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RE: OEM vs Aftermarket - Chinese JUNK Comparison

We have a 2005 Silverado and a 2014 Yukon, both with stock headlights. The '05 headlights blow the doors off the '14, hands down. Every time I switch back to the truck I'm amazed how those older lights project. The Yukon lights are terrible and when you switch to high beam there is barely a noticeable difference in light output or projection distance. Both vehicles' lenses look clear yet. It looks like the GMC truck lights were slightly different than the Chevy in the mid-2000's. I wonder if GMC puts too much into the styling over the function?
wnjj 05/03/22 11:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Wiring battery combiner into 7 pin harness

You can take the wire off the stud and install the isolator there. That way you don’t even need to open the hood, let alone pull the fuse.
wnjj 05/02/22 11:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Storage RV lot with GFIC breakers

Post a picture of the breaker.
wnjj 03/28/22 12:09am Tech Issues
RE: 30 to 50 amp adapter

Here’s the 4-pin version: Amazon OR Also Amazon
wnjj 03/26/22 11:04am Tech Issues
RE: Storage RV lot with GFIC breakers

What brand of breakers are they? Eaton had a run of them about 10 years ago I think that were prone to false tripping from radio interference. A couple of years ago my elderly aunt kept having the breaker trip for her living room. It would happen anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. I first tried reseating the breaker and tightening the screw connection. I then tried swapping breakers with one from another position in the panel. After the swap BOTH started false tripping! So after reading about this issue with this age of Eaton breakers I ordered two new ones, installed them and no more issue since. Even if they’re not Eaton, it’s possible they are susceptible anyway. I would ask the owner to try a new breaker (not a spare from any inventory).
wnjj 03/26/22 10:58am Tech Issues
RE: No Power to 7-Way Plug?

Good to hear. Thanks for checking back with the results.
wnjj 03/03/22 03:27pm Truck Campers
RE: The only real SRW “One Ton” that isn’t really a 3/4 ton

Some of y’all need to get off the couch and find something constructive to do. Why would you start comparing an antique to a new truck as if it is a viable or even remotely comparable option? What I got out of BM post,was the payload of 5355# is actually more than a lot of newer DRW and the newer SRW are not even close....I personally wonder why payload went backwards instead of forward in newer trucks. Mostly because the curb weight of the trucks has steadily claimed, along with the number of seats, creature comforts and safety features. The GVWR probably is quite similar to or lower than modern trucks.
wnjj 03/03/22 10:10am Truck Campers
RE: No Power to 7-Way Plug?

wnjj 03/03/22 02:11am Truck Campers
RE: No Power to 7-Way Plug?

When you say, “adding a fuse”, did you add an inline fuse or did you populate the fuse in the fuse box that powers up stud #1? Did you make sure there is power where you connected the wire? Thanks for the reply! I populated the fuse in the fuse box to power stud #1, but I didn’t check if there was power to the wire. I’m not sure how to do that, but I did check the fuse with the multimeter and it was good. To check the power on the wire, would I take a voltage reading with the multimeter with the black probe on the truck frame and the red probe on the power wire while the truck is on?? Yes, but you don’t even need the truck on as stud #1 is on full time. You can also put the black probe on the negative battery post if it’s nearby (or use a piece of wire to get there). I installed an automatic isolator (solid state) between the stud and the wire. Before that I would pull the fuse in camp so I didn’t run the truck down. You can unplug at the rear bumper easy enough. My truck also has an in-bed plug connected to the harness you mentioned that is stowed behind the cab. Both 7-way plugs are connected to the same place.
wnjj 03/03/22 02:09am Truck Campers
RE: No Power to 7-Way Plug?

When you say, “adding a fuse”, did you add an inline fuse or did you populate the fuse in the fuse box that powers up stud #1? Did you make sure there is power where you connected the wire?
wnjj 03/03/22 01:49am Truck Campers
RE: How to mount stairs to old Lance?

Get a decent sized plate of aluminum and bend the edge over. Mount it to the bottom side of the camper with the bent edge hanging down (or maybe just set the camper down onto it when you load up). Attach the stairs to the bent over edge.
wnjj 02/22/22 02:00am Truck Campers
RE: Toilet Fills with Water Pump On

That would drain the toilet, not fill it. Must not have been the case. Likely the blade is connected to the water valve so that if it doesn’t travel far enough shut the water continues to run.
wnjj 01/31/22 09:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Multiple Buyers. Who gets the RV?

Cash in hand. When I first started selling stuff on our local Marketplace apps I can't tell you how many times people would say "I'll be there at 5 PM to get it" and then never show. Meanwhile I've turned other people away. And now if I go back to those other people I've lost my bargaining position to some extent because they know my other buyer didn't pan out. Now I do everything it's not sold until you pay me for it and I make everyone aware that this is how I do it. It's situational. If I'm going to invest time and money to drive a distance to buy, I'm not going to bother if it may disappear before I get there. You may be alienating buyers with your method. If you get a commitment for someone to show by a certain time, simply tell the other buyers that after that time it's all theirs. No reason to "turn them away", just inform them someone else is tentative. If that causes them to give up they weren't serious buyers.
wnjj 01/31/22 12:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Multiple Buyers. Who gets the RV?

I agree the guy 4 hrs away gets the first shot. If your not good on your word your not good for anything else. Besides, both people know that there is another person interested. If the guy 4 hours away doesn't want it you still got the other local guy who does. Agree. As long as you represented what you’re selling accurately, most people willing to drive 4 hours are serious buyers. Put yourself in their shoes. How would you like to drive 4 hours to have “cash talks” buy it out from under you?
wnjj 01/29/22 01:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why won’t my Champion C46540 generator run the microwave?

OP: What you posted for connection is not correct. The hour pin twist lock is a 120/240 genset output. The 30TT three wire receptacle is 120 volt. The twist lock only has a 240 volt output rated at 14.6 amps. See page 6 of owner's manual You should be using the 30TT recptacle to get full load from genset. What is shore power connection in your rig? This makes sense. If you are indeed using the 4 pin connector to a 50A 4 pin RV cord you are only able to use 1/2 of that power for any one of the 120V devices. Our 2000W Honda struggles with the microwave so 1/2 of 3500W would definitely do so. Since your RV doesn't need 240V, using the 30TT will allow all of the wattage at 120V, which in turn can be connected to both legs of the RV via an adapter.
wnjj 01/04/22 06:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Tandem axle vs single

I think the “off road” advantage for tandem is because any bump encountered will turn into two (as each tire hits it) but will be half as tall since the equalizer will transfer the wheel travel onto both. The trailer frame will only see the average change of both wheels.
wnjj 12/31/21 02:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Are the HP wars over?

Torque is what counts when hauling a load. LOL, I wish you would tell that to my 440ft/lbs of torque 6.5 when I'm doing 25 MPH up a hill and a 5.3 gas rig with 383ft/lbs comes blowing past me like I'm standing still pulling the same or bigger trailer. :R How I like to put it: ultimately, HP gets a load up a hill (as per Newton). Torque is simply a way of making hp, via rpm. But if an engine ONLY has torque (2000 lb-ft @ 150rpm), it's getting nowhere fast. Another law of physics: you can always CREATE torque with gearing, but you cannot create more power. You just made two opposing statements, first is Torque is a way making HP through RPM. The second, you can create Torque through RPM and gearing. The second is true. Both are true and not conflicting. The first one is referring to the engine itself. It creates power by generating torque and rpm. The second one is referring to the rest of the power train between the engine and the wheel where you can multiply torque but not power.
wnjj 12/23/21 11:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Are chips coming available?

What I don't understand is why we have so much excess chip manufacturing capacity sitting idle here in the USA? It seems every time we hear of a chip shortage, suddenly these US based manufactures produce all sorts of plans to turn on production at these idle plants IF the government would just throw in some money. I would think demand is high enough to make producing chips in the US profitable. Or is this just another run on tax payer money to build a plant that isn't really needed? (I think those of you in AZ, NV and TX knows what I'm talking about with those idle taxpayer funded chip plants) The simple explanation is that chip manufacturing foundries are not interchangeable. They are purpose-built for a specific technology. Converting chip designs from one technology to another takes months to years. Also, some automotive chips are built on older technology and it would take an awful lot of incentive to build capacity for an otherwise outdated technology.
wnjj 12/16/21 09:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Grey tank ABS pipe leak

It’s a bit of effort but you can cut lengthwise cuts in the bell end and pry it off in pieces. I’m not sure if there’s enough room to work in there.
wnjj 12/08/21 09:29am Travel Trailers
RE: Black Water Valve Will Not Close

Put one of these on and get through the winter: https://www.amazon.com/Valterra-T58-Twist-On-Waste-Valve/dp/B000BGHYJS/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=twist+on+rv+dump+valve&qid=1636654797&sr=8-3
wnjj 11/11/21 11:20am General RVing Issues
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