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RE: Interesting new application for 6.7 Powerstroke

Fire fighting just got easier....... :B That pumper is a real jewel.
wnjj 04/20/19 04:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Friday Funny - nice home-built

Where did you see it? My wife said she saw it recently when we were driving thru Forest Grove. I didn't see it because I was driving. My detective work shows that picture is in Hillsboro.
wnjj 04/20/19 04:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2020 Chevy 2500HD 6.6 Gaseser data.

I was interested in the 6.6 gasser to replace my 6.0 as well until I found out the 6.6 gas will have siamesed cylinders. I remember all the overheat problems the small block 400 had using siamesed cylinders. I think I will pass on this one. I would assume that with the advanced CAD modeling they can do these days that it wouldn’t be an issue. I could be wrong.
wnjj 04/19/19 07:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Yah this wil never work. Watch the whole video. https://youtu.be/VG68SKoG7vE It didn't work that well. It looked like a brand new human driver. Just a couple things I noticed without watching the whole thing: 1. It overbrakes then pulls up when approaching stopped traffic. Enough of those would make me carsick. 2. It didn't leave the lane to give the poor oncoming pedestrian any room. There's probably more in the few minutes in between those and the end (which I did watch).
wnjj 04/19/19 06:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Extension Cord

Go with 10 gauge not 12. The 12 will overheat at the plug when running the AC If you mean air conditioner, he's not going to run it.
wnjj 04/19/19 06:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Help....advice on purchasing truck camper

What’s with all the band-aids? Either buy a camper that properly fits the truck you have or buy a truck that will carry the camper you want without any band-aids. This quote from the OP may answer your question: Also not wanting to invest a lot of money in a camper right now as we may find it's too much of a down size for us.
wnjj 04/19/19 11:20am Truck Campers
RE: Help....advice on purchasing truck camper

The COG required to be in front of the rear axle isn’t so much a fact as a common suggestion. The manufacturers don’t agree.
wnjj 04/19/19 12:21am Truck Campers
RE: Leveling with air bags correctly

Don't assume what didn't work for your truck won't work for others. Too many variables. Not all TC's add weight to the trucks front axle. And a host of other differences. Well, if they don't then your camper CG (Center of Gravity) is too far rearward and that is not good. LeRoy Trucks are designed to haul weight on their rear axles. There’s nothing wrong with keeping the same or even losing some front axle weight,
wnjj 04/18/19 10:32pm Truck Campers
RE: AA battery life

If you are near a Costco go buy their jumbo pack of Kirkland batteries. I quit using them after lots of leaking batteries screwing up my stuff. Same here. The Kirkland ones have leaked more than any other I’ve seen before. Someone above said they are made by Duracell but they must be to a different spec. We’ve had good luck with the Duracell’s from Costco.
wnjj 04/18/19 09:28am Technology Corner
RE: 4 digit pin nos and security

If they had “find my iPhone” turned on, they can log in to iCloud.com and remote wipe them. If powered up they can also be tracked until the thief wipes them after which there is no more risk anyway.
wnjj 04/18/19 08:52am Technology Corner
RE: Saga of Cell Phone Accident...

The biggest issue with cell phone usage is is holding the device, then it gets worse it the user decides to text!:S Except for the texting part, I disagree. Holding something does not cause a "distraction" since only one hand is required to drive. Dialing, texting and reading are the issue. For some irresponsible drivers the hands-free laws can make things worse when they try to hide their phone down in their laps, taking their eyes even further from the road. The research, and my own observations, do not support your belief. Talking on a cell phone requires additional concentration compared with face-to-face interaction. It can easily be seen by watching a person's behavior when they are grocery shopping and talking on the phone at the same time. Plain and simple - the risk outweighs the benefits by a significant margin. Read what I wrote a little more carefully. I disagreed with his statement that said, "The biggest issue with cell phone usage is is holding the device" and quoted that specifically. The difference between holding and not holding the phone is negligible. It's the conversation that matters. That aside, I do take issue with studies and watching people on phones in a casual situation like shopping and comparing that to real driving situations. It's possible that someone can prioritize differently when performing less critical functions. In other words, they're in a store shopping so who cares what's around them? That same person may well focus first on their driving when it matters. Then again, they may not. Another example: Say you are asked to use a driving simulator while talking on a phone as part of a study. Do you really act the same when you risk nothing with "crashing" in there? Do these studies require you to carry on a coherent conversation? Is there a time limit to when you answer their questions? Can you say umm, umm, while the driving needs you attention and answer when you are stopped at a light? All of those factors will radically affect the quality of your driving during their study. Does talking on a phone while driving take more concentration? Yes. Does it automatically make it dangerous? No. People can be distracted by many other things, even within their own thoughts. Ever drive home from work on "autopilot" and have to actually think the remember the past couple of traffic lights? I know I have. Would my reaction time have suffered if something were to have happened that needed my attention? Maybe.
wnjj 04/17/19 08:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Saga of Cell Phone Accident...

The biggest issue with cell phone usage is is holding the device, then it gets worse it the user decides to text!:S Except for the texting part, I disagree. Holding something does not cause a "distraction" since only one hand is required to drive. Dialing, texting and reading are the issue. For some irresponsible drivers the hands-free laws can make things worse when they try to hide their phone down in their laps, taking their eyes even further from the road. In my opinion adding any distractions makes an excellent driver less so and a poor driver a disaster. Driving requires managing many tasks already and some people just aren't cut out for it. Our licensing system is a joke and doesn't filter out or forcing training upon those who really need it.
wnjj 04/17/19 12:53pm Truck Campers

If you're going to measure anything, measure the hub not the cap. The cap is slightly oversize and may not be perfectly round.
wnjj 04/17/19 12:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Impossible to be in self driving mode. Does not exist. Driver is required to keep hands on the wheel and pay attention. Even while the driving assist mode is being utilized the driver has full function capability to steer the vehicle and reduce speed. Swerving and hitting a parked vehicle is driver error. Seems plain and simple to be. Will be interesting if FSD will allow exceeding the speed limit and allowing passengers to be unbuckled. Yah you beat me to it. What FSD. I have driven Teslas and Nissans and Autopilot (or Nissans propilot) has a lot of safety features but it still requires full driver supervision. You can take your hands off the wheel for brief periods but you have to watch where you are going. The car won't (can't) swerve if your hands on the wheel as you are always in full control. Sounds like she may have got distracted or something. Sad though. Please excuse my naivety here, but what exactly does "driving assist" do if you still have to drive the car? From the sounds of it, even taking your hands off the wheel for a brief moment may be taking a risk if that's when the "assistant" decides to turn the wheel. Providing such a feature should include some responsibility on the part of the manufacturer or should simply be disabled if it cannot work properly.
wnjj 04/17/19 12:41pm Tow Vehicles

That link is a bit confusing though because he lists three sizes (2 of which are so close I can't see they matter) but the ad below is even different than that. Most places seem to call them 1.98". I'm thinking the hub is 1.98" and extra few thousandths is just to ensure a tight fit. https://www.cerka.ca/dust-caps-chart
wnjj 04/17/19 09:41am Tech Issues

I want to order new grease cap for the axle of my trailer. The cap fits inside a pocket covering the axle nut. Wo I measured the outer diameter of the one cap I have and it is 2.045. I see no caps that size so I must be measuring in the wrong place. Where do I measure? Thanks It seems there are 1.986" caps. I'd guess yours is probably that one since the next size up are too big. https://www.etrailer.com/question-4149.html
wnjj 04/17/19 09:38am Tech Issues
RE: Orbital Billboards, a great way to ruin the night sky

Just think, now one will be able to not only drive around yapping on the cell phone or firing off text messages causing total havoc such as in the saga of cell phone accident thread, but they'll also be able to read the sky while doing so. We'll have to ban sunroofs/moonroofs so people aren't distracted looking up.
wnjj 04/16/19 10:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Saga of Cell Phone Accident...

I read your comments with an open mind, but from my view it sounds like a pragmatic justification for the status quo of complacency...While some new boogyman law is not where the answer lies, this threat might be easily addressed via a rudimentary, passive technology, not unlike the circuit breaker in an electrical panel, or even self-locking latch on one’s front door... No need to be led into the weeds - Surely Rocket Science, this Ain’t.... How about taking one of those dozens of cameras we have in our cars these days and pointing it back at the driver’s face? Don’t see the eyeballs for a few seconds, brakes come on. The driver is still the issue here, not the phone.
wnjj 04/14/19 04:44pm Truck Campers
RE: GVWR, AXLE Ratings, and Tire Load Range???

cant be toung weight , if your tires are only rated to 12000 and the truck is rated to 13000, then you have the wrong tires on the truck. toung weight is added to the weight of the truck (takes away from payload) so if you are going to weigh 13000 you have to have tires that can handle it. for me I have the highest payload option in my truck and it requires a 20" tire with a 3750 capacity to have that. so with a different tire I wouldnt have that high of a capicity. think of it as your capacity is only as high as your weekest link. weather it is your axels or your tires one will limit how much you can leagaly carry. Steve Trailer GVWR, not truck.
wnjj 04/13/19 09:50am Towing
RE: Saga of Cell Phone Accident...

For all those saying we got along fine without them: The same goes for cars themselves. Let’s go back to horses and buggies. Heck, they are even self driving. Conveniences have costs. By all means, punish the poor drivers but stop singling out all of the so-called causes.
wnjj 04/13/19 09:46am Truck Campers
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