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RE: Camping around Christmas time

Christmas, Florida :B Unless you have an absolute need to go to the most southern part of Florida with all the humidity and mosquitoes. The best kept secret of the north central part of Florida is just knock down beautiful. Numerous crystal blue springs, rivers for kayaking or tubing 3 beautiful forests, etc. No matter which way you go it's less than an hour from the gulf or the east coast. google Rainbow Springs, Dunnellon, Crystal river, and include a 20/30 mile radius or so. AND there are a plethora of real nice CG's all around that are not sardine crammed with snowbirds. I Snowbirded in this area for a couple of years and never once made reservations ahead of time during peak season. Shhh, don't tell everyone about this place.:C This is a great area! The springs are incredible.
wowens79 10/11/19 08:46pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Anyone towed with the new Chevy Gasser??

I found this video tonight. Guy bought a 6.0 and was not happy with it pulling 8000lb tt over a pass in CO, and traded for the 2020 gasser, and pulled the same pass. https://youtu.be/PVd7p91rBjc
wowens79 10/10/19 08:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Anyone towed with the new Chevy Gasser??

Are you referring to the 6.6 ? Curious myself and actually like the new look....especially the GMC. They have a new gas engine, 6.6 liters, 401hp, and 464 ft/lb of torque. All of the auto writers I’ve seen have said it did not feel that powerful, but it was all done at a media event and it was after they had towed with the duramax, so of course it won’t compare with the d-max.
wowens79 10/10/19 07:01pm Tow Vehicles
Anyone towed with the new Chevy Gasser??

I've been looking for info on actual experience towing with this new engine, and can't find much out there yet?? I've read all kinds of speculation on how it should be, but little real word experience. Yes, I know the grill is butt ugly, but I can't see it from the drivers seat :)
wowens79 10/10/19 06:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fifth Wheel cameras and tow vehicle

I know you mentioned Ford, but have you checked the new Chevy HDs? They have been advertising a new camera system to use while on the road. Not sure how it works, but supposed to integrate up to15 camera views.
wowens79 10/10/19 03:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Gap year, family of 6, TV and TT recommendations

Have you thought about taking an extra car? Then on travel days you could split up and avoid being crammed in a truck. Also even if you just went with a truck, you have a year to travel so you wouldn't have to do long travel days, you could split it up into shorter days. When we went to the keys, we split it into 8hr, and 6 hr days on they way down, on the way back it ended up 16hrs in one day since we were limited on days. With a year, you could limit the drive time in a day.
wowens79 10/10/19 03:06am Towing
RE: 2 Years with a Older Class A

Guess I am lucky. I bought an 8 year old high end DP kept it 12 years and in all that time other than yearly service which averaged about $300 each year only did the following in 40,000+miles. tires $1800 radiator $1500 injector line $300 This unit was never babied and seldom sat for more than a month. I have had its replacement for a little over a year now and had one repair that was there when I bought it and cost around $2000. They are expensive but fuel and repairs are things you have to do if you want to use them and ride. There is a good point "hidden" in your post - "...seldom sat for more than a month." I'm beginning to see the same pattern of use/repair that years ago I learned having a sportscar. If I drove it all the time it didn't need repairs. Let it sit for extended periods of time, and things start to break down. Now this is all observations on my part without any real data, but my thought is if your RV goes out a lot I'll bet it doesn't break a lot....I would love to see some real data to either back up or dispute my observations.... Thoughts anyone? Totally agree with that point. I've seen it with boats, if you let them sit stuff goes wrong, run them regularly and they seem to have less problems. When I had boats, I would either take them out, or at least run them on a hose at the house about once a month year round. Al
wowens79 10/09/19 08:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Deceptive traffic citations

Georgia passed a law trying to prevent speed traps, but it also has so many regulations that cops can't hardly use radar. the state DOT has to actually certify the location meets all the criteria to use radar. Because of this stupid law virtually no street in a residential neighborhood can get certified. I have people blowing down my street at 40-45mph in a 25 zone everyday, and the PD can't do anything about it.
wowens79 10/08/19 10:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cummins 1000tq vs 6.4L Hemi towing mpg

So at 112,000 miles the engine theoretically pays for itself, unless you factor in putting in that $9000 in a good mutual fund, and having it turn into $18000 over those 7-8 years. But you still only have half the torque. But I'm only towing about 8k lbs, so I don't need the Cummins, but it would be nice. I think my next truck will be the 6.4 gasser, it fits my needs and budget nicely.
wowens79 10/03/19 11:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Replacement steps

Thanks for the suggestions!! I'm gonna stop by a dealer and look at the steps and mess with them. I've only seen them online. Next trip, I'll probably do like I ended up doing this trip, and putting the truck jack under the steps :)
wowens79 09/30/19 03:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: Blackstone Griddle

I've got the 17", that I use at home, and take it camping. Works great. I bought it right before the 22" came out, and if I'd known it was coming out I would have waited and bought it.
wowens79 09/30/19 04:24am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
Replacement steps

My factory steps had the carriage bolt pull through the floor the other day. I'm thinking of going to the Mor/ride Step above, or the Lippert version. Any one Had any issues with either one of these? I know they will be in the way if I just want to toss something in the door. I really don't want to tear into the floor to fix the carriage bolt. With my big butt, there is just to much leverage on that first test.
wowens79 09/29/19 05:09am Travel Trailers
RE: New truck intrest rates

That 2013 has tons of life left in it, and is probably paid for. Take what ever you payment was and have direct deposited into a truck savings account for another 5+ years. Then you never have to worry about interest rates again. I did that when I paid off my 2002 Chevy in 2006. Now I can't bring myself to let go of the cash to buy a new one. ??
wowens79 09/28/19 02:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tennessee To South Carolina

Anytime you can avoid ATL it is a good thing. The drive across 26 will be a much prettier drive, and much less stressful than 7 lanes of hell in ATL. There is nothing in ATL worth driving through it to see. Have a great trip.
wowens79 09/26/19 02:45pm Roads and Routes
RE: Leaving the RV World for a while

I feel your pain. I've got a freshman in college and a junior in high school. Both are/were travel lacrosse players, and we just used the TT as a rolling hotel. We are going to see my oldest in college this weekend, and we are taking the camper. We stayed at a hotel the last time we visited her, and hated the hotel. Our camping has changed some, but we still get a couple of actual camping trips in each year. Now with the kids older, I try to make sure they are learning things on the trip. I have them drive in less busy areas, and they are learning to back the camper. We talked about selling, but decided to keep it, and enjoy as we can. When both are in college we may sell the bunkhouse and get one more suited for a couple.
wowens79 09/18/19 08:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New trailer (almost)

Had a friend with a bad toilet in a new camper, in a similar situation. Dealer said they were waiting on the part. My friend walked around the dealers sales yard on a Saturday telling potential customers about how he had been waiting a month to get his brand new camper fixed. Some how the dealer found the part in the shop and got him fixed in an hour.
wowens79 09/17/19 07:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Would this be crazy??

We did something similar. We had a truck and a travel trailer. We always wanted to upgrade to a Class A. My wife has always wanted a Jeep Wrangler so we traded in her Durango for a new Jeep. I liked the Jeep so much, I bought a 2 door Wrangler (hers is a 4 door) about a year later. Ended up selling the trailer and got a Class A and never looked back. We can tow either Jeep behind the motorhome. I worried about spending so much money on the Class A but we can afford it. My dad was very tight with money and never spent a dime. He ended up getting cancer at 49 and was dead right after his 50th birthday. Can't take it will you. Just need to find the right combination of saving and spending. Jeeps can be addictive, I had a 79 CJ-7, and an 89 Wrangler, but I sold them when I needed to go back to a truck. My teenagers have an 01, and 02 Wrangler, so I do get some Jeep time, I just have to steal one of theirs. I may end up with a new truck and an old Jeep :)
wowens79 09/11/19 06:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Would this be crazy??

If you really want a Jeep, that's a sound reason for going the MH route. But the dollar comparison makes zero sense, unless you are just trying to manipulate the analysis to get the answer you've already decided on (possibly trying to convince the wife?). If you are going to go with a 10-15yr old MH, why wouldn't you compare to a 10-15yr old pickup? We picked up a 2008 F250 in really good condition last year for $10k...tax, title, everything, so no, you don't need to spend $40-50k on a pickup (or alternatively, if you buy a new MH, you won't get much of one in the price range you mentioned). I know my logic is a little off. My reasoning on a new truck is I keep my trucks a long time. My current one I've been driving for 17 years, so I would get new to get what I want, as we should be retiring within the next 15 years, and the truck would last til retirement, then get a class A. The thought behind going used class A/Jeep, is it would get us both to what we want now. I'll probably get a truck in the next year or two, and consider the clas A when the kids are out of college and we recover from that in 8-10 years.
wowens79 09/11/19 06:48am Class A Motorhomes
Would this be crazy??

Well I'm kinda thinking about looking at a Class A. I've currently driving a truck I bought new in 2002 with 231k miles on it, and pulling a 3 year old travel trailer. It is getting about time to replace the truck. I really like Jeeps, and have had a couple over the years and would really like to go back to one as my daily, but I need a truck for the camper. Looking at new truck prices, I'll be looking at $45-50k for a truck. Looking online it looks like a 10-15 year old class A can be found for $50-60k, and I could sell my camper for $20k and end up with a class A and a Jeep and be out of pocket about the same amount of money. I'm pretty handy with most thing and DIY just about all out home and auto repairs so an older coach/jeep doesn't overly concern me. We have always thought one day when we retired, or won the lotto we'd get a class A, but I'm thinking we might could do it now.
wowens79 09/10/19 09:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best RV Resort or Campground

I've heard great thinks about Anchor Down in TN that someone else mentioned, on the lake with the Smokies in the background. It's on our list of places to go. It be an easy drive from Huntsville. But heck we enjoy Honeycomb Creek right up River from y'all. Not fancy, or anything but ilove to spend time in Lake Guntersville.
wowens79 09/10/19 09:35pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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