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RE: Aftermarket trailer backup assist

What will this show me that I cant already see in my back up camera?
winniman 12/05/19 09:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Aftermarket trailer backup assist

I can back my own trailer in, but I like the idea of mounting the wife on the back of the trailer. I don't know about mounting the mother in law though.
winniman 12/04/19 05:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Who has sold everything and started rving for life

My husband and I are looking to sell everything and start worcamping. Everyone is calling us crazy ??. Tell me your thoughts and stories. Well ... what you are thinking about is nothing new by a long shot. Folks have been living as gypsies and nomads for milleniums all over the world. So far the DW and myself are trying to retain the best of both worlds - keep our home which is situated "in nature" with quietness, trees, views, gardens, deer, etc. - but also enjoy outings in the RV for as long as 10 weeks, so far. Both worlds have their advantages and disadvantages up to a certain point. HOWEVER, in no way would we want to be a gypsy or nomad when we're "old" ... that would be a bad situation in our opinion. So if you're thinking about going FT in an RV, in my opinion you better have an (expected) old-age or (unexpected) physical-limitation exit plan that is well thought out with regard to both medical logistics and financial realities. P.S. We also have friends, loved ones, and service groups that simply "keeping in touch via a smartphone" for long periods would just plain not be appropriate or work. Im with you on this on. Everyone should have an exit plan. I don't think it has to be all or nothing. I too live on 10 acres of beautiful wilderness. Travelling most of the year is my dream too, but I need somewhere to call home, and Im not willing to give up my 4 wheeler, snowmobiles, boat etc. They have to go somewhere. For me it is not all or nothing. What if you don't like it. Test the waters for a while. I have been dipping my toes for several years now. When I come home after being gone for months, I kind of feel like I just want to keep going. After being home for a month or two, Im ready to go again. Who knows, maybe next time I might feel different, and don't feel like going again. Options are a good thing. Only your heart knows for sure.
winniman 12/04/19 02:59pm RV Lifestyle
RE: hwy 89 near crand canyon

We went that way last February. It was no problem.
winniman 12/04/19 02:53pm Roads and Routes
RE: Help with water problem

Nine times out of ten, if it is a single lever facet, the cartridge inside is plugged or worn out. This can result in no hot, or no cold, or no water at all. They are easy enough to change. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ng484pwhBRI This video is for a moen tap. There are other videos on other tap makers. They are mostly similar.
winniman 12/04/19 02:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Planning a trip Jun 2020 to Nova Scotia/PEI

We did find some boondocking spots in the East Coast, but I wouldn't say they are plentiful. Of course Walmarts etc, are always a possibility. The ioverlander app had some suggestions, although they were more for smaller rigs than the large Class A s we were driving. We did stay at several that the app suggested though. NFLD is very open to boondocking almost anywhere you can park. With some determination, you can indeed find boondocking. We stayed on a few beaches, and a few parking lots on tidal rivers in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. I wouldn't plan on finding many near the tourist traps like Peggys cove and such.
winniman 12/04/19 11:44am Truck Campers
RE: Have our trucks got too much power yet?

"I live in a place that has the highest gas prices in North America but relatively cheap electricity. I am seriously considering a PHEV as my next vehicle." YEA but think about all the Salmon you will be killing. Why? the two main salmon rivers are the Skeena and Fraser. They don't now, nor will they ever have dams on them. BC gets about 90% of its power from hydroelectric-from the Columbia and Peace rivers. The BC power from the Columbia doesn't harm any salmon- because the dams downstream in the states take care of that... all joking aside, it's too bad we can't (or won't) develop hydroelectric technology that allows for fish passage. Hydro power is literally solar energy. I have been to the Bonneville Dam in the Columbia Gorge. They have fish ladders for the fish to get around the dam.
winniman 12/03/19 08:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bringing dog from Mexico to Canada, driving.

Bringing dog from Mexico to Canada, driving. I personally wouldn't let the dog drive.
winniman 12/02/19 11:18am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Have our trucks got too much power yet?

Must be time for another electric car debate. We haven't had one in about two days or so. lol
winniman 11/30/19 04:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Planning a trip Jun 2020 to Nova Scotia/PEI

I have been to the east coast four times, and I agree with David, PEI has little to offer except beaches. I have been around the entire island twice, and it all looks the same. If you really want to see it, you can take the ferry over, and the bridge back. It is free to get on the island. You have to pay to get off. The ferry is more expensive than the bridge. That is why we have always taken the ferry over. The bridge is about $46 for a regular vehicle, and around $9 for each extra axle. It was around $65 for my rv pulling a tow car. The scenery between the ferry and the bridge is pretty much all the same as the rest of the island. I prefer the Cabot trail for scenery, and the Bay of Fundy for natural wonders. The highest tides in the world are pretty fascinating. The record I believe is at Burntcoat head at 73 feet. Average tides there are about 40 to 50 feet. Scenic fishing villages are Digby, Halls Harbour, Lunenburg Nova Scotia. The tidal bore at Truro and South Maitland are worth seeing. Within one hour of Halifax is Lunenburg, Peggys Cove, Mahone Bay, as well as the museum and dockfront in Halifax. New Brunswick has the Hopewell Rocks, Alma, Fundy National Park, and St John reversing rapids. If you plan on spending any amount of time, a National Park pass is worth the money. It covers The Citadel in Halifax, Fortress Louisburg, Cape Breton Highlands NP, and Fundy National Park, AGBell museum, Fort Anne etc. I am forgetting a whole bunch, but we buy it every time we go, and always seem to get our moneys worth. The advantage is once you buy it, it seems to encourage you to go see all the stuff for free. It is good all across Canada at any National Park or National Historic site. The east coast is my personal favourite. I will return to the Bay of Fundy again. I have been to NFLD twice as well. That's a whole different story.
winniman 11/29/19 09:08am Truck Campers
RE: Upgrade V-10 to Turbo?

My previous rv was a 2000 37g Winnebago. The v10 didnt have any trouble hauling around almost 38 ft of motorhome. It was no speed demon, but considering you are driving a rv, that didnt matter to me. It had plenty of power to get the job done. I can imagine in a smaller rv, it would plenty of get up and go.
winniman 11/27/19 02:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Stabil or Seafoam for long term gas can storage?

I always had good luck with Stabil, although I do think the seafoam is a good product. Just as important, is to make sure you get premium, NON ETHANOL gas. Its the ethanol that causes much of the problems. Before they started putting ethanol in gas, it would last years with no help. Now if you leave a lawn mower or other small engine over the winter without stabilizer, you will need to remover the carb and clean it.
winniman 11/27/19 11:00am Tech Issues
RE: Voice Controlled Travel Trailer

I cant wait until we have driverless cars driving all over. How many people are going to die trying to get the bugs out of that one. "Home James"
winniman 11/26/19 09:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Canadian Maritimes Provinces

Best times to go, are in July and August. We left Nova Scotia to return home the third week of August. About a week and a half later, a hurricane came up the east coast, and made a heck of a blow out there. I wouldn't want to be there when a hurricane blows in. If you are in a small enough rig, the National Parks are nice. If you have a large motorhome, there are many nice private parks. A toad is recommended for visiting places. Some of the roads into the attractions are quite narrow for rvs, with little parking when you get there. Camping on the Bay of Fundy is desirable so you can get the full effect of the changing tides. They are the highest in the world. The tide changes from high to low every six hours.
winniman 11/25/19 11:08am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Canadian Maritimes Provinces

Any advice about traveling in the Canadian Maritimes? Such as places to visit, places to stay, or not. Best time of the year to be there. Any advice will be appreciated. New Brunswick. Saint Johns reversing rapids, Hopewell Rocks, Fundy National Park, Alma. Bay of Fundy in general. Nova Scotia. Tidal Bore at Truro and South Maitland. Halls Harbour, Digby, Burntcoat Head, anywhere on the Minas Basin for high tides, Peggys Cove, Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, Halifax, Cape Breton, Cabet Trail, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Meatcove. PEI. Charlettown, Cavindish Beach, Green Gables, several Nps. I have traveled from Ontario four times, and have been to most of the tourist type stuff at least twice for each thing. I love the east coast. I will return again. The high tides on the Bay of Fundy, and in particular anywhere on the Minas Basin. The tides in the basin average 35 to 45 ft on any given day. Here is one video of the Skyline Trail in Cape Breton NP. If you click on my name, it will take you to my YouTube Channel. I have videos of almost every place we went last summer. We spent two months down there, including three weeks in NFLD. Cheers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yMrBDe_f_s
winniman 11/25/19 10:59am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Operating on a 20amp circuit

Converting your ceiling lights to LED would be good thing to do.. Might want to plan on doing this for future 12VDC Power saving items... I have some neat very bright yard LED lights that have solar panels on them. They great to take along on camping trips when you need to conserve 12VDC items... I try not to use the furnace fan when possible. It is a big 12VDC drain on the batteries... We have several of these hanging D CELLS light that you pull up to get more light. Got mine from WALMART... They also available from AMAZON.. Neat to have one for every room. Have one in each of our house bathroom here at the house... Worth it's weight in gold when the lights go off when you are in the bathroom haha... https://i.imgur.com/gskhMer.jpg height=200 One caution item when you start using your truck to supplement your 12VDC source. You do not want to run your truck start battery down by any means... I always carry a 2KW Honda generator along with a small battery charger just for worse case battery usage... My get home PLAN B haha... Roy Ken https://i.imgur.com/SoQ6BfGm.jpg height=45 They will be plugged into a wall outlet. Cheers
winniman 11/22/19 07:26am Tech Issues
RE: Voice Controlled Travel Trailer

Now if I could say "dump the black and grey tanks" and it hooked up the hoses and dumped into the sewer without my having to lift a finger, well then I would embrace it. No biggy, my wife would say it and there I goes. But no embrace until I shower.:B But seriously, I don't know how far away is that in the future and who will be investing the dollars on a system and technology similar to our fighter jets refueling on air, lol.:h Im going to bet most campers already have voice command. The voice just happens to be the little women of the house. No voice command at my camper, unless Im talking to myself.
winniman 11/21/19 08:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Operating on a 20amp circuit

I run my 50 amp bus on a 20 amp plug for over a week at hunting season. I plug into my friends garage outside plug. No problems with everything on propane.
winniman 11/21/19 08:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Best type of house battery

Most RVs seem to have lead acid deep cycle marine batteries. However I’m just thinking that most but not all RVers rarely camp without shore power. The most instantaneous power demand is when running out slides or deploying jacks. So it seems to me that a standard or combination starting battery makes more sense than the deep cycle marine battery. One more question I have: I’m wondering if the higher cost for agm batteries is worth the money. The plus side to me is not having to keep up with the electrolyte levels. I would be interested in what others think about this or have experienced. I disagree with some of the OP's assumptions, but overall I agree with the basic thought. While I know we talk about switching to deep cycle batteries; I think it's important to keep in mind that the forum crowd is a very small microcosm of the overall RV community. So while it's easy to equate what a small group of people loudly proclaim to be best with what the general population believes, it just isn't really the reality of the beliefs of the general RV owner. If you think about it, of the multi million subscribers here on RV.net, probably no more than 1000 regular posters (I think 1000 is very generous by the way) are singing the virtues of deep cycle batteries. I would bet that the majority of the multiple millions of RV owners are driving or pulling an RV with a standard marine or automotive starter battery because they are recognizable and readily availibe. All that being said, I one hundred percent agree with your post that if a RVer typically has electric hookups all they need is a cheap automotive starter or marine battery. In fact I will even go one step further and suggest that for a trailer (5th wheel, travel trailer, popup etc) owner who camps with hookups; All they really need is a cheap thirty dollar 12 volt lawn and garden battery from Walmart that does no more than run the slides and activate the emergency breakaway system if needed. Marine batteries cost as much or more than golf cart batteries. Ask me, I have a boat as well. Using starting batteries for house batteries will work, but they wont last very long. I guess if someone is going to haul their camper to an rv park and never move it, it doesn't really matter what kind of battery they have. I had an electric golf cart that all the batteries died. I had an assortment of starting and marine batteries laying around, so I configured them so they would run the golf cart. They did the job, the golf cart ran, but they would only go so far before they would be depleted, and after a while, they didn't seem to charge as good. Eventually, a new set of golf cart batteries were purchased, and all was good again. I do believe anyone with any knowledge of batteries will confirm the use of golf cart batteries to be the best choice if you ever plan on boondocking, or camping without hookups at all. If you never plan on moving the rv, go with your plan, and get the lawn mower battery.
winniman 11/21/19 02:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What is an RV Resort??

We stayed at several that called themselves resorts, but in reality were really only just a normal rv park. We did stay at a few that were in fact resorts, and had clubhouses, and many extra features like restaurants, and sports facilities. We generally don't seek those kind of places because they are priced higher than we like to pay, and we don't really use any of those amenities. If we were looking to stay long term, that might make a difference.
winniman 11/21/19 07:30am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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