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RE: DuraCozy Truck Camper

Looks very light. Top of the line popup is probably the Alaskan. Here's some Duracozy pics http://www.duracozy.com/files/QuickSiteImages/header_img2.jpg http://www.duracozy.com/IMG_0414.jpg http://www.duracozy.com/IMG_0601.JPG
wcjeep 08/03/15 11:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Question for the Ram crowd

The muffler delete might have helped with power on the older trucks. Doing this on a 2004.5 and up with factory 4" exhaust from the turbo back seems like a waste of money. I always recommend a steering stabilizer for Dodge trucks. The steering box can flex on the frame. This translates to wondering on the road. Genos Garage http://www.genosgarage.com/images/BD-1032005.gif Have him check under the hood for a lube sticker for the front driveshaft. Some truck front drivelines do not require lubrication. Mine does. This lube job requires a needle fitting for the grease gun. Many dealers including mine do NOT lube this fitting with a normal oil change. They should. http://www.dieseltruckresource.com/forums/attachments/3rd-gen-engine-drivetrain-2003-2007-102/17458d1196918464-cant-find-drive-shaft-grease-fittings-frntdrivelubept.jpg Gauges help (boost,egt,fuel pressure,tranny temp). Always use quality filters. Avoid cheap filters that do not "Meet or Exceed OE specifications". As mentioned be sure the computer updates are completed.
wcjeep 08/03/15 10:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: wife won't go on Long camping trips due to bad ride!

Definitely swap those tires. They are designed for a decent ride when empty. Maybe the occasional dump run. P rated tires are not designed for real work. You might be ok with LT truck tires with a D rating. E rated tires could be overkill on a 1/2 ton. The E rated tires would be rock solid and eliminate the tires as a concern. Are you running a weight distributing setup for the trailer? If not, you need it. If so, is it adjusted correctly. When do the Helwig helper springs engage? If they are barely engaged once it starts to porpoise the load would bounce on/off the helper springs. This would contribute to the poor ride quality. Always drive with empty grey/black tanks.
wcjeep 08/03/15 09:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Diesel Engine Coolant

It's never happened to me, but evidently has happened to folks on a Jeep forum I used to haunt. The common thread seems to be somebody put some of the wrong kind of antifreeze into a system that already had some of the right stuff in it, and the interaction turned to jello. Only way I can think of to clear it out involves lots of water blown forcefully through the system. X2... mix and match can lead to pudding. Never buy the "Universal" coolant. Only add what's required of your specific engine/chassis. I pay extra for the premix 50/50. Easier to make sure I have the exact amount of antifreeze and demineralized water. The engine costs enough to justify it.
wcjeep 08/03/15 09:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Add taillights to camper?

Are you sure the tailgate is recommended with the popup? My TC manufacturer is very specific about tailgate removal. The cables that hold the tailgate are not designed for TC weight when its moving around while driving down the road.
wcjeep 08/02/15 09:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Question to all Vision 19.5 wheel users

This really sounds like the lug nuts were NOT torqued to spec. When the wheel starts to wobble the lug nuts start removing aluminum. This makes it impossible to torque later. The wheel sounds like it's done. Be sure to fully inspect the studs for damage. With Aluminum wheels all lug nuts must be properly tightened. Steel wheels are more forgiving. I have done this type of damage on my offroad Jeep. Entirely my fault.
wcjeep 08/02/15 09:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Just dodged a bullet

182k miles on the original pads. I think you got your monies worth. I'm at 118k miles with well over half pad life left. Exhaust brake.
wcjeep 08/01/15 11:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Stable Load advice

Are your airbags equal?
wcjeep 08/01/15 11:38pm Truck Campers
RE: windows 10

Here's some tips. I have not converted myself. BGR Win10
wcjeep 08/01/15 11:33pm Technology Corner
Towrig led body lights

On my Jeep we call these Rock lights. Wife and I consistently pull into campgrounds in the dark. I had standard lights in place. Previous amp draw was about 30amps. With led its about 8amps. The LEDs are also brighter with better coverage. I used cheap Kawell lights from Amazon. Replacements should hurt too bad. Led rock lights
wcjeep 08/01/15 11:25pm Truck Campers
RE: Water pump-very low pressure-need help

Have you momentarily opened the various dump valves and tank drain to be sure of no air?
wcjeep 08/01/15 01:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Hot in the NW!

I think Washington state just set a record for number of days above 90° and average daily temp. It's warm.
wcjeep 07/31/15 07:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Newb Q: Local vs. Remote Dealer Premiums?

Every state has different Lemon Law rules. Some states do not cover RV's. Other states include only some types of RV's. Washington state Lemon Law only applies to purchases made within the state.
wcjeep 07/31/15 07:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: 19.5 Wheels for 2011 GMC

225s get you nothing in terms of load capcity vs LT tires. 245s jump you up to 4800 per tire. you have two choices for srw rims Visions and Rickson. Visions you can get it two days Ricksons four to 9 month wait time if you are lucky X2 Buzzcut1 is correct. I'm not sure what fits or hits on Chevy. 245's easily fit on my Dodge. Mine are "G" Rated. Depending on manufacturer, 245's come in F, G and H. I prefer G. F rated is barely stronger than E. G rated is in line with the rims. H rated is well beyond the rim strength. I bought my original setup from Les Schwab. Two days as mentioned earlier. At the time Rickson was going to be at least a 4 month wait. My first tires were Toyo 608z. I found them too aggressive for what I do. They did handle the weight with no problems. I just changed to BFG ST230 in 245/70/19.5 G rated. They are street biased. Only one trip so far with the new tires. They rode very smooth. The BFG's only required 4ounces of balance weight. The Toyo's required lots of weight. The Toyos would be better on fire roads. The BFG's are very smooth on the pavement. I bought the BFG's from a local heavy duty tire shop.
wcjeep 07/31/15 06:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Newb Q: Local vs. Remote Dealer Premiums?

Don't forget to include warranty hassle of a remote dealer. Does the RV purchase qualify for Lemon Law in your state? In Washington State, Lemon Law only applies if purchase is made within the state. Anything bought out of state does NOT qualify for Lemon Law. I bought a then new Dodge Diesel from out of state. I saved at least $13k from any local dealer. That was worth my time. Only saving $1k probably not worth my time and future hassle. Can you use the remote price to bring down the local dealer? It doesn't have to be equal in price. Just low enough to make it worth it.
wcjeep 07/31/15 06:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Myth that socket extensions change torque wrench readings

Bigger problem is the torque wrench calibration. Is the torque setting backed off to zero after every use? Has the torque wrench been dropped? In the military, extensions were not a major concern. Calibration was a big deal. Every batch we sent off for calibration would have at least one problem torque wrench. No idea how much calibration would cost. Always return the torque wrench to Zero to relax the spring.
wcjeep 07/30/15 11:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Electrical cord wrapped in a circle cause problems?

A coiled cord can cause problems when in use. However I do not think an RV power cord is long enough to have any effect. I had an air compressor plugged into a 100' cord with most of it coiled and it did not take long for the compressor to shut down. The cord was not hot. I uncoiled the cord and everything worked fine. I have seen the exact same scenario. It's a heat issue. When coiled tightly the inner or 1st winding of an electrical cord can not easily shed the heat created by amperage draw. Consistent high amp draw creates more heat on the 1st winding of the coil. Circuit/device protection can detect an electrical problem and shut down. A friend nearly burnt down his house using an air compressor with faulty circuit protection on a coiled electrical cord.
wcjeep 07/30/15 10:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Kids riding in the TC?

Last I read Washington State was very similar to California. It's OK as long as two way communication is established. I would keep them away from the upper bed forward window if equipped. Maybe cover the forward window with plexiglass. If equipped, the upper bed forward window is probably plate glass. Depending on venting, keep all TC windows closed while moving. It's possible to suck in toilet fumes/smell if a window is opened while on the interstate. FRS radios should be good for communication if legal where you live. I have carried the dogs back there on a very short distance. I also used a remote wireless temp monitor to watch the temp.
wcjeep 07/29/15 11:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Is it feasible to use suspension air bags for leveling?

Expect 1-2 bubbles adjustment with air bags. Have you considered Torklift Stableloads? Sometimes I park backwards for a more level spot. I also carry a 30amp extension for those rare occasions.
wcjeep 07/29/15 05:42pm Truck Campers
RE: Dog urinating and defecating on your site while owners watch

God forbid that squirrel that just pooped on your gravel. Maybe the campground host will come over and pick it up. And how dare that bird let his droppings hit your windshield. And I'm sure you won't let even one drop of your black water hit the ground. We wouldn't want the next camper to have to deal with that. The dog had to go. Sometimes when they have to go they can't make it to the doggie park. She picked it up. What else should she have done? Dogs will go when they go. The owner immediately cleaned up. Be thankful for good neighbors. It could be much worse.
wcjeep 07/28/15 11:47pm RV Pet Stop
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