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RE: Onan 5500 DIY Choke Pulloff

Vise grip pliers work great to pop little screws loose.
wopachop 01/14/21 07:02pm Tech Issues
RE: features for dc to DC chargers

Multiple battery chemistries and highly adjustable in terms of voltage. Nice to be able to save multiple programs. If you can control voltage and amps then it sorta future proofs you to newer lithium batteries that will have slight differences in volts per cell. I have not done a firmware update to my charger in 5 years. It does not allow me to adjust charge voltage of Pb battery to 2.7v per cell. Sometimes you can unlock these chargers. Other times a firmware upgrade will allow for whatever new things comes out. For example i have a smaller cheaper DC to DC charger. In order to get into the settings they made you do something very simple. Some type of code. Then you could adjust to a higher voltage when the newer high voltage lithiums came out a handful of years back.
wopachop 01/11/21 03:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Do any hotels/chains offer RV spots with electric or hookups

Casinos on the west coast sometimes have spots.
wopachop 01/11/21 10:54am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Quality of Forest River

My 2013 forest river stealth is downright dangerous. My roof truss around the skylight area was not screwed together. I noticed it sagging. Unfortunately its the only truss I have access too. So many staves completely missed in that small 3x3 foot section. Have to assume the entire roof has errors. My spare tire gets secured to a sharp pointy piece of metal that stabbed a hole right through the sidewall. The used the wrong sealant on my windows. I have self leveling sealing dripping 1-2 feet down every single window. Every cut they made that I can see is horrible. It's a toyhauler and the strap down anchors have 4 wood screws and most are stripped. Oh...the water heater. The water heater was only attached on 1 side. It started to vibrate it's way out of the side of the trailer. They literally screwed the water heater into foam. As you can guess those screws did not hope. Its never ending failure. Dont care if they change ownership or build some new factory. Never ever ever ever in my life would I recommend forest river. Previous owners gave me all the paperwork. They had tons of failures as well. The bathroom sink fell down. That's in the paperwork. Other stuff was well. Ceiling fan fell down. The back ramp is crooked and barely closes.
wopachop 01/11/21 10:06am Tech Issues
RE: Checking voltage on LED power supply ?

I got out the meter and I get nothing when I check the voltage, yet the lights work.Conformal coating. I didnt exactly understand your entire post but type that into Google.
wopachop 01/11/21 09:37am Tech Issues
RE: Reviving flooded deep cycles

Never seen this before. Look at those youngsters!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpKQOvlDr-s
wopachop 01/11/21 12:18am Tech Issues
RE: Reviving flooded deep cycles

11pm almost forget to take my fancy charger inside!! Happened the other night. Had to check security cams to determine morning dew. Walk me out, in the morning dew, my honey.
wopachop 01/11/21 12:12am Tech Issues
RE: Reviving flooded deep cycles

wopachop 01/11/21 12:08am Tech Issues
RE: Reviving flooded deep cycles

wopachop 01/11/21 12:07am Tech Issues
RE: Reviving flooded deep cycles

I can go out there and change the charge voltage right now. Its on a golf cart i have it outside in the middle of nowhere in case the sucker burst into flames. In order to do a 2.7v charge i have to trick the charger. Call the 4s battery a 5s and then reduce the voltage. It wont let me go up to 2.7.
wopachop 01/10/21 05:40pm Tech Issues
RE: AGM and golf carts vs. Lithium Battery Test

Totally unfair. They knew.
wopachop 01/10/21 05:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Reviving flooded deep cycles

Decided to use my SG tool. Im a weirdo and didnt want to use it on anything but my brand new costco 6v. I dont want some old crappy batteries getting it dirty inside. I dont know the history of them old trojans. Then remembered this black battery was brand new and im the only one who has touched it. So i know besides at the factory no dirty water or dust has gotten inside. Hard to see but its not even registering at the lowest 1.100 mark yet. That was interesting to see. Shows how much SG tells you. I took the reading while the battery was absorbing 12a at 2.45v per cell. https://i.imgur.com/xPM07A0l.jpg https://i.imgur.com/CxbnvVvl.jpg
wopachop 01/10/21 04:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Reviving flooded deep cycles

Im still confused to it. I basically had 1 giant battery with 8 cells in series. Yet the 4 cells on the black battery drained to zero. While the 4 cells on the 10 year old trojan battery maintained voltage. Super super low at 7v but not completely down to zero volts like the other battery. Maybe what im failing to comprehend is that the 8v battery drained to 7v was also completely dead. Maybe there isnt much difference between 0 volts and 7v when you are talking about 8v batteries? Hope that makes sense.
wopachop 01/10/21 04:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Reviving flooded deep cycles

Would it be a mistake to go straight into equalization charge voltage? I started with a 5a charge for maybe 5 hours. Then it was a 7a charge today for a few hours. Now im using my nice charger. Its taking 12a to maintain 2.45v per cell. I have it set to a 20a charge. But currently its taking 12a. Would it be better to try and shake the plates clean using a 2.7v per cell charge?
wopachop 01/10/21 04:23pm Tech Issues
RE: 4' LED Shop Lights In Costco?

Dang sorry man i do not have the light bulb socket adapter you need. What i have is double light bulb socket. Its a socket on both sides. Doesnt have the plug outlet like youre seeking.
wopachop 01/10/21 02:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Reviving flooded deep cycles

Does it turn open circuit because of a mechanical failure? Or does the chemistry flip back and forth? It's strange how my charger voltage display will turn on and off, just as if the battery was a switch and turning on and off. Just seems like a mechanical failure would be permanent. So I dont think it's that.
wopachop 01/10/21 01:22pm Tech Issues
RE: AGM and golf carts vs. Lithium Battery Test

I scrolled to the test section a little before the 8min mark. He doesnt mention cycling the flooded deep cells before performing the test. Trojan specifically says the batteries will not reach max capacity until 50-100 cycles. He didnt test trojans but im guessing all flooded lead acid would perform similar regarding capacity and cycles.  Appears to be a battleborn commercial from the little i watched. Notice how its edited so that when the voice is saying "so what is the best battery???" the battleborn label is right there main screen and the other batteries are blank. To me thats subliminal stuff they pull in commercials. They went through a lot of trouble to control temps and stuff but in my opinion purposely did not cycle the flooded battery.
wopachop 01/10/21 01:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Reviving flooded deep cycles

Im still trying to wrap my head around 2 batteries in series, powering a light bulb for months, and only 1 battery died. Now given i have not taken SG measurments. I picture the 2 batteries as 1 single larger battery. Since it was two 8v that are 4 cells each lets call it an 8s battery. Its so weird how 4 of those cells were drained to zero. While the other 4 were depleted but not dead. While not identical in age and brand they are similar in capacity. I dont know if the voltage regulator and LED lights were still drawing small amounts of power when i discovered the dead battery. Its possible the battery that was drained low was on its way to being completely dead too. But the lights have been on for months. I would have expected 2 dead batteries. Maybe the voltage regular broke and stopped drawing power. Variables .... Actually i was sitting here thinking. I think thats the answer....the voltage regulator. It has a little potentiometer that you turn to adjust output voltage. I bet as the battery voltage dropped, eventually the output voltage got down to zero. Thats why the 2nd battery was not drained to zero. If it was a standard light bulb i would most likely have had 2 dead batteries? Its still interesting how the 1 year old battery is the battery that drained first. At some point i will have to weight the difference between the newer off brand battery and the old Trojan 8v.
wopachop 01/10/21 12:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Shore power plug conversion?

Bummer for sure. My buddy said he ordered and got surgical masks. I thought it was a joke. But someone here said the same. Are you guys going to try and still get the cord somehow using a return or exchange type of program?
wopachop 01/10/21 10:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Charging issues?

Not wishing to highjack this thread, but I have related question and thought it would be better to put in this thread instead of starting new one. ThanksIf you need to buy a multi meter to read the voltage i extra highly recommend buying a "clamp meter." It allows you to clamp the device around a wire and read how many amps are going through it. I use that feature often it really comes in handy. For your situation you would turn everything off in the trailer like normal. Then go to your batteries and find the main positive wire. Clamp the meter around it and see how many amps are being used. Sounds like your RV was still powering things. Ive seen people talk about Propane detectors staying on.
wopachop 01/10/21 10:07am Tech Issues
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