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RE: Residential Fridges

I use a 120V fridge. It is small and draws 80W, when running. As Pianotuna states, there is a duty cycle. Mine is 1:4. I have solar and many batteries but two 6V and a small charging source would provide a day of two for fridge power (depending on door interval openings). On the road, your truck powering through a 1000W inverter, will handle the load.
westend 06/08/19 11:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar Panel Mounting Advice Needed

I used a similar mantra as Techwriter when attaching 235 W panel but I used aluminum "U" channel because I have a tilting mount, I determined truss interval (I have wood) by measuring back from a vent opening 16" OC. I drilled the aluminum and through the metal roof into the roof truss. I then fastened through a piece of Eternabond tape, (3) #12 metal screws through each "U" channel and into the (3) trusses. The Eternabond tape seals the screw as it is driven and the #12 size insures against any movement. Good luck with your install.
westend 06/08/19 10:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Attaching screws to aluminum floor joists

Put some never-seize on the screws. It will act as a minimal barrier for electrolytic corrosion. Yes, you can attach wood to aluminum. You could even attach aluminum to aluminum if there is a source that is close to you and you can work with aluminum.
westend 06/08/19 10:33pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Ford V-10 plug problems

Will a V10 computer put it in "safe driving" mode if it encounters a continuous misfire in one cylinder? My 5.4 V8 went into "safe driving" when it overheated from an unobserved coolant leak. Max speed of 30MPH tipped me off that I had a problem, lol. Good luck on your transport issue and the plug replacement. Ford really blew it with their plug design of these earlier modular engines.
westend 06/08/19 10:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Battery maintenance

FLA 6V batteries will lose electrolyte during charging. I would suggest to start with a three month interval and observe levels within the cells. Usage and temperature dictates electrolyte loss so there is no standard interval. My 6V's tend to use up more electrolyte as they are charging off a solar panel each day. I check them about every three months for the correct level.
westend 06/08/19 10:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: 6 volt battery question

you will probably want to consider upgrading your battery charger. Common WFCO chargers will not properly charge the 6V batteries I installed thisGreat suggestion. 6V batteries like high charge voltage, they thrive on it. If you use a charger incapable of 14V, your 6V's will start to lose capacity.
westend 06/08/19 10:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Leveling blocks

FWIW, I raid construction dumpsters (I ask permission, first) for LVL scraps. The engineered wood is not prone to rot and won't break if you hit it with a sledge hammer. A couple of longer pieces, cut into blocks and leaving one or two longer with angle cuts serves well. The LVL is typically 8" or greater in width.
westend 06/08/19 10:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Got acid on my roof.

It's not difficult to cover an RV roof with roof paint. Buy a couple of gallons and do the whole roof. The area that is acid drenched can be neutralized with baking soda, prior to painting. In fact, I'd suggest to clean the whole roof with Spic and Span or some other phosphate based cleaner.
westend 06/02/19 05:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Northwood Runaround Rant

Maybe I need to amend my original post. I am not as cheesed about not being given a schematic, because as others noted I can work around it if I'm just careful about planning my mods. What is unacceptable to me is being lied to for 30 minutes, being told that an outlet location chart is a schematic, then being told one does not exist and then being handed off to an a**hole who finally admitted they just wont hand it out and then threatening to dox me if I post about the service department's crappy way of handling the request.Yeah, that is certainly not the way to build customer goodwill. The last guy in line of your conversations should have known that you had been handed off to him by a company guy and the threat was out of line, totally. From a company standpoint: Their wiring diagrams or as-built drawings may be proprietary from a few different viewpoints and that could have been stated, initially. I would think that there is also a measure of liability in handing out drawings for a customer to start modifying, especially mechanical systems. Having said that, Starcraft emailed me every piece of product information they had on my 40 yr old trailer, including brochures of alike models in that year. Provision seems totally mfg dependent, it seems. With the new wiring scanners/tracers and some careful inspection, a guy could make his own electrical diagrams fairly easy. Beat the mfg at his own game and sell them online for a few bucks, lol.
westend 05/24/19 10:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Vultures!

Birds will imitate behaviors from other birds in their flock. It doesn't take long for the flock to learn a new behavior. Ravens and blackbirds seem to be very fast learners but vultures also have a strong sense of "community unity" and are opportunists to a great degree. On the farm, we had to remove a flock of domestic geese as they wouldn't stop trimming the wires off the trucks and cars. They were a pain, within a few weeks all the vehicles needed new rear brake light or license plate wiring.
westend 05/19/19 04:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Water pressure leak

If no water leaks are evident, disconnect the pump and thoroughly flush it. The small pumps are susceptible to the check valving not closing from even small debris. Good luck!
westend 05/19/19 04:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Sanitizing Waterlines

There is a reason to periodically sanitize water plumbing in your RV. If water is allowed to sit in the pipes, pump, or water heater, there is a chance of bacteria propagating. Depending on the water source, there may also be a chance of algae growing. Adding bleach to the water system is easy and painless and a whole lot of bleach isn't necessary. Bleach's sanitation qualities are related to the time after it is mixed with water. Allow at least 12 hrs of the bleached water to sit in the system. Then rinse. You can also add in baking soda or hydrogen peroxide to eliminate bleach taste and odor during the rinse. Good luck with your water system!
westend 05/19/19 04:00am Travel Trailers
RE: fresh water tank bracing bending down

Replace or amend the original, lackluster supports with steel of sufficient size. You may wish to add cross braces to better support the weight. Others have done this with good success. Good luck!
westend 05/18/19 07:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Should I replace my batteries?

6V batteries can last a long time, even when somewhat abused. The history stated, that you have babied them from new, means they will still have some life if voltage and SG checkout OK. 12.35V is not 70% of charge, BTW, especially with 2-6V's. Your terminal full charge will be in the range of 13->14v. Still, they seem to give good service so you may wish to use them and carry along your new batteries or replace them with the new ones and sell/gift the old ones away. Good luck with your batteries!
westend 05/18/19 07:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: The black wire on my plug is burnt up...

In wet conditions dielectric grease helps but it is really a non conductor. If you keep your plug blades shiney clean with emery cloth and use DeOxit you will have a better connection. Deoxit is conductive, and a cleaner. deoxit This "service temporairly unavailable" problem is sure getting old. Can't even make a link. Best advice but the dielectric grease will work, too. Mr OP, your blades on that plug may be made from two different metals. I have seen brass blades corrode faster than their plated steel counterparts. A small amount of moisture or inadvertently dropping a cord end onto the ground is enough to start oxidation. We don't need to get into electrolysis for further causes. Extension cords go bad all the time. Replace with a stout repair plug and see if your luck gets better.
westend 05/07/19 01:07am Tech Issues
RE: Small engine question

You don't want to take one apart. Chances are it won't go back together. You just need practice. When I had a small side business repairing small engines and landscaping equipment, the #1 culprit of poor performance was fuel related. For small 2 cycle engines, my mantra was this: Remove old gas, inspect/clean in-tank spun filter. Replace fuel lines with Tygon brand lines. Disassemble carb, clean, and tune jets to operate. In your case, this may offer a shortcut: Remove adjustable jets and apply carb cleaner. Reinstall. Introduce carb cleaner into empty tank and fill with new fuel mix. Turn engine or push starter bulb to get fuel-cleaner mixture into carb and fuel lines. Let sit overnight. Start and run up to operating range. I'm going to share this for the home owners that try to adjust jets after maintenance or as a solution to poor operation. To assess what your original settings were, pre-repair, turn adjustments in until jet bottoms out while counting turns. Don't be a Hulk on this, the pointed jet ends are fragile and the seats are hard. You don't need a lot of pressure to seat them. Note: Many Mfgs are taking the fun out of this by incorporating plastic stops on the adjustable jets. I have clipped them off to get extra adjustability. Your call. Good luck on your maintenance and repair!
westend 05/07/19 12:52am Tech Issues
RE: Deal Found - GC2 Batteries

I'm using a pair of 6V GC2 batteries (Energizer) bought at Sam's Club.I think they are going into year 7. It's an inexpensive solution. Trojan's can sometimes be purchased through a golf cart distributor for a lot less than a retail battery seller.
westend 05/07/19 12:33am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Airstream table is too big.

I made a replacement table, too. Bought a finished laminated panel at a Big Box store, configured it to size and ran a walnut edge around the pine panel. Made a great and attractive table top. Unfortunately, my single aluminum post support didn't work out. It was not the adjustable and durable airstream variety. The new top supports are steel, folding table legs. A better solution as it allows to remove the table entirely and use it either somewhere else inside or even outside. Since the top isn't fitted to stay in one location, I find that one can move it, minutely, as folks seat themselves in the booth.
westend 05/07/19 12:28am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Critters - Just a Rant

If it was me, I'd dose everything I want to keep intact with castor oil. Rodents hate the stuff and a single application typically lasts two years.
westend 05/07/19 12:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Electrical problem

Check for fitment of the deck mount converter in the right side of the load center. Remove old charging components. Verify which wires are (+12V) and which are (-12V) polarity. Don't trust a color scheme to get them identified. Follow the instructions with the new converter. The two wires that enter the charging section of the box (black, white) that are larger than others lead to the battery. Verify that with a meter. Good luck.
westend 05/07/19 12:06am Travel Trailers
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