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RE: Truck Camper Renaissance in Australia

That first one looks like it should hold a set of drums or maybe a sound mixer for the next gig. ;)
wnjj 11/20/18 09:03pm Truck Campers
RE: Knipex Improvement On The Crescent Wrench

"Adjustable jaw open-end wrench. Crescent is a brand name." Vise Grip, Channel Lock, Allen Wrenches-there are other brand names that have become synonymous with a type of tool. When I ask my wife to hand me a tool, I usually use the name that she will associate with a type of tool. I was never politically correct and don't care that these are copyrighted names. If I asked my wife for an L-shaped metal bar with a hexagonal head at each end she would slap me up side the head for not saying Allen Wrench. Not an 'allen' wrench either, it's a hex key. Allen was the first to produce then for the market. I call them what they are...Hex keys. And the other 99.99 percent of us will continue to call them Crescent and Allens and know full well what is meant. Good luck asking a normal person for help grabbing tools. Do you blow your nose in a facial tissue?
wnjj 11/20/18 04:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Arctic Fox 990 on SRW in the Snow?

Finally found the applicable law for Oregon. Long story short, and as many have suggested/surmised, it's all about tires and axle weight. Rather than clutter up the thread, the relevant laws are 818.020 and its reference to 818.10, if anyone wants to look them up. synopsis: lesser of sidewall weigh rating or 600lbs multiplied by the total width of tires (in inches) on the axle = maximum weight on that axle. I can't find any other reference to actual laws/penalties, especially any that pertain to the tire and loading sticker. I'd be interested in seeing those though, if anyone knows of anything. Best I can tell, Oregon's legalese is primarily concerned with damage to roads and the repercussion is a fine that would be minimal for the average TC owner, not to mention highly unlikely. I don't read that statute the same way. It says exactly this: The manufacturer’s side wall tire rating (but not to exceed 600 pounds) X the sum of the tire widths, in inches, of the wheels of the axle or tandem axles = maximum allowable weight. It says it's the sidewall rating multiplied by total tire tread width for that axle. In that context, the 3-4k lb "max load" rating of a tire we're all familiar with doesn't make any sense. Does anyone know if commercial tires (which this law is mostly about) are rated differently with a "per-inch" spec?
wnjj 11/20/18 02:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Arctic Fox 990 on SRW in the Snow?

Jeez... For a guy who dishes out far more sarcasm than he receives, my meter must have been way off yesterday. I just checked with him, and indeed, he was messing with me. I wish that made my decision easier as opposed to cloudier. I guess I need to dig back into the state statutes. As far as WA is concerned, it looks like TIRES are the main deciding factor. I'll see if I can find the snippet I found yesterday for OR. Let me know if you find anything. The only things I ever found in ORS involving GVWR is that 26001 lbs and up is commercial and other classifications like for chain laws. Vehicle weights are only concerned with 600 lbs per inch of tread witdth which won’t even come close on a truck camper. Lastly, the standard you do have to meet is for braking: 20 mph to 0 within 35 feet (https://www.oregonlaws.org/ors/815.125).
wnjj 11/20/18 09:21am Truck Campers
RE: Happijac TC jacks stop, no light

It's not the controller toming out. I've seen that (if you run the jacks for 1-2 minutes straight or set the remote down for a while). This issue is the power to the board I beleive because the light on the remote is off. I replaced all of the breakers last night so I'm hoping it will fix things. As an engineer, I was curious about the condition of the old breakers. I openned the old ones up and found that the 40A used for the jacks had signs of significant history of arcing at the contact as well as lots of corrosion on the poles and a bit of surface corrosion inside the housing. With all that corrosion, the current seen across the contact could have increased the draw from the jacks above the 40A rating (guessing as I'm an ME not EE). Your theory is good. Corrosion creates resistance which in turn causes voltage drop. Lower voltage on motors causes more current draw, aggravating the problem. Not only that, the heat created by the resistance directly affects thermal breakers if that’s what kind it is.
wnjj 11/16/18 11:36am Truck Campers
RE: Tell me your horror stories (Diesel)

Onto the topic at hand, I tried to find my long post about why I wasn't going back to diesel from 2014ish, but I can't find it. This one: https://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/27567786 Found it using google with “diesel gas ib516 site: RV.net” with no space after the : . For older posts you need to trim the “/print/true.cfm” from the end of link to make it look normal.
wnjj 11/16/18 09:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Yet another CO detector low voltage question

My CO detector goes off when the coach batteries reach 11.8V. Most specs I've found indicate detectors run all the way down to 7-8 volts. Is mine at the end of life? Maybe the spec simply means it will still sound down to 7-8 volts, not that it will sit there quietly and function down to there. You want significant overlap between false sounding and completely dead or a rapidly discharging battery would go from detecting (but quiet) to completely quiet without warning.
wnjj 11/15/18 09:33am Tech Issues
RE: What would you do?

https://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/24853750/print/true.cfm Here is a link to the literature on my Camper I pulled from another thread in the forum. Mine is the S85R. To bad it is way more of a beast than the lit actually states that it is. With that said, I believe it is one of the best laid out floor plans for a short bed truck. The only real draw back is the dining area is cramped, or I need to lose 50 lbs. It's probably the later. The thing we love about it is we can use the bathroom anytime and the whole camper for that matter, without pushing the slide out. It has tons of storage for things you buy while on vacation too. It looks like we are going to be hunting for a new truck! If you get rid of the "/print/true.cfm", the thread will come up "normal": https://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/24853750
wnjj 11/14/18 09:15am Truck Campers
RE: What would you do?

Putting a short bed camper on a long bed truck is perfectly OK. So is having the COG behind the rear axle, despite the RVrumormill.net opinion. I have no personal experience with running a truck/camper combo with the center of gravity behind the rear axle. I nevertheless get a bit nervous whenever somebody in a forum offers an opinion that appears to contradict logic and the laws of physics, at least in so far as I think I understand them. If you are running with rear COG personally, do you have with and without scale readings on your setup? I don't have personal experience as mine is slightly forward (at least until I add the trailer) but according to publications from GM, my camper COG can be anywhere in the bed so long as the percentage of total weight carried by the front axle meets a certain minimum. COG of a truck plus the camper is all the axles see. They don't care one bit whether it's weight from the truck or its cargo. When empty, the rear axle weighs less than the front. When loaded with a camper the rear weighs close to 2x the front. How can a few hundreds pounds one way or the other make any measurable difference?
wnjj 11/13/18 08:48pm Truck Campers
RE: What would you do?

Putting a short bed camper on a long bed truck is perfectly OK. So is having the COG behind the rear axle, despite the RVrumormill.net opinion. You’d be hard pressed to find a large short-bed camper that doesn’t have a rearward COG. Regardless, the extra length of a long bed is between the front and rear axles which means a camper loads to the same place relative to the axle on either bed length. Get the dually and be happy.
wnjj 11/13/18 09:00am Truck Campers
RE: Dark differential lube

I'm an old guy, been building hot rods forty years, been towing with a ton of variety of tow vehicles, I have NEVER changed brake fluid. Yes it is hygroscopic, but needs an entry point to introduce air, considering brake systems are sealed so the oil (fluid) can't get out, how does air or water get in? Yes, you should change the oil in the tranny annd diffs, but thats just good maintenance. The OCD people who change their fluid are probably introducing water when the take the brake reservoir cap off every week to check it. ;)
wnjj 11/08/18 10:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Adding Scissor Steps to an Eagle Cap 950???

I forgot to add that using a ladder instead of an attached stair is much more compatible with towing. We often don't disconnect the trailer and the ladder sits nicely beside the tongue.
wnjj 11/08/18 08:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Adding Scissor Steps to an Eagle Cap 950???

3-step Little Jumbo Ladder. Stores on the floor during transit. Very strudy and useful around home too. I left the folding step off years ago.
wnjj 11/08/18 12:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Snow closes National Parks!

500' short of the summit of Mt. St. Helens several years ago: http://whiz.to/~35chuck/sthelens.jpg width=800
wnjj 11/06/18 01:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Any experience with new gas engines hauling heavy??

I really wish GM would bring back the 8.1. Put a nice modern transmission behind it.....that would be awesome. Sorry I'm dreaming. If the new 6.6 gas engine becomes a real thing, it will put out the same torque as the 8.1 and more HP: https://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/29768907.cfm
wnjj 11/02/18 03:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fridge Electric Lamp But N0 120v

Display, interior light, controls are DC Servel Silhouette SERVICE MANUAL They still could have bothered to turn the indicator light OFF when there is no AC power applied or just use a neon light in the first place. It’s misleading to light up the equivalent of a “120V operation” light when it’s not operating.
wnjj 10/31/18 11:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Tapping Into 120v Question

I was able to pass a wire (after much digging around for a route) from my new receptacle to another receptacle that has both sets of terminals filled, so it is a "middle of the run". I added the new receptacle's three wires to that, and it is working showing two yellows on my three-light tester, as it should. So I avoided the wire nut "issue", but I am still not clear on the series vs parallel thing since it seems to me, I have stolen from the next in the run by tapping in like that. Does it make any difference if you tap in sideways like I did from adding another receptacle to the "run", for what you can draw from the receptacle? Thanks. Just so I understand what you mean by series -vs- parallel: Are you calling wires come from the panel, to a receptacle then "split" into 2 wires to feed other receptacles "parallel" as in the wire splits into parallel paths as opposed to one after the other on a single long run? Regardless, the wire is more than capable of the full rated current of the circuit breaker so no, you cannot "steal" any power by how you wire them. Think of this another way: Think of the wires as rope hanging over a cliff and the receptacles as men who are repelling. If you have all three attached to the same rope one below the other, the maximum weight will be felt at the top of the rope. Now if only one guy is suspended from that rope but in turn has 2 different ropes connected to him that have the other guys on them, the load on the top rope is the same. The weak link is always the rope connected to the top.
wnjj 10/30/18 07:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Short bed TC on Long bed truck with storage in front?

wnjj 10/29/18 09:01am Truck Campers
RE: Remote Control Thermostat?

You could use a remote switch but it would not turn the heat off until you manually turn it off. https://www.amazon.com/Switch-Wireless-Control-1-Channel-Transmitters/dp/B071WM1YGS/ref=asc_df_B071WM1YGS/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=216539147262&hvpos=1o4&hvnetw=g&hvrand=17909402533161521515&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=t&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9032895&hvtargid=pla-351410254745&psc=1
wnjj 10/28/18 11:59pm Tech Issues
RE: CP4 Class action lawsuit

Class action lawsuits aren't as much about making those who were wronged right again. They're more about levying a "fine" against the company who caused the problem and to that end we all benefit a little if the company cleans up their act. That said I don't know how much the lawsuit helps versus maintaining a good reputation with their customers.
wnjj 10/28/18 04:40pm Tow Vehicles
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