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RE: Norcold "C" code

That's what I'm hoping! It's a new battery (this season) but it's a NeverStart from WalMart. I knew better and did it anyway!! :D Nothing really wrong with the battery choice. Maybe you just got a bad one? There are really only a couple battery manufacturers with different stickers applied to make the brands. I've used WalMart batteries for years with good service.
wnjj 07/24/21 08:43pm Tech Issues
RE: KZ Connect C231RBKSE Refrigerator Quit Working

Thank you. I will level it. The dealer told us to turn the battery off when at home I. The driveway and turn it on when we’re traveling and turned on at the campsite? I made sure the cord to the camper was plugged in and the ring tightened. It’s just weird when it was plugged in Thursday and it got cold and was cold yesterday and then this morning it was warm. The suggestion to turn off the battery was assuming two things: 1. You aren't "using" it at home (i.e. fridge is off) 2. You aren't plugged in. Turn the battery on unless your trailer is in storage. While you can use the 12V power from the 120V AC->12V DC converter when the 120V power cord is plugged in, it's possible the converter may need a battery in the circuit to smooth out the 12V. If the converter is making a noisy 12V supply with the battery off the fridge control board may be glitching out and shutting off.
wnjj 07/24/21 08:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Loss of power when driving

Our 2005 8.1L lost a mass airflow sensor a couple of years ago. It set the check engine light when pulling hills. The ECU tests the MAF when under heavy throttle so that’s when it sets the code. Never really seemed to be down on power but I replaced it and the MAP sensor at the same time since both are involved in the test and need to agree. Easy to replace either of them, DIY.
wnjj 07/24/21 01:41am Tech Issues
RE: HELP..Broken Spring , Sioux Falls SD

Open Saturday in Mitchell: https://www.jackscampers.com/ I don’t have any personal experience with them. I just found them by searching.
wnjj 07/16/21 11:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Callen Truck Camper Attachment

It looks like those are more like a canopy shell which are usually bolted or clamped onto the bed rails from the inside. You may have to move/remove some interior panels if the camper was finished out inside after mounting.
wnjj 07/16/21 01:24am Truck Campers
RE: Thermostat woes

Pretty much any 12V thermostat will work. The wire colors usually follow a standard: Red = +12v Blue = gnd Green = high fan Yellow = cool (compressor) White = heat If you have any doubt you can find the wires on the AC unit to confirm.
wnjj 07/15/21 08:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Super frustrating AC issue

If the replacement unit doesn’t arrive in time for your trip, wire up a light switch between yellow and white so you can at least turn it on manually.
wnjj 07/12/21 12:15pm Tech Issues
RE: No power to outlets when in battery mode.

Correct, it is rather confusing that the RV industry decided to call the battery charger/power supply a "converter". While it does "convert" 120V to 12V in some respects it should have been called a battery charger since that really was the prime reason for the converter to exist. It’s probably because early model RV’s only converted and didn’t charge the battery. My sister’s previous 88 Coleman tent trailer had a switch between “converter” and “batt”. You had to charge the battery externally. Inverters also weren’t on the scene so converting was only in one direction, hence why they are now “inverters”. I think the proper term for what most of us have is “converter/charger”.
wnjj 07/12/21 10:31am Travel Trailers
RE: Super frustrating AC issue

Purple wire comes off the back of the selector knob. At the back of the selector knob it has 120v, it then runs via the harness up to the housing where the capacitors live where it is spliced to a back cable. 120V show there as well. Black cable then runs to the compressor which has 120v (actually they all ready about 117 + or -. Both sides of the capacitor also reads the same 117 ish. T-stat has different colored wires including white. Anyone know how to properly test a rotary t-stat with a meter? The ceiling unit is model 9430D7153. I find it strange that I hear and feel no "click" when I rotate the t-stat knob. I would think I would feel that if it were working and sending a signal to the compressor to engage. If you have 120V everywhere on the compressor you don’t have a complete circuit. Look here for a Coleman wiring diagram which likely is similar/the same as yours: https://ricardolevinsmorales.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/coleman-mach-air-conditioner-wiring-diagram-coleman-rv-air-conditioner-wiring-diagram-unique-excellent-coleman-2-wire-thermostat-ideas-electrical-and-wiring-9a.jpg In that diagram the yellow wire from the thermostat should be connected to the neutral (white) wire when on. If the yellow wire is at 120v it means it is open circuit and being pulled up through the compressor coil. I’d say you have an issue at the thermostat. If it’s like the above diagram, white should connect to yellow when calling for cooling. You should be able to manually override by connecting yellow to white.
wnjj 07/12/21 01:44am Tech Issues
RE: You never know when it might happen

Those “hooks” are really weak anyway and I wouldn’t trust them for a real breakaway event. My flatbed trailer came with those and I replaced them with real forged hooks. Even when brand new those bent wire style could pull out straight with enough force.
wnjj 07/10/21 11:41am Towing
RE: Blown GFC breakers

2) A neutral/ground fault. If a GFCI detects ground and neutral legs are connected they trip. Code says ground and neutral can only be bonded at the panel. So for about the last 10 years or more GFCI will trip on this fault. I believe that's been a part of the code (more specifically, the UL requirements for GFCIs) for something closer to 30 years. I've had a tough time sussing out exactly when the actual requirements came into effect, but it has been decades. A neutral/ground fault causes a a current imbalance at the outlet due to some of the current that should go thru the neutral pin now goes thru the ground pin leading to that 5 ma or greater hot/neutral difference that causes a trip. They will trip even with nothing plugged into the receptacle. The GFCI device itself attempts to inject current into the neutral wire and if it flows around the neutral/ground loop it trips the hot/neutral mismatch detector you are referring to. So it really is a separate feature.
wnjj 07/10/21 11:11am Tech Issues
RE: Blown GFC breakers

In some cases they can also false trip due to radio frequency interference. I just replaced two GFCI breakers at my aunt’s house that kept tripping randomly every several days. After some looking online I found YouTube videos showing people keying up portable radios by their breakers that would trip them. In her case the newer version of her breakers had been redesigned to address this known problem. The originals were only about 7 years old, Eaton brand. Some in some cases a “bad” GFCI could be one of these older ones that aren’t happy in the wrong environment and a new one fixes it.
wnjj 07/10/21 11:07am Tech Issues
RE: Finally made it to the Cat scales

I passed by a guy on the side of the freeway yesterday with a super nice newer truck and camper, left rear single tire had blown out and messed up his quarter panel. I run trucks for a living, cranes most of the time and hauling horses part time. I’m perfectly comfortable ignoring pickup truck weight “ratings” as most are entirely artificial numbers. But you won’t catch me running at or over a tire’s rating. Those are real numbers. I tend to agree with you about truck and tire ratings but consider that tire ratings allow for the max rated speed in the desert heat. If you are not running at/in those you have some margin.
wnjj 07/10/21 10:50am Truck Campers
RE: Mystery Damage to my truck. From the camper??

There is no dent. Id doesn't look scratched. It is worn or rubbed smooth. That makes me think it was just barely in contact and the slack in the jack mounting when stowed was enough to sit and rub with light pressure. Can the jack ever get any closer? I see they lift up to pivot before dropping down. If you hold it up out of the lock slot, can it move any closer to the truck? The truck cab and bed move much more independently than you might expect. Did you drive through something slow but twisty (like up an angled driveway cut)? Even with snug tie-downs campers will shift in the bed. Did you drive through any strong crosswinds?
wnjj 07/09/21 10:17pm Truck Campers
RE: Arctic fox 990 rocking back and forth

on another note.... I'm having a problem with the fridge running on LP. The error code is F (Burner not lighting?) Any advice on where to start troubleshooting that would be great. TY! https://thenorcoldguy.com/norcold-technical-blog/norcold-fault-codes-f-no-fl-or-gas-light-flashing-every-second-lp-flame-problems/
wnjj 07/09/21 09:59am Truck Campers
RE: Question: too much camper - too little truck

I don't know if I would be concerned with a few inches of sag. It takes a couple just to even engage the overloads on our truck and if you have those you definitely want them in play. Otherwise airing up bags to lift off the overloads just trades one set of springs for another (which are usually further inboard as well). If the headlights are an issue turn the adjusters a bit. Our camper is getting loaded in the coming week. I'll take a measurement of sag if I remember but I'm fairly sure it's at least 4 inches as well. With a our truck it takes it from rear high to close to level.
wnjj 07/08/21 11:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Oregon rules for pumping gasoline & covid-19

Another exemption is "classic vehicles" you are allowed to pump their own gas in classic vehicles. kinda up to you to define "classic" HaHa how many people these days could even find the filler neck on some of the Classic Vehicles. I have a 76 Pontiac Lemans setting in the shed ( Unfortunately turning to ****)that has the gas cap behind the rear license plate. I love telling young people to find it and they never can figure out where it is. lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxTQT9LmzTY
wnjj 07/08/21 08:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cracked tires

I would buy 4 new ones if I was you. The other two are just as old and will deteriorate like those other two very soon very likely. I just had a blowout travelling at 100km/h with my Goodyear marathons that were in excellent condition with only about 8000 miles on them. They were 8 years old however but the trailer was sitting in a seasonal lot for those 8 years. Took it out this year for a trip and bam! Blowout. From now on on my tires get changed out at 5 to 6 years wether they need or not. Tire age makes a difference in safety even if there are no visible danger signs like cracks etc. For what it’s worth, the only 2 tires I had fail dramatically were on an older horse trailer that was just sitting at the time (and sits for months/years). On one the tread blew wide open so you could shove a grapefruit in if you wanted. The other has a huge flap of tread sticking up but was still holding air. Both are Goodyear Marathons. There is still one more Marathon on the trailer. I don’t know it’s age but it has no cracks. It will get replaced. I replaced the tires on my flatbed car hauler a few years ago when a couple tires showed some light cracking and I had to take a rare long distance trip. They were 13 years old.
wnjj 07/08/21 08:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: Oregon rules for pumping gasoline & covid-19

The rules are still the same...Some rural stations are allowed to offer self serve. The fire marshal allowed it statewide for a couple of days when we were hitting 115 degrees 9-10 days ago.
wnjj 07/08/21 01:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Arctic fox 990 rocking back and forth

I know the truck can handle it, I just need some conformation from someone that rocking side to side two-three times is normal after a bump. I don't think its going to tip over or fall off. I don't remember it rocking like that. Anything i can add to help that? This camper is going on the beach in deep sand and it gets bumpy. Im going to need to air down a bit as well. Im sure a dually is the fix all but It's not in the cards at the moment My setup rocks a few times when turning into a driveway curb cut but that can happen in a car so it’s normal as far as I’m concerned. It drives very solid on the road including evasive maneuvers. When you refer to a bump, are you talking about an occasional pothole or speed bump or continuous rocking on a bumpy road?
wnjj 07/07/21 06:50pm Truck Campers
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