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RE: Getting the spare tire out....

Thanks for the ideas, my truck is a 2001 Dodge 2500 diesel. The crank for the tire gets blocked on me when the tailgate is down and it needs to be down for the camper to fit in the box. Looks like maybe I should come up with some sort of plan I guess. Still not sure what to do. Take the tailgate off before you load the camper?
wnjj 07/16/18 11:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Short Bed Truck with Long Bed Camper

To the OP why do manufacturers go to the trouble to determine COG if it really doesn’t matter? Do whatever you want to do because you aren’t convinced that it matters at all. Determining COG is helpful to predict where the weight of a camper will be applied to the truck. In some cases, a too far forward COG would overload the front axle, which may have little additional capacity. Where the camper's COG lands compared to the truck's rear axle is of no concern to the camper manufacturer. The camper manufacturer should be able to specify how much of the floor needs to be supported within the truck box, however, which needs considered when putting a long bed camper on a short bed truck.
wnjj 07/16/18 06:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Getting the spare tire out....

I’ve read of some with Fords who have rotated the winch so the crank is accessed from a wheel well. On our Chevy, I can use the factory tubes but cannot crank the handle. If I remember correct a 3/8” ratchet fit right into the tube end and worked great.
wnjj 07/15/18 07:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Short Bed Truck with Long Bed Camper

It depends upon the camper model. Many “short bed” models are nothing more than long bed models with skirts and storage boxes added. Support on those models is not needed. I’d confirm with the manufacturer if it’s ok. As for COG, the “in front of the axle” is another RVmyth.net story. GM’s official camper documentation I posted some time ago (at least at th time) allowed the COG to be all the way at the rear edge of the bed. Their only concern was percentage of total weight on the front axle. Also, pickups can tow with a decent amount on the hitch without WD. Removing some weight from the front is not the disaster some claim it is.
wnjj 07/14/18 12:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Use of Honda generator in an enclosed generator compartment

wnjj 07/14/18 12:33am Truck Campers
RE: License Plate

It's still time away from driving. And the time it takes go dig out my wallet to show I was a legal oregon resident. And then digging out the trailer registration to show it was legally regisgtered to an oregon address. 10-4 there good buddy! See how that works in the real world though. I can easily side with spending an extra $20 or whatever to make sure you look legit to ALL cops and remove the easy excuse to pull you over. I hear you both and agree that less stops is preferred. I was responding to this portion: Then ask for registration, insurance, make sure lights worked, etc. etc. trying to find an excuse to write a ticket.
wnjj 07/13/18 04:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Safe to use a 30 amp Extension on 50 amp trailer at home??

Your 30 amp circuit should blow when you exceed 30 amps.It isn't just the amps that are of concern. 30 amps on a long enough cord could pull the voltage down enough damage the A/C unit. If it were me, I'd run the fridge on LP if the A/C is needed while on that long cord, just to be on the safe side.
wnjj 07/13/18 03:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is This What They Call 'Delamination'?

wnjj: How was this repaired as a neighbor has similar issue on a Komfort? I’ll have to ask her as they had a shop do it a couple years ago I think the front was completely taken apart and rebuilt with new materials.
wnjj 07/13/18 10:23am Travel Trailers
RE: CB Radio

The quarry near my house and most of the trucks going to and from it use CB channel 15. They have a one-way driveway plus the front end loader has one. You don’t leave the driver’s seat to fill up.
wnjj 07/13/18 10:17am Technology Corner
RE: Internet connection not working -- CAT5e

Agree with Bobbo - take the computer into the stick house and direct connect. Easiest way to determine whether the cable is the issue. The computer connects to the internet in the house using the same configuration (less long cable -- I used a short patch cable) as at the RV. Thus I am sure it is a cable problem. After replacing the ends of the long cable I get and "unidentified" network error. Thus I think I need to spend the money for a new cable. I can not think of any reason to go to a CAT6 cable because as I understand it the CAT6 is NOT high speed at this long a distance. If replacing the ends changed the behavior, double check your work (i.e. which colors on which pins). How likely was it that the ends were bad AND something with the cable?
wnjj 07/13/18 10:13am Technology Corner
RE: AC working right?

One other thing to look at is if an air outlet is blowing directly on the thermostat. It's hard to imagine a truck camper would have anything but a direct blow A/C with the thermo mounted on the unit itself as part of the ceiling unit. :R Yet somehow our truck camper came stock with a wall-mounted digital thermostat that controls both the furnace and ceiling Polar Cub 9200 A/C unit. ;)
wnjj 07/13/18 10:04am Tech Issues
RE: Is This What They Call 'Delamination'?

... Would I buy this rig, No! Agree completely! Too bad, that's the first Outback I've seen anywhere with something like this happening. Outbacks have traditionally been very good campers. My sister’s Outback looked similar but mostly at the top half. They had it repaired.
wnjj 07/13/18 09:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Hitch Extender

That certainly is cheaper. Although online in Canada they are not AS cheap....but still cheaper. Here's my personal problem....if the truck was 4 years or older with higher mileage.....I would probably go with an aftermarket. But my baby is only one year old and low mileage....so I feel the need to keep it whole. I'm an idiot. I totally agree about OEM and the one I listed was “OEM new” which Rockauto says is the same part as the assembly line. When I needed a taillight for a couple year old Yukon I was faced with a much larger difference in price. I ended up with aftermarket and it matched OEM 100 percent and even came with all of the bulbs and the wiring harness for a fraction of OEM. Worst case I was going to replace the other side if the appearance was off.
wnjj 07/12/18 09:42am Travel Trailers
RE: License Plate

oregon has similar laws for trailers. Washington basically requires everything to be licensed. I traveled with the oregon legal trailer (motorcycle hauler) to washington quite often. Finally got a oregon plate for it because for whatever reason it gave WA LEO's a supposed reason to stop me. Usually for no plate, even though I think they new oregon didn't require it. Then ask for registration, insurance, make sure lights worked, etc. etc. trying to find an excuse to write a ticket. Never got a ticket, but IMHO it gave them a fake excuse for a stop. Usually got pulled over with an LEO coming up behind me so they wouldn't know I was from oregon and hence completely legal in WA. But once stopped, all the reason to hassle me. If the trailer license plate was the only reason they stopped you, once they learn you’re legal their probable cause/reasonable suspicion for the stop evaporates and you are free to go if you want.
wnjj 07/11/18 11:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: CB Radio

I just got from Amazon a USB male connector to a cigarette lighter female connector. $9.99. suspect it will only be 5 volts however????????????? bumpy It says it's 12V and can't imagine it not being so. There are devices that make 12V from 5V. It likely won't produce much current at 12V though.If it's this one: https://www.amazon.com/ARECORD-Cigarette-Lighter-Socket-Converter/dp/B01J67JIOQ/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1531343402&sr=8-3&keywords=usb+to+12+volt&dpID=41EdLN%252B-2yL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch Specs say "Output:12V 0.8A Max". that is the one but I thought those USB outlets were 5 volt? bumpy USB is 5V but as I said above, there are devices (IC's) that convert 5V to 12V. The IC's I work with regularly have onboard circuitry that generate +8.5V and -8.5V from a 1.2V supply.
wnjj 07/11/18 06:00pm Technology Corner
RE: Hitch Extender

I returned the extender today. I'll live without it. Just gotta be careful on the jackknifes:) Which, ironically brings me to another side of the story. I was in a tight spot a couple of weeks ago and thought I was being careful. Turns out NOT. I removed my TV tail light assys. to spray some rustproofing today and lo and behold....the RH lens was cracked! Pretty sure from the reversing jackknife. 2017 Ram tail light lens? Well....they don't sell just the lens....they only sell the complete assy. Out the door @ $432.00 CAD. OUCH. About $110 CAD on Rockauto for "OE new".
wnjj 07/11/18 05:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: CB Radio

I just got from Amazon a USB male connector to a cigarette lighter female connector. $9.99. suspect it will only be 5 volts however????????????? bumpy It says it's 12V and can't imagine it not being so. There are devices that make 12V from 5V. It likely won't produce much current at 12V though.
wnjj 07/11/18 12:37pm Technology Corner
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Along comes someone who is willing to spend his own money, even if it won't help, and people still criticize him. Spending money even if it won’t help is either ignorant or a publicity stunt.
wnjj 07/11/18 01:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: Leaf spring shackles are tilted

Thanks for the help and links everyone. The "problem" was just like some of you said. The trailer is simply not parallel to the ground. I knew the driveway sloped very slightly to the right. I didnt think it was enough to make the equalizers look that bad. Lack of experience on my part. Might not come through in the picture but the concrete is pretty close to level. (i thought) Once it turns to dirt then it really begins to slope. To me thats why the nose is so much lower than the rear. I still considered the ground and trailer to be level....ish. Used a tape measure from the ground to the frame on either side of the tires. Once those numbers were the same the equalizers looked nice and even. Sheeesh!!! My bad. Thanks again everyone. https://i.imgur.com/mxgq7Lil.jpg That makes sense. Consider that the height of the frame above the ground at each axle is determined by the average height of both ends of the spring. Then look at your first picture, ignore the center axle and just look at the front and rear springs. Each have one end on fixed shackles so the same distance from the frame. One of them has the equalizer end up closer to the frame and the other down further from the frame. This means the frame is not the same height above the ground over those 2 axles. The center one just responds to whatever the end ones cause the equalizers to do.
wnjj 07/10/18 11:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Crack Down on 50 Amp Rigs Using 30 Amp Sites

Maybe it's not all 50 amp rigs, that cause the issue but there is no way to identify the power hogs. But there is a way to prohibit them!..Just invoke a no 50's on a 30 restriction. This is for those in this thread asking why their 50A rig with only one A/C running uses any more than a 30A one. The answer is: It may not, but the park owner cannot tell that by looking at the outside so uses the law of averages.
wnjj 07/10/18 10:57pm General RVing Issues
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