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RE: Tire inflation

Get a front and rear weight at a truck stop or in some states weigh stations will give it to you for free. You need to go up to them and ask the get back in line so it is more involved. Once you know your weight go to the Michelin tire guide and look up the weight. It is ok if you do not have Michelin tires all light truck tires (load range E) have the same standard. So for example my RV has 225/75r16 load range E tires, the front axel weighs 4125 lbs, using the chart below I should inflate to 55 lbs. But I for safety I go round up one group and run 60 Lbs. I do the same for the rear axel I round up to the next group so in back I use 70 lbs. That is my truck and my weights. Your RV will be different. You should not run other people's weights. Your safe running max pressure, but it will make the RV handle funny and may ware the center of the tires early. Getting weighed at a truck stop cost only a few bucks. Then you have no worries. https://www.michelintruck.com/reference-materials/manuals-bulletins-and-warranties/load-and-inflation-tables/#/
DaCrema 09/21/19 02:37pm Class C Motorhomes
Big Brother- Tag on your TC?

"In the last few years traffic systems have been empowered with automated license-plate readers and various government entities have been putting cameras up everywhere, from automated and semi-automated "weigh stations" near the entrance to states down to the corner traffic light. ".. We just completed a trip to Eastern Canada and encountered expressways with toll roads (NY and Pennsylvania in particular) and upon exit there was a toll booth indicating they would read the plate and send a bill. There was not any other way to pay allowed, including using a credit card. I simply had to drive through. Seems to me, if they want payment they can enable a way for you to pay on the spot, as I was willing to do... without accessing DMV or whatever new AI tools for something this benign. However, I did not have my ALABAMA vehicle tag on my TC and it is well hidden under the camper overhang on the truck. My front plate honors the "Crimson Tide" so no way to tell from that. Waiting to see if they can figure me out. Its gonna be scary of they do. ..... "Automatic billing"... would be nice to automatically bill the government maintenance folks responsible for trees along the Blue Ridge and Skyline Parkways...Miles of low hanging branches, sometimes on both sides, dodging them until the one that finally cracked my HEKI skylight..
MrPhelps 09/17/19 07:56am Truck Campers
RE: Ram 2500 Diesel

Color me dumb, but so many of the responses went over my head! Not saying that I don't appreciate everyone, but I guess I am more lost than ever. My concern is not just staying "legal" but staying safe. I ordered Firestone ride rite air bag suspension boosters today. Oh, I have 18" wheels I have changed to another trailer 10,619 dry, 2300 hitch weight. Is this closer in line with legal and safe? I spelled it out to you in an earlier post. NO PICKUP will exceed the federal bridge weight laws, enforced at weigh stations. For a single axle with two tires has a max rating of 12K provided the tire ratings add up to 12K, that is two tires rated to 6K x 2 = 12K. To meet your state vehicle licensing requirements for the truck you need to pay the higher $110 weight fee for 10,001 - 18,000 pounds, as your loaded truck will be over 10K. Licensing in ones home state is honored by other states you may travel in. Total combination length varies by state and one must comply with each states length rules. 65' is the lowest that I am aware of, others allow 75'. Dry trailer weights are not the best to go by. It is best to go by the manufactures GVWR for a trailer. Figure the percentage of dry pin weigh with dry trailer weight, and use that percentage to get an idea the pin weight will be close to for a fully loaded trailer. For the first trailer that is 2080/12443 = .167162 so .167162 x 15,500 = 2591 as and estimate of the loaded pin weigh. For the record a trailer with the low on a percentage of pin weight may not be the best towing trailer. This new trailer choice with a higher dry pin weight may put you closer to the trucks 6500 RGAWR, than the first one. When we bought I Bighorn I called Heartland and ask how accurate the 2435 dry pin weight was. I was told it was quite accurate. You need to factor in the 5th wheel hitch weight, anything that you plan on carrying in the truck bed as weight that goes on the rear axle. Passengers in the truck have a percentage of their weight on the rear axle. The 6500 RGAWR is the number that you should carefully watch. Now the 3500 with the same rear differential, brakes, wheels and tires allows 7K. The tires are rated to 3640 each, so the manufactures rating is limited to 7280 max or less. So a LEO bent on finding something wrong could go by the GAWR on the B pillar or the max rating on the tires. So choice the number you feel comfortable with.
Me Again 08/19/19 09:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 2500 Diesel

Some reading right here on the forum. Many people confuse legal weight with manufacturer's ratings. NO pickup is going to exceed the federal bridge weight laws that are enforced at weigh stations around the country. I provided the information on Texas licensing for tonnage. https://forums.goodsamclub.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/20577181.cfm
Me Again 08/18/19 08:02pm Tow Vehicles
Where are RV weigh stations - Houston ?

I am a complete novias. Just bought a 2017 Thor Challenger 37YT. Been reading about weighing the MH to set correct tire pressures. Have not been able to locate a place that can determine the weight on each of the 4 wheel quadrants. Been out to the Loves stations that use the CAT Scales. They can get front and back axel weights but can't get side to side. Anyone know a place in Houston (preferably NW quadrant) that can weigh a motorhome the correct way?? Any of the RV dealers have scales??
bsheet2 08/11/19 08:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: toy haulers stop at weigh stations?

And all of those towing trailers from plants to dealers must stop. That is commercial activity. Even if it's a little ultralight camper. When I had my factory returns, the drivers were GIDDY that I left my license plate on it because it meant they wouldn't stop at weigh stations. (Never mind the fact they were simply giddy to get paid for the return trip to Indiana.)
ependydad 07/19/19 09:04am Toy Haulers
RE: toy haulers stop at weigh stations?

Weigh stations in California have big signs that say “NO RV’s”. I guess they got tired of folks clogging up the weigh stations and wasting their time.
Lexx 07/17/19 11:34pm Toy Haulers
RE: Insurance- Needing Commercial if Used as Office?

I would think any commercial underwriter could get you business liability/comp. I am thinking your gonna have way more problems with possible DOT, Drivers License needed in your state, having to now stop at weigh stations, etc , , but I don't know just thinking as a former business owner.
sayoung 06/25/19 08:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: toy haulers stop at weigh stations?

If you are truly a recreational vehicle you do not have to stop. If you are making money you are commercial. This would include any type of racing where you could win money. I have a relative who is a profession motorcycle drag racer. He had his race trailer all covered in sponsors stickers. He didn't stop at weigh stations and got pulled over a lot. He removed all the stickers from his trailer, still doesn't stop at weigh stations, and doesn't get pulled over anymore.
KD4UPL 06/03/19 07:40pm Toy Haulers
RE: toy haulers stop at weigh stations?

Other than border patrol check points, we have never been obligated to pull into any weigh stations or anything similar with our toy hauler. I know a few who have thought the same thing and did so, they were sternly told to be on their way from the residing authorities.
Sandia Man 06/03/19 03:21pm Toy Haulers
toy haulers stop at weigh stations?

Are toy haulers required to stop at weigh stations/truck inspections or are they the same as all travel trailers{rv`s) What about flatbed trailers hauling personal items? Thanks in advance
soje 06/02/19 07:42pm Toy Haulers
RE: New member, new rv'er forums are how I survive.

In southern California I added my RV plate number and my toad was already on the pass so i just tow on my toll roads and they bill me accordingly. Various trailers I tow just get billed as extra axles. I don't worry about getting charged, they always do.... As far as ag stations, once I was asked if i had any fruit or vegetables I just say no. Makes life easier. Commercial vehicles only in weigh stations UNLESS it states rental trucks, like entering Las Vegas area.
klutchdust 05/28/19 09:53am Class C Motorhomes
RE: New member, new rv'er forums are how I survive.

Thanks Old Biscuit, did the banzai coast to coast 5 times in various vehicles during the move. Figured out the Ag's on first go around but the 26 foot Penske's with car haulers would trigger some of the weigh stations along the way and I never pulled in but always felt like maybe I should have. So the toll booth question still stands. Class C is 2 axle but heavy, how is that dealt with?
svt4cam 05/27/19 11:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New member, new rv'er forums are how I survive.

Weigh stations are for COMMERCIAL Vehicles. CA Agricultural Stations at the borders with OR, NV & AZ are for ALL vehicles No you do not stop at weigh stations Yes you do at AG Stations
Old-Biscuit 05/27/19 10:58pm Class C Motorhomes
New member, new rv'er forums are how I survive.

Greetings, Long time car guy that has gone to the dark side and bought a lightly used 2017 Leprechaun 26 foot E450 cab yesterday. I have now become the driver I used to swear at. I'll have lots of stupid questions, but I do know to use the search feature first. That being said, when we moved to California from NJ a few years ago I did it myself with 26 foot Penske diesel rentals. Never knew what to do about weigh stations and toll booths. Long story short, does a class c need weighed out on the highways? If I have a toll pass from a car, Fast-track in California's case can it be used for the rv or do I need to stop at the freakin window? Thanks in advance for your replies, flames and insults lol.
svt4cam 05/27/19 10:37pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: So what's the deal with weight stations?

In the state of Washington, the weigh stations on the highways, not the freeways, allow you to read the scales when they are closed, which by the way, is most of the time. I have weighed my set up three times over the years. It is a nice service.
aftermath 05/19/19 10:17pm Beginning RVing
RE: Weight of toy hauler

LRFitch I'm not aware of much attention to this in OR or WA, but a few years ago CA started cracking down on this. Some of the Toy Hauler guys in CA can chime in, but they also have difference licensing requirements. We kept hearing that guys were getting pulled over and their weight checked at Glamis but never got confirmation. Unless it's a special CHP unit with portable scales they would have no idea besides reading the sticker and that's "Gross" The sticker has a rating, but it doesn't tell you anything about the weight, gross or otherwise. To answer your question: No one is impounding RV's because they are overweight. As a recreational user, you don't have to go thru weigh stations and short of really bad gross negligence they will have no idea if you are over weight. But looking at your post, I'm pretty sure you have your numbers mixed up. - GVWR: The maximum weight of the individual unit (truck and trailer each have separate numbers) - CGVWR: The maximum weight of truck and trailer combined. There are a handful of other ratings that come into play also. I can't say with certainty without the full details of your truck but most likely it would be fine and within the limits. The rating you are looking for is GCWR, aka, Gross Combination Weight Rating.
twodownzero 05/08/19 08:18pm Toy Haulers
RE: So what's the deal with weight stations?

Thanks everyone! That's good news! Follow up question: Where CAN you get a motorhome weighed in order to make sure ypur not over the GVWR, or do you just estimate how much all your stuff weighs?Thanks everione! Some places leave the scales running in their weigh stations even when they aren't actively in use, with the readouts visible from outside. Some states don't, or gate them off, or use portable scales that are not even there when the weigh station is closed. (I suppose some weigh stations also never close).
DrewE 05/08/19 11:29am Beginning RVing
RE: So what's the deal with weight stations?

Maryland is the only state I've ever stopped at a weigh station because... 8. What vehicles must go through weigh stations in Maryland? All vehicles with a gross vehicle weight or gross vehicle weight rating of greater than 10,000 pounds must stop at open weigh stations. Only vehicles that are operating in commerce may be subject to a safety inspection. Note that it says all vehicles and makes a separate note about the different treatment of commercial vehicles. Also note it doesn't say Combined gross vehicle weight. So when towing with my Dodge Ram 2500 with a GVWR of 8,900 lbs, I'm driving right past. If you are in a Motorhome with a rating over 10K you might want to stop.
schlep1967 05/08/19 09:28am Beginning RVing
RE: So what's the deal with weight stations?

Maryland is the only state I've ever stopped at a weigh station because... 8. What vehicles must go through weigh stations in Maryland? All vehicles with a gross vehicle weight or gross vehicle weight rating of greater than 10,000 pounds must stop at open weigh stations. Only vehicles that are operating in commerce may be subject to a safety inspection. Note that it says all vehicles and makes a separate note about the different treatment of commercial vehicles.
Airdaile 05/07/19 03:09pm Beginning RVing
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