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RE: Do I need to worry about this butyl?

The insert trim on the underside of the camper is a vulnerable spot to introduce water into the camper. The insert trim runs from the top of the cabover and caries water to the underside where it pools in the cap which is inverted. Water can then wick up into the camper through unsealed screws. That rust is proof that is what's happening. Fill the hole with caulk and reinstall the screws and caulk the heads. I would do this the entire length of the insert trim. It is not water tight so water will get in along the top of the cab making any unsealed screw a potential leak. I just went through this. I also added a weep on each under side to keep water draining away from the camper. As far as your other butyl, I personally would cut back everything that isn't helping and get a better look. I seal those joints with caulking and would probably reseal those areas after scraping off all the excess butyl. You might consider calling Northstar and asking what they would use to top that joint. https://i.imgur.com/clUvmwhl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/O8xif3ul.jpg
work2much 06/08/19 12:51pm Truck Campers
RE: What am I missing on GVWR??

The GVWR is the vehices load limit. The excess GAWR is load capacity reserves. Read any owners manual. Read the FMVSS (standards). You cannot point a finger at the manufacturer when they have told you so and put it on the vehicle certification label and in vehicle owner's manual. If it's over weight and busts it's the owners fault, PERIOD!. Sort of like the posted speed limit signs. Nobody ever goes over those posted limits. If your factory steering fails and you are going 66 in a 65 obviously the manufacturer is off the hook.
work2much 06/04/19 10:28pm Truck Campers
RE: What am I missing on GVWR??

Same law here in New Mexico. Don't bring your overloaded trucks here. Trucks cannot be tagged for more than they are rated for. We go there every winter. We do get stopped all the time in AZ and NM by border agent check points. Nobody has ever tried to scale me in NM.
work2much 06/04/19 10:24pm Truck Campers
RE: What am I missing on GVWR??

Many of us go by GAWR, tire and rims. We have been over on GVWR on every camper combo we have owned in 25 years but under on axle, tire and rim. We have never had any weight related breakdown, accident or issue, not even a flat tire and we have driven a lot of miles. That is just my experience and not recommending anything to anyone. Everyone has to make their own decisions and a lot of factors go into safety. I see guys pushing 80 mph with their 2500's and huge 5th wheels all the time. That scenario scares me a lot more than my TC poking along the slow lane at 60. GVWR to a large extent is a licensing number. I believe the manufacturers don't want to risk sales by increasing these numbers as license and insurance number go up as well. That's why Ford and Ram cap out at the exact same GVWR in their 3500 duallys Certainly one truck or the other could go above 14k, even a little bit. Look at the fight for TQ and HP. The GVWR bragging rights seem to take a backseat to cost of ownership.
work2much 06/04/19 10:30am Truck Campers
RE: Help with electrical please

^ What he said Put a meter on the output side of the converter charger while plugged in and see if it's working. If it's not check the 120v circuit that it is plugged into..If the 120 is working and the converter charger isn't you have your problem.
work2much 06/02/19 11:31am Truck Campers
RE: Time for new batteries.

Before lithium I was happy with good ole trojan T-105. Good solid battery. I didn't mind tending to the water level every 6 months or so. Compared to AGM reasonably priced.
work2much 06/01/19 05:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Overwhelmed with camper choices; insight appreciated

Given your list of wishes I would take another look at those Northern Lite rentals you mentioned. While they may have some use, they were probably also maintained. These are very well made. We had a 2003 Bigfoot that gave us zero issues. Sold it over ten years later and was good to go for another 10. We carried it on our Ram 2500.
work2much 05/29/19 04:30pm Truck Campers
RE: Battery Charging Issue

"AC was on" Do you mean you were plugged into shore power? If you suspect the the stock charger converter isn't charging you can test this by plugging in the camper and testing voltage at the output terminals of the charger converter. You can also test for 120v where the charger plugs in. If you have the 120v but not the ~13v at the output you have solved the issue. You need a new converter charger. The batteries at 3.5v is no bueno. I would have it load tested to see if you are shopping for new batteries.
work2much 05/29/19 03:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Ran roof air all day on only solar, batteries still full

So anyone over 65 that has a 401k invested in the market isn't really retired? What about someone that has CD's? Not retired either? Only those who have not saved and invested to make any income are the true retirees? Just owning a home an investment that you manage. Homeowners not retirees either? I'll stick with Merriam-Webster: Retired "withdrawn from one's position or occupation : having concluded one's working or professional career" And if you can live on 500 bucks a month, God Bless. We spend more than that on groceries. As far as solely relying on social security, I think that's risky. What if it's not there one day? We planned our retirement without the expectation that SS will still be around or what the benefit may be. If there is a benefit for us in 12 years great, but we aren't banking on it.
work2much 05/29/19 03:35pm Truck Campers
RE: Ran roof air all day on only solar, batteries still full

I get the point that you MIGHT be able to run AC at night on inverter when campground policy calls for "no generators after 10 PM" But knowing the life, would the trend become popular, the policy will change to "no motor noise after 10 PM" and that will screw the idea. I've weaken up by heater and water heater noise at campgrounds. Just passed newly build Tesla charging stations in Boulder City, NV. Empty like desert around. We might still need another generation till electric drives will start making more sense. OH, BTW. Retired people should not pay taxes, so tax credit doesn't apply . We've never run the AC at quiet time, but we have run things like a electric oven, instant pot, electric grill, water heater, space heater, electric blankets, ice maker.. BTW, running things like the water heater and space heater through the inverter is quiet. No noise to wake up or bother neighbors, especially tenters. We even replaced the noisy fridge fan. Also I'm not sure where you get the idea that retired people don't pay taxes. Wish that was true but just because someone doesn't go to a 9-5 doesn't mean that they aren't earning income through their investments. Hopefully you don't have all your retirement strategy based on social security.
work2much 05/29/19 01:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Hitch extension brace

waste of time responding to this guy..
work2much 05/28/19 09:46am Truck Campers
RE: Ran roof air all day on only solar, batteries still full

Our system was about 9k. That included everything, panels, lithium battery cells, solar charger, inverter/charger, cables, gauges, specialty tools. Everything but the elbow grease. Seems like a lot, but if you itemize your taxes there is a 30% credit, and we ordered our camper without the $4,100 Onan generator and the $400 dual 6v batteries, the net really isn't that much compared to buying the camper with a generator and golf cart batteries. It is nice having a quiet, renewable source of power that runs the entire camper. Even after generator hours are over. ;-)
work2much 05/27/19 04:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Tire size/gearing for Ram DRW

Love our Laramie. We have a ~6000 pound camper and flat tow a Wrangler Unlimited. No issues with power in the hills. Stock aluminum wheels and tires size.
work2much 05/23/19 11:44am Truck Campers
RE: Arctic Fox 1163 TRUCK CAMPER Full Tour video !

What would the truck cost to haul this camper? The camper itself must be over $50k new. If space is important wouldn't a 24ft Class C with a full wall slide have more room, storage and be a lot less costly? I'm guessing you don't own a truck camper? Advantages to a truck camper: Available 4x4 with better ground clearance means you can get to places a class c can't. When you make camp you can remove the camper and sightsee in something much easier to get around and park. When you aren't camping you have a pick up truck and all the utility that brings. A class C just sits there costing money for registration, maintenance and insurance. You would surprised how spacious multi slide truck campers are inside.
work2much 05/16/19 03:04pm Truck Campers
RE: 2020 Northern Lite 10-2 Limited Edition

Thank you KMac!!! I looked for the NL sticky but couldn't find it. It's the first sticky on the top of the page. In addition to this thread you may find something useful there as well. Congrats on your new camper! https://i.imgur.com/vDCItpXl.png
work2much 05/16/19 11:01am Truck Campers
RE: 2020 Northern Lite 10-2 Limited Edition

There is a sticky for NL owners.
work2much 05/15/19 02:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Ran roof air all day on only solar, batteries still full

We use electric mattress pad to stay toasty when it gets cold while sleeping. Only uses about 60AH overnight. We set the thermostat low but keeps the camper manageable for the dogs and midnight bathroom breaks. We also have a small 750/1500 ceramic heater with t-stat that we can use on low overnight if we have the battery reserve and good weather the following day, or we can use the electric heater with the propane heater coming on periodically if it's very cold so the electric doesn't run 100%
work2much 05/14/19 02:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Ran roof air all day on only solar, batteries still full

We run our a/c when it's hot. How long depends on how warm it is, how much sun the panels get etc. Our panels make about 70AH in good sun and the A/C uses about 100 with the compressor running and 30 with just the fan motor blowing. Mid 80's and sunny it will run all day with good reserve cycling the compressor. 90's with the compressor on 100% still all/most day but low battery heading into the night. We don't run it that often. When it gets that warm it's time to head into the mountains. These rv roof units are not the pinnacle of efficiency, nor are campers well insulated to begin with.
work2much 05/13/19 01:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Arctic Fox 1163 TRUCK CAMPER Full Tour video !

Looks a lot like an Eagle Cap 1165 https://i.imgur.com/Jvq7ViDl.jpg I guess you save a lot on design when you just straight up copy the competition.
work2much 05/12/19 03:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Thanks!

Truck is a beast. That should be a very nice combo.
work2much 05/10/19 12:18am Truck Campers
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