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RE: Moving LiFePo4, Rewire or run Long Extensions?

Electricity is not a good source for heating anything. I got by for weeks with a single 100AH AGM battery and two 100W solar panels by using the battery to power the propane fridge controller and the fan for the propane furnace. We made coffee in a drip percolator on one of the cooktop burners. If we had needed to heat food it was with the propane cooktop and this would apply to baby formula as well. If you don't want to change our camping lifestyle then the option is to add a generator to your rig and run it in the morning to recharge your battery and at night to heat the RV or stay in parks with shore power (best option overall). We survived in comfort with temperatures in the teens and with our propane furnace as the heat source which was fine as the cubic feet of air to heat was half that of a bedroom and that was with an uninsulated camper. Better to warm the living space then to use electric blankets. With the exception of a special low temp Relion battery the lithium batteries will not charge at temperatures below freezing or 32 degrees. You could add a 12v warming pad around the battery but I would put this at the bottom of the list of changes to make.
wintersun 01/25/21 08:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Lithium and DC-DC Charger?

Add the Precision Circuits LI-BIM along with the lithium battery. It is sold by Battle Born and others and serves to protect the lithium battery from overly aggressive alternator charging. A single 100AH lead acid provides 50AH of charge capacity for whatever you are operating off 12VDC. A 100AH lithium battery provides up to 100AH of capacity or double that of the lead acid. My RV only has space for two Group 31 batteries and so I removed the two flooded ones and put in two Lithionics 125AH lithium phosphate batteries. An unexpected bonus is that the lithium recharge to 100% SOC is less than a quarter the time of the flooded batteries. The solar panels and charge controller is also more effective as more charge can be applied while there is enough daylight.
wintersun 01/25/21 05:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Max Payload Question

I recommend upgrading the rear leaf springs with SuperSprings. The work like overload springs but I would phone the people at the company directly. Unlike airbags they will never fail. I found that Rancho XL adjustable shocks helped to prevent porposing from the load shifting onto the front wheels. Ford pickups have had more than their share of frame failures with a slide-in camper load. Ford finally upgraded their truck frames in 2016 and were the last to do so.
wintersun 01/25/21 05:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Helping a very new TC owner with a truck decision

I dad the same 845 on a GMC 2500HD gas and added the air bags. Worked fine for 6years, no problems. The 845 is for a shortbed truck and I don’t recall a 3500 in a shortbed. The standard bed is now 6'6" and the short bed is 5'7" and the long bed is 8' for trucks made in the last 20 years. Where it gets complicated is that a crew cab will not be available with a 8' bed. With my 2011 Chevy pickup the 2500 model was available with an extended / double cab and the standard 6'6" bed, but the 3500 was only available with the crew cab and a short bed.
wintersun 01/25/21 05:24pm Truck Campers
RE: New Border Regulations

With only 400,000 Americans in the ground from Covid-19 it is hard to understand the concern of the Canadians to having visitors from the USA. I would guess that the OP is not aware that the death toll is 1000 times higher in the USA than in many other countries where the people behave responsibly and wore masks and self isolated.
wintersun 01/25/21 05:19pm Snowbirds
RE: Modify OR Access Easily Over cab Bed for the Older Camper

We sold our slide-in camper as it became too difficult for my wife to get up into the overhead sleeping loft. When looking at Class C motorhomes we decided not to go with the 32" wide twin beds or the corner beds where one of us has to crawl over the other person to get in an out of the bed. Opted for a RV with a Muphy bed that is not perfect but the best option for the two of us. We use the space over the cab for gear and clothes we want to use during the day as it provides fast access and yet it is out of the way the rest of the time.
wintersun 01/25/21 05:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Northern Lite.

Good idea to check for any problems with the various campers models, especially in terms of how weather tight they are. A number of fiberglass shell campers were touted as being more waterproof but this often proved not to be the case.
wintersun 01/25/21 05:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Parking in Sloped Driveway

I used a trailer tug to move a 5,000 lb trailer up and down my driveway that is equally steep. Contact the companies direct and provide specs to them. With the steeper driveway I opted for a model with 3 wheels (each is very wide as with a golf cart) and gearing for the load. I went with a 100VAC model so all I needed was a long 12 gauge extension cord. This is one such trailer tug though I bought mine from a company based in Calfornia and they provided the option of additional tires to provide more traction on the driveway. https://airtug.com/product/trailer-tug-ld-electric/ https://parkit360.ca/collections/trailer-dollies/products/trailer-mover-10000lbs-capacity-base?variant=102111477776 Another possible option with a 4WD truck is to add a hitch receiver to the front of the frame and push the trailer up the driveway.
wintersun 01/25/21 05:06pm Towing
RE: Ford super duty 3.31 rear end. Will it be a big mistake. ?

Ford in its trailering guide provides a GCWR that is 6500 pounds greater with 3.55 gears as compared to 3.31 gears. So the gears do matter.
wintersun 01/25/21 03:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Receiver Bike Racks

It depends on the weight of the bikes that you want to mount on the rack. A couple of road bikes will weigh 40-50 lbs in total but a couple of mountain bikes will weigh close to 75 lbs and the weight of two electric bikes can be as much as 150 lbs that the rack needs to be able to support. The Hollywood rack is the best for both standard and e-bikes but they are sold out until April 2021.
wintersun 01/25/21 03:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Truck Camper - Newbie Needs Advice

I had a Lance 845 on my 2500 pickup that from the factroy had a payload rating of 2800 lbs as it was equipped. With the camper and gear the total load on the rear axle was 3700 lbs which required some easy modifications. I replaced the factory tires with ones rated at 3750 lbs and added SuperSprings and replaced the factory shocks with Rancho adjustable shocks and the result was a well controlled ride. The payload rating is calculated at the factory on how the truck is configured when it leaves and the limiting factor is the wheels and tires and leaf springs on the truck. When looking for a new truck I found many 3500 pickups with a lower payload rating than the 2500 that I bought and the difference was with the tires and wheels. The 3500 has a second set of leaf springs and the SuperSprings worked equally well. But my GM truck was the one with the new fully boxed frame that was introduced in 2011. Ram did the same in 2013-2014 and Ford did this with its "super duty" trucks starting in 2016. A slide-in camper puts a lot more stress on the frame and it is easy to find pictures of pickups with frames broken just to the rear of the cab. And DRW put a much higher strain on the frame with the added leverage of the tires being further out from the frame. Of the new Lance models I would be going with the 855 model which with a full tank of water is going to be at 2900 lbs before adding anything else. Be aware that when RV makers specify that a given model sleeps X number of people that some of those people need to be shorter than 5'6" in height. Measure the extra beds, as with the dinette that converts to get real measurements. The Lance owners website is the best place for information on the different new and used models and what modifications can be done to them. For example I added a rack to hold two 100W solar panels and added holder for a second battery underneath the camper. My 845 had a compartment for a generator but I prefered to use the compartment for items I did not want to take inside the camper, like firewood and tools.
wintersun 01/25/21 03:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Lance 995 or 975 truck choice

For standard truck rims the highest load capacity tires provide 3750@80 PSI or 7500 lbs of load capacity at the rear axle. Two options to increase this with the easiest being to go to a DRW pickup and have 4 tires at the rear axle. An alternative to consider is spending $3000 for a full set of four 19.5 wheels and tires as these have a load capacity of 4800 lbs each or more. If I had to choose between 19.5 wheels and tires and a DRW truck I would go with the 19.5's in a heartbeat. A DRW is a pain to park and the 6 tires do not fit in a rotation pattern and having to change an inner tire on a pickup with a heavy camper sitting in the bed is not something I would want to face. But it is entirely subjective and most people go with DRW as it is a simple decision. The same subject comes up with 5th wheel travel trailers and yet I know people who have no problems with their 13,500 trailers being towed with SRW trucks. When traveling I will keep a count of 5th wheel RVs that pass us on the highway and consistently more than 80% are towed by pickups with SRW.
wintersun 01/20/21 12:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Helping a very new TC owner with a truck decision

With the Chevy/GM/Ram trucks there is no difference between the 2500 and 3500 trucks other than the number of rear leaf springs in the pack and whether you can get DRW on the truck as DRW available only with the 3500 models. When I bought my 2011 Chvey Duramax diesel 2500 pickup it was so I could get the standard length bed of 6'6" and the double or extended cab. With the 3500 I would have had to go with either the regular cab or the crew cab. Be careful as when I bought my Chevy 2500HD pickup with its 2800 lb payload capacity it had a higher payload rating than any of the SRW 3500 pickups on the dealer's lot. With Ford they have had more differences between their F-250 and F-350 models and so safest to go with one of their F-350 trucks if you decide on Ford. I added a double leaf set of SuperSprings for $445 and an hour of my time to increase the payload from 2800 to more than 4000 lbs and I replaced the factory tires rated at 3095 lbs with new Nitto tires rated at 3750 lbs load capacity and I replaced the factory shocks with the Rancho XL adjustable shocks. I drove the truck with the fully loaded Lance 845 camper and a total payload of 3700 lbs with zero issues and no problems with sway or handling of the truck and camper. It is very important to realize that in a turn there will be more than 50% of the camper load on one wheel and so on one tire and one set of leaf springs. If the load cannot be adequately supported then there will be sway and the shocks will be far less effective. Truck frames were made much stronger on the 2011 and later GM pickups and on the 2014 and later Ram trucks and on the 2016 and later Ford pickups (which were the ones most likely to have a frame fail with a camper load). At least with the AAM axles used on the GM/Chevy trucks their load rating is 11,000 lbs so the payload is largely determined by the weight the leaf springs and the tires can support. I highly recommend the Torklift frame mounted tie-downs and their FastGun adjustble turnbuckles (proper tensioning is critical as too much tension will literally pull the sides of the camper apart. There are people selling their trucks with their campers and you will save more than $3000 or more in the costs of mating a camper to the truck properly. With a new truck there will the cost of the hold downs and the new shocks and tires and new wiring harness and battery relay and 20 hours or more of shop labor. Unless the model and year are known to have reliabilty or safety problems, which is easy to research, there is little to be gained with a brand new pickup. With a new pickup plan on selling the tires on Craigslist and buying higher load capacity tires (Nitto, BF Goodrich, Toyo) and on replacing the shocks with the Rancho adjustable, and be sure that the pickup does not have one of the plastic drop in bed liners as this will make it more difficult to keep the camper from sliding in the bed. I gained 1310 lbs of load capacity at the rear axle with the new tires. I went with the diesel truck for its power and ability to quickly accelerate and safely merge with freeway traffic and to be able to safely pass double trailer rigs going up steep grades and having the use of the engine exhaust brake when going down steep hills. I also got 30% more miles per gallon which meant that the range with the trucks 36-gal fuel tank was 30% greater. One cannot legally nor do aftermarket fuel tank makers have them to replace the factory gas tank. The front profile of the Lance camper produced a great deal of wind drag which impacted fuel economy considerably with a reduction of more than 30% even without a head or cross wind.
wintersun 01/20/21 12:45pm Truck Campers
RE: solar

An electric only fridge is a poor choice for dry camping. It will take 300AH of battery capacity and 300W of solar panel production at a minimum. With lead acid batteries the 300AH will provide only 150AH for the fridge and everything else in the RV as going below 50% SOC will greatly decrease their useful life and increase the time it takes to recharge them. For an electric only fridge the best solution is to invest in lithium phosphate batteries that can take a 80% discharge without damage and that can be recharged at 4 times the rate of lead acid batteries so the generator run time will be greatly reduced and solar charging will be more effective during the limited hours of daylight.
wintersun 01/19/21 05:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Quality Decline since Covid

Winnebago increased its sales by 39% in the third quarter of last year and building 39% more RVs means more new workers in the factory. None of the RV manufacturers have quality control systems in place and so more mistakes will make it to customers. Drop in quality started in 2008 when half the RV manufacturers went out of business after the banksters looted the economy. The few that survived have very little competition and so very little incentive to care about what goes out the door. Our first choice would have been a RV from Leisure Travel Vans in Canada but they have a 18 month or more backlog and so we bought a new Winnebago Navion in November and are in the process of fixing the RV's defects before taking it out on the road.
wintersun 01/19/21 04:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Suggestions for rest of Florida trip in Feb

I take it that you have both had the two coronovirus vaccinations and your wills completed. Florida is the wild wild west when it comes to people not isolating and refusing to wear masks and a governor that uses the police like his private army. My wife and I had a trip planned to Florida for April ofd 2020 but after all that has happened in the past year we will be avoiding it like the plague.
wintersun 01/19/21 04:38pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Calling on Solar Techies

A good place for solar panels and parts is AM Solar outside of Eugene Oregon. For the charge controller it is best to get an MPPT one. Panels need to fit the roof so start by measuring the space available. One that is smaller than many is the Grape 190W panel and the company is based in Oregon. The inverter should be 2000 Watts at a minimum and the Xantrex work well and you can get a remote display which is very helpful as the inverter should be located within 5 feet or less from the batteries which may make viewing its display difficult. What takes the most time is routing the cables from the solar charge controller to the batteries with the large gauge cable needed. This is where planning the location of the charge controller before doing anything else is important.
wintersun 01/19/21 04:34pm Tech Issues
RE: US to require COVID Testing for International Flyers

We are allowing infected people to fly from one part of the country with no testing and that has been the problem from day one. States like Arizona that do nothing to restrict movement and have bars open are spreading the infection across the country. Few countries want Americans coming in regardless with our notable lack of healthy behavior and flagrant disregard for the law or heath regulations. Does not one realize that the death toll from Covid per capita is 1000 times higher in the United States than in countries like Taiwan or South Korea or Vietnam or New Zealand?
wintersun 01/13/21 04:15pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Lifepo4 battery in 1990 Lance?

I built a metal frame to hold a second AGM Group 31 battery under the floor of my Lance camper and I would have had more capacity with a single lithium phosphate battery and had a much simple installation. Lithionics makes a 125HA battery for 25% more charge capacity than a 100AH from Battle Born and others. What is not understood or appreciated that instead of getting 80-90 percent of 125AH versus 50% of 100AH with a lead acid battery, the lithium phosphate batteries will recharge 4 times as fast as the lead acid ones. With my current RV the two Lithionics 125AH can be at 50% SOC and brought back to 100% SOC in an hour with the Onan generator running versus 3-4 hours with the lead acid batteries at the same SOC level. Saying one does not need lithium phosphate batteries makes as much sense as saying you do not need an air conditioner when you can always simply open the windows. Going to a lithium phosphate battery is the single easiest and most beneficial upgrade to any RV one can make.
wintersun 01/13/21 04:08pm Tech Issues
RE: V6 Silverados

The gas tanks on the Chevy gas engine powered trucks are too small for serious towing. With current regs one cannot legally replace the factory gas tank with a larger aftermarket one (OK with a diesel fuel tank). Chevy 23 gallons Ram 33 gallons Ford 36 gallons Toyota 38 gallons
wintersun 01/13/21 03:59pm Tow Vehicles
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