you paid for your first replacement. Since it was her last job of the day and ran long We took each other to dinner She drove. I paid (not that bad good restaurant cost me 20 bucks) So far this year I've spent two full business days with my RV-GIRL Thankfully the first one did not cost me anything (Not doing RV work but we share a sideline.. Public service, and were assigned to the same location)
wa8yxm 10/18/19 04:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Modern Food?

We usually like our own home cooked food just fine so it's not that we are losing our taste. Some of my theories are: Many of the young have not grown up with quality food so they set the bar low. Likely some truth to your theory.. I still find some decent family type places. but they are getting harder to find as Low-quality and/or high priced chains take over. One trick is to look at the parking lot. Generally if it's empty at meal time. It should remain so. If it's packed.. May be better food. I have had occasion to park in the grocery store lot across the street it was that packed... Was good too. But mostly.. Well long long time ago.. I learned my way around a kitchen.
wa8yxm 10/18/19 04:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Boycott “No Campfires”

We RVers need to Boycott places that don’t allow a special part of the camping experience...”campfires”. It’s bad enough that so many places don’t allow wood fires but not allowing propane campfires is beyond ridiculous. Though I do not do campfires much anymore (Did enjoy them when wife was alive) Some places due to drought conditions or other conditions dis-allow wood campfires.. Not the campground but the Govermaurent. And in some cases the ban is not specific enough so even propane fires may be prohibited. I some even a charcoal grill may be prohibited. Many many many many Times I have seen what would have been a very good law.. Very poorly written so that it went far beyond the author's intent. Usually they fix it when that happens. but not always and the fix may take time. Example.. a Ban on electronic communications when driving can be so broad it bans the Police officer's 2-way radio. Have seen it.. Thankfully amended to allow 2-way radio of the Type the police officer (And I though not a cop) use.
wa8yxm 10/18/19 04:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Visa scam

I have gotten calls from 2 banks and one township government that are credit card scammers. When the spoofed number is either a government agency or a bank or other "Major money place" I will notify the proper security. I'd love to see these scammers..... Slammered.
wa8yxm 10/17/19 04:19pm Around the Campfire
RE: Tank sensor wiring?

I have a new TT I bought this year. On my last trip all my tank sensors are reading full. Even the fresh water tank now reads full and never used it. When I went on previous trip before that the tanks all read empty before I put it up. Is there a wire I can check behind panel that would cause this? Hate to drag it to the dealer if it’s something I could quickly fix myself. Thanks. Sounds like you lost the ground wire on the control panel. Or rather A ground wire
wa8yxm 10/16/19 04:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Need a forum that specializes in RV frige repair (Dometic)

The Dometic Absorption Fridge (And the norcold) for the most part there are only 4 or 5 repairs I will list them Dirty fins (Had that but not totaled) blow air DOWN from the top to clean if you can't get to 'em any other way.. NOTE External fans cause this (Per my Technician) 2: Burner maintenance... Described in many manuals including the one Dometic prints. 3: Electric heat element replacement. 4: Electronic issue (Control board, includes blown fuse and bad wiring) 5: OUCH: Cooling unit failure (JUST put in a new cooling unit) Have that done by a pro. Two reasons. one is warranty on the cooling unit (If you put it in yourself 100% they will say "Bad install") 2: Well I've assisted said pro and I still don't want to do it.
wa8yxm 10/15/19 04:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Electrical Question

"Chirping" generally means it has a system issue.. Possible issues are: Low battery Checksum error or other system error More than 5 years old time out.
wa8yxm 10/15/19 04:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Water pump issue

If the pump sputters there is an air leak. a small enough hole may not drip water but will leak air.. Inspect the water line between pump and tank. ALso remove line from tank if you can there may be an outlet strainer and it may be clogged.
wa8yxm 10/15/19 04:30pm Tech Issues
RE: flooring

Hello Everyone. Just wanted to get your opinions on flooring options for my pass through compartment on my toy hauler. I just finished repairing the water damaged floor in the compartment. It's almost completely flat plywood covered with killz primer. it's about 4 X 8 in size and I will have to cut around wires and pipes etc. I slide stuff in and out of that compartment often. I was considering some vinyl tiles? Opinions?? Close to my first choice.. Ollie's (Great stuff cheap) has vinly planks Like tile but longer and narrower. Peal and stick.. I using that on my brand new slide out floor... Looks real nice. and not all that expensive.
wa8yxm 10/15/19 06:31am Tech Issues
RE: House Batteries are fully charged but acts like they are not

Atany auto parts store and most Auto Depts you can get a thing that looks like an old fashion ice pick with a wire haging out the transparant or tarnslucent handle An Automotive test light Way better than a volt meter for this. Two reasons.. It puts a load (About 1/2 amp) on the circuit v/s the tiny load (abou 1mA) of the meter. and instant indication no need to "Read the meter" Clip to negative battry tip to positive LIGHT good. No light likely bulb needs reseating. Move clip to unpainted frame part. LIght good. no light bad negative connection Move out along the positive line with the tip. Touch each end of the battery cable and whatever it connects to each terminal Do this unplugged Problem exists between bright and dark.
wa8yxm 10/14/19 08:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Jeep towed discharged when towing. This is new.

How old is the battery in the jeep? As batteries age they loose capacity and the Brake Buddy eats battery power. so if you don't have the capacity after a long tow. you dead. One of the reasons (not the most important) why I do not care for the BB system or other systems like it that you install every time you tow.. that's the real reason (you have to install them EVERY time you tow)
wa8yxm 10/14/19 07:55am Dinghy Towing
RE: Those with portable surge protector

Mine is installed. (Same with my autoformer) and yes I'd use it at home Ad the neutral open at home once. cost me a computer power supply, several light bulbs. and later I had the power company mis-wire cost me the above plus all my surge strips (Sounded a bit like a fireworks display in the basement) and the blower motor on my furnace. I'd use a surge protector on the RV at home.
wa8yxm 10/14/19 07:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Signal strength for phone meter

UI use this one on my Android. I think there is an IOS version Does WI-Fi Cell, and also has some other neat features https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.android.telnet&hl=en_US
wa8yxm 10/14/19 07:48am Tech Issues
RE: Quiet generators

There are lots of Inverter generators and for the most part they are all very quite.. KIPOR is the only one I've heard that.. Well it is as "Quiet" but the sound quality is more annoying. (No louder just more annoying). HONDA has one feature the others lack.. a genuine fuel pump that can SUCK gas out of an extended run tank . Might make a difference.
wa8yxm 10/14/19 07:46am Tech Issues
RE: Cellphone boosters

Amplifying on what the other person said.. If you can go up on the roof. No signal = No Signal and some places that's all you get. Very weak signal the booster may work.. Also remember that HEIGHT IS MIGHT Which is why Is said to go up on the roof to check (You need not get off the ladder) a 20 foot pole (or taller flagpole) is a great place for the "outside" antenna on a booster.
wa8yxm 10/14/19 07:42am Technology Corner
RE: House Batteries are fully charged but acts like they are not

House battery disconnect.. The batteries (And a couple things that must have power) are on one side of the switch.. The stuff you say stops working on the other. Alternative is a master fuse or circuit breaker on the house batteries. Final possibility is a very bad connection.. (High resistance)
wa8yxm 10/13/19 03:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A electrical system setup - no dealer guidance

In your owner's bag should be one for the inverter. It is the inverter (Which is also likely your battery charger) that shut down due to low voltage. They do that. First you should locate the Inverter and any circuit breakers on it. or alternatively the sub panel it feeds if such exists. You WILL need to know about these. If you do not have the manual for it then note the make and model and google Make model manual And download one.. In fact even if you DO have the manual download a copy. Same for most other appliances and stuff you may need to know about includign jacks. Battery control system. and Slideouts.
wa8yxm 10/13/19 03:31pm Tech Issues
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