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RE: Hard to find radio knobs

try salvage yards, someone has got to have a wreck trucked like yours and the same radio in it I’d bet any working nav/radio is likely pulled and only sold as a complete unit.
wnjj 01/19/19 07:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Importance of Camper Package on new DRW truck

Yes they are related, although you misread the sentence. You would not like sway bar from semi mounted on Fiat 500 and vice versa Perhaps not, but a "camper package" stronger sway bar sounds like a good idea for a truck hauling a camper. Sway is caused by high COG loads and affects the entire truck, no matter which axle is carrying the weight.
wnjj 01/17/19 11:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Importance of Camper Package on new DRW truck

When I build my F350 dually, the only thing the camper package would give me was stronger front sway bar. Since my camper takes the weight off front axle, they did not offer option for thinner sway bar and I declined the option. What does the weight of the front axle have to do with the need for a front anti-sway bar? Those are unrelated.
wnjj 01/17/19 04:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Heavy Duty Electric Trucks are Coming...

So this was just released today... Electric F150 Coming. It isn't a Super Duty just yet but that cannot be far away. Perhaps the truck I posted at the beginning of this thread may never come to existence but I'm pretty confident that Ford is capable of releasing this all electric F150. I'm betting that within 5 years there will be electric or hybrid electric Super Duty trucks coming out. Should it be called the F120 or F240?
wnjj 01/17/19 08:20am Truck Campers
RE: Millennials and RVs

i'm good at math, but these numbers confuse me how is being born in 1961, 16 years after the end of WWII be a boomer are we going by 20yr generation spreads after or before a certain event or by the years immediately following said event i guess the economy was still going good in 1961, ( i turned 14 ) but booming like in 1947 or 1950 ?, the gold rush was a boom, did not last 20yrs i never did consider those born in the 60's to be boomers i guess, ive got history all wrong Generations are about 20 years. They tend to get a name affixed which doesn't literally apply to everyone. Boomers are named after the boom in birthrate, not the economy. Check out the graph on the wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baby_boomers A generation's traits depends a lot upon how things were during the various phases of life (childhood, teen, young adult). War, cultural shifts, politics, technology, etc. That said, the stereotypes of a generation are just that, broad brushes that may not apply to all. The definition of each generation is also not firmly planted so is usually described as a range. Those on the boundaries can choose whether they like to be considered one or the other. ;)
wnjj 01/15/19 06:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Millennials and RVs

I tend to agree with the young man who earlier mentioned how the ladder has been pulled up and away. If there's been a gimme generation, it's We boomers. How do you figure that? :? I worked since I was 14 years old, and have earned and paid for EVERYTHING I have! Nothing was EVER given to me, including my retirement and SS. I'm wondering where this ladder is. I certainly had no ladder. It was up by the bootstraps or stay down. A ladder would have been great. I'm assuming he's referring to the national debt, which wasn't paid but theoretically provided benefits whether direct or indirect.
wnjj 01/15/19 05:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Millennials and RVs

1981-1996 confuses the 'H' out of me how can that be millennial, when its 20yrs before the change of the century/millennium ? makes no sense to me,, but i'll accept the answer i know i'm a 'Boomer', born 1947 The definition came from those who graduated and/or came of age at the change of the millennium (i.e. class of 2000 and beyond).
wnjj 01/15/19 12:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Leveling with half of a Lynx block??

For the OP: In case you’re in a spot where Dutchman’s idea won’t work because you’re short of Lynx, drill several holes in your plywood spacers so you can use zip ties to tether them under or on top of the Lynx. If you don’t need them next time, just cut them free.
wnjj 01/13/19 09:55am Tech Issues
RE: Leveling with half of a Lynx block??

I’m one of those who likes it really level too for some of the following reasons: 1. If my head is even 1/2” lower than my feet it feels like I’m doing a headstand when sleeping (little exaggeration there but I can tell). This is front to back on our truck camper. 2. While the fridge will run fine a little out of level, I hate when I open the door and it keeps shutting on my arm when I’m getting stuff in or out. 3. Even fry and egg or make pancakes? It’s tough when they run to one side of the pan.
wnjj 01/13/19 09:52am Tech Issues
RE: single axel or double

A dual axle will handle bumps better (i.e. easier on the trailer itself and its contents). When only one axle climbs over something like a speed bump, the trailer frame only raises half the distance since the equalizer shares the load between axles. On a single axle it raise the same as the tire. This does not affect “handling” in the sense of towing.
wnjj 01/09/19 09:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Slide problem

ScottG What is a shear bolt, where is it and how do I get to it? Dave Don't know for sure but if your AF is like our Eagle Cap, there is one drive motor that turns a gear against a rack that's mounted on the slide. Then there is a long shaft that drives a second gear on the far end of the slide. Somewhere along that shaft there could be a shear bolt that can break if the slide gets out of whack. Does your slide act like only one end is driven (i.e. when you extended it, does it "drag" the other end out with it and then does it run the same end back in sooner until it drags the other in back in)? With the slide in, look up under the floor area. If it stays angled the same no matter whether it's in or out, perhaps one gear jumped a tooth? EDIT: It looks like the AF mechanism is shown here: https://www.truckcampermagazine.com/camper-tech/systems/slide-out-camper-maintenance/ The shaft is square but they don't show the far side. Where the square shaft connects to the gear there is a bolt that joins the drive shaft to the gear shaft then one where the shaft leaves the other side (and a third entering the far side gear).
wnjj 01/07/19 05:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Home Depot has champion 2000 for $349

https://www.homedepot.com/p/Champion-Power-Equipment-2-000-Watt-Gasoline-Portable-Inverter-Generator-100565/306113176 If your in the market for one, this is a heck of a price. For $60 you can extend the warranty to 6 years That link is now showing at $599. ??????:? Did you check link from your smart phone? I checked it from my Iphone and it came up at $599 also, but $349 on my laptop. Not sure why $349 from an iPad here.
wnjj 01/07/19 09:39am Tech Issues
RE: Battery disconnect - can I still use my heat?

So using an automotive charger to charge the two batteries at the same time is no issue? Connected to positive on one battery and negative on the other, of course. Not quite. If you are using two 12 volt batteries you can connect one to the camper and the other to the charger alternating as required. If you choose to use two 12 volt batteries at the same time they must be connected in parallel. That is connect positive to positive and negative to negative on the batteries and either positive to camper positive and either negative to camper negative. With the batteries connected as above you can connect a stand alone charger by connecting its positive to either battery positive and its negative to either battery negative. For balanced charging of paralleled batteries you want to connect the positive and negative charger leads to opposite batteries and not both on the same battery. I think that’s what the poster above was suggesting.
wnjj 01/07/19 09:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Scamming the scammers :)

I have read before that simply answering a spam call lets them flag your number as a valid number. That gets added to a phone list that is sold to others causing the increase in calls. Using caller ID we almost never answer a call we do not recognize. Most of the time they hang up before the answering machine answers, or do not leave a message. And if we do get a call from some spam number leaving a message (such as "this is the IRS"), I add it to the block list in my answering machine so we never get it again. Blacklisting numbers is a waste of time since they are spoofed. Most of the spam calls I get on my cellphone are the same area code and prefix as mine, in an attempt to make me think it’s someone local. The one time when the same number called right back I answered it and it was a gal who said she missed a call from me. I explained to her that my number just happened to be the one they spoofed for that call. A buddy of mine once kept a scammer going about his PC for a half hour, only to tell him we was sitting on the couch and not rebooting etc, like he was asked. His best quote to the guy, “if you’re going to scam people you at least need to pronounce it right. Let’s say it together, ‘information’”.
wnjj 12/29/18 10:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Would you buy diesel again?

My biggest beef with Diesel is the better than even chance you get it on your hands and feet when fueling. As I shop for a new Diesel truck, my wife reminds me how I bitched about diesel everywhere at most pumps. My old Solera needed fuel every 200ish miles. I look forward to having closer to 400 miles between fill ups. What IS the story with this? Seems like diesel people (probably in commercial vehicles) are just slobs. They get it all over the ground, on the handle, on the pump itself. I don't spill it. Who does? People are slobs regardless of fuel choice (e.g. public restrooms). It’s just that gasoline evaporates and diesel leaves a slimy layer behind.
wnjj 12/28/18 12:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Gmail Question

I use gmail but with an email clientp. Folder creation, rules, etc. are identical to other emails. I hate webmail. WOW ! There is someone else in this world who agrees with me !! I have been using Thunderbird for probably over 15 years. • Simple • CONSISTENT • No advertisement ! Anyone who has more than one email account, especially on different service is doing themselves a great DIS-SERVICE by not using an email client. You can easily copy the contents of one folder on one service to a folder ON A DIFFERENT SERVICE ! One of the best feature is the easy of embedding images. Simply Copy and Paste anywhere in the document. Easily insert horizontal lines, tables, links, etc. regardless of what server/service you are using. x3. But I'm a Luddite who is still using Windows Live Mail (with 5 accounts from multiple providers pulled in). Don't worry about learning too much of anything Google makes...it'll completely change with the next "UP"date.
wnjj 12/26/18 09:34pm Technology Corner
RE: Surprises just keep coming ... new 5er

Let's face it, there's no downside to the battery operated igniters, stove top or oven. Except, of course, the obvious downside of having to replace batteries every once in a while or worse scrape corrosion out if you don't use it for a while and the battery rots. I'm fine with clack-clack ones.
wnjj 12/26/18 07:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2500 v 3500 and Chain Requirements

note that the exemption for 4wd ONLY applies to vehicles with GVW under 6500lbs, However this seems to conflict with signage since sinage usually says over 10,000lbs. The 6500 is unloaded weight and the 10k is GVWR (rating).
wnjj 12/23/18 10:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2500 v 3500 and Chain Requirements

I’ve commented on this thing before and it’s not a coincidence that my older 3500 SRW is 9900 GVWR. There are/were also signs along I-5 in Washington about 10k lbs and left lane (of 3) driving. More goes into GVWR than “engineering.”
wnjj 12/23/18 01:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Exterior wall vent fix

Just Curious, Why is it important to latch it closed? Mine is far off the ground (and a different style) and cannot reach without the ladder. I found it too much of a hassle to add to my setup and teardown routine and have left it unclipped for years. Never had any issues. Rain can blow in either on the road or in a storm when the flap opens from the wind. Might not be a problem in your area. Plus the flap itself isn’t meant to withstand road-speed winds. If anyone has gotten away with it they’re just lucky.
wnjj 12/22/18 10:53am Tech Issues
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