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RE: Generator exhaust extension

I use a Gen-Turi model (CAMCO brand) and it seems to work well...Carries the exhaust vertically and away from my slideout that sits next to my generator exhaust. Compact and easy to install and remove. Same here.. It takes the gasses up above the roof and from there being hot they continue to rise. The large tube gets warm. but not hot (I can hold it comfortable after hours of operation) but don't touch the metal elbow.
wa8yxm 01/25/22 05:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: I have no 12V power to my toad signal and brake lights.

Test Lamp at NAPA I recommend this tool for many things. If you have a 12 volt side of life issue this tester, which has a small incandascant lamp (like a dash indicator lamp) in the clear handle. is a godsend. It puts a small load so it will find a bad connection when a volt meter will not, and it has basically 3 states Bright, Dim, Dark (Bright is good dim = bad connection dark = no power) Start by testing a known good spot (battery) Then ground the clip and with the lights on touch the two windows on every blade fuse Dark-Dark Not the fuse you are looking for (Star Wars pun) BRIGHT-BRIGHT good fuse Bright-Dark or Dark-Bright BINGO
wa8yxm 01/24/22 02:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: LiFePo4 lithium battery charging questions

What about charging them from Tow Vehicle. Most Vehicles use lead acid batteries these have lower charging voltages than LI types so unless you use a DC/DC converter they won't hit 100% on the tow vehicle alone.. however i'd not worry about that What about solar.. They will (Or rather can) hit 100% with a proper solar charge controller.. by all means go 4 it.... NOTE: I'd not worry about the slightly lower charge from the tow vehicle. the nature of li batteries is it will likely be enough to get you through the overnight.
wa8yxm 01/24/22 02:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Icemaker quit --- any ideas ?

Could just be froze up, literally. But yeah “rip it out”, lol. PS that was a joke. Maybe a solution for some, but a working ice maker IN your freezer sounds preferable to another encumbrance on the counter. I have had the water supply line (The fill line) freeze yes. In my RV however said line split.. Well I had no clue as to how hard it would be to replace so I "Ripped" the ice maker out (Well removed it carefully in case I ever wanted to replace it) I got a lot more space in the freezer (nice) and thanks to a countertop ice maker a lot more ice as well Plus the ice maker is a major source of moisture in the freezer compartment so defrosting was reduced. A win-win-win when I pulled it.
wa8yxm 01/23/22 03:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Icemaker quit --- any ideas ?

Check the solenoid. check the tube from there to inside. Rip the thing out and get a countertop ice maker machine (what I did) take advantage of the added freezer space and longer time between Defrost on the Fridge.
wa8yxm 01/23/22 08:10am Tech Issues
RE: Do I need the ground lug to connect my new converter charger

Well.. You should likely ground it. But my personal opinion... Don't matter it's grounded already via othere leads and multiple grounds is NOT a good idea where I sit.
wa8yxm 01/23/22 08:09am Tech Issues
RE: New to Chromebook: very basic question

My Chromebooks if you turn on bluetooth can "pair" with my phone. and then so long as the PHONE (Mine is an android. this might matter) is not locked I simply tap the profile picture. Yes you can open multiple Chrome windows. Chromebook to my right has 3 open as i talk. far right has 2. This windows box.. Just one.
wa8yxm 01/23/22 08:07am Technology Corner
RE: CD player hookup

Hey Mike - Instead of using the USB ports for power, can you get a 12v cig lighter adapter for the CD player so you won't need the batteries? That will still have the ground loop issue.
wa8yxm 01/22/22 05:40am Tech Issues
RE: Toilet Fills with Water Pump On

Could this be the flushing mechanism in the back of the toilet or something else? There are two suspects and yes that is #1 #2 is the linkages that operate the valve sticking and that's easy to eliminate by manually checking the valve to insure it's in the "Closed" position. NOTE. very easy to replace the valve.
wa8yxm 01/22/22 05:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Furrion Instant Hot Water in Cold Weather

The problem that I see with the tankless is not 39 but 32 39 is a safety buffer.. They hold a small amount of water... and can be damaged if it freezes. now an Atwood or Suburban tank type. if it's 10 below zero the burner keeps the water HOT, and liquid (so long as it is turned on) and contrary to the myth hot water does not freeze at all (it has to get cold first) (The myth is it freezes faster.. NO IT DOES NOT) so so long as the water heater is operating it can not freeze. but the Tankless.. Can so you need to keep them above freezing. There are ways to do this .
wa8yxm 01/22/22 05:37am General RVing Issues
RE: What Would Happen If?

he only negative I can see is USPS would have a measurable increase in volume, but would these companies reconsider these solicitations to decrease their overhead? I suspect that the business reply may be one of the higher profit items on the post office menu. Where I live it's a major apartment complex. over 400 units. We do not own the building so what need have we of Roofing, Gutters and downspouts, Windows and doors, Siding and the like. that's all the responsibility of the company that owns the place.. But that's over half my mail. No Pizza... (Well those go in the trash as well) but at least I do eat Pizza from time to time.
wa8yxm 01/22/22 05:33am Around the Campfire
RE: pocket knife

I do carry a small knife for opening packages and such now days. I have a larger (hunting type) in the house for same thing... I don't carry much of anything in my trouser's pockets any more save in the summertime (Carry in coat pockets) and do not carry a knife but I usually have one close at hand. NOTE: some pocket knives are large enough to fall afoul of weapons laws. Yup Folks holler 2nd amendment when they try to regulate guns.. But a 4" knife is illegal.. (At least in Detroit).. Observation only folks will not discuss (3" is the limit in Detroit in case you wonder)
wa8yxm 01/21/22 04:09pm Around the Campfire
RE: CD player hookup

The loud humm is caused by a ground loop Now there are ways to break a ground loop but none are perfect... (You need to use isolation transformers and most of those restrict audio range. Try the ones from Heil Sound for full range) Alternative is to use a small True-sine inverter and a wall wart.. The inverter converts vehicle power to 120 volts and the wall wart back to 4.5-5 volts for the CD player. It also breaks the ground loop.
wa8yxm 01/21/22 04:03am Tech Issues
RE: INCREASING lpg capacity ?

Are older tanks worth the effort or the expense? Does anyone actually check dates of manufacture ? Best to just buy new ? Best deals ? Two answers: For "luggable" tanks. Yes they do check the dates. however many places can re-certify and you are good for another x years (10 I think but don't quote me) On "Fixed" tanks (IE: class A) some will and yammer "out of date" but they are not supposed to do that.. Increasing capacity. Luggable tanks easiest is to get a 3rd tank. or even easier. With a two tank system you have an auto-change over regulator.. The arrow on the manual valve points to the "in use" tank. and the indicator shows Red or Green. When it goes to RED flip the valve .then close the tank valve on the now empty tank and get it refilled.. when the other tank shows red. Flip back and .. .this goes on and on and on. I had a single tank luggable trailer and a spare tank. Same process only when it went RED I changed tanks.. NOTE method 1 is how we did it at my parent's house for a lot of years with 100 pound luggables. On a Class A. if you need to extend your stay.. Well Extend-a-Stay used to be made by marshall Brass (I think they discontinued but do not know if they brought it back) Stay-a-while, is a competing (identical near as I can tell but.. not all that "near") device. It goes between the Valve on the tank and the regulator. It has One POL male fitting One POL female (These are still used on Fixed tanks) One "Quick Disconnect" fitting capped This is like a throw-a-way Propane bottle (the 1 pounders or there abouts) And an "inlet" (This is a smaller plugged fitting) Comes with a 5' "inlet" hose (Well some of 'em do) and optionally a 10' Quick Disconnect Extension hose. Hook your Gas Grill to the RV's tank Hook your luggable grill tank to the RV Works both ways.
wa8yxm 01/20/22 03:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Redarc 40 amp DC to DC Charger issue

Ok DC/DC chargers are voltage converters. they work one of two ways (Buck only or Buck/Boost) if boosting the amps in go up as the volts out go up. And they also draw "overhead" power. How to limit the current so the breaker does not pop I do not know other than a longer wire.. I'd not recommend a smaller wire, between the unit and the battery Make sure the wire can haul the full 40 (in fact 50 to be safe) amps but lengthen it so the resistance limits the current DO NOT COIL IT
wa8yxm 01/20/22 03:02pm Tech Issues
RE: 12v to 120v inverter

Does it sound right that there would only be 1 outlet with 120? Yes it does.. Common ways to install an inverter Small ones (500 watt range (300-600) generally run the main TV/Entertainment systems (Radio, Sat DVD/Blue ray) Slightly larger add the GFCI chain (Kitchen, bath, patio) 2000 adds the Microwave. 3000 add more Bedroom outlets may be added at most any level (Save the smallest) depending on how the bedroom is wired. or not In my case not as the bedroom and Fridge were on the same circuit breaker (I later modified it so I could lock the fridge on GAS and power the bedside outlets, or not, as I choose)
wa8yxm 01/20/22 02:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Any Benefits to 30amp to 50amp

Depends on many things. If the 30 amp outlet is in top condition. And the box is a 20/30/50.. Likely no other than if you draw 32 amps you won't have to go outside in the rain to reset it (just reset the main indoors) If the 30 amp outlet is not all that good. Then likely yes. and often the 30 amp is not all that good. And in one case the TT-30 plug on the trailer was... Short bladed.. did not make contact with the outlet.. Grabbed my 30-50 and the poor RVer had power at last.. he later got his own adapter and returned mine. A good idea is to be adaptable to anything.
wa8yxm 01/19/22 04:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air Compressor

I have a 150 PSI Crafstman Pancake. Still takes a bit of time if the tire is very low but if I'm only adding say 5 PSI, does well.. Those bit tires take a LOT of air.
wa8yxm 01/18/22 04:55am Tech Issues
RE: Solid state lithium batteries for vehicles and storage?

Interesting.. And I do agree with the question about cold weather recharge (Can it be done) By the way up to a point cold weather recharge of existing batteries is possible a well.. but it's more costly than warm weather recharging. Why.. First you use the charger power to warm the battery via a good old electric heater.. Then you charge it.
wa8yxm 01/17/22 03:30pm Tech Issues
RE: 3d printers for making stuff for the RV

Not there yet but on wishlist Thingiverse Good place to shop for projects https://www.thingiverse.com/
wa8yxm 01/16/22 03:20pm Tech Issues
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