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RE: Lowes has a great price on 20V Dewalt 1/2 drill

It's the compact "Atomic" drill which is a great,lightweight drill. The only downside is the two included batteres are only 1.5 Amps and don't have the built in battery meter that is on all the other batteries I have seen. Still, it's a great deal.
wapiticountry 11/27/20 05:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Canadian Entry with Vaccine?

Such a requirement will likely be very slow to be rolled out. First and foremost it will be politically problematic for a government to offer such a service if it isn't available to the general public. Imagine the uproar if certain groups get the freedom to travel because they are in a class of risk that gets the first doses of vaccine while others are down the list. Second, any such vaccine card would likely have to be standardized, registered or certified in some way, otherwise people would just print out fake forms off the internet (see service dog vests and the like). That would be yet another wave of bureaucratic red tape that would need to be created, implemented and rolled out across the borders. Much easier said than done. Should an instant test for antibodies be developed, I could see that as being a more likely candidate as a requirement to cross borders or board airlines. But the most likely candidate of all is in a year COIVID will have been knocked down to a background level in severity (due to advances in treatment), the spread will become much less widespread due to vaccines, acquired immunity and a general change in behaviors (a lot of people just plain get used to not congregating in confined spaces and that doesn't change when COVID fades away). Then COVID will just be another disease you might get and governments and politicians will no longer care if you cross their border while infectious.
wapiticountry 11/16/20 09:19am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: This is why you never buy a house on land you don't own

I think the bigger thing is the dollars involved. $33million for the land...figure with improvements a total value of $50mil for one of the parks. Most businesses will want annual returns on the order of 15-20%, so it needs to generate around $7.5-10mil per year in addition to ongoing operating costs (staff, maintenance, utilities, etc...). Even for a big park, that's a lot of money to generate. Sounds like the biggest issue for the city was how to get out of the landlord business without driving the campgrounds out of business. Didn't sound like there was any intent to stop leasing the land to the campgrounds until they could sort out a sales deal and the campgrounds benefitted from decades where they didn't have to come up with the money to buy the land outright, so no real harm there. ^^^This^^^ Campgrounds are currently leasing that land from the City of MB so they are paying for the land already but they do not own that land.. Keeping in mind that this is a very SMALL portion of these two campgrounds. Affects the southern part of Pirateland and the northern part of Lakewood. In reality buying out city of MB of that land will increase the campgrounds value for land/property and would eventually get the campgrounds out of the land lease which is costing them for that lease. I know there has been concern about the city of MB selling the property to outside developers which would most likely end up with bunches of additional condos which would most likely generate more income for the city of MB but at the demise of lower income from the campgrounds..I would be shocked if the City wasn't required by law to maximize the proceeds in any sale. Usually this is accomplished by requiring sealed bids in any sale of publicly owned property. It is possible that the parks have the right of first refusal in such a sale, but I really can't see any way they could just negotiate a sales price without competitive bidding. A negotiated sale without bidding would be ripe for all sorts of fraud and malfeasance. Selling the land for $30 Million when it is worth $50 million would be ripping off the taxpayers, but might be very attractive to the City staffer whose uncle owned one of the parks or if there was a million dollars of unmarked bills suddenly left on the seat of his car. Obviously we don't have all the information, so it will be very interesting to see how it plays out.
wapiticountry 11/13/20 08:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Opinion on a campground?

We ask questions to try and avoid potential problems. We ask if the park is quiet in the evenings if that is a concern for us. Sometimes it is a concern, sometimes it isn't. We ask if there is anything we should be aware of that might impact our stay. The park knows when local events are happening, we do not. Otherwise, we take what we get and realize it is our fault for not asking those questions should something out of the ordinary occur. And if something spin way out of the norm, it sure gives us something to talk about for the next few weeks so it might be worth enduring for the theatrics.
wapiticountry 11/11/20 04:13pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: questions about rental RV

Use the RV to tow a small trailer. No way are you going to cram that many adults into a single RV for any extended time. A huge toyhauler has more sleeping capacity than any Class A.Many RV parks and campgrounds limit each site to one camping unit. I would suggest finding parks that also have camping cabins and rent a cabin to put half the people in each night. The extra money spent will be much less than the hospital bills after someone snaps and goes on a murderous rampage from having 8 people in a space that starts to get crowded with 4. Eight people can travel in reasonable comfort in a single RV, but no way can they sleep and bathe in one in anything other than in a living nightmare.
wapiticountry 11/11/20 10:41am Beginning RVing
RE: Thoughts on the Cost of RVing

I bought gas here today for $1.70, another place had it for $1.60. I may never see that again if all the green new deal works out. Never mind all my oil and fracking leases. Don’t look good folks. Yes, this is what I fear may happen very soon. Delving into more research on the carbon tax scheme, which I don't fully understand, looks like I maybe should be just as worried about the cost of electric/natural gas for the house, propane and anything else dealing with fossil fuels. An uncertain economic future for sure, at least for us.Your scenarios may be on the wish list of a few politicians and Hollywood-types, but the promotion and passage of any laws, policies and regulations that actually significantly increased the costs of utilities and fuels would quickly be the demise of the politicians that implemented them. Same with things like raising the costs of Medicare, lowering Social Security benefits and changes to other legacy entitlements. Those items are referred to as "the third rail" because touching them will kill you politically. You can probably expect some nibbling around the edges of Carbon based fuels, but wholesale changes aren't going to happen. The next elections in 2022 and 2024 hang over all the politicians heads like the Sword of Damocles. Rocking the boat is not in the best interests of those in power, and the collective those in power ALWAYS do what is in their best interests.
wapiticountry 11/08/20 10:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Grounds maintenance- janitorial volunteers

Wow, how much do the sites normally run? 20hr per week at $15/hr works out to around $1300/month (I realize the corp sites usually have a 2 week limit).And I get absolutely nothing for the hours I volunteer at the animal shelter. Well nothing but the satisfaction of doing something I feel is important. The whole concept of "Volunteering" is based on doing something beneficial without pay. A free site with utilities in a great location is a pretty good added benefit for a volunteer position.
wapiticountry 11/07/20 01:37pm Workamping Forum
RE: Financing for Park Model in Colorado?? Please help!

A park model trailer is a depreciating asset that could disappear tomorrow. Banks tend to be conservative. Do your mom a favor and have her talk to a financial guy to get an independent view of her participation in this deal. You shouldn't go with her to this meeting. If you need a co-signer, it usually means you aren't a good risk and she will be on the hook for it if you fail to pay off the loan. Now if she's worth $5mil, it may be no big deal if she has to cover a $20k loan for you but if she's not worth a lot and the loan is big...having to pay off this loan will really impact her retirement, you are asking a lot of her.You are saying what I wanted to say but I couldn't come up with nearly as polite a way to say it as you have, you silver tongued devil. Maybe you should consider a career in politics. On second thought, what you said is the truth, and that would never fly in the political arena.
wapiticountry 11/07/20 08:59am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Reality of RV length restrictions?

No matter what size camping unit you choose, there will be some places it will be too big to get into. Heck, I have a favorite fishing lake I am not man enough to carry a sleeping bag and a one man tent up the trail to reach it. So we camp at the bottom of the cliff and climb up in the morning leaving the tents, stove and cooler behind. You do the same thing with any RV, if you can't fit in one location you stay in the nearest one you do and go from there.
wapiticountry 11/07/20 08:55am Full-time RVing
RE: Financing for Park Model in Colorado?? Please help!

Any financing that requires a cosigner will be scrutinized much greater than a standard loan. For example, having your mom cosign with you for a Toyota might very well get approved while you would be rapidly rejected for a Motorcycle even though it is less expensive. Same with home loans. A sticks and bricks home is much different than a park model. The stick and brick likely won't depreciate. The stick and brick can't be towed to a different location overnight. The Park Model loan can't be sold to Fanny Mae or Freddy Mac or packaged as part of a mortgage backed security. A Park model is almost assuredly viewed by the lenders as a luxury item, not shelter. If you want to buy a home with your mother as a cosigner (a different discussion you really need to have) a traditional home is going to be your best option as far as obtaining financing is concerned.
wapiticountry 11/06/20 04:37pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Take-out in Yellowstone...

There is a geyser known as "Fishing Cone" in Yellowstone. It is immediately adjacent to Yellowstone Lake. In the very early 1900s it was a popular activity to actually catch a trout in the lake and swing it on the line into the Fishing Cone boiling the trout. The lucky angler added some salt and had a lakeside meal. Boiling fish in geysers and hot pots was outlawed in Yellowstone around 1912. The guy in the article was just born 110 years too late.
wapiticountry 11/05/20 10:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Thoughts on the Cost of RVing

We are retired and travel is our main expense. We don’t eat out, go to movies or to bars, etc. We go to state parks, COE campgrounds because the are usually the best for privacy and not being in a glorified parking lot. We don’t boondock. Been there, done that, don’t wanna do it anymore. Since overseas travel is out for now, we use the camper a lot more. I’m not worried about fuel costs. The US has gotten off cheap for years. There’s a reason Europeans don’t have big trucks or SUVs. The last car we rented was in Italy in 2019 and it got almost 60 MPG, converted from litres and KMs. Like some say, it is what it is. We’re gonna go enjoy it as much as we can.Fuel prices are way down the list as to reasons Europeans don't have large SUVs and Trucks. The fact that almost the entire infrastructure of the continent makes operating a large vehicle impractical to impossible is a much greater reason. The roads in many towns were laid out by Ben Hur and his associates. They are barely wide enough for a horse and chariot, much less a one ton dually. Parking that truck would be impossible anywhere near the city centers of most European cities. Many Europeans have plenty disposable income to enable them to buy the fuel if they actually wanted and had huge vehicles. Bicycles, scooters, micro cars and public transportation are the commuter vehicles of choice in vast parts of Europe. Big vehicles just aren't a part of their DNA.
wapiticountry 11/05/20 08:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Thoughts on the Cost of RVing

Like every election that has come before, the promises, slogans and campaign agendas that dominated the pre-election are mostly forgotten and shoved aside in the days that follow that election. Bold initiatives are replaced by pragmatic foot dragging. Or as told in song by one of the greatest rock bands in history: "There's nothing in the streets Looks any different to me And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye And the parting on the left Is now parting on the right And the beards have all grown longer overnight I'll tip my hat to the new constitution Take a bow for the new revolution Smile and grin at the change all around Pick up my guitar and play Just like yesterday Then I'll get on my knees and pray We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again, no, no Yeah Meet the new boss Same as the old boss" Pete Townsend and The Who Circa 1971 The world currently has a surplus supply of oil, excess production capacity and weak global demand. An election doesn't change those dynamics.
wapiticountry 11/04/20 04:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Upgrade to 5G without increases in data allowances?

I'm no expert but 2G is extinct. You probably must be on 3G or 4G, and if it was 2G you would not be happy with it. Interesting how it's still an option to connect on my router and it still works. I must be connected to some sort of time portal.That is your wifi connection from your personal router to your personal device, not your phone's connection to the cellular carrier's towers and network. Two different animals.
wapiticountry 11/03/20 08:50am Technology Corner
RE: Anyone know anything about Thousand trails? Good or bad

You can probably draw a lot of information based on how the marketing of Thousand Trails has changed over the years. Originally, it was presented as a series of resorts exclusively for members who paid a significant amount of money to join. Now, it is marketed as a cheap way to stay for very active RVers. The parks are now selling sites for permanent stays. With such a large resale inventory, there are fewer sales of the profitable new memberships. This means there is less and less money flowing into the system which leads to less and less upgrading and upkeep. I sure wouldn't be making a long term commitment since I believe their best days are behind them.
wapiticountry 11/02/20 02:40pm Full-time RVing
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

We always reserve our spot a year in advance, so when we left Florida last year at the end of March we were all set for this year. Our first thoughts early on were that things would not be too bad and the country would beat this thing. Then as it got worse it was, well the vaccine will be out and we will be OK. Now, that thinks are worse than ever, with no vaccine out yet, we are thinking that staying home might be the best for us. We have many people around us that have been careful and don't know how they got it. Scary stuff going on in Wisconsin.I am not sure that where you spend the winter will matter when it comes to safety from infections. The upside to Florida is you will likely spend more time outside, in the sun. The best evidence concerning COVID is that it spreads mostly in enclosed spaces when you have extended contact with an infected person (you get a larger viral load in that situation). The fact people spend much more time indoors in close contact with others is the reason the Flu, and likely COVID, surges in the winter. Florida and the Sunbelt will likely fare better than the Northeast and the rust belt over the next few months. But in actual practice what you do will be much more important than where you do it. Avoiding crowds and taking reasonable precautions such as washing hands, wearing a mask in public and running away from someone coughing up a storm will go much further keeping you safe than trying to avoid COVID by geography.
wapiticountry 11/02/20 01:57pm Snowbirds
RE: Snowbird Refunds

One constant will likely be that time is of the essence. The sooner you notify the park (giving them time to attempt to secure another renter) the more likely it will be that they will make accommodations. It is also possible you might lose some priority benefits such as getting a personal favorite site each year. Renters who do travel this year will want the best sites and your site would now be available for them to choose. They may very well have first dibs on that site in subsequent years. I could also see parks having different policies based on where you are coming from. Since Canadians cannot cross the border with their RVs at this time the park may offer special consideration for them over someone from Michigan who just doesn't want to travel. The Canadians in this scenario have no choice, the Michigan resident is making a choice which is a big difference. To me, the Michigan resident choosing not to travel because of COVID is not much different than them choosing not to travel because the long range forecast is for a rainy winter in Florida or because the price of gas has risen 50 cents. Personally, I would have a very liberal policy on deposits for the Canadians and adhere to my standard refund policies for US residents.
wapiticountry 11/01/20 09:06am Snowbirds
RE: Etiquette and Courtesy for Tourists & Visitors

Thought I'd start this because of a conversation with a friend. Their main complaint is when tourists and visitors come up to them and start asking nosy questions about how they dress, etc. They live near a tourist town. They have a farm so they wear overalls or other non-trendy clothing. So two I want to share. 1. Don't go up to people and ask them about their clothing or their religion. 2. Don't park the RV in spaces in small towns. Parking is limited enough for many of those towns. Find out where you can park your rig without taking up 2 or more parking spots. Are there any guidelines you would like to share about how to behave as a tourist or visitor? No 3. If they aren't considerate enough to offer somewhere to park tour buses and RVs, then clearly they aren't interested in receiving any of our tourist dollars. Gas pedal down onto the next user friendly town to drop our dollars. Even if it were a case of a parking field/area offered outside of the downtown with a shuttle service or something into town, but if not RV friendly then we vote with our dollars like most do! NEXT!And somehow you don't see the residents of those towns that haven't spent taxpayer dollars to accommodate your needs chasing after your tail lights to try and get to to stop anyway.
wapiticountry 10/24/20 09:57am RV Lifestyle
RE: Etiquette and Courtesy for Tourists & Visitors

It's not the questions, it's the judgmental way in which they are asked. Things like "you realize this isn't a real Pizza,the only real pizza is Chicago deep dish pizza?", "you know real barbeque is beef brisket, not pork?" "how can you people live without a Starbucks on the block?" "why would anyone live here when you have to drive 75 miles to the nearest Walmart?" "I can't believe you people voted for X don't you realize Y was a better choice?" all have an undertone that the questioner is right and you are somehow wrong.
wapiticountry 10/22/20 09:58am RV Lifestyle
RE: Are other drivers killing your RV experience?

I want to thank you all for the great comments here as it has given me a different perspective. I think also having gone thru a lawsuit where a person tried suing me for an undisclosed amount over some actions I took to get him off my property, It caused a lot of distrust with many things in my everyday life around me. As it was I tried to help a guy, but turned out he was only interested in getting a free ride and setting me up to sue me. Pretty evil person in the end trying to provoke me at times. Imagine that going on your own personal property for 3 mos. My Lawyer was Brilliant. Anyhow finally getting an RV trip after all that going on put me in unsure waters for a time, This discussion helps me realize the need to get back in touch with my old self. I think I will and thank you all.Welcome to Hard Knocks U, apparently you got an advanced degree. Anyone planning on becoming a landlord should be required to watch "Pacific Heights". They would quickly see that the deck is stacked against them should a renter turn out to be a villain. My guess is you tried to get the guy to leave by taking what seemed to be reasonable actions above and beyond sending them registered demand and eviction notices. Even a small thing like stopping the yard service or can be construed by a tenant as harassment and don't even think about turning off any utilities or touching anything that could be considered their personal property, junk strewn about the yard included. Don't know what that has to do with driving, other than making you aware that there are people who are bat-she-ite crazy. But that goes back way further than the automobile. I am sure that if people were around during the times of the dinosaurs some would have ridden them down the wrong side of the road. The real moral of this entire thread is the world seems to be turning upside down. Everyday more and more people are expecting the world to adapt to their needs, rather than they adapt to the ways of the world. All I can say is" good luck with that, just don't hold your breath"
wapiticountry 10/22/20 09:40am General RVing Issues
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