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RE: advisability to turn off battery periodically

OK, I'll guess I'll leave it 'on' Why? People over estimate the self discharge rate of a healthy battery. Most campers dont really have a clue how batteries work. Not their fault, just aint their hobby. There is something to be said about the mentality of someone who buys an RV, then drives it to a pad and parks it like a house and considers it camping. These are the folks who tell you they leave their trailer hooked up 24/7 and "never had a problem". A lot of times the people who never had a problem are not informed enough to recognize the start of a problem. To them a battery works, or its dead and need to be replaced.
wopachop 05/06/21 05:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Budget temp sensors (data storing)

Sorry maybe budget was the wrong choice of words. I bought a fancy setup. Think i spent close to 300 bucks. Half my sensors are broken and the fella who sells the product wants me to pay another 80 bucks to update my system. Told the guy ok, will have to update my posts on the RV forum. Problem is this site makes it really hard finding old threads. To be honest this forum is just as bad as the **** sensors im complaining about. I get the feeling a really old dude is in charge here and wont make changes. Only come here because i have not found a better site...yet.
wopachop 05/06/21 04:51pm Tech Issues
RE: advisability to turn off battery periodically

Interesting what Doug wrote. The same is true for older motorcycles and cars. The battery acts as a buffer. Its a giant capacitor. Able to absorb spikes. That said i also suffer in a Forest River trailer with a WFCO converter. Keep my battery switch turned off. One day the WFCO will die and something better will take its place.
wopachop 05/06/21 08:50am Tech Issues
RE: 12v to 6v review?

Currently have 2-12v 7ear old batteries that appear to be getting weak. Am thinking of replacing with 2-6v GC batteries (or maybe 4). Anyone have experience or real world review of moving to the 6’s?Where do you camp? I didnt read the 4 pages sorry if answered.
wopachop 05/06/21 08:38am Tech Issues
Budget temp sensors (data storing)

Have some you like? I paid a bunch of money for some and they didnt even last 2 years. Summer is coming and need to track my fridge temps again. Amazing how ambient temp can really effect these absorption fridges. Winter time my fridge is down in the low 30s. Almost freezing stuff. Outside temp gets into the 80s and the fridge struggles to stay below 40. If you have a data storing temp sensor you like please post the model or a link. Mucho gracias
wopachop 05/06/21 06:22am Tech Issues
RE: Moisture behind mattress? (Cold caught us)

Have you tried praying? If that doesnt work i would continue to look towards science for the answer.
wopachop 04/01/21 10:02am Beginning RVing
RE: Wheel bearing advice

Dont forget to wear gloves!! Aint nothing manly about having to clean grease off the hands when you can easily avoid it.
wopachop 03/31/21 09:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Equal-i-zer vs Dual Cam

Why is this site so different? Is it the owners just trying to save money and not pay for more advanced servers? I dont know squat about computers. But i camp with guys who own a different forum. The guy who is in charge with the servers is really smart. I hear them talking about forum stuff around the campfire. Seems like there is a ton of behind the scenes stuff us regular users dont ever see. We just complain when the site goes down for a couple hours. I did hear them talk about money and the forum owner does have a choice on what to pick. Makes me think whoever runs this RV dot net continues to choose the cheaper option. New users come here asking how to post a picture. Because theyre used to other forums where its so easy.
wopachop 03/30/21 12:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: All the little things

Good stuff. Been looking for ideas to stash flip flops. Was thinking some type of box on the ground. But hanging on the wall is a great idea. Worse part about going camping is dealing with all the little household items that need to be put away before the trailer can be mobile again.
wopachop 03/30/21 11:57am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Equal-i-zer vs Dual Cam

Search doesn't seem to work very well here going back that far, as I can no longer find old posts.This site seems very old and outdated. Ive tried to search my own threads from 3 years ago and its a pain. Im on countless other forums and for some reason this one just seems old and slow.
wopachop 03/30/21 11:45am Travel Trailers
RE: While using my black tank flush

Guys here is what I know. Opened the black tank turned on the water and a slow stream came out of the sewer hose (water was clear) the other side of the rv were you gravity feed the fresh water tank it was pouring water out of it. That’s all I know JimboFun to troubleshoot. Are you saying that you opened the black tank valve first, no water came out, then you turned on water pressure and saw water begin to exit the black tank? That would go against my first thought. My best guess is that there was already a small bit of water in the black tank. You opened the valve and saw water come out. But if water is exiting the fresh water overflow, while you have water pressure turned on, then it must mean you were hooked up to the fresh water fill. Crazy part is you claim the fresh water fill is on the other side of the trailer. Maybe the plumbing line of the black tank flush has a small leak. You might have been flushing the black tank at the same time youre leaking water onto the ground. Are you positive the fresh tank was full? I think you said that you drained the fresh tank. Did you literally dump 100 gallons on the ground? Not making fun, just trying to figure out what we can call facts. The dealer must have prefilled the fresh tank for you?
wopachop 03/30/21 11:29am Beginning RVing
RE: Equal-i-zer vs Dual Cam

I seeked out the equalizer brand after my husky hitch got stolen. Found one used for a good deal. Overall its sorta primative. Doesnt like sharp turns or changes in elevation. I have zero experience with the dual cam. Can only say the equalizer ain't that great and I would look to a different brand.
wopachop 03/29/21 09:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Carrying extra fuel in garage

Only issue will be smelling gas if you need to sleep in the toyhauler with toys in it.The toys come out at camp. The garage becomes a dining/sleeping areaI hear you. Typing this inside a toyhauler sitting in the garage/dining area. Gas cans can seal really good. If yours dont you can buy the big black oring for the main cap. If the little vent doesnt seal you can probably buy that as well. I recommend buying the green nitrile oring set from harbor freight. That set has saved me so many times. I fixed a darn leaking kureig coffee machine once with them. There is a size that works perfect for the gas can vent. The toys actually have a vent that can fail. Its supposed to allow air into the gas tank, but not let fumes out. Ive had to sleep in my trailer with toys in the garage and its not fun. Those fumes are no good. My trailer has a front bedroom and even with the doors shut and windows open i will taste gasoline in my mouth for days. Point being gas cans should seal 100%. Storing them inside your toyhauler is no big deal if done safely. Ive read the plastic itself is pourous. So its horrible for long term storage. But traveling with a common 5g gas can inside the toyhauler is very common.
wopachop 03/29/21 01:36pm Toy Haulers
RE: Tips/Tricks/info on Full-time RV'ing For Beginners

Im on 4 years now of fake full timing. Meaning i live in my trailer. But its parked at a house. Biggest issue is water related. To clean a pan i will often add a tiny bit of water and heat it up over the stove. Then use a paper towel to get it mostly clean. Dump the water into the trash can. Then use the sink for a final cleaning of soap and water. Im a weirdo and dont want chunks of food sitting in my grey tank. I swear that grey tank can smell worse than black during summer temps. If you live in hot weather, and have the common absorbtion fridge, then you might need to add fans inside the fridge and also behind it. Deal with that issue if it happens.
wopachop 03/29/21 01:25pm Full-time RVing
RE: New propane leak after tanks filled

Try tightening the big hand nut with some channel locks. Im pretty strong and for some reason my ACME nuts are tight. Few months ago in the cold weather it was hurting my hands trying to install the tanks. Was getting a small leak and needed channel locks to turn the nut a tiny bit more. Not sure if weather related, but now the nuts are easy to tighten by hand. Just changed one out 2 nights ago. Was thinking in my head i wonder why it was so tight a few months ago?? I did buy new pigtails but i dont really consider a plastic ACME nut as needing to "break in" and stretch slightly. Was really surprised how tight it was. Older fella in an RV would never get it tight by hand.
wopachop 03/29/21 12:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Carrying extra fuel in garage

Only issue will be smelling gas if you need to sleep in the toyhauler with toys in it.
wopachop 03/28/21 09:09pm Toy Haulers
RE: Boondocking in the sand -- how soft is too soft??

wopachop, I've never felt my axle hop. That does not sound like a fun feeling. I wonder if putting the truck into 4WLO might reduce the hop??Last week I was towing a big hunk of metal with a Nissan frontier. 4lo and rear diff locked. The back axle was still hopping like crazy. In sand you have 2 choices. Air waaaaay down and drive slow and float like you have tractor tread. Or keep normal pressure and use wheelspin to power through. If your truck was lifted and big tires but kept the stock pinion gear then maybe use 4 lo. You want momentum and speed. Which in general goes against low gear in the transfer case. You will be 3 or 4th gear in low. Or 2rd gear in high. I would definitely hit the sand section under acceleration. Enter it as fast as the ground allows. If its smooth and you can do 20mph then fly into it.
wopachop 03/28/21 02:29pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Boondocking in the sand -- how soft is too soft??

Also know that most 4 wheel drive trucks are really only 2 wheel drive, the back right (passenger) side and front left (driver side) tire. Get out or have your wife get out and observe which tires are spinning when you try to drive and those are the ones you will want to put the carpet under if needed.Not really true. Manufacturers could omit a lot of moving parts if they wanted to make a vehicle 1 wheel driven. I understand what you're saying, but in real life applications it's not so black and white. Put some kid in an old Ford ranger and watch him do fish tails in the sand. You will see a roost from both back tires.
wopachop 03/28/21 02:10pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Boondocking in the sand -- how soft is too soft??

I'm boondocking in sand right now. Good test is walking. You can feel how soft the sand is by how much effort it takes. I would put the truck in 2nd gear and be ready to give quite a lot of throttle when you start to feel the resistance of soft sand. It's all about keeping momentum and you need to be very aware of when you start to lose it. The back axle might start to hop on you. Becomes tricky because you need to let off slightly to stop the hop but you can't let off too much and lose that momentum. Sometimes you have no choice and have to keep on the gas and just let it hop and shake until you're back on harder ground and can stop and regroup. Reducing air pressure will help a lot. But its understandable not wanting to. I never do because the sand I'm camping on right now is hard enough that we dont sink. My friends who camp on soft sand drop their trucks and trailers to 10-15psi.
wopachop 03/27/21 08:06pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Sharp reverse turn with Equl-i-zer hitch?

Once parked will you relieve tension on the bars? If that's the case I would use the electric jack to lift the tongue enough to slide the bars off the brackets. I do that to my trailer when I get to the neighborhood. Cant be more than 30 seconds.
wopachop 03/22/21 08:56pm Travel Trailers
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