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RE: Alternative Generator For our campers

Yes, leaving your trucks engine running to generate a 2000 watt power source (or running the starter battery dead)...much more efficient than a small gas generator...
work2much 02/04/20 10:46am Truck Campers
RE: 11 1/2’ TC owners wish they had a 9 1/2’

Height has been our only restriction and that isn’t much different from our last camper (arctic fox)
work2much 01/25/20 09:56am Truck Campers
RE: Alliance 5th Wheels

And now their build quality is no better or worse the FR, Thor or Keystone. Seems GD spends most of their resources on keepin’ the kool-aid vats well filled for the thirsty faithful.Well, as an owner of a previous Thor product and now a GD product - and also as someone who tried to contact Thor customer support (and was ignored) and also my interactions with GD customer support which solved an out of warranty issue at no expense to me, all I can say is your comment is made out of ignorance. Call me a kool-aid drinker - I don't care - that's a term usually given to someone who is very happy with something that is given by someone who isn't very happy with what they have, so all they can do is tell others how crappy the thing they don't have is. All I have to do is walk into my GD and compare the still new smelling interior to the off-gassing chemical smelling Coleman TT I happily sold. And that's only the first thing on the comparison list. I am finding that GD owners seem to be happier overall with their experiences dealing with the manufacturer than other brands that are largely similar in construction. In our search for a 5th wheel I have joined a few FB groups and GD owners in general seem more satisfied. I also like that GD has a repair facility where owners can opt out of the dealer experience for repairs if they so choose to travel to GD. I would much rather have a factory tech fixing something like a slide over the "techs" I have seen at most dealers.
work2much 01/23/20 02:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Alliance 5th Wheels

When their homepage shows a picture of a fake office, that throws red flags to me. I think that's the architects rendition of their building under construction. Here is what the new facility is shaping up to be. Still Tiny compared to their competition but I guess they need to start somewhere. Despite that a lot of money is being spent. https://i.imgur.com/QUytndDl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/o9F3gwil.jpg https://i.imgur.com/HmVKUW6l.jpg
work2much 01/22/20 02:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Alliance 5th Wheels

Alliance RV is selling units now. There are some dealers with small numbers on their lots but they are selling out very fast through the RV shows. They are currently being produced at their smallish shop while their new production facility is being built, but they are manufacturing units for sale. They have at least 3 models they are currently showing (and selling) at the rv shows through their dealer network. Here is a unit you can buy today. https://www.cousinsrv.com/product/fifth-wheel/new?s=true&manufacturer=alliance+rv No dog in this fight just stating facts. There really isn't a lot different that I see between these and Grand Design, Montana, Pinnacle or Vanleigh. Lippert frame, dexter axles, similar if not identical layouts, furniture etc..
work2much 01/21/20 02:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Low cargo carrying capacity rant

Always good to check the numbers. Also published dry weights are usually less than delivered trailers with added options. This has been an issue with many 5th wheels we have looked at. Great to have all that storage but not a lot of cargo weight capacity especially for folks wanting to do extended traveling. You might have a look at the Keystone Montana 3700 LK for a somewhat similar rear kitchen floorpan with 3200 pound CC. You can also add the Legacy package which will give this beast disc brakes.
work2much 01/11/20 11:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Keystone Montana for fulltiming??

These folks have been full timing in a Keystone Cougar for 9 years now with no major issues. The Montana should make a very nice full time rig. https://www.youtube.com/user/LoveYourRV/featured
work2much 01/09/20 04:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Artic Fox New 2020 Legacy Package

“The Legacy 2020 ups the ante by offering a thoughtful array of upgrades and feature content that really makes it special.” The article would have been more interesting if they detailed what was "upping the ante". Aside from shinier appliances this looks just like our old 2006 AF.
work2much 01/09/20 10:44am Truck Campers
RE: Grand Design Reflection 150 Series

Personally I would go with a inverter generator like a Honda 2200 or Yamaha in place of the propane Onan unit. They are a lot more efficient and much quieter as well.
work2much 01/07/20 10:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Grand Design Reflection 150 Series

I don't think any Grand Design units come with a generator prep as a standard. Even the top of the line Solitude it needs to be optioned in for additional cost. Since it isn't listed as an option on their website I am betting it isn't available at all on their lightweight units. I don't think it's even available on the full size Reflection models. Only the Solitude as an option. To avoid talking to a dealer give GD a call. They are pretty easy to talk to. Customer service number 574-825-9679
work2much 01/07/20 10:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: "Lite" 5th wheels

Some things I have noticed in some cases. Smaller tanks, fridges, water heaters, frame sections, axles, wall sections, payload capacities, less durable interior finish materials. Often no generator option, single AC unit.
work2much 01/02/20 10:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Solar system

Thank you so much! I believe the system, (Keystone and KZ), come with 1300 watt inverters, but I was already thinking a 2000 watt would be a worthwhile upgrade. Knowing that 500 watts with moderation will work, is huge, again I thank you both! :) Make sure you go with a pure sine wave inverter. Appliances like microwaves can struggle with a modified sine.
work2much 12/31/19 03:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Solar system

The solar panels are only part of the equation. You will also need a big enough battery bank and inverter to run things like a microwave and coffee maker but yes 510 watts should be enough to meet those demands. Microwave and coffee maker do consume a fair amount of amperage but only for a short period so overall impact isn't great. The other loads like fan, lights (use led) and TV don't consume a lot of power unless you are using them frequently. As you point out quality of sunlight will play an important role in battery state of charge. If you have no back up power supply such as a generator you may have to moderate the use of your electrical devices to keep the battery from being overly discharged during periods of cloudy skies.
work2much 12/31/19 12:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New 5th Wheel Manufacturer

I am not at all affiliated with them, this is just cut and paste from Facebook. Man was it ever.....Massive snip job. Hard to pile that stuff up so high. I'll believe it when I see it. 3 bigshots who worked for Heartland, the great manufacturer of RV quality construction. I heard the same spew from 3 different Industry cats @ 2012 who were with Keystone, and now pump out product that is nothing special when compared to many other brands or divisions of brands. I can get the same exact yada yada on many Facebook pages, in brochures , and on websites. G rated tires? Anyone want to bet some brand from Lionshead? Aluminum framed floor? Notice the word laminated is not used, nor specically called out as not being used. The RV Industry is run by scheisters who are better at marketing than they are at building RV's, They apparently have no problem finding an almost unlimited supply of suckers to join in on the fun. We are looking at 5th wheels that aren't any longer than 35' pin to bumper. We have looked at Pinnacle, Montana, VanLeigh and Solitude. They more or less look the same as far as floorpan, frame and axles. Is there a manufacturer you recommend we consider? We cannot afford a true top of the line coach like Spacecraft, DRV etc and they are longer than we want. So far the unit that has impressed us the most is the Solitude but that's based mainly on people we have talked with and the support they have received from Grand Design. We are still shopping and open to suggestions including used b ut not more than a few years old.
work2much 12/26/19 11:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New 5th Wheel Manufacturer

I joined the Alliance FB group where the company solicits input from potential customers. The group is fairly active with the company answering questions and in some case making input led changes. Here is the pinned post. None of this is earthshaking but it is nice to see a company listening to potential customers. We are holding off on a new trailer until next year so we might throw them into the ring for consideration although I think a new Solitude is in our future. I am not at all affiliated with them, this is just cut and paste from Facebook. Long post alert: There was a great question asked on this page earlier today in regards to how Alliance RV will be significantly different from the rest of the industry in a number of different areas. While we have answered many of these in one fashion or another over the past few months, we welcomed this opportunity to compile a number of these critical topics into one post. Thank you again for following our progress and providing your input. 1. ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION – One of the biggest areas we have heard expressed repeatedly as needing improvement was with the running gear (ie. tires, axles, springs, shackles, etc). To enhance the “safety cushion” available and minimize potential for running gear failure during your travels, our standard running gear system consists of the following: Dexter HD 4000 lb springs (ipo 3500 lb), MorRyde CRE3000 suspension, MorRyde HD shackles and wet bolt kit, and a 14-ply G-Range tire rated at 4,400 lbs (ipo 4080 lbs). Disk brakes will be an available option for those that desire. We have also taken this same approach of durability with our holding tanks as all have been significantly reinforced with additional steel bars and straps. While no manufacturer will recommend travelling with full tanks, we know that there are times this is done and we want to make sure that the tanks are securely installed. The construction of our coach shell consists of all our vertical surfaces being laminated construction with an Azdel substrate (ie. sidewalls, rear wall, slideroom walls). The floor is aluminum framed with fiberglass insulation and the roof is 5” crowned wood trusses. We chose wood for the roof so as we fastened the roof panels and trim to the ceiling, our fasteners have better bite into wood than they do aluminum. When it comes to plumbing the coach, we have used all American made PEX water lines and clamps (no braided hosing), along with plumbing shut off valves at key locations (sinks, toilets, washer/dryer prep area, etc.) In regards to the wiring of the coach, we are using color coded and numbered wires to help with both the serviceability and for the ease of those looking to do personal modifications. 2. FLOORPLANS – We will be launching in January with 4 floorplans and expand the lineup ultimately to 8-10 floorplans throughout 2020. Our initial focus is on some key traditional layouts that we have put our unique stamp on to enhance the overall functionality of the unit. Please note that a traditional layout does not mean that it has the same traditional functionality of what you have seen historically. As we expand the lineup, I would expect that we will debut a couple less traditional layouts. 3. SALES/DISTRIBUTION NETWORK – We are currently in process of establishing our dealer network which will ultimately comprise of dealers across the US and Canada. We have had significant interest from dealers across the country and are taking our time to partner with who we believe to be the best overall sales/servicing dealer in each market. We will be launching in January and will need to roll out our product in a controlled manner. With our unique business model of partnering with only 1 dealer per market, we will be fully vested with that one dealer in a market who will carry all of the Alliance brands as we expand our lineup. This is a rare model in the RV industry that will allow us to forge stronger partnerships with our dealers that will also benefit the owners of Alliance product. 4. CUSTOMER SERVICE/WARRANTY – We are diligently working to build a better product, but by no means do we claim we will be perfect. In the case that there is a service/warranty need that arises you will find that our ability to communicate will be how we stand out above what has become the “norm” for the RV industry. We need our dealers and will recommend that you work through your local dealer. However, we also understand that every service situation seems to have its own unique set of circumstances and getting to the local dealer may not be feasible. Our ability to keep open lines of communication and creative service solutions will help us navigate thru finding the best route for a specific case. On top of this we are also incorporating a number of service/warranty programs for our dealers that will help streamline the approval process and parts delivery times (All towards the goal of getting the customer back on the road faster). 5. INNOVATION – I think this can best be summed up by our customer driven approach. As we are inviting feedback from RVers, we are listening and using this information to find ways that we can address many of the common needs, wants, and even simple functional items that other manufacturers have not yet addressed. Following are just a few of these customer driven features we are implementing: a. Flush floor kitchen slide b. Light dimming switches (This is something that we saw many consumers doing in the aftermarket) c. Soft close cabinet doors and toilet seats d. USBs on both sides of sofa, loveseat and master bed e. Smart storage areas (pull out fireplace storage, flip top end table storage and flip top dresser storage)
work2much 12/26/19 10:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Crushes Truck

Can we take a minute and talked about this "crushes the truck" comment?! I mean, it made impact.. but "CRUSHED IT"??? Gets more viewers, being dramatic. Pretty much and Youtube is a revenue source for them. To be fair though so are truck manufacturers when they are dumbing loads of rocks into their beds carelessly from a distance or driving through constructions sites so fast(in slow motion) that tires are leaving the ground. Drama sells. This particular YouTuber did a video on how much revenue they make from Youtube videos if anyone is curious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoFUdJKlN70&t=531s
work2much 12/21/19 03:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Host Mammoth Triple Dog Dare Challenge Report

Electric mattress pad. Nice and toasty up in the bedroom on a cold night.
work2much 12/21/19 03:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Host Mammoth Triple Dog Dare Challenge Report

I have a Host Everest that is same height, width and length as the Mammoth. I bought it direct from from Host as they didn't have any dealers at that time. Mine weighs about 4000lbs with all my gear and 25 gallons of water. I also tow a 4500lb jet boat. I have never traveled with full tanks, in fact I have never used the toilet. I make 3-4 trips from N. Calif. to the Bend area each year.The route I take is 90% 2 lane steep curvy roads. The handles everything just fine, don't even notice the semis passing by. All my tanks are in the basement, while the Mammoth has their tanks in the slides. My 2011 Ford DRW is plenty of truck(400hp, 800lbs. torque). My payload is 4900lbs. Newer F-350 DRW's have even more power and payload. Fresh water and grey water tanks are in the basement. Black water tank is in the drivers slide.
work2much 12/19/19 02:48pm Truck Campers
RE: RV Crushes Truck

Next chapter in the dropped trailer saga. Here
work2much 12/19/19 10:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Looking at new 5th wheels....does anyone build a ?????

A 3 slide unit would normally give you opposing main room slides and plenty of room to move around with an island. The island does add a ton more counter space and kitchen storage.
work2much 12/15/19 11:00am Fifth-Wheels
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