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RE: Wind Noise

Thanks for the suggestions. I've looked into the weep hole covers. We are missing one, but I don't think that is where the sound is coming from. It seems more like it is around the sides of the windshield. I think I might try the painters tape along the edge, but it could also be mirrors. I might see if those can be adjusted at all. It just seems ridiculous that they would expect you to have to yell at each other to talk in the front seats. The model is a 2016, so I don't think it is a rust issue. I seems pretty unlikely Winnebago built and test drove this model and said "wow it's so noisy in here you have to yell to be heard, Okay let's build a bunch oh these." You ever driven a gasser on the F53? I've had three from different manufacturers - noise is part of the game. And I think manufacturers could care less if it's loud or how it rides or any real quality for that matter, as evidenced by the number of complaints and warranty work back ups.
way2roll 07/10/19 10:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wind Noise

Put painters tape around the glass and see if the noise is gone, if so you need to work in that area. On the F53 between the wind, engine noise, road noise and rattles, it's hard to have a conversation at normal levels.
way2roll 07/10/19 09:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 100 amp service

Do the all new Prevost/Newells etc electric coaches require 100 A service? Perhaps Mr Mark can chime in, I think his Prevost has a huge LI battery bank making his coach pretty much all electric. FWIW - outside of winning the lottery - this is an issue I likely will never have to solve for.
way2roll 07/10/19 08:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wind Noise

Are you sure it's from the windshield and not the mirrors or even the side windows? I had a similar issue and installed weep hole covers and it stopped a lot of the wind noise.
way2roll 07/10/19 06:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago Sunstar 31be driving impressions

Not specific to your model but on the F53 there are lots of things that can affect handling that are free or nearly free to straighten out. MH's are never set up properly at the dealership. First thing would be to load it for travel (people, fuel, water, food etc) and weigh it. Then set the tires PSI accordingly. Incorrect PSI is one of the number one reasons for bad handling. After driving it you could determine if you want to do the cheap handling fix. Lots of posts on here about it, and again, that's free and will make a remarkable difference in handling, wander and truck push.
way2roll 07/08/19 05:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Length restricted rv parks

We like state parks and some of those can be limited. As others have said, it was the way the park was built years ago. State and federal parks seem to keep things as natural as possible and as a result it can make things tighter/smaller. That said we have never had an issue finding an alternate CG nearby if one doesn't work - but we travel mostly on the East Coast.
way2roll 07/06/19 06:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water Heater

On electric, we leave it on.
way2roll 07/06/19 06:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anchorage shatters all-time high temperature record !

Water temps in our area are also at an all time high. Climate change is real, whether you agree or not that it's proportionally man made is another matter. But it's getting warmer. Not sure what this means for the future, but it changes things for sure and we see evidence of that daily. But this planet has been heating up and freezing over for millions of years and will continue to do so for millions more. Whether or not we can weather the storm is the big question. It won't be in our lifetime, but it's happening fast and in the not so distant future it's going to become a question of basic survival. Climate drives everything.
way2roll 07/05/19 12:10pm Around the Campfire
RE: Newby Dry Camping Questions

Not sure what type of rig you have but won't your fridge and water heater also run on LP?
way2roll 07/05/19 10:30am Beginning RVing
RE: Decisions

You my want to post this in the class c forum.
way2roll 07/05/19 09:12am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Generator question

I know when I got home the gen was very hot and it hadn't been running for 3 hours! I fact all the compartments were hot! I was surprised at how hot they all got. The generator is on the drivers rear behind the axle. And it pulls in air from the bottom. If overheating ends up being the problem, I'm thinking I may try and make some type of air intake that pulls the sir in from the side. Always fun learning all the little quirks of a new RV! On hot days while travelling, you have heat from the road as well as your own MH and a gen encased inside a bin. If there isn't enough air moving around the genny it can overheat. Sitting at a CG you have neither of these 2 forces adding extra heat so it's never usually an issue. The issue has more to do with how the manufacturer mounted it than the gen design itself. As I mentioned before, I went to lowes, got 2 12x6 HVAC return grills (louvered) and cut out a hole in the genny bin door and installed them. Painted to match and it looked factory. Moving down the road it allows for hot air to escape the bin and is replaced with cooler air moving over it. It must have worked because I never had the issue again - and we traveled a lot in the South during hot summer months. I'd send you pics but we sold that MH a few years ago. Here is similar to what I used. vent
way2roll 07/04/19 06:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Just waiting to use this

I'll not apologize for thinking that the post is funny. It is really really funny. Some of you didn't even get it, makes it even funnier. Some of ya'll just need to lighten up. Had it been italicized or something to call out that the statement was the actual joke folks may have caught on. It's not that I don't get it, the way it was presented you expect a picture or something. I thought it was part of the OP's signature. Anyway, it wasn't anything to get all excited about. I mean if you have to explain that you are going to use a joke it kinda defeats the purpose. And people that get giddy and actually formulate a plan around using a snide, semi-humorous quote they saw on some millennial's FB post, might not want to pursue a career as a comedic writer. Now that was funny!
way2roll 07/04/19 06:12am Around the Campfire
RE: Generator question

I can't imagine what the conditions must be for a serviced and tuned generator to reach the overheat and shut it's self down. I ran my Onan 4k in all kinds of hot outside temperatures and never had that issue. The manufacturer calculated hot climates into the design. There would have to be some other issue, like a bad switch or something. Often it's not the genset design but the layout and where the manufacturer places it in the MH. Ours would shut down on hot days stuck in traffic. But the manufacturer put the genny right behind the engine near the headers in a pretty closed in bin. So it was getting all the heat from the motor. But overheat shutdown is more common than you think, especially with the smaller splash lube models.
way2roll 07/04/19 05:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Recommended Tow Set-Ups (Brands) for the Toad

Your base plates will be dependent on your vehicle. We use Blue ox baseplates but have the Ready Brute Elite tow bars with integrated surge brakes. I really like these bars, everything is mechanical so there is nothing electrical or pneumatic to fail on the braking system. And the brakes are built into the bars so there is no installing/uninstalling the brake system like on a lot of other brands and it's not invasive to the vehicle. Takes about a minute to hook everything up from start to finish. Super easy. They were a little more expensive than some other brands, but when you consider the brakes are built in, but they are comparable to a set of bars and additional brake system, so in the end it's a wash. We tow a CRV. ready brute bars
way2roll 07/03/19 09:33am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Screwing into shower wall?

I wouldn't screw into the shower housing. There is a reason this isn't done at the factory. It's very thin and provided you got into a stud, the flexible nature of the shower and the constant movement while travelling and expansion and contraction due to weather, it's bound to end up with a crack and/or a leak. And unfortunately, you'd probably never know when it starts to leak as it would be behind the wall.
way2roll 07/03/19 06:32am Beginning RVing
RE: Just waiting to use this

way2roll 07/03/19 05:23am Around the Campfire
RE: Tow Dolly Weight

OP, Google will tell you how much weight and % on each axle for your car. Your CRV is 59:41 so with 200 lbs of stuff in it the front axle has 2065 lbs...took less than 2 minutes. Doesn't the angle of lifting the front axle change the ratio?
way2roll 07/02/19 02:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generator question

That’s what I’m thinking too, overheat. But I don’t have a panel that would show codes, just an on/off switch behind the cover. What would show codes? The small screen that shows the gen hours is where the code would be. you should have a remote switch in the RV on your panel with all your other controls. That said, it's a moot point now as the code only shows when the issue is actually happening.
way2roll 07/02/19 09:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generator question

Overheat shutdown is a common problem. It should have thrown a code on the panel when it happened. Used to happen on a model we had years ago. Poor design by the manufacturer put the genset bin right behind the engine headers so it picked up a lot of extra heat. Installed some louvered vents in the bin door and that helped keep airflow over it and it never happened again. We ended up selling that RV and in shopping for any new one, genset placement is a consideration.
way2roll 07/02/19 07:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Recommended Tow Set-Ups (Brands) for the Toad

Curious how you arrived at the 2500 lbs. Is that based on the calculation of your tow capacity? That's a pretty light tow vehicle and really limits your shopping. I can only think of a few cars that are even that light let alone towable. Cars like the Spark, Fiat 500, Accent, Versa, and the Yaris are the only new cars I know of and they all have limitations based on transmission. Good luck.
way2roll 07/02/19 07:28am Class C Motorhomes
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