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RE: GM 6.6 gas

I love my old Chevy, and was waiting on Chevy to come out with the 6.6, but after reading/watching reviews, and a test drive I was very disappointed. They really messed up only putting the 6spd in it. The Ram performs better, and the new Ford 7.3 does even better. I’m waiting on all these crazy prices to normalize, and then will get the Ford.
wowens79 07/24/21 03:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Which tire do I buy?

I’ve had great luck with 2 sets of Cooper AT3s.
wowens79 07/24/21 03:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pay or No Pay?

My thought is that work camping involves work while you camp. Not to be confused with straight work which does not involve camping. Work camping allows you to be in a CG atmosphere and recieve compensation vs. being in a CG atmosphere and not recieve any compensation. If that compensation involves a free site it sure beats paying for that site. Especially if you have more time than money. Giving up your time vs. giving up your money is a favorable transaction for many work campers. Many work campers are willing to sacrifice their time, because it allows them to stay at the CG. They are not interested in a straight job. Work camping is not about the financial or monetary reward. The primary reward/goal is to be at a CG. Being able to be at a CG for reduced or no cost is a even better reward. In short work camping is not about the salary it's about camping. Camping is the primary goal. Being at a CG is the reward if you don't grasp that concept you will never understand the motivation for work camping. I agree with this. I'm still in the 9-5 rat race for a few more years, but the wife and I have talked about the workcamp gig, and have a friend that does it. I see workcamping as more of a fun part time gig. You get to hangout at a campground, meet people, stay at a nice place, and get a free campsite, and maybe a little play money. Most of the places we've been it seems like the workcampers have a good time.
wowens79 07/21/21 09:20am Workamping Forum
RE: Basic Maintenance

I'd replace those tires before a long trip, 5 years is all I would trust on chinese tires. I had one blow at 3 years, and did some minor damage to the camper, so I put some GoodYear Endurance on. Tires is a place I don't skimp.
wowens79 07/15/21 07:53am Travel Trailers
RE: 40’+ limitations?

I've been looking at the same thing, and we like mainly state parks, so I went to the reservation site for numerous parks in GA and FL that we like to go to, and put in the camper length to see how many sites I'd fit in. I noticed that 36 eliminated a good many, but then 40+ cut it way down. There we not sites for over 40 in 2 of our favorite parks. Play around on the different reservation sites, and see how many sites work for the different lengths. I've decided not to go over 36, and wouldn't mind staying a little below that.
wowens79 07/15/21 07:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing Capacity

The rear axle is rated at 17,500 with liquid springs, 15,500 without. I think what I need to find out is what the curb weight is so I know what the difference is between that and GVWR. Bronco sport is not dolly or 4 down towable. Should have bought a Jeep! ;). The new Bronco are pretty cool looking, and I think it’s good Jeep has some competition.
wowens79 07/13/21 09:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Should I Throw In the Towel?

There are so many issues with the construction of RVs from design, to workmanship, to materials. Also the fact the we consumers want it as cheap as possible, and as light as possible so we can tow a 30ft house with a minivan does not help us. I've got a 5 year old Heritage Glenn Hyper-Lite, and these are some of the things that drive me nuts. The construction is so sloppy, screws that are in crooked drives me nuts, shower head holder that is not in a stud is crappy, and the list goes on. The wood in the seat in the dinnette looked like balsawood from a toy airplane. On our second trip out my daughter went crawl to the back of the U-shape, and her knee went through the wood. The "wood" was less than a 1/4" thick, with few cross supports. Now the floor has soft spots, not from water, but from usage. Apparently they think that the same balsa wood with foam between it, is ok for a floor. From feeling the soft spots, in front of my sink (high usage area) it is 24" between the floor joists. I will never buy another camper marketed as light, as I feel that means flimsy. I know we bought low/middle of the line, but I really was hoping for more quality. We love to camp, and are thinking of going to a couples 5er since the kids will both be in college in a month. But honestly I'm not sure how far up in price do we have to go to decent quality, or do you ever get there? It seems like Grand Design, and Jaycos(nicer lines) may be somewhat better, but you still see many of the same issues. In basically the same floor plan we like I can get a $50k Jayco Eagle, or a Grand Design Solitude for $70k, or a Mobile Suites for $150k. I like the price on the Eagle, I could swing the Grand Design, but is there $20k of better quality? The Mobile is Nice, but not in my budget. When we bought my wife her Honda CRV, we looked and came to the conclusion it was worth it to spend the money on the Honda over a Kia, for the quality and reliability of a Honda. We looked at Lexus, and felt it was probably not anymore reliable than the Honda, but did have some nice features and was pretty, but not worth the extra money to us.
wowens79 07/13/21 03:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Should I Throw In the Towel?

"three trailers, three units were major problems. This latest trailer just purchased late last summer is the latest to push me over the edge." Your doing something wrong! Either your doing very poor PDI when you first get your trailers. Your not keeping up with regular maintenance. You are not being obesrvant enough to catch/discover small issues before they become major problems. Your latest issue is an example. It is common for skylights to leak in all models however the leak does not have to lead to a totally soaked ceiling! RV's are in constant flux. You must be observant and aware at all times as you use your RV. Pay attention to all the liitle squeaks and noises. If it seams weird investigate further. Notice a wet spot, find out why? Hear an odd sound,find out why? It is an on going battle, but you can win. You just need to be diligant aware and observant. As to your current problem unless you have the skills to DIY you are at the mercy of your dealer and manufacturer. Executing the warranty is full of pitfalls I think your statement that it is common for skylights to leak proves his point. Since they have been putting the same crappy leaking skylights in for what 15-20 years, you’d thing they could fix it by now.
wowens79 07/12/21 09:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Consequences of RVing’s Unprecedented Surge

I see many first time buyers getting into very long 37' travel trailers and 42' plus 5th wheels for weekend trips. They are going to be frustrated once they actually try and use those. The ones I've talked to at dealers have never towed anything before either. Almost all the first timers around here are grossly overloading their tow vehicles. I wish they would buy the smaller units and learn slowly instead of getting in over their heads. My family ignored me when I warned them. BUT, the dealer said their new Nissan Titan 4x4 four door truck could tow 9,000 or more easily in real mountains. I think they went on one trip and changed to a diesel F-250. Thankfully they had the money to do that. I did lots of research before buying my first RV, thankfully the internet was running strong back then. I knew I would want larger trailers later so I never tried towing with my Ram 1500 truck, I went straight to a diesel 3500 back when the max trailer ratings were at 10,000 lbs for a 2wd dually! The good ole days. I’ve seen 2 TTs on their side recently, they looked to be longer units being pulled by half ton tow vehicles.
wowens79 07/11/21 09:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Towing w/out weight dist -- am I being too conservative?

Tow it home just on the ball, and see how it does. It will probably do fine. I'd probably install the Sway Pro to help with the Sway, there is nothing to installing it. I installed mine, it is super easy. Blue Ox has instructions, and a video online on how to install. My dealer would only install hitches he sold, and he wanted $300 more than other places for the hitch, so I drove home just using the ball, and took back roads instead of the interstate to go slow.
wowens79 07/09/21 11:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Should I Throw In the Towel?

I feel your pain, we had a popup for 9 years, and it was trouble free. We bought a travel trailer 5 years ago, and it is constantly something. I don't mind the screws that vibrate loose. But the crappy foam laminate floor has soft spots, the plastic fenders broke from waving in the wind they are so flimsy. The motor in the awning lasted 3 years. The luan in the dinnette was so thin that my daughters knee went through it. We are wanting to move to a 5th wheel couples trailer since I'll have both kids in college in the fall, and we want to buy something nicer than what we have, but reading forums, I just can't find a brand that really gives me confidence. I've had 3 boats in my lifetime, and all of them were built better than my TT. I'm about ready to punt on the camper, and get another boat.
wowens79 07/09/21 09:12am Travel Trailers
RE: No Anti-Sway/Weight Distribution

Looks like they're all about 21ft, so your HD truck will be fine without the W/D and sway.
wowens79 07/07/21 07:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Solar panels vs shade cloth

I’m in GA, and have never tried it with an RV, but we have a shade cloth over our deck that gets full afternoon sun. It has made our deck usable in the summer, and as an added bonus shades a French door to our bedroom, and has lowered the temps in that room 5-10 degrees.
wowens79 07/02/21 08:10pm Tech Issues
RE: When do you upgrade

With growing kids it is tough, that 13 year old May grow a foot overnight. My 18 year old at 6-2 no longer fits in the bunks in our TT, and sleeps on the trifold sofa. Gonna through a curve at you. How about a class C? You can tow the boat, or a trailer with 4 wheeler/ side by side.
wowens79 06/30/21 09:35pm Truck Campers
RE: Looking for new tow vehicle

I'm towing 5800 dry with a Suburban. The chassis handles the weight fine. The power is not great. A 2500 would be better. You'll pay a premium for one, especially now. The 6.0s with 4x4 bring a premium. The 8.0s are cheaper but, not as popular. I love my Suburban. The 5.3 makes it's horsepower at higher RPMs. Pulling mountains is where you have to pull the gearing down and let the RPMs up. Then it does fine. I would get the longer Expedition with tow package in a second. I drive or have driven/towed with most every model and configuration of 1500 and HD LS powered truck in the last 20 years, and apples to apples, the 6.0 pulls marginally better in some scenarios and the result is the opposite in other scenarios. A comparable 2500 to whatever year 5.3 Burb you have is not a huge step up in towing power and potentially a bit more of a slug. I'm surprised and not surprised, all at the same time, to hear this. I assumed the 6.0 would do better. But, I have seen comparisons where the difference doesn't really exist when it comes to towing. The good news is I'm getting old so, I'm never in a hurry. Actually, for our lifestyle, the 5.3, 1500 Suburban does just fine. There are times when people pulling travel trailers blow me off of the road running 70-80 MPH. More power to em. I say a little prayer that they don't have a blow out. I tow with the 6.0, and it does the job, but does now wow you. I think the biggest draw to it, is that it is basically bullet proof. I've got an 02 with 253k miles that has been rock solid, and still runs great.
wowens79 06/25/21 07:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Slide propane line - upgraded to steel braided line?

Just went through this. Found one on Amazon being advertised as RV slide hose which basically meant it's the more flexible rubber type hose. Went 1' longer than factory zip timing to the factory spring the way it came but with more slack, but realized no matter what I did it was going to bind. Had a very specific plan to simply hold the hose away from the pinch point when putting in the kitchen slide but then last week my wife put the slide in without me and forgot and now the new hose is kinked again. Please post if you find anything that works. do you have room you could put a pulley for it to go around that might prevent the kink??
wowens79 06/24/21 09:55am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Alternate campground, Pensacola FL

That stinks. Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores AL, has 500 sites, and has pretty regular cancelations the week before arrival. Might want to check their website.
wowens79 06/23/21 01:36pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Found It, What a joke. Buying in 2021 LOL. You can keep it.

Wonder what they do when a person comes in with an "A" or "X" plan. I was told they get audited for those and they have to sell it for the plan price. The x/a plans are at the dealers discretion, they do not have to sell at plan price.
wowens79 06/22/21 09:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy Silverado 2500HD 6.0L

The 6.0 gets its power at the higher rpms. I’ve got a 2002 with 253k miles, and it gets up around 5000rpms regularly. It is designed for it, and is a very durable and reliable engine. It is a little disturbing when spinning like that, but that is what it’s designed for. Just watch your trans temp to see if you need an additional cooler but it should be fine.
wowens79 06/22/21 04:24am Tech Issues
RE: Truck - family of 5 and 65lb dog

Dog rides in the trailer. That might be ok in Alberta, but the poster is in Texas, it gets way to hot in a camper for a dog in Texas.
wowens79 06/22/21 04:17am Tow Vehicles
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