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GM and others shutting down production.

Just heard the GM part on tv news, looked HERE and found out it's hitting the others as well. Trucks seem to be getting the hardest knocks. Our little Chevy dealer here only has 4 new vehicles on the lot, Ford dealer 20 miles away has maybe 20% of his normal inventory.
wanderingaimlessly 09/02/21 05:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Sad state of national parks and forests - II

When Donald Trump was President, he donated his annual salary to the Nat'l Park Service. Not a lot of money to the NPS total budget, but nice gesture showing he was aware of their problems. Indeed a nice gesture. And he added some more of his own from his personal wealth to round it off to $100,00 since it's just $78,000. I'm not one to tell anyone what to do with their own money, but I would have preferred his administration did not cut $2 billion out of the national parks budget while giving big business $1 trillon in tax cuts that promised economic boom that did not happen. And a bit of irony, it's when the NPS is asking for funds just to address these maintenance backlogs. 3 card monte......wish people would learn. $750.00, that's seven hundred and fifty dollars, in federal taxes for a YEAR. Yes and presidential salary is $400,000 not $78,000. Plus $50,000 for expenses. And while it may not be nearly enough, look at what the other party has actually given from their own pockets, from Obama, to SlowJoe to Harris, NONE give as much as Trump did. You may not like him, but from a personal standpoint, he has done/donated more than any others for the last 30 years. Wow...... "The Bidens paid about $3.7 million and $1.5 in taxes for 2017 and 2018, respectively — about a third of their adjusted gross income. They gave roughly $1 million and $275,000 to charity in 2017 and 2018, respectively." Compared w $750.00?????? SMH Compared to the $400,000 salary donation alone, your retyping a prior typo, at least get your lies straight.
wanderingaimlessly 09/02/21 04:02pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Sad state of national parks and forests - II

And while it may not be nearly enough, look at what the other party has actually given from their own pockets, from Obama, to SlowJoe to Harris, NONE give as much as Trump did. You may not like him, but from a personal standpoint, he has done/donated more than any others for the last 30 years. You’ve got things entirely backwards. The truth Partisan drivel, and had nothing to do with the donations to the park service, only a hate filled screed which apparently fits your agenda.
wanderingaimlessly 09/02/21 04:00pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Have you camped near Nevada's high wildernesses?

For determining if weather (temps) tend to be livable, we use this Ventusky The date bar near the bottom left lets you look at the temps for any area, any day, with hourly changes as you wish. At least you can check an exact area and see temps at a couple of meters above ground level to see if the area is good based on elevation.
wanderingaimlessly 09/02/21 08:43am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: New to RVs.....A Few Newbie Questions

The newest trucks when set up for it can pull over 15,000 lbs. The Ram's with the 8 speed gained about 3000 in towing cap. The new 6.6 GM's are up to about 16,400 when properly set up, and the Godzilla powered Fords are claiming 17,000 I believe. If you are in a hurry, and expect to be in mountains a lot, the oil burners will pull better, and the exhaust brakes are a plus. The oil burner will cost more up front, cost more to maintain, and uses a more expensive fuel (although slightly better mpg offsets this). The Gas trucks will be a little slower up hills with a trailer, how much will depend on the trailer. Personally I would like that the truck uses the same fuel as my generator, so I always have a little reserve. And there are times Diesel isn't available, without some searching. As someone else said over 15,000 I would look/lean diesel, but at 12-14, I would likely go gasser. And again , I'm not generally in a hurry.
wanderingaimlessly 08/30/21 06:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How fast do the gray and black tanks fill

I'm guessing that you will have electric, and if so, there is an excellent chance water is available, just no sewer or drain connection. If this is the case, plan on doing as much as possible outside. A 5 gallon water jug on the picnic table for drinking and tooth brushing. Wash dishes there too. Learn to conserve water on the shower, and you will be fine. how to take a navy shower toilet consumption is about a quart per usage overall, so you have about 120 flushes with that tank.
wanderingaimlessly 08/30/21 06:22pm Beginning RVing
RE: Jeep Grand Cherokee W/Towing Package IV

That trailer is starting out at 5400, now add 100 for the WDH 50 for a single battery 70 for 2 20 lb propane tanks Your over 5600 before putting anything in the unit. If you really want a trailer around that size, maybe one like this would work Coachmen Nano loaded weight of 6000, empty under 4000, and still has decent living space. I too have a Jeep GC, this is the one I was considering.
wanderingaimlessly 08/30/21 12:35pm Towing
RE: New to RVs.....A Few Newbie Questions

x-2 on RV outlet USA good people and service, They carry the Keystone lines, but have almost no inventory right now, but may be worth ordering through since you have time. RV outlet USA K-Z you have a dealer near West Point Va. Scenic view rv General RV carries quite a few Grand Design, but I would recommend just perusing the units, I would look elsewhere to buy. Also if you are looking Ram, while out in Danville area check out Kernersville Ram/Dodge One of the bigger Ram dealers in the area and usually have plenty in stock.
wanderingaimlessly 08/30/21 09:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New to RVs.....A Few Newbie Questions

Congrats on retirement, From an Old Coastie also retired in Va. First suggestion is to look at some lines in person. You can get ideas on floorplans as to what configuration you want, rear living, maximum interior space etc, but once you get an idea on that you need to go look at the lines. Appliances and equipment are pretty standard across all lines, build of the structure and finish varies greatly. Filon or other exterior will be pretty standard in the price range your looking at but whats under it will vary. Just like in a home cabinets and furnishings will tell you some. Particle board covered in a shelf paper type material is the cheapest, and will show wear the quickest. Plywood is better, and hardwood is better still. Staples are the cheapest joinery, nails and screws are better with screwed and glued being better still. Stand alone furniture tends to be better than built in in quality. How do you plan to use the unit? Always in a campground with hookups? or mostly Boondocking? Tank sizes become important when having to self sustain, they lose importance if going from established campground to established campground. Length can be an issue in some older campgrounds, especially the older National Park campgrounds, but can often be overcome by moving outside the park. As to brands, in your price range the upscale Keystones, Avalanche, Alpine, Montana's and Cougars are popular, others would be Grand Design, K-Z, and Jayco. These lines also give longer warranties than most of the others. And if you intend to buy and immediately hit the road, consider that most dealers are so backed up on service that they tend to work with their own sales customers first, finding a service location while on the road is usually best done by independents and some manufacturers are better about working with them than others, again the brands mentioned above seem to have better reviews than some others. Dealers, Look for the NON chains. Most of the big chains bring with them all of the scurrilous practices from the used car business, from doc fees to prep charges to PDI cost. Look at the websites for the dealers and if they don't state up front pricing, get a list of the horsecrap fees up front so you can directly compare pricing. Some independents price their units out the door. Raleigh NC host a couple of RV shows a year, most lines will have dealers there. Va Beach has a smaller show as well. Happy Hunting
wanderingaimlessly 08/30/21 07:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 220 volt capable PSW inverter

I wouldn't buy that thing. It looks like junk. Anyone who even designs a 6,000 watt inverter with a 12 volt input obviously doesn't know what they are doing. You really should have a 48 volt battery banks for any draw that large; otherwise your battery cables are huge and the multiple parallel batteries become a wiring nightmare. A 1 HP submersible pump will draw about 2,400 watts running and around 7,000 watts on start up. How deep is your well? Around here (VA) most wells are a 3/4 HP with a 1 HP if they are really deep. 1.5 HP is reserved for extremely deep wells and agriculture installations. My preference for a good 240v Sinewave inverter would be Magnum. Next choice would be a Conext. And with all of that, I'm priced right out of the whole project. Oh, and a 320 foot well.
wanderingaimlessly 08/28/21 03:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: 220 volt capable PSW inverter

No idea, Pure guess but I seem to remember it being a 1 or 1.5 hp pump, and yes it is mechanical controls, there is nothing solid state or electronic to it. I built the house in 05, this was the system installed then. I had simply thought about installing the small solar system to power the well, kitchen outlets and bedroom outlets. My electric usage is only about 160 kwh a month, if this would eliminate 60-80 or so, and provide back up power during outages I was thinking of doing it rather than buying a new electric start genny.
wanderingaimlessly 08/28/21 01:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: 220 volt capable PSW inverter

I would not use that on my well. I have a frequency drive submersible pump. Not sure what type of water well pump OP has. 3000 Watt continuous is not much for my water well system. Going to take several batteries Just for household use, its on a 20 amp breaker, have run it in the past from a 4500 watt generator with no issues. It kicks on 4 or 5 times a day for only about 3 minutes. This was being considered as an alternative to replacing my old genny and adding about 1000 watts of solar and 600 amp hrs of batteries.
wanderingaimlessly 08/28/21 01:15pm General RVing Issues
220 volt capable PSW inverter

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30275309
wanderingaimlessly 08/28/21 10:16am Technology Corner
220 volt capable PSW inverter

Was just researching a 220-240 volt system as battery backup at home for running a well, and came across this Inverter/amazon which seems a real bargain. no charger, but 3000 watts continuous per leg. Thought some in here could find it interesting for other uses. Taiwan mfg not Chicoms if that makes a difference.
wanderingaimlessly 08/28/21 10:16am General RVing Issues
RE: older a/c smelly issue

x-2 on coil cleaning. This stuff worked well for me Lowes
wanderingaimlessly 08/27/21 06:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Vax Passports

It will be coming in many more places as well.
wanderingaimlessly 08/24/21 07:40am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Tunnels, bridges & hair pin turns

First off, OK Custer SP. and/or where ever. My quest is to find a way to put in parameters to google maps, or such a site/app, easily to help define a decent/safe route without retracing steps. Guess what I'm saying is, is there a way to put such parameters into google maps, or similar, to avoid those hazards? The Co Pilot app will have you set the parameters and then map your route to meet those requirements. They include height, width, and length as well as letting you tell it to avoid certain other things like toll roads, 2 lane roads etc. Try the app, the first two weeks are free, so download right before your trip. And if you like it, its only about $25 to buy. co pilot scroll down to the RV version
wanderingaimlessly 08/22/21 03:26pm Roads and Routes
RE: Owners manual

One thought for the suspect link, take an old cell phone or tablet, reset it to original factory settings, wipe ALL personal info from it, and then, using some public wifi source, open the Russian site. If you get real info great, if not, well they did not get much either.
wanderingaimlessly 08/22/21 08:01am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Looks like electric trucks and RVs may be delayed...

Your Global comparasion neglects the end of life cost. In that category the EV's far outstrip the ICE vehicles due to the complexities of battery deconstruction.
wanderingaimlessly 08/21/21 09:29am Around the Campfire
RE: Almost lost the microwave while driving.

Lost all my plates, bowls and saucers driving 89 from Page to Phoenix AZ. Nothing but potholes. This is why we need to get this infrastructure bill moving. Dont know if it will help, last time all we saw was a chuckling Pres saying that shovelready wasn't quite shovel ready, and this time they are explaining that daycare, abortions and food stamp programs are infrastructure. So dont hold your breath.
wanderingaimlessly 08/19/21 08:39am Travel Trailers
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