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RE: Opinion on Resort Fees ?

It is done so that a lower rate is displayed on Internet searches and hope you don't notice when you make a reservation.
wgriswold 07/11/19 12:33pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: City water filling FW tank

OKAY Again Please ~~ What is the Durn thing Doing ?? Thanks Water is back flowing through the pump and filling the fresh water tank. Eventually the tank is full and overflows.
wgriswold 06/24/19 02:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: City water filling FW tank

My dealer replaced my water pump to fix this problem under warranty. The tech said it was a common problem and due to a redesign of the pump. If it were not under warranty I would have put in a check valve to prevent back flow. Google will give lots of hits regarding this problem and check valves.
wgriswold 06/24/19 01:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Thermostat settings

Thanks for all the replies. I will experiment some more next time I am at the trailer.
wgriswold 06/19/19 12:28pm General RVing Issues
Thermostat settings

My thermostat has three settings for the AC; low, high and auto. I think that low and high refer to fan speed and the compressor works the same in both settings. There is not much difference in fan speed between low and high. But what is auto? The manuals for the thermostat and AC do not say.
wgriswold 06/18/19 07:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water Leak

when I hunt for a leak I use a paper towel rub around the area then check towel for a wet spot.works better than a hand , Thanks. That is what I do, except with Kleenex wrapped around the pipe, fitting, or valve. No joy so far. When I get the trailer back I can investigate further.
wgriswold 05/28/19 04:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water Leak

you might check splashing water around the base of the faucet to the counter top. maybe the water is getting in there. Thanks, I checked the pipes leading to the sink with paper wrapped around them but maybe water is just dripping down skipping the pipes.
wgriswold 05/28/19 04:24pm General RVing Issues
Water Leak

I have a leak that I can't figure out. The area under the sink, where the low point drains are, is getting wet. In March the trailer went to the dealer to fix this and the low point drain valves and associated fittings were replaced. This week I noticed again that the fiberglass was wet. I think that the water may be coming in through the city water fitting which is just above the low point drains. I wrapped all the fittings and valves with Kleenex and they don't seem to be leaking. The city water connection is caulked and does not appear to offer any way for water to get past. The connection has a rotating female connector which connects to the male end of the water hose. Do you think there is any way for water to get past this connection and into the wall and down to the fiberglass surrounding the low point drains? By that I mean, not through the caulk and bedding butyl, but rather through the fitting itself. The leak occurs when there is no hose attached. I did pour some water on the fitting and found moisture after the test. Unfortunately, I didn't feel for moisture before the test. Right now the trailer is 100 miles away so I can't repeat the test.
wgriswold 05/28/19 01:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hammertoe

Last fall my wife had hammertoes so bad on both feet that there were bloody calluses on the tips of her 2nd through 4th toes on both feet. She had a very painful time walking and used a wheelchair in airports on our trip to Europe and could not walk far. She has used a device under her toes that has been very helpful and now she walks without pain when using the device. Here is the reference to the toe supports that have helped her so much. They come in a right and left version and I am embarrassed to admit that it took me several weeks to figure that out. The straight side goes against your foot and the curved side goes out under your toes. I don’t know if it will help you but they are cheap enough to try and see. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00SX9T4QG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I am subscribing to this thread because she is considering surgery but is unsure if she needs it now as long as the device is working so well. We understand that the recovery time is between several weeks to several months depending on the individual and the type of surgery.
wgriswold 04/11/19 03:15pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues

Thank you for your reply. Very helpful. I will check those right away. And to clarify, the only reason to run the AC is to make sure I am getting a good feed from the RV electrical station, right? I just look at the clock on the microwave.
wgriswold 04/08/19 01:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Carefree topper issues?

While extending my slide it stopped and then proceeded after a popping noise. The brackets that held the topper to the slide had bent and the fabric was torn. The brackets are very stout so a lot of force was involved. I cut the fabric at the trailer and removed the brackets and the tube. I cut the tube into four parts and threw it away. Fortunately the trailer was new and under warranty. The system was replaced by my dealer. Carefree said they had no idea what had happened and had never heard of it before.
wgriswold 03/24/19 03:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Norcold hinge

FWIW, the new Norcolds have a much stronger metal part. The reinforcement kit I ordered several years ago had two mirror image reinforcement parts. I installed one on a left handed door. I put the other on my new 2018 trailer, which had a right opening door, last fall. I didn't notice any difference in the hinge design, but I wasn't looking very closely. The fit of the reinforcement seemed to be exactly the same.
wgriswold 02/03/19 06:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Norcold hinge

Norcold offers a strengthening part to reinforce that weak point. I believe it is the first item on the Amazon link. Why a company would sell a fix for a known defect instead of fixing it in the first place is a mystery.
wgriswold 02/02/19 04:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Water heater, anode rod, electrolysis, and teflon tape

No. According to Suburban the anode rod uses a chemical reaction NOT electrical. It could be totally isolated from any metal and will still perform its intended function. Think sacrifical anodes on a boat for an example. The reaction is an oxidation/reduction reaction and involves the transfer of electrons from the anode to the cathode. Simply, oxygen is looking for electrons and finds them at the steel of the heater or the sacrificial anode which is then dissolved. There must be a way for electrons to flow from the sacrificial anode to the metal being protected. On my boats the zincs were always screwed into the metal being protected, thereby allowing contact between the zinc and protected metal. Do you have a reference for the Suburban statement. I can't find it on their site. This is interesting, maybe I am wrong. If so I would like to figure it out. Thanks.
wgriswold 01/15/19 02:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water heater, anode rod, electrolysis, and teflon tape

I have checked the electrical conductivity between the sacrificial anode and the metal of the water heater and Teflon tape does not prevent it. I believe that, in order to protect the metal of the water heater, there must be contact between the anode and the metal of the water heater.
wgriswold 01/15/19 01:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Verizon and Robocall Annoyances

I have set my land line and cell phone to accept only calls from my contact list. I haven't received a spam call in six months. For this to work you must have a good contact list. I had one on my PC that had about 600 contacts developed over 20 years. I transferred it to my cell phone and from there to OOMA which I use for my landline. Then I set both to accept calls only from contacts and send the unwanted calls to voicemail. That way if I get a call I want that is not on my contact list I can add the number. Here are the directions from Verizon to do this: Follow these instructions to limit all incoming calls to people on your Contacts list: Navigate to Settings -> Do Not Disturb. Toggle Manual ON (green slider) to enable Do Not Disturb (DND), or schedule a time for DND to automatically switch on. Tap Allow Calls From. Select All Contacts.
wgriswold 01/14/19 02:08pm Technology Corner
RE: America the Beautiful Senior Pass

No. I don't know about Yellowstone and Grand Teton but at Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley the concessionaire gives a 50% discount for the Senior pass.
wgriswold 01/14/19 01:58pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Suburban Anode Replacement - Anti Seize?

The dissolved material in hard water precipitates when it is heated and the water escapes as steam thereby increasing the concentration of the dissolved material. I can remember my parents keeping a tea kettle on all day to make instant coffee and after some time the precipitated solids rattled around inside. I don't think that is the case with our water heaters since no steam escapes. The solid material is probably from the anode material that is sacrificed to protect the heater.
wgriswold 01/08/19 12:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Scamming the scammers :)

I replaced my ATT line with OOMA, an internet based phone system. It costs about $100 for the equipment and then there is no charge except for about $5 a month for taxes. I have had it for about five years. Nine months ago I set it to only allow calls from my contact list. Non contact list calls go directly to voice mail. I transferred my extensive contact list from my PC to my phone and from there to OOMA. I have not received a spam call since. I was getting five or six a day. Occasionally someone calls that I want to talk to that is not on my contact list and leaves a message. I add them to the list and from then on they get through. I pay an additional $100 a year for the higher level of service from OOMA because then I get an email with the voicemails as an attachment. This allows me to monitor the messages from anywhere in the world. I recently heard voice messages in Ireland. Occasionally spammers leave a voice mail message and it is almost always about 5 seconds long and I delete them without listening. It is a joy to have a spam free phone and well worth the cost of OOMA hardware especially since I am saving about $35 a month by not having ATT. Of course, this will work with any phone service that blocks calls not on a contact list.
wgriswold 12/29/18 03:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sears. Craftsman, Die Hard, Adios

I think the stores such as Sears and others at the Mall are doomed. I was shopping at a Mall in Reno and the experience was so bad that I came away convinced that Amazon had bought the Mall and were operating it in a manner to drive customers to Amazon.
wgriswold 12/27/18 05:02pm Tech Issues
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