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RE: Are RV sewer hose supports necessary?

I’ve never had one or used one in 35 years of camping. I guess that makes it unnecessary at least for me.
wing_zealot 05/23/23 05:38am Beginning RVing
RE: Generator dB rating

I don't know what you mean by "Honda Quiet". Since Honda doesn't make a 3500 W generator, there is nothing to compare it to. So how many dB's do you consider to be "Honda Quiet"? Secondly, are you looking for 3500 W surge or continuous? At least for me, It's hard to be helpful when the parameters seem to be rather vague. I'd also like to mention, that i thought dB measurenments for portable generators was always at 7 meters, at 1/4 load. That's the only dB ratings i ever recall seeing.
wing_zealot 05/16/23 10:51am Tech Issues
RE: Cougar 22mls

There is likely a panel inside the trailer with two screws holding it on that needs to be removed to find the valves. These valves are located on the (front) side of the water heater, not the back side (which is visible from outside the trailer) - that is likely why you don't readily see the vavles.
wing_zealot 05/15/23 09:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Sway Bars

First of all, you said "sway" bar. Are you really talking about a "weight distribution hitch (WDH)" or a "sway" bar - lots of people regularily say "sway" bar but mean WDH. Totally different tools for totally different functions.
wing_zealot 05/15/23 09:19am Towing
RE: Toronto to Nashville

I would guess the Detroit crossing would be the fastest and cheapest considering toll roads. There is a Sams Club for overnighting at exit 37 SBD I-75. That's the first-easiests and safest one to get to I can think of. As far as "must see", that depends on what kind of things you like ie.: museams, nature, opera, plays, ball games, hiking, etc., etc., etc.
wing_zealot 04/25/23 09:42am Roads and Routes
RE: Blue Sky 3024dil cut in voltage

Why 3 posts about the same thing? Wouldn't 1, with continuing dialogue as you see fit suffice?
wing_zealot 04/23/23 08:46am Tech Issues
RE: Replacement axle question.

Just who is the "they" you are referring to? There are 3 people involved here. 1) The axle manufacturer welded the spring perches to the axle. 2) The trailer frame manufacturer welded the spring shackles to the trailer's frame. 3) All the installer of the new axle did was remove a few bolts, swap out the axle, and re-install the bolts. Any teenager with the right wrenches could take the old bolts out and put them back in (even torque them correctly). So who is the incompetent "they" guy you are inferring to?
wing_zealot 04/23/23 07:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Reroute Lot Sewer Pipes

There are a lot of variables here. First, who really owns the mainline sewer? You say the resort, but that may not necessarily be true. Generally, a local municipality owns the sewer (there are exceptions, and this may be one). If the local municipality owns the sewer, there is no way they will let you dig down to the mainline sewer and tap it; nor should they. Also, that mailnine sewer could be 9 or 10-feet deep; or more. It would be rare to see one that is not at least 6-feet deep. Are you prepared to excavate that deep for how many ever feet? Now if you wanted to excavate starting from the end of the existing sewer lead, that may be a more viable alternative. But again, the lead could be several feet deep, possibly at least 5-feet, maybe as much as 10-feet. Permits could be required, maybe several permits. Also licenses for the type of work (plumbing) could be required. Could the approved general contractor do the work - yes; If you have deep enough pockets. Cost - probably in the neighborhood of $500 - $1000 per hour plus materials (once again, depth becomes a major detrmining factor). Here is what a typical mainline sewer and lead looks like Clicky
wing_zealot 04/20/23 11:05am General RVing Issues

Net Zero and don't pay taxes? Never met anyoone that fit that description before.
wing_zealot 04/17/23 07:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th wheel suggestions

The max tow rating for that truck changes per conventional towing vs. 5th wheel towing, engine, rear end ratio, and 4x4 vs. 4x2. For a diesel it could be as low as 14,000 lbs or as high as 26,500. No way of knowing (for real vs. guesses) without more information.
wing_zealot 04/13/23 08:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Engine braking on 2017 F150 5.0L

I'm pretty sure the engineers that designed Tow/Haul mode know what they are doing. Frankly, I think it works great.
wing_zealot 03/28/23 11:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Rv loan rates!

To answer the question, I can write off 100% of the interest on a second home. However, that doesn't put me over the top for exceeding the standard deduction. So financing to write off the interest gains does absolutely nothing for me. That overall is probably a bad strategy. At most, if you paid $1,000 in interest in a year, it would net save you $370 in taxes (37% or less depending on Taxable Income). But keeping my money invested and using other peoples money while only paying them 4.49% in interest is a winner. The money I kept invested is right now worth almost 70% more over the last 8 years, and that is even after it went down over 36% last year. Now to head off the naysayers, the money is invested in a Roth IRA, total market index fund (VTSMX). I've had the fund for about 20 years, nothing fancy, moderate to above average risk. If I was going to pay cash for the RV, this is the fund the money would have come out of. Sure, during the biggest everything bubble in the history of mankind. Even a monkey couldn't go wrong with what the FED was doing by artificially repressing interest rates and juicing asset prices. But those days are gone. Your plan won't work for anybody moving forward. In fact it will financially destroy them. Eveybody's a financial genius when the FED is printing...."But those days are gone. Your plan won't work for anybody moving forward... What you are saying is companies will not make a profit in the future and stock prices will cease to go up (for now and in the future). (My money is invested in the market also) When that happens, RV Loans will be the least of the problems; for you, me, Nick, and everyone else.
wing_zealot 03/27/23 11:06am Truck Campers
RE: Seven States to Ban the Sale of Gas Powered Cars in 2035

way2roll, While i stated a hopefull goal, i did not state some things that worry me. ie many of the things you mention. Which hopefully as part of permitting process, some of the things you mention will be ways to control run off, slides of left over muck etc. i have a (multiple/ superfund site in my backyard per say. dept of ecology etc, know their is no way to clean these places up. its more of a how to contain these sites. The one im thinking of, i drive in and on it weekly at a minimum. other projects like the oil line from canada to gulf states. i have no issues saying im ok with it, but the part some want to run across an aquifer, thru known sacred lands etc. Boo Hoo that the longer route costs more. At the end if the day, as noted my many, oil gets tax write offs for this, so we the people pay for it. Hopefully, their will be better options, better lives ahead. If not, hopefully some if us can say we tried. marty You're not wrong and I appreciate the positive spin. I like technology when it makes a difference. But to me, EV's aren't better, they're just different. I don't see where we've solved a single problem. We've just created new ones and kicked the can down the road. I feel with the technology we have available we can do better. Maybe it will come. We'll see. I don’t think EV sales are taking off like they are because they are solving a problem or because they are some kind of ecological panacea. People are buying EV’s because they like them. The biggest reasons people buy EV’s are still Better performance on every metric. Convenience of fueling at home. Great tech (a big crowd pleaser) Low maintenance. Cheap fuel. Super quiet. For those of us who get winter EV’s are super convenient compared to gassers or diesels. Never worry about starting in the cold and for those of us who park outside a lot it’s toasty warm and defrosted with no window scraping within 5 minutes. Much faster than a gasser or diesel. Probably half our neighbours went EV shopping after they watched us go thru the first winter with ours 7 years ago. It’s nice. And gas pumps in winter are never any fun. One of our older neighbours switched last year before winter. She loves not having to deal with a gas pump in winter anymore. But to each their own. Everybody has different preferences. Your missed these metrics: Highway distance between charges Time to recharge Distance between charges while towing Yah for sure. It’s just a matter of wether somebody thinks those are important for their driving. Many are fine with stopping every 3 or 4 hours and taking a 20 minute break. Almost always the car is finished charging before they are finished doing what they doing. Eating, bathroom etc. But sure, if you are the type that travels 6 hours and then takes a 15 minute fuel al food break the gasser is a better way to go. But there are a lot less of those types on the road. Definitely not a healthy way to travel. Towing is a different animal. Those of us who are retired might be okay with a charge step every 2 or 3 hours. Others not. And of course right now one has to select a small trailer to achieve a reasonable towing experience. I’m sure that will change in time as new tech comes out. Short of towing range with existing EV’s the actual towing experience is superior with an electric. It’s a different world. But to each his own. Bottom line is people love EV’s and sales continue to grow fast all over the world for no other reason than people love them. The number one and two vehicle in Europe are EV’s. Same in California. And many parts of Asia. Times are changing."Cheap Fuel"? #1 Depends on where you live. About 0.1% of the members of this forum live in an area serviced by BC Hydro - where apparently electricity is cheap which is a number some people like to use in their calculation for everyone else also. The other 99.9% of us don't. And a greater number live in Cal., where fuel of any type can be called anything but cheap. #2 Offset by vehicle purchase price #3 Further offset by cost of insurance #4 And further offset by DMV surcharges for Road Tax (growing number of states) Let's keep talking about metrics, this is fun, albeit, one sided.
wing_zealot 03/24/23 10:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: New Travel trailer

... And don't forget about a full tank of go-juice at 7.4 lbs per gallon... Just to set the record straight, the payload weight on the sticker on your truck already includes a full tank of fuel.
wing_zealot 03/02/23 06:32am Travel Trailers
RE: Pets left alone in RV at campground?

Geez people! You accuse ME of equivocating... Just say it "we take issue with everything Toedtoes has to say" and quit beating around the bush. And for the record, I said "I don't disagree", because while I agreed with Lantley's preamble, I don't agree with their conclusion. Aaaaand here’s the aforementioned Karen… Do you not disagree? LolI thought denigrating another member wasn't allowed?
wing_zealot 03/01/23 12:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: yet another door look bites the dust

wing_zealot 01/27/23 09:17am Tech Issues
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