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RE: Sleep apnea

As someone who suffers with a degree of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) which requires CPAP treatment, has read a lot about it, but not as professional advice or opinion: With all due respect to you and this Chiropractor who appears earnest and well-meaning: 1) OSA can only at this time be diagnosed by a formal sleep study 2) during such a study you are asleep for much of the time and therefore unaware of how your breathing, oxygen levels etc are. The sleep study is an objective one, providing measurements which can be used to diagnose and grade the quality of your sleep and the grade of severity of any OSA present and provide a way of comparing your OSA over time by doing more sleep studies if needed. Where as your feelings etc about your sleep and how much better or worse you feel with no or some treatment are subjective - there are no measurements to back up and validate your feelings and observations ( and in any case you are asleep when your OSA happens so what observations can you make)? I wonder if you maybe scrambled two posts? I being the Chiropractor, you maybe referencing to, posted on epidural steroid injection thread in Rving with disabilities, not this thread. Sleep apnea is not my area of expertise. I would not have an informed opinion on sleep apnea
winnietrey 09/05/22 11:28am Around the Campfire
RE: Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection

As a Chiropractor, I order about a dozen ESI'S a year. I could write paragraphs on this, but just to give you ideas. 1) Low back and leg pain have different cases, ESI's work better for some than other low back pain causes 2) literature says about 50% effective, I feel when combined with manipulation more like 75% 3) Doc is going to read the MRI, and make a judgement call on what he thinks the pain generator is and inject at that point. He/she will put you under a fluoroscope, and guide the needle placement to that specific part of your spine 4) If they hit the right spot, relief will be pretty quick. (Called guided image injection) If no relief, that too is of value, because it rules that area out as the pain generator. Remember they are making an educated guess as to what is causing the pain, and sometimes they are wrong. So that will help with 2nd shot placement, and or surgery 5) Many times, it will be enough to calm down the nerve, and the patient may have long term relief 6) I always refer to a neuroradiologist, that is what these folks do every day. They tend to be better at it that most Orthopedic folks. And same for surgery a neurosurgeon is your best bet Just to hazard a guess, from your MRI findings, sounds like you may have what's called lateral canal stenosis, super common finding. ESI's do pretty well with that, along with exercise, ergonomics, manipulation combined with it. If it comes to surgery, you might consider (MISS) minimally invasive spine surgery. Which is more like a rotor rooter job, than full on surgery with sawing away stuff and putting in all the hardware. Hope it all works out for you
winnietrey 08/28/22 10:51am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
Dog biscuits and bugs

This might be something to file away, if it happens to you. Last few weeks lots of little brown bugs invaded the kitchen, could not for the life of us figure out what they were, or where they were coming from. Turns out they were "warehouse beetles" and they had come in via a package of dog biscuits we had bought. Apparently according to google, dog food is a common way for these to be brought into the house. As I said, just kind of a heads up, if it happens to you, they don't bite and they are not harmful,
winnietrey 06/28/22 11:51am RV Pet Stop
RE: Where have all the members gone on this forum?

"In my opinion, we have as a country, gotten meaner and more tribal then anytime I can recall. Pretty sad." I beg to disagree, it's just reported more often, and in greater detail than it has been in the past. Many things simply didn't get told in the past, now it is much tougher to hide things we would rather simply not see. As far as more tribal, consider the KKK from around the turn of the century, the Black Panthers from 50 years ago, and now the local out-there militias. They've always been around, but now there's so many cameras out there, very little doesn't get light shone on it, like it or not. I agree with you on the media thing 100%. But my take (and I get it is a small sample in my little world), But I have been in health care a very long time. Think primary care stuff, so I listen and talk to the patients. I cannot recall hearing what I hear now from the average Joe patient, very much more tribal I would like to be wrong and hope I am, or maybe I am senile who knows, just don't recall such strong opinions, that is where my statement comes from.
winnietrey 06/25/22 02:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where have all the members gone on this forum?

I think you folks do a good job moderating; pretty thankless I would think. Pokes are one thing. Nothing wrong with that. It's the in-your-face venomous ones, that are what I was referring too. And I am guessing those hardcore posts drive away many more people than they attract In my opinion, we have as a country, gotten meaner and more tribal then anytime I can recall. Pretty sad.
winnietrey 06/25/22 11:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Where have all the members gone on this forum?

I get tired of the politics, seems like some folks (both on the left and right) will take every possible opportunity, to interject their world view, no matter how of topic it is, complete with name calling. And act like they are authorities on ever subject. If someone says "in my opinion" that is one thing. But when they act like they are superior to the rest of us mere mortals that is hard to take Just My opinion!!!
winnietrey 06/24/22 07:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone Cancelling Truck Camper Trips Due to Fuel Prices?

. I am a member of the died to soon, wife club. And I would tell all of you this. Screw the money, unless it will put you out on the street, do it and do it now. If you do not you may well live to regret it. Think about life, not a buck or two either way
winnietrey 06/02/22 06:48pm Truck Campers
RE: No shortage of RVs

Maybe not, if the bank won't finance it with a secured loan on the rig (to old etc.) They may be getting an unsecured personal loan. Goggle (Bank rate) says rates could be as high 36%. Not in my wildest dreams could I imagine doing that
winnietrey 05/14/22 11:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Covid in RV Parks

My thought is 100 years from now people will still be arguing about covid, where it came from, how many really died, and all the rest To me this is all small picture stuff, truth is people do die from it, others get horribly sick, others get nothing more than the sniffles. But end of the day, I hope people will keep their political and other beliefs out of their behavior, and just be cognizant their mild case, may cause death or significant health problems, to someone they infect. Kind of respect for your fellow man.
winnietrey 05/12/22 01:56pm Full-time RVing
RE: Rip off prices from RV Dealers

Op says they were the same part. I would wonder if the one from the dealer was OEM and the cheap one after market. Could be a major difference in quality. Looks like an OEM part for a Thetford on amazon is more like $35
winnietrey 03/29/22 03:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gas prices.

Well, from my perspective, as a 66-year-old, whose parents are long dead, and whose wife died way to early. If you don't have the money for higher gas that is one thing. But on the other hand, if you have it, but just don't to spend it, that is a big mistake, and a person will regret it later in life. We all get old, we all die, do it while you can, because we never know what is around the corner.
winnietrey 03/12/22 10:13am RV Lifestyle
RE: Rant - getting someone to work on a Class C motorhome

Highline frame and wheel 148th in Burien, honest folks. And not gonna hurt anything to drive it with no cat, as far as I know
winnietrey 02/15/22 06:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Not for us

I think being retired and full timing would not be a good thing for me. but I can see how it would appeal to others
winnietrey 02/13/22 11:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Not for us

I'm with you OP. 66+, still working, still in the " to big house" plan on keeping it that way. For others the full-time park life maybe great, just not for me. I think I would hate it. But again, just me, different strokes for different folks
winnietrey 02/13/22 09:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is this forum dying?

One thing I don't remember from back in the day is so many political posts. And seems like so many of them are "in your face hardballs" name calling and so on. Even if I agree with a poster's political bent, I find these posts pretty off putting. That is one reason I don't hang around or post much. Sign of the times I guess
winnietrey 02/10/22 05:17pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Is this forum dying?

This forum stinks of trolls. Used to be friendly place with a sense of camaraderie and decorum but now it's full of cheap shots, people who have to comment and argue about everything and blow-hards. They post stuff they'd never have to courage to say in person to boost their low self esteem. So yeah, a lot of the old timers don't find it worth the time to visit the site very often - or at all. The trolls seem to come and go. Always wondered if they go away on their own. Or the mods get rid of them. But in general, I do think we as a society are getting meaner. Kind of makes me sad
winnietrey 02/09/22 08:06pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: E-450 Stuck on Defrost Mode

In my case rats had chewed through the hose. Seemed like was $150 or so if memory serves. Did have a bit of trouble finding someone that had seen if before and knew how to fix it
winnietrey 02/05/22 11:16am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tully-Behavior Issues

Yes, went with the Herm Sprenger, in three 1 hour walks it has made a night and day difference. Just throwing this out there, don't know if it is correct. But in a sort of worst-case scenario. I have heard it more than once that, a prong collar can come apart at the worst possible time. (As in your dog is lunging after another dog) Some folks recommend a backup collar. My first thought is that if your dog is lunging at another dog, even with a prong collar on - you REALLY need some help.....LOL! The first prong collar I bought had nylon straps that clicked together with a plastic buckle - yeah, I could see that setup failing. But it was also a cheap collar that came with little plastic tips to cover the SHARP edges of the prongs. After the first tip fell off, I threw that one away. The first Sprenger I bought had the traditional choke-chain attachment, but those should be put on by removing a link. Back to arthritic hands (rolling eyes).... so the newest one I have, has a metal clasp and there's a sliding cover that keeps it from accidentally coming open. It's easy to put on and remove without getting tangled in Augie's long ruff. But it was also around $50 on Amazon - quality doesn't come cheap. Naw not lunging at other dogs so much as doing what your Auggie did in your other post. More wants to play. But that would be a bad time for the Sprenger to fail. (Depending on the other dog) And from what I have heard they do on occasion fail. Which is why I also use the choke chain as a backup. And as I mentioned choke chain is loose and not doing anything, would just be there if the Sprenger failed Which is why I have it on as well
winnietrey 02/02/22 04:10pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Behaviorist vs Trainer

I agree TT that is the plan. So far as long as he sees the leash, (prong collar or not) he is all over it. Just saying from what I have seen a prong collar is good starting point
winnietrey 02/01/22 06:48pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Behaviorist vs Trainer

I am certainly no expert. But three, one-hour walks in a prong collar changed my dogs walking on a leash 100%. All the stuff our "trainer" taught (behaviorist" was good to a point). But dog still pulled like crazy My take, truth is somewhere in the middle, little Kum by Yaw therapy, little aversion therapy JMHO
winnietrey 02/01/22 05:41pm RV Pet Stop
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