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RE: Wonder if truck makers will start making 10001 # 1/2 tons.

It's amazing how someone can think their way of life needs to imposed on everyone else even though they don't understand other people's way of life. Yes, the whole world must comply with our way of life, no matter if our grandkids have no clean air or water The 1970’s called. They want their clean air and water argument back.
wnjj 02/23/21 06:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Electrical question

It looks like this would work fine. Connect power to the A1/A2 terminals, the hot to pin 15 and each of the lights to pins 16 & 18. The 'on' time will be for one output and the 'off' time for the other. Both times are independently programmable from 0.1s to 100days. Less than $30.
wnjj 02/17/21 10:28pm Tech Issues
RE: No brakes on trailer

If you follow the 7 pin cable back to the trailer, it will eventually terminate in a box near the trailer box on the tongue. All grounds are supposed to terminate at that point and one ground wire from that box will run to the frame of the trailer. I opened up that box last night looking for any stray wires or anything that didn't look right. There are no wires going out from that box to the frame. I wonder if that could be something I should add? If you want to confirm you have a ground connection through the 7-pin connector, plug the trailer into the truck but without the hitch dropped onto the ball. If the lights work, you must have a ground wire.
wnjj 02/09/21 07:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Advice to reduce truck camper sway (2018 Ram 2500)

Make sure your tires are aired up to max and consider upgraded shocks.
wnjj 02/09/21 12:27am Truck Campers
RE: No brakes on trailer

Put your meter on ohms and check for resistance at the trailer connector (with it disconnected from the truck). You should measure only a couple ohms between the brake pin and ground pin (or frame). Repeat as needed by moving down the wire closer to the wheels until you measure something.
wnjj 02/08/21 09:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Home dryer help needed

It doesn't make sense that they don't include a cord, especially since they say don't use the old one but the instructions with a pic are supplied both for a 3 and a 4 prong, which my outlet is. They don’t include a cord because houses have a mix of 3 or 4 pin receptacles. Cords aren’t that expensive and are available at home improvement and hardware stores. I’d use the old one if it’s not damaged.
wnjj 02/03/21 01:55am Tech Issues
RE: House trailer endorsement in BC

Thanks again, Steve. I appreciate your input. Shouldn't be too bad a deal. no just know the list by heart. vocaly tell them everything you check as you check it. little tip if you have a mirror on some sort of stand take that and place it behind your camper where you willbe able to see your brake and tail lights as you test them from the truck. other wise there is no way to check your brake lights by your self and my tester got a little snippy when I asked her to tell me if my brake lights were working. she is the one that sugested having a mirroe so I wcould do it myself. Steve Or bring a 2x4 to cram between the seat and brake pedal so you can walk back and check yourself.
wnjj 02/02/21 09:18am Towing
RE: Power pedestal wiring question

I'm sure there are pedestals out there wired like you described but there is no way of knowing without looking at how it's wired inside and that does not happen without opening up the pedestal and no one does that. I suppose one could just turn off the 30A breaker and then check if the 20A receptacle still has power.
wnjj 02/02/21 09:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Power pedestal wiring question

Well depends on the age of the park! Older parks May have the pedestal feed by a 30 amp breaker for both circuits. They may have as many as four pedestals fed by a single 70 amp breaker. Newer parks may have that pedestal fed by a 50 amp breaker, I would say if it only has a 30 and 20 you have less than 50 amps available. Consider cooking and heating water using gas. We do that and use about 7 gallons of propane a month. Yep. I know you are familiar with Oregon State Parks and I have a story about that. Maybe 10 years ago our family were camped on a cold evening in a coastal state park (Beverly Beach?). We had 5 or 6 sites in a row. A few of us had space heaters running and we lost power. After getting nowhere with the camp host (too late, will call someone tomorrow, etc), I looked around and found the main panel a couple spots down in our loop. Naturally it had a padlock by the door but it was just locked through a hole on the end of a little metal flat bar that protruded past the bottom of the box so that the lock hasp blocked the door. It bent down with the slightest force and allowed the door to open. Inside I found a 60A (I'm pretty sure) breaker tripped which I reset, closed the door and bent the bar back up. I think there were 4 or maybe 5 sites out with that one breaker.
wnjj 02/01/21 12:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: easier panel removal for water pump access--how to do it?

Ball and socket like speaker grille cloths use for a professional look, provided the panel can be make thick enough with trim boards. Otherwise Velcro is simplest.
wnjj 12/02/20 01:52am Tech Issues
RE: Oven ignitor

I just assumed the reason for no igniter in the oven is due to how hot it gets in the oven. I always assumed it’s because having a striker inside a closed compartment that may have built up gas was a bad idea.
wnjj 11/21/20 11:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Rotten wings

Here are a couple threads from some who have: https://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/25933590.cfm https://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/27440438.cfm
wnjj 11/18/20 05:17pm Truck Campers
RE: Brake question

No need to jack anything up. The brake coils will sing when activated and are easy to hear. Just put your head down near each wheel to confirm them.
wnjj 11/13/20 02:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: 10/3 Wire split

I’m with Bumpyroad. As long as conductors aren’t damaged I’d just do a better electrical tape job around both conductors (a couple thicknesses of tape provides much more than 120v protection); then electrical tape over the whole “surgery”. Finally, you need to protect it from the type damage that occurred - that depends on space and what’s around; heat shrink probably sufficient, but only if nothing sharp or a rub hazard as it bounces down the road. Worst case you could encase it in a sleeve of pvc or something more protective. If I was to bother with more, I’d probably replace the whole length of wire. Although box and wire nuts would be fine, frankly the wire nut junction has more potential for failure than a good tape up job on what you already have. My 2 cents... x2
wnjj 11/07/20 08:41pm Tech Issues
RE: GFCI outlet is popping when I plug in coach

Start generator…all good. See GFCI in coach in bathroom popped. OK, I reset it thinking somehow that had something to do with issue. Shut generator off and plug in again. GFCI pops again that I am plugged into. (Also, GFCI in coach pops.) This the key point Gfi for house trips, RV bathroom gfi trips When shore cord is plugged in Nothing trips when on generator, RV bathroom gfi Does Reset on generator power Problem is between ats and stick house gfi used for shore power ATS does switch hots and neutral Neutral leak is NOT present when using generator Either that or the generator isn’t bonded. If it isn’t bonded, there is no loop formed between neutral and ground even with a downstream neutral/ground short.
wnjj 11/01/20 11:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Time to Develop a Solution for Scissor Stairs (Bigfoots)

little giant steps I use these - the steps are really deep and level (like regular stairs) and the handhold bar can fold down out of the way. Takes about 3 seconds to pull out of the camper and set up. WAAAAYY cheaper than the scissors-fold steps. I should add that being free-standing means I can move them around to crank the jacks or open/close the pop-up latches Ditto. Very sturdy and useful around the house too. Can also work next to a trailer tongue for those times we leave it connected.
wnjj 11/01/20 10:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Another 6.6 gas question

I don't get the 10 speed OCD discussions. I drive a different truck every day at work, all 3 US flavors and probably almost every combination at one time or another. Unless your always in Flatlands running empty/not towing and going for squeezing every last drop for fuel mileage, all those extra gears are wasted fluff. In hill country loaded or towing you'll never be up in them much if at all and it does not matter what is in front of the tranny. More gears = more heat and more parts to wear. Mostly agree. Regardless of gears you still need the same HP/TQ to climb a mtn or cruise the interstate. However an 8sp or 10 speed will have better spacing between gears and allow the vehicle to maintain speeds easier without lugging or over revving. Exactly, with my 4 speed GM 6.0 when it down shifts its a 1000 rpm jump. I have so many times that it would be great to have a gear in the middle. When I'm running on flattish interstate I've have to choose between struggling at 2000 rpm, and reving at 3000rpms, but it be great to have a gear at 2500rpm. I've pulled from ATL to the FL Keys turning 3000rpms and it did fine, but 2500rpms would be perfect. Considering gas engines have such a wide range of RPM between working with loads and cruising for mileage when empty, the more gears the better. When the 6-speeds came out, they mostly improved the empty cruising with 2 overdrives instead of 1. The grade pulling gears aren't really that different. When comparing the 6L80E to a 4L80E for example, the 6-speed adds a lower 1st gear but 2-3 are similar to what 1-2 were on the 4 speed. 4th is 15% lower than 3rd was. So practically speaking you didn't gain much in terms of useable hill climbing gears. More would definitely be nice.
wnjj 10/28/20 12:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Trouble with my Honda 2000 genset

Once years ago mine did that when it was really cold out. I just kept restarting it a few times in a row and it eventually stayed running and ran fine after that. The oil level may have been marginal at the time. Make really sure your oil level is completely full. Consider changing the oil. Or maybe your oil level sender is bad?
wnjj 10/26/20 01:27pm Tech Issues
RE: City Water Tank Bypass Issue

The pump normally prevents water from being pushed through it into the tank but sometimes a piece of debris can stick in it and cause it to leak. Using the pump may have already cured your issue. If not you may have to take apart the pump head and clean it. Worst case you need a pump rebuild kit, new pump or install an extra check valve after the pump output.
wnjj 10/22/20 09:27am Tech Issues
RE: GM’s official run at Tesla starts with its E Hummer debut.

I was kind of thinking the lane change thing maybe. I don't off-road so I wasn't sure if there was an application there or not. For parallel parking, it would be great if the wheels turned 90 degrees. Then you could just pull up even with the spot, turn the wheels and slide right in. Just seems like a gimmick to try to add something unique. The parking thing...another 'new' old idea. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ki9otMeiRP0
wnjj 10/21/20 06:38pm Tow Vehicles
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